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And all that fraudful is, shall fly

Before the brightening sun ;
Spectres of ill, that stalk at will,

And forms of guilt that fright,
And hideous sin, that ventures in

Under the cloak of nio^ht.

1 54 PRIME.

And of our crimes the tale complete,

Which bows us in Thy sight,
Up to the latest, they shall fleet,
Out-told by our full numbers sweet,
And melted by the light.

To Father, Son, and Spirit, One,
Whom we adore and love,

Be given all praise, now and always,
Here as in Heaven above.


Jam lucis orto sidere.
{From the Parisian Brtroiary .^)

Now that the day-star glimmers bright.

We suppliantly pray
That He, the uncreated Light,

May guide us on our way.

1 Vide the Anglo-Norman History of Sir Francis
Palgrave (Vol. iii. p. 588), who did the Author the
honor of asking him for a translation of this hymn,
as also of the Christe Pastorum, infra.

PRIME. 155

No sinful word, nor deed of wrong,

Nor thoughts that idly rove ;
But simple truth be on our tongue,

And in our hearts be love.

And, while the hours in order flow,

O Christ, securely fence
Our gates, beleaguer'd by the foe, —

The gate of every sense.

And grant that to Thine honor, Lord,

Our daily toil may tend ;
That we begin it at Thy word,

And in Thy favor end.

And, lest the flesh in its excess

Should lord it o'er the soul.
Let taming abstinence repress

The rebel, and control.

To God the Father glory be,

And to His Only Son,
And to the Spirit, One and Three,
While endless ages run.
Little more. February, 1842.

1 56 TERC.


Nunc Sancte nobis Spiritus,

Come, Holy Ghost, who ever One
Reignest with Father and with Son,
It is the hour, our souls possess
With Thy full food of holiness.

Let flesh, and heart, and lips, and mind,
Sound forth our witness to mankind ;
And love light up our mortal frame.
Till others catch the living flame.

Now to the Father, to the Son,
And to the Spirit, Three in One,
Be praise and thanks and glory given
By men on earth, by Saints in heaven.

SEXT. 157


Rector potens, verax Deus.

O God, who canst not change nor fail,
Guiding the hours, as they roll by,

Bright'ning with beams the morning pale,
And burning in the mid-day sky,

Quench Thou the fires of hate and strife,
The wasting fever of the heart ;

From perils guard our feeble life.
And to our souls Thy peace impart

Grant this, O Father, Only Son,
And Holy Spirit, God of grace,

To whom all glory, Three in One,
Be given in every time and place.

158 NONE.


Rerum Deus tenax vigoro

O God, unchangeable and true,

Of all the Life and Power,
Dispensing light in silence through

Every successive hour,

Lord, brighten our declining day,

That it may never wane,
Till death, when all things round decay,

Brings back the morn again.

This grace on Thy redeem'd confer,

Father, Co-equal Son,
And Holy Ghost, the Comforter,

Eternal Three in One.



^ucis Creator optime.

Father of Lights, by
whom each day
Is kindled oat of
Who, when the heavens were made, didst lay

Their rudiments in light ;
Thou, who didst bind and blend in one

The glistening morn and evening pale,
Hear Thou our plaint, when light is gone,
And lawlessness and strife prevail.



Hear, lest the whelming weight of crime

Wreck us with life in view ;
Lest thoughts and schemes of sense and time

Earn us a sinners due.
So may we knock at Heaven's door,

And strive the immortal prize to win,
Continually and evermore

Guarded without and pure within.

Grant this, O Father, Only Son,

And Spirit, God of grace,
To whom all worship shall be done

In ever}' time and place.


Immense coeli conditor.

Lord of unbounded space,

Who, lest the sky and main
Should mix, and heaven should lose its place,
Didst the rude waters chain ;


Parting the moist and rare,
That rills on earth might flow
To soothe the angry flame, whene'er
It ravens fi-om below :

Pour on us of Thy grace
The everlasting spring ;
Lest our frail steps renew the trace
Of the ancient wandering.

May faith in lustre grow,
And rear her star in heaven,
Paling all sparks of earth below,
Unquench'd by damps of even.

Grant it, O Father, Son,
And Holy Spirit of grace,
To whom be glory. Three in One^
In every time and place.



Telluris alme conditor.

All-bountiful Creator, who,

When Thou didst mould the world, didst drain

The waters from the mass, that so

Earth mijjht immovable remain ;

That its dull clods it might transmute
To golden flowers in vale or wood,
To juice of thirst-allaying fruit.
And grateful herbage spread for food ;

Wash Thou our smarting wounds and hot,
In the cool freshness of Thy grace ;
Till tears start forth the past to blot,
And cleanse and calm Thy holy place ;

Till we obey Thy full behest,

Shun the world's tainted touch and breath,

Joy in what highest is and best,

And gain a spell to baffle death.


Grant it, O Father, Only Son,
And Holy Spirit, God of grace ;

To whom all glory, Three in One,
Be given in every time and place.


Coeli Ueus sanctissime.

O Lord, who, thron'd in the holy height,
Through plains of ether didst diffuse
The dazzling beams of light,
In soft transparent hues ;

Who didst, on the fourth day, in heaven
Light the fierce cresset of the sun,
And the meek moon at even,
And stars that wildly run ;

That they might mark and arbitrate
'Twixt alternating night and day.
And tend the train sedate
Of months upon their way ;


Clear, Lord, the brooding night within,
And clean these hearts for Thy abode,
Unlock the spell of sin,
Crumble its giant load.

Grant it, O Father, Only Son,
And Holy Spirit, God of grace,
To whom all praise be done
In every time and place.


Magnse Deus potentise.

O God, who hast given

the sea and the sky,
To fish and to bird

for a dwelling to keep
Both sons of the waters,

one low and one high,
Ambitious of heaven,

yet sunk in the deep ;


Save, Lord, Thy servants,

whom Thou hast new made
In a laver of blood,

lest they trespass and die ;
Lest pride should elate,

or sin should degrade,
And they stumble on earth,

or be dizzied on high.

To the Father and Son
And the Spirit be done,
Nc>w and always,
Glory and praise.


Hominis superne Conditor.

Whom all obey, —
Maker of man ! who from thy height
Badest the dull earth bring to light
All creeping things, and the fierce might

Of beasts of prey ; —


And the huge make
Of wild or gentler animal,
Springing from nothing at Thy call,
To serve in their due time, and all

For sinners' sake :

Shield us from ill !
Come it by passion's sudden stress,
Lurk in our minds' habitual dress,
Or through our actions seek to press

Upon our will.

Vouchsafe the prize
Of sacred joy's perpetual mood,
And service-seeking gratitude.
And love to quell each strife or feud,

If it arise.

Grant it, O Lord !
To whom, the Father, Only Son,
And Holy Spirit, Three in One,
In heaven and earth all praise be done.

With one accord.

SATURDAY, .- 167


Jam sol recedit igneus.

The red sun is gone,

Thou Light of the heart,
Blessed Three, Holy One,
To Thy servants a sun

Everlasting impart.

There were Lauds in the morn,

Here are Vespers at even ;

Oh, may we adorn

Thy temple new born

With our voices in Heaven.

To the Father be praise,

And praise to the Son

And the Spirit always,

While the infinite days
Of eternity run.



Te lucis ante terminum.

Now that the day-light dies away,
By all Thy grace and love,

Thee, Maker of the world, we pray
To \\'atch our bed above.

Let dreams depart and phantoms fly,

The offspring of the night,
Keep us, like shrines, beneath Thine eye,

Pure in our foe's despite.

This grace on Thy redeem 'd confer,

Father, Co-equal Son,
And Holy Ghost, the Comforter,

Eternal Three in One.



Creator alme siderum.

Creator of the starry pole,

Saviour of all who live,
And light of every faithful soul,

Jesu, these prayers receive.

Who sooner than our foe" malign

Should triumph, from above
Didst come, to be the medicine

Of a sick world, in love ;

And the deep wounds to cleanse and cure

Of a whole race, didst go,
Pure Victim, from a Virgin pure.

The bitter Cross unto.

Who hast a Name, and hast a Power,

The height and depth to sway,
And Angels bow, and devils cower,

In transport or dismay ;


Thou too shalt be our Judge at length
Lord, in Thy grace bestow

Thy weapons of celestial strength,
And snatch us from the foe.

Honor and glory, power and praise,

To Father, and to Son,
And Holy Ghost, be paid always,

The Eternal Three in One.


Verbum supernum proi liens.

Supernal Word, proceeding from
The Eternal Father's breast,

And in the end of ages come,
To aid a world distrest ;

Enlighten, Lord, and set on fire
Our spirits with Thy love.

That, dead to earth, they may aspire
And live to joys above.

A D VENT— LA UDS. 1 7 1

That, when the judgment-seat on high

Shall fix the sinner's doom,
And to the just a glad voice cry,

Come to your destined home ;

Safe from the black and yawning lake

Of restless, endless pain,
We may the face of God partake,

The bliss of heaven attain.

To God the Father, God the Son,

And Holy Ghost, to Thee,
As heretofore, when time is done,

Unending glory be.


En clara vox redarguit.

Hark, a joyful voice is thrilling,
And each dim and wmding way

Of the ancient Temple filling ;
Dreams, depart ! for it is day.

172 . AD VENT— LA UDS.

Christ is coming ! — from thy bed,
Earth-bound soul, awake and spring,-

With the sun new-risen to shed
Health on human suffering.

Lo ! to grant a pardon free,

Comes a willing Lamb from f leaven :
Sad and tearful, hasten we,

One and all, to be forgiven.

Once again He comes in light,
Girding earth with fear and woe ;

Lord ! be Thou our loving Might,
From our guilt and ghostly foe.

To the Father, and the Son,
And the Spirit, who in Heaven

Ever witness, Three and One,
Praise on earth be ever given.


Quicunque Christum quseritis.

O YE who seek the Lord,

Lift up your eyes on high,
For there He doth the Sign accord

Of His bright majest)'.

We see a dazzHng sight

That shall outlive all time,"
Older than depth or starry height,

Limitless and sublime.

'Tis He for Israel's fold

And heathen tribes decreed,
The King to Abraham pledged of old

And his unfailing seed.

Prophets foretold His birth,
And witness'd when He came,

The Father speaks to all the earth
To hear, and own His name.


To Jesus, who displays

To babes His beaming face,

Be, with the Father, endless praise.
And with the Spirit of grace. Amen.


Lux alma Jesu,

Light of ihe anxious heart,

Jesu, Thou dost appear.
To bid the gloom of guilt depart,

And shed Thy sweetness here.

Joyous is he, with whom,
God's Word, Thou dost abide ;

Sweet Light of our eternal home,
To fleshly sense denied.

Brightness of God above !

Unfathomable grace !
Thy Presence be a fount of love

Within Thy chosen place.


To Thee, whom children see,

The Father ever blest,
The Holy Spirit, One and Three,

Be endless praise addressed. Amen.


Deus tuorum militum.

O GOD, of Thy soldiers

the Portion and Crown,
Spare Thy people, who hymn

the praise of the Blest ;
Earth's bitter joys,

its lures and its frown,
He scann'd them and scom'd,

and so is at rest.

Thy Martyr he ran

all valiantly o'er
A highway of blood

for the prize Thou hast given.
We kneel at Thy feet,

and meekly implore.
That our pardon may wait

on his triumph in heaven.


Honor and praise

To the Father and Son
And the Spirit be done

Now and always. Amen.


( Fro7n St. Bede''s Metrical History of St. Cuthbert.)

Between two comrades dear,

Zealous and true as they,
Thou, prudent Ethelwald, didst bear

In that high home the sway.

A man, who ne'er, 'tis said,

Would of his graces tell,
Or with what arms he triumphed

Over the Dragon fell.

So down to us hath come

A memorable word.
Which in unguarded season from

His blessed lips was heard.


It chanced, that, as the Saint

Drank in with faithful ear
Of Angel tones the whispers faint,

Thus spoke a brother dear :

" Oh, why so many a pause.
Thwarting thy words' full stream,
Till her dark line Obhvion draws
Across the broken theme ? "

He answered : ''Till thou seal
To sounds of earth thine ear,
Sweet friend, be sure thou ne'er shalt feel
Angelic voices near."

But then the hermit blest
A sudden change came o'er ;
He shudders, sobs, and smites his breast,
Is mute, then speaks once more :

" Oh by the Name Most High
What I have now let fall,
Hush, till I lay me down to die
And go the way of all ! "


Thus did a Saint in fear

His gifts celestial hide ;
Thus did an Angel standing near

Proclaim them far and wide.
Littlemore. 184.4.,


(^ Song.)

The Angel-lights of Christmas mom,

Which shot across the sky,
Away they pass at Candlemas,

They sparkle and they die.

Comfort of earth is brief at best,

Although it be divine ;
Like funeral lights for Christmas gone,

Old Simeon's tapers shine.

And then for eight long weeks and more,

We wait in twilight grey,
Till the high candle sheds a beam

On Holy Saturday.


We wait along the penance-tide

Of solemn fast and prayer ;
While song is hush'd, and lights grow dim

In the sin-laden air.

And while the sword in Mary's soul

Is driven home, we hide
In our own hearts, and count the wounds

Of passion and of pride.

And still, though Candlemas be spent

And Alleluias o'er,
Mary is music in our need,

And Jesus light in store.

The Oratory. i84g.


My oldest friend, mine from the hour
When first 1 drew my breath ;

My faithful friend, that shall be mine,
Unfailing, till my death ;


Thou hast been ever at my side ;

My Maker to thy trust
Consign'd my soul, what time He framed

The infant child of dust.

No beating heart in holy prayer,

No faith, inform "d aright,
Gave me to Joseph's tutelage.

Or Michael's conquering might.

Nor patron Saint, nor Marj^'s love.

The dearest and the best,
Has known my being, as thou hast known,

And blest, as thou hast blest.

Thou wast my sponsor at the font ;

And thou, each budding year,
Didst whisper elements of truth

Into my childish ear.

And when, ere boyhood yet was gone,

My rebel spirit fell.
Ah ! thou didst see, and shudder too,

Yet bear each deed of Hell.


And then in turn, when judgments came,

And scared me back again,
Thy quick soft breath was near to soothe

And hallow every pain.
% "k Hi ^

And thou wilt hang about my bed,

When life is ebbing low ;
Of doubt, impatience, and of gloom,
The jealous, sleepless foe.

Mine, when I stand before the Judge ;

And mine, if spared to stay
Within the golden furnace, till

My sin is burn'd away.

And mine, O Brother of my soul.
When my release shall come ;

Thy gentle arms shall lift me then,
Thy wings shall waft me home.

The Oratory. ^^SS-



(^ Hymn.)

The number of Thine own complete,

Sum up and make an end ;
Sift clean the chaff, and house the wheat

And then, O Lord, descend.

Descend, and solve by that descent

This mystery of life ;
Where good and ill, together blent,

Wage an undying strife.

For rivers twain are gushing still,

And pour a mingled flood ;
Good in the very depths of ill,

111 in the heart of good.

The last are first, the first are last,

As angel eyes behold ;
These from the sheep-cote sternly cast.

Those welcomed to the fold.


No Christian home, no pastor's eye,

No preacher's vocal zeal,
Moved Thy dear Martyr to defy

The prison and the wheel.

Forth from the heathen ranks she stept,

The forfeit crown to claim
Of Christian souls who had not kept

Their birthright and their name.

Grace form'd her out of sinful dust ;

She knelt a soul defiled,
She rose in all the faith, and trust,

And sweetness of a child.

And in the freshness of that love
She preach'd, by word and deed.

The mysteries of the world above,
Her new-found, glorious creed.

And running, in a little hour,

Of life the course complete,
She reach'd the Throne of endless power.

And sits at Jesu's feet.


Her spirit there, her body here,
Make one the earth and sky ;

We use her name, we touch her bier,
We know her God is nigh.

Praise to the Father, as is meet.

Praise to the Only Son,
Praise to the Holy Paraclete

While endless ages run.

The Oratory. i8j6.


Unveil, O Lord, and on us shine

In glory and in grace ;
This gaudy world grows pale before

The beauty of Thy face.

Till Thou art seen, it seems to be

A sort of fairy ground.
Where suns unsetting light the sky,

And flowers and fruits abound.


But when Thy keener, purer beam

Is pour'd upon our sight,
It loses all its power to charm.

And what was day is night.

Its noblest toils are then the scourge
Which made Thy blood to flow ;

Its joys are but the treacherous thorns
Which circled round Thy brow.

And thus, when we renounce for Thee

Its restless aims and fears,
The tender memories of the past.

The hopes of coming years,

Poor is our sacrifice, whose eyes

Are lighted from above ;
We offer what we cannot keep,

What we have ceased to love.

The Oratory. 1862.



{A Hymn. )

Thou champion high
Of Heaven's imperial Bride,
For ever waiting on her eye,
Before her onward path, and at 'her side,
In war her guard secure, by night her ready
guide !

To thee was given.
When those false angels rose
Against the Majesty of Heaven,
To hurl them down the steep, and on them
The prison where they roam in helpless unre-

Thee, Michael, thee,
When sight and breathing fail.
The disembodied soul shall see ;


The pardon'd soul with solemn joy shall
When holiest rites are spent, and tears no
more avail.

And thou, at last,
When Time itself must die,
Shalt sound that dread and piercing blast,
To wake the dead, and rend the vaulted sky.
And summon all to meet the Omniscient
Judge on high.

The Oratory. 1862.


§ I.
Jesu, Maria — I am near to death.
And Thou art calling me ; I know it now.
Not by the token of this faltering breath,
This chill at heart, this dampness on my
brow, —


"Tis this new feeling, never felt before,
(Be with me, Lord, in my extremity !)
That I am going, that I am no more.
'Tis this strange innermost abandonment,
( Lover of souls ! great God ! I look to Thee, )
This emptying out of each constituent
And natural force, by which I come to be.
Pray for me, O my friends ; a visitant
Is knocking his dire summons at my door,
The like of whom, to scare me and to daunt,
Has never, never come to me before ;
'Tis death, — O loving friends, your prayers !

— 'tis he ! . . .
As though my very being had given way.
As though I was no more a substance now,
And could fall back on nought to be my stay,
(Help, loving Lord ! Thou my sole Refuge,

And turn no whither, but must needs decay
And drop from out the universal frame
Into that shapeless, scopeless, blank abyss,
That utter nothingness, of which I came :
This is it that has come to pass in me ;


Oh, horror ! this it is, my dearest, this ;
So pray for me, my friends, who have not
strength to pray.

Kyrie eleison, Christe eleison, Kyrie eleison.

;f: * Hs * ^


Rouse ihee, my fainting soul, and play the
man ;

And through such waning span
Of Hfe and thought as still has to be trod.

Prepare to meet thy God.
And while the storm of that bewilderment

Is for a season spent,
And, ere afresh the ruin on me fall,

Use well the interval.


Be merciful, be gracious ; spare him. Lord.
Be merciful, be gracious ; Lord, deliver him.
From the sins that are past ;

From Thv frown and Thine ire ;


From the perils of dying ;

From any complying

With sin, or denying

His God, or relying
On self, at the last ; •

From the nethermost fire ;
From all that is evil ;
From power of the devil ;
Thy servant deliver.
For once and for ever.

By Thy birth, and by Thy Cross,

Rescue him from endless loss :

By Thy death and burial,

Save him from a final fall ;

By Thy rising fiom the tomb,
By Thy mounting up above,
By the wSpirit's gracious love,

Save him in the day of doom.


Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus,

De profundis oro te,
Miserere, Judex meus,

Faroe mihi, Domine.


Firmly 1 believe and truly

God is Three, and God is One ;
And I next acknowledge duly

Manhood taken by the Son.
And I trust and hope most fully

In that manhood crucified ;
And each thought and deed unruly

Do to death, as He has died.
Simply to His grace and wholly

Light and life and strength belong,
And I love, supremely, solely,

Him the holy, Him the strong.
Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus,

De profundis oro te.
Miserere, Judex mens,

Parce mihi, Domine.
And I hold in veneration.

For the love of Him alone,
Holy Church, as His creation,

And her teachings, as His own.
And I take with joy whatever

Now besets me, pain or fear,
And with a strong will I sever

All the ties which bind me here.


Adoration aye be given,

With and through the angehc host,
To the God of earth and heaven,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Sanctus fortis, Sanctus Deus,

De profundis oro te,
Miserere, Judex mens,

Mortis in discrimine.

I can no more ; for now it comes again,

That sense of ruin, which is worse than pain,

That masterful negation and collapse

Of all that makes me man ; as though 1 bent

Over the dizzy brink

Of some sheer infinite descent ;

Or worse, as though •

Down, down for ever I was falling through

The solid framework of created things,

And needs must sink and sink

Into the vast abyss. And, crueller still,

A fierce and restless fright begins to fill

The mansion of my soul. And, worse and

Some bodily form of ill


Floats on the wind, with many a loathsome

Tainting the hallow'd air, and laughs, and

Its hideous wings,
And makes me wild with horror and dismay.

% i(i ■^ if. -if.


Rescue him, O Lord, in this his evil hour.

As of old so many by Thy gracious power : —

Enoch and Elias from the common doom ;
(Amen. )

Noe from the waters in a saving home ;

Abraham from th' abounding guilt of Hea-
thenesse ; (Amen.)

Job from all his multiform and fell distress ;
(Amen. )

Issac, when his father's knife was raised to
slay ; (Amen. )

Lot from burning Sodom on its judgment-
day ; (Amen.)


Moses from the land of bondage and des-
pair ; (Amen )

Daniel from the hungry lions in their lair ;
(Amen. )

And the Children Three amid the furnace-
flame ; (Amen.)

Chaste Susanna from the slander and the
shame; (Amen.)

David from Golia and the wrath of Saul ;
(Amen. )

And the two Aposdes from their prison-thrall ;

Thecla from her torments ; (Amen.)

— so to show Thy power,

Rescue this Thy servant in his evil hour.


Novissima hora est ; and I fain would sleep.
The pain has wearied me. . . . Into Thy

O Lord, into Thy hands ....

The Priest.

Proficiscere, anima Christiana, dehocmundo!
Go forth upon thy journey, Christian soul !


Go from this world ! Go, in the Name of

The Omnipotent Father, who created thee !
(jo, in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord,
Son of the Hving God, who bled for thee !
Go, in the Name of the Holy Spirit, who
Hath been pour'd out on thee ! Go, in the

Of Angels and Archangels ; in the name
Of Thrones and Dominations ; in the name

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