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on hospital expenses. ... By Williani P. C. Barton. Washing-
ton, 1S43, 4°, pp. viii + SO. : ;^ , v v:.

Brief sketch of the plan and advantages of a sectional float-
ing Dry Dock, combined with a permanent stone basin and
platform &c., for the United States Xavy. N. Y., 1844, 8°, pp. 32.

The Navy. Hints on the Re-organization of the Navy. . . .
N. Y., 1845^8"', pp. 71.

Xaval. Examination of "A Reply to 'Hints on the Re-
organization of the Xavy.' " N. Y., 1845, 8°. pp. 38.

E^say on Flogging in the Navy. . . . N. Y., 1849, 8°, pp. 56.

A few practical Reflections on the Grog Ration of the U. S.
Navy. By an old Officer of that service. N. p., 1849, 8°, pp. 16.

.N'aval. A brief liistory of an existing Controversy on the sub-
ject of assimilated Rank in the Xavy of the U. S. By W. S.
W. H. Phila., 1850, 8°, pp. 108.

A Glance at the Re-organization of the Xavy of the U. S. . . .
Compiled in the busy moments of a late Lieutenant. Wash.,
1S55, S^ pp. iv + 17.

-.•.•,:::<;■,,• .iiu/li'vi' i ■<; <^'''

The Executive Power of Removal ; with especial reference to
military and Xaval Officers. Wash., 1856, 8°, pp. 62.

Vi.>*itation and Search ; or. An historical sketch of the British
Claim to exercise a maritime Police over the vessels of all na-
tion?*, in peace as well as in war, with an enquiry into the expe-
diency of terminating the eighth article of the Ashburton
Treaty. By William Beach Lawrence. Boston, 1858, 8°, pp.

Awimilated Rank in the Xavy : its injurious operation. N. p.,
n. d., 8^ pp. II.

Description of the Xaval Automaton, invented by J. A. Etzler,
and patented in America and Europe. Phila., n. d., 12°, pp. 16.

-I'v^ar ^s-^j;-'\ '\i. v- ■

''1 ■ti'i 'to noi)£.s;(iW'S"t"'-i>n •.'(■''■> f:

Selected List of Naval Matter. 69

Cruises &c, 1815-1860.

(With Brief of Title to PWladelphia Navy Yard : 1875.)
Two years and a half in the Navy ; or, Journal of a Cruise in
the Mediterranean and Levant on board of the U.S. frigate
Constellation : 1829-1831. By E. C. Wines. Phila., 1832, 12°, 2

Synopsis of the Cruise of the U. S. Exploring Expedition :
1838-1842. By Charles Wilkes. Delivered before the National
Institute: June 20, 1842. Wash., 1842, 8°, pp. 56.

The Flag Ship ; or, A Voyage around the World, in the U. S.
frigate Columbia; attended by her consort the sloop of war
General Adams, and bearing the broad pennant of Commodore
George C. Read. By Fitch W. Taylor. N. Y., 1840, 12°, 2 vols.,
pp. 388 + 406.

Journal of the Cruise of the U. S. ship Ohio, Isaac Hull com-
mander, in the Mediterranean : 1839-1841. By F. P. Torrey.
Boston, 1841, 24°, pp. 120.

Account of the late attempt at Mutiny, on board the TJ. S. brig
Somers. . . . Boston, 1842, 8°, pp. 24.

Mutiny of the Somers. (Two pamphlets : N. Y. 1843.)

The Cruise of the Somers : illustrative of the Despotism of
the quarter deck ; and of the unmanly conduct of Commander
Mackenzie. N. Y., 1844, pp. 102, 12°.

The Navy's Friend ; or, Eeminiscences of the Navy ; contain-
ing Memoirs of a Cruise in the U. S. schooner Enterprise. By
Tiphys Aegj-ptus. Boston, 1843, 8°, pp. 45.

Narrative of the last Cruise of the U. S. steam frigate Mis-
souri, and of the conflagration at Gibraltar. By William Bolton.
N. Y., 1844, .8°, pp. 31.

Bombardement et entiere destruction de Grey-town par les
forces navales des Etats-Unis d'Amerique: le 13 juillet, 1854.
Recueil A. Paris, 1856, 8°, pp. 65 -f 1. (Par Philippe-Auguste de


Selected List of Naval Mailer,

Abstract of title to tract of land situate ia the First Ward of
Philadelphia, belonging to the United States of America, and
known as the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Phila., 1875, 8°, pp. 73.

CouKTs Martial, Personai. Yindications, kc.
(Alphabetical, under Defendants.)


Date of Trial,


Abbott, Joel

B. 1822

Baldwin, Aug. S.


W. 1857

Ballard, Hy. E.


P., n. d.

Barron, Jaraes


W. 1822

« et al.

■■■' V 1808

K p. 1822

Bartlett, Wash. A.

■ - * ' 1857

K Y. 1857 ;■

Bier, G. H.

'; ' 1851

X. Y. 1851 \-,

Binney, Amos

B. 1822

Coxe, J. Pv.


P. 1834

Elliott, Jesse D., and 0. H. Perry : 1821

B. 1834

" " Charges

1 against, by Barton

X. p. 1839

" " Defence


K p., n. d. -

« " Speech i

at Hagerstown 1843

P. 1844

Fleming, Charles E.

, ^^^^

P. 1857

Hall, John P.

"'■ _•■ '■ :• ''■■ U

W., n. d.

Hull, Isaac

• fv^'.^r. jg22

W. 1822

Inman, W"

W., n. d.

Latimer, W" K.

_ ,:._;,., ... 1857

W. 1857

Lindsay, Geo. F.

"'.. ■/'"" \' 1841

P. 1842

Long, Andrew K.

Carlisle, 1857

Mackenzie, Alex. S.

N. Y. 1844

Maffitt, J. N.

B. 1857

Mercer, W. K.

.f". y.:vy . '-■* '.(* ■>•?■'•'

Leesburg, 1857

Morris, Commodore

/. • \:;t ^:vvy•.r.• I

N. Y. 1804

Parker, Foxhall A.

P., n. d.

Phillips, Isaac


B. 1825

Porter, David


W. 1825

(4 pamphlets, ranging from pp. 50 to

pp. 580.)

Riell, Eobert B.


W. 1857

Ritchie, Eobert


P. 1857

Shaw, Thompson D.


W. 1857

Yoorhees, Philip F.


W. 1845

Wager, Peter


W. 1857

Wilkes, Charles

N. p., u. d.

Selected List of JSaml Matter. 71


Destruction of the Augusta [on the River Delaware: 1777. Oil
painting. Also small prints of the same.]

Combat memorable entre le Pearson et Paul Jones, done [sic] le
22 7bre, 1779, le Gapitaine Pearson comendant le Serapis et
Paul Jones commandant le Bon home Richart, et son Esca-
dre. Augsboui-g, [1780?] (Title repeated in German).
Richard Paton pinxit : Lugduni. Grave par Balth, Frede-
ric Loizel. [Colored].

The Engagement of Captain Pearson in His ^lajesty's ship
Serapis, with Paul Jones of the American ship of war
called the Bon Homme Richard: in which action the for-
mer was taken, while the Countess of Scarborough was
aljio captured by the Pallas frigate. Drawn by Hamilton.
Engraved by R. Collier. !N". p., n. d., small folio.

[MS. title.]

Philadelphia. Printed in the year of our Lord 1785. 8'^.
[Frigates. Etching made from old plate.]

Burning of the Frigate Philadelphia ia the harbour of Tripoli,
Feb. 16, 1804, by 70 gallant tars of Columbia commanded
by Lieut. Decatur. [Colored print.]

[MS. title.]

Free Pass of tributarj' Spain to secure her ships from capture

by the Corsairs of the Barbary Powers. Used until about

1820. No. 172.

[MS. title.]

Free Pass of tributary Naples to secure her ships from capture

by the Corsairs of the Barbarv Powera. Used until about-

1820. No. 181.

Ship Zulema, Daniel M^an, owner, of Philadelphia. Captured by
the French in 1807. Recaptured by the English, and taken
to Plymouth. [Painting.]

Representation of the U. S. Frigate Constitution, Lsaac Hull
commander, capturing H. B. M. Frigate Guerriere, James R.
Dacres commander. Painted by T. BLrch. Engraved by
C. Tiebout. Inscribed to Isaac Hull by James Webster.

72 Selected List of Kaval Matter.

Signal X.ival Victory achieved by Captain Hull, of the U.S.
frigate Constitution, over H. B. Majesty's frigate Guerriere,
Captain Dacres : August 19, 1S12. Designed, engraved and
published by AV. Strickland and W. Kneass, Philadelphia,
September 21, 1812, 4°.

Explosion of the British Frigate Guerriere. James R. Dacres, Cap-
tain, and rescue of the prisoners, &c., the day after her cap-
ture by the U. S. frigate Constitution, Isaac Hull com-
mander: August 20, 1812. Philadelphia, 1818, 4°. [Colored
engraving.] *

The U. S. Frigate Constitution getting under way with reefed
topsails. Engraved and published by J. Thackai-a and Son,
Philadelphia, n. d., S°. , ,. r

[MS. title in handwriting of Geo. Hy. Preble.]

U. S. Frigate Constitution at Philadelphia Xavy Yard: 1874.
Presented by Commodore Preble : Dec, 1874. [Quarto pho-

[MS. title in handwriting of Geo. Hy. Preble.]

U. S. Frigate Constitution Figure Head, Philadelphia Xavy Yard :

1874. G. H. P. Presented by Commodore Preble, TJ. S. N. :

December, 1874. [Quarto photog.]

[MS. title.]

•* Constitution," as docked : January- 13. 1874. [Folio photograph.]

[MS. title.] Hauling out the "Constitution:" March, 1874:
Navy Yard, Philadelphia. 4". (Photo.)

PeiTy's Victory on Lake Erie: Sept. 10, 1813. By Thomas
Birch. [Painting.]

United States and Macedonian. Painted by T. Birch. Engraved
by B. Tanner.

Macdonough's Victory on Lake Charaplain, and defeat of the
British army at Plattsburg by John Macomb, Sept. 11,
1814. Painted by H. Eeinagle. Engraved by B. Tanner.
Published, July 4, 1816, by B. Tanner, engraver, Xo. 74 South
Eighth Street, Philadelphia. Entered according to Act of
Congress, May 22, 1816, by Benjamin Tanner of the State of
Pennsylvania. Printed by Pogers and Esler.

'W.I..-.M -/H r,..;)

Selected List of ]Sa}:al Matter. 73

Launch of the gteam Frigate Fulton the first, at New York : Oct.
29, 1814. Drawn by J. J. Barralct, from a sketch by . . .
Morgan, taken on the spot. B. Tanner direx'. Philadel-
phia, 1819, 4°. [Colored print.]

View of the line of battle-ship Pennsylvania, the largest vessel in
the world. Designed and lithographed for the Philadelphia
Saturday Chronicle, by A. HotTy, Xo. 41, Chestnut St.,

Y^ Philadelphia. From a sketch by C. C. Barton, U. S. N.

With description. Launched in 1837. Philadelphia, n. d.,

T:. folio.

The Island of Lobos : Eendezvous of the L^. S. Army under Gen-
eral Scott, previous to the attack on Vera Cruz: Feb. 9,
1847. Drawn on the spot by Lieut. C. C. Barton, U. S. X.
Phila., 1847, fol. On stone by H. Dacre. P. S. Duval, lith.

Landing of the U. S. Army under General Scott, on the beach
near Vera Cruz : March 9, 1847. Drawn on the spot by
L' Charles C. Barton, U. S. N. Phila., 1847, fol. On stone
by H. Dacre. P. S. Duval, lith.

Landing of Troops on the 9th, and Bombardment of Vera Cruz,
on March 22-25, 1847. Copied by H. L. Edwards, from a
draft dra^Ti by order of Lieut.-Col. H. Wilson. Phila.,
1847, fol.

The U. S. Naval Battery during the Bombardment of Vera Cruz :
March 24 and 25, 1847. N. Y., 1848, fol. (With positions
of Perry's Officers.) Naval Portfolio, No. 8.

[MS. title.]

Photograph of U. S. S. Benton, Eear Admiral Porter's flag-
ehip, Mississippi squadron, taken at Vicksburg after the sur-
render : July 4, 1863. Hit by the enemy 13 times while
running the blockade. Presented to the Historical Society
of Pennsylvania by Frank H. Vader, Ord. Seaman : July 16,

XMS. title.]

"Terror": 1874. [Turret-ship.] 4°. (Photo.)

74 Selected List of Naval Matter.

[MS. title.]

Photograph of the Indiana, sent for the relief of the Rus-
sians: Feb. 1892. Photographed by W. H. Richardson,
227 S. Sixth St., Philadelphia.

Miscellaneous photoi^raphs and drawings of buildings in the
Philadelphia Xavj Yard.

Nichobs Biddle: 1750-1777. [Painting.]

Portrait of Captain Isaac Hull, U. S. Navy, (with picture ot
battle between Constitution and Guerriere). Phila., 1813, folio.
Gilbert Stuart pinxit. Vignette from an original drawing under
direction of Capt. Hull.

John Paul Jones, commander of a squadron in the service of
the thirteen United States of North America, 1779. N. p., n. d.,
folio, [Engraving framed.]

Admiral George Read. [Painting.] . ^, .,,^.,.;..' ■•


Barton. — ilS. Memoranda of a Cruise in the U. S. sloop of war
Hornet to the West Indies : 1826-1827. By Charles Crillon
Barton. 4*.

MS. Jotirnal of a Ciniise made on the coast of Brazil, 1828-
1829, in the U.S. sloop of war Vandalia. Kept by Charles
Crillon Barton. 4°.

ilS. Journal of a Cruise on the frigate Hudson : 1830. By
Charles Crillon Barton. 4°.

MS. Journal of a Cruise on the U. S. ship Vandalia : 1830. By
Charles Crillon Barton. 4°.

Orally.— A Year's Experience on the " Keystone State." By D.
W. Grafly. 12°.

ie^U'/.— MS. Orderly Books of George C. Read : 1838-1840 : U. vS.
frigate Columbia. 4°.

'^* ''^''"' Selected List of Naval iMattej', , /. 75

Private Journal of a Cruise commenced by George C. Read,
commanding the East India squadron, consisting of the
J frigate Columbia and the sloop John Adams. 4°.

MS. Xotes and Remarks on sundry topics, chiefly on frigates,
ships, &c. By George C. Read. 4°.

Anonymous. — MS. Journal of the U. S. Frigate Congress : 1823. 4°.

The Foundered Ship: Lines occasioned by the supposed and
too probable Loss of the U. S. Ship Hornet. 8", pp. 3.


The Attack and Defeat of the American Fleet under Benedict
Arnold, by the King's Fleet commanded by Captain Thomas
Pringle, upon Lake Champlain : Oct. 11, 1776. From a
•' sketch taken by an officer on the spot. Engraved by
William Faden, Charing Cross. London, 1776, fol. [With
lists of vessels and comments.]

Plan of the Attack on Plattsburgh by General Sir George Pre-
vost and Captain Downie of the Navy, From a drawing by
Brigadier-General Macomb. N. p., n. d.

Plan of the U. S. Xavy Yard, League Island, Philadelphia.
N. p., 1873, fol.

Plan of the U. S. Xavy Yard, in Philadelphia. By Charles S.
Close, 'Phila., 1875, large fol.

76 The. Taking Ocrr of the Nicholites by the Friends.


r . ,. ..(.'", BY HENRY DOWNES CRANOR. -.

As a sect the Nieholites, who acquired their name from
their leader, Joseph !N'ichols, were pecuhar to Carohne
County, Maryland, but in the records we have seen they
style themselves " Friends or Quakers." The great simi-
larity which existed between Friends and the Nicholites in
regard to religious doctrines, disciplinary regulations, and
social customs was obvious to all, and to none more than

James Harris, a worthy and influential minister among
them, was deeply interested and labored for years to effect
a union ^\^th Friends. The proposition was repeatedly con-
sidered in their meetings, but still there were some who
would not unite. Finally, the number having become small,
it was proposed that such as were prepared to join with
Friends had better do so, which might prove a benefit to
those who remained by leading them to a closer examina-
tion of their own situation. A minute was accordingly
made and a committee appointed to lay their application
before Friends, as follows :

To the Members of Thirdhaven Monthly Meeting to be held the 12th
of the tenth month 1797 : We the people called Nicholites herein pre-
sent to your view and serious consideration the names of these that
incline to unite with you in membership piere follow one hundred and
BLX names] . Given forth from Centre Monthly Meeting of the people
called Nicholites held the 30th day of ninth month 1797.

The ibove paper and names being read in the Monthly ^Meeting and
some time spent in the consideration thereof, the Meeting agreed on
appointing a Committee to take an opportunity with them in a col-
lective capacity and treat the matter with them, as way open let, as to
grounds of their request, and report of their situation and state of unity
in regard thereof to our next meeting.

(Signed) Seth Hill Evitts, Clerk.

■!\ -A', \f_\ 4t,^«V'i^-.:4 ^Ai

p;"' id ^.aTIJ^'

J^'■' /.Vfi - .'.V.^'/,yi.

;'!' tJTOnX ■ i'O.T VT Oi'i; .lio Ctt >iji/or/!o i;;;

ino;;:': -u.L!,.;,xi i.?n:jo: :':•'[ bn:- ■> Av^^ytt .t\

0[ '.1 Ir=*T:.} I'/ yX')V/

The Taking Over of the Xicholites bj the Fiiemls. 77

Thirdhai-en dfonfhJj/ fleeting, 11th IjlOth dog 1708.

The Committee appointed on request of the people called Nicolites
report they have with considerable number of them to good satisfaction
finding many tender spirited & hopeful and were free, the following
persons might be received unto membership viz —

James Harris
Mary Harris
Peter Harris
Marj' Stevens
Johoi'ton Swigget
Mar}- Swigget
John Wright
F:fttbtr Wright
Willis Charles
Sarah Charles
Klisha Dawson
Lydia Dawson
Elizabeth Wright
Mar}' Wright
Jacob Wright
Rhoda Wright
Daniel Wright
Sarah Wright
Richard Foxwell
James Wright
Sarah Wright
HatGeld Wright
Lucretia Wright

Mary Richardson
Margaret Connely
John Pool
Ann Pool
Levin Pool
Elizabeth Pool
Moses Leverton
Rachel Leverton
James Murphey
Mary Murphey
William Murphey
Ruth Murphey
Elizabeth Frampton
Euphamia Charles
Elijah Charles
William Frampton
Margaret Frampton
Elizabeth Twiford
William Melona
Sophia Melona
George Hardy Fisher
Daniel Fisher
Thomas Grav

Sarah Gray
William Poits
Adah Poita
Anthony Wheatley
Sophia Wheatley
William Gray
Jesse Hubbert
Prissilla Hubbert
Sarah Pool
Sarah Poits ''

Anna Gray - '
Lovey Gray
John Barton
William Peters
William Wilson
James Wilson
Rebecca Wilson
James Wilson Jr
Sarah Wilson
Solomon Kenton
James Boon
Sarah Boon

and upon consideration the said persons are admitted into membership
and the Committee are desired to acquaint them thereof. The said

Committee have also brought forward
those people to be united with us viz.

Elizabeth Kenton

Joseph Anthony

Ann Anthony

and Solomon Bartlett
which refered to the care of the Committee.

the request of Divers more of

Joshua Crainer
John Berry
Hemr Charles

At Thirdhaven Monthlg Meeting 15th of 2 mo. 1798.
The Committee who have under care the application of those friends
called Xicholites report that of a number they have lately visited the
following they were free might now be admited into membership, viz.

;.X/r ,,/<A

78 The Jaking Over of the NichoUtes hy the Friends.

Yr . James Anderson Hannah Kelly

Celia Anderson Mary Ann Barton

John Berry Esther Chance

Anne Emerson Elizabeth Kenton

: , Dennis Kelly Jonathan Shanuahan

Margaret Shannahan,

which claiming our consideration is approved of and the Committee
desired to inform them thereof & to continue their care to the cases still
undetermined also to unite with a Committee of the Quarterly Meeting
in considering how far it will be safe & proper to continue in use the
meeting houses they have had thence of heretofore [sic] are not the
property of our religious society.

Thirdhaveii Monthly Meeting the loth of 3rd mo. 1798.
The committee on application of the friends called Xicolites rep>ort
the subject remains under care and have mentioned the following per-
sons who should be received as members viz.

Ann Love John Wilson Ann Wilson
which is concurd with and of which they are to be acquainted.

Thirdharen Monthly Meeting the 17th of 5 mo. 1798.

The friends appointed on the ca^e of applicants for admition report
they have performed a visit to them generally and were free the follow-
ing persons might be admitted into membership viz.

John Dawson, Elijah Bartlett, Perry Gray,

Ann Dawson, Esther Bartlett, Joseph Gray,

Elijah Russell, Celia Bartlett, Esther Gray,

Esther Russell, Sarah Vickers, William Wheatley,

Sarah Swiggett, Jesse Leverton, Bing Wheatley,

Richard Vickers, Clement Melona, Elizabeth Wlieatley,

Celia Vickers, William Melona Jr., Euphany Wheatley, .,

Catharine Harvey, Comfort Melona, William Wilson Jr,

Henry Charles, Elizabeth Melona, Rachel Wilson,

Mary Charles, Joshua Crainer,

which report claiming our consideration is approved and they are de-
aired to acquaint them with their acceptance.

l^th of 2 mo. 1799.

Representatives are from Thirdhaven, Joseph Neal and William At-
kinson, Tuckahoe ; Solomon Kenton Thomas Hopkins & Tristram,
Marshy Creek ; William Gray and Anthony Wheatley, Choptank ;

n; j-.,u •HI-.

y-!;-'')!'; >r.t «fl

;ot'ii .•> riuJ

go A The Taking Ocer of the Nicholitcs by the Friends. 79

Francis Xeal & Thomas Tilon, Baysidc ; John Kemp, Centre ; Edward
liarton and Joshua Crainer, Xorthwest fork ; Mark Xoble and Hatfield
Wright, who all attended.

One of the friends on the request of Sophia Jenkins reports that he
in company with Women Friends had an opportunity with her to good
Mtisfaction and were easy she might be admitted unto membership
which is concured with and Joshua Cramer appointed to inform her she
ifl at liberty to attend our next monthly meeting,

Thirdhaveii Mordhly Meeting 16th 5 mo. 1799.

AnKwers to the 1" 2°'* & 9th queries were produced from each of the
prejiaralive meetings and examined from whence a general answer is
Ul:<'n to send to the ensuing Quarterly meeting as to our state, and Levin
Wright, Thomas Pearson, William Needles, William Atkinson, Joshua
Criiner, Willis Charles, Joseph Neal and James Wilson are appointed
to atu»nd to services of our Quarterly meeting.

Nuw the separation having been the people called Nicholites or
" N'ew Quakers" did constitute and appoint James Wright and William
Williams to sell and make over all their right and title of, in and unto
thfir meeting-house at Northwest Fork called Northwest Fork meeting
house to any of the people called Quakers on such conditions that they
»ill repay them the money they raised toward building the said meeting-
house if required ; and on such terms as our Friends aforesaid and they
may agree, Dated 17th day of eighth month 1799, and signed in and on
l^ehalf of the same by

Elijah Cremejj Clerk.

A similar minute is recorded appointing Azal Stevens
and Beauchamp Stanton for the like purchase (except there
is no provision for the papnent of any money) for Centre
monthly meeting-house, dated 31st day of the Twelfth
Month, 1803, and signed by the same Friend as clerk. By
the transfer of property the title only was changed, the use
tliereof remaining the same until about 1850, when the
society ceased to exist, the majority of their descendants
becoming Methodists.

^T ..'.H^ova

;>.i ; '1-1:'

h.. -

'■^.<?/:\ .:.... ■:. .-.'UK ...-.v^AT .A.'

b'^iiuiiqaA y..< K -f// .*:,

t-A^ xsfi^auO JtAtua

80 Abstracts of Gloucester County, New Jersey, Records.

r '!.■.-;•-:.. .' , :■' ^-^ -.r^-.i-:: Tr.^K • ■■■ '' .■•■■;■ ^


;. ,, ,,; . i|,, BY WILLIAM M. MERVINE. ; , •,

Samuel Taylor and Elizabeth Ward married 13th of ye
first month 1687, in the presence of John Richards, PhilUa
Richards, James Warde, Thomas Thackera, John Hugg,
Geo. Goldsmith and Jonathan Wood. Before Francis
Collins, Magistrate.

John Burroughs The son of John Burroughs and Jane
his wife of Gloucester River in ye County of Gloucester
was born ye fourteenth day of March Anno 1687.

The 23d day of ye 6th month Ano 1690 Edward Bur-
roughs and Marry Tanner Wiis married before Richard Bass-
nett, Justice, in presence of John Willis, W^illiam Wilhs,
Tho. Penston, Ann Penston, Will. Roydon, Mord: Howell,
Jno. Hugge Jnr: John Hollingshead, Daniell Reading,
Eliz. Collins, Elizabeth Howell, Eliz : Coles, Sarah Harrison,
John Read.

John Hillman, Planter and Margrett Ward, Singl woman,
both within ye County of Gloucester &c married Sixth day
of ye first month Anno 169f. Before John Hugg ju: Jus-
tice, in the presence of Fran. Collins, Elias Hugg, John
Kay, Saml. Taylor, Edw^d. Burroughs, Geo. Austen, Tho :
Penston, Javace Kay, Tho. Buckman, Jno. Asbrook, Antho :
Sharp, Jos: Collins, Jos: Hugg, Edm: Lassell, Hen: Wood,
Phillis Richards, Margr: Hugg, Priscil: Hugg, Eliz: Col-
lins, Mary Burroughs, Sar (?) Pancoaste.

Nov. 16, 1697. George Ward of Towne of Upton, Glou-
cester County and Hannah Maynwright of Woodbury
Creek married in the presence of John Brown, Israel Ward,

* Copied from Minute- Book "B," bound in Book of Court Minutes.


>']73Hi/ ;.: ujj.hui.' yn

r:^i'^■ ■'.

■'h ;

Abstrads of Gloucester Count'/, New Jerse>/, Hecords. 81

William Ward, John Tatum, Thomas Gibson, Lsaac Wood,
Cliarlos Crossthwait, John Ashbrook, Thomas Bull, James
Whiteall, Samuel Taylor, John Enno, Elizabeth Tatum,
Susannah Maynwright.

,Iohn Seeds, Husbandman and Hannah Minor, spinster,
both of Glocester County married Sixth day of January
1703 by Mordecai Howell, Justice in presence of Mordecai
Howell, Tho: Bull, Richard Bull, Thomas Gibson, John
Butler, John Reading Ju. Ann Gibson, Mary Goodfellow,
Mary Reading, Mar}' ^ledcalfe, Dorathea Medealfe.

Sarah P^.glinton swears at Gloucester Court in September
t' nn 1717 that Garrat Yanimma and Margarett Johnson
wore married twenty one years iii ye fall 1716.

Alioe Breman swears 'that she saw Garratt Vanimma
njarr}- Margarett Johnson, about ye midle of October the
hii^t fall 1716 Will be twenty one years.

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