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A eertian rather prominent business man of a western
state walked out of the tabernacle, after hearing one of
these talks on the "Isms," and to a man who chanced
to walk by his side, he said, "I am disappointed in that
preacher. I thought he was too big a man too broad
minded, to turn from the great work which he is doing
to make an attack on the religion of other people."

Now, this man voices the unspoken sentiment of
thousands of good men and women in the churches. This
attitude would be the correct one, and the Christian one,
provided these men and women of the Cult Kingdom
were apostles of God's truth, and were turning men and
women into God's paths.

Certainly, no man could be commended in turning'
from the greatest of great tasks that of winning souls
to Jesus Christ to take issue with others engaged in a
like work.

But, there are religions many, and if a man is helping
to promulgate a religious theory that is all out of har-
mony with the fundamentals of God's Holy Word, then
we do him the greatest possible injury by assisting him,
even in silence, in his destructive work.

A man's safety does not depend on whether lie is, or
is not religious, but his safety repends on the sort of a
f'ligion he has.

It is a lie from the pit of perdition, fathered by the
father of lies, and circulated with all possible satanic
cunning, that it doesn't matter what a fellow believes, so
long as he believes something.

Fact is, a fellow may be very religious, ail his days,
< j \en giving all his goods to farther his ideas, and finally


liivinu bis body to be burned, and then die a Christless
death, lie in a CbrMess i^raye. and live in a ( 'hrist b->.s

There can be no neutral ground there can be. no
rempori/injr. or compromising with error, let it come UL

'whatever irarb it will.

'We are warned that in the last days these i
prophets will come, and, if -possible, deceive the very

We are warned that the devil will come as an an^-K
of li<rht. to do many wonderful things.

AYhat attitude are we to take toward these move-
ments ?
"Kor many deceivers are entered into the world, '

''warns St, -John, "who confess not that -Jesus Christ ha.s
come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an anti-ehrisr
If there come any unto you and brini* not this doctrine,

receive him- not "into your house, neither bid him (i(j
speed, for he that biddeth him, (tod speed is partake:
of his evil deeds."

.There is no ground here on which to plead ignorance
no <r rou lid. for a compromise ! . .

. To stand indifferently by,, or t(.) weicome those who
are spreading broadcast false theories, is to become .-?>.
silent, responsible part of this disastrous propaganda-
an unconscious enemy of the truth.

. But, the question, arises/ do. these -movements, namely,
Mormonism, Eddyism, and Ivussellism, make a direct, -or
indirect attack on the fundamentals of the Holy book?

They say "no," and we sa:y "yes," and it is bectiux-
.ol this hopeless disagreement, Itetween those who- father
these movements, and the organized, -accepted church: of
('hrist, that \ve lay before our readers the dangers oi:
t : hese mo\-(!me,nts dangers, as we see them.



IN our introductory, we undertook to outline something
of what we sought to do in publishing this series.

To be true, the Adventist may think so.
While we are yet dealing with matters in general, a
further word of explanation may not be amiss:

All church movements could be classed under the gen-
eral head of "Isms," should one seek to so class them.

Certainly, it would be very proper to speak of Method-
ism, Congregationalism, Presbyterianism, etc.

In a certain city, a very Godly man came to me with
the request that I include "Seventh-Day Advent ism" in
this series announced for review, and seemed incredulous
when I told him the Church of Jesus Christ had no fight
tn make on "Seventh-Day Adventism. "

There are no fundamental grounds of disagreement
between the organized church -of Christ and the
' ' Seventh-Day Adventist. ' '

The Adventist believes that all other conditions being
met our salvation, or damnation hinges on the day we
observe as the "holy 11 day.

According to the Adventist schedule, the train must
slop on Saturday, instead of Sunday; and fearlessly, and
mdefatigably, he works to save the human family from
the eternal catastrophe toward which it sweeps through
a failure to keep Saturday as the Holy Day.

On all the cardinal doctrines of the Bible the Mira-
culous Conception, -and the Virgin Birth, the Crueifixon,
Resurrection and Ascension, the Deity of Christ, the
Atonement of Christ, and the Second Coming, the Per-
sonality of the Holy Spirit, and the Infallible Bible, the
Seventh-Day Adventist rings as true as steel.


He may disagree, profoundly so, on a great many dif-
ferent angles of these different lines of teaching but in
the essential parts, he stands with the organized Church
of Jesus Christ.

Now, what is true of Seventh-Day Adventism is true
of many other religious movements, that some folks
would consider deserving a place in such a series as this.

There should be no conflict between religions move-
ments, organized, or unorganized, that seek to be out
fight and downright loyal to the great overshadowing
facts of oivr holy religion.

When you walk up in the presence of Mormonism,

Eddyism and Russellism, you walk up into the presence.

of that which has strange theories to present strange

doctrines to promulgate, all but literally, a "new" GoJ

to worship.

80 radical is the teaching of these movements, that
whichever one you become identified with, you must turn
from the church of your saintly or sainted father and
mother, to renounce and denounce it, and to enter it no

Between such movements as these and the organized
church of Christ there can be no neutral grounds.

If these movements are right any one of them the
church is wrong, God-forsaken and headed for hell, and
the fight these "isms'' are making on the organize*]
church should be kept up, with ever increasing power,
until the whole organized church is a hopeless bankrupt,
loaded, bag and baggage, and tagged for the eternal
scrap heap.

On the other hand, if the church of Christ, with all
her weaknesses, inconsistencies and sins, remains true to
the commission of Christ, and is. God's channel of truth
to this and all ages, then the church must lift her banners


and declare war against every movement that seeks to
hinder, or destroy her.


These movements, namely: Morrnonisin, Eddyism and
Russellism, are the outeroppings of the 19th century.

What this 20th century will bring forth, none are far-
sighted enough to definitely predict, but it is a pretty
safe venture, that unless Jesus Christ shall come, the 20th
century will hardly surpass the all but incomparable
record of the 19th.

The 19th century is gone, soon to become a speck in
God's great urn of history, but its fruits abide some to
blefcs, and some to curse.

Side by side with deeper revelations of truth, there
always run the most subtle combinations of falsehood.

With whatever of blessing the 19th century radiates
out to the fartherest reaches of human existence, and
these blessings cannot be overestimated the 19th cen-
tury also produced more than its share of fads and fakes,
that linger, to harm and to hurt.

In the world of religions, the 19th century surpassed
all records, passing over to the 20th century certain
movements that, in a few years, have all but become
world known, and all but world recognized.

Multitudes of devout souls believe we are living hi
the last days.

Europe is bathed in blood, with millions dead and
other millions dying.

The other nations of the world are calling, "To arms!
To arms ! ? '

We have had volcanic eruptions, floods, earthquakes.


lires, railroad, mine, and steamship disasters, until the
mind reels and the heart is sick.

There has come a great falling away in the church.
Men, who, a few years ago, were preaching an ''in-
fallible Bible,'' a "topless heaven,'' and a bottomless
hell/' a day of final accounting, and "one way" of
escape, and that through the "cleansing blood "-
preaching with soul afire and with judgment-day cer-
tainty and earnestness are now apologetically and
tragically preaching an "uncertain God," a %k fallible
Bible," and a "human Christ."

A far-reaching apostasy is on through the church
world, and every possible effort is being made to pad the
church records to keep them from showing an appalling
loss in membership.

These conditions have offered the most attractive fields
imaginable for every conceivable religious fake.

The foundations are being shaken, and amidst this
great upheaval, and this world-wide unrest, men and
women are turning to whatever religion offers the largest
bonus, or the most beautiful prize.

These last cataclysmic days were to be ushered in with
the coming of "false prophets," and confusion was to
be added to greater confusion, through the fact that
light would be denounced as darkness and darkness be
accepted as light, and everywhere good would be evil
spoken of, and evil- would be eventually crowned and

Are the last days upon us?

Some profess to be able to see the veil that swings
between the seen and unseen, already beginning to sway
with the coming of Christ !

Satan is here, in every conceivable religious form, to
blind and deceive clothed in the livery of heaven and


using the language of the church, he parades as an
angel of light.

Never since the world began its long SAving through
space has there been as many "Isms" ami Avith such.
power as today.

Organized, capitalized and supevnatiirally energized
snpernaturally energized from belo\v, Ave believe these
religions sweep the land.

Multitudes are renouncing the faith of their fathers to
take up with these disastrous extremes, in religions, .just
as multitudes of Avomen are renouncing modesty and
decency, to take up with every conceivable extreme in
immodest and immoral dress.


In reviewing these cults we lun'e purposely placed
them in the order of their ages.

The Christian Scientist probably thinks this is placing
age before beauty, but age must be reverenced. Avher.>
reverence can be giA'en, and where reverence cannot be
given, then deference must be shown.

Because of the worlds of material facts and figures.
that naturally seek a place in such a revieAv as this w n
must condense to the minimum, or eliminate entirely, any
extensive, or extended review of the origination of the
movements, or any interesting episodes having to do Avith
the early days of their founders. These general facts
seem necessary.

Mor monism.

In 1830 the Book of Mormon Avas published, ami in
April of that same year the Mormon church Avas organ-
ized, with six members.


This organization saw the light of day in Fayette,
Seneca county, New York.

Whether this should be held against Seneca county, we
will not Ifere undertake to say.

This movement was given the euphonious and rather
exclusive title of, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Day Saints."

In 1835 twelve apostles were selected and a system in-
augurated that included the "priesthood/'

In the center of this apostleship, or priesthood, and
towering high over all, stood the domineering, driving,
Mormon head, Joseph Smith.

Friend Joseph claimed for himself nothing more nor
nothing less than that of being God's mouthpiece oc-
cupying the place "of an endless priesthood'' and stand-
ing "as God, to give laws to the people."

The Mormon movement centralizes and focalizes about
its "special revelation" the "Book of Mormon" and,
as a movement, it claims to be God's truth to this day
day and age.


Eddyisin is the next oldest of these isms.
Bddyism was launched in 1875, and Mrs. Eddy, like
the self -elected head of Mormonism, by special revelation,
had herself appointed the ruling head of "Eddyism."

While Eddyism, like Mormonism, was given a form of
organization, with boards, officers, and offices, yet, in the
actual management of the affairs of this newer religious
movement, Mrs. Eddy sat with authority unquestioned.

There has never been a movement launched in the re-
ligious world, with all the outward forms of an organ-
ization, where every law, and rule, and work, and
worshiper, became the submissive servant of one dicta-


torial, jealous, suspecious, domineering head, as in that
which the ''Scientist' 7 so-called, lived, moved and had
his being, during the days of Mrs. Eddy!

Like Joseph Smith, Mrs. Eddy assumed the modest
(???) position of becoming God's mouthpiece, speaking
(jod's special truth to this age.

Eddyism, like Mormonism, has its book.

The first copy of "Science and Health, With a Key to
the Scriptures," appeared in 1875, and around this
special revelation, was an ordinary mortal, engaged iii
cluster. This book becomes the Christian Scientist's text
book here is to be found the condensed, Simon-pure
truth of these last days "Simon pure, or Simon



Russellism is the youngest of this trio, and in some
respects, the most decent.

This movement was launched in 1886, and Mr, Charles
Taz Russell became the proud founder owner and man-
ager of this, to some, very popular religion.

Charles Taz, like Josephus and Sister Mary, before
stepping into the world's limelight, as a bearer of a
special revelation, was an ordinary mortal, engaged in
the ordinary tasks of life.

In turning from ordinary pursuits, to make his debut
into the religious world, he took upon himself the honored
title of "pastor/' though it was claimed that at that
time he had neither church, church bell, or song-book.

Like Mormonism and Eddyism, Russellism centers back
into "its" special revelation its key to the scriptures.

These books were written by Charles Taz and first ap-
peared in three volumes called "Millennial Dawn," but
later, we believe, these books were bound into six vol-


limes, and given the very modest and very misleading

title of. ''Studies in the Scripture."

Unlike Mormonism and Eddyisin, Russellism. like the
proverbial flea, is inclined to be transitory in operation
and difficult of apprehension in so far as its operations concerned.

Russellism appears from a great many different sources
and under a do/en or 'more different heads, and it is with
difficulty the church keeps alongside of its rapid shifts
and changing guises.


( 'onsidering the number of years these different re-
ligious cults have been before the public, it is probable
that they have won about an e<[iial number, of adherents.

Mormonism lias shown a tendency to he clannish, and
has swarmed about , Sail Lake City, and overflown the
cities and states adjacent thereto.

Certain western states are owned, snout and tail, beak
and talons, hide, hair, horns and hoofs, by the Mormon

The Mormons have their missionaries out across the
nations of the world, and are seeking here and there to
v'oloni/e and organi/e.

Eddyism, like a bad case of the society itch, has run
fast and thick through certain circles of the church and
community life.

There is no question, but what, considered from out-
side appearances, the Christian Scientist has a religion,
compared with these other "isms," that becomes a
* 'flower garden" in the center of a vast desolation!

When it comes to the attractiveness of its
pectus," and the "fluency of speech" characteristi
its agents, Christian Science has these other cults knocked


in the head, scalded, scraped, cleaned, cut, aud cured. -

In this great religious " bazaar/' over which his ma-
jesty presides, most of the "shoppers" crowd around -the
Christian Science booth.

Many men, and some women, take to Christian Science,
so-called, just like ducks take to water, or just like some
children take to freckles and mud.

Eddyism, like Mormonism, has its missionaries -'far-
flung:, and seeks to win the world to its standard.

Rubsellisin, in so far as churches are concerned, is. the
less conspicuous of the three.

Mr. Russell does not go so much 011 building as on

By paid space in newspapers, magazines, and bill
boards by cards, leaflets, circulars, ""booklets and books,
his theories are covering the earth.

Like the plague of lice, in the land of Egypt, try as you
may, you cannot get away from his gush and slush.

Like Mormonism and Eddyism, Russellism, too, has its
workers in all lands, or is rushing them there, and the
world at large the civilized reading world is coming
to know something about "Pastor" Russell.

It would be all but impossible to secure anything like
an accurate statement of the numbers definitely march-
ing in these three armies.

Considering their ages, occupations and "previous
condition of servitude," it is probable that they are hold-
ing each other about neck and neck in their campaign for

One day, while studying these movements, their origi-
nation, manipulation, teachings and tendencies, it came
like a flash, that while these religions are the antipodes
of the religious world kopelessly irreconcilable, in that
there is not one fundamental doctrine on which they


agree yet these movements are identical in every other
essential particular.

It seems, if these movements had been launched by one
wise head, and that wise head had made definite effort to
launeh three movements as wide apart as possible in
every other instance, he could not. have better done the

Mormonism, Eddyism, and Russellism arc identical, in

1st. Each claims to be God's truth to this age.

2nd. Each has its "special revelation." around which
its work and workers cluster.

3rd. Each appeals to a special, distinct class.

4th. Each flows from a very, very questionable source.

5th. Each was founded by men. or women, whose
reputations have been questioned.

6th. Each offers a special bonus, or prize.

7th. Each made its founder, or founders, wealthy.

8th. Each makes an attack on the deity of Christ.



THE Mormonite would doubtless object, most stren-
uously, to any sort of a classification, that would
link him up with the Eddyite, or the Russellite.

The Eddyite, we know, takes serious exceptions to any
intimation that he belongs to the same breed that the
Mormonite and the Russellite belongs to.

The Russellite, likewise, begs to be excused, when we
suggest that lie take marching position with these other
< ; ults. Despite the earnest, and sometimes heated protest,
made by these religionists, that they have nothing in
common with these other cults, stripped of their doctrinal
differences, they stand in every underlying fact of their
existence enough alike to be triplets.

In origination, manipulation, and doctrinal agglomera-
tion, they are of the same feather crowing, or "cluck-
ing' 7 alike, scratching alike, roosting alike, and eating

One cannot spend much time ambling through the
''fowl" yards of these noisy religious broods and breeds,
without coming to the conclusion that these three
chickens namely, Mormonism, Eddyism and Russellism,
are from the same nest, and hatched by the same old hen.

It might be suggested, however, that a review of some
of oui' church organizations might bring forth this same*
striking similarity.

This is true, and true in the most wonderful way.

Fact is, whatever of difference there may be between
the organ ixed Protestant churches is wholly a surface

On the matter of form and ceremony, rites and sym-


bols. then 1 would be inure or loss of confusion and de-
bate: but the further you go back in the matter of
division amongst the churches, the less conspicuous do
those divisions become.

On the surface of things, the churches of J'esus Christ
are divided, and in that regard are unlike ; but when
you go back to the great pillars that hold up the vast
structure of the Christian hope and faith, there is no
difference there.

On non-essentials, there may be differences of opinion
amongst the Presbyterians, Congregationalists, and the
Methodists, as well as all other evangelical church bodies,
but in the great essentials they stand absolutely agreed.

No one of these churches can claim to be God's special
and exclusive channel of blessing to the world.

No one of these churches professes to have the "origi-
nal key" to the Scriptures, without which we flounder
and founder, unsuccored, and unsolved, and unsaved.

The great, organized church of Christ, though under-
many heads, stands hand in hand about Jesus of Naza-
reth, singing, ''Blest be the Tie That Binds Our Hearts
in Christian Love."

With Mormonism, or Eddy ism, or Russellism, it is a
"new" movement, under a "new" management, an-
nouncing a "new" theory a theory so radical, and so
revolutionary, that if this "new" idea is the correct idea
God's revealed truth then it stands as the plainest
sort of a fact, that for centuries the organized church
has been a cheat, and a swindle, and a lie.

Does any sane man believe that God's truth has been
lost to the world, for the ages past, and that humanity
lias had to stumble its way through unlighted darkness
to death, waiting for a Joseph Smith, or a Mary Baker


Eddy, or a ('has. Taz Russell, to come with his, or her,
badly written "Key?"

Mormonites say, "Yes."

Eddyites say, "Yes."

Russellites say, "Yes."

And yet. if one has the sure-enough "key." the other
two have a "brass" imitation, and this brass imitation
opens some other door than the one that swings into

In the event that one has the truth, and the church
is a swindle, then which of the three lias the truth?


However skeptical one may be eom-erning the Bible.
an honest reading will force one to the conclusion that
he stands in the presence of a single structure, the com-
pleted work of some one master mind God.

So. too, with these religions no man. however partial
or loyal he may become to either of these movements, can
sit down and review these cults, review them honestly.
and fearlessly, and fully without being driven to the
conclusion, however reluctant he may be in reaching such
a conclusion, that back of Mormonism, and Eddyisin, and
Russellism, there is one scheming, designing, destructive
head the devil.

Men and women who are not acquainted with any of
the facts to which I refer, may feel that this is an un-
waranted assumption, or a biased and un-Christian

We have passingly referred to certain striking points
of similarity between these movements, and now we wish
to take up these points definitely and at length.


We will point out some of the less conspicuous and
less damaging: first.

These movements are alike, in that each seems specially
designed for a certain field and for a certain class.

JVlormonism has always flourished best and spread
fastest amongst the ignorant millions of the races.

Salt Lake City, in particular, and the whole Mormon-
dom in general, is just now passing through the greatest
upheaval of its history, and all because light is break-
ing in. The younger generation of Mormons are begin-
ning to examine the foundations of their faith, and they
are finding unquestioned evidences of -shocking fraud.

Wherever light and knowledge go, there Mormonisru
cannot go. With its peculiar appeals, Mormonism be-
comes specially attractive to the religiously inclined, un-
lettered and unthinking multitudes of the race.

Eddy ism swings to the other extreme, and makes its

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