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1744 Abraham Haines to Sarah Ellis.
1744 Samuel Nicholson to Rebecca Saint.
1744 John Warrington to Hannah Ellis.
1744 Job Siddon to Achsa Matlack.
1746 James Cooper to Deborah Matlack.
1746 John Hillman to Hannah Nicholson.

1746 Samuel Noble to Lydia Cooper.

1747 William Miller to Elizabeth Woodward.

1747 Jacob Clement to Hannah Albertson.

1748 Joseph Snowdon to Rebecca Howell.


1748 Michael Lents to Rachel Richardson.

1748 Samuel Clement to Ruth Evans.

1748 Benjamin Champion to Ann Hewitt.

1748 William Matlack to Mary Turner.

1748 Samuel Collins to Rosanna Stokes.

1749 Samuel Nicholson to Jane Albertson, widow.
1749 James West to Mary Cooper.

1749 Jacob Stokes to Pricilla Ellis.

1749 John Jaffereys to Mercy Butcher.

1749 Archibald Mickle to Mary Burrough.

1750 Thomas Hinchman to Latitia Mickle, widow.
1750 Jacob Ellis to Casandra Albertson.

1750 John Branson to Sarah Sloan.

1750 John Thorne to Mary Gill, widow.

1750 John Barton to Elizabeth Champion.

1750 Jonathan Fisher to Hannah Hutchison.

1750 Simeon Breach to Mary Shores.

1 75 1 Jacob Burrough to Sarah Thorne.

1 75 1 Enoch Burrough to Deborah Middleton.

1 75 1 John Glover to Mary Thorne.

1 75 1 Joseph Bispham to Elizabeth Hinchman.

1752 Samuel Hugg to Elizabeth Collins.
1752 Thomas Bates to Sarah Pancoast.
1752 Restore Lippincott to Ann Lord.
1752 Charles West to Hannah Cooper.

1752 James Hinchman to Sarah Bickam.

1753 Joshua Evans to Pricilla Collins.
1753 Nathan Beaks to Lydia Morgan.
1753 Robert Stevens to Mary Kaighn.

1753 Jacob Burrough to Casandra Ellis.

1754 Samuel Burrough to Hannah Spence.

1755 John Hillman to Mary Horner.

1 755 Isaac Ballinger to Patience Albertson.

1756 William Bates to Elizabeth Hooten.

1756 Isaac Horner to Elizabeth Kay.

1757 Josiah Burrough to Sarah Morgan.

1757 Caleb Hughes to Abigail Ellis.

1758 Samuel Clement to Bulah Evans.


1758 Daniel Tomlinson to Mary Bates.

1758 John Buzby to Sarah Ellis.

1758 Samuel Tomlinson to Ann Burrough.

1758 Joseph Morgan to Mary Stokes.

1759 Thomas Thorne to Abigail Burrough.
1759 Samuel Webster to Sarah Albertson.

1759 John Branson to Sarah Sloan.

1760 John Starr to Eunice Lord.

1 760 John Brick to Abigail French.

1760 Thomas Champion to Deborah Clark.

1760 Chatfield Brown to Hannah Andrews.

1760 Constantine Lord to Sarah Albertson.

1 761 John Sharp to Sarah Andrews.
1 761 Simeon Zane to Sarah Hooten.

1 761 Elnathan Zane to Bathsaba Hartly.

1 761 Jacob Jennings to Mary Smith.

1 761 Richard Gibbs to Mary Burrough.

1762 Jacob Cozens to Esther Zane.

1762 John Mickle to Elizabeth E. Hopkins.

1762 James Brown to Catharine Andrews.

1762 John E. Hopkins to Sarah Mickle.

1762 Stephen Thackara to Elizabeth Sloan.

1762 David Davis to Martha Cole.

1762 James Gardiner to Mary Tomlinson.

1763 Job Kimsey to Elizabeth Eastlack.

1 764 James Whitall to Rebecca Matlack.
1764 Caleb Lippincott to Ann Vinacomb.
1764 James Starr to Elizabeth Lord.

1764 James Cooper to Mary Mifflin, widow.

1764 Ebenezer Hopkins to Ann Albertson.

1765 Jonathan Knight to Elizabeth Delap.
1765 William Cooper to Abigail Matlack.

1765 Joseph Burrough to Mary Pine.

1766 Griffith Morgan to Rebecca Clement.

1 766 Constantine Jeffreys to Patience Butcher.

1766 Isaac Townsend to Katharine Albertson.

1767 John Wilkins to Rachel Wood.

1767 Josiah Albertson to Elinor Tomlinson.


1767 Caleb Cresson to Sarah Hopkins.

1767 John Redman to Sarah Branson.

1767 Aquilla Jones to Elizabeth Cooper.

1767 Joshua Lippincott to Elizabeth Wood.

1767 Robert Cooper to Mary Hooper.

1767 Mark Miller to Mary Redman.

1767 John Gill to Abigail Hillman.

1768 Jacob Haines to Bathsaba Burrough.

1768 Samuel Brown to Rebecca Branson.

1769 Job Whitall to Sarah Gill.

1770 Joshua Cresson to Mary Hopkins.
1770 James Sloan to Rachel Clement.

1770 Jonathan Iredell to Elizabeth Hillman.

1771 Joseph Gibson to Sarah Haines.

1 771 Isaac Buzby to Martha Lippincott.

1772 Joseph Mickle to Hannah Burrough.
1772 Thomas Wright to Mary Branson.
1772 Benjamin C. Cooper to Ann Black.

1772 Amos Cooper to Sarah Mickle.

1773 Samuel Allison to Martha Cooper.
1773 George Ward to Ann Branson.

1773 John Barton to Amy Shivers.

1774 Joseph Reeve to Elizabeth Morgan.
1774 Benjamin Catheral to Esther Brown.
1774 Joshua Stretch to Lydia Tomlinson.
1774 William Zane to Elizabeth Hillman.
1774 William Kneas to Sarah Pederick.
1774 James Stuart to Mary Ballanger.

1774 Enoch Allen to Hannah Collins.

1775 Joab Wills to Amy Gill.

1775 William Edgarton to Tabitha Herison.

1775 John Haines to Hipparchia Hinchman.

1775 Caleb Lippincott to Zilpah Shinn.

1776 Nathaniel Barton to Rachel Stokes.
1776 John Clement to Hannah Griscom.

1776 Jonathan Brown to Sarah Ballinger.

1777 Samuel Tomlinson to Martha Mason.
1777 Joshua Evans to Ann Kay.


'777 Job Cowperthwaite to Ann Vickers.

[777 David Branson to Elizabeth Evans.

[778 Joseph Burrough to Lydia Stretch.

[778 Marmaduke Cooper to Mary Jones.

[778 William White to Ann Paul.

[779 Samuel Stokes to Hope Hunt.

1779 Joshua Paul to Mary Lippincott.

[779 James Hinchman to Sarah Morgan.

[779 Jededia Allen to Ann Wilkins.

[779 Benjamin Test to Elizabeth Thackara.

[779 Richard Snowdon to Sarah Brown.

[780 Benjamin Hooten to Sarah Snowdon.

[780 William Lippincott to Elizabeth Folwell.

[780 Samuel Tomlinson to Mary Bates.

1 781 Peter Thompson to Mary Glover.

[781 John Gill to Sarah Pritchett.

[781 Robert Zane to Elizabeth Butler.

[781 Daniel Hillman to Martha Ellis.

[781 Isaac Ballinger to Mary Bassett.

[781 John Webb to Amy Wills.

[781 Edward Gibbs to Hepsibah Evans.

[782 Joshua Cooper to Abigail Stokes.

[782 John Barton to Rebecca Engevine.

[782 John Reeves to Beulah Brown.

[782 David Ware to Sarah Shinn.

[782 Restore Lippincott to Deborah Ervin.

[782 Joshua Harlan to Sarah Hinchman.

[783 Zacheus Test to Rebecca Davis.

[783 Isaac Stiles to Rachel Glover.

[783 Jacob Jennings to Ann Hopkins.

[783 Asher Brown to Mary Ward.

[784 James Thackara to Jane Guant.

[784 Charles Fogg to Ann Bates.

[784 William Knight to Elizabeth Webster.

[784 James Hopkins to Rebecca Clement.

[784 Darling Haines to Mary Lippincott.

[784 James Mickle to Hannah Lord.

[784 Jonathan Morgan to Elizabeth Fisher.


1785 Daniel Roberts to Hannah Stokes.

1785 Abraham Warrington to Rachel Evans.

1785 Peter Thompson to Sarah Stephenson.

1785 Jolin Stuart to Deborah Griscom.

1785 John Evans to Elizabeth Browning.

1788 Isaac Jones- to Sarah Atkinson.

1788 Caleb Atkinson to Sarah Champion.

1 788 Francis Boggs to Ann Haines.

1 789 William Rogers to Mary Davis.
1 789 Joseph Davis to Mary Haines.

1 789 William Saterthwaite to Mary Prior.

1789 Samuel Glover to Hannah Albertson.
I 789 John Thorne to Mary Duberee.

1790 Thomas Knight to Hannah Branson.
1790 Thomas M. Potter to Mary Glover.

1 790 James Wood to Ruth Clement.

1 790 Josiah Kay to Elizabeth Horner.

1 791 George Abbott to Mary Redman.
1 791 Samuel Abbott to Martia Gill.

1791 Jeremiah Wood to Mary Horner.

1792 Joseph Burrough to Martha Davis.

1792 John Gill to Susanna Branson.

1 793 Jesse Lippincott to Mary Ann Kay.
1 793 Joseph Cooper to Sarah P. Buckley.
1 793 Marmaduke Burr to Ann Hopkins.
1793 Jacob Glover to Mary Branson.
1793 Abraham Silver to Sarah Knight.

1 793 Joshua Roberts to Sarah Cole.

1794 Obediah Engle to Patience Cole.

1 794 John Albertson to Ann Pine.

1 795 Isaac Ballanger to Esther Stokes.
1 795 Job Bishop to Lardle Jones.

1 795 Joseph Kaighn to Sarah Mickle.

1795 Jesse Smith to Mary Paul.

1795 William E. Hopkins to Ann Morgan.

1 796 Joseph Glover to Sarah Mickle.
1796 Aaron Pancoast to Ann Cooper.
1796 Joseph Bennett to Mary Morgan.



1 796 Reuben Braddock to Elizabeth Stokes.

1797 Jonathan Knight to Elizabeth Kaighn.
1797 Peter Hammit to Mary Duel.

1797 Joseph C. Swett to Ann H. Clement.

1 798 Richard M. Cooper to Mary Cooper.
1798 Joseph Burr to Mary Sloan.

1798 Abel Ashard to Ann Jennings.

1799 Robert Rowand to Elizabeth Barton.
1799 William Roberts to Ann Brick.
1799 Isaac Thorne to Rachel Horner.
1799 Samuel Hooten to Sarah Ballanger.


Marriages of Friends who were members of Chester Meeting,
(Moorestown), Burlington county, N. J.

1692 William Hollingshead, son of John, to Elizabeth Adams,

daughter of John.^
1696 Edward Buzby to Susanna Adams, daughter of John.'

1696 Francis Austin to Mary Borton.'

1697 Joseph Heritage to Hannah Allen, daughter of Juda.'
1699 Thomas Eves, son of Thomas, to Mary Roberts, daughter

of John.*
1699 Samuel Burrough to Hannah Roberts, daughter of John.,

1701 Juda Allen to Deborah Adams, daughter of John^

1702 Hugh Sharp to Rachel Allen, widow of Mathew.*

1705 Enoch Core to Sarah Roberts, daughter of John.*

1706 John Heritage, son of Richard, to Sarah Slocum'


1 712 John Roberts to Mary Elkinton.
1 714 Henry .\llen to Abigail Somers.
1 714 John Antrim to Amy Andrews.

1 At John Adams's house. 5 At Chester Meeting.

2 At Thomas Wilkins's house. 6 At Rachel Allen's house.

3 At Richard Heritage's house. 7 At John Heritage's house.

4 At Sarah Roberts's house.


1 719 Abraham Haines to Grace Hollingshead.

1719 John Hancock to Mary Gurnell.

1 719 Henry Warrington to Elizabeth Austin.

1 721 Richard Haines to Agnes Hollingshead.

1722 Joseph Matlack to Rebecca Haines.
1724 Benjamin Clark to Mary Hooten.
1724 John French to Sarah Wickawan.
1724 John Lewdell to Hannah Ward.

1724 Henry Willard to Elizabeth Ballanger.

1725 Thomas Bickam to Elizabeth Hooper.

1727 Derrick Tyson to Ann Hooten, daughter of Thomas.

1728 Henry Warrington to Elizabeth Bishop.

1729 John Swain to Mary Buzby.

1729 Richard Heritage to Sarah Tindall.

1729 George Ward to Margarett Bennett.

1730 Hasker Newberry to Mary Heritage.

1730 William Hooten to Ann Sharp, widow.

1 73 1 John Buzby to Hannah Adams.

1 731 Anthony Sharp to Mary Dimack.

1 731 Thomas Clark to Mariba Parker.

1734 Hugh Hollingshead to Ann Eves.

1734 Samuel Haines to Lydia Stokes.

1 734 John Cowperthwaite to Rebecca Stokes.

1736 Thomas Bishop to Rachel Matlack.

1737 Jonathan Ellis to Mary Hollingshead.
1737 William Sharp to Elizabeth Risdon.
1737 Andrew Griscom to Susanna Hancock.
1737 Benjamin Moore to Mercy Newberry.
1737 Edward Hollingshead to Mary Morgan.
1737 John Maxwell to Hannah Matlack.
1737 Nathan Allen to Martha Stokes.

1737 Ebenezer Brown to Elizabeth Ives.

1737 Robert French to Hannah Cattel.

1738 John Tanner to Susanna Alcott.
1738 John Higbee to Mary Barton.

1738 Amos Wilkins to Susan .

1739 Isaac Warren to Pricilla Matlack.

1740 Samuel Butcher to Mercy Newberry.



1740 Abraham Iredale to Sarah Coffin.

1740 Daniel Packer to Ruth Warrington.

1 740 Michael Mills to Sarah Moore.

1 741 Habakuk Ward to Hannah Lord.
1 741 William Barton to Abigail Lord.

1 741 Joshua Roberts to Rebecca Stokes.

1742 John Roberts to Esther Lippincott.

1742 Thomas Hooten to Mercy Bates.

1743 Benjamin Heritage to Kesiah Matlack.

1 743 George Matlack to Rebecca Hackney.

1744 James Delzel to Elizabeth Hancock.
1744 Edward Barton to Elizabeth Middleton.

1744 John Rowand to Sarah Matlack.

1 745 Richard Matlack to Mary Cole.

1745 Hudson Middleton to Christian Hopwell.

1746 William Allen to Judith Stokes.
1746 John Brown to Sarah Cooper.

1746 Joseph Stokes to Ann Haines, widow.

1746 Richard Ward to Hannah Warrington.

1746 George Ward to Martha Bates.

1747 Thomas Warrington to Mary Roberts.

1748 Ebenezer Andrews to Mary Warrington.

1749 Robert Hunt to Martha Ward, widow.

1749 Ezekiel Lindsey to Rachel Shores.

1750 William Middleton to Ann Barton.
1750 Thomas Eyres to Sarah Mills.
1750 Nathaniel Brown to Mary Bircham.
1750 Benjamin Matlack to Susanna Hewitt.
1750 Thomas West to Deborah Wills.
1750 Daniel Bassett to Mary Lippincott.
1750 John Risdon to Sarah Turner.

1750 Isaac Mason to Sarah Price.

1750 William Cushin to Phoebe Young.

1750 Joseph Browning to Kesiah Stokes.

1 75 1 Thomas Evans to Hannah Roberts.
1754 William Rogers to Sarah Warrington.
1754 William Snowden to Margarett Ballanger.
1754 Joseph Buzby to Hannah Warrington.


1754 Samuel Andrews to Phcebe Cowperthwaite.

1754 William Wilkins to Elizabeth Swain.

1754 Amos Haines to Mary Conrow.

1755 John Hankinson to Elizabeth Bispham, widow.
1755 William Cathcart to Mary Orin.

1755 Joseph Hackney to Agnes Haines.

1756 John Lippincott to Ann Matlack.
1756 John Newbold to Mary Cole.

1756 Caleb Evans to Abigail Hunt.

1757 David Saterthwaite to Mary Wright.
1757 Robert Stiles to Mary Ellis, widow.
1757 Hudson Middleton to Sarah Haines.
1757 Joseph Stokes to Atlantic Bispham.

1757 Jacob Wilkins to Ann French.

1758 Isaac Haines to Deborah Roberts.
1758 Aaron Wills to Rachel Warrington.

1758 Ephraim Haines to Sarah Cheesman.

1759 George Turner to Hannah Thorne.
1759 John Moore to Hannah Eyre.
1759 John Mason to Mary Moore.
1759 Lewis Darnell to Grace Thomas.


Marriages of Friends who were members of Evesham Meet-
ing, Burlington county, N. J.

1703 Henry Newberry to Sarah Boyes, daughter of Richard.

1703 Henry Clifton, of Philadelphia, to Jane Engle, widow.

1705 William Newberry to Mary Hasker, daughter of William.

1707 John Engle to Mary Ogborn.

1 71 3 Mark Stratton to Ann Hancock, daughter of Timothy.

1 713 Emanuel Stratton to Hannah Hancock, daughter of

Timothy. ,

1715 Thomas Evans to Esther Haines.

1 71 7 William Hudson to Jane Evans, daughter of William.

1 72 1 Richard Matlack to Rebecca Haines.


1721 Luke Gibson to Sarah Clark.

1 72 1 Jacob Coffin to Hannah Wilkins.

1 721 Carlisle Haines to Sarah Matlack.

1 721 Zachariah Pritchett to Mary Troth.

1722 John Darnell to Hannah Borton.

1723 John Ratherwell to Mary Ballanger.
1723 Jonathan Ladd to Ann Wills.

1723 John Pim to Lydia Briggs.

1724 William Garwood to Jane Troth.

1725 Nathan Haines to Sarah Austin.

1725 . Amaziah Ballanger to Elizabeth Garwood.

1726 Nathan Crosby to Elizabeth Garwood.

1727 Josiah Albertson to Ann Austin.

1727 Thomas Wilkins to Mary Core.

1728 Richard Clark to Elizabeth Flanagan.

1728 Edward Richardson to Mary Richardson.

1729 William Foster to Hannah Core.
1729 Thomas Pederick to Rebecca Bickam.
1 731 William Borton to Deborah Hedge.

1 731 Thomas Jennings to Ann Borton.

1 731 John Cripps to Mary Eves.

1 731 Samuel Cole to Mary Lippincott.

1 731 Amos Haines to Rebecca Troth.

1732 Philip Pederick to Hannah Bickam.
1732 Thomas French to Mary Cattel.

1732 John Wills to Abigail Lippincott.

1733 Joseph Hopwell to Sarah Briggs.
1733 Thomas Garwood to Mary Ballanger.
1733 Francis Dudley to Rachel Wilkins.

1733 David Davis to Mary Musgrove.

1734 Brazilla Newbold to Sarah Core.
1734 Josiah White to Rebecca Foster.
1734 Samuel Hopper to Mary Johnson.
1734 John Haines to Ann Ashard.

1737 Daniel Garwood. to Susanna Collins.

1737 Isaac Decou to Mary Cripps.

1738 William Evans to Sarah Roberts.

1739 William Earl to Mary Sharp.


1739 Thomas Budd to Rebecca Atkinson.

1739 Freedom Lippincott to Hannah Rakestraw.

1740 Joseph White to Martha Lippincott.
1740 Joseph Lippincott to Elizabeth Evans.
1740 John Lippincott to Elizabeth Elkinton.
1740 Jonathan Haines to Hannah Sharp.
1740 Thomas Middleton to Esther Barton.
1740 David Elwell to Mary Haines.

1740 Timothy Middleton to Elizabeth Barton.

1 741 Joshua Ballanger to Martha Stratton.
1 741 Sylvester Sharp to Mary Mills.

1 741 William Austin to Mary Robeson.

1 741 Samuel Wickward to Sarah Buzby.

1742 Jonathan Davis to Esther Haines.

1742 Ebenezer Andrews to Patience Lippincott.

1743 Freedom Lippincott to Elizabeth Ballanger.
1743 Eber Decou to Sarah Eves.

1743 Gabriel Davis to Sarah Ballanger.

1743 William Pinyard to Mary Young.

1743 Robert Stiles to Hannah Burrough.

1744 Solomon Lippincott to Sarah Cozens.

1744 Amaziah Ballanger to Ruth Collins.

1745 John Green to Catharine Hustead.
1745 Isaac Evans to Bathsaba Stokes.

1745 Thomas Lippincott to Rebecca Eldridge.

1745 Jacob Shinn to Hannah Lippincott.

1746 Aaron Lippincott to Elizabeth Jennings.
1746 Samuel Atkinson to Esther Evans.
1746 John Garwood to Charity Wright.
1746 Enoch Stratton to Amy Elkinton.

1746 Francis Collins to Ann Haines, widow.

1747 Samuel Hammock to Esther Sharp.
1747 Joseph Butcher to Prudence Rogers.
1747 John Fisher to Grace Mason.

1747 Jonathan Austin to Rebecca Mason.

1748 William Haines to Elizabeth Ballanger.

1749 Jacob Evans to Rachel Eldridge.
1749 Job Haines to Esther Hammitt.


1749 William Austin to Hannah Thomas.

1 749 John Pinyard to Martha Wilkins.

1749 Aaron Silver to Ann Hall.

1749 Obediah Borton to Mary Driver.

1751 Amaziah Ballanger to Mary Ashbrook.

1 75 1 James Lippincott to Elizabeth Lippincott.

1752 Thomas Eyre to Catharine Moore.
1752 John Eves to Jane Evans.

1752 Abner Woolman to Mary Aronson.

1752 Joseph Lowe to Rebecca Waite.

1752 Joseph Wilcox to Sarah Iredell.

1752 Thomas Andrews to Catharine Webster.

1752 Caleb Lippincott to Hannah Wilkinson.

1752 Julius Ersan to Sarah Middleton.

1752 Richard Saterthwaite to Elizabeth Wright.

1752 William Sharp to Mary Haines.

1753 John Ballanger to Mary Andrews, widow.
1753 Henry Burr to Elizabeth Foster.

1753 Aaron Lippincott to Elizabeth Tomlinson.

1753 Thomas Middleton to Jane Nicholson, widow.

1753 Joseph Johnson to Mary Ellis.

1753 Thomas Cummings to Mary Craig.

1754 Edward Darnell to Jane Driver.
1754 Joseph Sleeper to Hannah Haines.

1756 Edward Andrews to Tabitha Richardson.

1756 Ezekiel Lippincott to Bathsaba Matlack.

1756 Jacob Evans to Mary Cherrington.

1756 Joshua Lippincott to Rachel Dudley.

1756 Benjamin Gaskill to Sarah Heustead.

1756 William Montgomery to Mary Ellis.

1757 'Joshua Gibbs to Hannah Burrough.
1757 William Troth to Esther Borton.

1757 Abraham Eldridge to Mary Lippincott.

1758 John Brackney to Mary Cheesman.
1758 John Peacock to Susanna Ballanger.
1758 Jacob Pritchett to Elizabeth Philips.
1758 Caleb Austin to Lydia Mason.
1758 Abel Lippincott to Jemima Evans.


1758 William Sharp to Elizabeth Lippincott.

1758 John Haines to Mary Shreeve.

1758 John Miller to Sarah Andrews.

1758 Isaac Halloway to Mary Haines.

1759 Brazilla Pritchett to Sarah Sharp.
1759 Samuel Sharp to Rosanna Pritchett.
1759 Clayton Newbold to Mary Foster.

1759 John Painter to Susanna Stratton.

1760 Joseph Engle to Mary Borton.

1760 Thomas Rogers to Elizabeth Craig, Jr.

1 761 Isaac Borton to Mary Hooten.

1764 Thomas Stokes to Sarah Inskeep.

1765 William Wills to Ann Craig.

1766 John Jessup to Elizabeth Ballanger.
1 766 Joseph Gibson to Mary Ballanger.
1769 Jesse Thomas to Sarah Beckett.


Marriages of Friends who were members of Woodbury Creek
Meeting, Gloucester county, N. J.

1689 Joshua Lord to Sarah Wood, daughter of John.

1709 Joshua Lord to Isabella Watts.

1 710 James Dilks to Ann Barker.

1 710 John Wood to Mary Whitall.

1 713 Samuel Ladd to Mary Medcalf.

1 714 Thomas Hackney to Rebecca Wilkins.

1 7 15 Henry Wood to Hannah Whitall.

1 716 Job Whitall to Jane Siddon.

1 71 7 Abraham Chatten to Grace Mills.

1 71 7 William Wickawan to Sarah Mason.

1 71 7 George Nicholson to Alice Lord.

1 71 8 James Whitall to Sarah Rakestraw.
1 718 John Hill to Sarah Whitall.

1 721 John Lord to Mary Tindall.
1 72 1 Luke Gibson to Sarah Clark.



1722 John Haines to Hannah Wood, widow.

1722 James Caffery to Margarett Zane.

1725 Richard Bickam to Mary Wood.

1725 James Smith to Jane Whitall, widow.

1727 William Clark to Phillis Ward.

1728 Moses Ward to Mary Clark.
1730 John Borton to Elizabeth Lord.
1730 Thomas Wilkins to Joanna Wood.

1730 Joseph Parker to Mary Ladd.

1 731 John Saunders to Elizabeth Wilkins.
.1732 John Ladd to Hannah Mickle.

1733 Francis Eastlack to Phoebe Driver.

1733 Richard Chew to Abigail Wood.

1733 John Wilkins to Sarah Wood.

1733 Obediah Gibson to Mary Lord.

1733 Thomas Saunders to Ann Hopper.

1734 William Wood to Hannah Wood.
1734 John Howell to Catharine Ladd.
1734 Abraham Moss to Ann Ladd.
1734 Edmund Lord to Elizabeth Wood.
1737 Ebenezer Hopkins to Sarah Lord.
1737 John Jessup to Margarett Whitaker.
1737 James Wood to Sarah Kinsey.
1739 James Whitall to Ann Cooper.

1 739 William Wood to Rachel Stockdale.

1740 Thomas Kinsey to Hannah Ward.

1 740 Habakuk Ward to Hannah Lord.

1741 William Barton to Abigail Lord.

1742 Robert Downs to Catharine Ladd.

1 743 John Mitchner to Sarah Wilkins.
1743 Robert Zane to Martha Chatten.

1745 Abraham Chatten to Mary Wood.

1746 Joseph Gibson to Sarah Lord.

1747 Jacob Wills to Deborah Ladd.

1748 John Heustead to Sarah Lord.
1748 Joseph Cowgill to Ann Arnold.
1 751 Isaac Wilkins to Elizabeth Bliss.
1751 Ebenezer Cook to Elizabeth Zane.


1752 Thomas Robeson to Sarah Chatten.

1752 Francis Wood to Rachel Zane.

1752 John Lawton to Elizabeth Stevens.

1753 James Wood to Sarah Bickam.
1753 Nathan Lord to Ruth Snowdon.
1758 James Wood to Rebecca Wilkins.
1760 James Wilkins to Mary Ward.
1760 Samuel Mifflin to Mary Jessup.
1762 John Tatem to Sarah Ward.
1768 Jeremiah Andrews to Ann Wood.
1768 Thomas Saunders to Rachel Stevens.

1 771 Phineas Lord to Mary Gibbs.

1772 William Mickle to Sarah Lord.
1777 William Wood to Hannah Ladd.
1780 John Tatem to Elizabeth Cooper.
1780 Richard Wood to Ann Cooper.
1782 George Ward to Edith Wood.
1794 George Ward to Deborah Saunders.
1794 Benjamin Hopkins to Rebecca Ward.


A copy of the licenses of marriage granted by the Governor
of the State of New Jersey, as taken from the license books and
from the files relating thereto, in the office of the Secretary of
State at Trenton, N. J., of Burlington and Gloucester counties.


Benjamin Wood, of Gloucester county, to Mary Ashton, of

Thomas Thorne, of New York, to Laticia Hinchman, of Glou-
cester county.

Robert Bishop to Mary Hall, of Burlington county.

Thomas Briant to Sarah Dunn, of Gloucester county.

Richard Buckle to Sarah Johnson, " "

Thomas Cheesman to SarahColeman, " "

William Ward to Mary Ann Warder, " "

Jonathan Wood to Doratha Dogsflesh.



William Budd, of Burlington county, to Susanna Cole, of Glou-
cester county.
Joseph Inskeep to Mary Matlack, of Burlington county.
Richard Glover to Rachel Clark,

Jonathan Bolton to Mary Champion, of Gloucester county.
Gabriel Hugg to Patience Ervin, " "

Amos Ashard to Cecelia Cheesman, " "

George Gilbert to Hannah Fish, " "

Benjamin Ingersoll to Hannah Dole, " "


Benjamin Cooper, of Gloucester county, to Hannah Carlisle, of

Edward Hurley to Frances Warrick, of Burlington county.
Thomas Briant to Martha Middleton, of Gloucester county.
Isaac Tindall to Ann Harland, " "

Josiah Shivers to Ann Bates, " "

Henry Roe to Hannah Cheesman, " "


Samuel Harrison, of Gloucester county, to Mary Preston, of

Benjamin Cheesman to Kesiah Lawrence, of Gloucester county.
John Testor to Hannah Briggs, " "

Joseph Heritage to Sarah Whitall, " "

William Holmes to Rebecca Jones, " "


Jacob Albertson to Patience Chew, " "

Joseph Thackara to Hannah Albertson, " "

Ebenezer Jones to Mary Hampton, " "

Joseph Cole to Mary Wood, " вЦ†"


Edward Gaskill to Elizabeth Lippincott, of Burlington county.
Aaron Ward to Phoebe Holmes, of Gloucester county.
John Ashbrook to Esther Hamilton, " "



John Holmes to Esther Fawsett, of Gloucester county.

Thomas Cole to Hannah Stokes, "

John Kaighn to Abigail Hinchman, "

Remembrance Lippincott to Hannah Bates, "

James Mickle to Sarah Eastlack, "

Thomas Bates to Mary Shivers, "

Tobias HoUoway to Mary Ladd, widow, "


Edward Tonkins, of Burlington county, to Mary Cole, of Glou-
cester county.

Samuel Parr, of Burlington county, to Hannah Burrough, of
Gloucester county.

Robert Hunt, of Burlington county, to Abigail Wood, of Glou-
cester county.

Jacob Matlack to Ruth Woodathall, of Burlington county.

Isaac Matlack to Rebecca Bates, of Gloucester

Isaiah Ross to Ruth Tindall, "

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