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A new concordance to the Holy Scriptures, in a single alphabet; being the most comprehensive and concise of any before published; in which not only any word or passage of Scripture may be easily found, but the signification also is given of all proper names mentioned in the Sacred writings online

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Online LibraryJohn ButterworthA new concordance to the Holy Scriptures, in a single alphabet; being the most comprehensive and concise of any before published; in which not only any word or passage of Scripture may be easily found, but the signification also is given of all proper names mentioned in the Sacred writings → online text (page 1 of 169)
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' They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scripturea

daily whether those things were so.' Ac. 17:11.
' Comparing spiritual things with spiritual.' 1 Co. 2:13.


(successors to GRIGG, ELLIOT & CO.,)

1851. ♦



This eduion of a yery {)ortable and ustf-il Uoncordnncc [with the ra.s« advantage of a single alphubet'\ is very considerably improved.
1. It riirtaips sjvty/al^iilil/tiuir^ ail.l coire'ctions, left by the late pious compiler, in the n)ar;;iii ol a copy of tlie last edition, which he appean
•o have ran fully hVifced ovcri witli a vi"W to future republication.

•i. Tlie pa'rij'of ■ip'ecli iire'nhfrfc Accurately distinguished than in eitlier of the preceding editions.

3. The nw aral ht.<toni, as far as it is here inserted, of ditierent beasti, birds, trees, plants, and pi-ccious stones, has been greatly amendea.

4. The rteliMitions of proper names derived from the Hebrew, Greek, Latin, &.C., have been compared with the orig-iiials, and several hun-
dreds of alterations made, in order to make the name express some property of the primitive word. This was a work of considerable dilhciiliy
and perplexity ; for, altliou^'h many names are unimportant as to their siL'nifications, yet others are of great consequence, their grainiiiatuid
meaning' being frequently r.-lVrred to in tlie sacred text itself, so that the true delinition is essentially necessary to a proper understanding of the
^assageln which such words occur. Kiit, in a Concordance, like this, definitions cannot be greatly extended ; care, however, has been taken
to make those introduced as :ii-nir:ite as possilile ; though corrections of this kind might have been carried to a much greater length.

5. In the definitions of so ili<ciloj;i( al terms, a few alterations have been made, which it is hoped will appear to be an improvement. But

ns several reader* may prolialdy think tlie former definitions best, they are introduced below, [omitted in the present edition, ^m. Ed.] in order
to obviate all caus.' of complaiiii ; for, though the alterations made appear to the Editor to be more consistent with the nature and words of God,
yet, a^ many pious .ind excclle .t men may be of a contrary mind, such are freely left to their own mode of thinking, and candor requires that
tlie'words should be restored lo them, by" which, on these subjects, they have been accustomed to express their thoughts. A few slight and
Nerlial alteratiims have been left unnoticed, being of comparatively little importance.

t>. 'n the former editions of this work tliere were inserted two tables, entitled, j3 Collection of the J^Tames and Titles given to Jesus Christ ; and
4 C"U ctii'.i if the Appellations given to the Ckiirch of Qod in the Scriptures These were taken from the large work of Jlr. Cruden, of which they
rievi r nade valuable part. By the advice of every judicious person, whom the Editor has consulted on the point, these tables have been
I mil ed, as b hig very exceptionable in f most every point of v.ew, and having scarcely one excellence, by which they can be recommended.
Ill manv cases, The iinscriplural and inji Jicious manner in which these names and appellations have been given to Christ and the church, has
had a direct tendency to pervert the judiiinent of the young and inexperienced, and has contributed not a little to pervert the taste of young
ministers. It was judged better to omi' them entirely, Ulian to alter them.

Great care has been taken to have the references correct according to the last edition, and it is presumed that in the main they are so ; but in
so manv hundred thousand figures, several of which may be easily mistaken for others, it would be unreasonable to expect that no mistakes
have been made. It is hoped, however, that it will not be found much inferior to the standard according to which it professes to be formed.

To enter upon a character of the work would be unnecessary. It has been many years before the public ; and they have decided on its
merit. It is, without exception, the most useful and valuable work of its kind in a portable size.

*j,* The American Editor has to add to the above, only, that where there was a material difference between the definitions adopted by Dr. A.
Clarke and Butterworth, and Criiden's, the latter have been inserted. Other changes have been made, slight as to words, important as to the
arrangenient of the page, rendering the work vastly more easy of consultation.

The most important improvement, however, on all former Concordances, will be found to be the introduction of engravings, from authentic
monuments, travellers, and modern customs, which complete, under their respective words, the illustrations, pictorial and otlierwise, given .n
the Commentary. A lively and pleasant apjieal to the eye here infixes an illustration in the mind, often better than pages of prose.

The abbreviations of the Scripture Books have also been shortened, both to save space, and to relieve the eye by rendering the lines more distinct.

Maij, 1838. ______________^_____________ ^^*'' •'E^KS.

Every student of the Bible, even at the outset, acknowledges the importance, the necessity, the indis-
HENSABLENESS of a CONCORDANCE ; and the sooner it is procured, the greater will lie the saving of time ani
labor Persons unacquainted with the nature of Concordances, may observe the following


1. The word sought is .nserted o.:.j at full length at the head of the class : in every following line, the first letter ia
put for it; as, .4. is put for AARON, c. for COMMAND, &c. ; and if two words head the class, a short ellipsis, or
line, is put before or after the initial letter for the word ; as, for ABODE there, is put a.-, or tliere ABODE, -a.

2. Where two distinct quotations ar6 in one line, they are by this mark ( [| ) divided ; but those texts which follow a
quotation, and where the above mark is not inserted, are to be considered as synonymous or parallel passages. This
mark (J ) is to separate one chapter and verse from another.

3. The marginal reading, which is of considerable use, is distinguished by an obelisk ( t ).

4. The parts of speech are in general marked, s. for substantive, v. for verb, a. for adjective, p. for participle, ad. for
adverb, c. for conjunction, pr. for preposition, and i. for interjection. Proper names, being all substantives, are not marked


Old Testament.

Genesis Ge.

Exodus Ex.

Leviticus Le.

Numoers Nu.

Deuteronomy De.

Joshua Jos.

Judsres Jud.

Ruth Ru.

1 Samuel 1 S.

2 Samuel 2 S.

1 Kings 1 K.

2 Kings 2K.

] Chronicles 1 Ch.

2 Chronicles 2 Ch.

Ezra Ezr.

Nehemiah Ne.

Esther Est.

Job Jb.

Psalms Ps.

Proverbs Pr.

Ecclesiastes Ec.

Song of Solomon. .Song.

Isaiah Is.

Jeremiah Jer.

Lamentations La.

Ezekiel Ez.

Daniel Da.

Hosea Ho.

Joel Jo.

Amos Am.

Obadiah Ob.

Jonan Jon.

Micah Mi.

Nahum Na.

Habakkuk..Hk. orHa.

Zephania/i Zph.

Haggai Hag.

Zechariah Zch.

Malachi Ma.

JVcw Testament.

Matthew Mat.

Mark Mk.

Luke Lu.

John Jn.

Acts Ac

Romans Ro.

1 Corinthians....! Co.

2 Corinthians ... .2 Co.

Galatians Ga.

Ephesians Ep.

Plfilippians Phi).

Colossians Col.

1 Thessalonians. .1 Th.


Almond Tree 9

Ancieut Egyptian Anointing 11

" " Arches 13

" " and mod. Bedouin Axes. 16

Antique Medal of Bi-al 16

" Coin of Beel-jebub 16

Oriental Basin and Ewer 18

'* Fire-Beacons 19

Colossal Stone Egyptian Beetle 20

Ancient Egyptian Bellows and Forje 22

Bittern 24

Bji-woorl Tree 29

Ancient Ejyptian Broidered Work, tc....33

Human Burnt-Sacrifice 36

Ancient Egyptian Cakes, Bread, &c 36

Antique Medal of Cow-Worship 37

Chameleon 39

Captive Syiians in Egypt 40

Cassia Acutiflia 40

Oriental Caul, Hair- Braiding, )tc 41

Cedar Cones and Buds 42

Ancient Censer 42

*rabHyke; ir. ' clo-ik,' 'raiment' 48

Desert 'Gazl' or Cony 54

CoriTioranl 54

•Oriental Crane 56

Aniiqce Sun-Dials 68

Antiq e Dish-ser»inir 70

Hin>ioi a"d Ejvptian Spinning-Wheel. ..70

Hi s-ct.'d Caniel's Foot 71

O-ieitil Door, &c 72

Wiiie-S:r.nin'^r and Ladle 73

• tiw^rt Post Camel 74

Auci'-'ut, Jigyptiaii Snake Earr.ngs 76

Ebony Plant 78

Oriental Emb-oidering 80

Ancient Ejvplian Relic of Ephod 82

Fig; Leaf and Fruit 94

Larch or Hackmatack Pine 95

A kind of Fitches 96

Flax-Plant, in Blossom 97

Etruscan Flesh-Hook 97

Oriental Running Footmen 99

Frankincense Plant 101

Egyptian Speckled Frog 102

Gadarene Medal 103

Mercury shutting Hell's &>te 104

Palm-bearing Chiriot — Victor ' girl * in

the ancient and modern Manner 106

Syrian Mountain Goat 108

Grapes of Eshcol ; full size Ill

Anc. Eg. drawing of Arab Greyhound. ..112
Hammer-bearing Persepolitan Captain... 114

Syrian Har - 116

Ancient Egyptian Shoulder^bome Lyre. .116


nul Jewelled Head-Band 117

Sapless 'Heath of the Wilderness' 120



Modern Oriental House 126

Room in ' Crner of House Top' 127

Lamy's PLn of D,aTid's Palace 127

Caro' ' Hjhit-,' 1-4 •-o 1-8 the common size. 129
Anc. F'vpl. I 'ol-i'aintin^ and Graving. 13U

" " Stick-beating 138

Oriental Juniper-Tree 139

■ ■ " "' .141

An iqne Rnn


Alexuidei the Great.. 142

Ancient Egyptian Metal Knives 143

Oriental O'il Cloth or P.iper Lantern 147

Li^n-Aloes Cutting 152

Oriental Lizard 153

.\ncient Roman Bread Loaves 153

Locust; drawn by Laborle, in Sinai. ...153

Hindoo Lodge in Herb-Garden 154

Anc. Eg. Basket-borne Meats, Cakes, &c.l62 Mole-Rat 166

Mustard Plant 169

Myrtle Plant, in Flower 169

Ruins of Noph, Egypt 174

Oriental Nose Jew'els 174

PisUchio Plant, Blossom and Nuls 174

Olive Sprig, Flower, and Fruit 177

Oriental Eye-Painting Utensils 180

Cluster of ripenin? Dates 180

Several kinds of Oriental Partridges.. ...181

Six Persian Writing Implements, 182

Oriental Pestle (4 1-2 feet long) 185

Oriental Pine a.d Cones 186

Ancient Egyptian and Roman Pipes 186

Roman Plough 188

Pomesranate Flower and Fruit 188

Oriental common anail 197

Astarte, as worshipped at Tyre 197

Single Garment of poor Arabs 198

Sketch of a Ram's-Hom Blower 193

Romsn Battering-Ram. 199

Modern Oriental Head-Shavin- 199

Oriental Reeds and Buds 201

" Paintin?, bv scarifymg, &c 203

Stone, called 'of Moses' 208

Oriental Gazelle-Antelope 209

2 Thessalonians. .2 Th.

1 Timothy 1 Ti.

2 Timothy 2 Ti,

Titus Ti.

Philemon Phile.

Jlebrews He.

James Ja.

1 Peter 1 Pe.

2 Peter 2 Pe.

1 John 1 Jn.

2 John 2 Jn.

3 John 3 Jn.

Jude Ju.

Revelation Re.


Rose of Sharon, in Bloom

Sjttingin Sack or Hair-Cloth 210

Ancient Egyptian Saw 214

Various Forms of Ancient Eg. Sceptres. .214

Oriental Screech-Owl 215

Ancient Egyptian single Party Chairs... 216
Interior of ' King's Tombs,' jenisaleui..219
E». sharpening, with Foot-Grindstone. ..221

Oriental Shields, Spears, &c 222

Travelling Camel and Rider 222

Anc. Egyp. Relics; 10 Sijnet Rings 2v4

" " Snares, Gins.'or Traps, &c.. 228
Ancient and modern OrientajSpindie...233

Chinese Criminal in Stocks 236

Ancient and modern Oriental Stone Mt-

saic ' laid with fair colore ' 237

Oriental Stork, at rest 237

Ancient Oriental lO-strinjed Nablum 239

Sweet or aromatic Cane Plant 242

Anc. and mod. Orient. Tablet Amulets.. 243
Ancient Egyptian * Taherincr,' Singing,

&c., bv Women bearing! wigs 243

Ancient Egyptian Target-Shooting 243

" Mode 'Ecknowle Iffing a Vicior,247

Oriental Thorn (ononis SpFnosa) 250

Head ana Horn of African Unicorn 259

" of Two-horned Rhinocrros 259

Ten Forn s of Ancient Egyptian Vessels. 261

Head of Oriental Vulture 263

.Ancient Grecian Warriors, and Sag':m..265
An. and mod. Oriental Hand-Washing.. 266

Svrian Wild Goats 271

Abysinian Wild Boars 271

Common Wolf of Syria 274





AARO^ , lofly or mountainous ; a mountain of
strength. He was the first Jewish high-priest,
and an eminent type of Christ, in that he teas,

(1) Chosen of God, and separated from among
his brethren, to minister in the priest's office,
Ex.. •28-.]. Ps. 89:19. Ro. 8:29. He. 2:11.

(2) Called of Ood, He. 5:4. (3) He could speak
well, beinir qualified for his office, Ex. 4:14. Is.
50:4. Ps. 45:2. Col. 2:3. (4j He was merciful.
He. 4:15. | 5:2. (5) He was consecrated and
anointed, Ex. 29:21,35. | 30:30. Ps. 45:7. |
133:2. Is. 61:1. J n. 3:34. | 10:36. He. 7:28.

(6) He hare the names of Israel on his breast-
plate, Ex. 28:1 Le. 9:3. | 49-.16. He. 12:23.

(7) Aaron was clothed with curiirus garments
for glory and bfauly, Ex. 28:2. Ps. 45:8. Re.

1:13. (8) He offered sacrifice for sin, Ex.
29:38. Le. 16:Q1. He. 9:14. | 10:14. (9, Aaron
went into the holiest once a year, and hnrnt in-
cense every morning, Ex. 30:7, Ro. 8:34.
He. 7:25. | 9:12. Re. 8:3. (10) He lighted the
lamps, Ex. 30:8. Ps. 68:18. Ep. 4:8,11.
(11) Aaron's rod hndded, Nu. 17:8. Is. .=i;i:21.
Jii. 15:16. He. 9:4. (12) Aaron hle^ssed the
people, Nu. 6:23. Ac. 3:26. Ep. 1:3.
Ex. 4:14. is not .a. thy brother || 5:20. met A.
6:23. A. took Elislieba || 7:1. A. thy prophet
7:12 A. roil swallowed || 16:34. A. laid up.
30:7. A. bum incense || 8. A. lightelh lamps
Le. 9:22. A. blessed them || 10:3. A. held jjeace

16:8. A cast lots |j 21. A. lay his hands
Nil. 16:11. what is A. \\ 16. come thou A.
17:3. write A. name || 10. bring A. rod
2f ;28. A. died there, 33:38. De. 32:50.
1)& 9:20 the Lord was very angrv with A.
Jos. 24:3 I sent Woses and A. 1 Sa". 2:8. Mi. 6:4.

1 Ch 6-:. sons of Amram, A. and Moses, 23:13.
Ps. 7".a(i. leddest by A. \\ 99:6. Woses and A.

106:16. envied.^. || 115:10. O house of ./J. trust

115:12. bless house of./?. II 118:3. let house of -«.

133:2. on A. beard || 135:19. O house of j?.
Lii. 1:5. of daughter of ji. II Ac.7:40. sas'ing to j?.
He. 5:4. called of God as A. \\ 7:11. order of .«.

9:4. pot that had manna, & A. rod that budded
Sons o/ AARON. See Abiho and Nadab.
AAROXITES. 1 Ch. 12:27. j 27:17.
ABADDON, Destroyer, or destruction. Re. 9:11.
AaXG'VHk, Father of the wine-press. Est. 1:10.
ABANA, Stony, or a building. 2 Ki. 5:12.
ABARIM, Passages, or passinirs away. A mount,

.Vu. 27:12. De. 32:49.
AB.\SE, V. To brim low, or east down ; to lay
low as a valley. From a word signifying the
Jb. 40:11. proud, and a. \\ Is. 31:4. lion not a.
Ez. 21:26. a. him that is high || Da. 4:37. to a.
ABASED, ING, p. Is. 32:tl9. city be utterly a.
Mat. 23:12. shall be a. Lu. 14:11. | 18:14.

2 Co. 11:7 offence in a. || Phil. 4:12. how to be a.
AB.\TED, ;i Ge. 8:3. waters were a. 8:11.
Le. 27:18. it shall be a from thy estimation
De. 34.7. force a || Jud. 8:3. anger was a.
ABBA s a Syriac appellative, from the Hebrew

word »6, a father, which comes from atiah, he
wasjcillmg ; denoting that a father wills and
desires all good to his children : it signifies
also an author, inventor, doctor, or teacher.

Mk. 14:36. A. Father. Ro. 6:15. Ga. 4:6.

ABD.\., A servant. 1 Ki. 4:6. Ne. 11:17.

ARDI, My semant. 2 Ch. 29:12. Ezr. 10:26.

ABUlEh, A servant of God. ICh. 5:15.

A BOON, .4 servant. Jos. 21:30. Jud. 12:13.
1 Ch. 6:74. 2 Ch. 34:20.

ABEDNEGO, A servant of light. Da. 1:7.

ABEL, A vapor. Ge. 4:4.

Mat. 2:!::ir. from the blood of .4. Lu. 11:51.

He. 11:4. A offered || 12:24. than the blood oi A.

ABEL, Mourning, the name of a city

1 S. 6:18. stone of A || 2 S. 20:18. ask a; A
ABEL-BETH-MAACHA, Mourning to the

house ofMaachu. 1 K. 15:20. 2 K. 15:29. 2 S.
ABEL-MAIM, Mourning, or valley of waters.

2 Ch. 16:4. they smote Ijon, and Dan, and A.
ABEL-MEHOLAH, Sorrow of xeeakness.

Jud. 7:22. fled to A. || 1 K. 19:16. Elisha ot A.
ABEL-MIZRAIM, Mourning of the Egyptians.


ABEL-SHITTIM,Jl/ottmV ofthosewhogo aside.
Nu. 33:49. even unto A. in the plains of Moab
ABEZ, An egg, or muddy. A city. Jos. 19:20.
ABHOR, t). signifies, (1) To loathe or detest, De.

32:19. Jb. 42:6, (2) To despise or neglect, Ps.

22:24. (3) To rtject or cast off, Ps. 89:38.
Le. 26:11. soul not a. you || 15. if your soul a.
30. my soul shall a. you || 44. nor will a. them
De. 7:26. utterly a. it || 23:7. not a. Edomite

1 S. 27:12. hath made his people to a. him
Jb. 9:31. clothes shall a. || 30:10. they a. me

42:6. I a. myself || Ps. 5:6. a. bloody man
Ps. 119:163. a. lying || Pr. 24:24. nations a.
Jer. 14:21. do not a. us for thy name's sake
Am. ,5:10. they a. him || 6:8. a. excellency of
Ml 3:9. a. judgment || Ro. 12:9. a. evil
ABHORRED, p. Ex. 5:21. savor to be a.
Le. 20:23. I a. them || 26:43. a. my statutes
De. 32:19. L. a. them || 1 e. 2:17. a. oftering

2 .«! 16:21. a, of thy father |j 1 K. 11:2.5. a. Israel
Jb. 19:19. all my inward friends a. me

Ps. 22:24, nor a. afflict ons jj 78:59, a, Israel
106:40. insomuch that he a. his own inherit.
Pr. 22:14. a. of the L. || Lam. 2:7: a. sanctuary
Ez, 10:25. beauty be a. i| Zch. 11:8, soul a.
ABUORREt^T, v. Is. 7:16, Ro, 2:22.
ABllORRETH, v. Jb. 33:20, life a. bread
Ps, 10:3, covetous Lord a. || 36:4, a. not evil
107:18, soul a. meat || Is. 49:7, nation a.
ABHORRING, p. Is. 6J;24, an a. to all flesh
ABI, My fathtr. 2 K. 18:2. 1 Ch. 24:10.
ABIAH, Father Lord. 1 S. 8:2, 1 Ch, 2:24. |

3:10, I 7:8, Mat, 1:7,
ABI-ALBON, Father of great understanding, or

fotJicr over the building. 2 S, 23:31. Called

also j?Mf/, 1 Ch. 11:32.
ABI A.SAPH, A gathering father. Ex. 6:24.
ABIATHAR, Father of excellence.

1 S. 22:20, A. escaped || 23:6, when A. fled
2,3:9, David said taA. Bring the ephod, 30:7.

2 S. 6:17. Zadok and A. priests,20:-.'5. I K. 4:4.
1 K. 2:22. ask kingdom for A. \\ 27. thrust out A.
Mk. 2:26. went into house of G. in days of .^.
ABIB, A areen ear of corn. A month ; part of

March and April, Ex. 13:4. | 23:15. | 34:18.
De. 16:1.

ABIDA, Futher of knowledge. Ge. 25:4.

ABIDAN, Father ofjudo-ment. Nu. 1:11. | 2:22.
I 7:60.

ABIDE, V. signifies, (1) To tarry, Ge. 22:5. (2)
To dwell, Ge. 29:19. (3) To endure, Jer. 10:10.
Jo. 2:11. (4) To be, Ge. 44:33. (5) To con-
tinue, Ec. 8:1.5. Jn. 14:16. (6) To wait for,
Ac. 20:23. (7)Turest,Ft.W:'23. (8) To lire,
Phil. 1:24. {9]To .'standfirm, Ps, 119:90, | 125:1,
(10) To rule or gorcm, Ps, 61:7.

Ge. 19:2. a. in the street || 22:5. a. vou here
24:.55, let damsel a. \\ 29:19, a. with me
44:33, a. in^read of lad || Ex, lfi:-;9, a, ye

Le, 8:35, a, at the door || 19:13, wages not a.

Nu, 35:25, a. to death || Ru, 2:8, a, here fast

1 S, 1:22, a, for ever || ,5:7, ark not a, with us
22:23, a, with me || 30:21, a, at brook Besor

2 S, 16:1S, his will I be, and with him a.
Jb. 24:13. nor n. in the partis of light

38:40. a. in the covert || 39:9. a. by thy crib
Ps. 15:1. who siiall a. \\ 61:4, I will a, in talier,

61:7, a, before God for ever || 91:1, he shall a.
Pr, 7:11, a, not in her house || 19:23. a, satisfied
Ec, 8:15, a, of his labor || Jer, 10:10. not a, his
Jer. 42:10. if ye a. || 49:18. no man a. 33. I 50:40.
Hos, 3:3. a. for me || 1 1:6, sword a, in cities
Jo, 2:11, who can a. it, || Mi, 5:4, they a.
Na, 1:6, who can a. || Ma, 3:2, who may a.
Lu, 19:5, a. at thy house || 24:29. a. with us
Jn. 12:46, not a, in dark || 14:16. Comforter a.

15:4. a. in me, 7. || 6. if a man a. not in me

10. ye shall a. in my love, as I a. in his love
Ac 15:34, ?ilas to a. || 16:15, come and a.

20:23, afflictions a, || 27:31, a. in the ship
1 Co, 3:14, work a, || 7:8, if they a. even as [

7:20, a, in calling |! 40, happier if she so a.
Phil, l:-'^4, a, in the flesh |i 25, I shail a. and
1 Ti. 1:3, I besought thee to a, at Ephesus
1 Jn, 2:24, a. in you || 27, a, in him, 28,
ABIDETH, V. 2 S, 16:3. behold he a, at Jer.
Ps, 49:12, in honor a, not || 55:19, a. of old

119:90. earth and it a. || 125:1, a. for ever.




Ft. 15:31. reproof a. ]| Ec. 1:4. esrth a.
Jer. 21:9. a. in the city shall die by sword
Jn. 3:36. wrath of God a. \\ 8:35. servant a nr*
12:24. a. alone || 34. Christ a. || 15:5. he that a
1 Co. 13:13. now a. faith |i 2 Tim. 2: 13. a. faithful
He. 7:3. a. a priest || 1 Pe. 1:23. word a for

1 Jn. 2:6. a. in him || 10. a. in the light and
14. word a. in you || 17. doth will a. for ever
27. anointing a. jj 3:6. whosoei'er a, in him

3:14, a. in death || 24, know that he a, in us

2 Jn, 9, a, not, hath not God, he that a, hath
ABIDING, p. Nu, 24:2, saw Israel a. in tents
1 S, 26: 19, from a, in the inheritance of L,

1 Ch. 29:15, none a. || Lu, 2:8, shejiherds a.
Jn. 5:3?, not his word a. || 1 Jn, 3:15, life a.
ABJECTS, 6, Base men. Ps, 35:15, a, gathered
ABIEL, My father God. 1 S, 9:1. | 14:51. 2 t^.

23:31, 1 Ch, 11::32.
ABIEZER, My father's help. Jos. 17:2
Jud. 6:34. A. was gathered ||8:2. vmtase of A.

2 S. 2:^:27. A. Anethoth.te || 1 Ch.7:18. bare -i.
ABIEZRITE, Jud. 6:11. to Joash the A. 1 S.

25:3. I 27:3. | 30:5. 2 S. 2-2. 1 Ch. 2:16. | t. 3.
ABIGAIL, Mv father's joy 1 S. 25:3.
ABIHAEL, My father's travail. Est. 2:15.
ABIIIU, He is'my father. Ex. 6:23. | 24:1,9.
ABIHLD, Thefather ofprau>e. 1 Ch. 6:3.
ABIA, ABIJAH, FaOitr Jehuvah. 1 S. b:'Jt.

1 Ch. 3:10. 2 Ch. 29:1. Ne. 12:4.
ABIJAM, Thefather of the sea. 1 K. 14-31.
Alill^ES^E, The fatlu-r's mansion. Lu 3:1.
ABILITY, s. Capacitn, strength, wisdom.
Le. 27:8. to his a, || Ezr, 2:69. after their a.
Ne. 5:8. we after our a. || Da. 1:4. a. to stand
Mat. 25: 15. gave to each according to his a.
Ar. 11:29. accord, to a. |i 1 Pe.4:ll. asof tliea. (J.
AB{U.\Y.\., My father from Ood. Ge. 10:28.
ABLMELECH, Mu father the king. Ge. 20:2.
Ge. 21:22. A. and Phicol || 26:1. went to A. 16.
Jud.8:3l.barehimj?. ||9:1.j3. wenttoShechera
2 S. 11:21. smote A. || 1 Ch. 18:16. Zadok, A.
ABINADAB, J/iz/fruicfiy father. 1 S. 7:1.

1 P. 16:8. called ".4. || 17:li3. A. followed Saul
31:2. Philistines slew A. Saul's son, 1 Ch. 10:2.

2 P. 6:3. out of the house of A. 1 Ch. 13:7.

1 K. 4:11. A. had Solomon's daughter to wife
ABINOA.M, My father's beauty.
Jud. 4:6. Barak the son of .9. 5:1,12.
ABIRAM, M?i high father, father of elevation.
Nu. J.;l:l. Dathan and A. 12, j 26:9, De, 11:6
1 K. 16:34, foundation in A. || Ps, 106:17, of,/.
ABiPHAG, My father's error. 1 K, 1:15,
ABIPH AI, My father's present, or offering.

1 P, 26:6, A. said, I will go down with thee

2 S. 2:18, Joab, A. and Asahel, 1 Ch, 2:16,
10:14, fled btfoie A. \\ 18:12, David charged -f.
21:17, A. succored || 23:18. A. chief, 1 Ch, 11:20.

1 Ch. 18:12. A. slew of the Edomites 18,000.
ABIPllALOM, My father's peace. 1 K, 15:2.
ABIPHUA, My father of salvation. I Ch. 6:4.
ABISHL'R, My father's attention, otfaUur of Via

or. 1 Ch. 2;28.
ABITAL, Futher of the dew. 2 P. 3:4.
An\\JXi,Mu father's praise. Mat, 1:13.
.■\BLE, fl. Ex, 18:21, provide a, men, such as
Le, 14:22, pigeons such as he is a. to get
Nu, 1:3, all that are a, 20—45, j 26:2,

13:30, are well a. || De. 16:17. give as a.
Jos. 23:9. a. to stand || 1 P. 6:20. who is a.

1 K. 3:9. who is a. to judge so great a penpl*

2 Ch. 2:6. who is a. to build || 20:6. none is a.
25:9. L. is a. to give || Jl). 41:10. who is a. t*

Pr. 27:4. who is a. || Ez. 46:11. a. to give
Da. 3: 17. a. to deliver || 6:20, a. to deli\er thea
Mat, 3:9. God Is a, of these stones, Lu, 3:8
9i23, believe I am a, || 10:28. a, to destroy
19:12. a. to receive it || 20:22. a, to drink of
22:46, a. to answer || Mk, 4:33, %vere a, to
Jn, 10:29, a. to piiick || Ac. 15:10. a. to bear
Ac. 20;32. a. to build || 25:5. are a. go down
Ro. 4:21. a. to perform || 11:23. God is a. to gi iff
14:4. for God is a. || 15:14. a. also to admonish

1 Co. 3:2. were not a. |i 10:13. above ye are a.

2 Co. 3:6. a. ministers || 9:8. a. to make all
Ep. 3:20. a. to do || Phil, 3:21, a, to subdue

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