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anopon cause be constrayi?ige of holy chirche lawe. or londes lawe in

a ^ gret cause, so pat pe ^ cause be iusteful and rijtful in a ^ true con-

scieus to pi witynge. heringe. and knowinge. it is lawfull for to swere ^'

be god. ^ bot in no comyn speche. ne in Idulnes. ^ ffor to schew

asooth in amater pat needes. pat is lauf ull. pat pou knawest well it ^ is

true consciens. it is lauful for to swere ^ be god & be noon oper. '■' but

neuer fals ^ ffor haly writte sais. The mowjth pat lyeth sleeth pe .

^ Above the line by B. ' In the margin by B.

18 James Finch Koyster

saule. ^ Now taketh heed, and je * mowe lerne wat lougeth to aiuste
& a rijtful oothe. % fFor and it be o]>er wise usud. it is fals. & lesynge.
& penuri.^ hi ]>e si^th of god ^ ^ leremy fee prophet. leremie. iiij.
saith. ])at to a iiiste ootli. laugeth thre pinges, ^ The firste is truthe.
^ The secunde is good profit. ^[ And ]'e thridde is resonabul doom.
And if ony of jjese thre finges faylen from ]nn ooth ]>an is pi ooth
ydul. & gret syn displesinge to god. ou]'er for fauer of man. or if fat

it be agaynes truthe. & good consciens, ^ Also per hen
^ ° ■ " sum J)at*f han in coTisuetude in byinge and sellinge. and

also in comyn speche consuetudely sweringe. & in dismembri??ge of
oure lorde ihesu criste in custom. & in consuetudo & in Idul wordes.
I. sai it is deedly synne. ffor ]>e euyl custom encresith ]>e syn. And
also he ]mt swerith fals with avisement. & hath it in custom. ^ Also
]>e eomyu pepul bothe men & wemen ofFendith. bothe jeuge & oolde hi
sweringe in comyn speche gretly. & because }'ai han it in custom
iche one to oper. & is not undurnemed ^ & ])erfor ^ fai haf no consciens
per of. bot J^e syn is greues and agaynes ]>e commau?ideme?it. fFor he
telles us. as it is sayde be fore and genes us ensampul. & teches us
how ]mt we schulde usen us to sweren. fforsope. truly. & sertely
etcetera.'^ ^ Bot now ]'e comyn sweringe of comyn pei^ul. is be good,
be oure lady, be seint ion. be heuenn. by my saule. & so of many
o]>er. I. say it is syn. & an euyl custom & lesinge of g?'ace & displesing
to god. ^ Causa instihicionis est duplex, una. propter infirmitatem.
hominum de facili dubitancium. Alia causa est. propter intandam
ydolatriam. ]>er fore in aiuste & con stray nni7?ge ooth helpinge of pi
neijbur in truthe. it is lauful for to swe be god. Deu^ronomie. vj.
Domhinm deum tuum timebis. & illi soli seruies. ac per nomen illius
iurabis. ^j Thre maner of lesinges pe been. Perniciosiim. quod est ex
auaricia. & nulli jjrodest. set obest. Officiosum est. quod non ex
maliciai & alicui prodest. & alij obest. locosum. quod est ex leuitate
fit. J.M^ustinus in libro contra, mendaciuvix. Mendacium est* ut ait
aitgrustinus. ffalsa significacio vocis cum intendone fallendi. Omne ergo

genus meudacij suxnino^ opere fuge. quia omne mendaciiim
"' non est a deo. ^ We rede/i of amiracul of oure lady.

' Above the line by A. - In the margin by B.

* In the margin by A.

A Middle English Treatise on the Ten Commandments 19

Ther was a ^ clerke ]>at liad gret deuocio?t to oure lady, and dayly he
wolde worschuppen hire, neuerj^eles he was vicius in swerynge of
grette oothus in so mekell ]'at god was wrooth with him. And ])en
oure lady preid to hir sone ]>at he mijht been woon of hem ])at schulde
be saued. And up on aday as jns clerk was in his deuocions to oure
lady, sodenly him poujth ]>at ]>er stood awoman before him wit^
achilde in, hir armus. & )>en ]>e clerke spak to hir & seid. woman vfhat
is pat ]'ou beriste in ]>ine armus. & ]'en scho answarde & seid my
childe it is sayde scho wol you seen it. and j'erwith sodenly he haad
asijth of J>e childe. & he beholdinge ]>e childe saujth ]>e ijen of ]>e '
childe hangyn on his chekus. pe armus weren ybroken. ]>e nayles ran
alle on blood, his flesch was alto rente, his bomts weren alto broken,
his herte was taken out of ]>e body. And pen pe clerke said. Alias
woma?i ^ saide he ° hoo hath arayed ]n childe pus. And ]>a7i scho
answarde & saide. what is he worthy saide scho pat pus hath arayd
my childe pus.^ fforsothe saide pe clerke he were worthy payne euer.
fforsope saide scho. pou art oon of hem pat pus haath arayed him pus.
bot. I. haf prayed ' for pe to my sone * for grace. & sode?ily scho was
agoon. And pe»i pis clerk was sory and ame?idith * hi?n. & mad a good
ende. Uincencius rehersith in gestis anglorum. Of a knyjt pat was
named sire robart of wirsetur aful almusful man. & to hem specially
pat wolde forsake pe lustes of pe worlde. Neuerpeles he had cus-
tuwabully an ooth in sweri??ge witA outen eonsciens & amendement &
pis was his ooth wen pot he ^ swere by godes spere. or be pe spere of

god. So*^ it befell pat pis kneijth died, and per was oon
^ ■ good man pat preid enterely to god for pis kneijth.

And so up on atyme per aperid woon to pis good man & saide. it is
not pe wille of god pat pou pray for silke asaule. seide he. for he is

dampned. Then saide pis holy man nay saide he. it

.1. petri. 4. Si jjjg^y QQ^ gQ ]^Q jjg |,gjj. ^g^g gQ good aman. Then saide

iustus vix salu- , , . , .. , £• i i i i i • • ^ i

, ., . p pe angel cometh wttA me. e angel
was sodenly agoo. Then it ' is good pat we do aft-itr ])e consel of holy
writte. for he saith it is to walke wil we han lijth. and to amendew
us. for gif pe li^th fayle it is to late.

The yridde commaundement of god

TErcium mandatum. Memento quod diem sahhati sanctifices. That
is I co?/imau?ide 50W. pat je penken up on. to halu pe sonday.
And oper feste dayes ordeyned of holy chirche. Bot agayues
pis commau?idement & precepte trespas men on thre manei'es. pat is.
wan pat pou loueste more erthely wy?my?ige. pan ]'e worschup of pe
feste of sonday. and oper halydayes ordeynede be holy chirche. And
per to )>ou trauelluste ))er on for couetise. and pou haste not so gret
neede. bot pat pow mijthest ' put of to pe werkeday. ^ ffor pat is
brekynge of pe halyday. pat may be reiorned. or put of to pe w^erke-
dayS of serueabul werkes. ^ ffor it is lauful men for to
worken on pe werke day for per sustinans. ^ And on
pe halyday to worschuppen god in heringe deuine serues. hope byfore
noon. & aftwr, ^ And rijth as a man is bysi on pe werkeday for his
sustinans for bodely foode. je & su??ime for worldly riches hope bifore
noon and aftwr. rijth so schulde agood criste?i man be bisi. hope
bifore noon and aftiw. m godes serues \n heringe of matines. masse,
prechinge of pe word of god. & euynsonge. & complyn. ^J And so
to spende pe for noon in pe serues of god. & in denote preers. as Ai
pater noster. a^ie maria. & crede. & so of oper aft«r pi ko?ini?ige. & in
haly poujthws. And pat pou hast trespast ' agaynes god in pilke woke
before?i. ^[ And so aUur noon, for to spende pe halyday co/itinually
in serues of god. ^ Than if pat pou wolt desire for to wethe &
knowen how pat pou schalt kepen pine halyday ahur noon in pe serues
of god. A gret clerke kylwarby rehersith and tellith. That a good *

* It has been crossed out with red ink. * Altered from mi^the by B.

' Altered from frepast by A. ■• Altered from 2'ha good by A.

A Middle English Treatise on the Ten Commandments 21

man scliulde visite porere men & wemen and for to loken & enqueren.
& visite/i afturnoones pore bedrade/i men & weme?(. ]'e wilke been
godes preisiuers. & lyen hi ]>e booudes of god in sore sekeness. And
]>erto haue no refressynge. bot of good men & me>-cyful. And of he?u
be to ve^ve. ^ Bot )'e consel of holy writte is. ]mt j'ou be oon of hem
fat been merciful. & euer haf ]>ou mynde of ]>e pore &
Betitimisericor- ^^^^,^^,_ -r g.^^. ^^ ^j|g ^^j.^ g^^ grauntith mercy.

, ■ -J Psalm. JBeatus qui mtelligit super egenum & paiiperem.

est. misericor- etcetera ffor to alle silke god grauntith mercy, ^j bo
dia. upon ]'e haly day aftu/'noones to sitte be fam & com-

forde J'am i now oon halyday to woon. & anof er haly-
day to auo]'er. & so alle abowten. & so for to sitte be hem & talke
with he?n. & comfort J'am be good wordes. &^ for to suffur ]>er sekeues

mekely and ]'e chastesinge of god lowely. ffor god
.Naum 2. ],encchith not* dowbul. heer & hennes. ^ ffor gif ]xit we

take?i oure sekenes mekely. and gruche not agayne god.
we schul be with him partyner of his passio?i. & rewarde in ]>e blisse of
heuejme. ^ ffor it is agret token of loue of god to us. wen he sendet us
sekenes. or loos of good, or katel. etcetera, ^^joca^ypsis. S. Ego quos amo.
arguo & castigo. JE;cclesiastici. 31. Infirmitas grauis. sobriam facit ani-
mam. ^ Than if we gruchen wilfully agaynes god. )'en lese we rewarde
of god. for oure unpacie7?s. ^ The best remedy is ]>e passion of oure lorde
ihesu criste. & l^enke if we suffur mekely. we schulle?i be partyner
with him of his passion in his gorie. ^ And in )ns maner for to ' sitte
be hem and eo??iforde ]>am in god. alle l^is is gostly alra«sdedes. ^ And
if fou may gif J'am bodely almns as mete, or drinke : or bofe in com-
forde of )'am. or clopinge aftwr ]>i pouer. & so in ]ns 00 visitacion of
charite. ]'0U fulfilleste. iij. dedes of mercy bedely ' & gostly. ^ And
fen hoom to fin euynsonge. & so hoom till fin awne hows, and fen is
fis commaundement keped. & fe halyday wel. I. spendeth. And fen
for to encrese loue & charite. it is lauful ynowe. for to take in aueijbur.
or two. or iij. or as many as fou wolte. fai to come to fine, howse. or
fou to faren. and disporte 50W in alle honeste & laufulnes. & sitte &
talken of goodnes. an howre. or silke atyme. & so ich oon take his
leue & goo to his awne ^ Bot je salle undttrstonde. %e wyn & ale

1 Above the line by B. * Above the line by A.

3 So the MS.

22 James Finch Royster

sitteris. & ^e dijspleers. & hasardwrtts. ]>at spenden fe halyday in
gloteny & in waaste. & woon of jow destrith ]>at wolde susteyne mony
mesurabul men in ]>e luste of glotene. & alleso wastith ^owre good. &
o])er mennes to '. and maketh jowre baly ' ^owre good. And ^owre
chirche ]'e taueme, ^ )'e prophet ysai saith. in ]>e name of god. ysai. 5.
ve qni consurgitis mane ad hebrietatem seccandam. & potandxim usque ad
uesperam. Ve qui potentes ad bibendum. vinuva. '. & visi fortes ad mis-
sendicm ebrietatem. ^lo je glotonws & wastwres of majines sustina?is.

heer je* mowe here j^at good warieth jow. & jowre
^ ° ■ ^ maystwr ]>e wicked spirit gladeth jow. & biddith 50W

alle be mery & glad, for fis wol make jow men he saith. &. I. wol

rewarde jow in tyme to comynge for jowre ocupacion.
■| -pri e. ^ Therwith cometh in pride. & settith him in ]>e middel

of alle. and fan he beginneth to boste & ruso7i him self of many ]nnges

]>at he hath not. ne kowde. & alle saien it is sooth.
\.couetise. ^ Then couetise herith J^at. &]?an cometh he in boldely.

& he cherith ]>am alle. and anoon he bi ginneth for to bargen. and ]>en

lacketh not gret oj'us & sweri??ges and J'an is ich of ]?am
]\ . echere. abowte to begyle o]?er. ^ Then cometh in lechere. and

he lokuth al abowthe ]>e hows. & ]>en he settith him downe on \>e
benche. and ]>e7i beginneth he to speke. & bringe in oolde storius of
weraen & of lustus. & ribaldy. & faste he rusith himself of olde synnes.
and alle lau^en. & been glad to here his prechinge. ^ Than cometh

in glotone )'e stuard of )'at howsolde. & he cherith pam
^.gloteny. ^^^^ ^ bidith ))am sitte stille & be mery and glad, so

]>at noon of jow go hoom bot it be so he be sad. or a staf in his hooude

for fallyn^e. ^Than slowthe herith JjIs maundement.
1j .sloweih. ^^^ .g ^^ marchel of fat halle. & fen he ouerloketh fam

alle. And peii he chargeth Idulnes to cheren fam alle. & to sitte

stille. and fat f e cuppe. be not empte ne tume. ^ Than
Tl .wrath. er. ]>at on ]>e halidai. wol bigynne
]>er gurnay f . I. sai. J'ai breke ]>e cojnmandeme/it aftur ]>e doctrine of
holy writte. he. & his werke beste. & alle pat perteneth to his how-
solde. beoth ^ bouvide to reste on l>e halyda ' bot gret neede constrane
it. & jet wolde }>is haf prouidencia. Avit/i reson. ^j Haue pou mynde
how pat god biddith pe do. In exodo. 20. wher ]>at he saith. ^ Thou
schalt do no serueabul werkes. naiper pou. neper pi wif. ne pi childere
ne pi seruantws. neper pi strangitr in pi hows, pat is he pat sugwrneth
in pin hows, neiper pi werke beeste. for pe beste may not labttr wit/t-
oute?t pe constrayni/ige of man. ^ Therfore holy writt sais. Li exodo.

xxxj. Omnis qui fecerit opus in hac die viorieiur. ^ Bot
Glossa. id est. ^^^^ ^^ desauied because of wilfulnes. & because of

couetise. & be temptacion. ysidox\\%. Multi decipiuntur
a diabolo. & ignorant se esse deceptos. Many been deseyued of pe
deuil. & it is unknawen to hem. cause wy. for pai wol not knawe it.
^ ffor god charguth pe be his co«!mau?i-demewtis. pat pou sallt reste. &
pi werke beste. ^ Also summe been bisi on pe werkeday heerly up &
late downe. for to gete wordely good & riches. Bot wen pe halyday
comes pat pai schulde be heerly up for to go to matines & gete gras &
pe loue of god. pat tyme pai spene i/i sluje & luste of per fleche. & in ^
lechere. & so pai schul be puniche as abeste. for pe ^ loue of god &
reson lacketh. ^ ffor pe gratis brekynge of pe halydai is '. aman or

awoman for to ^ goon a bowte # syn. or for to gif ony
(fol. l-3b) occasion of syn to ony oper. ^.ti^/ustinus. Melius est in

diebus festiuus arare. uel fodere. quum choreas ducere. Mard. 2.
Sabatum propter hominem factum esti et non homo propter sabatum.

1 In the margin by A. * Above the line by A.

* Above the line by B.

24 James Finch Royster

TJie fourfhe commaundement of god.

OUartum mandatum. Exod. 2. honora patrem tuum & matrem
tuam. id sis longeuus super terram. guam dominus deu$ tuus
dabit tihi. 3fathe\. 15. Honora patrem tuum. & matrem. &
qui maledixerit patri uel matri morte moriatur. This is to meue. I.
commau7ide 50W seith god. ]>at je worsclmp ^owre fadte had not )'ai be. )>ou had not ben. And greuith f am noujth neiper
i;i word ne in deed, ffor in alle }nnge Vat is lauful ]>ou sehalt been
obedient to I'am. and no firre. ^fFor ]>o\i sehalt not bre noon of
])e commandemeJitis of god ue)>er for faditr ne modwr, ]>o\\i )'ai wold
kurse fe ])erfore. ne for noon o\er man. ffor ]'ou sehalt loue god &
drede hi?n ouer alle jnnge. In actibus apostolorum. 5. Obedire ojjortet
deo magis qusun hominibus. dedit deus spiritwn sanctuHi omnibus
obedientibus sibi. ^ Moreouer aftMr J^ai be deede fast for fam. preith
for l^am. & gar lett massus be songon for j^am. and o]^er deedes of
mercy and almus aftwr ]n power. And pen ^ be hijtus god "' )'e his
blessiuge. and ]>e blessinge of pi fadtir & modwr. & ioye of pi childeren.
& forgifines of pi synes. ^ Bot gif pou do agaynes pis co??imau/! de-
ment, pou getyste pe schert lijf & soru of pi childeren. and warienge
of god. & fadwr. & modnr. & many oper angwres in pi lijf je & jeuel
dayes & pe payne of helle. gregonns. ^nime defundorum qnatuor
viodis absoluuntur. Aut obladoiiibns sacerdotum. Aut precibus sanc-
torum. And carorum elemosinis. Ant leiuniorum cogiiatorum. ^ This
haly werke seint gregor saith. That pe*^ saules of pam
^^° ■ " pat ar deed arne lowsud out of payne of p((rgatori on

foure maneres of wyse. woon is be masse synginge. The secunde is
be preers of saintes. And pe j'ridde is. of per frendes almus deedes
doinge. And pe fourthe is. of fastinge of per kosy?!nes. ^ Also pou
sehalt worschup pi modwr holy chirche. & hir seruantes. for pai been
oure gostly fadurus. Lo haly writte sais. Deum time. & sacerdotes
eius sanctifica in tola anima tua. This is. in alle pi saule dredeth god.
& halde his prestes haly. and dispise not his seruantes. And also seint

^ Above the line by B.

A Middle English Treatise on the Ten Commandments 25

paule sais. Ad Galathas. vj. Comunicet auteva is qui catherizatwx
uerbo f ei qni se catherizat in omn!"6us bonis. This is. ]>at ilke a man
salle gyf parti of his goodes tille him ]Hit techis him godes wordes
And also seint paule sais. Ad corinthios. ix. Nesdiis qnomam qui in
sacrario operantur de sacrario edunt. et qui altario deseruiunt. de
altar io jmrticipantur. id est. Ad thimothem. v. Dignus est operarius
mercede sua. 3Iathe\. x. Dig)ius est enim operanus cibo suo. id est.
corinthiorum. ix. Ita & dens ordinauit hijs qui eunngelium anuuciant.
de euangelio uiuere. luce. x. In quacumque domum i7dTSiuertis pTimum
diciie. piax huie domui. In eadem domo axdem manetei edentes &
bibentes que apud illos sunt. Dignus est enim operarius mercede sua.
Et in qua.cumque ciuitatem intraueritis '. et susceperint vos manducate
que apponuwiur vobis. ^ And also l^ou sallte worsup ]n gastely modur
haly chirche in word. ]mt is. speke not in chirche. hot preiers and
louynges to god. & to his modur & to alle saintes. And auoyde
iangelinges. scornes. & demynges. & laujinges. ftbr fou comeste to^
])i modwr holy chirche for to serue god. & for to do no serues to ]>e
■wicked spirite. luce. xix. Domus mea. domus oracionis vocabitus. Myn
bowse seith god. is an howse of pj-eiers. And also J'ou salt worsup ]'e
vij sacj-amentis. of holy chirche. Now her sufficith
(fol. 124) Inowjt to telle ]'e for to worschup ])i fad»/- & modur.<

The fyfthe commaundement of god

Ouintum mandatum % Non oecides. ^That is. I. conimaunde
]>e ]Kit pou slee not. •^ Bot agaynes ]ns commaundement doos
he l^at slees wit^ hond. or wi't/i worde. or wille. or Jmt )'0u
witAhaldes. or a draweste fro aman his liifinge. or his sustinans.
Deuironomii. xxiiii. Non negabis mercedem indigentis. & pauperis,
set eadem die reddes ei j^recutm laboris sui ante solus occasum quia
pauper est. & eo sustentat auimam suam. ne'^ clamet contra te ad
dominum. & reputetur tibi in j^eccatum. lusticia est reddere unicuique
quod sxmm est. luce. vj. Et prout ^^ultis ut faciant vobis homines. & vos
facite illis similiter. e. Ecde-
siastici. viij. Noli de viortuo tuo ^ inimico gaudere. sciens ^uoniam
omnes morientwY. ^ And alle so aseruant. or aminister. if fat he do
wilfully wit^ good wille. putteth to deed him. ]'at is dampned be
iustes. And also him fat fou lattes dye for hugtir. if fat fou mijthes
fede him. *^ And so him ])at fou eggest to synne. ^ And seint lerom
sais. Also if ]'at fou hide fe bred of techinge & good lijfinge. fou
sallte be punichid for fi silens. &** for trespas fat fou
(col. 2) mijtheste amende. ^ Therfore he is called an euel

seruant in fe gospell. fat hideth f e besant of his lorte. and f erfore he
was putte in preson. ^ And alle so euil prelatus fat geuith wra??ge
ensampul to f er suggetis in worde or deede. ^ Or ^vith haldeth f er
gostly fode. or bodely. if j'ai neede. grre^orius in moralium. Omnis
qui male uiuit in conspectu eorum in quibus prepositus est. ^uam m
ijyso est occidit eos. Id. est. Clamor subditornm venit ad deum pro
ignorancia & dejedu prelatomm. ^ Sei^it Austin rehersith to alle
bacbiteres & detractures. and to alle fam fat geuith ]^er eris to heringe
of f er euille speche. ^ ffor he saith. it is mare syne to him ^ fat
hereth^ fe bacbiter! fan it is to him fat bacbiteth. ffor he* fat
speketh illee & bacbituth. & it were so J)at he haad not an herer, he
mijth not bacbite. And he saith. bofe ])e bacbiter. & fe herer eif er
togedwr. it is ri^tful ])at ])ai been bo))e punichid. ^] And also fe
bacbiter & fe feyner. & he fat makuth similacion. fat by foren aman

^ofmy repeated, and struck out with red ink.

^ gaudere struck out with red ink between tuo and inimico.

^ f)at hereth repeated, and struck out with red ink.

* Above the line by A.

A Middle English Treatise on the Ten Commandments 27

spekuth fru/idely. & behynde his backe preuely. he bacbith & speketh
illee. And with his frende he spekith peesybul. and undwr ]>ai preuyly
he settith spies for to do him malys. Thou schalt undwrstonde. )>at
pe bacbiter sleeth himself. & his heerer. and anulluth him fat he
bacbituth. ludicare fraXxem est. (^ua/ido nee loquitur, uqc comedit cum
eo. ymmo alios, a cousorcio eius subtrahit.

The sixte commaundement of god.

Sextum mandatum Non mechaberis. That is. I. cowmaunde 50 w je
dele wt't/i no wemen. bot \n truje matrimoni. "fl ffor now. undwr
j'is co?Hraau?idement is conteyned alle maner of lechere. bothe
kyndely. and agaynes kynde. ' And also gostly lechere. ^ ^ Bot ]50U *
maiste undwrstonde. fat aman & his wiif ' may syn ful greuesly togedwr
so fai may do. je & deedly. & fat is. if fai doon of envise fan reson-
nabul kynde askes. or ony pynte agaynes kynde. Or oonly for
luste withoute?* ony rosonnabul causus ^ fFor# I. fynde
(fol. l-4b) wreten. ffor. iiij. cause aman may uson* his wijf

laufully. & f ai sufficen to a good cristen man & resonabul. ^ The
firste is. fat it be euer kyndely Idoo. and cause of getinge of chidereji.
^ The secuwde is. eldinge of dette m dewe tymes eyf er to of er. ^ The
f ridde is cause of uncontinens And f e fourthe is. for to eschue fornich-
acion ef er of of er. ^ And halsynge of f e wijf schal he ^ not refuse ®
in holy tyme so fat scho haf no cause '' of noon of er. Neuerles f e asker
is f e trespasstw. if f er be ony defaute. % ffor of er wiles it is lauful
aman for to uson his wijf. & ofer wiles not. aftur fe wordes of seint
Austin. ^ ^wgrustinus. Christia?io cum uxore sua aliquando licet
conuenire. aliqusindo non. propter processionis dies. & ieiunorum
aliquando non licet conuenire. etcetera.. Item quociens dies natalis. uel
reliquie festiuitates sanctorum aduenerit. a proprijis uxoribus est
abstinendum. Whet ^e wel fat lechere is agret syn fer as it is

^ In the margin by A. ^ Above the line by A.

' In the margin by B.

* Altered from son by B, the u being above the line.

5 Above the line by A. ^ Altered by B to refused.

'' Altered from can by B.

28 James Finch Royster

mysusud. ^ ffor bytwyne ^ a sengel ^ luau. & sengul woman is deedly
syn. je&pe ful cowsente to )>e deede wit/touteu )'e dede doi/ige is deedly
syn in sengul ma^i & woman, ffor seint lerom sais. euer aperfit wille is
euer take for l^e dede i)i. ]'e sijt of god. be it to good, or be it to illee.
Mathei. v. Non mechabevis. Quia omuls qui viderit vndierem ad
concupiscendum^ earn, etcetera. ^ Avotre is grat?en
catumwrocum ^^^^^^^^^ Incestus is. he ]mt delith viith nonne. witA
consummatum . . , , • i • ? n i i n •

, . kosyn. or Vfith. amaydon. )'e wicn is called detloracio.

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