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Life, well-balanced, for syphilitic, 137

Lip, chancre of, glands in, 33

Liquid medicine, giving of mercury in form of, 65

Liquor, alcoholic, effect of, in syphilis, 137
traffic, importance of abolition of, in prevention of venereal
disease, 184

Liver, Spirochæta pallida in, 39

Locomotor ataxia, 48
frequency of, 51
stomach symptoms in (gastric crises), 49
symptoms in legs, bladder and rectum, 49
syphilitic germs in spinal cord in, 49
treatment and prevention of, 52

London, syphilis in, 24

Luetin test, Noguchi, 79

MALARIA, comparison of, with syphilis, 62

Marriage and abortive cure of syphilis, 127
and five-year rule, 126
and syphilis, 125
and Wassermann test, 130
annulment of, for concealment of syphilitic infection, 132
early encouragement of, by state, parents, employers, 159
effect of economic forces on, 158
medical examination for syphilis before, 130
of hereditary syphilitics, 105
of persons with syphilis, inability of physician to prevent, 131
of syphilitics, Hoffmann's rule for, 124
syphilis acquired in, 120

Massachusetts, syphilitic mental disease in, 51

Medical examination before marriage, 130
in relation to syphilis, 130
of prostitutes, 135, 136

Mental attitude in relation to syphilis, 141
morbid, in syphilis, 153
disease and hereditary syphilis, 101

Mental disease and syphilis, 50
Hygiene, National Committee for, 166

Mercury, 62
and salvarsan, combination of, in controlling contagiousness, 124
comparative value of, 68
deceptive value of, 64
effect of, on syphilis, 63
inability of, to control contagiousness, 123
ineffectiveness of, by mouth, 65
injections of, 66
injurious effects of, 67
inunctions (rubs), 65
methods of administering, 64
of using in treatment, 62
misconception in regard to, 63

Metchnikoff and Roux, 14
prophylaxis in syphilis, 162

Michigan, legislative measures against syphilis in, 182

Military service, universal, and spread of venereal disease, 184

Miscarriage and abortion, syphilis as cause of, 95
repeated, 95

Misconceptions regarding cure of syphilis with salvarsan, 72
syphilis in children, 100

Moisture, effect of, on contagiousness of syphilis, 27, 38, 110
relation of, to infection with syphilis, 27, 38, 110

Moore, Noguchi and, 48

Moral problems in relation to syphilis, 18

Morality, sexual, in relation to syphilis, 18

Morals, syphilis and, 144

Morbidness in syphilitics, 153

Mother, knowledge of, in adopting a child, 106
syphilitic, apparent good health of, 93
period of greatest danger to child, 94
treatment of syphilis in, 97

Mouth, administration of mercury by, 64
contagious sores in, 38, 42. _See also mucous patches_
effect of mercury on, 67
late syphilis in, 47

Mucous patches, 38, 42
cancer following, 138
effect of salvarsan on, 74
of tobacco in predisposing to, 43, 112
susceptibility of prostitutes to, 136

NATIONAL Board of Health, need for, 167

Neck, enlargement of glands in, 33, 34

Neosalvarsan, 75

Nervous strain, effect of, on syphilis, 137
system, complications, relation of, to mild secondary syphilis, 45, 46
examination of, in determining cure of syphilis, 90
relapses, 43
Spirochæta pallida in, 39

New York City, clinics and dispensaries in, 170
reporting of syphilis in, 178

Noguchi, 48
test, luetin, 79

Non-genital syphilis, estimate of percentage of, 119
in lax individuals, 133, 134

Notification of venereal disease. _See reporting_

Nurse, accidental infection of, with syphilis, 116
wet, syphilis in, 100

Nursing mothers, syphilitic germs in milk of, 39
of syphilitic child by mother, 101

OHIO, law permitting physician to prevent marriage of contagious
syphilitic person, 131

Overwork, effect of, on syphilitics, 137

PAPEE'S study of prostitution in Lemberg, 134

Paralysis, general, danger to others in, 49, 50
estimated frequency of, 51
mental symptoms in, 49
of insane, 48
syphilitic germs in brain in, 49
treatment and prevention of, 52

Paresis, 48. _See also paralysis, general_

Paris, increase of syphilis in, during war, 183

Physician, accidental infection of, with syphilis, 116
coöperation of, in educating syphilitic, 148
importance of informing, in regard to syphilis, 105, 140
inability of, to prevent marriage of persons with syphilis, 131

Physician proper person to administer Metchnikoff prophylaxis, 163

Piles, contagious sores mistaken for, 43

Pills, ineffectiveness of, in treating syphilis, 65
mercury, 65

Pinkus' estimate of syphilis in Germany, 25

Pontopidan's estimate of number of hospitals needed for venereal
diseases, 171

Population, civil, syphilis in, 183
general, prevention of venereal disease in, during war time, 184

Potash, iodid of, 69

Pregnancy, syphilis acquired during, 94
treatment of mother during, 97

Prevalence of gonorrhea, estimates of, 26
of syphilis, estimates of, 24, 25

Prevention of locomotor ataxia and general paralysis, 52
of syphilis. _See prophylaxis_

Primary lesion. _See chancre_
stage. _See also chancre_
contagiousness of syphilis in, 109
cure of syphilis in, 85

Prohibition, national, importance of, in controlling venereal disease, 184

Prophylaxis, educational, 157
state provision for, 168
Metchnikoff, 162
utilization of, in public campaign, 177
moral, of syphilis, 156

Prophylaxis, personal, of syphilis, continence in, 161
general instruction in, 169
in army and navy, 162
physician proper person to administer, 163
unsatisfactory features of, 162

Prostitutes in Baltimore, gonorrhea in, 134
medical examination of, 135
syphilis in, 134

Prostitution, abolition or repression of, 156, 157
and syphilis, 18, 133
clandestine, risks of, 136
effects of liquor traffic on, 184
regulation of, 156

Psoriasis, confusion of, with syphilitic eruptions, 37

Public Health, syphilis as problem of, 18
Service, United States, estimates of prevalence of syphilis, 24
opinion about syphilis, 141
sentiment and reporting of syphilis to health officers, 178

Publicity, campaign for, 176

QUACKS, suppression of, 168, 174
treatment of syphilitics by, 140

Quarantine and freak legislation, 167
compulsory, for irresponsible syphilitics, 153
limitations of, in controlling spread of syphilis, 121
temporary, for syphilis, in hospitals, 172

Quiescent period following entry of germ, 28

RAILROAD MEN, locomotor ataxia and general paralysis in, 50

Rash. _See eruption_

Recurrences, contagiousness of, 111
estimated frequency of, in secondary syphilis, 125
in secondary stage, 42, 43

Re-infection with syphilis, 139

Relapses, contagious, in syphilis, 42
frequency of, in secondary stage, 125
in nervous system, 43

Reporting of syphilis, attitude of various countries on, 179
to health officers, 178

Resistance of body to syphilis, 29, 107, 112

Rest, need of, in syphilis, 137

Restaurants, risk of transmitting syphilis under conditions found in, 115

Rheumatism, symptoms resembling, in secondary syphilis, 36

Ricord, founder of modern syphilology, 13

Rub, mercurial. _See inunction_

Rule, five-year, 124, 126, 129
for marriage of syphilitics. _See marriage_
for personal hygiene of syphilitics, 136
governing miscarriage and abortion due to syphilis, 96
sexual relations in syphilitics, 138
variations on, in hereditary syphilis, 96

SALIVA, syphilitic germs in, 38

Salvarsan, accidents due to, 78
action of, in syphilis, 73
and abortive cure, 73, 79, 89
and mercury, comparative value of, 68, 89
in pregnancy, 97
animal tests on, 71
arsenic in, 71
as a social asset, 78
cheap, vital importance of, 172
combination of arsenic and dye, 70, 71
correct administration of, 77
discovery of, 70
effect of first dose, 78
of insufficient treatment with, 76
on mucous patches, 74
expense of treatment with, 76
importance of, in controlling contagiousness of syphilis, 73, 74, 122
in treatment, 89
in control of syphilis in prostitutes, 157
methods of giving, 75
misconceptions regarding cure by single dose, 72
need for governmental control, 77
patent rights on, 172
preliminary tests of, on man, 71, 72
price of, 172
repeated doses, 76
use of, does not justify relaxation of rules for marriage, 127
value of, in syphilis, 73

Scandinavian countries, compulsory treatment of venereal disease in, 180
free treatment of venereal diseases in, 169
provision for reporting venereal disease in, 179

Scars following gummatous changes, 46

Schaudinn and Hoffmann, 14, 22

School-hospitals for hereditary syphilis, 108

Secondary stage of syphilis, 35
contagious relapses in, 42
contagiousness in, 110
cure in, 86
eye trouble in, 36
headaches in, 36
loss of weight in, 36
problems of, 42
rash (eruption) in, 36
rheumatic pains in, 36
severe, 36
spontaneous disappearance of symptoms, 39
time required for cure, 88

Secrecy, professional, right of syphilitics, 139
right of syphilitic, in connection with reporting of disease, 178

Self-control. _See sexual self-control_

Self-deception in regard to risk of infection, 161

Self-treatment in syphilis, 140

Semen, Spirochæta pallida in, 39

Sexual characteristics of syphilitic children, 102
morality, development of, 145
relations, abstinence from, economic influences opposing, 158
of syphilitics, rules governing, 129, 138

Sexual relations, transmission of syphilis by, 117
self-control, economic forces opposing, 157
teaching of, 159
transmission of syphilis, question of guilt or innocence, 118

Silverware, transmission of syphilis by, 115

Single dose cure of syphilis with salvarsan, 72

"606." _See salvarsan_

Skin, recurrences of secondary eruption in, 43
unbroken, importance of, in preventing contagiousness of eruptions, 38

Sleeping sickness, 70

Smoker's patches, 138

Smoking (tobacco) in syphilis, 138

Snuffles in hereditary syphilis, 100

Social evil and syphilis, 165. _See also prostitution_
problem of syphilis, 15

Soft ulcer or sore, 16. _See also chancroid_

Soldiers, syphilis and gonorrhea among, in present war, 183

Sore throat in secondary syphilis, 38

Sores, contagious, effect of salvarsan on, 74
in prostitutes, 136
in syphilis, 38
transitory character of, 123
contagiousness of moist, 27, 38, 110
of open, 109
on nipples in wet nurses, 101
primary. _See chancre_
soft, 16. _See also chancroid_
tertiary. _See syphilis, late, gumma_

Sperk's estimate of frequency of relapse in secondary stage, 125

Spirochæta pallida, 27
average life of, on objects outside body, 113
destruction of, in body, 39
discovery of, 14, 22
distribution of, in internal organs, 39
effect of antiseptics on, 27
of drying on, 27
of salvarsan on, 74
growth of, 27
in brain, in general paralysis of insane, 48
in hereditary syphilitic children, 99
in late syphilis, 45
in lymph-glands, 34
in secondary syphilitic eruptions, 38
in spinal cord, in locomotor ataxia, 49
invasion of body by, in secondary stage, 35
low vitality of, 27
mode of entry into body, 28
sensitizing of body to, 39
strains or type of, 40
variations in behavior of, in different persons, 40

Spleen, Spirochæta pallida in, 39

Stage of syphilis, relation of, to curability, 82
secondary, of syphilis, 35. _See also secondary stage; secondary
syphilis; contagiousness; transmission; and Spirochæta pallida_

Stage, tertiary, of syphilis, 45. _See also syphilis, late_

State, encouragement of early marriage by, 159
provision of, for recognition and treatment of syphilis, 168

Stigma attaching to syphilis, harm done by, 143
of syphilis, effect of, on venereal hospitals, 167

Still birth, relation of syphilis to, 96

Still's statistics on death from hereditary syphilis, 98

Stomach in locomotor ataxia, 49

Sweat-glands, absence of Spirochæta pallida in, 39

Sydenham Royal Commission, 164
views on reporting of venereal disease, 179

Symptomatic cure in late syphilis, 87

Symptoms, absence of, in syphilis, 23
constitutional, of secondary syphilis, 36

Syphilis, absence of immunity in, 139
accidental, in physicians and nurses, 116
acquired, in children, 95
in marriage, 119
action of mercury in, 63
of salvarsan in, 74
active, relation of, to miscarriages and abortion, 96
adequate dispensary service for treating, 171
ageing effect of, in child, 99
and civil population, 183
and engagements to marry, 129

Syphilis and marriage, 125
and mental disease, 50
and prostitution, 18, 133
and public prejudice, 141
and sexual problems, 18
and war, 183
as cause of death in children, 98
of miscarriages and abortion in women, 95
as public health problem, 18
as social problem, 15
blood test for, 54
broader outlook concerning, 146
comparison of, with malaria, 62
compulsory treatment of, 180
concealed forms of, 23
concealment of, by gonorrhea, 30
confusion of, with gonorrhea, 13, 16, 31
problem of, with various issues, 16, 17, 165
congenital, 94. _See also syphilis, non-hereditary_
constitutional symptoms of, 36
contagiousness of, in secondary stage, 110
course of, summary, 52
cure of, 90
danger from irresponsible persons infected with, 150
deaths from, 48
definition of, 21
diminishing virulence of, 12
early, methods of recognizing, 32
educational prophylaxis of, 157
epidemic of, in sixteenth century, 11
eruption in secondary stage, 36
essentials of campaign against, 168
false silence in regard to, 15
five-year rule regarding contagiousness, 124, 126, 129
freak legislation in regard to, 166
guilt or innocence in transmission, 118
harm done by stigma attaching to, 143
hereditary, 92
accident and injury in, 105
contagiousness of, 100, 105
destructive changes in, 101, 102
early signs of, in children, 99, 100
late signs of, 101
mental symptoms in, 101
of eye, 103
treatment of, 107
history of, 11
importance of prohibition in controlling, 184
important advances in knowledge of, 17
in adopted children, 106
in British working men, 24
in families, detection of, by Wassermann test, 128
in father or mother of family, 92, 93, 126
in men who have only had gonorrhea, 31
in prostitutes, 134
in United States, estimates of, 26
in wet nurses, 100, 101
inability of physician to prevent marriage of persons with, 131
incomplete cure of, 82
influence of, on progress of mediæval medicine, 13
innocent, in fiancée, 129
suffering of, caused by, 19
late, attributable to insufficient salvarsan treatment, 73
curability of, 86
destructive effect of, 47
in nervous system, 48
most serious forms of, 47
seriousness of, 45
tissue changes in (gumma), 46
measure to prevent spread of, from army to general population, 183
medical examination for, as means of detecting contagiousness, 123
of prostitutes for, 135
mental attitudes in relation to, 141
Metchnikoff prophylaxis of, 162
mild, dangers of, 41
relation to complications in nervous system, 45
mistaken conceptions of, 13
moral prophylaxis of, 156
morbid fear of, 154
non-genital, 28
or extra-genital, 119
obstacles to control of contagiousness of, 123
to social control of, 141
passive, transmission of, by prostitutes, 135
personal hygiene of, 136
prevalence of, 23
in lax individuals, 133
prevention of, by sexual self-control, 159
public attitude toward, 141
quacks and self-treatment in, 140
radical or complete cure, 80
reinfection with, 139
relation of mouth and tongue cancers to, 138
reporting of, to health officer, 178
risk of acquiring, from prostitutes, 136
of infecting wife with, 125
secondary, cure of, 86
time required for cure of, 86
sexual transmission of, 117
stages of, 26
state provision for treatment of, in Denmark, Norway, Italy,
England, Germany, West Australia, 168, 169
tertiary, 45
transmission and hygiene of, 109
by kissing, 116
to and by wet nurse, 100, 101
treatment of, 60
at Hot Springs, 140
with salvarsan, 75
unnoticed manifestations of, 41
variations in course of, in different persons, 41
Wassermann test for, 54
world movement against, 164

Syphilitic, average type of, 148
child, nursing of, by mother, 101
ideal conscientious type of, 147
irresponsible types of, 151
morbid mental states, 153
personal hygiene of, 136
should tell physician he has disease, 140
rule governing care of personal articles used by, 139
rules governing kissing in, 138
sexual relations in, 138
well-regulated life for, 137

Syphilophobia, 153

TABES dorsalis, 48. _See also locomotor ataxia_

Taboparesis, 50

Teeth, effect of mercury on, 63, 67
(Hutchinson's), in hereditary syphilis, 102

Tertiary stage, 45

Test for syphilis in blood, 54. _See also Wassermann test_
Noguchi, luetin, 79

Throat, contagious sores in, 38

Time treatment principle in relation to marriage, 124, 126, 129

Tobacco, effect of, in syphilis, 43, 112, 138

Toilet seats not means of transmitting syphilis, 114
transmission of gonorrhea by, 114

Tongue and tonsils, contagious sores on, 42
cancer of, following contagious mucous patches, 138

Towels, transmission of syphilis by, 113, 115

Transmission of syphilis by dishes, etc., effect of washing and
disinfection on, 114
by infected articles, 113
by kissing, 116
by sexual contact, 117
effect of treatment on risk of, 124
from father to mother, 93
from mother to child, 92
increased risk of, in tobacco users, 138
medical examination in prevention of, 123
not by door-knobs, bath-tubs, or toilet seats, 114
passive, by prostitutes, 135
personal responsibility in, 124 to wife, 125
under conditions of crowding and bad sanitation, 115
of everyday life, 114
unlikely in marriage of hereditary syphilitics, 105

Treatment, intraspinal, in syphilis of nervous system, 79
lack of effect of, on deafness in hereditary syphilis, 104
obstacles to control of contagiousness of syphilis, 123
of chancre may prevent recognition, 32
of syphilis, 60
advertising in regard to, 176
backwardness of this country in public provision for, 170
by drug clerks, 175
by quacks, 140
compulsory, 180
control of contagiousness, 122, 124, 126
dispensary service necessary for, 171
efficient, 88
expense of, 76, 173
expert advice in, 174
hospitals in, 171
importance of salvarsan in, 89
in pay-patient clinics and hospitals, 173
necessity for cheap salvarsan in, 172
various state provisions for, 168, 169
Wassermann test in, 57
with salvarsan and mercury combined, 89
specific methods of, 60

Troops, syphilis and gonorrhea in, 182

UNITED STATES. _See America_

VEDDER'S estimate of prevalence of syphilis, 25

Venereal disease, 16
and marriage, annulment of, 132
effect of universal military service on, 184
European and American provision in regard to care of, 169, 170
importance of national prohibition in controlling, 184
proposed military measures in connection with, 183
relation of war to spread of, 182
world-wide movement against, 164
hospitals and freak legislation, 167

Vermont, reporting of syphilis in, 178

Vice Commission, Baltimore, syphilis in prostitutes, 134

Virulence of syphilis in 15th and 16th centuries, 12

Vomiting in locomotor ataxia, 49

WAR, control of venereal diseases during, 183, 184

War, relation of, to spread of venereal disease, 182

Warts, contagious syphilitic, 42

Washing, effect of, on transmission of syphilis by dishes, 114

Wassermann test, 54
as evidence of fitness to marry, 130
difficulties of, 55
effect of mercury on, 67
of treatment on, 58
factor of error in, 56
importance of expert performance of, 174
to pregnant mother, 97
in connection with adoption of children, 106
in determining cure of syphilis, 58, 90
in family where one member is syphilitic, 128
in freak legislation, 167
in late hereditary syphilis, 106
in syphilitic mothers, 93
negative, development of infectious sores in spite of, 123
meaning of, 56
on spinal fluid, 59
persistently positive, 58
positive, meaning of, 56
practical details concerning, 59
provocative, 130
use of, in recognizing early syphilis, 33

Weight, loss of, in secondary recurrences, 43
in secondary syphilis, 36

Welander homes for hereditary syphilis, 108

West Australia, action of, against drug stores prescribing for
syphilis, 176
attitude of, on personal Metchnikoff prophylaxis, 177
compulsory treatment of syphilis in, 180
state provision of, for treatment of venereal diseases, 170

Wet nurses, syphilis in, 100

Wife, importance of cure for, 128
infection of, by husband during pregnancy, 94
risk of infecting, 125

Williams, syphilis and mental diseases, statistics on, 50

Womb, chancre on neck of, 30

Women, child-bearing, effect of syphilis on, 95
employment of, in connection with problem of controlling venereal
diseases in war times, 184
miscarriages and abortions in, due to syphilis, 95
syphilis in lax, 133

Worry and anxiety, effect of, on syphilitic, 137

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