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When my life is i)ublished, you will all be astonished at the persecu-
tion, I have sufiered — you will wonder I am living — as 1 do myself —
No doubt it is a natural question, why has he not taken bis right station
in Society? the Answer is, there is no other reason on earth, but tiie
infamous, unfounded, Sc lying calumnies of 40 men of great connection.'?
and eminent as Portrait Painters, — there is no other. I have done
no one single thing all my life, I would not desire sifted, exposed A:
known — and yet these men contrive always to insinuate there is o some-
thing — they could if they would, kc. & so on, till any nobleman who
talks to them always goes away with an impression, as if there va-s a
something — and yet I defy any being to prove one thing against my

Was I in debt? — I was — but why? from pursuing a great National
object, without any income. Was not Lawrence ten times more in debt?
but hov:? — because he received 8 or 10,000 a year — so, I am immoral,
from getting into debt without any income to prevent it — an^l Lawrence
is worthy to be President, notwithstanding he was overwhelmed in debt

510 Notes avd Queries.

& yef earned 8,000 a year, beautiful cnn?istoncy — Was not my Jerusa-
lem an evidence I luul not ^cjuandercd my re.-ouroes in De'oaiich.My or
Vice? Was it not an evidence, that if 1 had borrowed, as I liad. I had
made a pro}>er use of my resources? — undoubtedly ; as to borrowing —
1 was jusiitied as I had j>aid oli' every eliilling I incurred duriu'^ the
progress of Solomon— I had established a character for honor ; &
bankers & noblemen ifc the Rich & the Patriotic crowded with their
oflers, so high was their opinion of my talents & my character.

I^t every man who calumniates me iu the Art, siibmit to undergo the
Cvame scrutiny tfc let us see if he will come out with the same innocence —
I am willing to abide by the test — the fact is ; that they saw from the
beginning I was no ordinary person — they saw in my early devotion an
earnest of my future ellbrts — they saw that if I succeeded in forming a
school, or getting the Government to back my etlbrts — they would li
must sink to the mere manufacture of fiices & button holes — thev deter-
miuL'd all along to oppose, to thwart, to ruin me if they could — they
have foiled in the face of the World, before I die, I'll accomjilish that
for which 1 have devoted my whole life — you are tired by this time
but take your ground firmly in my defense — there is no one thing
behind the curtain or before it — I am ashamed of having done — all mv

Lazarus is bought for America too — and though there is nothing in
l^azarus, at least no Woman equal to the Penitent, which is my glory —
yet on the whole it is more equal in Execution & the head of Lazarus
is the most glorious of my conceptions & so will Alston t/tiu/:, he will
tremble as I did, when it was done — and yet how did I plaint this head?
Glory to the Patrons ! — Glory to England ! glory to the humanity of my
countrymen I — I owed a colourman (Smith) £41. — I had paid him
regularly, except the two last years — I begged time — till Lazarus was
done — he promised & he arrested me the next day — Just as I was
beginning the head a Sherili's oflieer entered — Good morning, Mr.
Haydon, I am glad you do not deni/ yourself — Sir Thos. Lawrence nev-r
denies himaelf — you know him — then said I — know him I & Ac knows

me — answered D well, come, it is a pity to disturb you on such a

grand Picture — pass your word of honor to come to me in the evening
ik, I will leave — I did so — & he went — judge of my feelings — my heart
beat, but my hand did not shake, though I was agitated & I c'rawled
about my brush & hit an expression in the eye — from that moment I
got excited— forgot the World, & by three finished the head & have
never touched it since ! In the evening, my df.are>t Mary and I, whose
beautiful head I have repeated twice in the Lazarus, went down with me
and I surrendered myself, in Chancery Lane, old Shipcott, the olficer's
name, said Why Mr. Ilaydon, you have painted a head that has fright-
ened my man out of his senses (the man had called in the meantime) —
you have behaved as you ought — I should be ashanu-d to detain such a
man, go to your faniily and get it settled as soon as you can — to com-
plete the Satire Bev:i<h. my pupil — sat for the head — as I was painting
hira, I sav,' the tears trickling over his cheeks — What's the matter, said
I, he acknowledged he had had no meat for several days — I was dread-
fully affi?cted — I a-sked him to dine — and he eat voraciously — this
Bewi-h the Academy refused admission as a Student because he could
not draw, when he drew exquisitely — Goethe bought one of his fine
drawings — and yet when Lawrence wanted a youth to go to Eome to

Xoi€3 and Queries. 511

copy 6ome of Michel Aiigelo's Prophets who do you think he chose as
the vwd fitf jRetcish; who had been refused because he could not
dravr. I'll turn them in?ide out before the world bye and bye ?o efleot-
ually that no English Academician shall be met on Earth without a
sneer. Take care of my great works as they come over, for God's sake,
for all will come, I hope — if they could ail be hung tnirether in one
gallery ray glory would be complete — my dying breath will be a blessing
on America for giving them a refuge. — as soon as T ascertain where the
proprietor of Solomon is — you shall know the price — Kind Remem-
brances to Allston who just escaped a Prison in Tunis.

B. R. Havdox

I shall be happy to see you — I am now hard at work on two grand
pictures connected with Reform— one for Birmingham of the thanks-
giving in the presence of thousands — the other — the Commemoration at
Guildhall for Lord Grey — my prospects are better than they have been
for vears.

B. R. Haydon

I sent a long letter to ]\Ir. Inman by Messrs Everett — my kindest
comp'ts to him. I thank him heartily for his high praise.


Mabury. — Information is desired of the parentage of Richard Mabury,
who was born about 1772 near Bloomsbury, Xew Jersey; also as to his
brothers and sisters. He served with his cousin. Lieutenant Samuel
Mabury, under General "Wayne in Ohio. Married in 1.S03 Eliza M'oods,
daughter of .Tohii Woods, of Woods Run, near Allegheny. He had a
brother Reuben, who went to sea and was never heard from, and a
sister Rachel, who married a Mr. McCormick, living on Mills Cr.-ek,
twelve miles from Zunesville, Ohio. Richard Maybury died about 1827
while on a visit to his sister, ^Mrs. McCormick, and is buried there.

Any one knowing the location of his grave or any facts about said
Richard will confer a favor by addressing

Mks. E. Caksox.
San Jos£, California.


Provixcial Troops ix Xorthamptox Couxty, 1755-1756. —
Replying to two correspondents, who are locating the positions of the
Provincial troops in Northampton County between November 2G, 1755,
and P'ebruary 20, 1756, the diaries of the Moravian Church at Nazareth
mention the following billeted there : Captain Laubach's Saucon Foingers,
and the companies of Captains Solomon Jennings, Doll, Craig, Trump,
Ashton, and Isaac Wayne. — Ed. Pkxx'a. Mag.

S3ooh "Roticcs.

The Alasko-Caxadiax Eroxtier. By Thomas Willing Balch, A. B.

(Harvard). Philadelphia, Allen, Lane & Scott, 1903. 8vo. 45

To collect the material upon which this book is based the author
travelled as far west as Alaska and as far eiist a.s St. Petersburg. Besides
presenting a very full account of all the early negotiations preceding the

512 Notes and Q'/crics.

Anglo-Ivussian Treaty of 1S2">, tlie author relates the >ub>eqiient otTicial
acts of tl.e various iutore.-ted governmont.s and the purchase of Ahiska
by the. United State?. He al^o gives the inttrnational law governing
the ca^e, and rei>rodiu-tioiis of twenty-eight maj>s. some of them very
rare, which he collected in diiferent countries. At the end of the in-
troductory note the author says, —

" This work was undertaken with the jnirpose of placing in a concise
form bet'ore the American people the fact^ involved in this ca.-c. And I
hope that every good American will take a real interest in not seeing
this question settled in the dark and will lend a hand in waking up the
American people to what is going on. For the question is well summed
up in the words of Count Xes-elrode : 'Thus we wi~h to retain, and the
English companies wish to acquire.' "

The lIisTOKY of the Tr.E>rAx. Teemaine, Trumax Family ix
America ; avith the Related Families of :Mack, Day,
IJOARD, AXD Ayres. Bv Ebeuezer Mack Treman and Murrav
Edward Puole. Ithaca, Xew York, 1901. 2 vols., Svo. Pp. :il29.
These monumental volumes, giving the history of live Continental
families, is the result of the researches begun by Elienezer 31. Treman
and successfully completed by the genealogist Murray E. Poole. The
Tremans, of Norman stock, are traced from Jrjseph Truman, who settled
in New Loudon, Connecticut, It36t5 ; John Mack, of Lyme, Connecticut,
16S0 ; Pvichard Day, of the city of New York, 1041 ; Cornelius Board,
of Boardville, New Jersey, 1730 ; and John Ayer, of Newbury, Massa-
chusetts, 1035. Upwards of one hundred portraits and views and illu-
minated coats of arms give interest to the text. Among their descend-
ants may be mentioned lifteen hundred college graduate-, a Vice-President
of the United States, Cabinet officers, Supreme Court justices, ministers
to foreign countries, United States Senators, Governors of States, artists,
poets, divines, lawyers, and soldiers of the Colonial, Kevolutionary, and
Civil Wars. The work has been prepared faithfully and accurately, the
typography is good, and a ven.- full index will aid all who con-^ult its

Officers of the Historical Societi/ of Pe/iij.'fi/lvania. 513





Hox. Samuel Whitaker PEXxypACKER.

honorary v i c e - p r e s i d e x t.
Hon. Craig Biddle.

Henry Charles Lea, William Brooke Kawle,

Hon. James T. Mitchell, George Harrison Fisher,

Hon. Charlemagne Tower, Hon. Hampton L. Carson.

recording secretary.
Thomas Willing Balch.

corresponding secretary.
John Bach McMaster,

Francis Howard Williams.

Richard McCall Cadwalader.
VOL. xxvrr. — 33

514 Ojiiccrs of the Jlistorical Sockty of I\')insyh'a)iia.

C U K A T O R.

Gregory B. Keen.

L I B R A R I A X.

Jonx "\V. Jordan.


J. Granville Leach.


John C. Browne, Effingham B. Morris,

AViLLiAM G. Thomas, William Drayton,

John B. Gest, Hon. William Potter,

William TI. Lambert, Samuel Castner, Jr.,

Charles Morton Smith, John F. Lewis,

Simon Gratz, Edwaiid Eobins.

The Council of the Society is composed of the President, Vice-
Presidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer,
Auditor, and the twelve Councillors. Hon. James T. :Mitchell is Presi-
dent and Gregory B. Keen is Secretary of the Council.

trustees of the publication fund.

Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, Hon. James T. ^Iitchell,

Simon Gratz,

(John W. Jord.^-^, Editor of Publications.)

trustees of the binding fund.

Hon. S. W. Penn^ypacker, Hon. James T. Mitchell,

Simon Gratz.

OtficiTS of the IJi^hriccd Society of J''ennsi/Ivanm. 515


Hon. 8. AV. PENNYrACKEU, Johx Bach McMastei:,

GREGorv B. Keex.

trustees of the gilpin library.
Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, George Harrison Fisher,

William Brooke Eawle, Henry Charles Lea,

Simon Gratz.

trustees of the endowment fund and
miscellaneous funds.

Hon. S. W. Fenny packer, Hon. Hampton L. Carson,

EiCHARD M. Cadwalader.

trustees of the ferdinand j. dreer col-
lection of manuscripts.

Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, William Brooke Rawle,

Hon. Hampton L. Carson, Gregory B. Keen,

Edwin Greble Dreer.

trustees of the i'ennsylvania historical
study encouragement fund.

Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, William Brooke Rawle,

Gregory B. Keen.


Hon. S. W. Pennypacker, William Brooke PwAwle

John F. Lewis.

51G Ojficers of tlui Historical Socu^'t/ of Pcnnsi/lcania.


January 11, 1904. May 9, 1904.

March 14, 1901. November 14, 1904.

January 9, 1905.

Armual membeniliip . . . . . . $5.00

Life membership . . . . . .50.00

Publication Fund, life subscription . . . 25.00
Pennsylvania Magazine, per annum (to non -sub-
scribers to the Publication Fund) , . ,3.00

Paymeute may be made to the Curator at the Hall, 1300 Locust
Street, or to the Collector.


(Family snniamesof Taluc in pcnealodcal research are priiitc-^i in CAPITALS; names of
places in ito'ics.)

Abbot, John, 342
Abercrombie, Kev. James, 54, 294
Abraham, John, 213
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Xorth America, 17C7, by, translated
by Joseph G. Rosengarten, 1
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108; speaks of superstitious ven-
eration of Washinctoa, 140 ; men-
tioned, 51, 132, 134, 13S, 140, 141
Adams, Samuel, 131
Aibanit. 405

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American army, disorders In, 147 ; at

Valley Forge, 148
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personal references to some mem-
bers, by Joseph G. Rosengarten,
329; membership in, 332; gifts of
Benjamin Franklin to, 332 ; gifts
to, 333 ; distinguished members of,
329, 333. 334
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lin, 158
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chased of, 472
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! Binney, Dr. Barnabas, 443
Biographical Sketch of William Henry,
of Lancaster County Pennsylvania,
Bird, Walter, 340
Black, William, 340

Blackfan, William, Jr., and Esther
! Dawson, marriage certificate of. 111



Itlackshaw, Randal, 223

Itlake, Edwnrd, 227

liiiss, Capt. Thomas Theodore, 405

15.;ud. Dr. i'hinoas. 272

Dond, Dr. Thomas, 272

r.ook Notires, 127, 256, 3S1, 511

r.ouuinot, Elias, Conituissioner for the

eschango of piisouers, 140
P.oyleston, Dr. Zabdiel, 2G5
Bradford, Andrew, 470, 477
Bratuhjicinc, losses at battle of. 124,

Bianford, 2">7
Hrant, Zachariah, 49
rraston. Carter, 143
Jirock, Samuel, 55
Breintnall, Joseph, secretary of the

Library Company of Philadelphia,

Brevet rank conferred by Congress on

officers in the Continental Line. !

1783, 385-387, 3112-394 ; re^iuisites

for. 3S7
r>rock, John, 219
Brock. Ralph, 219
BRODHEAD, Daniel, 44G
BRODHEAD. Elizabeth, 44i)
BRODHEAD, Luke, 446
BRODHEAD. Luke \YilIs. 446
Brodhead, Daniel, settles in Pennsyl- '

vania in 1738, 44G ; justice of the!

peace, 1747, 440; dies in Bethle- !

hem, 447 j

Brodhead, Gen. Daniei, 50, 403 ; Col., j

3SS j

Brodhead, Luke, military record of, :

447 I

Brodhead, Luke Wills, Biographical '

Sketch of, 440 ; published writings

of, 447, 448 ; member of literary !

and scientific societies, 448 i

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Franklin, 162 j

lirookli/fi, 257 I

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tor of Trinity Church, Oxford, 279,

280, 285, 2S9, 291, 293. 294
Buckingham, Penna., meeting-house at

BUCKMAN, Ruth, 341
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BUNTING, Samuel, 341
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Bunting, Samuel, 340, 341, 342, 343
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Burd, Edward, 50

Burgess, Samuel, 225

litirlingtoji, Xcw Jtrseu, yearly moot-
ing at. sends out testimony against
George Keith. 223 ; women friends
of. protest against fashionable wear-
ing apparel. 5U0 ; mentioned, 340

Burnside, Judge James, to Moore Fur-
man, 120

Burnyeat. John. 213

Burr. Aaron, conspiracy of, 50 ; to
Col. Jonathan Rliea, 50 ; and Col.
Duplester arrive at llorganza, 57 ;
intimacy of, with Col. George Mor-
gan, 57

Butler, Richard, Col., 3SS ; Gen., 403

Butler. Col. William, 406, 407, 408,
410, 412

Eyles, Charles, 21T

Cabeen, Francis von A., Society of the
Sons of St. Tammany of Philadel-
phia, by, 29
CADWALADER, Hannah, 263
CADWALADER. John. 203, 269
CADWALADER, Martha, 203
CADWALADER, Thomas. 203, 264,

Cadwalader, Dr. Charles E., 263
Cadwalader, John, sketch of, 263
Cadwalader, Gen. John, signs " Non-
Importation Articles," 275 ; men-
tioned, 57. 401
Cadwalader, Col. Lambert, signs " Non-
Importation Articles," 275 ; cap-
tured at Fort Washington, 276
Cadwalader, Dr. Thomas, Sketch of the
Life of, by Charles Wiuslow Dulle?,
M.D., 262 ; associated with Frank-
lin in founding the Philadelphia
Library, 205. 266; director of Phila-
delphia Library, 206 ; teacher of
anatomy, 260 ; a Freemason, 267,
268 ; removes to Trenton, 2GS ;
holds public offices in New Jersey,
268, 209 ; mansion of. in Philadel-
phia, 269 ; performs an autopsy and
publishes an essay, 269, 270, 271 ;
returns to Philadelphia, 272 ; sells
lands in New Jersey, 272 ; trustee
of the Academy, 273 ; member of
sclentiflc societies, 275, 276 ; ser-
vices during Revolution, 276 ; dies
at Trenton, 277 ; tribute by Dr.
John Redman, 277, 278 ; mentioned,
Callender, William, 476, 477, 478, 479
Callowhtll, Anna, William Penn to,

Callowhlll, Hannah, William Penn to,



CaUowhill, Thomas, 206, 300. 503.

CaKert, Thoiuas, 477

Cuna'hiragiia, or Schii>ilcr's Lake, 100

Caur.ilcsOfjo. 120

Car.ajoltaiyc, 40G

Con-nrago, 40G

Canby, Thomas, house of, burned, 220

Cannahninta. 412

Carmalt, Caleb, 477

Carmalt, Jonatlian, 47G, 477

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the Diary of, 177S-70 ; 507 j

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Carriagos our ancestors rode in, with |
the names of owners. 373, 574 |

CasweU. Richard, 396

Catherine's Toicn, 418. 419

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Cai/iirju Lake, 420

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I'ennn., Genealogical Xotes of, 112

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Friends. 341 i

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house at, 342

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Child, Col. Cephas G., Benjamin R.
Ilaydon to, 509

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Church, Maj. Richard, 396

Church of Our Saviour, Jenkintown,

Cileg [Cilley], Col. Joseph, 417

Cilley. Col. Joseph, 417

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Ciark. Bi-njamin, 344

Clark, Thomas, Col., 394 ; Gen.. 403

Clark, William, 477

Clarkson. Mathew, 52

Clayton. Rev. Thomas, 280
, Clifford, Thomas, 476, 477, 479,

Clinton, Gov. George, appoints Com-
missioners to meet Indians at Al-
bany, 1745. 20 : receives advices
from Commissioners of Indian Af-
fairs, 20

Clinton, Gen. George. 399, 401

Clinton, Gen. James, 399, 400, 414,

Clubb, Rr-v. Joiin. mis.iionary of Trin-
ity Church, Oxfufd, and Radnor, I
286, 287 '

Coaches. landaus, chariots, and four-
wheel chaises In I'hiladelphia In
1761. with a list of their owners.

Cuates, Sarauel. 477, 4S1

Coates. Wlliiam. death of, 47

Cobb. I.t.-Col. Pavid, 396

Cochrane. Maj. Robert, 410

Coleman, Capt. John, U. S. schooner
" Perry," makes captures, 248

College of I'hiladelphla. 331

Colonies, constitiitions of, according
to original grunts, 7-11 ; religion
in, 11, 12; currency in, 16, 17; in-
dustries lu, 12-14 ; shipping in, 16

Columbian Order, 40, 42, 46

Compton. Bishop Henry, licenses
American clergymen, 281, 282, 2S6 ;
relations of, with William Penn, 282

Condoy, 420

Congress confers brevet rank on oQ-
cers in the Continental Line, 1783,
3S5-3S7, 392-394

Cnnnecticut, 129, 137

Conway, Gen. Thomas, 57, 398, 402


Cook, Arthur. 221, 222

Core Creek, 217

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("orry, William, 476, 477

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COX. Richard, 505

Cos, John, Jr., 87

Cox. Col. John, 443

Cose. Tench, 50

Craig. Col. Thomas, 396. 445

Ciaij's Tavern, lUtcks County, Peii.ta.,

Crane, John, Col., 3SS ; Gen., 403

Cranor, Henry Downes, The Taking
Over of the N'icholites by the
Friends, by, 76

Cremen, Elijah, 79

Cross-xceeks-ung, 340

Cros^icicks, Xew Jersey, Friends and
their Meetlng-IIouses at, 340; Eiit-
Ish troops attempt to cross bridge
at, 345

Crow. Robert, 123

Cruckshank, Alexander, 476, 477

Crukshank, Joseph, 50

Culp, Mathias, 479

Curtin, Gov. Andrew, Abraham Lin-
coln to, 62

Darch. Samuel, death of, extract from
letter of James Pembertoa Parke,

Davenport, Francis, 340, 341, 342, 343



I Elbert, Gen. Samuel. 403
Eldrldge, Obadiah, 476. 477

Davenport s Ciossino. 340
Davis, Benjamin, 4Su
Davis, Gen. W. W. n., 2-J6 j Elfreth. Jeremiah, 477

Dawson, Esther, marriage certificate i FUzaiethtccn, 257
of Wiliiaia Blackfan, Jr., and. 111. i Ellis, Mar^-aret R., 343


Daytoa, Gen. Ellas, 402

Darcon, Dr. , 441

DEAX, 127

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Deboin [Dubois], Col. Lewis, 407,

Emlen, Caleb, 53
I Emmanuel Church. Holmcsburc, 295
I Ephrata, 412
I ESTES, Elizabeth, 223
j ESTES, BicLard, 223
I Evans, Anne, 53

! Evans, David, Escerjits from the Day-
1 Books of, 40 ; meniioned. 51
■ Evans, Eleanor, 53
40S; Evans, Evan, 53, 54

De Borre, Chevalier De Preudhomme, Evans, Rev. Evan, writes to the " S.


De Haas, Gen. Johu Philip, 50, 399,

De Kalb, Gen. John, Baron, 398

Depreciation Pay, payments by John
Nicholson for, US, 119; Penusyl-
Tania Soldiers of the Revolution en-
titled to, 449

Deshler, David, 476, 477

DE VINXEY, Elizabeth, 91

DE YINXEY, Hugh, 91

DE VINNEY, Mary A., 91



Dickinson, Gen. Edmund B., American

troops under, attack British at Fairfield, 2
Crosswicks, 345

Dickinson, John, to Rev
Peters, 501

Dominica, Letter of Attorney from, to
M. O'Brien, 252

Douglas, William, 1, 4

Doylestoicn, 215

Drayton, Jacob, 54

Drinker, Henry, 87

Dubois, Ccl. Lewis, 407, 408

Du Coudray, Gen. Philippe, 398

Duer, Joseph, 344

P. G." regarding Trinity Church,

Oxford, 280 ; sent to Philadelphia,

283 ; minister of Christ Church.

Philadelphia, 2S5, 2SG ; Oxford and

Radnor, 2SS
Evans, John, 53"
Evans, Lewis, 25
Evan.s, Rebecca, 53
Evans. Sally, 53
Evitts, Soth Hill, 76 '
Ewing, Dr. John, 51
Excerpts from the Day-Eooks of David

Evans, Cabinet-maker, Philadelphia,


. Falkner, Hannah, 215, 216
Richard Fallon, Dr. James, 444, 445

Falls Meeting, Thomas Janney gives

lot for burial-ground to, 217
I'arnsworth, John, 343
Febiger, Christian, Col., 354 ; Gen.,

Febiger, Christian C, 394
Fellowship Fire Company of Philadel-
phia, by John W. Jordan, 472 ; or-
ganization of, 473 ; constitution of,

Dulles, Charles Winslow, M.D., Sketch ; Fermoy, Chevalier Matthias Alexis de
of the Life of Dr. Thomas Cadwala- j Roche, 401
der, by, 262 ; Finley, Dr. Samuel. 441


Dunkertoicn [Ephrata
DUN LAP, 381
DUNLAP, Mary. 506

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