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your place %\ith eighty Welsh People and has carried tli'-ni
to the Coracoas to learn to splutter Spanish, one of Admi-
ral Ogles Ships was sent after them and was obliged to re-
turn being disabled by a hard Gale of AVind which carried
his Foremast away by the Board and Cap' AMiitclield t<jok
up the Sails and Rigging and brought them in here and
says orders were immediately despatch'd to the AVest Indies
if not too late for the Men of Warr to intercept them and
take the poor Welsh Folks back again and Convoy 'em to
your Capes which I wish may so happen, likewise that a sixty
Gun ship laden'd with ammunition and well Man'd wirli
Soldiers was to Sail soon after him for Frederica in Georgia
with a design as 'tis thought to take Augustine which is
very lucky for the People liere who have Voted £120,000
this currency for the General to assist him and only wait
the return of the Express to know the Generals answer and
realy tliey have done exceeding well and it will shew the
General they have some regard for him and his projects,
this sum is to be raised by a publick tax which they can't
well bear their Rice bearing so low a price and liaving a
considerable sum besides to raise to pay off the I*ublick-i
Debts, 'tis to be paid in six Years and bills of Cre<lit

810 Letkrs from Ldtcv-Book of Richard Iloddcy, 1739-1742.

amoni!:st the Merchants is to be the Cash if the Gen' ap-
proves of the Sum whieli 'tis thought lie \\\\\.

I flatter'-;! myself this Expedition if carried on would have
been of some Service to me in the disposal of my Cargo but
I since understand they design to feed them with rice and
Indian Corn l^-c. and what provisions is bought is to be on a
twelve mouths Credit and that at the lowest rate so that
when I shall dispose of this Cargo appears to me at present
impossible to tell however I do my part amongst them and
I believe as well as any and am now about barteriiig away
one hundred barrels of Flour for Rice and shall I believe
agree with the Man after consulting M'' AVatson about it.
Rice is now at thirty live shillings per Cent which is a very
low price and indeed the Merchants can't aftbrd to give a
better price since freigltts is so very high four pounds ten
shillings to Holland and £3.15 to London per tonn which
Sum I give with another Merchant and load the Vesscll be-
tween ns, and imagine ourselves well off, for here is but
very few Yessclls in the Harbour and lately come in who
insist and stand out four pounds per tonn for London and
'tis believ'd they will gett it so that if they arrive safe
they will make very great Voyages and if the Ships does
not come in taster the Planters will be intirely demolish'd
and shou'd there bo AVarr with france 'tis all over with this
Country which is the opinion of most People here. I have
sold but twenty barrels of Ship bread occasioned by the
small quantity of Shijtping here, and what does come meet
\vith such dispatch that they need not any, however am
still in hopes I shall gett it off, tho Barnes in the Snow that
Cap* Bell loads is expected every day and am afraid that
will be some hindcrance as certainly it will, for I ajn certain
in a month or two the Men of TVarr must want bread, and
shall endeavour to stand some chance among them, altho
there is now a good quantity in Town besides what I have
gott, the Midling broad goes off but slowly and have dis-
posed of about fifty barrels and if I agree with the Person
as above shall have disposed of one half of my Flour and

Ldlers from Le((cr-BooI: of liichard IIorId>y, 17S0-1 7 .; /. Z 1 1

shall think myself well off if can dispo.-e of the rest in the
same time hut am donhtfuU of that success.

Xow Sir having advised you of all that I can conclude
■with my due respects to M' Frcame his Lady and Master
Freame and with all possible Esteem am
D' Sir

Your most obliged Friend
and obedient humb' Servant

Richard IIocklev.

Be pleased Sir to remember my kind Love to Xanny
and Sammy and Service to M"" Peters.

Barbados July 21. 1739
HoND Sir

This is the first opportunity that has presented and gi\ en
me the pleasure to acquaint you of my Arrival to this Island
on the lO"" Instant after a passage of 28 days from the Cape
and to a very indifferent market.

Oil my Arrival I waited on the several Gentlemen with my
Letters of recomm" and it was their opinion if I proceeded
further I should fare no better and be detain'd a much
longer time, Rum in Antegua being very dear k scarce any
to be had and bills at 12\ p C. I have disposed of TOO
barr' flour 180 barr' of bread but y* tierces as yet stick
on hand, my Herrings I have not yet seen y^ Ycsscll being
not yet unloaded but if they prove good shall readily dis-
pose of 'em.

I believe I need not assure you of my Care and endeav-
ours to make y* most of my Cargo and in all respects
observe your orders, I have bespoke y' sweet meets and
Waters of M" Mein and she promises they shall be extra-
ordinary. I have not as yet seen any new Xegroes, a Ves-
sell from Guinea Arrived here 3 days ago but they not
being in demand she Sail'd to y* Leeward. I shall remit
your part of y' Cargo to M"" Hyam in a bill of Exc^' which
may be had for 30 p C and will answer much better than
Rum as you must pay Comiss''' & other charges in Philad'

312 Leltcrs from Ldkr-Booh of Bichard //o-'A/ry, 1 7S9-17^ ?.

for y* sale Lere is not a Turtle to be had neither have I pccu
or heard of one since my Arrival but shall endeavour if
possible to get one & bring with me which I hope won't be
long. I have sent you a barrel of Limes which I beg your
Exceptance of and with them should have sent some
Oranges if there was any to be got, for M" Frcame, this is
not the Season for 'em, being not biger than a large lime
nor wont be iltt to gather this o or 6 weeks.

M' Knight it Oxley are extreamly Civil & serviceable to
me from your kind recommend" and can't help sa}-ing I
A^^ish I was sufficient master of my pen to express y* grate-
full sentiments of my Heart for all y* Obligations you have
lay'd me under, and on all occasions shall endeavour to
Convince you that I am what I subscribe myself \\'ith much

D' S^

Your most Obliged Friend
& obedient hum'' Serv'

R. 11.
Please S'' to present my humb*
respects to 'SV F. his Lady and
Master F. & Service to M" Peters.

Philada Sep. 3"* 1739

M^ Bernard IIanningtox
Dear Sir

By this conveyance I have the pleasure to acquaint you
of my Arrival here on the 25"' Ultimo after a pleasant
Passage of two and twenty days from Speights's which made
amends for the flutter the Gust of ^"ind put us in and oc-
casion'd our departure sooner than ex-pected ha\'ing left a
good deal of Freight behind us which I suppose was pleasing
enough to OLD SOFORTH and you're sensible its an ill
"Wind that blovrs nobody good and beleive I may add the
old Proverb Fools & Knaves have luck & the reverse of
them only Chances. A few days before my Arrival AVar
was proclaim'd at our Court House and the Governour has

IxtUTS from Letter-Book of Bichard llocUey, 1739-1742. 313

Conmnssion to grant letters of Mark to any Persons that are
^villini2: to make Ixeprisals on tlie Spaniards but onr Friendly
Ol'adiidis being as obstinate as their Stiirwill I believe lay
up their Vessels, those that has any which will in some
mea>iire lesseri the Xavigation from this Port and give Per-
sons of a more adventurous disposition an opportunity of
erettins: a Golden Chain or broken iei»:g amonast which
imniber will be our friend Sam Carpenter who intends in a
few ^Veeks to sail for Jamaica whose prosperity I much
wisli, and am very merry with him about the Progress he
will make in the Spanish Language and thereby become a
Man of Letters shou'd he have the fortune to be carried to
one of the Spanish Colleges as I call their Prisons, Tliis
Kumour of AVar lias occasioned our Country Produce to
rise very much and that in one day Rum from 2/1 a gallon
to 2/8 and Sugars are from 40 to 50/ p Cent and the Mer-
chants expect to sell yet higher, the People are very cau-
tious in buying expecting it will lower, and how it will
happen must Confess am no judge of however I wish now
I liad brought all my Eilects in Rum & Sugar and that
wou'd have occasioned my tarrying here this AVinter, but
as it is am resolved to venture out this fall again to some
place or other where there's a probability of a Market.

The inclosed letters for M' Bourke one of which I knew
to be your writing and the other M' De\wn's I thought
wou'd be agreable to you to have return'd he being saiFd
a few days before my arrival for Lisbon and by tliat means
disappoint inquisitive Persons from prying into other
People's aiiairs which is often y* Case when y* Persons
themselves are not present on the Spot, all your acquaint-
ance are well as I suppose youl hear from the Girls who
told me they would write you and. to whom referr you for
particulars for they told me a Crack shou'd not be let without
you knowing it, tho for fear of an Omission must inform
you of Poor Col. Sharp's death a few days ago after keeping
his room about three Weeks.

Be pleased Sir to tender my best respects and Ser^-icc to

314 lyiders from Letter-Book of lilchard llochky, 17S9-1 712.

all inquiring Friends particularly Cap' Game and believe n\e
to be unfeign'dly

Your obliged Friend, bum' Serv' ct
■^ ■_ ■ ' Kicii^ Hockley.

Charles Town So Carolina Nov. 29"^ 1739
Hoxr* Sir

Tbis is to acquaint voii of mj Arrival bere on tbe 24'^
Instant after an agreable passage of six days from tbe Capes,
and tbe town is pretty bealtby again tbe late Sickness baving
swept off a very great number of People of wbicb were
tbree bundred of tbe Militia belonging to tbis town tbe
Principal ofHcers of wbicb make a very Elegant appearance
and tlie wbole Carried on in Compleat order and witb a
Martial Spirit tbey exercised about two days ago tbeir
Cannon by lircing at a Cask ancbor'd in tbe bay about balf a
mile distant from tbe Fort and perform'd wonderfully well
and seem not to value any Invasion from tbe Spaniards and
took from tbem sometime ago tbree Pettiangers of no great

I must now inform you ^^^tb mucb regrett tbe lowness of
tbe Marketts bere occasioned by a great quantity of Pro-
visions already bere before my arrival and wbat is worse tbe
quantity tbat is coming from your place and Xew York
from tbe latter is a young Gentleman settled here and bas
a Sloop once in six ^eeks from tbence witb about 250
barr' flour and bread in Proportion and by tbat means com-
mands tbe Markett for tbe People will always go to tbe last
Cargo tbat Comes in be bad one Arrived tbe day after us,
but sells very slow. I bave gott Stores for my Cargo about
five of tbem and not so convenient as I could Wisb being
up in tbe Town tbe otbers on tbe Wbarfs being taken up
witb rice of wbicb tbere is a great Crop tbis Year and
sells for forty sbillings p Cent and freigbt to London is
£3.10 and to Holland £3.15 for wbicb place Cap' Piercy will

Letting from Letter-Book of Bh-hard Jlochhu, 1 739-1 7^ ?. 315

sail as soon as possible. I Lave begun to Store some part
of my Cargo wliieli from tbe quantity liiakes an Alarm
here and have been toUl I shall not ho able to sell it here
whilst good and when I shall have the pleasure to see you
again I know not, however I have forxyarded my Letter to
Gen' Oglethorp by an Faisign belonging to his Camp two
days ago who says the Gen* only AVaits to iiear of AVarr
being proelaim'd and then he will attack Augustine which
he longs much to be at and he believes will want some Pro-

I gave my letter to M'Kenzie M"' AVatson being not yet
arrived v.'ho promises to do me any Ser\'ice he can in recom-
mending his friends to me but withal told me he did not
much understand that branch of trade and that night went
out of town and I have not seen him since he recommended
me to lodge at one AP Bullards a correspondent of AP Law-
rences and the greatest dealer in Provisions the Man is ex-
ceeding kind to me and is at present seeing my Goods got
into the Stores one of which I had of him I being at present
troubled with an Liflamation in my throat and a small
fever so that I can't without much difficulty and great pain
swallow anything but hope it will sooti go over being not
able to look after my business my self which gives me much
Concern and makes me very uneasy. I have sent an adver-
tisement to be put in the Gazett of what Provisions I have
and where to be mett with and when it comes out shall see
if it is of any Service I have only sold four barr' of Hour
and them to two of the principle bakers here for a tryall
and if they like it shall have their Custom I believe, bread
is in no demand at all being a great quantity before I came
and two of the Men of Warr are out a Cruizing and that
here is already supply 'd for sometime.

Mr. Crumby Attorney Gen' of this place told me that
Cap* Townsend Cap' of a Man of Warr and Son to Lord
Townsend Treasurer receiv'd a letter the beginmng of Ocf
last from a Person of Quality who writes him that there
was positively a twenty Gun Ship stationed for Delaware

316 Letters from Letter-Book of Richard HocJdey, 1 739-1 742.

Bay at the Instance of S' Charles Wager which I. am nuu'li
pleased to hear and cou'd not oniitt this paragraph tlunigh
undoubtedly you know it beibre this can reach you and
pray it may find you with M' Freame his Lady Master
Freame &c. all in Health and wish you a Merry Christmas
and a hai»py Xew Year and am

lion'' Sir

K. II.

P.S. Pray Sir excuse my importuning you for a line by
the first Conveyance Flour £3. S. B. £3. M. B. £5.

Charles Towx Dec^ 12'" 1739.
HoN° Sir .

The above is Coppy of what I wrote you by Cap' Barnes
in the Snow Polly and this you will receive Via Xewyork
to accpiaint you of my being very well recover'd of my late
Indisposition and that all my Cargo is safely stored and am
afraid will remain so for some time here being no demand
at present for any Provisions, and the free trade to Augus-
teen being stopt is a very great detriment to the Sale of
Flour because what is imported must be expended here and
in course lowers the price, the Bakers who are the principle
purchasers knows this and goes from one Store to the other
to see w^here they can buy cheapest, and Dealers in pro-
visions already feel the Effects of not trading with the
Spaniards for by sending off 7 or 800 barr' of Flour and
bread in a glutt here presently raised the prices of what was
left and by that means induced purchasers to buy up very
readily and give better prices than they now do. The two
Bakers I mentioned in my former who had a tryal of my
flour like it very well butt offer but 50/ a hundred, to one
of them I sold sixty barrels for fifty two and six pence, the
other would not give it and went to M' "Wragg and bought
fifty barr' at his own price and he sold two hundred barr'
of Ship bread to the Man of Warr for fifty shillings a hun-
dred which I am positive there must be a loss on. Paynters
Cargo was consigned to him v*'ho arrived here three days

Ldiers from Leitcr-Book of Bichard Hockley, 1 739-17^2. 3 1 7

isrro and Cap* Goodman is hourly expected v.-ho will brinp; a
great quantity of Provisions with him and am certain from
tliC quantity that is here a good deal must perish before it
can be Consumed. I know Sir this can be no pleasing
account to you and a3 to my part I am so much chagrined
that I am positive I shall not enjoy one days ease whilst I
am here it's very unfortunate and provoking to lay out ones
Money and come here to sell ones Commoditys for a Loss,
nay I need not say sell unless times shou'd mend and at
present there is but a very inditlerent prospect. M' Watson
arrived here three days ago and I waited on him he has
brought in a large quantity of Goods and at present is very
busy in Opening them but promises to do me all the Scr-
N-ice he can with his best advice and was surprized when 1
told him the quantity of Provisions I had brought and in-
timated that the half was full enough at one time for he
observ'd very justly that so large a quantity being importetl
at once made the bakers very indilierent about buying and
every Person that has Flour to sell is very willing to sell it
almost at any rate and I find they are govern'd where they
can buy cheapest.

I am told by several Persons that I think I may de-
pend upon that there is now and was indeed before I came
a great quantity of Provisions in this place and I am sure I
feel the Eftects on it for the chief part is in a retail way
and I have not sold above twelve Casks single since \n\
Arrival and yet they count this the most brisk part of the
year as the planters come to Town with their Pice and pur-
chase Pro^'isions to keep Christmas with, but they complain
of the lowness of the price given for Rice which indeed is
a glutt as well as Pro\asion3 and might be purchased fur
87/6 p. hundred at present and will be lower it is believ'd
unless Vessels shou'd come in faster, of which there is such
a scarcity that every Person that can Charters a Ship as soon
as she arrives here and they are afraid they shall w^ant ^ cs-
sells to ship of this years Crop which is very considerable
they reckon above one hundred thousand barrels lias been

31S Letters frvhi Lettcr-BonJ: of Blrhard Jlocfdo/, 1739-17^2,

made tliis Year whicli will take near two hinidrod Sail to
carry it oft". I shall endeavour Sir with the best advice I
can gett to act agreable to the Coniidence you have reposed
in me but realy things at present appear with such an aspect
that "I am much discouraged and am afraid must tarry here
much longer than you intended I slioud porliaps you may
Imagine I want to return sooner than the Xaturc of the
afthir can admitt of after complaining in this manner and
being here so short a time, but I shall be very agreably
disappointed if what I have related and am apprehensive
of with, regard to the Sale shoud turn out an}i;hing like
what you Expected and my Endeavours and attendance I
am sure will not be wanting.

I have said all that is at present needfull and am much
Concern'd it is not in my power to give a more pleasing
account nor have the good fortune to serve you and myself
agreable to my desire, but this is still complaining though
very Justly and as I can't at present be more Entertaining
ehall conclude M^ith Wishes for your Wellfare with tlie
whole Family to whom please to tender my best regards
and believe me to be with all Imaginable Esteem

IIon<^ Sir
l" :.■ ' Your &c.

R. 11.

Charles Town April 9'" 1740
IIoN^ Sir

I have now both 3'our Favours before me received by
Cap' Stedman and Barnes and as both of them breathes
nothing but good Wishes and a Concern for my Welfare of
which I am truely sensible and want Expressions to inter-
pret the Sentiments of my gratefull Heart on all occasions
to convince you how much I think it my Duty to retaliate
as much as in my Power lyes your kind Benefactions and
Paternal Aftection shall endeavour to act in all respects so
as to give you Pleasure and satisfaction and since I have
been brought up under your Protection can truely say my

J A iters from I a tkr-Book of Jiichard JlocMnj, 1 7S9-1 ?/, ^. 8 1 9

Ileavt is knitt to you in a much stronger manner tlnin per-
haps it might have heen hj Kindred blood, for you eou'd
liave no inducement to behave in this manner to poor
Fatherless Children but from your sincere }»rotession of
Friendship which is a perfect Example for us all to walk by
aud pray God my brothers c^- Sister may have the same due
Sense of it that I have which I have no reason to think the
Contrary of at present but as they grow up will have a
much greater.

I observe the care you have taken and Concern for me
in behalf of the "Widow and as it all is done to promote my
lTaj)piness return you my hearty thanks and as I had no
reason by her behaviour the time I was there to dislike
your proposal have wrote her a few lines, and as now I can
truly say if she had ten times as much & coud not expect to
be happy, I mean as farr as it is consistent in this Life woud
be no Inducement to me to have her, or the greatest For-
tune alive, and if she and I shoud not agree, 1 coud do no
less than M'rite to her out of good manners, If I had no
other Inducement for by what little I have seen she is de-
serving of Respect, and as you justly retort upon me from my
frequent complaints to you w'° regard to disappoint" Justly
observe the trouble we take to gett a httle Money, (which may
well be term'd y* Dust of y' Earth and Serpents Curse unless
proper means are used to procure it and done when properly
apply'd) is to make us easy, and therefore if disappointed
shou'd bear it patiently, as it is at most only the means of
making us so, and nothwethstand^ I sum'd up all the reason
I was Master of, and reflected on having so true a friend as
yourself, that would do all y* Services you coud not having
the proper watch over myself, the De\'il took y* advantage
and flung me into dispair even to make away with self, I
know this Acc^ will shock you and what you little Ex-^.ected,
for when I have the pleasure of seeing you I shall give you
a true description of the several attempts that I made, and
how God has been Graciously pleased to deal w^*" my Soul
in not suffering y' attempts to succeed, and am certain lias

given me a very different turn of Mind, as you will see by
my letters to M' k M" Freamc to which I refer you.

I have now almost brought my affairs to a Conclusion
and expect to sail in a Sloop that comes from Georgia in
fourteen days, and it is impossible to think Sir the difficulty
unless you was acquainted v.ith y* Nature of the Place,
however it is done as well as I possible cou'd and as soon
even to Mess" AVatdon & M'Kenzie surprize I wrote a letter
to Sam Carjienter since I was here and have reced an an-
swer from him, and am now treating about a Schooner to
carry off' some of the Flour agreable to 'SVatson & M'Ken-
zie's advice and if we cant agree shall deliver y' remaining
part of the Cargo to them make y* best of it which I am
convinced they Will if this Vessell that brings you this
woud have staid but ten days longer I believe I cou'd
have made a Shift to have Come in her, but however
hope two or three Weeks will make no difference and
have Comply'd with your orders hitherto to return as
soon as I can.

I have purchased three fine young Slaves for you, the best
that has been here allow'd by proper Judges, but gave some-
thing more than what they were formerly sold at, because
y* Assembly have made an Act in order to prevent y' im-
portation of such great quantitys of Xegroes, and is to last
for three years 'tis true they have not Power to hinder such
a Branch of Trade so very considerable, but it is done in
this Manner, the Purchasers are to pay for every Man and
"Woman Slave into the Treasurers hands one hundred pound
duty a head, and that w'^ ready Money and it is but here
and there one that can Command it so that they are pretty
certain this wUl be an Effectual prohibition. Gen' Ogle-
thorpe was here three weeks ago and y* Council has Com-
plyed with his demand and accordingly Volunteers were
beat up for and they have got their Complement which is
four hundred, such as they are, poor Souls many of them
had better be sent to an Hospitall, Mess" Vanderdussen and
Thomas Wright an old acquaintance of yours in England,

letters from Letter-Book of Richard Jlockhy, 1730-17^2. 321

the former goes Oollonel and y' other Comis^sarv and are to
set out in six days on the Expedition.

I have shipt 300 Ban-' of I\ice to London on your and
brothers Account and have sent M' Hyara duplicates by two
other Vessels that sail'd about the same time which was the
latter end of March the freight at £3.15 per ton and now at
this time they ask £4.10, which will never answer M' AVat-
6on took up a little Brig the other day for Bristol and gives
£4 and is in some doubt whether he shall save himself t\)r
he is a nice Calculator, there is no such thing as bills of
Exchange to be had nor Skins and I have gott some Money
by nie and what I expect to receive in a day or two that
would purchase about one hundred Barr' more coud I gctt
freight to Holland if I cant must do as well as I can, and at
present no Vessels in the Harbour to load, Except one and
the Captain asks £5 to London «S: believe he will gett it. I
Bhall look out for a peice of Silk for M" Frame that I think
will please her and bring you all the Laws of this place that

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