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able to attend sermon. Drank tea wnth Dr. Otto. Lodged
at the tavern ; the company of Mr. Caldwell and Dr. Dayton
rendered the evening agreeable.

April 3. — Preached to the convalescents, upwards of 100,
and then dine<i ^vith the doctors. After dinner rode to
AUentown, lodiied at Mr. Cowell's, and called on Dr. Smith.

442 K)irar!s from the Journal of Ecv. Jame^ Sproat, 177S.

April 4- — Visited, discoursed and prayed %\'ith the sick.

April IJf.. — Rode to Reading; visited the Hospital, dis-
coursed with all the patients. Preached in the afternoon,
and again visited the sick. Found a number of friends
from Philadelphia here.

April 17. — At Dunkertown [Ephrata] ; visited ami
prayed with all the sick ; preached in the Hospital. Dr.
Scott is the senior doctor here, a worthy, good man.

April IS. — Piode 12 miles to Schaefferstown; visited tlie
Hospital. Preached in the Dutch Church, where all that
were able were paraded and attended in good order.
Lodged with Dr. Glentworth, and met Gen. Mcintosh.

April 19. — To Lititz, where I dined with Dr. Alison, who
is the senior doctor here. Visited the Hospital, prayed
with the sick ; at 3 o'clock preached to the convalescents.

April 20. — Rode to Lancaster in company with Mr.
^lackey, father of Mrs. Alison. Dined with Dr. Jackson,
then visited the Hospital and prayed in the ditibrent wards.

April -21. — Preached in the Barracks to all convalesounts
that W' ere able to attend. Lodged at J. B. Smith's ; dined
at Mr. Harbinson's, drank tea at ^Irs. Rhea's. Met many
of my Philadelphia friends. About 203 patients in the

April 25. — This day rode to the Yellow Springs ; \-isited
the Hospital, conversed and prayed ^\-ith the sick, that were
not able to attend the sermon. Lodged with Dr. Kennedy.

April 26. — This Hospital seems to be very neat, and the
sick comfortably provided for. This evening rode three
miles to see my old friend AVilliam Ralston and his family,
and was kindly received.

April 27. — Mr. Ralston rode with me to French Creek
Church. William Smith and G. Tennent doctors here — the
senior doctor is abroad. This Hospital very neat and clean,
and the sick seem well attended. Here I met again Gen.
Mcintosh, who is visiting the Hospitals in an ofticial ca-
pacity. According to my usual custom, first \'isited and
then conversed with the sick and wounded in their wards,

Jixtnicfs from (he of Jicv. James Spi'oat, 177S, 443

in the forenoon ; in the afternoon preached to them all in
tlie Chnroh.

April £*<?. — Rode to the camp at Valley Forge — was a
good deal pleased with the sitnation of the camp. Met my
son [Captain William Sproat, Fourth Pennsylvania Line] in
healtli. Heard from my family at Egg Harbor, Dined with
my nephew Col. [Ebenezer] Sproat [Tweli^h Massachusetts
Line], my son, and several gentlemen. Went over the
Schuylkill to get lodgings. Lodged at Gen. [Joseph]
Reed'B Avhere I met good Mrs. de Bert: called on Hugh
Hodge. Xighted at W. Henry's.

Jpril 30. — Applied to Gen. Greene and Col. John Cox
for wagons to transport my goods from Swedes Ford to
the Forks of Delaware, which was granted.

May 2. — At Bethlehem — The Hospital has been removed
from this place ; only a few invalids remain. Called to see
Capt. Balding, who had his leg amputated since I was here
last; conversed and prayed with him, and then rode to

June 9. — Sat out for the Hospitals ; dined at Allentown.

June 10. — At French Creek ; lodged with the Commis-

Jane 11. — Visited the Hospitals, saw Doctors Smith,
Rogers and Tennent. In the forenoon preached in one of
the Hospitals, Dr. Smith accompanied me. This Hospital
very airy and clean; about 'o^ patients in it. Returned to
the other, met my son Billy. He and I dined with the
doctor; preached at the other Hospital, a church, clean
and airy ; 96 patients in it. Dr. Binney, the senior, came
in in time for the sernce. Drank tea ^^■\\\x the doctors and
my son, after which parted \s\\h my son. Rode a mile with
Dr. Binney and lodged at his house. He is genteel, learned
and hospitable, and his lady from the city.

June 12. — Rode to Yellow Springs, lit at Dr. Kennedy's,
who, poor gentleman is very sick. Visited Dr. Otto. Dined
at Dr. Kennedy's, and afterwards preached in the Hospital,
which is new and airy, but not finished. Smoked a pipe,

444: Extracts from the Journal of Rev. James Sproaf, 177 S.

aud then preached to a number in an adjacent barn. Many
sick here, though clean and airy. Drank tea with the
doctors and matron. In the eveniiig returned to D*" Ken-
nedy's, who is no better.

June IS. — Understand the doctor is no better. After
breakfast preached in the upper gallery of the Hospital.
Genteely treated by Dr. Otto and the matron, Mrs. Adams.
Preached in a barn before ciinner. After dinner preached
in another barn. In these barns there are 182 patients.
Took a little spirits and rode to a third barn and preached
again. The barns clean and airy, and in good order.
Doctors Fallon, senior ; Hailing and Cowell, juniors; White
and Marshall mates. Eode to the Eed Lion, where D""
Latimer is senior, and lodged at the Tavern.

June llj.. — Preached forenoon to the patients, 127, in the
Quaker meeting which is used as a hospital. Doctors
Latimer, senior, \torn'\ juniors, Mates Bull and Tobin.
Dined vrith the doctors and later preached in the barn.

June 17. — Returned to Lancaster, dined at Mr. Purdie's,
called to see Mrs. Rhea, Capt. Harvey and others. Lodged
at S. B. Smith's.

June 18. — Breakfasted at Mr. Harbinson's ; called to pay
my compliments to Mr. Hancock, also on Mr, Taggert.
Rode to Manheim, dined with Mrs. Shippen, old Dr. Shijv
pen, the former paid me S240,, but could not settle ^^'ith
respect to rations. Rode to Lititz, put up at Dr, Alison's,
Spent the evening with D' Brown, the Physician General.

June 19. — Preached in the forenoon to the patients, dined
\\'ith Dr. Bro%vu. Detained by the rain.

June 20. — Still raining and could not set out. This
evening Mr. Mackey brought us the news of the evacuation
of the city by the enemy,

July 29. — Set out for the Hospitals, \aa Philadelphia.

August 4-. — Rode to Dr. Glentworth's in the rain and got
wet. Could not speak to the invalids owing to indisposi-
tion, and kindly treated by the Doctor. About 70 in the
hospital ; 30 ex]ject to be Bent away soon.

Extracts from the Journal of Rev. James Sproat, 17? S. 445

August 5. — Preached at the Hospitals. Dr. Glentworth
rofle with me to eainp, stopped at Col. Craig's quarters, and
then proceeded to Yellow Springs.

August 6. — Feeling better, preached to seventy patients.
Rode to Uchlan, dined with Doctors Brown and Fallon.
The house verv clean, preached, and then to Downingtown
and lodged with Dr. Smith.

August 7. — Arose early, preached at 8 o'clock to the 74
patients here, and after the sermon proceeded to Philadel-

September 7. — Set out for the Hospital at Philadelphia,

Septctnber 11. — ^Msited and preached to the sick at the
Bettering House.

September llf.. — Rode to French Creek, and on

September 15, preached to the 138 patients in the Hospital,
who seem to be well attended by the physicians. Rode to
the Yellow Springs in the afternoon, and preached in the
hospital. Will return to Philadelphia in the morning.

October 1. — Returned with my family to Philadelphia
from the Forks of Delaware,

October 13. — Set out for the Hospitals in the country.
Preach at the Yellow Springs to the 115 sick and 16 guards.

October 11^. — Rode to French Creek and preach to 89
sick, Lodsred %\-ith Doctors Smith and Tennent,

446 ' J3io(irap}<ical Sketch of Luke Wills Brodhcad.


Lnke YYills Brodliead, who died May 13, 1902, was
elected a member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
November 24, 1845, and was its oldest member at the date
of liis death. He was a son of Luke and Elizabeth (Wills)
Brodhead, and was bom September 12, 1821, in Smith-
field Township, then in iSTorthampton County, Pennsylvania.
After receiving a thorough education in the local schools
and at the Stroudsburg Academy, he entered upon a mer-
cantile career at "White Haven, Carbon County, where he
was elected President of the Town Council and a school
director. Returning to the Delaware Water Gap, he was
appointed postmaster, and at the expiration of his term be-
came the courteous and genial proprietor of one of the best-
known summer hostelries of rhat famous resort until his
decease. Daniel Brodhead, the ancestor of those who bear
the name in the United States, was a native of Yorkshire,
England. He was a captain of grenadiers in the reign of
Charles H., joined the expedition under Colonel Richard
Xicholls, and was present at the surrender, in 1G64, of Xew
Xetherlands. The following year he was appointed to the
command of the military forces in Lister County, where he
continued to reside until his death in 1667.

Daniel, a grandson of Captain Daniel Brodhead, was the
first of the family to move from New York to Pennsylva-
nia, and in 1738 settled on a tract of one thousand acres
on the creek since bearing his name, and embraced within
the present town of East Stroudsburg. This property,
which was increased by an additional purchase of five hun-
dred acres, was locally known as the " Brodhead Manor"
and the settlement of Dansbury. In 1747 he was com-
missioned a justice of the peace for the Xorthern District

Blop\ij^^hkal Skrtdi of Luke Wdls Brodhrad. 447

of Bucks County, which in 1752 became Xorthampton
and in 1836 Monroe County. "With the Indians wlio lived
in the neighborhood Justice Brodhead was on friendly
terms, and desired to aid them in promoting their civiliza-
tion, and induced the Moravian missionaries to establish a
mission among them, erecting a building for the purpose.
He died in July of 1755, at Bethlehem, whither he had gone
for medical treatment.

Luke Brodhead, the grandfather of Luke W. Brodhead,
entered the Continental service in iN^ovember, 1775, aa a
sergeant in Captain Abraham ^Miller's company of Colonel
William Thompson's Pennsylvania Battalion of Billcmeu,
and j)articipated in the campaign whicli closed with the
evacuation of Boston by the British forces. He was com-
missioned a third lieutenant May 28, 1776; second lieuten-
ant October 24, 1776, in the Pennsylvania Pilie Battalion,
Colonel Samuel Miles; and at the battle of Long Island
was severely wounded and captured and contined in the
" Sugar-House'" and on a prison-ship until exchanged De-
cember 8, 1776, for Lieutenant Wellington, Twenty-sixth
British Foot. He was promoted captain February 15,
1777, and assigned to the Sixth Regiment Pennsylvania
Line, and participated in the battles of Brandywine, Ger-
mantown, and Monmouth. Owing to the hardships he en-
dured as a prisoner of war and suffering from his wounds,
his health was so much impaired that he was forced to re-
tire from the service, and rejoined his family in 1778. He
was commissioned colonel immediately preceding his re-

Luke W. Brodhead was a man of more than ordinary
ability, and for many years was deeply interested in the
historj' and genealogy of the Upper Delaware and ^Nlini-
eink Valley. His published contributions comprise the
following :

" The Delaware Water Gap : Its Scenery, its Legends, and
its Early History;"' "The Minisinks and its Early People,
the Indians;" "An Ancient Petition;"" " Tatarny;" " Set-

448 l!io</raphical Sketch of Luke Wills Brodhmd.

tlernent of SDiithfield;" "Portals of the Miiiisink: Tradi-
tion and History of the ' Walking Purchase' Region and
the Gateway of the Delaware ;" " Early Frontier Life in
Pennsylvania : Ethcient ^Military Services of Four Brotliers ;"
"George Lehar;" "Historical Xotes of the Minisinks : Cap-
ture of John Ililhorn hy the Indians on Brodhead's Creek;"
"Pioneer Poads, the Old Mine Poad, Early People, etc.;"
"The Old Stone Seminary of Stroudsburg in 1815;" "In-
dian Trails;" " Soldiers in the War of 1812 from the Town-
ships of Smithlield and Stroud ;" " Almost a Centenarian :
The Last of the Soldiers of the A^ar of 181:1 in :^orthern
Pennsylvania;" "History of the Old Bell on the School-
House at Delavsare Water Gap;" " Indian Graves at Paha-
quarra;" "Half-Century of Journalism;" "The Depuy
Family;" "Early Settlement of the Delaware: Was the
Upper Delaware occupied before Philadelphia ? Early Oc-
cupation of the Upper Delaware;" " Sketches of the Stroud,
Van Campen, McDowell, Hyndshaw, Drake, and Brodhead
Families." He was also associate editor of the " History of
Wayne, Pike, and Monroe Counties."

In addition to his connection \\-ith the Historical Society
of Pennsylvania, Mr. JBrodhead Wiis a member of the Xu-
mismatic and Antiquary Society, the Geographical Society,
and the Pennsylvania Society Sons of the Revolution, of
Philadelphia; the Minisink Valley Historical Society, the
Moravian Historical Society, the Georgia Historical Society,
the Kansas Historical Society, and several college literary


Pcnnsi^vauia Souiicrs entitled to Dcprcciatioti Pay. 449


[The list of the "Soldiers of the Revolution," printed in the Pennsijl-
vania Archives, Second Series, Vol. XIII. pp. 3-249, copied from the
Depreciation Account books, lacks one important feature, the designa-
tion of the regiments and the arm of the service to which they were
attached. The editor of the Pexxsylvakia ^^Iagazine has found in
the Department of the Auditor-General, at Harrisburg, a number of pay-
rolls on Depreciation Pay account, which supply this denciency. These
pay-rolls, however, contain only a few thousand names, but, should more
of them be found, they will be prepared for publication. This valuable
data will enable those making researches to identify with mere certainty
their ancestors who were in active service, whether in the Continental
Line or the militia of the State.]

Accot of Payments of Depreciation of Pay, on Settlement.
April, 1782.
Samuel Lindsay, Lieut. Flying Camp
James Hutchinson, Surgeon Penna. Xavj'
Thomas AVylie, Capt. Artillery Artificers
Alexander Power, Q. M. "

Solomon Hailing, late Sen' Surgeon Gen. Hospital
Bedford Williams, " Jun^ " "

William Brown, " Surgeon's Mate "
William Scull, Matross Artillery Artiticers

William Ylster, " "

Ezekiel Evans, " «

Olwald Kissenback, " "

James Tully, " "

Alexander Dow, Lieut. "

John Jordan, Capt k Pay M' "

Charles Mason, Matross "

Jarues Dowdle, Jesse lioe's Co. "

Wilham Austin, " "

VOL. xxvir. — 29

450 Pc/insi/lvaida Scldio'S entitled to Depreciation Pay.

Frederick Ream, Matross Artillery Artificers

Isaac Miles, " "

Thomas Crothers, " "

Richard Lavers, *' "

Laureuce McGinnis, ♦' "

Hugh Huston, " «

Barnabas Harriott, " "

Edward Bryan, '* "

Sylvanus Holdcraft, " "

John Barlow, " «

John Swmdel, " "

William Lowes, " "

John Armstrong, " "

John Bryan, " "

John Shine, ** "

Moses Boen, " "

Mary Baker for her husband who was killed

John Morris, late private Fourth Regiment

Henry Poole, Matross Artillery Artificers

Dennis Reiley, *' "

"William Frances, " "

AYilliam Willess, " "

Peter Vert, " "

Philip Mell, " "

John Mount, " "

Edward Cochran, " "

John Guilliam, " "

Philip Her, " "

John AVagg, " "

Thomas Brown, " "

Moses Butler, " "

Mark Rhodes, " "

Ricliard Thomas, " "

James Gibson, late Capt. "

John McKimm, by -^ife Sarah, private Invalid Regt.

John Rocyan, Serg* Artillery Artificers

Henry Stroop, late Lieut. "

Pennsj/lvania Soldiers cntithd to Dtpreciadon l\nj. 451

James Elliot, Capt. Independent Company

Charles McCarter, late Surg. Fourth Regiment

John Smith, Matross Artillery Artilicers

David Lard, " "

George Cook, " "

Richard Trusted, " «

Philip Dennis, " "

John Spillerhaok, " ".

Andrew Clarke, " "

James Bruce, Corp' "

Baltis Trolet, '' «

"William Vickers, Afatrose "

Malcom McKnight, " "

William Poor, '* «

Reuben Harriott, " "

Da\dd Reimer, " "

Neil ^IcCaffery, " u

Alexander Wright, " "

William Fayser, " «

John Hampton, " "

John Cahill, " «

Thomas Liggot, '* "

Daniel McCloud, " "

Thomas Henrock, " "

John Coats, " . "

Ludwig Streitholf, " «

Jonathan Arnold, " "

John Carty, " "

Ashul Harriott, " "

Andrew Harriott, " *'

Jacob Beck, '* "

John Irvine, Capt. Second Regiment

William Miller, late Capt. Seventh Regiment

Samuel A. McCloskey, Surgeon Artillery Artificers

Alexander Wilson, Corp' "

William Hudson, Matross "

Thomas Engle, " "

452 Ft-rmsylrania Soldiers (viith'd to Depreciation Pay.

Joiiii Dalton, Mftlross Artillery Artificers

John Adams, *' "

Alexander Miller, " "

John Roe, '' i»

Yrilliam Kinnard, '* "

Thomas Hood, " «

Samuel Adams, " "

Jacob Ferguson, " "

John Adams, " "

Peter Stoy, u ■ «

John Seller, " "

Thomas Pembroke, " . "

Jonathan iSTewton, '• »*

William Espie, " »*

James McCIintock, Serg' *'

John Kynaston, Matross "

Daniel Barkmire, " " .

Gershom Padden, " "

Valentine Hoes, " "

Barnabas Bonner, " " .

Joseph Armitage, Corp' "

Jacob Ashmead, late Capt. Second Regiment

George Glentworth, " Sen"" Surgeon Gen. Hosp.

William McCloskey, Surg. Mate Artillery Artificers

Joseph Rice, late Capt. Artillery

Patrick Shaw, '• private Second Regiment

George Z^Torris, Lieut. Artillery Artificers

James Fallon, late Sen^ Surgeon Gen. Hosp.

Samuel Edmuston, " " <'

Matthew Knox, late Capt. Third Regiment

Casper Shane, Corp' Artillery

James Dickinson, Corp'

George Shively, private

William Crawford, late Capt.

Abraham Kinney, " Ensign

George Stevenson, Surgeon's Mate

Edward Graham, late Drairoon
































Pennsulvajiia Soldiers entitled to Dipreciatiofi Fa>/. 45S

David Jackson, late Sen' Surgeon Gen. IIosp.

Daniel Carteret, Matross Artillery Artificers

[Nathaniel Hood,

Angus Wilkinson,

Christian iN'evile,

James Clarke,

James Steel,

"William Kent,

C4eorge Marshall,

William Chet^-yn,

James Da\'is,

John Gilmore,

John Tagg,

Adam Berger,

Jacob Schreder, " "

John Wilson, " "

William Parker, " "

John Bernard, " "

Nicholas Reib, " "

James Higgins, " . •**

William Dickson, " « '

Andrew Hawke, late private German Eegiment

Thomas Murray, " Dragoon Moylan's "

Tobias Hess, " private German "

James Tate, " Surgeon Third "

William Smith, " Sen' Surgeon Gen. Hosp.

James Sproat, D.D., Chaplain "

Thomas Mclntire, Capt. Independent Co.

James Livingston, Lieut. Artillery Artificers

William E. Godfrey, Capt.-Lieut. "

James Bruce, Matross "

Moj/, 1782.

John Sprowls, Lieut. Artillery Artificers
Philip Lower, Serg' Proctor's Artillery
Samuel xsightUnger, filer Eleventh Regiment
James Johnston, Serg* ♦' "

454 Peims^'lvania Soldiers entitled to Depreciation Pay.

John Brown, fifer Eleventh Regiment

Stephen Sin^lowood, Serg' Second "

Nicholas Liitz, Lieut. Col. Flying Camp

Gabriel Blaheney, Lieut. "

Samuel McClellan, Lieut. "

Da\id Owen, private Sixth Regiment

Philip Peter, " First "

James Ryan, " Second "

Joseph Coxe, Lieut. Sixth "

Henry Hambright, Capt. Flying Camp

Charles Cartwright, Matross Artillery Artificers

Cornelius Leary, " "

Patrick McAboy, " "

Samuel Repman, " "

John Conrad Latour, Lieut., John P. Schott's Corps

John Bigham, Lieut. Fit\h Regiment

Jacob Sheppard, private Livalid Regiment

"William Henderson, Pay M' Moylan's Cavalry

Daniel Daley, Dragoon "

• Francis IMiller, Matross Artillery Artificers
David Martin, « "

WiUiam McEwen, <' «

George Thomas, " «

Samuel Allen, " "

John AYalker, " «

Josiah Jenldns, " "

. William Brown, " «

Joseph Thornhill, " "

Israel Thornhill, " "

Robert Thornhill, " "

Benjamin Killbourne, Drum' "

AVilHam Dennig, Serg' "

John King, Trumpeter Moylan's Cavalry
Samuel Xorth, Serg' Artillery Artificers
Andrew Patterson, gunner "

Jonathan Bailey, Matross "

John Harris, Corp' "

Fouisylvama Soldiers entitled to Depreciation Fay, 455

Benjamin Kidd, Matross Ai-tillev Artiticers

John Dayley, " "

Isaac Wall, « «

James Scianton, Serg' -' «

James Hatton, Matross "

Ralph Moore, « "

Abraham Dull, Serg* Col. Moylan's Cavalry

Andrew Beyers, Serg* Malcolm's Regiment

Mathias Ambruster, private Tenth Reg' to Art. Artif.

Adam Speckt, private German Regiment

William Preston, Lt. Jesse Roe's Co. Art. Artif.

"William Wiggins, Matross Artillery Artiticers

Patrick Fox, " «

Andrew Wilson, " «

Joseph Leech, " ««

Jonathan Center, " «

John Boggs, " *<

Daniel Reed, " «

Jacob Hayney, " "

Edward Armstrong, Xinth Regiment

William Shippen, Jr., Med. Direct. General

William Williams, Lieut. Col. Third Regiment

William Cathcart, Surgeon Moylan's Cavalry

George F. Facundus, private German Regiment

Jacob Ernfighter, Matross Artillery Artiticers

Peter Gosner, deed.. Cap' Second Regiment

Patrick Byrne, Corp' Eleventh "

Thomas White, private Second "

John Burnie, Serg' " "

Matthew Scott, Cap' Flpng Camp

Jacob Myers, Serg' Second Regiment

Ezra Patterson, Lieut. Artillery

Joseph Williams, Serg' Major Eleventh Regiment

June, 1782.

Andrew Galbraith, Major FMng Camp
Bernard Ward, Cap' Atlee's Regiment

45G Fenjisi/lvania Soldiers entitled to Depreciation Pay.

Jaccb Nagcl, private Tliird Eegiment

William Shaw, Serg' Eleventh

Daniel Graham, " Third "

John Gordon, private Sixth "

John Hughes, Cap*-Lieut. First "

John lloge, Lieut. Seventh "

Ephraim Hunter, Lieut. Flnng Camp
Robert Vernon, private Second Eegiment
John Fade, '* Sixth

John McGinnis, " Seventh "

Joseph Rowland, Serg' " "

William Courtney, private " "

William Crowley, Matross Artillery Artificers
Nicholas Hofiman, private Tenth Regiment
John iSTevill, Serg' Lamb's Regiment Artillery
Peter Decher, Cap* Fifth Regiment
Hezekiah Davies, Lieut. Flying Camp

Simon Shelleberger

, private



Allen McGlean, ^



Godfrey Rauck,



DaN-id Linton,

drummer Tenth

Patrick Dickinson,

First Art

W^illiam Butler,



Abraliam Creepe,



James Shaw,



Godfrey Creismore



W^illiam Tunks,


Third Regiment

Achilles Parker,




John Hazel hurst,




Alexander Hill,




John Haines,

drummer Third


AVilliam Stewart,




Matthew Richards,




Martin Ashbourne,




John McGill,




Edward Foster,




Michael Conway,




Fenjisi/kania Soldiers cnfitkd fo Depreciation Fay. 457

Edward Erooki^, Corp* Fifth Eegiment '

Philip Shearer, private Second "

George Ingletli, " Fourth "

John Bowdeu, drummer " <'

Christian Gettes, Lieut, prisoner

George Ottenberger, private German Regiment

Jacob Yandcrelice, Serg' Fifth "

Matliias Arrnbruster, private Tenth "

William Dixon, " Third "

John McCreery, " Fifth "

John Buckborough, " " "

John Spade, drummer Artillery

Nicholas Seppreril, private Eleventh Regiment

Frederick Seppreril, " German "

Michael Ferraugh, " " *'

James Deveney, Serg* Fifth "

John Lochry, private '* " "

Elijah BoAvman, Bombardier Artillery

Anthony Donlavey, private Third Regiment ■ '

Edward Lang, " " "

John Dufheld, " " "

John Graham, Matross Artillery Artificers

Henry Ilatton, " "

Henry Bro-um, " "

Christian Shyrock, " "

Philip Hope, private Second Regiment

James Toner, " Third "

Thomas Shields, " *' "

Charles Young, Matross First Regiment Artillery

Gabriel Hungaries, private Tenth "

Joseph Harris, *' Second "

Ferdinand Schwarts, " " "

Wilham Gristock, '' " "

Robert Anderson, "

Abraham Saundere, "

Samuel McClughan, "

Jolm Burges, " Eleventh Regiment

458 Poinsi/Ivania Soldieis entitled to Depreciation Pay.

John McDonnell, Q. M. Scrg' Eleventh Regiment

John Crossen, private Second "

George Miller, " Eleventh "

James Butler, Corp' " "

John Magill, private Invalid "

Ferdinand (Dutch), private Fourth "

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