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Early Settlers of New Jersey and their Descendants




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Lay ton Family of Monmouth County, N. J i- lo

Tallman of New Jersey ; 1 1- j.2

Taylor of Monmouth County, N. J 43- -7^.

Throckmorton of Monmouth County, N. J 75-1 -jo

Tilton of New Jersey i j 1-202

Tilton, Unconnected Lines 202-213

Tilton, Miscellaneous 213-222

Wall of Monmouth County, N. J 223-234

Walling of Monmouth County, N. J 235-246

Watson of Monmouth County, N. J 247-254

White of New Jersey 255-388

Whitlock of Monmouth County, N. J 389-412

Winter of Monmouth County, N. J 413-416

Woodward of New Jersey 417-424

Woolley of Monmouth County, N. J 425-506

Errata rQ,n

In^ex 509-576




1 WILLIAM LAYTON, an Englishman, with his name spelled six different ways
{Laighton, Laiton, Latone, Lattorie, Laivton, Lay ten), was one of the pioneer settlers of
Middletown, New Jersey.

1688, Mch. 25. He had a patent for land granted to him which was surveyed June
9, 1688. Jan. 4, 1688, he recorded his cattle-mark. Apr. 30, 1703, John Stout, in a
conveyance of land to his son Richard Stout, lying in Middletown, mentioned the lands
of Richard Mount and William Layton as abutting properties.

1702, Aug. 17-18, he made his will as IViUiam Lavcton; proved June 28, 1708, in
which he named his wife executrix, and she was probably the Violet Lawton to whom
letters of administration were issued, and his six children.


2 William Layton

3 Thomas Layton

4 Andrew Layton

5 John Layton

6 Samuel Layton

7 Mary Layton

It is possible there was some kinship between John Layton, ot Newport, R. I., who
deeded land to Richard Tew in payment for swine on Jan. 14, 1674, and William Lawton,
of Monmouth County, and perhaps even more likely that a kinship existed between
William Layton, of Monmouth County, and Thomas Lawton, of Portsmouth: "Thomas
Lawton, of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, to Giles Slocum of ye aforesaid town and province
2 whole shares of land by me purchased of W" Reape of the place commonly called Nava-
sink Narumsunk and Pootapeck, also land in and near Shrewsbury, April i, 1672.
Witnesses: John Sanford, Wi'.iam Mairs."

Deeds and Patents, Trenton, N. J., Lib. /, p. 137.


2 WILLIAM LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, received his father's lands in
Middletown, as appears under a conveyance in 1710, from Richard Mount to Eden Bur-
rows, wherein his land is mentioned as upon the boundary, and which land we know had
been his father's. However, Aug. 10, 1704, he was settled at Freehold, where he con-
veyed land for £13, to Samuel Layton, which he had by deed from Richard Hartshorne
Aug. 22, 1690, bounded by formerly Richard Stout, Jr., George Keith, formerly William
Scott and the Gully. The witnesses were Thomas Layton, John Lawrence and William
Lawrence. By deduction he was born between 1660 and 1670, and came with his father
when a mere lad to Middletown.

1731, Apr. 10, he made his will; proved May 15, 1735, calling himself of Freehold,
yeoman, and mentioned:

to his "cousin William Layton, Jr., of Freehold, yeoman, all that tract of land I purchased of William
Scott;" wife Mary, upon whose death the residue of his estate is to pass to the aforesaid William Layton,
Jr. Executors: Jonathan Forman, Esq., William Maddock. W'itnesses: James Stanley, George Seemur,
Mary Romaine. He made his mark to the will. His inventory was taken Feb. 5, 1734, and amounted
to £257,09,00.

The "cousin" to whom he left his property was no doubt a nephew named after
him, and probably the son of his brother John Layton, 5, yet he may have been a son
of his brother, Samuel Layton, 6.

3 THOMAS LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, resided at Lower Freehold,
where he died in 1741, for Sept. 26, of that year, letters of administration upon his estate
were issued to Joseph Williams and Peter Romeyne, of Lower Freehold, yeomen.


8 Sarah Layton married Joseph Williams

9 Rachel Layton married Peter Romyne. They had: Christopher Romyne

who died 1748, and whose wife was Rebecca; Layton Romyne and Samuel

There was a Thomas Layton who, with wife Lydia, sold land on Manasquan River
to Christopher Romine, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon County, N. J., Nov. i, 1742.

Freehold, N. J., Deeds.

4 ANDREW LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, recorded his earmark in Mid-
dletown, N. J., Mch. II, 1725-6, and this same mark is next found recorded to another
Andrew Layton, Dec. 24, 1764, who was the son of John Layton and brother of Safety


10 John Layton

5 JOHN LAYTON, son of William Layton, i, recorded his earmark in Middle-
town, N. J., Mch. 3, 1719-20, which June, 1761, was passed on to his son William Layton,
and still later, June 20, 1765, to William Layton's nephew, and of course John Layton's
grandson, Anthony Layton.


1 1 William Layton

12 John Layton


6 SAMUEL LAYTON, son of William Lay ton, i, married Janet, daughter of
William Oliphant. They were members of the Middletown Baptist Church in 17 12, and
he was visited by a committee from this church in 1722. He died about 1732, and his
wife was still alive April, 1734. From deeds recorded at Freehold, N. J., it appears that
May 30, 1732, his widow Janet, signing by her mark, and his son Samuel Laton, as heir
to his father Samuel Layton, deceased, conveyed to Andrew Layton his brother (and
son of Samuel and Janet), land bounded by Thomas Layton on the North, by John
Layton on the East, by Stephen Aumack and William Layton on the South. Again the
same individuals were grantees May 30, 1733, to Samuel and Janet Lay ton's son,
Thomas Layton, Jr., of fifty-four acres of land which said deceased Samuel Layton hacl
by deed from John Heritage Nov. i, 1707. Thomas Lay ten, Jr., and Samuel Lay ten,
yeoman, conveyed to Andrew Layten, yeoman, part of a tract of land granted to Samuel
Layton, the cieceased father of the said Thomas, Samuel and Andrew Layten, by deed
from John Heritage Nov. i, 1707.


13 William Layton, supposed; as both he and the father of Samuel Layton, 6,

were christened William, but there is no evidence to prove such a son,
except he was the legatee named in the will of William Layton, 2.

14 John Layton

1 5 Samuel Layton

16 Andrew Layton

17 Thomas Layton

10 JOHN LAYTON, son of Andrew Layton, 4, must have stood in this relation,
and have married a daughter of Safety Bowne, from the fact that the names of his olciest
sons were Andrew and Safety Layton (after their respective grandfathers), and because
the earmark of Andrew Layton of 1725-6 is next found recorded to an Andrew Layton
in 1764.

1761, Mch. I, he made his will, which is recorded in Trenton, N. J.; proved May 13,
1 76 1, and refers to "my four eldest sons, viz.: Safety, Andrew, John and William,"
which implies that he had more, and the will of his son Andrew Layton proves that they
were James and Samuel Layton.


18 Safety Layton

19 Andrew Layton

20 John Layton; probably it was he who had a license to marry Jane Johnston,

of Freehold, Feb. 10, 1764. John Layton was then of Shrewsbury, and
made his mark, and Andrew Layton was his surety.

21 William Layton

22 Thomas Layton

23 James Layton

24 Samuel Layton

*It is conjectured that the following Layt ns were either children or grandchildren of Samuel Layton, 6: May i, 1742, Re-
bekah Layton, spinster, and Christopher Morris, cordwainer, both of Monmouth County, Samuel Layton, surety; Nov. 28, 1751,
Mary Layton, spinster, and Samuel Bowne, minor, Christopher Morris, surety, all three of Middletown; Dec. 25, 1755, Samuel
Layton, yeoman, and Sarah Williams, both of Freehold, Samuel Bowne, minor, of Middletown, surety, all had marriage licenses


25 Catharine Layton; marriage license to Gershom Cottrell Sept. 12, 1757,

Safety Layton, surety, in which she is called daughter of John. Their son
Joseph Cottrell married Mary Thickstone and they had Gershom Cottrell.

26 Hester Layton; marriage license to John Cottrell Jan. 6, 1762, Gershom

Cottrell, surety. His will on record alludes to "my two first wives children
£5, viz.: James, Thomas, William, John, Rhody's children, David, Re-
becca Ann, Catharine, Hester;" wife Mary to have the use of the estate and
after her decease to "my youngest children," Job, Joseph, Sarah, Gershom,
Seriah, John and Rachel.

27 Hannah Layton

28 Ann Layton

12 JOHN LAYTON, son of John Layton, 5, resided at Middletown, N. J., when

he wrote "his will June 10, 1784; proved Oct. 31, 1789. He married Elizabeth ,

who died Nov. 16, 1786. He possessed an ample estate, which, after providmg liberally
for his widow, he divided among his children naming his sons, John, Anthony and Job,
executors. He alludes to the Hill Field, the Point Road, my Father's Spring and my
Father's meadow, among other landmarks.


29 John Layton born Nov. 12, 1734

30 Anthony Layton born May 18, 1739

31 Job Layton

32 Lewis Layton

2,2, Elizabeth Layton died prior to June 10, 1784, leaving issue.

34 Mary Layton; marriage license"to W™ Smith Nov. 6, 1762. His will probably

at Trenton, N. ]., |an. 4, 1794, proved Nov. 16, 1795, and if so they had
issue: Daniel, Abraham, William, Elizabeth, Hannah and Mary Smith.

35 Johannah Layton

36 Sarah Layton married Ezekial Cooper by license Aug. 28, (Sept. 4), 1766.

She made her will Mch. 2, 1817, proved Mch. 20, 1818. Issue: John,
Charlotty (married Mr. Mathews), Benjamin, Samuel (who had Sarah
Ann and Ezekial), William (who had Sarah) and Thomas Cooper (who had

14 JOHN LAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, resided at Freehold, N. J., Dec. 6,
1729, when his father conveyed hun land.

15 SAMUEL LAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, resided at Freehold, N. J., and
was grantee of lands May 30, 1733, from his brother Andrew Layton, bounded by John
Layton, Stephen Aumack and VVilliam Layton. He also appears in other land trans-
actions about this date.

16 ANDREW LAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, was of Freehold, N. J., Mch.
5, 1729, when his father conveyed land to him bounded on the North by formerly James
Stout, on the East by formerly James Bollen, on the West by formerly John Oakesson,
on the South unsurveyed, to which the grantor had right by deed ot Richard Osborn
dated Oct. 8, 1712.


1729, Mch. 5, his father again conveyed land to him deeded to grantor by Gawen
Drummond Apr. 20, 171 5.

1729, Mch. 6, he, Andrew Lay ton, 16, conveyed this last mentioned tract of land to
David Clayton, Jr., yeoman, ot Freehold, which lay in Freehold near the head of Manas-
quan River.

He also appears in several other land transactions.

17 THOMAS LAYTON, son of Samuel Layton, 6, as Thomas Layton, Jr., of
Freehold, N. J., yeoman, with Lidea his wife, sold land on Manasquan River for £70, to
Samuel Layton, of the same place, and which the grantor had title to by deed from
Theophilus Bartow June 7, 1735.

In 1742 (Nov. i), he apparently had moved to Shrewsbury, N. J., for he, then of
that place, with Lydia his wile, conveyed to Christopher Romine, of Bethelehem, Hun-
terdon County, yeoman, the remainder of the Bartow purchase of 1735, on Manasquan
River. He appears in other land transactions in 1733 and 1734.

18 SAFETY LAYTON, son of John Layton, 10, was a resident of Shrewsbury,
N. J., when he had a marriage license with Christian Fleming, George Harrison, of
Shrewsbury, surety.

He was on the Poor Rate and Dog Tax of 1764; was called one of the four eldest
sons and named as an executor in the will ot his father Mch. i, 1761.

From his name Safety, I am confident that he was a grancison of Safety Bowne who
in turn was a grandson of Safety Grover. He was still residing in Shrewsbury when he
made his will Mch. 20, 1790, proved May 8, 1790, in which he left his son James 10
shillings and the remainder of his estate to his wife, daughter Rebecca and sons Joseph,
Thomas and Safety, who were not yet twenty-one.


37 James Layton

38 Rebecca Layton

39 Joseph Layton

40 Thomas Layton born Feb. 12, 1777

41 Safety Layton

19 ANDREW LAYTON, son of John Layton, 10, took his grandfather, Andrew
Layton's earmark, and it passed upon his decease, to his son Isaac. He was named by
his father John Layton, second in the list of his four eldest sons in the will of 1761.

Andrew Layton's will was written Apr. 22, 1800, proved July 16, 1800, and in it he
said he was far advanced in years, and bequeaths to the "heirs of my brothers James,
Samuel and John Layton, $20., as a bar to any Pretensions," and left to Isaac Layton all
his lands in Middletown, with reversion to the heirs of Nancy Sowden and Mary Layton,
calling the latter "the youngest daughter of Margaret my housekeeper."

1 76 1, Dec. 19, he had a license ::o marry Mary Wilkison, of Freehold, with John
Layton, surety. He probably had no issue by her.


42 Nancy Layton married a Sowden

43 Mary Layton born Aug. 23 (1780?); married Feb. 14, 1802, Thomas, son of

Anthony and Hannah Layton, born Dec. 4, 1774.


44 Isaac Layton probably died intestate, without issue, as the property of

Andrew Layton, 19, was sold Dec. 23, 1852, as the real estate ot Thomas
and Isaac Layton, deceased, by the descendants of Isaac's two sisters.

21 WILLIAM LAYTON, son of John Layton, 10, made his will Mch. 16, 1793,
proved Feb. 26, 1807, wherein he mentioned his wife Catharine, his two youngest chil-
dren, his sons John, Thomas, Walter and William not twenty-one, and daughter Catha-
rine not of age; "all of my children, viz.: Aaron Layton, Mary Brittin, Tunice, John,
Thomas, Wafter, William and Catharine Layton."

William Layton, 21, was probably he who had a license to marry Nov. 19, 1764,
Catherine Van Pelt.


45 John Layton died intestate, without issue, for Jan. 26, 1801, administration

was granted on his estate to his brother, Aaron Layton, and his property
was distributed among his brothers and sisters.

46 Aaron Layton

47 Mary Layton married Nathaniel Britton

48 Tunice Layton

49 Thomas Layton

50 W'alter Layton married Aug. 19, 1798, Elizabeth Price, ot Howell.

51 William Layton married Dec. 29, 1802, Mrs. Jane Voorhees.

52 Catherine Layton

23 JAMES LAYTON, son of John Layton, 10, was probably named after his
mother's uncle. He was apparently the one to whom land was conveyed May 10, 1800,
and Apr. 5, 1805, and in other transactions in 1802 and 181 1.

29 JOHN LAYTON, son of John Layton, 12, born Nov. 12, 1734; died Feb. 27,
1 8 14, had'a license to marry Dec. 26, 1761, Sarah Sonmans Nevill, who was the daughter
of John Nevill, Gent., of Perth Amboy, and Frances his wife, born x^ug. 30, 1742, and
died Apr. 9, 1 8 18.

Tohn Layton was called carpenter in his marriage license and his descendants say he
fought in the Battle of Monmouth in Washington's Army, and that he had a grant ot six
hundred and forty acres of land in Monmouth County, and that his ancestors were
located "between Far Hills and Liberty Corner on the place known as the Henry Apgar


53 Peter Layton born Sept. 22, 1770

30 ANTHONY LAYTON, son of John Layton, 12, was born May 18, 1739; died

Dec. 4, 1821; married Hannah who died June 19, 1803, aged 57, 10, 11. They are

buried in what is called the Layton yard, which has likewise the bodies ot various mem-
bers of the Shepherd family, but only these two Layton stones.


54 Thomas Layton born Dec. 4, 1774 /


55 Lydia Layton married, first, Abraham Smith, of New York, Oct. 13, 1799;

second, prior to Sept. 23, 1822, John Cooper.

56 Elizabeth Layton single in 1822

31 JOB LAYTON, son of John Layton, 12, married, first, probably in 1773,
Rebecca, daughter of John and Elizabeth Mount, born "Wednesday, 16 July, 1746;"
second, Rachel Taylor upon whose estate he was granted letters of administration July
22, 1794; third, Lydia, daughter of James Wall. His will was made Aug. 31, 1820,
proved Jan. 26, 1827.

Issue by first zvife

57 Elizabeth Layton born Jan. 29, 1774; died Aug. 7, 1828; married Isaac

Burdge born Feb. 28, 1767; died Mch. 22, 1858. He was a son of David
and Elizabeth (Davis) Burdge. They had twelve children.

58 Rebecca Layton born Jan. 7, 1776; died Feb. 24, i860; married Aug. 8, 1793,

William Wilson born Jan. 5, 1766; died Sept. 15, 1837. They had:

Wilson married Vanderhoot; James Wilson married Fields;

Job Wilson married Walling; Rebecca Wilson married Joseph Stout;

Sarah L. Wilson married David Swan; Esther Wilson married Henry
Morris and moved to Ohio; Elizabeth Wilson married Joseph Knott;
Euphame Wilson married Aaron Seabrook; Lydia Wilson married George

59 John Layton born Jan. 21, 1773

60 Job Layton moved to Lockport, N. Y., and had: Eliza Layton who married

a Phelps, and other children.

61 Euphame Layton died prior to Aug. 31, 1820; married Joseph Cooper. They

had: Mrs. Eliza Everett, Margaret Cooper, Mrs. Lydia Morris, Joseph
and James Cooper.

62 Sarah Layton born June i, 1781; died Sept. 4, 1859; married Aug. 16, 1801,

Peter Mersereau.
Issue by third ivife
()2 James Layton married Feb. 23, 1818, Eliza, sister of William Murray.

40 THOMAS LAYTON, son of Safety Layton, 18, was born Feb. 12, 1777. The
attribution of this son to Thomas Layton is largely by elimination, and because he signed
as Thomas S., which might stand for Safety, the name of his supposed father.

1837, Aug. 28, Thomas S. Layton and Davici Layton, with Hannah his wife, of
Howell, made a conveyance.

1837, June 5, Thomas S. Layton conveyed to William B. Hill, as his share of that
part of the estate of Ebenezer Curtis, deceased, which the said Thomas S. Layton pur-
chased of David Curtis. Thomas Layton married Miss Curtis.


64 Elisha C. Layton

65 David Layton born Apr. 9, 1808; died Apr. 7, 1857; married Hannah Pearce

born June 11, 1805; died Mch. 27, 1866; from whom descend the Laytons
of Mackinaw, Tazewell County, 111.


46 AARON LAYTON, son of William Lay ton, 21, resided at Howell. His will
dated Jan. 20, 1820, proved Mch. 3, 1820, mentioned: wife Sarah; daughters and sons
as given below in the issue. His first wife died between Oct. 8, 1808, and Nov. 11, 181 1.
He married, second, June 24, 1814, Sarah Barber.


66 Anna Lay ton married Dec. 17, 1806, Joel Lewis

67 Margaret Layton married John Brown

68 Catharine Layton married Mr. Brown

69 Eleanor Layton married William Cottrell

70 Sarah Layton married Gershom Cottrell

71 Mary Layton

72 Perlina Layton

73 Keziah Layton married Mch. 15, 1828, Isaac Patterson

74 Elizabeth Layton

75 Tunis Layton married Dec. 12, 1809, Mrs. Lydia Hulshart

76 John Layton married Mch. 28, 181 8, Esther Truax

48 TUNIS LAYTON, son of William Layton, 21, resided at Howell, where he
made his will July 10, 1832; proved Aug. 25, 1832, which mentioned: wife Eleanor, and
his children.


77 Jane Layton married Apr. 15, 1816, Elijah Newman

78 Aaron Layton

79 Thomas S. Layton married Eleanor

80 Francis Layton; of Alden, Erie County, N. Y.; died prior to Dec. 10, 1852.

81 Anthony Layton married Sarah

82 Miss Layton married Mr. Wells and had: Mary Hannah Wells.

49 THOMAS LAYTON, son of William Layton, 21, married Oct. 2, 1803, Re-
becca Mathews and was living in 1838, when he conveyed land.

1 8 16, Nov. 20, Thomas Layton, of Freehold, and Rebecca his wife, conveyed to
Tunis Layton, Sr., of Howell, his right to land belonging to his father William Layton,
deceased, except about one acre where the burying-ground is. Thomas Layton may
have been the father of John B. and Francis T. Layton.

53 PETER LAYTON, son of John Layton, 29, was born Sept. 22, 1770; died Mch.
[Nov.?] 4, 1835; married Sept. 25, 1797, Margaret, daughter of Daniel and Eleanor
(Runyon) Heath, born Nov. 26, 1778-9, died July 31, 1854.


83 Daniel Layton born Sept. 10, 1798

84 Sarah Layton born Sept. 4, 1800

85 Eleanor Layton born Nov. 9, 1802; died Feb. 10 [15?], 1887; married Oct.

29, 1828, David, son of Griffith Morris, born 1797-8, died Dec. 21, 1867.

86 Elizabeth Layton born Oct. 6, 1 806

87 Mary Anne Layton born Feb. 21,1812


54 THOMAS LAYTON, son of Anthony Layton, 30, was born Dec. 4, 1774; mar-
ried, first, Sept. 7, 1799, Deborah, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Burdge; second,
Feb.' 14, 1802, Mary, daughter of Andrew Layton.


88 Lydia Layton born June 20, 1800; married, first, Mr. Tunis; second, Charles

Johnson. • , t ^

89 Elizabeth Layton born Mch. 3, 1803; died July 14, 1869; married June 6,

1824, Cyrus P. Dakin.

90 x^nthony Layton born May 7, 1804; married Mary

91 Hannah Layton born Oct. 30, 1805; married Mr. McDougall.

92 Deborah Layton born z^ug. 23, 1807; married John Patterson.

93 Julia Layton born Aug. i, 1809; died Feb. 11, 1885; married Sept. 11, 1831,

Joseph Smith.

94 Metene Layton born Jan. 29, 1 8 13; married David Luyster.

95 Thomas Layton born Aug. 19, 1815; died Apr. 3, 1850; married Elizabeth


96 Andrew Layton born Sept. 24, 18 17

97 Noah Layton born Jan. 18, 1820

98 IsaacLaytonborn Jan. 25, 1822; died Oct. 6, 1825.

99 Paul Layton born Mch. 23, 1824; died Dec. 18, 1887.

100 Mary A. Layton born June 5, 1827; married William Minton.

59 JOHN LAYTON, son of Job Layton, 31, was born Jan. 21, 1773; died Apr. 5,
1844; married Nov. 8, 1801, Elizabeth Mersereau, born Dec. 16, 1783, died June 14,


loi John Mount Layton born July 31, 1802; died July n, 1830; married Oct.
31, 1827, Martha Matilda, daughter of Jacob and Martha (McClean)
Burdge, who was born Apr. 28, 1804 and died Dec. 29, 1828.

102 Job Layton born Nov. 16, 1803; died May 15, 1 861 ; married Rachel Rounds

born Mch. 19, 1808, died Feb. 13, 1869.

103 Rebecca Layton born Aug. 19, 1805; died Feb. 20, 1899; married Jan. 3,

1 826, Alfred Rounds.

104 Daniel Mersereau Layton born Nov. 2, 1807; died May 10, 1881; married

May 20, 1 840, Esther S. Bradley.

105 James W. Layton born June 24, 1809; died Mch. 16, 1813.

106 Aaron M. Layton born Sept. 25, 181 1; died Sept. 7, 1873, i'"* Marysville,

111.; married Aug. 21, 1845, Charlotte Balcom.

107 Polly Ann Layton born Oct. 9, 1813; died Oct. 13, 1890.

108 Cornelia Layton born Apr. 25, 1816; died Mch. 5, 1883.

109 Emeline Layton born Oct. 28,1818; died June 1 5, 1 827.

no Eliza Layton born June n, 1 821 ; married Feb. 3, 1 841, Ralph Bevier.

111 JamesW. Layton born Mch. II, 1824; married Sarah Wilson.

112 Peter Mersereau Layton born Feb. 2, 1832; married Alvira Adkins Nov.




Christopher Lay ton on the Tax List of 1759.

Lamuel (not Samuel) Layton on Tax List of 1759; makes his mark with Ann his
wife, in deeds Nov. 4, 181 1. Perhaps a son of John Layton and Miss Bowne.

Obadiah Layton on Tax List of 1759, as yeoman, of Freehold, had marriage license
Mch. 22, 1759, with Hulden Hermones, of Shrewsbury; John Morris, weaver, being


Samuel Layton on Tax List of 1759, and Poor Rate of 1764, with Samuel Layton,

Jr., on Tax List of 1759.

John R. Layton died June 16, 1856, aged 79 years. Holmdel Baptist Yard. Mary,
his wife, born 1799, and John, his son, born 1841.

John Layton, of Morris County, and Ann his widow, May 9, 1750.

Ad7fiinistrations, Trenton, N. J.

William Layton, of Somerset County, administrator, Oct. 12, 1750, on the estate of
his brother Thomas Layton, whose widow renounced.

Esther Layton, daughter of Andrew, had a marriage license May 28, 1747, with
Richard Borden, of Middletown; Joseph Cooper, surety.

Mary Layton, of Shrewsbury, made her will Sept. 14, 1798; proved Jan. 28, 1834,
mentioned: sons John, Allen, Thomas, Henry and William.

Freehold, N. J., Records.

John and Hannah Layton had: Martha, baptised, at Cranbury, Oct. 9, 1820.

1908. Grandin Layton, of Farmingdale, died Friday, July 24th, from heart disease.
He leaves a widow and one son. He was 57 years old. Local newspaper.

The investigations of Mrs. L. R. Fellows, an ardent family genealogist, printed in
the Newark, N. J., Neivs, with the contributions of the late Rev. William White Hance
to the same columns, have greatly aided in this compilation.




The Tallmans of New Jersey are represented by several branches of the name having

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