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Minerals, solid solution in, Allen,

Crenshaw and Johnston, 169 ;
Foote and Bradley, 433 ; Bowen,


Analcite, composition, 433. Anor-
thite, 564. Apatite, -475.

Baddeleyite, Montana, 54.

Camegieite, 564. Camotite, Penn.,
574. Chromitite, Servia, 294.

Dahllite, Nevada, 475.

Eichbergite, Austna, 293.

Fei-morite, India, 294.

Hydrocarbon, Bahia, Brazil, 25.

Ilmenite, chem. composition, 500.

Lorandite, Wyoming, 105. Losite,

Marcasite. composition, etc., 170,
218. Muthmannite, Transyl-
vania, 298.

Nephelite, composition, 49, 439,

Pyrite, composition, etc., 170, 218.
Pyrrhotite, composition, etc.,
193, 222.

Rutile, Quebec, 268.

Sapphirine, Quebdc, 268. Silliman-
ite, with native gold, 241. Spo-
dumene, melting point, 499.

Thorveitite, Norway, 294. Troilite,
relation to pyrrhotite, 212. Tnr-
qnoise, crystallized, Virginia, 85.

Uraninite, East Africa, 67.

VoBlckerite, 475. Villiaumite, 69.

Yttrofluorite, Norway, 298.
Mines, Bureau of, 63.
Mister, W. G., heat of formation of

titanium dioxide, 45.
Morse, H. W., Storage Batteries,

Mykolog^ie, Kossowicz, 295.


Narragansett Basin, R. I., geolog-
ical structure, Lahee, 249, 854, 447.

Nephelite-anorthite series, Bowen,
49, 551.

Newfoundland, physiography of,
Twenhofel, 1.

New Jersey geol. survey, 64, 382.

New Zealand botanical notes, Aston,

Nichols, E. I., Physios, 380.

Nitrogen tetroxlde, in electric dis-
charge, Zenneck, 875.

— thermometer scale. Day and Sos-
man, 517.

Nuclei, rate of decay, Barus, 107.

Nutrition, Human, Jordan, 295.


Bomet, J. B. E., 296. Borup, G.,
598. Brush, G. J., 296, 389.

Davison, G.. 72. Divers, E., 598.
Dutton, C. E., 168, 387.

Hooker, J. D., 72.

Lebedew, P. N., 598. Lister, Sir
Joseph, 296.

Montgomery, T. H., Jr., 388.

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Reynolds, O., 516. Rotch, A. L.,

Smith, J. B., ^88, Spezia, G., 72.
Sutherland, W., 72.

Tarr, R. S., 888, 515. TOpler, A.,

Wheeler, C. G., 296.
Observatoiy, Allegheny, publica-
tions, 886.
— Harvard College, 386.
Olsson, A., new genus of Palaschin-

oidea, 442.
Optics, Physical, Wood, 61.
Ore deposits, types of, Bain, 292.
Osmotic pressure, determination,

Tronton, 877.
Ostwald's Klassiker der exacten

Wissenschaften, 296.

Paddle- Wheels, Photometric, Milne,

Paleontolog^ia Universalis, 511.
Patten, W., Evolution of Vertebrates,

Peat, uses of, Davis, 883.
Peru, pre-historio human remains

from Cuzco, Bingham, 297 ; Bow-
man, 806 ; Eaton, 825.
Petrog^phic methods, Weinschenk

and Clark, 511.
— Microscopic Research, Wright, 512.
Physics, Hawkins, 589 ; Jones and

Tatnall, 879; Mann, 590; Nichols

and Blaker, 880 ; Reed and Guthe,

285 ; Spinney, 157.
Physiography of Newfoundland,

Twenhofel, 1.
Planeten, das Schicksal der, Arr-

henius, 167.
Platinum, production in 1910, 67.
Post ma, G. E., aAalysis of dahllite,

voelckerite, etc., 475.
Potash in the United States, 69.

Radio-active disintegration, effect of
temperature, Russell, 587.

Radio-actlTity of Durkheim Waters,
Ebler and Fellner, 59.

— measurements, Barss, 546.
Radioteleg^raphy, experiments, Aus-
tin, 59.

Radium, deposit in electric field,
Wellisch and Bronson, 48.

— magnetic spectra of /J-rays, von
Baeyer, Meitner and Habn, 281.

Reed, J. O., College Physics, 285.
Roberts, E., Famous Chemists, 156.


Anorthosite, Quebec, 268.
Granites of Connecticut, Dale and

Gregory, 160.
Ilmenite rocks near St. Urbain,

Quebec, Warren, 268.
Nephelite-syenite of Los, Lacroix,

Pegmatites, etc., of Narragansett

Basin, Lahee, 447 ; pelites, psam-

mites, psephites of, 854.
Rocks of Mt. McKinley region,

Alaska, Brooks and Prindle, 161.
Topsailite, 68.
Urbainite, Quebec, 276.
Rogers, A. F., baddeleyite, Montana,

54 ; lorandite, Wyoming, 105.
R5ntg:en radiation, production of,
Whiddington, 282.

Saturn's ring, optical resolution,
Todd, 152.

Schaller, W. T., crystallized tur-
quoise from Virginia, 85.

See, T. T. J., Capture Theory of
Cosmical Evolution, 167.

Seismoloffical Society of America,
bulletin. 161.

Sismologie modeme, de Ballore, 288.

Smith, U. C, Geometry, 168.

Smith, J. P., coral reefs in Triassic
of No. America, 92.

Smithsonian Institution, annual re-
port, 71, 165.

Soil solution, Cameron, 512.

Solid solution in minerals, 169, 488,

Sosman, R. B., nitrogen thermom-
eter scale, with boiling point of
sulphur, 517.

Spectra, magnetic, of /3-ray8 of ra-
dium, 281 ; of thorium, 688.

Spectrum of iron, wave-lengths, 288.

Spinney, L. B., Physics, 157.

Standards, Bureau of, bulletin, 59,

Starlit sky, intrinsic brightness,
Fabry, 280.

Sulphur, boiling point. Day and Sos-
man, 517.

Sun, Abbot, 61.

Sun*s energy-spectrum, Abbot, 285.

Tatnall, R. R., Physics Problems,

Taylor, G., Australia, 289.

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Temperatures, nitrogen -thermome-
ter scale, Day and Sosman, 517;
standard scale of, Adams and
Johnston, 584.

Terrestrial relief forms, Atlas, 163.

Thorium, magnetic spectra of /J-rays,
von Baeyer, etc., 588.

Thorndik«, E. L., Animal Intelli-
gence, 70.

Thorpe, E., Dictionary of Applied
Chemistry, 500.

Todd, D., optical resolution of the
Satumian ring, 152. I

Tohoku Imperial University, Science
reports, 597. !

Trisectioo of angles, Uhler, 506. i

Trotter, A. P., Illumination, 61. |

Twenhofel, W. H., physiography of
Newfoundland, 1.


Uhler, H. S., notes on Maskelyne's

** trisection of an angle," 506.
United States Bureau of Mines, 63.
— Geol, Survey, 62, 159, 507.

Vermont, Sudbury, Ordovician out-
• Her, Dale, 97.
Vertebrates, Amer. Permian, Wil-

liston, 65, 592.
— Evolution, Patten, 590 ; Jaekel,

Virginia geol. survey, 594.
Vortex rings in liquids, Northrup,



Walcott, C. D., Cambro-Ordovician I
in British Columbia, 508 ; Olenopsis !
in America, 509 ; middle Cambrian i
Branchiopoda, etc., 509. |

Ward, H. L., estimations of lead,
nickel, and zinc, 334 ; oxalate per-
manganate process, 428.

Warren, C. H., ilmenite rocks of St.
Urbain, Quebec, 268.

Washington, H. S., mineral nomen-
clature, 187.

Watson, T. L., association of gold
with sillimanite, 241.

Weinschenk, £., Petrographic Meth-
ods, 511.

Wellcome Tropical Research Labo-
ratory, fourth report, 294, 597.

Wellisch, E. M., deposit of radium
in electric field, 483.

Wells, H. L., color-effect of isomor-

W>hou8 mixture, 108.
est Australia geol. survey, 383.
West Virginia geol. survey, 381,

Wherry, E. T., camotite in Penn.,

Wieland, G. R., American foesil

cycads, Part vi, 73.
Williston, S. W., Amer. Permian

Vertebrates, 65, 592; reptilian

skulls, 389.
Wirbeltiere, Jaekel, 592.
Wisconsin geol. survey, 382, 595,
— inland lakes, Birge and Juday 71.
Wood, R. W., Physical Optics, 61,
Wright, F. E., Petrographic-Micro-

scopic Research, 512.
Writing, Technical, Earle, 386.

Zerfallprozesse in der Natur, Engler,

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New Circulars,

84 : Eighth Mineral List : A descriptive list of new arrivals,
rare and showy minerals.

85 : Minerals for Sale by Weight : Price list of minerals for
blowpipe and laboratory work.

86: Minerals and Rocks for >Vorking Collections: List t>f
common minerals and rocks for study specimens; prices
from I ^ cents up.

Catalogue 26 : Biological Supplies : New illustrated price list j

of material for dissection ; study and display specimens ; j

special dissections; models, etc. Sixth edition.

Any or all of the above lists will be sent free on request. We are
constantly acquiring new material and publishing new lists. It pays to
be on our mailing list.

Ward's Natural Science Establishment

76-104 College Ave., Roohestek, N. Y.

Ward's Natural Science Establishment

A Supply-House for Scientific Material.

Founded 1862. Incorporated 1890.


Geology, including Phenomenal and Physiographic.
Mineralogy, including also Rocks, Meteorites, etc.
Palaeontology. Archaeology and Ethnology,

Invertebrates, including Biology, Conchology, etc.
Zoology, including Osteology and Taxidermy.
Human Anatomy, including Craniology, Odontology, etc.
Models, Plaster Casts and Wall-Charts in all departments.

Circulars in any departmeut free on request ; address

Ward's Natural Science Establishment,

76-104 College Ave., Kochester, New Tork, IT. S. A.

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Art. XLIII. —Nitrogen Thermometer Scale from 300° to
630°, M'ith a Direct Determination of the Boiling Point
of Sulphur; by A. L. Day and R. B. Sosman 517

XLIV. — Note on the Standard Seals of Temperatures be-
tween 200° and 1100°; by L. H. Adams and J. John-
ston 534

XLV. — Note on Measurements of Radio-activity by Means

of Alpha Rays ; by W. R. Babss ". 546

XLVL— The Binary System : Na,Al,Si,0^ (Nephelite, Car-

negieitc) — CaAl,Si*0^ (Anorthite); by N. L. Bowen... 551

XLVII. — New Occurrence of Carnotite; by E. T. Wherry 574

XLVIIL— Afje of the Cleveland Shale of Ohio; by H. P.

Gushing \ 581


Chemistry and Phi/sicft — Ultra-filtration in Chemical Analysis, Dorptjrt and
Galecki : Magnesia Rods as a Substitute for Platinum Wire, E. Wade-
kind, 585.— Combustion of Carbon Monoxide, Wieland : Purity of Com-
mercial Metals. F. Myuus, 586. — Effect of Temperature upon Radio-activa
Disintegration, A. S. Russell, 587. — Das Magnetiscbe Si>ektnim der p-
Strablen des Thoriums, von Baeyer, Hahn, and Meitner, 588. — Applied
Physics for Secondary Schools, V. D. Hawkins : Die Messung vertikaler
Luftstromungen, P. Ludeavio, 589.— Teaching of Physics for Purposes of
General Education, C. R. Mann : Uber Zerfallprozesse in der Natur,
C. Engler, 590.

Geo/o^»/— Evolution of the Vertebrates and their Kin, W. Patten. 590. —
Die Wirbeltiere : eine tJbei-sicht liber die fossilen und lebenden Formen,
O. Jaekel ; American Permian Vertebrates, S. W. Williston, 592. —
Maryland Geological Survey : Method of Removing Tests from Fossils,
S. S. BucKMAN, 593. — Virginia Geological Survey : West Virginia Geolog-
ical Survey, 59-t. — Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey :
Building Stones and Clays, E. C. Eckel : Mineralogy, F. H. Hatch, 595.

Miscellaneous Scieniijic Intclliijeyice — Annals of the Association of American
Geographers, R. E. Dodge : Annual Report of the Director of the Field
Museum of Natural History, 596.— Science Reports of the Tohoku Imperial
University, Sendai, Japan : Fourth Report of the Wellcome Tropical Re-
search Laboratory, 597. — Life and Love of the Insect, J. H. Fabre :
Evolution of Animal Intelligence, S. J. Holmes, 598.

Obituary— F. N. Lebedew : A. Topler : E. Divers: G. Borup, 598.
Index to Volume XXXIII, 599-604.


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