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Wombwell, in the countv of York ; b. March 4,
17*>9 ; inherited the thTe at the decease of his
father, 2nd November, 1780; m. in 1791, Lady
Anne Belasyse, daughter of Henry, second Earl
of Fauconberg, (an earldom which e spired at
his lordship's decease in 1702) but the Vis-
county of Fauconberg continued until the de-
cease of Charles, the seventh viscount, in 1815,
wlien that honor also ceased ;) by whom he has
issue George, 6. 13th April, 1710, (m. in 1824,
Georgiana, daughter of Orby Hunter, esq., of
Crowiand Abbey, in the county of Lincoln ;) and
Henry-Walter, b. 24th May, 1795.


Georok Wombwbll, esq., lineally descended
from Robert de Wombwell, a person of note in the
reign of King Stephen, was created a baronet on the
26th of August, 1778. He m. Susannah, only
daughter of Sir Thomas Rawlinson, knight, an al-
derman of the city of London, by whom he left
issue George, the present baronet ; with Susannah,
the wife of Edward Roche, esq., and Caroline-
Frances, the wife of Richard Clay, esq. Sir George
d. in 1780*

In well beware.

Country Seat— Wombwell, Yorkshire.

ronet, of Barnsley,in the county of York ; b. 16th
December, 1771 ; inherited the title at the de-
cease of his uncle, the late Sir Franck; m. Mary-
Anne, daughter and heiress of Samuel Buller,
esq., of New Granges, recorder of Leeds, by
whom he has a son, fe 22nd January, 1709 ; and
a daughter, Anne, the wife of John ChiWers,
esq., of Cantley.


This family has bean seated rn Yorkshire since
the reign of Elisabeth,
Fbajtcis Wood, esq., of Damsley, second son of

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Fluids Wood, esq., by Dorothy, daughter of the
Reverend Doctor Charles Palmer, prebendary of
York, was created a baronet on the 10th December,
1783, with remainder to his eldest brother, the
Reverend Doctor Henry Wood, Vicar of Halifax ;
and to his nephews, Francis-Lindley, and Henry
Wood, esquires, the sons of Charles Wood, esq., of
Bowling Hall, a captain in the royal navy, who d.
on the 9th of October, 1782, of wounds received in
action. Sir Francis, leaving no issue at his decease,
and his brother, Doctor Wood, having died pre-
viously, without issue, the title devolved upon their
nephew, Frands-Lindley, the present baronet, son
of Captain Wood, as mentioned above, by Catha-
rine, daughter and co-heiress of John-Lacon Bar-
ker, esq.

Country Seat — Bowling Hall, near Bradford,

WOOD, SIR MARK, baronet, of Gatton
Park, in the county of Surrey ; b. in 17*8 ; to.
Miss Dash wood, of the county of Somerset, by
whom he has issue, Mark; and Rachael, the
wife of William-Joseph Lockwood, esq., of
Dews- Hall, in the county of Essex.

This gentleman, a colonel in the East India
company's service, eldest son of Alexander
Wood, esq., of Perth, N. B., was created a ba-
ronet on the 3rd of October, 1806. Upon the
demise of Mark Wood, esq., late governor and
captain-general of the Isle of Man, without
tone, Sir Mark became heir and representative
of the ancient house of Wood, of Largo.
Motto, in English,
Safe in the waves.

Town Residence— 66, Pall Mall.

Country Seat— Gatton Park, Surrey.

ronet, of Carleby, in the county of Lincoln ; a. in
1784 ; inherited the title at the decease of his
rather on the 26th of August, 1810. Sir Ralph
is governor of the Island of Trinidad.


Ralph Woodford, esq., son of Matthew Wood-
ford, esq., of Southampton, by Mary, daughter and
co-heiress of John Brideoak, esq., was created a ba-
ronet on the 21st June, 1791- He m. Miss Gertrude
Reesen, a co-heiress, by whom he had issue Ralph-
James, the present baronet ; and Elizabeth, who m.
John Hammet, esq. Sir Ralph was, formerly, Bri-
tish resident at the Hanse Towns, and, latterly,
minister extraordinary to the court of Denmaik.
He d. in 1810.

Motto, in EngiUh,
Ease in liberty.

Country Stat— Carleby, Lincolnshire.

LIAM, baronet, of WraxalL, in the county of
Somerset ; 6. in 17*9 ; m. in 1789, Jane, daugh-
ter of Peter Laacelles, esq., of Knight's House,
in the county of Herts, by whom he has two
sons, William* Laacelles; and Charles-Edward.


This gentleman, who held a chr il employ awn t
of trust in India, in 1771, was created a barowet
on the 21st of December, 1813. Sir Nathaniel
is known, in the literary world, as the author of
several historical and other works.
OHmfrySeo*— Wraxall, Somersetshire,
WREY, SIR BOURCHIER, baronet, of
Tewstock House, in the county of Devon ; ft. in
1759 ; inherited the title at the decease of his
father, on the 23rd of April, 1784 ; m. first, in
1787, Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Palk, ba-
ronet, of Halden House, in the connty of Devon,
by whom he has issue Bourchier ; Robert-Bonr-
chier ; and Anne-Eleonora, the wife of Edward
Hartopp, esq., of Little Dalby, in the county of
Leicester. Sir Boorchier m. secondly, in 1/9*,
Anne, daughter of John Osborne, estj., by whom
he has one son, Henry Bourchier. Sir Bourchier
is one of the heirs to the barony of Fitzwarine,
which has been in abeyance for nearly two cen-


William Wriy, esq. was created a baronet on
the 30th of July, 1628. He m. Elisabeth, daughter
of Sir William Courtenay, of Powderham Castle,
in the county ot Devon, and was succeeded, at his
demise, in 1696, by his son,

Sir William, who was succeeded, in 1645, by
his only son,

Sra Chichbstbr. This gentleman m. Anne,
third daughter and co-heiress of Edward Bourchier,
Earl of Bath, and relict of James, Earl of Middlesex,
by whom he left four sons and a daughter. At the
demise of her father, the Earl of Bath, in 1636, the
Countess of Middlesex, with her two sisters, (the
Countess of Denbigh, and Lady Grey, of Groby.)
became co-heiress to the ancient barony of Pitawa-
rine, which has remained, ewer since, in abeyance.
Sir Chichester, who was a faithful and gallant cava-
lier, received, after the restoration of the monarchy,
the appointment of colonel of the Duke of York's
regiment, and was nominated governor of Sheerness.
He <f. in 1668, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

Sia BooacHixa, who m. Florence, daughter of
Sir John Roils, K. B„ by whom he left two sons
and a daughter. He d. in 1696, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

Sra Bourchier. This gentleman m. Diana,
daughter of John Rolle, esq., By whom he had Are
sons and four daughters. He d. in 1726, and was
succeeded by his eldest son,

Sir Boubchibr. This gentleman m. first, In
1749, Mary, daughter of John Edward, esq., who d.
without issue in 17*1 ; and, secondly, In 17». Ellen,
daughter of John Thresher, esq., by whom he left
Bourchier, the present baronet ; and WUHam-BouT-
chier, a clergyman of the established church. Sir
Bourchier d. in 1784.

Motto, in Rnghoh,
The good time will come.

Country Smto— Tewstock House, Devonshire ; and
Trebitch, Cornwall.

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baronet, of Sooth Carolina ; b. 28th July, 1799 ;
inlterited the title upon the demise of his great
uncle, on the 10th September, 1816.


Jambs Wright, esq., attorney-general of South
Carolina, was created a baronet on the 6th of De-
cember, 1772. He m. in 1740, Sarah, only daughter
and heiress of Captain Maidman, of the army, by
whom he had Issue James, his successor ; and Alex-
grandfather of the present baronet. Sir
i d. in 1786, and was succeeded by bis eldest

Sia James, who d. without issue on the 16th
September, 1816, when the title reverted to his
grand-nephew, James Wright, esq., the present
baronet, son of James Wright, esq., (grandson of
the first baronet.) by Caroline, daughter of John
Simmonds, esq., of South Carolina.

Country Seat— Ray House, Essex.

Wrottesley, in the county of Stafford ; b. 24th
October, 1/71 ; inherited the title at the demise
of his father on the 23rd April, 1787 ; »• first,
on the 23rd of June, 1795, Lady Caroline Ben-
nett, daughter of Charles, late Earl of Tanker -
ville, and sister of the present earl, by whom he
has issue John, 6. 6th August, 1798, (m. in
1821, Sophia-Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas
Gilford, esq., of Chillington, in the county of
Stafford ;) Charles- Alexander, 6. 21st October,
1799; Robert, 6. 2nd June, 1801 ; Walter, o.
8th April, 1810 ; and two daughters. Her lady-
ship dying in 1818, Sir John m. secondly, in
1819, the Honorable Mrs. Bennett, daughter of
John Conyers, esq., of Copthall, in the county
of Esses, and relict of the Honorable Captain
John AatJey Bennet, of the royal nary, brother
of the deceased Lady Caroline Wrottesley.


litis very ancient family is supposed to have
been seated at its present place of residence, from
which its surname i* derived, ever since the Norman
Conquest, if not prior to that period ; and one of
its ancestors. Sir Hugh de Wrottesley, had the high
honor of being Installed a knight of the Garter upon
the Institution of that illustrious order. The ba-
ronetcy was conferred upon

Waltkb Wrottrslry, esq., on the 30th of Au-
gust, 1642. This gentleman suffered considerably
during the Usurpation, for his fidelity and seal,
which he had evinced in the cause of his unfortunate
king. He m. Mary, daughter of John Grey, esq.,
of Envttle, in the county of Stafford, by whom he
had five sons and five daughters, and was succeeded
by his eldest son,

Sin Waltrr, who was succeeded by his only

Sin Walts a. This gentleman m. first, Eleanor,
daughter ot Mr. Justice (Sir John) Archer, of the
court ci common pleas, by whom he bad three sons


and four daughters t and, secondly, Anne, daughter
of Me. Justice Burton, by whom he had a son and
two daughters. Sir Walter was s uco seded by his
eldest surviving son.

Sir John, who m. Prances, daughter of the Ho-
norable John Grey, and grand-daughter of Henry,
first Earl of Stamford, by whom he had five sons
and five daughter*. He d. in 1726, and was succeed-
ed by his eldest surviving son,

Sir Hugh. This gentleman dying without issue,
in 1720, the title devolved upon his brother.

Sir Waltrr, to whom succeeded, in 1731, his
next brother,

Thr Rrvrrrnd Sir Richard, 0. in 1711 \ m.
Lady Mary Gower, daughter of John, first Earl
Gower, and aunt of the present Marquess of .Staf-
ford, by whom he had one son and four daughters.
Sir Richard was appointed one of the royal chap-
lains in 1763, and dean of Worcester in 1765. He
d. in 1769, and was succeeded by his son,

Sir John. This gentleman m. T., 1770, the Ho-
norable Frances Courtenay, daughter of William,
first Viscount Courtenay, and aunt of William, pre-
sent viscount, by whom he left ftsue John, the pre-
sent baronet ; Henry ; Hugh ; and Charles 1 be-
sides two daughters, Charlotte, wife of the Rev.
John Hillyert and Louisa. Sir John was a major-
general in the army, and colonel of the 46th regi-
ment of foot. He d. on the 23rd of April, 1787*

Town Residence— 19, Upper Grosvenor^treet.

Country Sear — Wrottesley Hall, near Wolver-
hampton, Staffordshire.

WYLIE, SIR JAMES, knfrlit and baronet

This gentleman, who was first physician to
his imperial majesty, Alexander, late emperor of
Russia, received the honor of knighthood! at As-
cot Heath races, in 1814, from the Prince Re-
gent, (his present most gracious majesty,) con-
ferred with the sword of the Hetroan, Count
Plat off; and was created a baronet, on the 2nd
of July, in the same year.

Motto, in EngUth,
By labour and science.

Residence — Russia.

bart, of Wynnstay, in the county of Denbigh ;
6. 26th October, 1772 ; inherited the title at the
decease of his father, on the 29th July, 1789 ; m.
in 1817, Lady Henrietta-Antonia Clive, eldest
daughter of Edward, present Earl of Powis, by
whom he has a son, 6. 22nd May, 1820 ; and a
daughter, b, 18th of August, 1818.


This very ancient family of the principality of
Wales, is descended from Cadrod Hand, or the
Handsome, a British chieftain, who resided at Tre-
madog, and was Lord of Tallybolian, in the begin-
ning of the twelfth century. The paternal name
was originally Williams, and the first baronet,

William Williams, esq., sn eminent lawyer,
recorder of Chester, and speaker of the house of

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common*, in the reign of Charles the Second ; who
was knighted by King James the Second, upon
his nomination to the soUeitor-generalship, and cre-
ated a baronet, on the 6th of July, 1688. Sir Wil-
liam was appointed one of the king's council, after
the Revolution, and terminated his political life by
the introduction of the Treating Act, which pasted
Into a law, and still continues as one of the safeguards
to the purity of parliament. He m. Margaret,
daughter and coheiress of Watkin Kiffin, esq., by
whom he left two sons and a daughter. Sir William
d. on the 11th of July, 1700, and was succeeded by
his eldest son.

Sin William. This gentleman m. first, Jane,
daughter and heiress of Edward Thelwall, esq., by
Sidney, daughter and heiress of William Wynn, esq.
son of Sir John Wynn, hart., of G wedyr, by whom he
left three sons, and several daughters. He m. se-
condly, Catharine, daughter of Mutton Davies, eKq.
of the county of Denbigh, by whom he had no child.
He d. in 1740, and was succeeded by his eldest son,
Sin Watkin, who. inherited the seat of Winn-
stay, in the county of Denbigh, and the other es-
tates of bis great-great-grandfather, Sir John Wynn,
already mentioned ; and assumed, in consequence,
the additional surname of Wynn. He m. first,
Anne, daughter and co-heiress of Edward Vaughan,
esq., by whom he has no surviving issue; and se-
condly, Frances, daughter of George Shakerley,
esq. by whom he left two sons, and was succeeded,
at his decease, in 1749, by the eldest,

Sin Watkin. This gentleman fit. first, on the
6th of April, 1769, Lady Henrietta Somerset, daugh-
ter of Charles, fourth Duke of Beaufort, who d. In a
few months afterwards; and secondly, in 1771,
Charlotte, daughter of the Right Hon. George Gren-
ville, sister ot the late Marquess of Buckingham,
and aunt of the present duke, by whom he left issue
Watkin, the present baronet; Cbarles-Watkin, b.
9th October, 1775, president of the board of control
ft* the affairs of India ; and Henry-Watkin, minis-
ter plenipotentiary to the Swiss Cantons ; with two
daughters, namely, Charlotte, the wife of Lieute-
nanUColonel Shipley ; and Henrietta-Elisabeth, of
Thomas Cholmondeley, esq., of Vale Royal, in the
county of Chester. Sir Watkin d, on the 20th July,

Town Reeidence—lS, St James's-square.
Country Seat— Wynnstay, near Wrexham, in the
county of Denbigh.

derson Pelham,) of Yarborough, in the county
of Lincoln ; b. 8th August, 1781 ; m. in 1806,
Henrietta-Anna-Maria-Charlotte, daughter of
the Honorable John Bridgman Simpson, (second
ton of Henry, first Baron Bradford, and brother
of the present Earl of Bradford,) by whom he
has two sons ; the elder, ft. 13th April, 1809 ;
and the younger, on the 20th April, 1812. Her
ladyship, who was heiress to her maternal
uncle, Sir Richard Worsley, baronet, d. on the


30th of July, 1813. Lord Yarborough succeed-
ed to the barony at the decease of his father,
in 1824.


This noble family is of Scottish descent, but im-
mediately sprung from

Sir EnmuMD Andbhsow, lent, lord chief-Justice
of the court of common pleas, in 157*. His lord-
ship m. Magdalene, daughter of Nicholas Smith,
esq., and left two sons, Francis and Wilham. From
the latter, the present Reverend Sir Charles-John '
Anderson, bart., of Bough ton, in the county of Lin-
coln, is descended ; and from the former,

Sir Francis Andrrson, knt, and his wife, Ju-
dith, daughter of Sir Stephen Soame, lord mayor of
London, lineally sprang

Cbarlrs Andxrsor, esq., (eldest son of Francis
Anderson, esq., of Manby, in the county of Lincoln,
by Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Carter, esq., of
Bossavern, in the county of Denbigh,) who assumed
the surname and arras of Pelham, upon inheriting
the estates of his great-uncle, (maternally,) Charles
Pelham, esq., of Brocklesby, Lincolnshire. He m.
in 1770, Sophia, only daughter and heiress of George
Aufrese, esq., of Chelsea, by whom he had issue
diaries, the present peer j George, an officer In the
aimy ; and five daughters, via. Sophia, the wire of
Dudley North, esq., of Glenham Hall, in the county
ot Suffolk ; Caroline, who m. Robert-Cary Elwes,
esq., and rf. in 1812; Lucy, the wife of William
Tennant, esq., of Aston Hall, who d. in 1818 ; Ma-
ria-Charlotte, the wife of Thomas Heneage, esq. ;
and Georgians- Anne, of Bateman Dash wood, esq.,
of Well, Lincolnshire. Mr. Bateman-Pelham was
elevated to the peerage on the 13th of August, 1794,
by the title of Baron Yarborough, of Yarborough.
His lordship d. in 1824.

Motto, in EngtUh,
The love of my country governs me.
Town Residence— 17, Arlington-street.
Country Sen**-— Brocklesby, near Brigg, Lincoln-
shire ; and Appuldereomb Park, in the Isle of Wight.

net, of Pyrland, in the county of Somerset ; b.
19th April, 1784; inherited the title at the de-
mise of his grandfather, on the 25th November,
1806; m. in the previous June, Anne, daughter
of David-Robert Michell, esq., of Dawlisb, in
the county of Dorset, by whom he lias issue
Lacy- Walter-Giles, 6. 20th May, 1808; Wil-
liam- Walter-Raleigh, 6. in 1814; with another
son, and a daughter.


William Yma, esq., only surviving son of David
Yea, esq., of Brompton Ralph, in the county of
Somerset, was created a baronet on the 11th of June,
1759. He in. Julia, eldest daughter of Sir George
Trevelyan, bart, by whom he had four sons, vis.
William- Walter, (who m. Jane, daughter of Francis
Newman, esq., of Cadbury House, in the county of
Somerset, and d. in 1804, leaving William-Walter*

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the preterit baronet, and other children Laeey,

George, and Thomas. Sir William d. in 1806, and

was succeeded by his grandson, above-mentioned.

Motto, in English,

Be ever faithful.

Country Seat— Pyrland, in the county of Somerset

DUKE OF, (Prince Frederick, second son of
his late majesty, King George the Third, next
brother of his majesty, King George the Fourth,
and heir presumptive to the throne ; b. 10th of
August, 1763 ; created, on the 27th November,
1784, Duke of York and Albany, in Great Bri-
tain, and Earl of Ulster, in Ireland ;) m. on the
29th of September, 1791, Frederica-Charlotte-
Ulriea-Catharina, Princess Royal of Prussia, and
sister of the present reigning sovereign of that
kingdom, (b. 7th May, 1767,) whod. on the 6th
August, 1820, without issue. His royal high-
ness is a Knight of the Garter, and first Knight
Grand Cross of the Bath ; a field marshal ; com-
mander-in-chief of all his majesty's land forces
in the United Kingdom ; colonel of the first regi-
ment of foot guards, and colonel-in-chief of the
sixtieth regiment of foot ; officiating grand mas-
ter of the Order of the Bath ; lord warden of
Windsor Forest and Great Park ; high steward
of New Windsor, and warden and keeper of the
New Forest, Hampshire ; D.C.L. and F.R.S.

Town tteeidenee — Cambridge House, South Aud-

Country ftatirfenc*— Crescent, Bath.

baronet, of the Island of Dominica, and of Mar-
low Park, in the county of Buckingham ; 6. 29th
September, 1806 ; inherited the title at the de-
mise of his father, 3rd November, 1824.


William Youho, esq., Lieutenant-Governor of
Dominica, was created a baronet on the 3rd of May,
1769. He m. first, Sarah, daughter of Sir John
Fagg, bart, who d. without issue; and, secondly,
in 1747* Elisabeth, only child of Brook Taylor, esq.,
by whom he had an only sen, his successor at bis



Sia William, b. In 1760. This gentleman m.
first, in 1777, Sarah, daughter of Charles Laurence,
esq., by whom he had issue William Laurence, his
successor ; with three other sons, and two daughters.
He m. secondly, in 1798, Barbara, daughter of Rich-
ard Talbot, esq., of Malahide Castle, in Ireland, by
whom he had no child. Sir William was governor
of the Island of Tobago, and dying there, on the
10th of January, 1811, was succeeded by his eldest

Sir William-Laursncx, who married, in 1805,
Louisa, second daughter of William Tufmell, esq.,
of Langleys, in the county of Essex, by whom he
left an only son, William-Laurence, the present ba-

Press through.
<%untry Seat — Markm Park, Bucks.

YOUNG, SIR SAMUEL, baronet, of For-
mosa-place, in the county of Bucks ; b. 23rd of
February, 1764; m. Emily, daughter of Charles
Baring, esq., of Exmouth, by whom he has issue
George, 6. 19th August, 1797, an officer in the
royal navy; Charles-Baring, b. 7th November,
ItiOl ; Henry, 6. 10th October, 1803 ; with three
other sons, and two daughters.

This gentleman, the eldest son of Admiral Sir
George Young, knt, by Elizabeth, daughter of
Samuel Biadshaw, esq., of Marlow, in the county
of Bucks, was created a baronet on the 27th of
November, 1813.

Town Reeidence—19, Great Russell-street.
Country Seat— Formosa-place, Maidenhead, Bucks.
YOUNG, SIR WILLIAM, bart., of BaU-
lieborough Castle, in the county of Cavan ; b. in
1774 ; «. in 1806, Lucy, youngest daughter of
Colonel Charles Frederick, by whom he has issue
John, ft. in 1807 $ and Thomas, in 1811.

This gentleman was created a baronet on the
27th July, 1821.

Motto, in EngtUh,
Prudence surpasseth strength.
Town Residence— 24, Wlmpole-atreet.
Country Ssaf— BaJUteborough Castle, in the coun-
ty of Cavan.

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Spiritual Lords.

Surname* of Peen and Peeresses, with Heir* Apparent

or Presumptive.
Courtesy Titles of Eldest Sons.
Baronets of Ireland.
Baronets of Nora, Scotia.
British Orders of Knighthood ; vis.




St Patrick.

St Michael and St George.
Scale of Precedency (Male.)


Heraldic Distinctions.
Privilege* of the Peerage.

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Right Hon. Charles Manners-Sutton, D. D.,
primate of all England, and metropolitan.

His grace is fourth son of Lord George Man-
ners, (third son of John, third Doke of Rutland,
great ancle ef the present duke,) who assumed,
upon inheriting the estates of his maternal grand-
father, Robert, (Sutton,} Lord Lexington, at
the demise of his elder brother, Lord Robert
Manners-Sutton, (the first inheritor,) without
issue, the surname and arms of Sutton. Doctor
Manners-Sutton was consecrated Bishop of Nor-
wich, in 1792, and translated to the archiepis-
copal see of Canterbury, in 1805.

Town Residence Lambeth Palace.

Country Seal— Addington Place, near Croydon,

Edward Venables- Vernon, D. C L., primate of
England, and lord high almoner to the king, con-
secrated Bishop of Carlisle, in 1801, anif trans-
lated to the archieptscopal see of York, in 1807.

His grace is sixth son of George Vernon,
who assumed the additional surname and arms
of Venables, in 1728, and was created, in 1762.
Baron Vernon, and uncle of the present Lord
Vernon. //?/• * • A5****w*.

Residence — Bishop's Thorpe-Palace, near York.


BANGOR, BISHOP OP, Right Reverend
Henry-William Majendie, D.D.. consecrated
Bishop of Chester, in 1800. and translated to
the present see, in 1809. C. /5±ZA*As3/.

Residence— Bangor Palaee, Carnarvon.

Right Reverend Henry Law, D.D., consecrated
. Bishop of Chester, in 1812, and translated to
the present see, in 1824.

His lordship is eighth son of the late Right
Reverend Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle,
from 1788 to 1787, brother of Edward, first
Lord Ellenborough, and uncle of the present
lord. '

Residence— Wilton Palace, in the county of So-

BRISTOL, BISHOP OF, Right Reverend
John Kaye, D.D., F.R.S., consecrated in 1820.
Residence— Brittoi Palace. fl.£rm*f.M.

rend Samuel Goodenough, D.D., consecrated in
1807. //-farcy

* Residence— Rcefi Cattle, Cumberland.

CHESTER, BISHOP OP, Right Reverend

in 1824. Jj0*~~*+>J'\

Residence— Palaee, Chester.

verend Robert-James Carr, D.D., con se cr at ed
in 1824. #rwU**yM

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