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5, 1742, dau. of George and Eleanor Pownall, {Early Sdtlers of Sokbury,
pp. 5, Appen. 1). They had at least four children, viz. : (1) Henry, b.
Bucks Co., Pa., 4th mo. 20, 1699. (2) Sarah, b. Bucks Co., Pa.," Sth
mo. 26, 1700, m. 1722bJ 12, 1778. • .

Arr.REY Notes. — Lady Elizabeth Aubrey, daughter of Sir John
Aubrey and Marie his wife, was baptized on the 23d day of Mav. ]C1'>,
in the Parish of Llantritlryd, Wales. Sir John Richardson, of England,
married Lady Elizabeth Aubrey (date unknown) ; they emigrated to the
island of Jamaica, a good part of which they owned. After the earth-
quake of 1G92 the family came to America. Their son, Joseph Richard-
eon, married Elizabeth Bevan.

List of Friexds' Meeting Records with Namf^ of those in
Charge. Compiled by H. E. Wallace, Jr. Friends' Library, Six-
teenth Street above Cherry, Philadelphia. —

Salem, N. J., from 1676, including Greenwich from 1785, and Al-
loway's Creek from 1678.

Woodbury, N. J., 1783.

Upper Greenwich, X. J., 1740.

Pilesgrove, N. J. (Births and Deaths), 1756-1829.

Haddonfield, N. J. (3Iarriages), 1695.

Evesham, N. J., 1760.

Upper Evesham, N. J., 1793.

Chester, N. J., 1803.

Chester, N. J., Women's Minutes, 1804-1831.

Great Egg Harbor and Cape May, N. J., Births and Deaths, 1693-
1841 ; Minutes, 1726.

Concord, Pa., 1684, including Chichester Minutes, 1684-1 SCO ; Mar-
riages, 1684.

Goshen, Pa., 1721, including Xewtown, Willistown, and Whiteland.
^Gwynedd, Pa., 1714, inclmling Richland prior to 1742; Providence,
1714 ; Plymouth and Xorristown.

250 Aotes and Qucrks.

Horsham, Pa., Marriages, 17S2-1813; 1S14-1S2S.

Pliiladclphia, Xorthern Distrior.

P>urlinarton, N. J., 1G7S, including Rancocas, Old Springfield, and

Chesterfield, N. J., lt)S4, including Stonybrook, Ainwell. AUentown,
Trenton, and Ixiruontowu. Copies of Jjirths, Marriages, and Deatlis, and
originals of Minutes. (Other records in charge of Anna M. North,
227' East State Street, Trenton, N. J.)

Little Egg IIar])or, X. J., 1715.

Upper Springlield. X^. J., 17S3.

Chester, Pa.,"]GSl, including Prt)vidence, Springfield, and Middlo-
towu. Henry Mendenhall, Media, Pa.

Binr.iughaui, Pa., including West Chester. Gilbert Cope, West
Cher^tLT, Pa.

Darby, Pa., ir)S4. Morgan Bunting. Diu-by, Pa.

Philadelphia, Arch and Twelfth Streets, including Pine and Orange
Streets. Geo. Scattergood, 119 South Fourth Street, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Pace Street, including Spruce.

Radnor, Haverford, Merion, Pa. Friemls' Book Store, Fifteenth and
Race Streets, Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Green Street. James H. Atkinson, Morristown, X". J.

Philadelphia, Franktbrd and Germantown. Edw. G. Rhoads, M.D.,
Germantown, Pa.

Exeter, Reading, Pottsville, Pa. Jos. L. Bailey, Pine Iron Works, Pa.

Mount Holly, X. J., 1776, including Vincentown. Chas. H. Engle,
215 Garden Street, Mount Holly, X.^J. Also Friends' Library, Six-
teenth Street above Cherry, Philadelphia.

Kingwood, 1744, Quakertowu. Laura W. Trout, Quakertown, X. J.

Soleburv, 1811. Eastburn Reeder, Xew Hope, Pa.

Makeneld, 1820, including Yardleyville. Barclay Eyre, Doliug-
ton, Pa.

Buckingham, 1720. Jos. E. Watson, Buckingham, Pa.

Wrightstown, 1734. Horace T. Smith, Bucknianville. Pa.

Middletown, or Xeshaminy, 1683, including Bristol after 1788. Mary
Buntinir, Woodbourne, Bucks County, Pa.

Falls'", including Bristol prior to' 1788. Marie Palmer, X'e^vtown,
Bucks County, Pa.

Byberr)-, 1810. Hannah Richardson, Torresdale, Pa.

Richland. Edw. Shaw, Quakertown, Pa.

Abington, 1683. Benj. F. Penrose, Ogoutz, Pa.

Horsham, 1782, including X. Dublin, Warminster, Whitemarsh.
Anna Moore, Hatboro, Montzomery County, Pa.

Hardwick. Margaret F. Vail, 208 Church Street, Plainfield, X'. J.
(Hardwick records may be inspected Wednesday afternoon by appoint-

Taylor Records, copied from the Bible in the Library of the His-
torical Society of Pennsylvania. —

Benjamin tavlor wa.s born the 24^^ of y^ lO*-^ month, 1751, O. 3.

Elizabeth Taylor was born y 27'^ day of y^ S'-^ month, 1751, 0. S.,and
departed this life the W-" of V- rao. 1811 aged 59 years 3 mo. & 13 days.

Marv Tavlor Daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth Taylor was born the
29^ of'y= 7'^ month, 1773, and Departed this life the 2'/'^ Day of the
5'" month, 1798.

jS'otes ami Qncru'S. 251

John TayldF ^on of Benjamin c'ic Klizahoth Tiiyl-.r v.;i< Lorn the 1:^ ="
of v' 12'-' month, 177-i, :ind Dopariod this life thu U^''- of v S^"" iiiontl:

Samuel Taylur son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Taylor \s:t< horn the •>''•
day of y*" ll"" month, 177G, departed tliis life 4^'' mo. 1814.

Charier Taylor ^on of Benjamin & Elizabeth Taylor v,;is burn the 17''
of y' 7"^ month, 1770, departed this life the S"' day of 5"'' mo. ]s-2'j.

Lvdia Tavlor Daughter of Benjamiu'Oc Elizabeth Tavlor \va.s born the
ll'^'of y* 5''^ monih,^17Sl.

Ann Tavlor l)aughter of Benjamin & Elizalieth Taylor \va.s born tlie
23"' day of the 12'-' month, 17S3.

Bernard Tavlor sou of Benjamin v?c Elizabeth Tavlor wa.s born the
27th of ye cjth liionth, 17S6.

Bet-^^ey Tavlor Daughter of Benjamin & Eliziibeth Tavlor \v;v^ born tl:e
25^*' Day of the 11"^ month, 1788.

^lahlon Taylor son of Benjamin tfc Eliz.abeth Taylor wa.s born the 4-'
Pay of y' 6'*""month, 1791.

Benjamin Tavlor son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Taylor \va.s borii the
7'"" of the 5'^ month, 1793.

David Barton Taylor son of Benjamin & Elizabeth Tavlor wa-j bom
the 29'" of y' 1^' month, 1795.

Elizabeth Taylor Avife of Benjamin Taylor departed this life the 14'-''
day of the P' mo. 1811 in the 50-'' year of her age and on the 17'^ bi-r
body was intered in ^lakefield Burying ground, attended by a liespccti',i>l.;
Number of Relatives it Friends.

Benjamin Taylor Husband of Elizabeth and Ann Taylor departed
this life the 11"" day of the 7 mo. 1S32 aged eighty years eighl mouilis
& seventeen days.

Ann Beans was born the 22°" day of the 10'" mo. A.D. 17r,o.

ilenrj- B. Tavlor son of Benj° and Rebecca Taylor was burn the lo'^
of the 9 mo. 1818.

Hannah Ann Tavlor Daughter of Benj° and Rebecca Taylor was born
the IS"' of 3 mo. 1820.

Hannah Ann Taylor Daughter of Benj" and Rebecca Taylor De-
parted this life 29'" of 10 mo. 1S21.

Rebecca Taylor wife of Benjamin Taylor departed this life tiio M'^
day of the 6'" mo. 1SG3 Aged 71 years 10 months and 21 days.

Benjamin Taylor son of Benjamin & Eliz'" Taylor departed this lire
the •27'" day of '9'" mo. 1876, aged 83 years 6 months and It) days.
• Henry B. Taylor son of Benj. & Rebecca Taylor departed this life 3
month 29^^ 1898, aged 79 years 5 months and 16 days.

Letter of Thomas Jefferson, 1801. —

Washi.voton, March ■J4th, lx)l.
I received in due time your favor of February 6th but never till n>w
have had a moment of leisure to make you my acknowledgment fur the
permission to use your invention. My nailers are employed hammering
nails except one ctitter for four pennies only, our neighborhood re-
quiring no other cut nails, so that it is but a small bu^ine^s with uu-.
Still, 1 like to see even small things done to the best advantage. 1 am
not certain that I perfectly understand the manner of making the vice
for holding and pushing up the hoop iron, though I have some idea of
it, and you do not mention whether you cut your hoop cold or warm.

252 Notes and Qucrks.

I cut it warm in which c.i>e the frequent changes necessary would waste
tiiiie. Perliaps you can add to your former favor by taking time to
drop me a line of information on this subject which will be thankfully
received by

Your humble servant

Thomas Jeffersox.

:Me. Thojias Pekkiks,

Xaaman's Creek Mills.

Letter of Attorney from Domixica, Ja.ates Woodbridge »fc


M. O'Briex.—

To All to whom these presents ?hall Come James "Woodbridge Esqr
and Richard Neave Esqr., by their Attorney Thomas Raincy of the
Island of Dominica Esqr. John Murray of the said Island of
Dominica Evsqr hfurviving Partner of Alexander Henderson late of
the Said Island E<qr deceased Samuel Somerville of the Said Island
of Dominica Planter, James Mason of the said Island of Dominica
Esqr in Ids own right and for his Piirtner in Trade, Kender Mason
Esqr Trading under the Firm of James ^I.ison and Company, the
said James Mason in his own Right and for his Partners in Trade Lang-
ford Lovell and ilie said Kender Mason, Trading under the Firm of
Lrovell Mason atid Company, the said Langtbrd Lovell by his Attorney
the said James M:i5on, IMichael White Esqr by his Attorney the said
James ^Mason, the (said) Langford Lovell as Executor of Christopher
Hodge Esqr deceiLsed by his Attorney the said James Mason, William
Mason Esqr, "William Lindley Esqr and Thos. Grey and Waddle Cun-
yngham Esqrs by the said James Mason there Attorney the said James
Mason and Robert Vance of the said Island of Dominica Esquires here-
tofore Trading under the firm of Mason and Vance, the said Robert
Vance, James ]\Iason and Kinder }iLason Trading under the Firm of
Vance and Company and the said Robert Vance in his own right and
as Attorney to Jasper Smith Esqr, John Townson and Robert Loisle
Merchant and I'artners by their Attorneys Hugh Tran and Said Hugh
Tran in his own Right and as Attorney to John Tordyce Merchant and
Alexander Glenny of the said Island of Dominica Planter, all Capitu-
lants of the Island of Dominica and Shippers of Produce on board the
Ship Resolution Whereof Lammert Jans Wadderberg was Master bound
from the said Island of Dominica to Amsterdam, Send Greeting.
Whereas the said Ship Resolution AVhereof Lammert Jans Waterberger
was Master did on or about the Seventh day of March now Last past
Leave the Port of Residue in the said Island of Dominica, Laden with
Sugar and other I'roduce the Property of the before mentioned Persons
bound for the Port of Am.-terdam in Holland attended with full and
ample Certificates of such Lading being their Property together with a
Copy of the Caputilations of the said Island of Dominica when the
same was taken by the Forces of his Most Christian Majesty also a copy
of his Britanick Maje-tys Order in Council allowing for a limited time
the Ships and Vessels of the Subjects of their high Mightinesses the
States General of the Unite<l I'rovinces of Holliiud to Carry and Trans-
port the Produce of the Island of Grenada the Grenadians, Saint Vin-

Notes and Quent's. 2.33

grnt ami Dominica the Property of Capitulants to Holland. And Wlioroa-s
the >^aid Shi;- Fwc-ohition in Proceeding upon her said intentled vov'iro
■Rw* on the T\wnty Eighth day of the said Month of March Illeg^ally
takon and Captured by the Private Sliip of War called the Karl of
Cf^rnwalH-' Wherof one Henry Pavid.-^on -was Commander. And tlje
h'.iid Henry Davidson did jnu on board the said Ship IJe^oiution .-ev^ral
of tlie Crew of the said Ship of War Earl of Cornwallis \Yith orders to
Carry the said Ship Pesolution to New York or South Carolina in
Nortli America, And Whereas the Said Ship Resolution in Proceeding
to N'irth America was taken and Captured by the American Prigantine
cilled the Arial, whereof Peter Miller was blaster and owned by Robert
Morris, Samuel Inglis and "SViUiam Bingham and othei'S of the Citv of
Phii,'.deli)iiia in the State of Pennsylvania iu North America Esqrs.,
And the said Ship Resolution was Carried to Philadelphia aforesaid And
there Libel h>d as Lawful Prize to the Captors and it w;xs so Procodl-.^d
upon in the Court of Admiralty of Pennsylvania af >rtsaid, Tliat the
said >h\\) Resolution be Rc^^tored to her Owners and the Cargo Lad'in wii
bord the said Ship Be forfeited and divided Agreeable to the Pray».r of
the Lifvel. And upon an appeal to the Court of Appeal it was Con-
Bidered and finally adjudged and decreed that the Sentence or decree of
the Court of Admiralty of the State of Pennsylvania passed in the Said
CaTi=e 60 far as the same Related to the Cargo of the said Ship Resolu-
tion be and the Same was thereby in all its Parts Revoked reverse] and
annulled. Now Know Ye, that the said Constituents in their Respective
Capacities aforesaid Have and each of them Hath made Ordained and
Constituted and Appointed and by these presents do and each of them
make ordain constitute and Appoint ^Michael ^Morgan O'Brien of thu
said City of Philadelphia, Merchant, to be their true and hrssful

Signed January 4, 1782. In the presence of,

Abr. Suaav,

Chief Justice of Dominica.

Thos. PPwYor.

Certified to by Louis Gabriel de Beaupuy, Lieutenant for the King of
the Island of Dominica and Commander in Chief in the absence of
Mons' Marqus Duchellew, Governor of the Said Island. January- 5, 17S2.

Panhal list of the Crew of the Brig Ariel, Peter Miller, Captain, who
pave Power of Attorney to Hugh McCahen and J. Rowan, Mch
IG'^ 1781.

Samuel Hendriekson Christopher Thompson

James Buchanan Arthur Owen

Adam Hamilton John Butler

Daniel Sharp John Christopher

Henry O'Harra Robert Finney

Henry Reib Hendrick Armer

Francis Reily Richard Williamson

Wm. McCowan James Horrison

Geo. Thomsou John Narraway

Charles Druncn (?) John Brodly

Thom.a.s Henry William Henrv

John Hay Jacob Seise.

254 Notes and Queries.

Ratiox-Pay Roil of the ;NouTuuMr.ERLAND CorxxY Mili-
TIA. — Mr. William G. Stauard, Coirespouding Secretary and Librarian
of the Virginia lii - ^torioal Society, has donated the original "Just Pay
Roll of Rations agreeable to the mouthly Pay Roll delivered to 3Ir.
Jordan, Paymaster for Northuuibcrlaiul County, coniuiencing May loih
1778 and ending June 20lh." The following is the list of officers and
privates on the roll :

Col. Cookson Long, Privates Robert Fleming, Jr.,

Lieut. Robert Richv, " Sam' Fleming,

" Clary Campbell, " John Fleming, Jr.,

Ensign John Reed, " William Cr.mpbell,

" AV" Reed, " George Ix^ng.

James Line, " Tho^ .MoFadden,

" Alex. Reed, " W"' 3IcFadden,

Privates David Hannah, " Joseph ^IcFadden,

" Fleming, " Edw. Ricky,

" James Reed, " Robt. Fleming Esq.,

" W"" Reed, Sen', " W" Dennis, Sen',

" John Price, Sen'', " Daniel Devore,

" John Price, Jr., " David Devore,

" Frederick Hiner, " W.Crawford.

Letter of Adkam Taylor, Provincial Couxcillor, to John
White, in London. —
Dear Sir Philadelfhia 4"' Decern'- 1743.

This is intended to go '^- Stephenr^on, who I am told will sail tomorrow,
tho' no mortal imagined he would go these ten days ; but a sharp spell of
Weather being suddenly come on is the cause of this speedy resolution.

I have about £900. This Currency by me which I have been endeavour-
ing to get Bills for, but have not succeded, so that I have come to a
resolution to send you the value of four or five hundred pounds stg. in
mill'd $8/8 If Till had complied with his Bargain, I had not disap-
pointed you so long.

I am much concern'd at the uneasiness you express about living in
England, and tliat you regret the Expense you have been already at.
Why will you be anxious about tritles? We have between us enough
left to enable us both to live iis comfortably as ever. "We were made to
live together in this World and ought never to have liv'd assunder.
While 1 have two pounds you shall be welcome to One, which will be
more to me with your Company than Ten Thousand without it. If you
have any thought-^ of coming over, and are of Opinion it may be to
your advantage, as I think it may, without keeping you here for life.
What better reason need be given (if there be a necessity for giving any)
than that of setling your Nephew? This, in case any Accident shou'd
happen to you, which God forbid, will be giving him a Credit and suppon-
ing him in it ; will Qualify and enable him to do something for himself and
consequently ease you a great deal. And when his Brother is a little
advanced, he may be joined to him, and between them, may contribute
very much to your happiness as well a.s Improve their ov.n fortunes.

I am very much surprised at Ryder's [Attorney-General] Opinion of
Fretwell's 'Right. It was always the Opinion of all the Lawyers in
America who understood any thing of the manner of taking up Lands
that a Warrant is a Deed or Grant and always proves a Covenant or
Agreement, but there is still a much stronger circumstance of an agreem-

Xotcs and Queries. 2.'k>

bv the Ol'ligalion «S: Memorand""- underneath, which wore not only rtj,r-
uhirlv doliror'd and accoy-tod for Pay, hut tlie day alt.r \\.r-. i.y t)u>
C<'mmi-.-ioncrs put upon Record and remain so in tliolvolls oit'ne to this
day, clear and undefaeed as the "Warrants themselves, and the Ivecord of
them are in the Surveyor Generals, so that if there had hcon any con-
ecnt to Vacate the Agreem' these would not have stood uncancelh^d.
And it is said here, it will be necessary for .Mess" Penns to show the
Frctweir? consent to Cancell or make it void, but tliat cannot be done
for the Obligation <.'v:o. were delivered up to Fretwell's Executors, and I
htvve a letter in my hands that mentions the Goods and the Persons they
wore bo' of in order to Pay for the Land. If it be objected that tlie
Right ceases by the length of time, then all the Old Rights in thiH
Province, as well as those of Maryland & the Jerseys, must be bad,
which no body will venture to say on this side of the Vr'ater. In a
word, Fretwell's death, w^^ was ab' two years after, and his leaving a
young Son, either carele=s or not capable of looking after these thiiitrs,
was the sole cause of its being delay'd so long ; whether that will bar
the Right of the Ht-irs, I am unable to determine.

I cannot say anything about Beasly's Right yet, tho' I find XaniC
in the Map of the Province, and if he has any Land, it is soun.'wliere
towards Farmers. I have had no answer nV Lee's, but will write you
very soon about both. I have enquired ab' Page's Land and find he
has two tracts, one of loOO and the other of 2723 acres, in Bucks, upon
a Western P)ranch of Delaware. It will be worth buying, as any land
will at the rate of Ten pounds a hundred acres, if it has been taken up
or located, else not. Whatever you can agree for, if you will Interest ■
me one half I'll make good the Ingagement, and if they will take
Bonds for a year, I v,-ould have you go as far as five or Si.x thousand
pounds. I make no doubt but we may make more money that way
than by English Goods, w'-"'' are ten times worse than ever. 3 '4' - '" ot
mine lye unsold and the Hats and blankets moth eaten. I'll engage
with you in any thing else you may propose, but of them and the Pay
for them, I have realty a Surfeit, tho' I think if any Man breathing can
make advantage of them, you can.

I have got a bill for £200 Stg. W^^ I must put up in another cover,
being obliged to conclude this w'*" all Our Loves to you, Your XephewB
and Mr <fc Mrs Bedford, to whom make my Wife's & Jack's compli-
ments for the Gown and desire him to excuse my not writing for a few
days. I am,

Dear Sir,

Your most affectionate

and sincere ffriend Sec,

Abram Taylok.

CoNWKLl. — Fi-^HER. — " Yeates Conwell and Rebekah Fisher, his
wife, arrived in Delaware Bay, and cast anchor at Reedy Island April 15,
1C91>," reads the ancient record in the Bible. I believe they became resi-
dents of Lewes, Delaware. Information is solicited.
washi.ngto.n, D. c. Robert Coxwell.

Ikskeep. — Wanted, the names and addresses of those who are related
Vy tlie Inskeep family of New Jersey.


256 Kofc-s and Q'lerics.


nooPES (Pexna. Mag., Vol. XXVII. page I'lo). — Grace Hoopes's
daughter Grace became the tirsi ^^ile of my progenitor, John Rowland, of
Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, reun>ylvania. She was a mem-
ber of Goshen Meeting of Friends, and lor her marriage contrary- to the
discipline of that Society made acknowledgment December 20, 1743.
John Rowland wa^ one of the incorporators and also one of the account-
ing wardens of St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church, Great Valley,
Chester County.

John and Grace Hoopes had one child, a daughter, Susannah, born
Sei>tember 18, 1743, who died in early life. John lloopes married a
second time, in May of 1747, and by this marriage had another daughter,
Susannah, who was born November 17, 1766. It is evident that Grace
died prior to that date.

He>'ry J. Rowland.

S3ooh "Rotices.

The Warkex, Jacksox, and Allied Families, being the An-
cestry OF Jesse Waeken and Betsey Jackson. By Betsey
Warren Davis. Philadelphia, 1903. 4to, pp. 207, Printed for
private circulation by J. 13. Lippincott Co.
The compilation of this work has required energy and painstaking
efibrt. It is finely illustrated, printed on excellent paper, and one of
the most attractive genealogies that has recently come under our notice.
The allied families under the ancestrj- of Jesse Warren are the Moors,
Fletcher, Thorndike, Stratton, Patch^ Parker, Spalding, Jefts, Butter-
field, Underwood, Ober, Wheeler, Merriam, Richardson, Larkin, flale,
Morgan, Xorman, Willard, Howard, Woodbury, Paulsgrave, and Dixey ;
under the ancestrj- of Betsey Jackson, the tamilies of Pierce, Darby,
Greenwood, Comee, Mimroe, Trowbridge, Conant, Walton, Smith, Porter,
Grant, Ward, Atherton, and Manstield.

Year-Book of the Pennsylvania Society. Xew York, 1903. 8vo,
pp. 208.
We have received a copy of the Year-Book of the Pennsylvania
Society in New York, edited by Barr Ferree, Secretary of the Society.
In addition to giving an account of the work of the Society, it contains
much historical matter relating to Pennsylvania, the interest of which
is enhanced by copious illustrations. The Socierv' was organized in
1899, and has a membership of upward of five hundred.

ST0RIE3 of Old New Haven. — The Abbey Press, of 114 Fifth
Avenue, New York City, will shortly publish an illustrated book of
considerable historical interest, entitled "Stories of Old New Haven."
The author, Ernest H. Baldwin, Ph.D., is a lecturer in history at
Yale University, and himself a native of New Haven. Being a de-
scendant of one of the original settlers of Quinnipiac, he spent most
of hLs life among the scenes which he describes. Dr. Baldwin has
made many contributions to historical literature, among the most im-
portant being the biography of "Joseph Galloway, the Loyalist Poli-
tician," which has appeared in this Magazine.





Vol. XXYII. 1903. No. 3.


On Monday, April 24, 1775, about five o'clock in the
afternoon, an express rider arrived at the City Tavorn,
Philadelphia, from Trenton, Xew Jersey, with new.s of the
afiair at Lexington. It was too late in the day for the news
to spread generally over the city, but by the next niornitr.;
everybody knew of it, and, swayed by intense feelings, the
people assembled in public meeting, as if by common eon-
sent, at the State-House. The time for organization, arm-
ing, drill, and march had at last arrived I

The despatch for Philadelphia was prepared by the
Committee of TVatertown, "near 10 of the clock," on thu
memorable morning of April 19, 1775, and was certilied
by the committees of the to%vns through which it pa-sed :
Worcester, P)rooklyn, Xorwich, Xew London, Lyme, Say-
brook, Killingworth, East Guilford, Guilford, Branlurd. XfW
Haven, Fairfield, Xew York, Elizabethtown, Xcv/ Brun. -
wick, Princeton, and Trenton. The express rider reached
the latter town about 9 o'clock a.m., April 24, and w:ls
hurried on to Philadelphia.

The facsimile of the original despatch in the Collection
of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, which follows, was
prepared by J. F. Sachse for the Pennsylvania >Ligazine.
VOL. xx\ai.— 17 (257)

258 IIoic the Xcics of Lexington reached Phihidelphia.

l^'d /Ac, ^^/" '^ p^«<^<^///i^^ ^<^'. /fc-i'^.^"'

•' JToir the Noes of J^cxington reached DrJaddpldn. 259

^f.^:....v.^ Z-.y'P^y ly^^^^-^; 7^/^i /cc^^.'^Q^^-S^Iau/;




^ ^-^^/Z /c//t^^ '/^n

/4 ^.j^J^.


260 How the JSeics of Lcviwjton reached rhiladeljihia.

yiy^rc^e^c^rtceJ>, c/^* ^}i^ci-i^i^ciA /^ Art <&i^_iO^

r;ifi ^fZ^tO .^

JIow the News of Le.riui/fon reached Philadelphia. 20 1

;7^,,j^,^^ '..v/«^,.// (3^'^r.^. /^//^ '^^^^^4^>^^C?, A „^^ /



262 SJ^etch of tl-e. Life of Dr. Thomas CudwaJadtr.

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