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wife A.D. 17 [ J.

Joseph Son of John and Jane Chapman the first Settlers of Wright
Town dyed on y" 5"' Day of the 2* month new stild and was btiried Be-
tween his wives on the 17-'' Day of y' S'^ month A.D. 175 [ ].

Abraham Chapman Son of John and Jane Chapman dyed on the 12'''
Day of the 2^ month and was Buried on the li"" Day of S'* month A.D.

John Chapman the Son of John and Jane Chapman dyed on the 9-^
Day of the 4'*' mouth And was buried in wrghtown meeting hotise Grave
Yard on the [ ] Day of y" s'^ Month 1743.

Mara Chapman the Daughter of John and Jane Chapman was married
unto John Croasdel by wliome she had Chidren and her said husband

Mara Cliapman wa.s maried -f- second time unto John Wildman by
whome .she had Children and She died.

Jane Chapman the Daughter of John and Jane Chapman died. Joseph

(hitpnian was took sick on y' 8"" of the 3 month 1752 and Dc-
j'lirtol iliip Life v' 15'-" of the same month being 67 Years and 8 Days

Isino Chapman Came to Shammony hollow to Live on tlio IC' of the
1 '' month ITo.j, and died at the same place about the 29 Day of the 1<
i;,onnth 1775 aged 46 years.

Srxi'KY Notes from Lkttj:rs of Attorney eegarpixg Sailors
OK the Kevolutiox (contributed by William M. Mervine). — Some
.Members of the Crew of the Continental Ship of AVar Saratoga, John
Young, Commander, who gave power of attorney to sundry persons,
witii names of such persons. Thiis vessel about to start on a cruise,
November 5, 1780.

.Ti.xph Robinett, of Phila. Power of Attv. to friend Catharine lioles-
l-aiiij.. (Xov. 5, 1780.)

H'.igh Kirk{iatrick, Actg Lieutenant of Marines, to William Geddis
..f I'uila., Citizen. (Dec. 11, 1780.)

Cli:f!'S King, of Chester County, Tanner, Power of Atty to wife
and son, Elinor King and John King. (Dec. 8, 1780.)

William Brown, to friend Robert Bailev of Philada, Shoo keeper.
(.Tiily 28, nm).—Exem. Deed Bool; No. 11, pp. 426, 431, 532, 587.

Power of Attorney, July 7, 1782, Hugh Smith, an officer belonging
to the Continental Frigate Alliance, John Barry Esqr Commander, to
bis frit-nd Dennis McCarthv, of Phila.—«' Deed Booh, No. 11,
p. 4<6.

Power of Attorney, July 3, 1782. William McCuIlough of Phila.,
Mariner now bound on a voyage on Board the Ship* Favourite, James
B(nhanau, Commander, to his friend Nicholas Caldwell of Phihi.—
F.ufra. Deed Bool; No. 11, p. 491.

Power of Attorney, Thomas Eamsay of Phila. to James Nicholson
F^ir, Commander of the Trumbull, Continental Frigate. Dec. 14,
\':6^).~Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 482.

Power of Attorney, January 7, 1782. John Caughey, Prize Master
on Board tlie Ship None Such, to friend John Sirvice of Phila. — Exein.
I>ee^J Ho'jI; No. 11, p. 456.

P>ill of Sale, Claudius Kaguet of Philadelphia, Merchant to Thomas
Kandal 6c Co. Robert Morris Esqr & Don Francisco Randon of Phila-
•h-lphiu Merchants. In Consideration of the sum of Eight Thousand
Three hundred and Twenty Six Pounds.

The new Ship or vessel called the Duce De Luzerne, Built by Mr.
Brrwrt.T at Kensington, in the State of Pennsvlvania, Pierced for
Tvftity (^uns, Besides the Bridle Parts with a head and quarter Gal-
3< ric-w, ab.,ijt 420 ton.-. Burden &c. as she now lays at the Wharf Com-


Note^ and Queries.

monlv Called De^veos's wharf, Commanded by Jolm Anpiis. October
7, n'S2. - E.rem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 492.

(XoTK.— See below, ship " Franklin," John Angus, coramandcr, 17S1.)

Piirtial li^^t of Ofrioer^ and men of the Private Ship Congress ^ George
Goddi'*, Commander, v.hich on I\Iay 23, 1781 wa.s abour to start on a
cruise, alt^o names of sundry persons to whom these members of the
crew gave power of attorney to or made wills making tliem their sole

Francis M'iilson, to Mrs. Elizabeth Parker, Wife of Jacob Parker, of
Phila. May 18, 1781.

John Iris, to Miss Mary Jones of Phila. Tavern Keeper.

John Tris, to .-ame.

Robert Carr, mariner, to the same.

Joseph Halyer, to Polly Jones.

Thomas Smith, to Mary Jones.

Thomas Lambert, to Mary Jones.

William GritTith, to ditto."

John Pib(dl, to Philip Eiboll of the Xorthern Liberties.

Thomas [Mingle, to his wife Elizabeth Mingle.

John Brown of Phila., to his Mother, Elizabeth Brown.

Thomas Bryan, of Phila., Landsman, to Hester Smith.

Charles Eedding of Phila., Cordwainer, to wife Elizabeth Redding.

Christian Cribs to Henry Funce of Northern Liberties, baker, and

John Stanley to mother Sarah Brown.

William Barger, Mariner, to Mother, Hannah Barger. — Exem. Deed
Book, No. 11, pp. 341-383-385.

Officei-a, Seamen and Mariners of the Ship Franklin,- John Angus
E<5quire, Commander, wdio gave letter of attorney to Mathew ILind of
Phila., Tavernkeeper, Dec.>, llSO.—Exem. Deed Bool;2so. 11, p. 332.

Robert Bennet
George Casle
Wm. Anderson
Chas. Trull
John Collin
Saml. Bradley
Philip Sherwood
Jon Vush
Henry Davis
John Fritz
John Thomson
Andrw. Dolquist
Heniy Dier
Lawrence Kelly
Joel Westcott '
Anthony Jolie
John Velong
Wm. Davis

John Thomson
Mathew Remer
Danl. Mullen
Wm. Johnson
John Rees
John Humm or

Adam Balie
Geo. Newman
Robert Dougherty
Wm. Willis
France Dilbear
Jean Crispin
Henry Davison
Wm. Ponder
Yager Gouro or Gonro
Richd. Cook
Joseph Ridley

John Brown
Thos. Briehn
Edward Cane
Gardner Coult
John Streabow
John Henderson
Alex. Prebo
Wm. Shirra
Wm. Lawrauce
Matta. Rebley
John McCloud
Geo. Sairincles
Chas. Leroy
John Petters
John AdanLs
Peter Refro

I ThLs privateer " Ojngress" not the V. S. armed boat "Congress." (.See Penna. Ardnva.
2dSeries, Vol. I. p. 2S«3.)
* For crew of U. .S. S. " Franklin," see Penna. Archiv.i:, 2d Series, Vol. I.

Notes and Qua-ies. 117

OiThcts and men of the Britruntine, Fair Aniericfin, who crave loitt'r
of .'lUorney to Patrick Garvey of PhilM. Grooer, May 28, 1781.

\n.l'ow Aitkin, Surgeon. Samuel Miller, Surgeons Mate.

WiUiam Parslow, Ma.'^ters Mate. Phineas Eldridge Esq. Commauder.

This vcst^el bound on a cruise of four months'. — J-Jxem. Doni B(xA\
No. 11, p. 338.

OiTicer*. Sei\men and Mariners of the Letter of Marque Shin Franklin,
Jo!. 11 Angus E^quire, Commander, who gave letter of attorney, Juno
1'7, 1781, toCapt. James Lang of Phila., Trader.— /^.rm. De^:d Bool;
s'k 11, p. 337.

Tlior. Brown William Robci-son Joseph Wiles

David C'ottrell Thomas Willing John Wintor

Daniel Skantling John Robins Chas. Frampton, BoaU^.

J.d.n (imager William Da\is Jean DeSalter

Pitrro Poinely John Harrison John Xaught

i:phriam Brown John Andrew

OlTicers and men of the Ship Fusing Sun, Samuel Casson,' Com-
UKin-ler, who gave letter of attorney to Ambrose Croker of Phila., Sept.
10, 17S1, Avhen starting on a two montlis cruise, from Philada. — £lrwj.
Jkcd Bool; Xo. 11, p. 389.

I^.wrence Miskill Fredk. Lecher Andrew Stits

C'li:i>. Junes, Arm' Philip Kelly James Merroney

CV,nrad Been Will Brooks Koger Goff

Iknn- Brooks Gasper Grible John Kelly

John'Nar James Wilson Peter Malowney

Jacob Deitrick William Dcliber William Smith

Iriah Nichols John Wade Benjamin Howard

J<din Smith John Henderson John Prescott

Rich.l Murphy Randolph McCartney, M. M.

Jarues Anderson John Hamilton James Devinell

f tvphen Moore James O'Brvan James McClure

Julirs McDead Chas. Fields" Edwd. Crowe

J'etcr Decamp Jesse Crossly Joseph :Martin

William Dixon Philip Harvey Peter Gilbert

Ai.dw. Knows(orKnons) Saml. North Thos. Hughes

^]l..^. Evans Peter Shelicker John Bason

Juhn Morrison James Frask John Rowkings

K>lwd. Gaynor Elixd. Grahams Benj. Brown, Barber

H. Cunningham Chas. Freeman

"Officers, Mariners and others belonging to the Privateer Ship Rising
Hun, Samuel Carson Commander" who gave letter of attorney to Am-
brose Croker of Phila., Aue. 17, 1780.— Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p.

' Kvi-lcntly Samuel Cassou, who was appointed first lieutenant on the U. S. S. " Frank-
l!-i." November 1, 1778; transferred to the "General Green," April 15, 1779. (Pcnna,
A'O.uft, 'M Series, Vol. 1. pp. 317-320.)


Noh'S aii.J Qi'.cru:^.

I>a\\rcTK'e Mi.-kell
Jame>; Young
Jiles Siuimon.s

Jacob Smith
Chas. Fields

Jacob Ness
Conrad Bavm
Jacob Deitrich

Danl. Kuhu
Peter Moorv

Chas. Joueo
Fredk. Lesher

John rrc:jcott
Ja?pcr Ah?auder
John Shade

Officoi-s, Mariners and others bek">ngiug to the Ship called Revolu-
tion, John McXorton Esq'r., Commander, who gave letter of attorney

to Col. Paul Cox of Phila.
p. 340.

Ellas Taylor
James Ogdeu
Geo. Muv

June 1, 1781. — Exern. Deed Book, No. 11,

Thos. Mai-sh
Wm. Kirby
James Charles

John Hall
Dennis Larev

Account of Cash paid by John Xicholsox in paet of Certifi-

HANDS OF David Kittenhouse Esquip.e. —

Alligam, William .

Barr, Thomas Capt° Lieut.

Brown, Jolm priv. 11^ Kegt.

Crow, Christian

Ellis, Keuben — widow of

Forbes, Dan' Serg' Art-^ .

Gordon, John Sergt. S"* Eegt. .

Gothrop, Sam'

Grimes, James Corp. 1'' Eegt.

Hubley, Bernard Capt° .

Leland, Patrick

Lc Hoy, Lieut. 2i Regt.

Maloney, William.

Eushworm, William

Thompson, John .

Young, Robert

Sundry soldiei-s per James Dixon

Sundries p'* John Purdou

do do Robert Hunter .

. £29.


. 28.


. 28.




'. 23.


. 43.10.0

. 42.






. 170.


. 28.


. 18.


. 28.10.0

. 18.


. 29.10.0

. 37.


. 79.15.0

. 200. IG. 6

. 318


Pkilada. reby 11. 1782

£1235. 7.0
(E. E.) Jno. Nicholson.

Music in 1760. — The following items have been selected from the iu-
ventorv of a dealer in music and musical instruments iii Philadelphia ui
the year 1760.

Solos. Standley's Solos ; Cervetto Solos ; Oleo or Medley Solos ;
Weuceslaus Wodizka Solos.

Lessons for Harpnchord. Standley ; Albertini and De Geordini.

Conc^rtoes in Parts. Basse's Favorite in F. ; Corellis Op* 6"^*.

Sonatas in Parts. Lampugnani Op* 1 ; Martini Op* 1 ; Ziani ;

'. Duetts. Diragini ; Tescrini ; Gerhard ; Figlio's Noturnas. Tutor for
Harpsichord ; Tutor for Violin ; Tutor for German Flute ; Tutor for

Xotes a)i(f Queries.


r<-::in!<in Fhito ; Ha?*e"? Concerto in F. for Harpsichord ; Bark Thur-
r.;'.th'!» Knirli.-li and Irish Airs, and Scotch and Irl^h Airs ; Pa.SiKjualu
Thr.roni:li i>;i - ^- and Art of Fingering ; Harlequin Fortunatas.
Ii?.uif>'y Koeds ; Violin strings, some Eoman and Silver Bashes.


>{<)'s Reg. Lt Dragoons at Laxca;
I>{;ri'.FmATiox. —

CjI" Stephen Moylan

Caj't. John Craig .

Lt. John Sulliv;in .

Chri-tian Kuhn, Trump. Major

Adain^, Jonathan Drag(X>n

Akt'ly, John do

Alburti^, John do

Ililitz, (n-orge do

Jl.'imcy, Thtimaji do

IWath, Bo«well do, David do

Binh, Samuel do

Blaine, Allain do

Black, Michael do

B<jnhan], Moses do

Bowen, Saleritt do Sergt.

Brewer, Daniel do

Broom, Samuel do

Brown, Arcliibald (1-' Peuna Regt.)

Christian, Jacob Dragoon

Clark, Naylor do

Collins, Robert do

C<:.akley, Robert do

Cruder, David do trumpeter

Duflield, Felix (7* Regt.)

E«l wards, Cha. Dragoon

Heard, Bennett
Hewitt, Caleb
Hilbart, John
Hoagland, William
Hopkin-, William
Hyner, Joseph



Kincade, Andrew (Corp. P' Regt.

Kirig, John
I-irkiti'^, James
Ixagon, John
Little, Thomas
L"tt, Jeremiah
M Carty, Dennis
Patton, James
Ptrrien, William
Pt-rry, Thomas
Quarrel, James
li-.'beson, George
Satwell, Solomon










AXD Privates of Colo



100. 0.0


50. 5.0
25. 5.0

6. 5.0
17. 0.0
25. 5.0

51. 5.0
14. 5.0
17. 0.0

24. 0.0
36. 5.0
40. 5.0

38. 0.0
16. 0.1
22. 5.0
14. 0.0
16. 5.0
29. 5.0
45. 5.0
38. 5.0

25. 5.0
36. 0.0























120 Nok3 and Queries.

Sejirle?, Ktu>)en Dr.igoon

Sbannun, Pavitl do ...

Shej'pard, P.obert do

Sliicld.-, James do ...

Singleton. John do ...

Smith, Daniel do

Speeder, Jaeob do

Spraekell. Thomas do

Stout, David do

Swann, Joshua do

Thomas, James do ...

Wilson, Thomas Sergeant (11'" Regt.) .

Young, Joseph Dragoon .


MoKRI.STOWN, Nov. 30, IT/.s.


By letter now reeeived from Col. Biddle wrote yesterday ;it Elizabeth-
town, I learned that part of Artillery of the ^laryland Divi-iou and Gen.
Woodford's Brigade are to pass through this town on their way to Middle
Brook, that they have 1000 liorses with them. Alas what shall I do 1
Why was I not informed of it sooner? I shall do as well as I can but
am much afraid I shall not be able to answer the demands for forage. I
can say no more but that I am,

Sir, your humble Servant,

James Bukxside,

Q. M.
Moore Firman Esq.

SuxDKY Records of REVOEtxroxAKY Service (contributed l>y
William M. Mcrviue). — Aug. 31, 1781. Certilicate signed by An-
thony Wayne, B. G., at Trenton, January 27, 1781, stating that Simon
Shillingberger, in Captain John Steele's Company of the Tenth Pcnna.,
Regiment, is entitled to half-pay during life, having served full enlist-
ment. Also certificate of Richard Humpton, Colonel 6th Penna., late
10th., that said Simon Shillingberger was wounded in the attack on the
Block-House, on the 21st of July 1780, and was discharged the 27th
Januan.' 1781. — Exem. Deed Book, Xo. 11, pp. 384, 385.

Certificate that Thonuts Tweidy, Gunner in the Penna., or 4th Bat-
talion of Artillery, .-erved 4 years. In the discharge of his duty on the
29th of August 1779 against the Indians at Newtown, he received a
wound through the leg, also on the 2 1st of July following at the attack
of the Block-House, on the North River, he received a bad wound
through his thigh which rendered him unfit for service. Signed April
10, 1781, bv Thoma- Proctor, Col. Artillerv. also signed bv B. Binnev,
D. S. ii.—Rcem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 334.' '

Certificates that Lewis Myers, Sailor, belonging to the Penna. Fleet
under Command of John Hazelwood, was wounded and lost his arm on
board the Hancock Galley, in an action with the British Fleet and
their Batteries on the 15th of November 1777, otf Province Island.
Also that he entered on board the Hancock Galley the 14th of August
1776, and served till he lost his arm. First Certificate signed by John

Notes and Qu> ries. ' 121

}l:it' !-n<«-Kl C. P. F. Apl 2-2, 1783. Other by Thomns Moore, Mch 31,
I77.i '._/-;.r<"?i. Deed Boo/:, Xo. 11, p. 547.

C". rlificatc that James Brannon scrvetl his term of eiilistuiont in the
2ii'l IViina. Kegt. and is entitled to A pay, having received a severe
u'.uud in an attack on a Block-House in Bergen County in July 1789.
.<ignc<l at Yellow Springs, Mch 18, 1781 by V\'alter Stewart, Col. 2nd.
Ta. Ivcgt. — Exem. Iked Bool-, No. 11, p. 474.

To Isaac Snowden, Esqr., Treasurer of the County of Philadelphia.
Whereas it appears to us the Subscribers, by the Certificate hereunto
iiunexed, that Brigadier General James Irvin in an engagement with'
tlio P.ritish Light Infantry at Chestnut Hill, on the fifth day of
One tli«'Ui-and Seven hundred and Seventy Seven, had three of liis
fnitrcrs Shot off and also received a Contusion in his Neck which has
It ft n Considerable Injury to the free motion of the same Sec, And it
iiUo appearing to us by a Certificate Signed, Abram Skinner Com. Gen.
Pri'., that the said James Irvin was exchanged from his Captivity on
llie 'Md day of September 17S1, at which time his pay as an otlicer in
till- S^.-rvice of the United States of America ceased S<.c-, that the said Irvin is intitled to receive a Pension ire. Yoti are therefore here-
!>y required to }>ay unto the said Brigadier General James Ir\-in, Sixty
Two dollars Sjiecie per Month during the Continuance of his disability,
frniii the third day of September One thousand Seven hundred and

Kighty one &c ^. Signed July 19, 1782.

Isaac Howell,

one of the Justices of the Peace for the

City and County of Philada.

—Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 481.

louers of Attorney given by sundry soldiers for the coUeciion of
their pay etc.

Ilenr}' Bodwin, of New Castle County, Delaware, to friend Benjamin
r.rearly of said county, Innholder, Dec. '>, 1782. Bodwin being late
«)f Col. Armand's Coq^s. Pay from Mch. 1, 1781 to May 1, 1782.—
Krem. Deed Book. Xo. 11, p. 525.

The fdllowing were all (late) Dragoons in Capt. B. Van Heers Corps.

J:i<-i*b Miller, certificate of pay, June 2(d, 1782, and Power of .Vtty
to hin friend Solomon Lyons of Phila. Merchant, July 16, 1782.

JUnr}- Zulliik, Power of Atty to Solomon Lyon.s, Sept. 7, 1782.

(jiH.rce Hos, to same, July !♦', 1782.

Chri.-tian Danster, to same, Aug. 8, 1782.

Jolin Garlack, to same, Oct. 1, 1782.

Philip Newman, to same, July 10, 1782.

Philip Smith, to same, Aug. 9, 1782.— ^.te,«. Deed Booh, No. 11, pp.

^ Power of Atty, John Mathias Haupt a private in Col. Armand's
<'<>rps, to ilichael Hahn of York Town, Penna,, Merchant. — Exem.
Ihtd Book, N(t. 11, p. 552.

'Ti«.iri*s >va5 capuiin of the "Hancock." {Peima. Archhct, 3d Sories, Vol.

A AiU. p. IW.)

122 Notes ami Queries.

July 4, 17S2. Power of Attorney, Dr. Texier, late Surgeoii of Count
Pulfu^ki's Legion, to friend Hiiviu Solomon. — Excm. Deed Bool:, No. 11.
p. 510.

June 18, 17S2. Power of Atty, Solomon Hailing, late Sen' Surgeon
in the General Hospital, to above Havm Solomon. — Exem. Deed Book,
No. 11, p. 512.

June 21, 1782. Thomas Warring, late Surgeon's ilate in the General
Hospital, to above H. Solomon. — Erem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 513.

January 7, 1783. John Campario having power of attorney from
Charles Boivain, late a private in Col. Livingston's Regt., assigns
certilicates of pav to Nones and Cohen. — E.ran. Deed Book, No. 11, pp.
517, 518.

Nov. 16, 1782. Jacques JoUibois late a Lieutenant in Col. Living-
ston's Regiment, power of attorney to Haym Solomon, Broker.
Acknowledged before Abraham Schuyler, Alderman of third ward of
City of Albany, date as above. — Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 506.

June 25, 1782. John Townes late of the 7th Virginia Regt., resigned,
power of attv to Havm Solomon of Phila. Broker. — Exem. Deed Book,
No. 11, p. 507.

June 12, 1782. Peter Castaing Esqr., Aid de Camp to Major Gen-
eral DuPortail, power of attornev to Haym Solomon. — Exem. Deed
Book, No. 11, p. 509.

January 5, 1782. Captain Augustus Losean of Col. James Living-
ston's Regt. To his friend John Ross of Phila. — Exem. Deed Book,
No. 11, p. 502.

July 4, 1782. Jacob Ferguson late of the Regt. of Artillery Artifi-
cers, to John Ross. — Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 503.

Nov. 19, 1782. Certificate that Arthur Patterson, formerly a Cor-
poral in Fan' Johnson's Regt., received several wounds while doing
duty in the same, at the action of Brandywme in the year 1777.

Also certificate by James Fallon Seur Physn. & Surgeon to the
General Hospital, signed at Lisrhtsfoot-s Hospital near to Yellow Springs,
July 28, Hl'd.—Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 504.

Oct. 2, 1782. Capt. John Montour of Fort Pitt in State of Pa., to
Joseph Jewell of Phila. — Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 494.

Nov, 9, 1782. Power of Attorney, Joseph Nutal, late of the Invalid
Regiment, discharged, to John Ross. — Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 499.

January 30, 1782. Power of Atty, Peter Quartresage, a Captain in
the Canadian or Albany Service, to John Ross of Phila. Witnessed by
F. Victor, Lieutenant. — Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 500.

Aug. 17, 1782. Anthony Felix Winbert of Phila., Lieutenant Colonel
of the Continental Corps of Engineers in the Army of the U. S.,
Power of Attorney to hi* wife Allather Winbert of Phila., to collect his
pay. — Exem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 483.

iS\)(cs and Qucric-i. 123

Jr.iiUftrv 9.2, 17S3. John Brazil (or Bragll) late Mate of the Virginifi
Hwi'itHl jind now of the City of Philadelphia, yeoman, being about to
(!■ t art tiiis City, j)0\ver ot" attorney to Moses Cohen of Philada.,
Mcreh;int, to collect pay from U. S.—E.vem. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 523.

Nov. 13, 1782. Certificate of pay due to John Compario, as attorney
to*Je:in Baj.tiste' Laframboise, a Canadian. — Exem. Deed Book, No. 11,
p. f>lS.

Nov. 30, 17S2. Ditto as Attorney to Lieut. Theodore Charticr a
Cjuiadian.— 7:>c?/!. Deed Book, No. 11, p. 518.

July 12, 1 783. Certificate of $1949.00 in pay due to William Gcddis
Fwjr of riiila. Mch. 4, 1780.

WilliaTu Geddis of Delaware gives power of attorney to Mes-^i-s
Ihi'^hes and xVnthony, July 12, 1783. — Exem. Deed Booi-, No. 11, p.

lloKKKT Crow, of Perth Amboy, in the County of Middlesex A
IVoviiice of New Jersey late Lieut : in his Majesty's 4Sth Eegiment of
Ft^jt and ^erved during the late war is entituled to two thousand acres
(if i.i!;'l, for which he made personal application to the Governor &
C'.uncil of New York the 19th April 1769.

The "\Vil3. of Mary WASHiyoTor, as registered ix the
Clerk's Office at Fredericksburg, Va. —

In the name of God ! Amen ! I, Mary Washington, of Fredericks-
burg, in the County of Spottsylvauia, being in good health, but calling
to mind the uncertainty of this life and willing to dispose of v.hat
U'liiains of my worldly estate, do make and publish this, my last will,
ttcommending my soul into the hands of my Creator, hoping for a re-
nii^-ifin of all mV sins, through the merits and mediation of Jesus
Chri>t, the Savior of mankind : I dispose of all my worldly estate as

Lmrrimis — I give to my son. General George "Washington, all my
land on Accokeek Run, in' the County of Staflbrd, and also my negro
b<>y George, to him and his heirs forever. Also my best bed, bedstead,
and Virginia cloth curtains (the same that stands in my best room) my
tjuiltcd blue and white quilt and my best dressing glass.

Itrm. — I give and devise to my son, Charles Washington, my negro
nian Tom, to him and his a-ssigns forever.

/V//1. — I give and devise to my daughter, Betty Lewis, my phoeton
i.U'1 my bay horse.

ffrin. — I give and devise to my daughter-in-law, Hannah Washiug-
I'ln. my purple cloth cloak lined with shag.

Jtnn. — I give and devise to my grandson, Corbin Washington, my
rjojrro wench, old Bet, my riding chair, and two black hoi^ses, to him
and liLs assigns forever.

Jt^ni. — 1 give and devise to my grandson. Fielding Lewis, my negro
ui.-ui Frederick, to him and his assigns forever, also eight silver table
»i>-:y>n-*, half of my crockery ware and the blue and white tea china,
*i'-h b(X(k case, oval table, one bed, bediStead, one pair sheets, one pair
^UI|k.:t^^. and white cotton counterpane, two table cloths, six red leather
< hair*, half my pewter and one-half of my iron kitchen furniture.

124 jSX'ks and Qan'lcs.

lUm. — I give ;iiul devi,*c to my gi;iii<lson, Lawrence I^wi?, luy negro
wench Lydia, to him and hi-; ass^igns forever.

Item. — I give and devise to my granddaughter, Bettie Carter, jny
negro woman, little Bet, a.i<I her future increase, to her and hrr a^sif^nV
forever. Also my large>t looking glass, my walnut ^^riting desk nuth
drawers, a sipiare dining table, one hed. bedstead, bolster, one pillow,
one bhuiket, and a pair of sheet*, white Virginia cloth counterpane and
purple curtains, my red and white tea china, teaspoons, and the other
h:ilf of my pewter, crockery ware, and the remainder of my iron kitchen

Item. — I give to my grandson, George "Washington, my next best
dressing gla,-s, one bed, bedstead, bolster, one pillow, one "pair sheets,
one blanket and counterpane.

Item. — I devise all my wearing apparel to be equally divided between
my granddaughtei-s, Betty Carter, Fanny Ball, and ^lilly "Washington,
but should my daughter, Betty Lewis, fancy a.ny one, two or threearti-
cles she is to have them before a division thereof.

Lastly, I nominate and appoint my said son, General George Wash-
ington, executor of this my will, and as I owe few or no debts^ 1 direct

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