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temp. Edward IV. who is styled son and
heir apparent of William Bates, in a deed
of a sale of lands and a house in Bedling-
ton, in the occupation of the above William
Bates, from John Spitter and Gilbert Clark.
The next on record,

Thomas Bates, esq. of Ovington Hall, in
Northumberland, was returned in 1554 to
parliament, as member for the borough of
Morpeth, which he continued to represent
in the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth.
This gentleman appears to have been high
in favour with the former queen, for we
find her Majesty addressing to him in
1556-7, the following complementary letter,

Mary the Quene

By the Quene

Trustie and welbiloved we grete you well
and whereas we understand by reporte of
our right trustie and right welbiloved cousyn
therle of Northumberland, not only your
good will and readyness to our service in
these borders but also the good and valyante
servyce and endeavour ye have from tyme
to tyme don there. And specially now at



this last encountree with the ennemie. Like
as for your parte ye have shewed therein a
good knowledge of your duty bothe towards
us and your countrey moche to our conten-
tacon — So have wee thoughte it convenyent
for this your good service by our Ires to
give unto you our heartye thanks and will
not fayle upon your contynewance in this
vour well doinge to have you in our good
remembrance as occasion shall serve not
doubting but as you shewed your selfe will-
ing and forward in our good servyce, so
ye will continue and be ready from tyme to
tyme to follow the directions of our said
cousyn in all things that shall touche our
servyce there — Given under our signet at
our mansion of St. James, the 27th of No-
vember, the fourthe and fyvethe yeares of
our Reignes."

" To our trusty e and welbiloved
Thomas Baytes, gentleman."

Thomas Baytes was subsequently, during
the reign of Elizabeth, appointed super-
visor of all his Majesty's houses, lordships,
manours, lands, and tenements in North-
umberland. In Bishop Barnes book he is
styled deputed patron by the queen, of the
rectory of Whalton, and on the 9th of
August, 1579, he presented Robert Bella-
my, Clk. doctor of physic to that rectory.
His son and heir,

Robert Bates, esq. of Morpeth, Mil-
bourne, &c. held four messuages and ap-
purtenances in Melbourne, of the queen, as
of her Majesty's barony of Mitford, in
capite, and by service of a moiety of one
knight's fee. He died in the 37th Eliza-
beth, and was s. by his son,

Cuthbert Bates, esq. of Halliwell, who
wedded Elizabeth, daughter of — Ogle,
esq. of Bebside, and had issue,
Thomas, his heir.

Cuthbert,capain of a foot company under

the command of William, marquess

of Newcastle. He fell at the siege

of York, in 1644, unmarried.

John, who d. unm. in 1599, and was

buried at Earsdon.
Dorothy, m. to — Middleton, esq. of

Isabel, m. to Martin Fenwick, esq. Oi

Catherine, m. to George Bindlosse,
esq. of Newcastle on Tyne.
Cuthbert Bates died 2nd February, 1602,
and was buried in the parish church of
Earsdon, in Northumberland. He was s.
by his eldest son,

Thomas Bates, esq. of Halliwell, born
in 1596. This gentleman, a grand juror in
1627, was prosecuted for recusancy. He
wedded Dorothy, fourth daughter of Mark
Errington, esq. of Pont Island, by whom
(who died in 1663) he had issue,

Ralph, his heir,

Thomas, of Newcastle on Tyne, who
married Miss Margaret Wilkinson
of Durham, and had several children.
They all died s.p. except a daughter,
m. to — Crawforth, esq. and a son,
Richard-Jedidiah, who, by his third
wife, Margaret, daughter of Michael
Clark, esq. of Yorkshire, left four
daughters, Isabel, the wife of Ralph
Bates, esq. of Halliwell ; Esther, of
C. Fenwick, esq. ; Mary, m. to the
Rev. John Ellison ; and Margaret, tc
the Rev. L. Farrington.

Margaret, m. to William Watson, esq.
of Bedlington.

Kara j both died y° UU ^
Zersbabel, d. unm. in 1638
Mr. Bates died in 1638, and was buried at
Earsdon, being succeeded by his eldest son,
Ralph Bates, esq. of Halliwell, East
Hartford, &c. in the county of Northum-
berland, baptized at Earsdon, 29th August,
♦613, who transmitted in 1666 to the Herald's
Office a pedigree of his family. He m.
Margaret, daughter of Thomas Chatour or
Challoner, of Butterby, in the palatine of
Durham, and had, with four daughters, three
sons, viz.

Ralph, his heir.

Mark, b. in 1653, who married Eleanor,
relict of — Pye, of Morpeth, but died
without issue, 23rd August, 1708.
Andrew, b. in 1655, who m. a daughter
of Matthew Whitfield, esq. of Whit-
field Hall, in Northumberland, and
had issue.
Mr. Bates died 11th March, 1690, aged
seventy-eight, and was s. by his eldest son,
Ralph Bates, esq. of Halliwell, baptized
16th February, 1646, who m. first, 29th
May, 1677, Margaret, daughter of Robert
Bewicke, esq. of Close House, in Northum-
berland, and had by her (who died in 1680)
two sons,

Thomas, his heir.

Ralph, b. 4th March, 1679, who died
unmarried in 1683.
Mr. Bates wedded secondly, 31st July, 1683,
Anne,* relict of John Hedworth, esq. of

* This lady was daughter of William James,

esq. of Washington, in Durham (grandson of

Dr. James, Bishop of Durham). By her first

husband, John Hedworth, esq. of Harraton, she

had two daughters, co-heirs of their father, viz.

Dorothy Hedworth, who wedded, in 1696,

Ralph Lambton, esq. and had with other

issue, a son,

John Lambton, esq. who became even-
tually of Lambton Castle. This gen-



Harraton, in the county of Durham, hy
whom (who espoused for her third husband,
John Shafto, esq. of Bavington) and had

William, horn at Harraton, 2nd July,
1684, who died without issue in 1705.
Ralph, eventual inheritor.
Margaret, m. to W. Potter, esq.
Anne, m. to Christopher Teesdale, esq.
of Knipe Hall, Westmoreland, and
hence springs the present Colonel
Sir George Teesdale, C.B. First Dra-
The eldest son and heir,

Thomas Bates, esq. of Halliwell, born
15th May, 1678, succeeded to the estates on
the demise of his father, who was unfortu-
nately drowned in the river Tyne at New-
castle, 22nd July, 1695. Dying himself,
however, without issue, 19th June, 1734, the
possessions of the family devolved upon his
only surviving half-brother,

Ralph Bates, esq. of Halliwell, in North-
umberland, and of Newbottle, in the pala-
tinate, b. 8th January, 1688. This gentle-
man m. first, 6th May, 1714, Mary, daughter
of John Bacon, esq. of Staward, in North-
umberland, by whom (who died in March,
1723) he had issue,

I. Anne, b. 21st October, 1715, m. to
the Rev. Charles Stoddart, afterwards
rector of Whaltou, and left issue at
her decease in 1787. Her eldest
daughter, Mary, wedded — Erring-
ton, esq. of the Chesters, and had

II. Isabella, b. 16th July, 1717, who m.
William Watson, esq. of Newcastle-
on-Tyne, and her great grandson,

William Watson, esq. of North
Seaton, in Northumberland, es-
poused, in 1831, the Hon. Geor-
giana Beresford, eldest daughter
of Lord Decies, and has issue.
Hi. Margaret, b. in 1718, who in. Cuth-
bert Watson, esq. of Coupen, and
died leaving issue. The eldest son
wedded MissWatson of North Seaton,
and had two daughters, Mrs. Purvis
and Mrs. Errington.

'v? Dorothy, \ both died in *»*««*•
Mr. Bates wedded secondly, 20th May, 1725,

tleman, who was a major-general in
the army, and M.P. for Durham, es-
poused, in 1763, Susan, daughter of
Thomas, Earl of Strathmore, and the
grandson of this marriage is the pre-
sent John George, Eaul of Durham.
Elizabeth Hed worth, m. to Sir William
Williamson, bart. of Markham, and their
grandson is the present Sir Hedworth
Williamson, bart.

his cousin, Isabel, eldest daughter of Ri-
chard Bates, esq. of Newcastle-on-Tyne,
and had further issue,

I. Ralph, his heir.

II. Thomas, b. 3rd December, 1735,
who m. in February, 1770, Elizabeth,
daughter of — Clutterbuck, esq. of
Warkworth, and dying, 26th August,
1794, left, with younger children, a

Thomas, a lieutenant-colonel in
the army, who m. a daughter of
Sir Robert Waller, bart. and
has two sons and seven daugh-
in. Mary, b. 17th April, 1726, who m.
in 1754, Henry Wilson, esq. of New-
bottle, and had issue,

Thomas Wilson, who died young.
Isabella Wilson, who m. General
Maxwell, (now Sir William
Maxwell, bart. of Calderwood,)
and died in 1829, leaving four

William Alexander Maxwell,
major in the First Dragoon
Robert Maxwell.
Henry Maxwell.
Hugh Bates Maxwell, who in.
his cousin, Miss Hunter,
iv. Esther, m. to Richard Wharton,

esq. and died in 1794 s. p.
v. Elizabeth, died unmarried in 1747.
vi. Dorothy, who in. first, William
Clayton, esq. of Newcastle, mayor in
1755, and had one son, Ralph Clay-
ton, serjeant-at-law, now deceased,
and two daughters, Isabella, in. to
R. Walters, esq. and Anne, relict of
Dr. Moorhouse. Mrs. Clayton wed-
ded secondly, — Brick, esq. and died
in 1778, leaving another daughter.

vii. Jane, } , ., ,. ,

t\ \ l f both died young,
vni. Deborah, i J to

Ralph Bates, of Halliwell, a very active
magistrate, died 23rd November, 1754, and
was buried at St. Dunstan's in the West,
London. His elder son and successor,

Ralph Bates, esq. born 14th May, 1730,
served the office of high sheriff for North-
umberland in 1762. He in. first, 16th July,
1759, Jane Mitford, by whom (who died in
childbed, 6th May, 1760) he had an only

Isabella-Jane, who m. in 1786 the Rev.
Henry Ingilby, brother to the late
Sir John Ingilby, bart. of Ripley
Castle, and died leaving four sons
and five daughters.

1. Henry Ingilby, in holy orders,
who m. Miss M'Dowal, and has

2. William-Bates Ingilby.



3. Mitford lngilby, deceased.

4. Richard lngilby.

5. Lucy lngilby.

6. Esther lngilby.

7. Anne lngilby.

8. Isabella lngilby.

9. Emily lngilby, deceased.

Mr. Bates espoused secondly, in 1762, Anne,
sister of the late Henry Ellison, esq. of
Hebbum Hall, and had further issue,
Ralph, his heir.

Thomas, ) both died unmarr i e d.
Henry, >

Richard, who was killed on board the
Argo, man of war, by a cannon shot,
in an engagement with two French
ships of war in the West Indies iu
Robert, deceased.

Hannah, who wedded, in 1786, John
Hunter, esq. of Lisburn, Ireland, and
had issue,

John Hunter, who m. Miss Sarah
Story, of Lackington Hall, Lei-
cestershire, and has two daugh-
Ralph Bates Hunter, in holy or-
ders, present rector of Whalton,
George Hunter.
Henry Hunter,who m. Miss Byrne,

and has a son.
William Hunter.

Mary Anne Barbara Hunter, m.
to "her cousin, Hugh Bates Max-
well, esq.
Anna Hunter, who died young.

^," n6 ^ .i ? both died unmarried.
Elizabeth, >

Mary-Anne, m. in 1795 to the Rev.

John Fawcett, and had issue, John

Fawcett, a magistrate for the county

of Durham, and four other sons and

four daughters.

Mr. Bates, the sheriff of Northumberland in

1762, died 2nd August, 1783, and was s. by

his eldest son,

Ralph Bates, esq. of Milbourne Hall,
Halliwell, &c. born 22nd October, 1764, for
many years lieutenant-colonel of the 6th
Enniskillen Dragoons. This gentleman,
colonel-commandant of the southern regi-
ment of Northumberland Local Militia, a
justice of the peace, and deputy-lieutenant,
served the office of sheriff for the county in
1812. He wedded, 4th December, 1798,
his second cousin, Sarah, third daughter of
the late Rev. Nathaniel Ellison, vicar of
Bolam and Doddington, by Jane, his wife,
daughter and heiress of Colonel Furye,
of Faringdon, Berks, and had three sons
and as many daughters, viz.

Ralph, his heir.


Robert, died in infancy in 1807.

Jane Anne.


Colonel Bates died 6th June, 1813, and was
buried in the family vault at St. Andrew's,
Newcastle-on-Tyne. He was succeeded by
his eldest son, the present Ralph Bates,
esq. of Milbourne Hall.

Arms — Sa. a fesse engrailed or, between
three dexter hands couped at the wrist
bendways, arg.

Crest — A naked man holding in his dexter
hand a willow wand.

Motto — Et manu et corde.

Estates — Milbourne, East and West Cold-
coats, Holywell, East Hartford, and Whal-
ton Rectory, all in Northumberland ; with
a small freehold (conjointly with Mr. Bur-
rell, of Broome Park) at Heighington, in
the county of Durham.

Seat — Milbourne Hall. The old mansion
house at Holywell or Halliwell is now oc-
cupied by some of Mr. Bates's tenants. The
present residence, Milbourne Hall, was
erected in 1810. It is situated eleven miles
N.W. of Newcastle-on-Tyne, in the parish
of Ponteland.


CALDECOTT, THOMAS, esq. of Rugby Lodge, in the county of Warwick,
barrister-at-law, b. 6th October, 1798, m. 8th January, 1828, Ann-Catherine, eldest
daughter of the late Lieutenant-colonel James West, of the Royal Artillery, and has


1. Thomas, b. 3rd October, 1831. 2. Elizabeth.

3. Emily. 4. Ellen.

Mr. Caldecott inherited the estates at the decease of his father in 1829. He is a
magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the county of Warwick.





Thomas Calcott, of Abingdon, Berks,
lineally descended

Thomas Calcott, esq. of Barrow and
Whitwell, in the county of Rutland, for
many years in the commission of the peace
for Leicestershire. He espoused first,
Agnes, daughter of Richard House, of
West Wycombe, Bucks, by whom he had
several children, who all died s. /?. He
married, secondly, Abigail, daughter of
John Huggeford, esq. of Henwood Hall, in
the county of Warwick, and left by her,
(who died in April, 1681),
Thomas, his heir.
Elizabeth, m. to Theopbilus Aylmer,

Mary, died unm.

Abigail, m. to Christopher Bradgate,
Mr. Calcott died in 1643, and was s. by his

Thomas Calcott, or Caldecott, esq.
of Calthorpe, in the county of Leicester,
a justice of the peace for that shire, and
high sheriff in 1665. He m. first, Mary,
•laughter of Alexander Prescott, esq. of
Thooby Abbey, Essex, by whom (who died
in August, 1681) he had with other issue,
Thomas, his successor. Mr. Caldecott wed-
ded secondly, Mrs. Eleanor Pratt, but had
no child by "that lady. He died in 1702-3,
and was s. by his eldest son,

Thomas Caldf.cott, esq. of Caltborpe, b.
in 1652, who m. Maud, daughter of John
Evans, esq. of Northampton, and had issue,
Thomas, his heir.

Mary, who m. John Ward, esq. of
Guilsborough, sheriff for North-
amptonshire in 1730, and had

Sir Thomas Ward, knt. of Guils-
borough, who d. unm.
Mary-Ward, m. to John Shuck-
burgh, esq.
Elizabeth-Ward, m. to Richard

Ward, esq.
Ann-Ward, m. to John Lucas, esq.
was mother of the present
William-Zotch LucasWard,
esq. of Guilsborough, (refer
to p. 379.)
Mr. Caldecott died in 1720, and was s. by
his son,

Thomas Caldecott, esq. who espoused
Mrs. Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of John
Pettet, esq. of Dartford, in Kent, and had

Thomas, barrister-at-law, who d. s. p.


Merice, m. to Abraham Turner, esq.

and died in 1790.
The only surviving son,

William Caldecott, esq. of Rugby,
wedded first, Elizabeth, daughter of the
Rev. Peter Senhouse, of Linton, in the
county of Hereford, (see p. 216) and had

Thomas, of Dartford, in Kent, barrister-
at-law, bencher of the Middle Tem-
ple, who m. Charlotte, daughter of
James Pool, esq. of Hornead, in
Herefordshire, by whom (who died
in 1790) he had no issue,
Peter, who died young, in 1745.
William, who died s. p. in 1777.
Mr. Caldecott m. secoudly, Anna, relict of
William Boughton, esq. and daughter of —
Deacon, esq. of Market Bosworth, by whom
(who died in 1783) he had

John, of Holbrook Grange, in the
county of Warwick, who m. first,
Mary Letitia, daughter of Benjamin
Sutton, esq. and relict of — Brooke,
esq. and secondly, Anne, daughter of
Richard Stephens, esq.
Charles, d. unm.

Samuel, of Melton Mowbray, b. in
1759, who m. Miss Elizabeth Camp-
bell, and has issue.
Abraham, of whom presently.
Mary, died unm.

Catherine, who m. the Rev. John Par-
ker, of Newbold-on-Avon, in War-
wickshire, and was mother of the
Rev. John Thomas Parker, of New-
bold-on-Avon, who wedded Anna,
daughter of Sir Grev Skipwith, bart.



Arabella, m. to the Rev. Dr. James,

The fourth son by the second marriage,

Abraham Caldecott, esq. b. 21st August,
1763, purchased in 1801, the manor of
Rugby, in Warwickshire, and subsequently
divers lands in the counties of Northampton
and Oxford. He m. 4th January, 1797,
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev.
Dr. Marriott of Cotesbatch, in Leicester-
shire, and had issue,

Thomas, his heir.

John-Marriott, who retired from the
army in 1825.

William-Marriott, in holy orders.

Robert-Marriott, also in orders.

Charles-Marriott, in the East India
Company's Service.

Mr. Caldecott died 8th September, 1829,
and was s. by his eldest son, the present
Thomas Caldecott, esq. of Rugby Lodge.

Arms — Arg. a fesse az. fretty or, between
three cinquefoils gu.

Crest — A demi-lion rampant gu. charged
on the shoulder with a cinquefoil arg.

Estates — Rugby, in Warwickshire, and
Rothersthorpe, Clipstone and Stutsbury, in

»Seaf— Rugby Lodge.

THOMAS, REES-GOR1NG, esq. of Llanon, in the county of Carmarthen, and of


Tooting, in Surrey, b. 26th May, 1801, m. 2nd March,
1824, Caroline, youngest daughter of William Esdaile,
esq. of Lombard Street, in the city of London, and grand-
daughter of the late Sir James Esdaile, knt. by whom he
has issue,

Rees-Goring, b. 21st November, 1824.
William-Esdaile, b. 25th January, 1826.
Morgan, b. 29th October, 1831.

Mr. Thomas s. his father, in 1821, and served the office
of sheriff for Carmarthenshire in 1830.


The surname of this family was originally
Trehearn, but by one of those changes
formerly common amongst the Welsh, it
became as now borne, Thomas. It appears
to have been located on an estate called
Llettymaur, in the parish of Llanon, county
of Carmarthen, prior to the reign of Eliza-
beth. The estates was possessed in 1579,


Traherne Thomas, whose son,

Rees Traherne, of Llettymaur, espoused,
in 1610, Helen John, of Mydfwch, in Gla-
morganshire, and was succeeded by his son,

Thomas Rees Traherne, esq. of Lletty-
maur, born in 1612, whom. Margaret Bowen,
of Marchoglwyn, in the parish of Llanon,and
left, with a daughter, a son and successor,

Rees Thomas, esq. of Llettymaur. This
gentleman espoused Sarah Powell, of Pen-
treardd, in the parish of Llanelly, Carmar-

thenshire, by whom (who died in 1727) he
had issue,

Rees Thomas, esq. of Llettymaur, born
in 1680. He m. in 1709, Mary, daughter
of William King, esq. of Mansaint, near
Kidwelly, and died in 1759, leaving,

I. Rees, of Llettymaur, b. in 1710,
who died s. p. 17th November, 1777.

II. David, of Llwydeved, in Llanon,
b. in 1717. who m. Deborah, daugh-
ter of Davul Rees, esq. of Brynynyd,
and left issue,

John Thomas, esq. of Llwydeved,
who m. Miss Anne Davies, and
dying in 1812, left one son, who
died issueless, 7th August, 1821,
and one daughter,

Anne-Davies Thomas, who
m. in 1819, Thomas Lloyd,
esq. of Brenwydd, in Car-



diganshire, possessor of the
barony of Kemeys, in the
county of Pembroke, and
has issue.
in. Morgan, of whom presently.
lv. Elizabeth, who espoused David
Davies, esq. of Swansea, and died in
1788, leaving, (with an elder son,
who died in 1798), Morgan Thomas
Davies, b. 14th February, 1788, who
m. in 1822, Miss Jane Hancorne,
and has issue.
The third son,

Morgan Thomas, esq. was born at Llet-
tymaur, in 1729. He married in 1768,
Francos, only child and heiress of Henry
GORING,* esq. of Frodley Hall, in the county
of Stafford, high sheriff in 1723 (son of Wil-
liam Goring, esq. by Sarah, only daughter
and heiress of John Gilbert, esq. of Frod-
ley, see p. 388), and had an only son,

Mr. Thomas having considerably augmented

* This gentleman sold his estates in 1730,
having much impoverished himself by his loyal
devotion to the House of Hanover ; for which he
raised a troop of horse at Ins own expense in
1715, and took the field against the Chevalier.
A petition to King George I. signed by Henry
Goring, and another signed by several Stafford-
shire gentlemen of importance, both setting forth
Mr. Goring's services and soliciting compensation
fiom the crown, and the correspondence ensuing
on these petitions between Sir Robert Walpole
and Mr. Goring, are in the present Mr. Goring
Thomas's possession. Mr. Henry Goring died
in 1748.

his property in Carmarthenshire, died 20th
May, 1800, and was s. by his son,

Rees Goring Thomas, esq. who added to
his hereditary estates, by the purchase of
property in Surrey, comprising the manor
of Tooting Graveney, and an estate called
Tooting Lodge. He m. Sarah, daughter of
the late Mr. Richard Hovell, of Norfolk,
and had issue,

Rees-Goring, his heir
Morgan, b. 7th August, 1803.
George, b. 4th November, 1809.
Sarah-Frances, who m. 22nd August,
1832, William Henry Pattison, esq.
of Lincoln's Inn, and of Witham, in
Essex. This lady, with her husband,
was unfortunately drowned on the
20th September following her mar-
riage, in the Lac de Guave, in the
High Pyrenees.
Mr. Thomas, who centered in himself the
representation of the ancient families of
Thomas, Gilbert, and Goring, died 21st
September, 1821, and was s. by his eldest
son, the present Rees Goring Thomas, esq.

Arms — Gu. on a chevron or, between
three herons arg. four barrulets az. Quar-
terly with Goring and Gilbert.

Crest — A heron's head erased, gorged
with a garland of roses, gu.

Motto — A deo et patre.

Estates — In the parishes of Llanelly,
Llanon, and Llangendevine, Carmarthen-
shire ; and of Tooting, including the manor
of Tooting Graveney, in Surrey.

Seats — Tooting, Surrey ; Llanon, Car-
1 marthenshire.


FETHERSTON-HAUGH, THOMAS-JAMES, esq. of Bracklyn Castle, in the county

of Westmeath, b. 19th March, 1790, m. 18th Decem-
ber, 1816, the Lady Eleanor Howard, second daughter
of William, third Earl of Wicklow, and has issue,

James-Howard, b. in 1819.
Frances- Alicia.

Mr. Fetherston, who succeeded to the estates in 1822, has
served the office of high-sheriff of the county of West-




This branch of the ancient family of Fe-
therstonhaugh,* of Up Park, in Sussex, and
of Newcastle, in the county of Northumber-
land, migrated to Ireland in the reign of
Charles I. and acquired large grants of
land in several counties.

Thomas Fetherston-Haugh, esq. the
lineal descendant and representative of the
Irish branch of the family, wedded, temp.
George II. Miss Nugent, of Derrymore, in
the county of Westmeath, and had a son and

James Fetherston-Haugh, esq. of Brack-
lyn, who married Margaret, only daughter
of the late Sir Richard Steele, bart. of
Hampstead, in the county of Dublin, and
had issue,

Thomas-James, his heir, the present

* The family is of Saxon origin, and was seated
at Fetherston, in Northumberland, before the
Conquest ; that part of the county having been
allotted to its progenitor, a Saxon officer, for his
gallant conduct against the Britons.

The surname is said to be thus derived : — the
house in which the family resided was formerly
upon a hill (where were two stones, called fether
stones), and was moated round as a barrier against
the Scots ; but, upon being destroyed, anew edifice
was erected in the holme or valley under the hill,
which valley was locally denominated a haugh,
and thence the appellation of " Fetherstonhaugh."
— Burke's Peerage and Baronetage.

Richard-Steele, who to. in 1820, the
daughter of the late Mr. Baron
George, of the Court of Exchequer in
John, who m. in 1823, the Honourable
Susan Massy, sister to the present
Lord Massy.
Charlotte, to. to the late Major Robert
Tighe, of South Hill, in the county of
Margaret-Anne, who to. Sir Thomas
Chapman, bart. of Killua Castle, and
is mother of Montague Lowther
Chapman, esq. present member of
parliament for the county of West-
Arms — Gu. on a chevron between three

Online LibraryJohn BurkeA genealogical and heraldic history of the commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, enjoying territorial possessions or high official rank; but univested with heritable honours (Volume 1) → online text (page 96 of 112)