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The Cotg reaves of Netherlegh descend
from a younger branch of the Cotgreaves of
Malpas whose senior line springing from
Robert Fitz Hugh, Baron of Malpas, ter-
minated in 1361, with an heiress, married
to Brereton, of Brereton Hall.

Robert Cotgreave, younger son of Ran-
dle Cotgreave of Malpas, b. in 1384, espous-
ed Alice, daughter of William Holme, of
the city of Chester, lord of the manor of
Frannure, of the same family as the three
Randies Holme, the heralds, and had a son
and successor,

Hugh Cotgreave, b. in 1418, who m.
Elizabeth, daughter of Jenkin Lowther,
sheriff of the city of Chester, by whom (who
d. in 1468) he had issue,
Thomas, his successor.
Alice, d. unmarried in 1492.
Hugh Cotgreave d. in 14? 2, and was s. by
his son,

Thomas Cotgreave, of Chester, who
wedded Dorothy, daughter of John Cham-
berlain, of Chester, sheriff for that city in
1461, and had (with another son Ralph,
who settled at Guilden Sutton, in 1515, and
founded the family of Cotgreave of that
place,) a son and successor,

William Cotgreave, b. 1483, who m.
Jane, dau. of John Crosse, esq. of Ledsham,
in the county of Chester, and dying in 1545,
was s. by his son,

William Cotgreave, esq. b. in 1526,
who was Mayor of Chester in 1589. This
gentleman espoused Agnes, daughter of
Christopher Morville, merchant, sheriff of
Chester, and had issue,
Robert, his heir.

Elinor, m. to William Gamull, esq. of
Chester, son of Thomas Gamull, esq.
recorder and M.P. for the city of
Chester, and uncle of Sir Francis
Gamull, M. P. who entertained at
his mansion, the unfortunate King
Charles during his stay at Chester,
and stood next to his majesty in the
Phoenix Tower, on the walls of the
town, when he witnessed the defeat
of the royal army at Rowton Moor.
Mr. Cotgreave d. in 1592, and was s. by his

Robert Cotgreave, esq. b. in 1561, who
wedded Frances, daughter of John Brere-
wood, esq. and sister to Sir Robert Brere-
wood, knt. recorder and representative of
the city of Chester in parliament, 15th
Charles I. by whom he had a son and

Ralph Cotgreave, esq. b. in 1600, who
espoused Mary, dau. of Thomas Thropp,
esq. of Chester, and dying in 1693, was s.
by his son,

John Cotgreave, esq. b. in 1640, who
served the office of sheriff of Chester in 1720.
This gentleman m. first, Margaret Fitton, of
Chester, and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter
of William Wilme, esq. mayor of Chester.
He d. in 1724, leaving one son and a daugh-
ter, viz.

John, his heir.

Margaret, who espoused William
Johnson, gent, of the city of Chester,
and left at her demise in 1722, a son,
John Johnson, b. in 1714, whom.
Catherine, daughter of John
Crosse,* esq. of Chester, a des-
cendant of the Crosses, of Crosse
Hall, in the county of Lancaster,
and dying in 1772, left a son,
John Johnson, of Scocroft, in

* The family of Crosse, of Crosse Hall, in the
county of Lancaster, derives its descent from

Almarick Crosse of Liverpool, living temp.
Edward III. who was great-great-grandfather of

Richard Crosse, esq. of Liverpool, who married
towards the close of the reign of Henry IV. Ka-
therine, relict of William Houghton, of Houghton
Tower, and was s. at his decease by his son,

Richard Crosse, esq. of Crosse Hall, in Lanca-
shire, father of

John Crosse, esq. of Crosse Hall, and of
Ledsham, in Cheshire, who flourished in the
reigns of Henry VI. and Edward IV. He m.
Jane, daughter of Richard Calcott, of Chester,
and left a son and heir,

Richard Crosse, esq. of Crosse Hall, who wedded
first, the daughter and co-heir of Roger Walton, of
Walton, in the county of Lancaster, and had
several sons, who all died without issue. He
married secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund
Winstanley, esq. of Winstanley in Lancashire, by
whom he had a son,

James Crosse, esq. of Crosse Hall, living temp.
Henry VIII. who espoused Margery Cotes. His
second son,

Thomas Crosse, esq. was father of

John Crosse, esq. of Ledsham, in Cheshire,
whose son,

Thomas Crosse, esq. of Ledsham, married

and had with other issue, a son,

John Crosse, gent, of the city of Chester, living
1672, who was s. by his son,

John Crosse, of Chester, gent, born in 1670,
who died in 1738, leaving a daughter Catherine,
the wife, as in the text, of John Johnson, esq. of




the county of Lancaster, who
inheriting the Cotgreave es-
tates, assumed that surname,
and is the present Sir John


Mr. Cotgreave was s. by his son,

John Cotgreave, esq. who purchased, in
1735, the Netherlegh estates from the Stan-
leys of Alderley. This gentleman was
mayor of Chester in 1735, and marrying
Miss Mary Fernaough, of the city of Ches-
ter, had issue,

Thomas, his successor.
John, who inherited from his brother.
Mary, m. to John Hignett, esq. of Row-
ton, in the county of Chester, but
d. s. p.
Mr. Cotgreave was s. at his decease in 1759,
by his elder son,

Thomas Cotgreave, esq. of Netherlegh,
mayor of Chester in 1758, who, dying un-
married, devised his estates (with remain-
dership to his cousin, John Johnson) to his

John Cotgreave, esq. of Netherlegh,
who died unmarried in 1794, and was s. ac-
cording to the limitation, by the said

John Johnson, esq. who, in consequence,
assumed the surname of Cotgreave, and is
the present proprietor.

Arms — Gu. a fess indented erminois, be-
tween three bugles or, stringed arg. quarter-
ing, with others, the ensigns of Holme,
Johnson, Crosse, &c.

Crest — A demi-peacock arg. charged on
the breast with a fess indented gu. the wings
elevated or.with an ermine spot on each wing.

Motto — Antiquam obtinens.

Estates — Netherlegh. This estate be-
longed to the Barons of Halton, and was
granted in trust to Herbert d'Orreby by
Geoffrey de Dutton about 1270, when he
assumed the cross, and embarked in the
Crusade. It was afterwards held under the
Warburtons by the Orrebys of Gawsworth,
and passed by marriage with an heiress to
the Fittons, from whom it came to the Stan-
leys of Alderley, who sold it, in 1735, to
John Cotgreave, esq. The ancient man-
sion is within a moated site, and is occupied
as a farm-house. During the siege of Ches-
ter in 1645, it was fortified by the parlia-
mentary general, Sir William Brereton,
who fixed his head quarters there.

Another portion of Netherlegh was pur-
chased in 1756 by John Cotgreave, esq.
from the Lakes, of Edmonton, in the county
of Middlesex.

Property in Oyerlegh ; all within the
liberties of the city of Chester.

Lands in the township of Saltney in Flint-
shire, possessed by inclosure, according to
to the act of parliament.

Llay or Lloy, commonly called Bangor
Banks, two miles from Overton, Flintshire,
purchased by Thomas Cotgreave, esq. in
1773, from Lewis Briscoe, of the city of

Lands in Handbridge, and in the liberties
of the city of Chester, purchased by the
Cotgreaves in the years 1435, 1512, 1691,
1726 and 1736.

Seats — Netherlegh House; standing on
the right hand side of the road leading to
Eaton, a short distance from Handbridge :
Bangor Bank, Flintshire.


SALVIN, WILLIAM-THOMAS, esq. of Croxdale, in the county of Durham, b.

4th July, 1768, m. 22nd July, 1800, Anna-Maria, dau.
of John- Webb Weston, esq. of Sutton Place, Surrey,
and has issue,

Gerard, b. 24th September, 1804.

William-Thomas, b. 11th November, 1808.

Edward-John, b. 2nd October, 1810.

Marmaduke-Charles, b. 11th February, 1812.

^/ Francis-Henry, b. 4th April, 1817.

-r*V vT Catharine.





Mr. Salvin s. his father on the 20th of January, 1800.
He is co-heir to the Barony of Ros of Warke, should
the attainder passed in the reign of Edward I. be




This is one of those ancient houses esta-
blished at the CONQUEST, whose undeviating
adhesion to the Roman Catholic faith con-
signed to long and honorable retirement.

Jocevs le Flemangh came into Eng-
land with the Conqueror, and held the
third part of a knight's fee in Cukeney, in
the county of Nottingham. He was s. by
his son,

Richard de Cokeney, of Cukeney, liv-
ing in the reigns of William I. and Henry

I. who had by his first wife three sons, viz.

1. Richard, of Cukeney, a benefactor
to the Abbey of Welbeck.

2. German.

3. Ralph, of whom presently.

His second wife was Hawise, cousin of — ,
Earl Ferrers, and by her he had another son,

4. Thomas, who became heir to his
mother, and founded the Abbey of
Welbeck, county of Nottingham, in
the reign of Henry II. He m.
Emma , and had issue,

Hugh de Cukeney, who d. s. p.
Isabella de Cukeney, m. to Simon,
son of Simon de Kynie, and had
three daughters,

Agnes de Kyme, wife of Wal-
ter de Fauconberg.
Isabel de Kyme, wife of Wal-
ter de Riebceuf.
Patrouilla de Kyme, wife of
Stephen de Fauconberg.
Emma de Cukeney, m. to Gerard
Glanville, brother to Ralph
Glanville, chief justice of Eng-
The third sou,

Ralph, was of Norton and Woodhouse,
in the county of Notts, and from the latter,
was called Le Silvan. He was living in
the time of Henry II. and was a benefactor
to the Abbey of Welbeck. His son and

Osbert Silvan, of Norton and Wood-
house, was sheriff of Nottinghamshire, in
the 5th King Stephen. He paid ten marks
composition for his father's lands, 9th Henry

II. and held lands in Tickhill, in the 22nd
of the same reign. He was s. by his son,

Ralph Silvayne, of Norton and Wood-
house, living in the reign of Henry II. and
beginning of that of King John. He m.
Margeria, and was s. by his son,

Sir Osbert Silvayne, knt. of Norton
and Woodhouse, 29th Henry III. who had
lands in Wilnerby, and was s. by his son,

Ralph SALVAYNE, of Woodhouse, and of
Thorpe Salvin, in the county of York, who

married , and had issue,

Ralph, of Thorpe Salvin, who wedded

Margerie Mallorie,* eldpst sister
and co-heir of Nicholas Mallorie,
lord of Northallerton, and acquired
by that lady the lands of Malthorpe.
He was s. by his elder son,

Sir Anketine Salvayne, of Thorp
Salvin, whose grandson,
Sir Nicholas Salvayne, of
Thorpe Salvayn, gave secu-
rity to the king for lands in
North Dalton, 25th Edward
III. He held lands there, in
Serjeantry, 29th of the same
Robert, of whom presently.
Agnes, who gave to her brother, Robert,
four oxgangs of land at Hallowes,
and one at Aston, in the county of
The second son,

Robert Salvayne, of North Duffield, in
the county of York, wedded Sibilla, daughter
and co-heir of Robert Beeston, of Wiiber-
foss, in the same shire, and was s. by his son,
Gera rd Salvayn, of North Duflield, Hers-
well, and other places, in the county of York,
who was ambassador to the court of France,
in the 32nd Edward I. and 5th Edward II.
Escheator North of Trent, in the first of the
latter reign, and sheriff of Yorkshire from
the 4th to the 8th of the same. He m. Mar-
gerie and had issue,

John, (died before his father) who m.
Margaret, elder daughter and co-
heir of the attainted Robert, Lord
Ros, of Warke,f and had a son,

* Sir Robert Brideshatl, knt. lord of Clifford,
in the county of York, wedded Mabilla, daughter
and heir of — Malthorpe, of Malthorpe, and left
an only daughter and heiress,

Sarah Brideshall, who espoused Anketine
Malorie, and had issue,

Nicholas Maiorie, lord of Northallerton,

who died without issue, beyond sea, before

3rd Edward I. when his sisters became

his heirs.

Margekie Mai.orie, m. as in the text, to

Ralph Salvayne.
Sarah Malorie, m. first, to William Glenton,

and secondly, to Thomas Grimston.
Nicholia Malorie, m. to Nicholas Orles-

thorpe, of Yorkshire.
Avicia Malorie, m. to William Burdon.
t This Robert Lord Ens of Warke, was son of
Robert, first Lord Ros of Warke, by Margaret his
wife, sister and co-heir of Peter, Baron Bruce of
Kendale Castle, which Robert, first Lord Ros of
Warke, was second son of Robert Ros, Lord of
Helmsley, and Isabella his wife, daughter of
V\ ii.liam the Lion, King of Scotland. Refer to
Burke's Extinct and Dormant Peerage.



Gerard, who succeeded his grand-
Gerard, who paid two marks as a fine
in the 14th Edward II. ^

Jane, m. to Thomas Maleverer.
Gerard Salvayn died before the 3rd of May,
in the 13th Edward II. and was s. by his
grandson, (then twelve years of age),

Sir Gerard Salvayn, knt. of North Duf-
field and Herswell, who was high sheriff for
the county of York, in the 24th Edward III.,
and sometime escheator for the King South
of Trent. This gentleman obtained from
the crown the manor of Bellester, in Tyn-
dale, county of York, and an exemplifica-
tion of the pardon and restitution in blood
granted to his mother (for her father the
Lord Ross's treason) by patent, dated 26th
June, 41st Edward III. He m. first, Agnes,
daughter of Sir Robert Maleverer, and had

John, who d. in the life time of his
father, leaving a son,
Gerard (Sir), who succeeded his
Robert, on whom his father settled
lands in Millington, 22nd Ed wa rdIII.
Richard, on whom his father settled
lands in 1348, died v. p.
Sir Gerard wedded secondly, Alice,

ter of , and had

Gerard, on whom he settled lands in
Bruneby, in the county of York, and
from this Gerard sprang the Salvins
of Newbiggin.
Sir Gerard Salvayne died in the 43rd Ed-
ward III. and was s. by his grandson, an-

Sir Gerard Salvayn, knt. of Herswell
and North Dufiield, sheriff of Yorkshire,
who m. Alice, daughter of , and had


I. Roger (Sir), his heir, who was made
a knight of the Bath, at the feast of
St. George, at Caen, 6th Henry V.
He was one of the knights of the
body of that monarch, and named a
legatee in his will. Sir Roger wed-
ded a daughter of Sir Robert Hil-
ton, knt. lord of Swine, in Holder-
ness, county of York, and dying 7th
March, 1422, left issue,

Roger, of Herswell, m. Margaret,
daughter of John Bolton, alder-
man of York, living in 1429.
John, of Herswell, d. s. p. 4th May,
19th Henry VI. leaving his pro-
perty to the son of his eldest
Alice, m. to Henry Wilton, and
left two sons,

John Wilton, alias Salvin,
who inherited his uncle
John's fortune, but died,
Aged 16, 21st Henry VI.

Henry Wilton, alias Salvin.
ii. John (Sir), of North Duffield, died
19th January, 1432, leaving a widow,
hi. Thomas.

iv. Gerard, of whom presently.
v. Muriel, m. to Sir Gerard Soothill,
knt. of Soothill Hall, in the county
of York, living about 1430.
The fourth son,

Gerard Salvayn, wedded Agnes, Lady
of Croxdale,* and in her right became
" of Croxdale," in the county palatine of
Durham, having had livery of his wife's
inheritance on the 1st October, 1402. He
d. in 1422, and was s. by his son,

Gerard Salvyn, esq. of Croxdale, who
m. Jane, daughter of William Skargill, esq.
of Thorpe, in the county of York, and dying
in the life time of his mother, 8th May, 20th
Henry VI. was s. by his son,

Gerard Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, heir to
his grandmother, the Lady of Croxdale,
(who had married for her second husband,
John Mauleverer, esq.) at the period of
whose death he was aged twenty-one years

and upwards. He m. Elizabeth , and

was s. by his son,

Gerard Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, living
in 1476, who wedded Eleanor, daughter of
Sir Roger Coigniers, of Wynyard, in Dur-
ham, and was father of

Gerard Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, called
senior. This gentleman espoused Johanna,

daughter of , and had issue,

Gerard, his heir.

Anthony, B.D. master of Univ. Coll.
Oxford, in 1557; rector of Winston,
in 1545; rector of Sedgefield, and of
Ryton, in 1558 ; prebendary of the
12th stall, 1556 ; master of Sherburn
hospital, and vicar general for the
bishop of Durham ; deprived of all
his preferments in 1559.
John, of London, gentleman, living in

Isabel, m. to Robert Birkead, of West
Brandon, in the county of Durham.

* William de Walton, of the city of Durham,
had lands in Northallerton, in the county of York,
which belonged to Robert de Walton, in the 5th
Edward II. His son,

Robert de Whalton, of Durham, had lands in
Old Durham, 13.54, which were Joan Wyot's,
eldest daughter and co-heir of John Wyot, of Old
Durham. He had lands in Northallerton, 44th
Edward III. His daughter,

Joanna, lady of Croxdale, died the wife of
William de Rissaby, seised of lands in Durham,
heretofore Robert de Waltons. Her only daugh-
ter and heir,

Agnes, lady of Croxdale, m. Gerard Salvayn,
as in the text.



Anne, m. to William Claxton, esq. of

Margaret, in. to John Heley, merchant
of Newcastle-on-Tyne, living 2nd
Edward VI.
Mr. Salvin d. in 1563, and was s. by his
eldest son,

Gerakd Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, who
in. Eleanor, daughter of William Wrenn,
esq. of Billyhall, in the county palatine
(marriage contract dated 20th August, 24th
Henry VIII.), and had issue,
Gerard, his successor.
Anthony, living in 1570, and in 1596.
Thomas, of Thornton Hall, in the county
palatine, left at his decease, 23rd
February, 1609-10, by his second
wife, Rebecca, seventh daughter of
Cuthbert Collingwood, esq. of Ess-

John, who inherited Thornton Hall,
and sold it in 1620. He had
wo daughters,
Dorothy, baptized 11th April,

Frances, d. in 1629.
Robert, who d. in 1644.
Thomas, d. in 1634.
Margaret, in. to George Grey, esq. of
Littleburne, and died 23rd Decem-
ber, 1613. This lady's death was
thus announced : " Mrs. Margaret
Graie, about the aige of one hun-
dreth yeares." She was mother of
the Rev. Anthony Grey, who suc-
ceeded his cousin, Henry Grey,
eighth Earl of Kent, as ninth Earl,
in 1639 (See Burke's Extinct and
Dormant Peerage).
Muriel, m. to Sir Robert Rokeby, knt.
of Marske, in the county of York,
living in 1570 and 1584.
Mr. Salvin d. in 1570, and was buried on
the 16th February, in that year. His eldest
son and heir,

Gerard Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, had
livery of his estates, 24th April, 13th Eliza-
beth. He wedded Joane, daughter of Ri-
chard Norton, esq.* of Norton Conyers, and
was father of

Gerard, his successor.
Richard, living in 1602.
Thomas, of London, living in 1602.
Susan, who in. 14th October, 1593,
John Halliman, of Lumley, gent.
d. s. p.
Jane, wife of Thomas Simpson.
Anne, wife of Ralph Young, of Sun-
derland by the Bridge, d. s. p.

* By the Hon. Susanna Neville, daughter of
Richard, Lokd Latimer.

He d. 9th November, 1587, and was s. by
his eldest son,

Gerard Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, who
espoused Anne, daughter of Humphrey
Blakiston, esq. of Great Chilton, and had

I. Gerard, his heir.

ii. William, living in 1602, without

hi. Ralph, d. unmarried ; will dated at

Paris, 8th August, 1625.
iv. Francis, of Tursdale, in the county
of Durham, devisee of Diana, Lady
Bulmer, in 1639. This gentleman,
who was lieutenant-colonel of horse
in the regiment of Sir Richard Tem-
pest, bart. fell at Marston Moor,
fighting under the royal banner, in
1644. He left by his wife, Margaret,
daughter of George Reveley, esq. of
Ancroft, in the county of Northum-
berland (by Frances, daughter of
Sir Bertram Bulmer, of Tursdale),
John, of White Hurworth, d. in

June, 1672.
William, living in 1639.
Mary, d. unmarried in November,

Frances, living in 1666.
Margaret, living in 1666.
Agnes, living in 1639.
v. Ellen, in. to William Orde, esq. of
Prudhoe Castle, in the county of
Northumberland, living a widow,
named in the will of Ralph Young,
in 1633.
vi. Muriel, m. to Robert Merryman,
of Butterwick and Wadley, in the
county of Palatine, d. in January,

vii. Elizabeth, m. to Launcelot New-
ton, esq. of Stockfield Hall,, in the
county of Northumberland.
VIII. Troth, buried 21st July, 1601.
Mr. Salvin's will bears date 28th August,
1602. He was buried 19th September fol-
lowing, and s. by his eldest son,

Gerard Salvin, esq. of Croxdale. This
gentleman wedded, first, Mary, daughter of
Robert Hodgson, esq. of Hepburn, in Dur-
ham, by whom (who d. in 1622) he had


i. Gerard, lieutenant-colonel of Co-
lonel Tempest's regiment of foot,
slain at Northallerton, 1644, in the
service of King Charles I. and d.

ii. William, d. unmarried.

in. Anne, d. unmarried in December,

iv. Mary, m. to Michael Pudsay, esq.
of Lawfield, in the county of York.

v. Eleanor, of Claypath, in the county



of Durham, d. unmarried in July,

VI. Elizabeth, m. to John, son and heir
of Richard Skelton, esq. of Arma-
thwaite Castle, in the county of Cum-

Mr. Salvia m. secondly, Mary, daughter of
Bryan Belasyse, esq. of Morton House, in
the county Palatine, and had further issue,

VII. Bryan, of Butterby, who died in
the lifetime of his father, 15th Au-
gust, 1658, leaving by his wife, Ca-
therine, daughter of Sir Thomas
Tempest, bart. of Stella (to whom he
was married in February, 1652),

1. Gerard, successor to his grand-

2. Thomas, of Owton, died un-
married in December, 1687.

3. Troth, m. to Philip Saltmarsh,
esq. of Newby Wisk, in the
county of Tork; buried 20th
May, 1684.

4. Mary, died unmarried at Owton,
and was buried at Stanton, 1st
November, 1691.

vim. Ralph, on whom his father settled
the estate of Tudhow, in the 15th of
Charles II. This gentleman died
unmarried, and was buried 12th Au-
gust, 1705.
ix. John, died an infant.
x. James, died unmarried, buried 26th

October, 1655.
xi. Charles, of Tudhow, died unmar-
ried, and was buried 31st March,
xii. Anthony, of Sunderland Bridge,
sole executor named in his father's
will, 1633, died in 1709, and buried
on the 7th June (See Salvin of Sun-
derland Bridge).
XIII. Nicholas, of Durham, executor to
the will of his brother Charles in
1685, buried 11th March, 1696.
xiv. John, buried 30th March, 1631.
xv. William, of Brandon Hall, m.

first, Dorothy , and secondly,

Elizabeth Danby, widow of James
Shafto, gent, of Tanfield ; and left by
the former, at his decease in No-
vember, 1711, an only son,

Ralph, of Tudhow, devisee and
sole executor of his uncle, Ralph
Salvin, in 1705 ; m. 10th June,
1708, the Hon. Barbara Browne,
daughter of Henry, fifth Vis-
count Montagu, and left, at his
decease in 1729, an only child,
Dorothy, who d. unmarried in
xvi. Margaret, m. to Francis Appleby,
esq. of Lartington, in the county of
York, living in 1666.

xvn. Mary, m. to Thomas Smythe, esq.
brother of Sir Edward Smythe, bart.
living in 1683.
Mr. Salvin died 18th January, 1663, and
was s. by his grandson,

Gerard Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, who
wedded Mary, daughter of Ralph Clavering,
esq. of Callaly,* (see page 239) and was
father of

Bryan, his successor.
Catharine, d. unmarried in June, 1754.
Mary, m. to Edward Haggerston, esq.
of Ellingham, in the county of North-
umberland; buried 2nd March, 1720.
Anne, m. in 1700, to Walter Strick-
land, esq. of Sizergh (see page 59),
living in 1729.

He died 5th February, 1722-3, and was s.
by his son,

Bryan Salvin, esq. of Croxdale. This
gentleman espoused in 1716, Anne, third
daughter of William Haggerston, esq. son
and heir apparent of Sir Thomas Hagger-
ston, bart. of Haggerston, and had issue,
Gerard, who d. unmarried 7th March,

1736, his father then living.
Bryan, b. 27th September, 1722, died

unmarried 21st May, 1744.
William, eventually heir.
Edward of Tudhow, d. unmarried 21st

December, 1757.
Marmaduke, d. unmarried in April,

Mary, m. to George Markham, esq. of
Claxby, in the county of Lincoln.
Mr. Salvin died 1st March, 1751, and was *.
by his elder surviving son,

William Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, b. 28th
November, 1723, w r ho wedded first, Mary,
eldest daughter of Sir Edward Gascoigne,
bart. of Parlington, in the county of York,
by which lady, who d. in May, 1756, he had
no issue. He espoused secondly, in 1758,
Catherine, only child and heir of Thomas
Thornton, esq. of Nether Witton, in North-
umberland, and had issue,

I. Gerard Haggerston, b. 22d Novem-
ber, 1764, d. 19th December, 1779.
n. William-Thomas, eventual heir,
in. Brvan-John, of New Burn Hall, b.

28th"April, 1779.
IV. Catherine, who m. Sir Thomas
Stanley - Massey Stanley, bart. of
Hooton, and d. in 1798.
v. Mary.

vi. Anne, who died young.
vii. Margaret, m. 19th April, 1790, to
Thomas Riddell, esq. of Swinburn
Castle, in the county of Northumber-
land, whom she has survived.

* By Mary, daughter of William Middleton,

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 82 of 112)