John Elliot Bingham.

Narrative of the expedition to China from the commencement of the war to its termination in 1842; with sketches of the manners and customs of that singular and hitherto almost unknown country online

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Online LibraryJohn Elliot BinghamNarrative of the expedition to China from the commencement of the war to its termination in 1842; with sketches of the manners and customs of that singular and hitherto almost unknown country → online text (page 1 of 70)
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, %

6 R,'


From January to June, indufivt,



bt several hands.




Printed for R. Griffiths:

And Sold by T. Becket, Corner of the Adclphi, Strind.


« ^ Digitized by LjOOQ IC

O '


by Google


■r.'U iM




Titles, Authors Names, &c. of the Publl-*
cations reviewed in this Volume.

N. B. For REMARRABLB Passages, in the Extra^s, fee the
I N D E X, at the End of the Volume.


ABiftcioMBix^t forciog Cardraer^
ABsTKACTt of Minutct in the Supreme

|3 cies, &c.
Bandikell^s SermoAt,

A cot's ViCionftts Oil the Fjopbe*

CooncU of B«ng>ly ^3^^ BAN60K,Biibopof,hUFaft S«rmon, 314.

)rl^ Babbtti*! Goiie through the Royal

AoDBE^Sy Mr. Hartley^, totbeTorl^
^re Comrnittecy 149

1 from the YorkAire Commit-
ter to tbe Eleftors of Great Britain, 226

— — - fiom Mr. Hartley to the Pub-
lic, jSt

Ai>T£HTtrEKt of an Hackney Coach^


AtfaicvLrvftty Letten>&c. onj front
the B«th Society, 417

A 1 T K t N *f Elements «f Safgery, 74

Akekicam War, TraAs relative tOj, '

AitciiKT Briton, t Poem, ^§t

AfiDBXws. See Dissipation.

AKDBKWs's Letter tp Count Welderen,

AvTZ^triTiis of^cotland,
AifTt^trr, Sec, of the World.


AiaEST at Dacca, ■
AaitTOTLs. See WiHitA I* t»t."
Aiftir and Nary Gentleman^a Conipa-
# BMMs 90

AscBusiov. SccHgcHXs*
A » II ft Adrice to a Niece, 475

ATBt*s Comparative Vitw of the Difft^
toces'^ftWeen the Snglilh and hith


Academy, 3S4

Ba T s M A N*i Two Strrttf n«, 47^

Bath Society. See AGRictJtTUEi.
BeaTson's Dtvln« Right of a Chrittiad

to Freedom of Inquiry, , yS*

^tAZ%y\hi,x*iCatieb\Jm dels Bible, 'jt
BsftS. SecKlYEt.
B B a KL E Y *s VilUatioA Seitn. at Oxford,

BataowN Deifm not conflftenf with the
Religion of Reafon, ^c. 5/

BBKWtcc*t Memoirs tranflated, 6S

BiBLX. See Abridgment.
BiBLioTJiECATopographica,No.T. if^
BiKCH on the EflScacy of fi^c^ncity in
Female Diforderf, 5«w»</ iT/ZiV/o/T, 356
Biftds, Emigration of, 154

BisscHorr*! Nomenciator, 390

Bono. See FaiBNOSBrp.
Bb 1 t I9H Topography* I stf

Bbookb's Siege of Sinop^ a Tragttff,

BaotfrN's Reports, Vols. Til. &IV. 7|
Bbvcb*s Firft Prindplet of Ph1Io(bpby,


. BtrcHAK, Est! of, bis Speech, 926

B V o G E T of Love, 384

BuNBUEY. See LxTTtari.

BcTaGotKE, General, Letter to, #$

^^\ A % Bur-

^^ K /i. Dig tized by Google ^





BsRGOTNi, Gen. hit Lord ofthtManor^
a Comic Opera, %%%

B99ABY*s Stfk on the General Faft,


9ABY*S tak on

C"<Af?i'f5enn. oif theGen. Paft, 31^
i CAtRACciOLi*t Travels of Rea.
fon in Europe, oo

Caktwrioht*! Letten, Moral and En-
tertaining, ^69

Carvck*b New Unifcrfal Trafeller/ 70

Cases oi) Appeals concerning the Duties
on Hbuiesy Windows, &c. 73

Cat tcni9M dih Bi6te^ 7S

Catholic Proteftant, 391

Catholics. See Stati.

Celestial Bed«, 467

Chandlee on the Eye, 77

CnoisiOL, Coumi de, hii Trarcls ihrongh
Greece, Ch..vii. ik r'vu 558

CatfRCHiLL. See Parodt.

Cr e a 0*1 Orations, tranAited bj Ruther-
ford, 241

Cl A a r «n Fev^, g,

Clarr*8 £m)>)ematical Reprefcnt. of the
Paradifeof God, 70

Clark^*s Tranflation of Lorgna's Dii^
tatlonon Converging Series, &% 3«S

ClArkb*s Sermon on Lord George Gor-
don, ^ 480

CocK*^, Game, Dire£lions for breeding,


Coins. 6ee Noble.

Co LZ (fritth de ridicufof 1 54

Comments on the Ten Commandmems,


Companion for the Chriftlan in h>s

Garden, &c. 395


Considerations preliminary to fixing
the Supplier, &c. 146

I. in Anfwer to Ohfe»v.

•n the Mutiiy B:!l, ^^306

- on the Clergy afling
in the Commifllon of the Peace^ , 380

Contest, 467

Conway's Spe^(b, J4.6

Co ox E— CoN^iV ad Clerum, &c. 158

- his Serm Jan 30, • 309
CoRDiMER*s Antiquitiei of Scotland, 11 s
Cornish's Life of Firmin, 215
CoRiEsroNOENCE wiih the Reviewers,

80, j6o. »39, 319,400

CdxE*a Account of the Prilbns, &c. in

Ruflia, 3Sa

C R A M t s*s HH^ory of the Brethren, %o6

Cbompton's Praflice com'mun piacH^


Dalton*s Every Man his owip Phf^«

cian, 5$j

David*s Faft Sermon, 478

David*! (St.) BiAop of, his Sermon,

Jan. to, ^ 396

DxLAP • Royal SappHsntf, ^78

De Lire's Letters, Phyiical and Mora],

eoncerning the Hiftory of the Earthy

and of Man, 48 1

DiscoVRSB on the Emigration of Bifids»

Dillon's Travels through Spain, 4.% 1
bissipATiON, a Comedy, 184 '

DoDD*s Hift. of' Cjhrahar, 39)

Dominiceti*s M«Iical Anecdotes, 39%
Donnellan, Murphy*s Ufeof, 386

■ Gorncjr's Trial of, 387

— .^»-— Blaochard*s Ditto, ib*
* Cafe of, by a Lawyer, ib*
Defence of, by Webb, «rr.


DuKCAN*s Heads of Le£iure?, 393

Dopre's Faft Sermon, 47"^

Dittch War, Trads relative to, 148,

ZoZ, 379» 4«5

EArwig, or Old Woman's Remark*,
&c, 384

East Indies, Tra£ls rel. to 153, 308,

3»c>, 38a
Edal Vil1a$;e, 12 1

Eclesham's EngliOrG'-ammar, 7a

Electricity. See Lton.

' — — . See Wilson. \

. ■ •*— -. See Morgan. 4

« See Birch.
El L f t V Sermon on the Death of Roft*

worth, ^ 397

El IS A en Dijkabtfitf IC3

Emblematical Reprefcntatlon of the

Children of God, 79

Enpield*8 Seraiqn on the Death of Dr*

Aildn, ^ 400

■i . Exerci/ei in Eloctitton, 416

Epistle to the Magiderial Reviewers,

Epistle to Veftr^ 467

Epistolary Trftift to Dv. Watfon,

Erskine's Diflisrtation on Rivers and







AccA* See Arrest.
Dalaymple's Cookery, 473

Essays on vinous Subjedli,
Euripides tranflared,
EvBRSHED*s Summary View,



FARR*s Tranflation of HippHrafcc,
F A A R ER 's Het»ew Poems, l^*

— America, a Poem^ «b."


• ^


by Google


FAwciT'tRcigoofDeatbt 151

Female Rcilontloo, 66

FiiMJir*! Life, 11$

Fioiixf L toPer^ta, 15I

foiIIGN LlTBSATirSC, 3^8, 4^79

ToKtTZB''t Trmnfladoa of Scheele on
Air. Sec, 359

FotiTER*8 Tdk Semoji* 477

Feavci. SccNbckxk.
FiAvcLii«*s Tranflatioa of Loclan, 2}
FKivE?r*t Phjfologia^ %t§

fBiiicDSRir {Liikin^y ejdubited> Ac.

* 3«9

FvLMiB*! Gardener*! Compaiuoo, 473

G« .

GAkpinikg. See Abikc«oubib«


G&Kiaoof Impoftor, a Comedy, 144
GxQaiATHr. See Mac^'ait,
Geometky. See Rossicnoi.
CiiiOM*! Hift. oi the Roman Empire,
Voit, n. fc III. 2Z3, *8S, 357, 44B
GiiioKs'tSeleft PomcMit of bcripture,

ClBBALTAB, Hlft. of* 3S3

GitRAM Farm, 71

Cladiators, an HerotcEpiflle, 153
GoLDiif Rules* 474

GoBDOK. See Trial.
Gbamm AR, Engliik. See Habrisom*


Ctj|rTAN*s Obfenr* 00 the Mutiny

Bnl, 199

CftEEii*s Poems, 70

CitcKBiLL** Occadonal Lettetff| 471


HAlibab. SeeRiMARXt.
Hall'i Hiftory of the Civil War
la America, 464

Haujliok^s lotrodo^on to Metch^n-
aire, VoL II. 4-»

Hakway*^ Cittaen*i Moniror, 49

- — ■■ Sr iii^i Chriftian Friend,

Hairiion*! Catholic ProteftaQty }<^5
■■ Eng. Grammar, 473

— Faft Scmon, 477

Baethv*! Addrcis to the YorkiJine

Comffiittee, ja9

. — — __ to the Public, 3S I
Habtst*! Serm. on the Gen. Fa(l^ 31^ .
HA|it*8 Poem on the Afcenfion, 46S
Hat^t*! Ode to Howard, 1C2

HATTER*a Rcmaika on fi|i!ne*t Dia-

lofoa. 159

HtviT*! &ft Sermoa, 477


Hbboic Epiftle to Madan, ttt

— — »»— to tbe lifcrigrft Coopive^

w. * 39«

HiKTf 00 Direafef, not cured, 394

HippocBATXt trtnOarcd, %.j

NiSTOiB t de PAdki. dt$ UJcrip, nBeiL

Lett, Vol. XL. 541

Hi f TORY, &c of the 4 loni of Coutt«7|

■ of Jamaica and Barbadoet, \%k

- ■■ of Lord Noptlfc*a Adouiufira.

tioo, 431
of Mrs. Ro/eaoAt nnd Sir H,

Cardifinf 46!

HoMB^tClinicBl £xpeaiment% tlj

Hooo*! Sermon at Penritb, 400

Hob N E*8 Serm. on the Gen. Faff, 3 1 ^
Ho w ARO*s Aneodotes of tke BaAile^ 9(
Hugh Bs't Prize Pt'Cm, 31*

Humble Attempt to iaveftigate the Fa«

ther. Son, and Holf Spirit, ji^

Hu M o\iB s of an Election, 31c

HuTcuiNtoN*! View 0/ VonJmmbcr*

io*d, VwL II. 5,

Hyper Ally's Maotfeflo^ |ic

Hymn to i^rcyJapiui, 391


Ohnson*! niaftratlon of the ReYc?a-

tion, ^60

r>jQ.uiRY Into the Influence of the

Crown OTcr Parliament^ tj

Iki RooocTioif to the Knoivlfdge of

Nature, &c. 6t

Journal of the Borohay Detachmeav


of Firft Tho Jghts; 3^9

In EL AND, Tradi relat. 10 the Politics of

that Co'iniry, 199, 306, 381

Italian Rudiment*, 474



En KicoT t'i Hebrew Bible, VoL IL

■ continued, 3*1
Kxa a ich's F*rt Sermons, 47$

Kbye8*s Pra^icil Bee Maftcr, 384

KtLKNAMf TON Abbey, Second P«rt«


LA Bagatelle, jt

Lambert*! Etiky! on Friend flu p,
&c. tranflated, ' t}a

Lanben** Obfenrailons on Lor^oa*! Uif*
* fertation, 31$

Lardner*s Hlftory of H^retict, 33

La! T IN G Feile to Europe, 38f

La TaoBc*M Tr:nfl4t'on of Crantz*t
Hidixy of the WnUat frttnan, 20$

« Digitized by LjOOQ IC

C O N T R N T Sr

I.Air6RT0ii*t Wdgfdi, kt, of ChriAu
«»ity, ^ ^ , . , 394

IrCBOUz*! TiB|htt on the Prifoni, Sec.

L BT T E » to G en. Bof goyncy 6^

■ I ■ i » ■! ■ to die Atithor of Confid^-
tioni on the late Ditturbancety i ^5

* ■ ■ ' to Cictfo, tt$

■I » ■ ■ I ■ from Betty to Silfy, Ijt

■ • » ■ M l , from Cicero to Lord Ho^t, 307
. 1 from CrHannU to the King, 38 1

■ ■ 1 iw ' to Lord Darroleyy ib.
1.KTTXR8 addrefled to Sir Chatki Boa-
bury, . 14!

-■ I ^ Cotfht Welderen, ib,

* > ■ from Cieero to CitiKfte the

Secoady 214

■ ■ ■ > '■ Series of, addre^ to the great-
eft Politician^ Sec, 22$

• from Pe^dita, &c. 3S3

i I I I and Papert 00 Agri€ii!tiire4 &c«

I I ■ I ■hiiii Monl and Eotorttlnfng* 4691
LETTast Phyfiqoca et Morales,' ftc«

See Ds Lvc.
IrOVFT't Eleoaenttof mlfrrfKl Law, 41^8
L*ORATXira, &c. 3S3

LoaD of the Maoor, a Comic Optra, »^
Luc IAN, traaflated by Dr. T* Franklio,


LtoM^t ExpermieAtiy Ac reUcing to
tk€tndixy, t


M<A t T R V a*i ArmjT and ftirf Ccn*
tleman*t Companioo, 90

JMAcrAiT*! Oco|ra^y> 4y»

Madam*! Thdiyphthora, id Edit. 199
MAi>D0CK*t Poplih Tyraioy and Cruel-

Mammino*! Modem Improfementt ia
the Praaice of Phyfie, %f^

■ in Surgery, ib»

MariCkam'i Sarmon for the Weft^Iodia
SofTerersy 159

MAaatAdK cndittVowidtfOenikded, 231


MATitiiitOKT; or the Road to Hymen,

MiDtciKA Praxeo) Syftema, 120

Mbmoxr at dePAcai, Imperiskdti Sdeu*

€t BelU Letu di BtuzthcB, Vol. II. for

1780. Sii

**- Vol. ni.

■ r dt hhuranrt tW its

tra dtPAcad* dts Mcrip. et Sell,
VoL XH. ^ 554

Mkm ot a s of the Royal iffad. of Sdeacea
and BelL Lett, of Berlin^ for I777» 49)

hi i ii ■, f ..hi« ii in I I a n for lyyt, 505

kitMoiRS of the Imp. Acad, at Bhifl^f»
Vol.11. txS

Vol. iir. 53 X

■ ■ ■ of the Royal Acad, of hiicrfpt.

ftc. Vol. XLI. 554.

■ « ■■ of Thomas Fftrffir, Eiq. 41
MtMoa t AL to the Sovereigns of Europe^

tranfljted, 14^


MniiATORi PiAme«, 154

MtscRLLANCOOs Obfery. on the Con-
troverfy betvreen the Mateiialiih and
their Opponent^ 5S

MoNTitquisuV^i^w of (he EogHA
Conftitution, * ' %%%

MooRt't View of Society, grc. m haly,

MoRGAK*t Etammation of Crawford*8

Theory of Heat, tcc» 3 50

MotGAK'a Paft Sermon^ 47$


ScKAR't State of the Pinancea

' Francr, 307

iTcwcoMi OB the Duration of Chttft*s

Ne WT ON *• Faft Sermon,
Naw Univerfal Travell^^
Nmirt's Poenrt,

No B L a 00 the Coins of Durham,

KouYBAVX MtmnrA dt tJktd. dti St*

mBtU. Lerr. J< Berlin, Ann. 1777, 49}
I Ann. »77g, 505^

KouTBLtt Jbrig/9 A U Cromm^f^

Franf0ifi, ^ ^^ ■

OBsBBTATiOMS on the Matiny Bi)T»

■ ■ I 00 the Riot A^, 233
on 'Dr. Smith's Philofo*




phy of Phyfic, 39s

• on die Dutch Manifefto,


OoDBM*s Sermon, 99

Old Ponds foflhieat for a new Loan, 227

0*Leaby*s Remarks oii Wafley, tjy


FLROtT on the Rofciad,



__ PA8MORE'sConte#9
Patriotic Mirror,
Pavsamias. See PtzcK.
Petition intended for the HouSs of
of Lords, 379


PRIL irp ic to the Oppofition, ^ ^16

pRlLOtOFRlCAL TraofaAioAi,^ Vet.

LXX. Parti. 264

■ Part If. 272

bi r I I . ■ c6nelod^9 439


• ,,


by Google


Poclff ooafiqiietl .by tbe late C^l'OUitcft,

Ptf MS on Taruvs ^utyefts^ 467

byaUdy, ^

PoiTfCAt Fp4tJj froon FIqmxcI to Per-

^ ■■ ■ Jto M»<Jao» >^

Poj.IT ic A L Pricft-, ib.

X29, 451,234, 235, ajr
P«rstT,ti»MjLoof ^^ >^

PesTi.sTHWAiTK^s Dii£oarie At.C«o>-

P»i£STtiT*t Haimonj of thfi ^ao8»»

•—— ti^Oect . to ^ l^ilofophk*!

Piici, Dr. kis SermoQ on the G«ocra2

Piici, Mr. 4hs 7r»nfl9tl<ui pf Fau^
niasN AccoQotof the Statues, Pi^uret,
aad Temples in Gtooce^ %

PijsoNs. SeeCoxz. SeeLsioux.

PidTUTAMT diredcdj 15S

RAcK^Ef&Tf, ftc. 470

Rath AC *f Rerolotion of Ameri«

AXAioii, Travels of, %o

]vTt*t Abrkigmcnt of the Hift, of the

U^Bd New Teftameot, 80

KzriflcT^iOMS on oar Ropture with

the Datch, 308

PiCAL Tible, 70

isMABKs on Dr, Halifax's Prefj^e to

Ogden*s Ssrmons, 10 1

■ on the Dotch Manifefto, 379

— — R.icha»d's To«r Uomjjint

^ to Peterlharf h, 70

KiJfciTED's Farmer, , 391

RlTEtf, &c. SeeEasKIKB.
RoBiiTS on Fevers, 393

Rob EST son's Sermon in Monk well.

ftrcet, ^ 398

Rob iH soy Cbusob, Pantomime of, 131
Rot on the Sxaall-pox, 1 57

Roisionol's Elements of Geometry, 312
RoTAi SappHants, a Tragedy, 278

RsDiMiNTS of the Italian, 474

RtTHBftroRD*s Sermon at the Ordioa-

tJM of Mr. Rutkdge, 480

- ^ p Tranflation of the prin-

cifM Oratioos of Cicero, 141



Sc H x c L x*s Obfer?9tiMS »«4 Eyp^une^tti

on Air, &c. 339


ScoTT*s Serm. on the G^ralFaft, 315
SCKIPTVBAL Me<[Utation£« 4^

$ B A M A N *f CbHftianJ'rJQnd, I 59

SxLxcT Tr^edicsof EuripUes, tranlUc-

eJ, e^

Sf FTEMBix, a Poenw, J50

SzKMONs bv Btp4in<U, ^

— — , by 0«dea, 919

by Bagot, 41)

_^ by BsteiMn, 475

Single, y©, 2;9, 314, 396, 477

— - *» — 00- the Uo Gepetal fail, f 14.

SxwAin s llonody on Audrey 371

Shaip 00 the kgtl Muos nf poUtinl

B.P formation, 14!

$ji,Eft4i>A«. SeeHMoic EyisTLx.
$iiERLocK*s New Letter! /r«m An infr-




'At IB E on the prefent Times, 153
Satirical Ballads, &c, 467

lift Traveler,
Sixes of Sinope,
SiMMLPMS on tjM Gooorrhoig
$jcxTCK of the Times,
Sm I TH*s Life reviewed,
Smith's Polygamy indefenfible,
SoDOB and Man, Jiihopof, his WiorlM,


8r B B c R of the Earl of Bochan, ti6
State of the Briti/h Authority in Ben-

— — Another State of the fame, 382

I of the Engliih Catholics, 401

STXLLiNGBLBBT'sFaft Sermon,^ 47$

Stbictitbxs on Agricultural Societies,

SwirT'sSaliTation exploded-, B34

Swindles dete^ed, 470

SwiTZBRLANB, Topograf^iesl, Pidu-

MA^ne, Fhilofophical, Hiftoncal, iec.

Deicription of, 541

TA B L B a V X Top^afb-^Mfs, &e. See

Taskbs*! Select Odes of Pindar, ftc. 311
Tatlok*s Elements of a new Method of

reafoning in Geometry, 7»

Temptation, a Poem, 15B

Th SATS s of Education, S5f

Thomas on the Gonorrhera, 75

Tovlmin's Sermon, with the Charge,

&c, at Brans*s Ordination, 3 1 %

To u L M I n's Antiquity, &c. of the World^

Took from London to Peteriburgh, 70
Towsfts*s Polygamy unfcriptural, 134


Traits on Human Woe, 47I





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See OftLON.

Ta SAT ixs if Peace, &c, CoUcdlon of,


Tt I A L of Henry Bate, 7 3

•»— • of Lord Genree Cordon, s^4
TsiMMBK*t Iotrodu£lioD, frc. . 6t
Txii«DKK*8 Eflaj on EngUfli Grammar,


TvRK iB*t Serv. it Oxford, 39S

TvKts's Political Conferences, Second

Edition, 376

T TNiT T an4 Piibrxc Spirit, ♦ 147
\J UwiTxttAL Week*t Pfeparation^


VytAWTiriNUs of Polygamy CTinced,

ViBsas occafioned by the Gray*3 Ino

AflTociation, 7 1

VfaTOi. SeeWALPOi.B«
VasTait. SmEpistlz.
ToYACB fittdrtffue (L ta Crece, ch« vti*

and viii* 55$



Atzs*t Inquiry into the Popula-
tioA of £jigUnd« ^^|

Whi-Ct Medical Tradff, 77

Walpolc*! Anecdotes of Palnttng In
England, Vol. IV. J19

■ concluded, j%z

Watson, See Epistolaby.
Weist£B*s Medidnm Fraxtot Syfima^

Wf. ST -In DIBS, Account of the late Ca«
lamitiei, in, icf

Charity Sermons for tne
Sufferers there, by the lau Hoiricanes^
239, 386
WBST-lHD2A<leet, aceoont of the tak.
ing of, ^ 156

What do yon call it^ y^j

WiLKiNs's Poems, %yz

IViLLsVRemarkson Polygamy, 33^
WxLSDN on Eledrieity, 7

Wilson, Bi(hop, his Works, is

Winstanlby's Edit, of ArifiotIe*s Po-
etics, 470
World asitgoef, tS^
WoBTHiN07oii*s Week*s Preparation,

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-For JANUARY, 1781.

AtT. T. Sxpiriminis ami Oh/troatitns madt tjoitb a FitniO a ppint out
the Errors 0/ tbi prt/tmi netrtHd Tbtmry tf EkQruipf ; ani 'which
ttnd in thiir Fr9grtj4 U eftahUJh a mm/ Sjfiemt «« Prinetfia mprt amy
farwiable to thifimpU Optratifms of Naiwrim By tlie Rev. Joha hyotkp
of Dover, Kent. 410. 12 •• JBoards. Dodfiey. 1780.

"ITTHEN a Writer, wha bas^videtatly taken confiderable
tgfw pSiins to inveftigatei a particuYar AibjeA by a great Va-
•nity of experiinent$, and^ wh^ has, in general, exprefled their
reftift^ without arrogance, fiilsrin his purpoie of informing th^
world ; we feel a micere patn>^fn difcharging our duty to the
Public, by pointingout ^is deft6b« That duty, however, muft
be performed by us on the ptefent occafron ; not as partifans of
Dr* Franklin, but ^s^fi^iends^ to truth, and well-wtfliers to the
progrefsof real (cience* ' ;

If the Franilinian fyfiem of cledricity is io be overturned i
its demolition muft be efieAed by means very different froni
thoie employed by the prefent Author. It Undoubtedly has itai
difllculties :-^but what fubjed of human inveftigatioil is free
hom them? It may have its errors, as isaflerted in the title-pagd
of the prefi^t work i but this publication, we may fafely affirm^
is better fitted to exhibit the error's and overfights of its Author;
than thofe of Dr. Franklin.— But let us hear what the Writer
himfelf fays, tn his Introdudion*

He there informs us, that, above ten years ago, * he had.

reafon to believe, that the prefent received hypothetical fyftetn oft

•kAricity could not be (bunded on truth.' An apprehenfibn^

however, that he might be miftaken, prevented his offering his

^ obfervations to the public. Returning afterwards^ to his firft

^Ipurfuit, he found * miote convincing pJroofs to confirm his for^

■ VoU LXI V* B Dig tized by GQOglc fncf

*i LyonV Expirhmnts amP Ohfirvationt Irt Elenrkltj^

mer opinion, that the received theory, as eftabli(hed by Dtv
f ranlciin, J* ffon t om f — aA4 4i«6 Iwm pro fe cut ed Am Am^
with an unwearied aeal/

He was ibon: fiitisfied of ^the permeability of glafs to the
eledlric ftuid/ He ^ dr^ |^ .^ opinion- on this fubjed,
grounded upon and confirmed by experiments, and offered it to-
a learned fositty .** but as I happened, adds Mr. Lyon,. ^ to differ
fwm t\i%fop0lar 4hemfy ibe pei(ons tb whom my f>afer wa»adk
dreflcd,^ aot deiga to Oibmitit tothc iAfpe^tion •f ifae KuW
}!c/~>On this occafion,. the Author formed the reMutk>n of
eompih'ng the prefent work ; which lliould not only contaia*
bis proofs of ^ erroneotf&ielk of the pofulsy theory ^ but like-
wife fuch aiv account of the principles of cledlricity,. as wouSl
he fufEcient to initiate a young beginner^in the elements of this^
branch of fcicnce.

-: Be accor^ng^ firft undertalfiei to explain the gaimMl piopcir^
ties of the ekaric fluid, according to the prcfent received tbe>-
ory ; but does not proceed far in this explanation, before he
dbfiM the imp^nnbibtlily lef gMt to the eledrk muter. Ps&
ing ever fixne frivoioat expeninentay^ braog^t in proof of bb
A^tne on «his head ; we Aili attend to hie 6th Experiment,,
which we fliaHffre m bis own words : - . -

* Exper. VI*' 3? fl>ew that' a large Jar may h eSfiharged througb

. ^ T^e a pspe of glgfs iO or \% ioclics dififnoKy^ mere ^%
Iffry, 40$oi4i#g to liie £aM of your jer, i»d pfoce it vpon a wif^
IMHlertb^^ ^ 4m copdit^,, whe/^ you ^ your jv. i#ft
Ito ^^ fthe wise h% ho^biid -lo-^k fttW^^ piMe4 perpcndi*
fiu^^Kl/ la^iiKf lipeimiH ^th tte {Mbit ^oib to tbf iMidief- Air£iM
^il^pfoff^ ifidoppoAte io^#i»9tiifB4lMHi>|ojet«(po«ib^iiiAP»e
fotf*flp^ «il^4U<9, .<fpp9 wlHcb alfe- tkc vWor |ar is iqIi«
placed ; fo as to be in contaft with the li^ft-meiiftioi^d poifut^-
f i^^PW eted of a large eOnAfi^ig bowi wi(* »^Wif bendlt, ta
,th« #tl|^r mi^fxi ^ mm lyMC 4i0«h^ tti# g^; aad when the
jfir 19 ^hai^^ if yoe. ru44€el}r fouob t|»e ^o^off ibe jtr wkb
(M o^er end ^ the cM4iiAij«lmi^>; tb^jAr wiU be dtfciiMrfp^
IRth ;» %irir^ ^d e^ fiM^*
^ T)M3mpfiri^watMdiiteii>9dmditrobla^
Vig.of il we 9)>pvefaefM)^ ^ )^ iihk ;«-^di«t a charged jar eiay fa«

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