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Early Settlers of New Jersey and their Descendants





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Morford of Monmouth County i- 13

Morris of Monmouth County 14- 70

Mott of New York and New Jersey 7 1-1 10c

Mount of Monmouth County n 1-146

Murphy of Monmouth County 147-150

Ogborne of Monmouth County (See Addendum) 151-169

Potter of Monmouth County 170-175

Salter of Monmouth County 1 76-2 13

Salter of New Hampshire 213-218

Seabrook of Monmouth County 219-260

Seabrook of South Carolina 260-264

Seabrook of Edisto Island 264-276

Seabrook of Maryland 276-277

Shepherd of Monmouth County 278-288

Spicer of New York and New Jersey 289-294

Stout of Monmouth County 295-360

Line of John Stout 3°6-\3 1 7

Line of Richard Stout 317-324

Probable Descendants of Richard Stout, 3 324-325

Line of Mary Stout (Bowne) 325-326

Line of James Stout 326-328

Line of Alice Stout (Throckmorton) 328-329

Line of Peter Stout 329-330

Line of Sarah Stout (Pike) 33°~33 1

Line of Jonathan Stout 33 I- 345

Line of Benjamin Stout 345-347

Line of David Stout 347-360

Miscellaneous Items 360-;, 74

Addenda and Errata 375— 3S3



1 THOMAS MORFORD and JOHN MORFORD, 2, came from England, and settled at
Colt's Neck, Middletown, Monmouth County, N. J. Earlier or later, they were seated at the
bridge crossing, between Red Bank and Middletown, on the present farm of the Coopers, in
Middletown township.* Here, in the orchard, is a plowed-over graveyard, and adjacent, a
stone wall, against which are three tombstones, lifted from their original positions, one leaning
and two lying on the ground, representing all that remains of the original Morford Burying-
ground. The tombstones of Thomas Morford, 3, and Jarret Morford, 9, and an indecipherable
one, alone remain.

1670. Thomas Morfort's lands are referred to in Thomas Herbert's Proprietary deed.

1672, Sept. 4. He recorded his cattle-mark.

1676. He had one hundred and twenty acres granted to him.

1677. He received one hundred and thirteen acres.

1677. Thomas Morford was of Shoal Harbor, Monmouth County, N. J.
1695, March 27. Thomas Morford was a Grand Juror.

1695, Dec. 5. Thomas Morford made his will, which was proved Mch. 24, 1695, i.e., 1696,
between which dates he died. From his will we learn that he had a wife, Susannah, (proba-
bly Susannah Leonard), whom he appointed his sole executrix, and the following sons and

Thomas Morford; not twenty-one years of age.

John Morford ; not twenty-one years of age.

Catharine Morford; not eighteen years of age.

Sarah Morford; not eighteen years of age.

Susannah Morford; not yet eighteen years of age..

Johanna Morford; not yet eighteen years of age.


3 Thomas Morford

4 John Morford

*In 1687, the road was laid out and ran: " Beginning at Thomas Morford's, on Navesink River, going along as the way now
goes to the Middletown road by John Stout's Bridge."

Book A. B. C. of Deeds, Freehold, N. J.


5 Catharine Morford

6 Sarah Morford

7 Susannah Morford

8 Johanna Morford; baptized Nov. 17, 1734.

2 JOHN MORFORD. His relation to Thomas Morford, 1, I have not seen stated, but

1 presume that they were brothers.

1676. He was granted one hundred and twenty acres of land.

1676, May 4. He recorded his earmark.

1677, June 26. He was granted one hundred and thirty acres of land.
1695-6. He was a Grand Juror, in Monmouth County.

1699, Aug. 31. He was one of the Jurors who met the coroner "upon Sandy Hook ye day
above said, and went and went to ye body of a deadman, which we judged had died aboard a
ship and shoved overboard."

3 THOMAS MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, 1, died, Apr. 12, 1750, aged 58 years,

2 months and 10 days; hence born 1692. He married, first, Mary, daughter of Jarrat and
Lydia Wall. She was single, in 171 1, the date of her father's will, but must shortly have mar-
ried, as her eldest son was Jarrat Morford, born 17 14.

"1713-14 coming." Thomas Morford, yeoman, deeded land to John Wilson, Gent.
1736. Thomas Morford, of Shrewsbury, Esq., and Hannah, his wife, sold land to John
French, of Shrewsbury. Thomas Stillwell was a witness.

1747, May 20. Will of Thomas Morford, yeoman, of Middletown; proved June 2, 1750, mentioned:

Wife, Hannah

Son, John; received his Shoal Harbor lands.

Son, Jarrat; received land.

Son, Thomas; received £150.

Daughter Mary; of age.

daughter, Sarah 1

Daughter, Hannah } not yet eighteen years of age.

Daughter, Catharine j

Son, Joseph

9 Jarrat Morford, born May 28, 1714; died, June 1, 1761, aged 46 years, 7 months
and 3 days.

10 John Morford

Thomas Morford married, second, Sarah, daughter of Jeremiah Stillwell, Esq., of Middle-


11 Thomas Morford

12 Mary Morford; she was of age, in 1747, as per her father's will; hence born prior

to 1726.

Thomas Morford married, third, Hannah, daughter of Jonathan Burdgc. She was
baptized, at Christ Church, Shrewsbury, N. J., 10 br, 25, 1738.


1 3 Sarah Morford

14 Catharine Morford


15 Hannah Morford; baptized, at Christ Church, Shrewsbury, N. J., Nov. 17, 1734.

16 Joseph Morford, born 1738.

5 CATHARINE MORFORD, daughter of Thomas Morford, 1, married, first, Edward
Taylor, son of Edward Taylor, The Immigrant; second, probably John Ashton.

9 JARRAT MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, 3, was born May 28, 17 14; died, June
1, 1 761, aged 46 years, 7 months and 3 days. He married Rebecca, daughter of Edward
Taylor. She was baptized, June 18, 1748, in the river, near her dwelling.

1745. He resided in Shrewsbury, and as Jarrat Morford, was an Overseer.

1746. As Gerard Morford, he was an Overseer. Town Poor Book, Shrewsbury, N. J.

1760, Feb. "Fifteenth." Will of Jarrett Morford, of the Township of Shrewfbury,
Monmouth County, yeoman; proved, Sept. 5, 1761, by witness, George Taylor, and Nov. 7,
1 761, by witness, William Price, mentioned:

"well beloved wife, Rebeckah Morford "; real and personal estate so long as she remains a widow. If she
marries, the choice of beds, and furniture belonging thereto; also a riding horse and new saddle, 2 cows and
calves, negro wench beas, and 10 sheep, and £25.

If his wife marries or dies, his plantation is to be equally given to "my two sons, Thomas, haveing the
upper part & Gorge haveing the lower part, " "wheare I now leaf. "

Son, Thomas, also received "£50 more than Gorge, to make up the buildings equal betwixt them."

Executors: "well beloued wif, Rebeckah Morford, and well beloued brother, Job Throck Morton."

Witnesses: George Taylor, William Price and Nathaniel Taylor.

He signed his name in full to the will.

1 76 1, Sept. 5. Qualification of executors, Rebeckah Morford and Job Throckmorton.

1 761, July 3. Inventory of Jarratt Morford, of Shrewfbury, County of Monmouth,
yeoman, taken by Rebeckah Morford, executrix, and Job Throckmorton, executor, of Free-
hold, and appraised by M r Samuel Scott and M r Martin Vandyke, [sig. Martain Vandyk];
both of the township of Shrewfbury. Amount £495-14-9.


17 Thomas Morford, born 10 mo., 10, 1743; died 5 mo., 4, 1818.

18 George Taylor Morford; baptized, July 28, 1765, an adult, Christ Church, Shrews-


10 JOHN MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, 3, died in 1764. He married Margaret,
daughter of Richard Morris, of the twenty children family, prior to 8 mo., 10, 1739.

1759. John Morford was taxed, in Shrewsbury, for £1-8-5^.

1764, Mch. 14. Margaret, widow of John Morford, late of Shrewsbury, N. J., renounced
administration upon his estate, in favor of her son, Jarrat Morford, and David Knott. On
the 1 6th, they qualified, with Philip Cooper, the bond amounting to £600. They were all
residents of Shrewsbury. Margaret, widow of John Morford, made her mark.

1764, May 1. Inventory of John Morford, of the Township of Shrewsbury, Taken by
David Knott and Jarratt Morford, administrators, and appraised by John Williams, Daniel
Seabrooks and John Hance.

" To one Silver Tankard" £6-0-0

" 2 negro children Abraham & Hannah" £25 and £15

Total amount £149-8-4

"Sence Discovered an Award in hands of M r Stocton, attorney, against Jerimiah Tolmon.
of Seventy od pounds "


1 705. Mch. 16. An inventory of the personal estate of John Morford, was filed, by Jarrat
Morford and his mother, and amounted to £469-8-4.


19 Jarrat Morford

1 1 THOMAS MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, 3, married Easter or Hester Bowne,
of Monmouth County, by license dated Apr. 20, 1752.


20 William Morford, of Chanceville, Monmouth County, N. J.

21 Thomas Morford

22 Garret Morford

23 Daughter ; married a Johnson, says Mrs. Shepherd.

Mrs. Shepherd further says, that Thomas Morford, n, was born in the Eldridge house,
near Joseph Field's farm, and that he married Hester Bowne, of the Highlands, known as
Riceville, Xavesink or Witch Hollow.

12 MARY MORFORD, daughter of Thomas Morford, 3, was born May 22, 1723, and
died, Apr. 19, 1790, aged 66 years, 10 months and 28 days. She married, by license dated
Apr. 4, 1743, Job, son of Joseph Throckmorton, born 12 mo., 10, 1720; died, Feb. 2, 1765, aged
44 years, 1 month and 23 days. They are both buried in Topanemus Burying-ground. See
Throckmorton Family.

13 SARAH MORFORD, daughter of Thomas Morford, 3.

On the Christ Church, Shrewsbury, Register, appears the following entry:
Sarah, daughter of Mr. Morford, died July 14, 1748.

I am inclined to believe that this is Sarah Morford, 13, yet it is possible that it is Sarah
Morford, 6.

14 CATHARINE MORFORD, daughter of Thomas Morford, 3, married Charles
Gordon, Esq.

Hannah Gordon; married Judge Jehu Patterson.
Mary Gordon; married James P. Allen, and had

Capt. Robert Allen
Charles G. Allen

16 JOSEPH MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, 3, was baptized, at Christ Church,
Shrewsbury, June 18, 1738; buried in Tennent Churchyard, with a tombstone, which reads:
died, Aug. 20, 1765, aged 27 years, 8 months and 5 days. He married, Sarah, daughter of
William Yankirk, by license dated Feb. 6, 1761.

1767, Mch. 5. Joseph Morford died, leaving three children, William, Lydia and Hannah,
''not yet 14 years of age." Sarah Morford, his widow, petitioned that Dr. Nathaniel Scudder,
of Lower Freehold, he appointed their guardian.

1774, Apr. 30. William Perrine and Mathias Rue, of Monmouth County, signed a bond,


of £200, in a guardianship matter, wherein it is set forth that William Perrine married Sarah
Morford, mother of William Morford, "not 14 years of age."

1765, Aug. "Sixteenth." Will of Joseph Morford, of Township of Freehold, Monmouth
County, "Being Sick in Body"; proved by witnesses, Peter Schenck, Richard Hults and James
Robinson, Aug. 21, 1765, mentioned:

Lands and movable estate, real and personal, except "what my Father in law, William Vancurck, did
give to my Well beloved wife Sarah & those things for my s d wife to have again," to be sold and divided into
four parts.

"Unto my well beloved wife, Sarah," one part.

The other three parts, at interest, for the three children, Lidia, William and [blank], equally, as they
become of age, "the boy, " at twenty-one years, and the "girls, " at eighteen years, or at the time of marriage.

The children to be well brought up and have a good " Edication, " and such expense to come out of each
child's portion.

Wife, Sarah, "shall keep my two Daughters," or put them out, as she thinks proper.

Son, William, to learn a trade, which the executors shall choose for him.

Executors: John Forman and John Vancurck.

Witnesses: Peter Schenck, Richard Hulft, [his mark] and James Robinson.

He signed his will: "Jos Morford."

1765, Aug. 21. Qualification of executors, John Forman and John Vankirk.

1765, Sept. "Second." Inventory of Joseph Morford, appraised by Tho. Leonard, William
Wikoff and Michael Henderfon, and Jo n Forman, executor, amounted to £391-7-3. Bonds,
etc., £551-3-8. One item was: "A Silver Tancard" £6-0-0.


24 William Morford

25 Lydia Morford

26 Hannah Morford; baptized Sept. 15, 1765.

17 THOMAS MORFORD, son of Jarrat Morford, 9, married, first, Sarah, daughter of
Joseph Taylor, by license dated Jan. 21, 1765.

1775, May 27. Thomas Morford was a member of the Patriotic Committee, Shrewsbury,
N. J.

1816, Dec. 6. Thomas Morford, Senior, of Shrewsbury, made his will; proved June 4,
1818, and mentioned: — wife, Esther; son, Garret, his mother now living; son, Thomas Morford;
son, George's portion in trust to son Garret; grandson, Thomas Morford, son of George; grand-
daughter, Caroline Morford; grandson, Wardell Morford, and such other children as my son
George may have at his decease; grandchildren, George Mount, Edward Mount, Horatio
Mount, sons of Sarah and Joseph Mount, on condition that they pay to their sisters, Rebecca
and Hannah, "my granddaughters"; my daughter, Sarah Mount, wife of Joseph ; my daughter,
Hannah Perrine, and her son, Thomas Morford Perrine, not twenty-one.


27 George Taylor Morford, born 1778; died 1827.

Thomas Morford married, second, in 1768, Esther, daughter of Josiah Holmes. She died,
Aug. 9, 1823, aged 85 years.


28 Garret Morford, of Red Bank, N. J., born 1781; died 1865.

29 Thomas Morford, born 1776; died 1856.


30 Samuel Morford

31 Hannah Morford; baptized 1771; married Mr. Perrine.

Thomas Morford Perrine

32 Sarah Morford

20 WILLIAM MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, n, was born 1764; married, in
1788, Lvdia Stout,* born 176S. She was the daughter of Mary Stout, widow, who died in 1806. f
He had an eldest son, John Morford, as per the will of Mary Stout, in 1805-6. He was a
weaver, in Chanceville, X. J. He was also a farmer at New Monmouth, N. J.

1826, Nov 24. William Morford made his will, which was proved Mch. 22, 1828.


33 John Morford; eldest son; deceased prior to 1826, as per will of his father.

34 William Morford, Esq.

35 Capt. Thomas Morford

36 Charles Morford

37 Sarah Morford; married James Grover Taylor.

38 Man- Morford; died, Mch. 23, 1875, in her 75th year; married Walter C. Parsons,

who died, June 17, 1859, aged 64 years.

39 Elias Morford

40 Lydia Morford; married John G. Taylor, she being his third wife. She was

married prior to 1826.

41 Lucy Ann Morford, born June 24, 1809; married, Dec. 18, 1833, James, son of

John G. Taylor.

42 Joseph Morford; authority of Mrs. Silas Shepherd.

27 GEORGE TAYLOR MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, 17, was born Feb. 3,
1778; died Oct. 20, 1827; married Maria Wardell, sister of Benjamin Wardell, of Long Branch,
and Robert Wardell, of New York City. She was born Oct. 20, 1781 ; died Mch. 7, 1853.


43 Thomas Morford, of Red Bank; born Mch. 6, 1804; died Dec. 24, 1872.

44 Joseph Wardell Morford. born Mch. n, 1806; died Jan. 29, 1849; married Jane

Van Dorn.

45 John A. Morford, of Long Branch; married Sarah A. Conover.

46 Caroline Morford, born 1802; died 1850; married, first, Charles W. Little, born

1802; died Jan. 20, 1827; second, Mch. 13, 1831, John Githens, born 1801; died


Eurania S. Little, born Dec. 17, 1826.

Mary W. Githens, born 1834; died 1854.

Joseph Githens; baptized 185 1.

Sarah Githens; baptized 1851.

47 Jane Dodge Morford

48 Julia Ann Morford; baptized 1837; married, Jan. 17, 1844, Jacob Corlies Parker,

epberd Mid that Lydia Stout had a half-sister, Molly.
t.Mary Stout was born Mary Taylor, and was the wife of John Stout.


born Nov. 17, 1816; died Aug. 25, 1855.

49 Jarret Morford, of Bridgeport, Conn.; married

50 Charlotte A. Morford, born Dec. 6, 1808; died May 4, 1848; married George Klotts.

28 GARRET MORFORD, son of Thomas Morford, 17, was born May 3, 1781; died
Sept. 21, 1865. He resided in Red Bank, N. J., and received, by his father's will, property at
the age of twenty-five years and one month, and the balance of the estate at the age of thirty-
four years. He married, Apr. 2, 1818, Catharine C. White, daughter of Timothy White and
Hannah, daughter of Richard Crawford, whose will was dated 1781. She was born Feb. 28,
1798, and died Jan. 14, 1869.

1856, Feb. 28. Will of Garret Morford; proved Oct. 4, 1865.


51 Hannah White Morford, born May 2, 1819; died Dec. 6, 1894; married, Dec. 31,

1840, James McCausland, born June 9, 1807; died May 25, 1844. She was his
second wife.

52 Elizabeth Holmes Morford, born Jan. 9, 1826; died Oct. 31, 1834.

53 Hester Ann Morford, called "Annie," born 3 mo., 24, 1828; died Mch. 5, 1868;

married William H. Grant, born Dec. 24, 1820; died Nov. 3, 1897.

54 Thomas Morford; buried Mch. 24, 1827.

55 Samuel W. Morford, born Mch. 12, 1836; married, December, 1869, Mary Ruth,

daughter of George and Eliza Ovens, born 1849; died Feb. 8, 1903. He was a
coal merchant of Red Bank, N. J.

56 Henry Hobart Morford, born July 23, 1837; died Mch. 15, 1855.

57 Thomas Finch Morford, born Mch. 12, 1838; died 1888.

29 THOMAS MORFORD, Jr., son of Thomas Morford, 17, was born 1776; died 1854;
married Rebecca West, born 1782; died 1858.


58 Dr. John Morford, born, in Shrewsbury, 1803; graduated from the University of

New York; licentiate of Monmouth County Medical Society, April, 1824;
and became a member of said society in 1826. From 1825, he practiced at
Squan, N. J., where he died, Dec. 15, 1838, aged 35, 7, 25; buried in the old Pres-
byterian Churchyard at Manasquan. He was a popular physician and an es-
teemed citizen. He married Eliza, daughter of Col. Abraham Osborn. She
married, 2nd, Dr. Robert Laird and died, Sept. 22, 1884, aged 71, 6, 14. Dr.
Laird died Apr. 22, 1903.

59 Rebecca Morford, born Jan. 25, 1822; died Oct. 8, 1891; married, Feb. 28, 1843,

Robert Drummond, born Aug. 28, 1808; died Sept. 1, 1882.

60 George Morford; died, in 1825, aged 19 years.

61 James Morford; died, in 1825, aged 17 years.

62 Meribah West Morford, born 1814; died 1892; married, in 1836, Jacob Van

Winkle, born 1805; died 1876.

63 Emeline Morford; married, Nov. 19, 1823, Samuel L. Pyle.

64 Austin Wing Morford, born 1808; married, Nov. 28, 1833, Mary Osborn, born

Dec. 23, 1810'; died Apr. 14, 1872.

65 .Alexander Morford; baptized, Jan. 4, 1814, in Shrewsbury, N. J.


32 SARAH MORFORD, daughter of Thomas Morford, 17, married Joseph Mount.

66 George Mount

67 Edward Mount

68 Horatio Mount

69 Rebecca Mount

70 Hannah Mount

34 WILLIAM MORFORD, son of William Morford, 20, was born Sept. 23, 1796;
married, first, Elizabeth Willett, who was born Feb. 14, 1794. She died Jan. 31, 1835. He
died, Apr. 28, 1S68, in his 72nd year. He was a merchant, in Chanceville, N. J.


71 James Morford, born 1819.

72 Henry Morford, born 1823; died August, 1881.

73 Elizabeth Morford, born 1830; married, Jan. 1, 1854, Benjamin Frost.

74 Margaret Morford, born 1832; died 1837.

William Morford married, second, October, 1836, Joanna, daughter of Nicholas and Mary
Johnson. She was born Sept. 6, 1804, and died Apr. 8, 1872.


75 Margaret Morford, born 1840.

76 George Morford, born Oct. 18, 1844; died May 10, 1903.

35 CAPT. THOMAS MORFORD, son of William Morford, 20, married, first, Lydia,
daughter of Samuel and Ann Tilton, May 27, 1829; second, Caroline, daughter of William and
Man- (Chadwick) Cook, born circ. 1820. His first wife, Lydia, died, Feb. 2, 1845, aged 37
years, 5 months, and 16 days. His second wife, Caroline Cook, was born Aug. 6, 1819, and
died Jan. 19, 1897. He died, Dec. 31, 1862, aged 57 years, 9 months, and 9 days. Fairview

Issue by first wife

77 William Morford; married Hortense Gregory.

78 Martha Ann Morford, of New Monmouth, N. J.

79 Sarah Morford; married, Dec. 1, 1852, James H. Frost, of Brooklyn, N. Y.

80 Thomas T. Morford, of Chicago, 111., and Buffalo, N. Y.; married

81 Kate Morford; married, Nov. 25, i860, William Story.

82 Albert Morford; married Anne Spader. He was born Feb. 15, 1844, and died Feb.

11, 1909. His wife was born Nov. 2, 1843, and died Apr. 18, 1876.

83 Adelaide Morford; married, first, Dec. 18, 1867, Benjamin Frost; second, Mr.


Issue by second wife

84 James Morford, of Red Bank, N. J.; a cornetist.

85 Emily Morford; married W. A. Truax.

36 CAPT. CHARLES MORFORD, son of William Morford, 20, was the seventh son
and was born, Mch. 25, 1807, in Middletown, N. J. With his brothers, William and Thomas
Morford, he carried on a lumber business. He was an enterprising and successful business man.
He married, Sept. 25, 1832, Susan, daughter of Daniel and Margaret Herbert. He moved from


his New Monmouth residence, which he left to his son, to property, which, in 1890, was held
by his family, on the Main Street, in Middletown, N. J. He died June 7, 1874. See Ellis'

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