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esq. of Stokeld.



viii. Isabella, m. first, 20th June, 1792,
to Horsley Widdrington Riddell, esq.
of Felton, in Northumberland, but
had no issue. She espoused second-
ly, 9th May, 1803, Ralph Riddell,
esq. of Cheeseburn Grange, in the
same shire,
ix. Frances, d. unmarried in February,

x. Eliza.
Mr. Salvin died 20th January, 1800, and
was s. by his elder surviving son, the
present William-Thomas Salvin, esq. of

Arms. — Arg. on a chief sa. two mullets
or. Quartering the ensigns of twenty fami-
lies, including Bertram, Ros of Warke,
Radcliffe, Derwentwater, Menvil, &c.

Crest — A dragon vert, wings elevated and
endorsed ppr.

Motto — Je ne change qu'en mourant.

Estate — Croxdale, in the parish of St.
Oswalds, and other possessions in the pala-
tinate of Durham.

Seat — Croxdale.


SALVIN, ANTHONY, esq. of Sunderland Bridge, in the county of Durham,
a major-general in the army, m. first, Catherine, daughter of Thomas Wharton, M.D.
of Old Park, by whom he has had issue,

Thomas, who d. unmarried, in 1805.

Anne, m. to Robert de Lisle, esq. of Acton House.

General Salvin wedded, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Mills, esq. of Wil-
ling-ton, in the county Palatine, and has an only son,

Anthony, who m. Anne, daughter of the Rev. William Nesfield, rector of Brance-
peth, and has issue.

The general succeeded his father, 29th April, 1785.


Anthony Salvin, esq. of Elvet, and of
Sunderland Bridge, twelfth son of Gerard
Salvin, esq. of Croxdale, who died in 1663,
was sole executor to his father, and guardian
to his nephew, Gerard. He espoused, in
1676, Eleanor, daughter of Simon Peacock,
gent, and had issue,
James, his heir.

Anthony, of Elvert, who m. 26th Feb-
ruary, 1714, Elizabeth, daughter of
William Tempest, esq. of Old Dur-
ham, and left at his decease, in 1720,
an only child,

Anthony, of Howledge, b. 25th
February, 1715, and d. unmar-
ried, 25th February, 1744.

Bryant' \ both died young.

Mary, m. first, in 1696, to Gilbert Ma-
chon, esq. of Durham, and secondly,
to George Bowes, esq. D. C. L. bro-
ther of Sir William Bowes, of Streat-

Margaret, »«. first, in 1704, to David
Johnson, esq. of Durham, barrister-

at-law, and secondly, to William
Elizabeth, d. unmarried.
Eleanor, d. in 1705.
Catherine, d. unmarried, 1760.
Anthony Salvin d. in 1709, and was *. by
his eldest son,

James Salvin, esq. of Sunderland Bridge,
who wedded Miss Ruth Kempe, of the city
of London, and had several children, by the
eldest surviving of whom,

Anthony Salvin, esq. of Sunderland
Bridge, he was succeeded at his decease, in
1753. This gentleman married, 21st Oc-
tober, 1756, Anne, daughter of George
Smith, esq. of Burnhall, and had issue,
Anthony, his heir.

George, paymaster to the 15th foot,
who m. Marianne, second daughter ot
Thomas Isherwood, esq. of Marple,
(see p. 103) and has issue.
Henry, sometime of Castle Eden, who
m. Magdalen Barecroft, eldest daugh-
ter of Thomas Isherwood, esq. of
Marple, and has issue



Jeffrey, a military officer, who m. Miss
Amelia Strong.

Hugh, (twin with Jeffrey,) in holy

Elinor-Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Tho-
mas Bowlby, A.B. perpetual curate
of Painshaw.

Anne, m. to George Crowe, esq. of
Langton, only brother of Robert

Crowe, esq. of Kipling, in Yorkshire,
who left her a widow, without chil-
dren, in 1801.

Mr. Salvin d. 29th April, 1785, and was s.

by his eldest son, the present Major-general


Arms — See Salvin, of Croxdale.
Residence — Durham.


HIPPISLEY, THE REV. HENRY, of Lamborne Place and Sparsholt House, both

in the county of Berks, b. 7th April, 1776, m. 21st
December, 1803, Anne, third daughter and co-heiress of
Lock Rollinson, esq. of Chaddlington, in the county of
Oxford, and has issue,

John, b. 29th October, 1804, who m. in 1831, Anne,
third daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Clare, rector
of St. Andrews, and has a son and heir, John.

Henry, b. 6th March, 1808.

Robert-William, b. 17th July, 1818.









Mr. Hippisley inherited the estates at the death of his father, in 1822.


The Hippisleys were possessed of large
landed estates in the county of Somerset, in
the reign of Edward III. held under the
following grant, from John a Gaunt.

" I, John a Gaunt, do give and grant unto Richard

All the manners herein named, as I think in num-
ber seven,

To be as firm to be thine, as ever they were mine,
from Heaven above to Hell below,

And to confirm the truth, I seal it with my great
tooth, the wax in doe.

Stone Easton,Camley,Wakam,Tuddlhouse,

Brasket Charde, Hinton Bluet."


Richard Hippesley, mentioned in this
rhyming grant, was born in the 14th Ed-
ward III. His descendant,

John Hippesley, esq. of Stone Easton, in

Somersetshire, espoused the daughter of J.
Flower, and had issue,

John, his heir.

William, who died in 1630, leaving
three sons, viz.

1. Thomas, who d. in 1640, leaving

2. Richard, captain of Standgate

3. John (Sir), ranger of Bushy
Park, who on the breaking out
of the civil wars, sided with the
parliament, and was a commis-
sioner sent to treat with the
king. Sir John Hippesley sold
Marston House to the earl of

Mr. Hippesley was s. by his elder son,

John Hippisley, esq. of Stone Easton,
who wedded Dorothy, daughter of Sir John



Horner, of Cloford and Wells, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

John Hippisley, esq. of Stone Easton,
who to. Eliza, daughter and heiress of John
Organ, esq. of Lamborne, in the county of
Berks, and had issue,

I. John, of Stone Easton, who m. Mar-
garet, daughter and heiress of John
Preston, esq. of Cricket St. Thomas,
in the county of Somerset, and had
with other issue,

John, eldest son, who died s. p.
Richard, of Stone Easton and
Camley, second son, who to.
Miss Elizabeth Yorke, and was
succeeded by his son,

Preston Hippisley, esq. of
Stone Easton, who to. Susan,
daughter and heiress of
Charles Yorke, esq. of Bas-
sets Down, in Wilts, and
was s. by his only daughter,
Margaret Hippisley, who to.
John Coxe, esq. of Lee, and
conveyed to him the estates
of the principal branch of
Hippisleys. The son and
heir of this marriage,
John Hippisley-Coxe, wed-
ded Mary, daughter of Ste-
phen Northleigh, esq. of
Peamore, in Devon, and
had issue,

1. Richard Hippisley
Coxe, of Stone Easton,
M.P. for Somersetshire
in 1768, who d. s. p.

2. John, d. s. p.

3. HENRY,of Stone Easton
M.P. for Somersetshire,
who to. Elizabeth-Anne,
dau. of Thomas Horner,
esq. of Mells Park, but
d. s. p. in 1795.* His
widow to. secondly, Sir
John Cox Hippisley.

4. Willliano

5. Charles, > all d. s. p.

6. Robert, )

1. Margaret, to. to the
Rev. John Hippisley,
of Stow, in Gloucester-

2. Mary, to. to John Bul-
ler, esq. of Downes.

3. Anne, to. to William
James, esq. of Ash.

'< * Mr. Hippisley-Coxe settled his estates among
other entails, on the Rev. Henry Hippisley, who
will inherit after Mr. Hippisley Coxe's widow,
the present possessor.

4. Susannah, to. to Fran-
cis, Lord de Dunstan-
George, (seventh son of John Hip-
pisley, of Stone Easton, by Mar-
garet Preston) was father of
John Hippisley, who to. Miss
Mary Atkyns, of the county
of Hereford, and was s. by
his son,
Richard Hippisley, who to.
Jane, daughter of the Rev.
Henry Edwards, vicar of
Chard, in Somersetshire,
and had a son,

John, in holy orders, of
whom presently, as
heir to the Lamborne
ii. Richard.
The second son,

Richard Hippisley, esq. inherited the
estate of Lamborne, in Berkshire. He
wedded Anne Orlebar, and had two sons,
Richard, who died s. p. and
John HJppisley, esq. of Lamborne, who
espoused Miss Catherine Southby, and was
s. by his son,

John Hippisley, esq. of Lamborne, who
to. Cotton, daughter of — Bowles, esq. and
had a son and heir,

Organ Hippisley, esq. of Lamborne, who
died in 1735, without surviving issue, and
was s. by his brother,

John Hippisley, esq. of Lamborne. This
gentleman to. Miss Maria Odam, but dying
sine prole in 1769, devised his estates to his

The Rev. John Hippisley, of Stow, in
Gloucestershire, who thus became of " Lam-
borne," (refer to issue of George, seventh
son of John Hippisley, of Stone Easton, by
Margaret Preston). This gentleman to.
Margaret, daughter of John Hippisley Coxe,
esq. of Stone Easton, in the county of
Somerset, and had issue,

Richard, who has assumed the additi-
onal surname and arms of Tuckfield
(see family of Tuckfield, of Fulford.)
Mr. Hippisley, who died in 1822, bequeathed
his estates at Lamborne, to his second son,
the present Rev. Henry Hippisley.

Arms — Sa. three mullets pierced in bend
between two bendlets or.

Crest — A hind's head erased ppr. gorged
with a collar sa. and or, surcharged with
three mullets pierced.

Estates — In the county of Berks.

Seats- — Lamborne Place, and Sparsholt
House, both in Berkshire.



_n Vj j"


of Everton House, in the county of Huntingdon, a deputy-
lieutenant for Bedfordshire, and representative, for many
years, of the borough of Bridgewater in parliament, b.
13th October, 1774, m. in July, 1800, Sarah, only dau.
of John Harvey, esq. of Ickwellbury, in Beds., and of
Finningley Park, in the county of York, and has issue,

Richard- Willi am, a captain in the grenadier guards.

John-Harvey, of the Hon. East India Company's fac-
tory, at Canton.





Caroline, m. to Thomas Quintin, esq. jun. of Hatley
Park, in the county of Cambridge.


This gentleman, whose patronymic was Thornton, assumed, by sign manual, in
1807, the surname and arms of Astell. Mr. Astell is colonel of the Royal East
India Volunteers, a director of the East India Company, and has frequently filled
the chair of the court of Directors.


The family of Thornton, whence Mr.
Astell derives paternally, was settled at a
remote period in the county of York.

The Rev. Robert Thornton, M.A.
rector of Birkin, in that shire, was eminently
distinguished during the civil conflicts of the
reign of Charles I. for his loyalty to his
king and attachment to the church of En-
gland. His great and manifold privations
in those distressing times are fully related
in " Walker's Suilerings of the Clergy."
Mr. Thornton, who was removed from his
rectory during the Protectorate, but rein-
stated at the Restoration, died in 1665, and
lies interred in the church of Birkin, where
a monument is erected to his memory. His

The Rev. Robert Thornton, A. M.
rector of Birkin, " who," as the inscription
on his tomb relates, " having lived happily
about forty-five years with his wife, Mrs.
Clare Thornton, a virtuous charitable and
hospitable house-keeper, by whom he had
nine children, buried her 3rd December,
1696, aged 65 years, and himself was laid
with her, 2nd February, 1697, in the 74th
year of his age." Mr. Thornton had issue,

William, in holy orders, A.M. rector
of Birkin, who died in 1718.

Margaret, mi. to the Rev. Robert Banks,

M.A. prebendary of Stillington.
Elizabeth, d. unm.
The elder son,

John Thornton, esq. merchant in Hull,
erected the monument in Birkin church
to the memory of his ancestors, with the
following inscription :

" En Filium, Patrem, Avum, hujus Ecclesiae,
successive Rectores.Quorum in societate amjenitas,
facilisque accessus, in amicitia fides, in Pauperes
munificentia, in omnes Hospitalitas, studiumque
pacis ita suis Delectos reddiderunt Parochianis ut
nomen Thorntonianum bene audiat.

He espoused Jane, daughter of John Field,
esq. of Kingston-upon-Hull, by Sarah,
daughter of Robert Wood, esq. of Monk
Bretton, in Yorkshire, and d. in 1731, hav-
ing had issue,

i. Robert, of London and Clapham,
one of the directors of the bank, who
m. Miss Hannah Swynocke, and left
at his decease in 1747, with four
daughters, an only son,

John, of Clapham, who m. Lucy,
daughter and heir of Samuel
Watson, esq. by Margaret, his
wife, daughter of Sir Henry
Hoghton, bt. of Hoghton, Tower,
and died in 1790, leaving issue,



1. Samuel, of Clapham and

Albury Park, in Surrey,

M.P. for that sliire, who m.

in 1780, Elizabeth, daughter

of Robert Miles, esq. of

Wakefield, and had issue,

John, b. in 1783, who m.

the daughter of Edward

Parry, esq. of Gower-


Heury-Milnes, b. in 1792.

Samuel, b. in 1797, capt.


Jane, m. to R. Mee Raikes,

Harriet, m. to her cousin,
Hon. J. Thornton Leslie
Melville, second son of
the late Earl of Leven
and Melville, and d. in

2. Robert, of Clapham, M.P.
for Colchester, who m.
Maria, daughter of Francis
Eyre, esq.

3. Henry, of Clapham, M.P.
for Southwark, who m.
Mary Anne, daughter of
Joseph Sykes, esq. of West
Ella, in Yorkshire, and died
leaving issue.

4. Jane, m. to Alexander,
late earl of Leven, and is
mother of the present Earl.

5. Lucy, died unm.
II. Joseph.

in. John, who m. Pentecost, daughter
of Ezekiel Hall, esq. and died vita
patris in 1729.
iv. Godfrey, of whom presently.
V. William, of Kingston - on - Hull,
merchant, who left at his death in
1782, two daughters, his co-heirs,
Jane, m. to John Porter, esq.
Sarah, m. to Robert Thornton, esq.
of Kensington.
vi. Sarah, who m. William Wilber-
force, esq. of Kingston -on -Hull,
merchant, and had issue,

Robert Wilberforce, of Kingston-
on-Hull, father of William
Wilberforce, esq. the benevo-
lent advocate for the abolition of
the nefarious traffic in slaves, and
formerly M.P. for Yorkshire.
William Wilberforce, who m.
Hannah, daughter of Robert
Thornton, esq. and d. s. p. in
The fourth son,

Godfrey Thornton, esq. of Clapham, a
director of the Bank of England, b. in 1701,
married Margaret, daughter of William

both d. unm.

His third son,
of MoEjerhan-

Astell, esq. of Everton, and had with other
children, who d. young.

William, of London and Clapham, b. in
1733, who assumed by sign manual in
1777,the surname and arms of Astell.
He m. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert
Thornton, esq. but died s. p. in 1801.
Robert, of Kensington, who m. first,
Sarah, daughter and co-heir of Wil-
liam Thornton, esq. and secondly,
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph War-
ner, esq. but died s. p. in 1803.
Charles, j
John, !
Mr. Thornton died in 1751.
Godfrey Thornton, esq.
ger House, in Bedfordshire, a bank director,
espoused Jane, daughter and co-heir of
Stephen Peter Godin, esq. of Culland's
grove, Middlesex, and had issue,

I. Stephen, of Mogerhanger House, a
bank director, b. in 1767, who m.
Mary, daughter of Thomas Littledale,
esq. of Rotterdam, and has issue,
Godfrey, b. in 1795, lieutenant-
colonel in the grenadier guards,
who m. first, his cousin, Miss
Dixon, and secondly, Sophia,
daughter of Brise Pearse, esq.
of Woodford.
Charles, d. unm.

Stephen-Edward, m. the daughter
of John Campbell, esq. of Blun-
ham in Beds.
Edmund, deceased.
George, in holy orders.
William, capt. gren. gds.
II. William, the present William As-
tell, esq. of Everton.
in. Claude-George, who m. Frances,
daughter of Samuel Smith, esq. of
Woodhall Park, Herts, M.P.
iv. Anna-Maria, m. to Thomas Vigne,

esq. of Woodford.

V. Almerin, m. to William Phillimore,

esq. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister at law.

A rmt— Quarterly ; first and fourth, Gu.

a lion passant per pale or, and arg. between

four cross crosslets of the last, for Astell.

Second, Arg. on a between three

trees ppr. three crosses patee fitchee, arg.

for Thornton. Third, for Godin.

Crests— First, A cross crosslet or, en-
twined with a serpent vert. Second, A
lion's head erased purpure, round the neck
a coronet or.

Motto — Sub cruce glorior.
Estates — In the counties of Bedford,
Northampton, and Surrey.

Town Residence — 4, Portland Place.
Seat — Everton House.



DELAFIELD, JOSEPH, esq. of Camden Hill, in the county of Middlesex, b 14th

May, 1749, m. 4th January, 1790, Frances, second
daughter of the late Hervey Christian Comhe, esq. of
Cohham Part, in Surrey, one of the members of parlia-
ment, for many years, for the city of London, by whom
he has had issue,


Edward-Hervey, who d. unmarried.

John, in holy orders, m. Lady Cecil-Jane Pery, daugh-
ter of the Earl of Limerick.


Frances-Henrietta, m. to the Rev. Thomas Rennell,
one of the prebendaries of Salisbury, eldest son of
the Very Rev. the Dean of Winchester.


Mr. Delafield is the second son of the late John Dela-
field, esq. but his elder brother, Count Delafield, having
established himself abroad, he is now the representative
of the family in England. The Count appears to be the un-
doubted heir to the ancient Barony of Fitz Warine,
which has been suspended for more than four centuries.


This family derives its descent from the
Counts de la Feld, the once powerful pro-
prietors of the demesnes and castle near
Colmar, of which the latter still bears their
name. These Lords had large possessions
in Alsace and Loraine, and are frequently
mentioned in the wars of those countries.
The Croix d'or of La Feld, their ancient
badge, is still the coat armour of the house
immediately before us.

It is probable that Hubertus de la Feld
was the first of his race that emigrated to
England ; and that he came over amongst
the crowd of foreigners who attended the
conqueror hither, his name appearing en-
rolled as the owner of lands in the county of
Lancaster, in the third of William I. The
name of John de la Feld occurs in the 12th
of Henry I. as a proprietor in the counties
of Lancaster and Bucks ; of Robert de la
Feld, without a date, and of John de la
Feld, in the 38th and 43rd of Henry III.
The last mentioned person,

John de la Feld, witnessed two deeds
in the same years on the marriages of his
son and daughter, viz.

John, of whom presently.
Elizabeth, who m. (43d Henry III.)

Norman D'Arcy, of Nocton, in the
county of Lincoln, and had issue,

Philip D'Arcy, who was summoned
to parliament as Lord D'Arcy,
in 1299.

John (Sir), D'Arcy, a very distin-
guished personage in the reigns
Edward I., Edward II., and Ed-
ward III. In the two latter he
was Justice of Ireland, and was
summoned to parliament as a
Baron in 1332. He m. first,
Emeline, dau. and co-heir of
Walter Heron, of Hedleston, in
Northumberland, and secondly,
Joane, daughter of Richard de
Burgh, Earl of Ulster, and widow
of Thomas Earl of Kildare. By
the first, he had three sons, and
by the second, a son William,
and a daughter Elizabeth, m. to
James, Earl of Ormonde, sur-
named the noble Earl.

Robert D'Arcy, of Starlingburgh,
in the county of Lincoln.
The son,

John de la Feld, espoused in the 38th of
Henry III. Elizabeth Fitzwarine, (whose



father was Lord Warden of the Marches in
the North,) and had three sons, John, Ro-
bert or Hubert, and Nicholas, of whom, the

John de la Feld, married in the 15th of
Edward I. Maude, daughter and heir of
Montaeute, by whom he had two sons,
Robert, or Hubert,
John. Canon of the abbey church, at
The elder

Robert (or Hubert) de la Feld, wed-
ded in the 11th of Edward II. his cousin,
the daughter and heir of Fulke Fitzwarine,
and was s. by his son,

John de la Feld, who espoused in the
23d of Edward III. Margaret de Tyring-
ham, and had three sons, Thomas, Robert,
and Nicholas. The eldest,

Thomas de la Feld, wedded in the 45th
Edward III. Elizabeth, his kinswoman,
daughter of Thomas Butler, second son of
Thomas, Earl of Ormonde, and great-great-
granddaughter of Elizabeth De la Feld,
wife of Norman D'Arcy. He fell soon after
his marriage in the French wars, and leaving
no issue, was s. by his brother,

Robert de la Feld, who to. in the 51st
of Edward III. Elinor Butler, sister of his
brother's wife, and co-heir with her of their
father the Hon Thomas Butler. By this
lady lie had, with a daughter Anne, abbess
of a convent at Lancaster, a son and suc-

Robert de la Feld, who wedded 12th of
Henry IV. Alice, daughter and heiress of
Sir Reginald de Grey, and was s. by his

Sir Thomas de la Feld, who wrote him-
self of Ailesbury in England, and of the
Lordships of Fieldston and Culduffe, in the
county of Kildare, in Ireland. This gentle-
man to. in the 16th Henry VI. Katherine,
only daughter of Sir Thomas de Rochfort,*

* Bv Elizabeth, only daughter and heirof John
D'Arcy, by Joane, only, or as some assert eldest
daughter and co-heir of John Fitzwarine, son and
heir of William Fitzwarine, summoned to parlia-
ment 16th Edward III. as Lord Fitz Warine. In
Burke's Extinct and Dormant Peernge there is an
evident mistake regarding this Lord Fitz Warine
and his descendants, who are confounded with
those- of Robert, Lord Fitzpayne. Lord Fitz-
warine left an only son, Ivo or John Fitzwarine,
who was with the Earl of Buckingham at the
6iege of Nantz, and after that, in 9th Ric. II. with
the Duke of Lancaster in his naval expedition for
the recovery of the inheritance of Constance, his
wife, heir to the kingdom of Castile. His daugh-
ter, Joane, m. John D'Arcy, by whom she had
an only child, the above-mentioned Elizabeth
D'Arcy, who wedded Sir Thomas de Rochfort.

by whom (who wedded secondly, Thomas
Luttrell, esq. of Luttrelstown, ancestor of
the Earls of Carhampton) he had a son,

Sir John Delafeld, who wedded, in the
35th of Henry VI. Elizabeth Hankford,
sister of Sir Richard Hankford,f and had

Thomas, his heir.

Gerald, who to. an heiress and assumed
her surname and armorial ensigns,
though his son resumed the family
name, but retained his mother's coat
armour, viz. or, a lion gu. and arg.
Catherine, to. in the 18th of Edward
IV. Sir Richard Barnewall, and con-
veyed to her husband the lordship
of Fieldston. Their descendant in
the fifth degree, Nicholas Barne-
wall, ofTurvey, was created in 1646,
Baron Turvey, and Viscount Barne-
wall, of Kingsland.
The elder son,

Sir Thomas Dei afield, to. in the 21st of
Edward IV. Margaret, daughter and heir
of Ralph Howard (descended from the
Howards of Fersfield), and had a son, John,
and a daughter, Isabel ; which John having
removed with the court, to Calais in 1500,
on account of a great pestilence then raging
in England, and not returning for several
years, it was supposed by his family that
he had perished ; and Isabel, his only sis-
ter, being married to Gerald Fitzgerald, of
Alloone (descended from Maurice, first
Knight of Kerry, and son of John, fourth
Lord of Offaley), took the lordship of Cul-
duffe into that family, for which the Fitz-
geralds of Alloone quartered the arms of
Delafield. She had issue, Bartholomew
Fitzgerald, married to Anne Aylmer ; and
Alison Fitzgerald, to. to Gerald Aylmer,
ancestor to the Lords Aylmer. In some
years afterwards,

John Delafield returned, after a long
absence, to the great joy of his family, and
married Thomasine, the " faire daughter"
of Sir Thomas Dillon, ancestor of the Earls
of Roscommon. He had two sons, Gerald,
the younger, married Elinor Plunket, of the
Killeen family, and the elder,

t Sir Richard Hankford's only daughter and
heiress, Anne Hankford (niece of Lady Dela-
feld ), espoused Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormonde,
and had two daughters, namely,

Anne Butler, m. to Sir James St. Leger.
Margaret Butler, m. to Sir William Bo-
leyne, K.B. their son,

Sir Thomas Boleyne, was created Vis-
count Rochford, and Earl of Wilt-
shire and Ormonde. He was father

Anne Boleyne, the unhappy queen
consort of Henry VI 11.


Sir Thomas Delafield, became his suc-
cessor. This gentleman espoused Margaret
Fleming, grandaughter of the Lord Slane,
and was s. by his son,

Patrick Delafield, who wedded in 1563,
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Cusack, esq.
of Gerardstown, and his wife, the Hon. Anne
St. Lawrence, daughter of Nicholas, six-
teenth Lord Howth,* and was s. by his son,
John Delafield. This gentleman mar-
ried Anne de la Bere, co-heir of her bro-
ther, who was a younger branch of the De
la Beres of Gloucestershire. He had two

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 83 of 112)