John Henry Newman.

Letters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English church, with a brief autobiography ; (Volume 2) online

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Cabinet Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s. Cheap Edition. Crown 8vo. 3«. 6d.

Contents. — 1. How to accomplish it. 2. The Antichrist of the Fathers.
3. Scripture and the Creed. 4. Tamworth Reading Room. 5. Who's to Blame ?
6. An Argument for Christianity.


2 vols. Crown 8vo. 12s. Cheap Edition. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. 7s.
Contents. — 1. Poetry. 2. Rationalism. :^.. Apostolical Tradition, i. De la
Mennais. 5. Palmer on Faith and Unity. 6. St. Ignatius. 7. Prospects of the
Anglican Church. 8. The Anglo-American Church. 9. Countess of Huntingdon.
10. Catholicity of the Anglican Church. 11. The Antichrist of Protestants.
12. Milman's Christianity. 13. Reformation of the Eleventh Century. 14. Pri%-ate
Judgment. 15. Davison. 16. Keble.


HISTORICAL SKETCHES. 3 vols. CroAvn 8vo. 6s. each.

Contents.— 1. The Turks. 2. Cicero. 3. Apollonius. 4. Primitive Christianity.
5. Church of the Fathers. 6. St. Chrysostom. 7. Theodoret. 8. St. Benedict.
9. Benedictine Schools. 10. Universities. 11. Kortbmen and Normans. 12
Media; val Oxford. 13. Convocation of Canterbury.


The ARIANS of the FOURTH CENTURY. Cabmet Edition.

, .^I^Crown 8vo. 6s. Cheap Edition. Crown 8vo. ds. 6d.

TROVERSY with the arians. Freely Translated. 2 vols. Crown Svo. 15«.


Contents. — 1. Dissertatiuncula;. 2. On the Text of the Seven Epistles of
St. Ignatius. 3. Doctrinal Causes of Ai-ianism. 4. Apollinarianism. 5. St. Cyril's
Formula. 6. Ordo de Tempore. 7. Douay Version of Scripture.


VERSES on VARIOUS OCCASIONS. Cabinet Edition. Crown

8vo. 6s. Cheap Edition. Crown Svo. 3s. 6^.

LOSS and GAIN : the Story of a Convert. Crown Svo. 6s.
CALLISTA: a Tale of the Thu-d Century. Cabmet Edition.

Crown Svo. 6s. Cheap Edition. Crown Svo. 3s. 6d.

The DREAM of GERONTIUS. 16mo. 6(/. sewed ; Is. cloth.

39 Paternoster Row, London, E.C.


M ^ataloc^xxc of ^Zsovh






Issue the liitcle) mentioned Lists of tlteir Piiblieations, -.i'hieli may he Itad post free on

applieation : —

I. Monthly List of Xr.w Works and 6. CATi^i.oGUE or .Sdiooi, Books and

New Editions



3. Notes on Books ; ijeino an Analysis

OF THE Works i'uih.ished during
EACH Quarter.


7. Catalogue of Books for I.i.k-

mentary Sciioi ls and PuI'IL

8. Catalogue of Theological Woi;ks

i!Y Divines and Memhers of the
Church of England.

4. Catalogue of Scientific Works.

5. C.\talogue of Medical AND Surgical 9. Catalogue of Works in Genekai

Works. Lhekature.

ABBEY and OVERTON.- The Eng-
lish Church in the Eighteenth

Centuiy. By Charles J. Aiidey and
John IL Overton. Cr. 8vo. "js. 6d.

ABBOTT— Hellenica. A Collection

of Essays on Greek Poetry, Philosophy,
History, and Religion. Edited byE\rLVX
Ai!iiOTT,M.A. LL.D. Eellowand Tutor of
Baliiol College, Oxford. Svo. l6.>-.

ABBOTT (Evelyn, M.A. LL.D.)—
Works by.

A Skeleton Outline of Greek

History. Ciir.inoloL;icaily Airanged.
( rown bvo, 2s. bd.

A History of Greece. In Two

Part L — From the Earliest Times to the

Ionian Revolt. Crown Svo. \os. 6d.

Port IL Vol. I. - 500-44 5 B.C. [In t/ie press.

Vol. II. [in />npiiration.]

book in Outline of the Politi-
cal History of England to 1887.

Chronologically Arranged. i^y A. 11.
Dyke Acland, M.P. and Cvkil Ran-
SOME, M.A. Crown Svo. (js.

ACTON.— Modern Cookery. By

Eliza Acton. With 150 Woodcuts.
Ecp. Svo. 4J. 6</.

A. K. H. B.— The Essays and Con-
tributions of. Ci. Svo.
Autumn Ilolidaysof a Country Parson. 3/. 67.
Changed Aspects of Unchanged Truths.

Zs. 6d.
Commonplace Philosopher. 3/. 6</.
Counsel and Comfort from a City Pulpit.

3J. 6d.
Critical Essays of a Country Parson. 35. 6ii.
East Coast Days and Memories. 3/. 6d.
[Continued on next /a/;e.

Catalogue op General and Scientific Books

A. K. H. B. -The Essays and Con-
tributions Oi - continued.

Graver Thoughts of a Country Parson.
Three Series. 3^. 6</. each.

Landscapes, Churches, and Moralities. Is.^d.

Leisure Hours in Town. 3J. dd.

Lessons of Middle Age. 31. 6</.

Our Little Life. Two Series, y. 6d. each.

Our Homely Comedy and Tragedy. 31. 6d.

Present Day Thoughts, ^s. 6d.

Recreations of a Country Parson. Three
Series. 3r. 6d. each.

Seaside Musings, y. 6d,

Sunday Afternoons in the Parish Church of
a Scottish University City. 3^. 6d,

'To Meet the Day' through the Christian
Vear : being a Text of Scripture, with an
Original Meditation and a Short Selection
in Verse for Every Day. 4:?. 6d.

American Whist, Illustrated :

containing the Laws and Principles of
the Game, the Analysis of the New
Play and American Leads, and a Series
of Hands in Diagram, and combining
Whist Universal and American Whist.
By G. W. P. Fcp. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

AW OS.— A Primer of the English
Constitution andGovernment.

By Sheldon Amos. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Annual Register (The). A Review

of Public Events at Home and Abroad,
for the year 1889. Svo. 18s.
*;l* Volumes of the ' Annual Register' for
the years 1S63-1S88 can still be had.

ANSTEY.— Works by F. Anstey,

Author of ' \'ice Vcr^a.'

The Black Poodle, and other

Stories. Crown Svo. 2s. bds. ; 2s. 6d. cl.

Voces Populi. Reprinted from
Pzinch. With 20 Illustrations by J.
Bernard Partridge. Fcp. 4to. 5j-.

ARISTOTLE.— The Works of.
The Politics, G. Bekker's Greek
Text of Books I. HI. IV. {VII. ) with
an English Translation by W. E.
BoLLAND, M.A. ; and short Introductory
Eisaysby A. Lang, M.A. Cr. Svo. 'js.6d.

The Politics : Introductory Essays.
By Andrew Lang. (From Bolland and
Lang's ' Politics.') Crown 8vo. 2s. 6d.

The Ethics ; Greek Text, illustrated
with Essays and Notes. By Sir Alexan-
der Grant, Bart. I^I.A. LL.D. 2 vols.
'8\o. 32X.

The Nicomachean Ethics, Newly

Translated into English. By Robert
Williams, Barrister-at-Law, Crown
Svo. 7J-. 6d,

ARMSTRONG (G. F.)— Works by.

Poems: Lyrical and Dramatic Fcp.

8vo. 6s.

King Saul. (The Tragedy of Israel,

Part I.) Fcp. Svo. 5^.

King David. (The Tragedy of Israel,

Part II.) Fcp. Svo. 6s.

King Solomon. (The Tragedy of

Israel, Part III.) Fcp. Svo. 6s.

Ugone : A Tragedy. Fcp. 8vo. ds.
A Garland from Greece ; Poems.

Fcp. Svo. 9J-.

Stories of Wicklow ; Poems. Fcp.

8vo. ^s.

Victoria Regina et Imperatrix:

a Jubilee Song from Ireland, 1887. 4to.
2s. 6d.

Mephistopheles in Broadcloth :

a Satire. Fcp. Svo. 4^^.

The Life and Letters of Edmund
J. Armstrong. Fcp. Svo. 'js. 6d.

ARMSTRONG (E. J.)-Works by.

Poetical Works. Fcp. 8vo. 5^.

Essays and Sketches. Fcp. Svo. 5^-.
ARNOLD. — The Light of the

World \ or, the Great Consummation.
A Poem. By Sir Edwin Arnold,
K.C.I.E. Crown Svo. 7^. 6d. net.

ARNOLD (Dr. T.)— Works by.
Introductory Lectures on Mo-
dern History. Svo. 7^^. 6d.

Sermons Preached mostly in
the Chapel of Rugby School.

6 vols, crown Svo. 30.;. or separately, 5J.ea.

Miscellaneous Works. 8vo. 75.6^.

ASHLEY.— English Economic His-
tory and Theory. ByW.J. Ash-
ley, ftl. A. Professor of Political Economy
in the University of Toronto.
Part I.— The .Middle Ages. ^s.

Atelier (The) du Lys; or, an Art

Student in the Reign of Terror. By the
Author of ' Mademoiselle ilori.' Crown
Svo. 2s. 6d.

Bv THE Same Author.

Mademoiselle Mori : a Tale of

-Modern Rome. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

That Child. Illustrated by Gordon
Browne, Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.


Atelier (The) du Lys Works

by the Author of — continiud.

Under a Cloud. Crown 8vo. 2s. Gd.

The Fiddler of Lugau. With

Illustrations by W. Kalsion. Crown
8vo. 2s. (id.

A Child of the Revolution.

With Illustrations by C. J. .SiAMi.AND.
Crown Svo. 2.". Q>d.

Hester's Venture : a Novel.

Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

In the Olden Time : a Tale of

the Peasant War in Germany. Crown. Svo.
2s, (id.

BACON.— The Works and Life of.
Complete Works. Edited by

R. L, Ellis, J. Spedding, and D. D.
Heath. 7 vols. Svo. d. 13J. dd.

Letters and Life, including all
his Occasional Works. Edited

by J. Spedding. 7 vols. Svo. £i,. 45.

The Essays ; with Annotations. By
Richard Whately, D.D., Svo. lar. dd.

The Essays ; with Introduction,
Notes, and Index. By E. A. Aebott,
D.D. 2 vols. fcp. Svo. price 6s. Text
and Index only, without Introduction
and Notes, in i vol. fcp. Svo. 2s. dd.


edited by the Duke of Beaufort, K.G.
assisted by Alfred E. T. \\'atson.

Hunting. By the Duke of Beau-
fort, K.G. and MowDRAY Morris.
With 53 Illus. by J. Sturgess, J. Charlton,
and A. M. Biddulph. Crown Svo. \os. 6d.

Fishing. By H. Cholmondeley-

Vol. I. Salmon, Trout, and Grayling.

W'ith 1 58 Illustrations. Cr. Svo. io,c 6</.
Vol. II. Pike and other Coarse Fish.

W'ith 132 Illustrations. Cr. Svo. lOi-. 6d.

Racing and Steeplechasing. By

the Eakl of Suffolk and Berkshire,
W. G. Craven, ike. With 56 Illustra-
tions by J. Sturgess. Cr. Svo. lOs. 6</.

Shooting. By Lord Walsingham

and Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey, Bart.

Vol. I. Field and Covert. With 105

Illnstr.itions. Cr. Svo. los. 6d.
Vol. II. Moor and Marsh. With 65 Illus-
trations. Cr. Svo. loj. 6d.


— cosliiiticd.

Cycling. By Viscount Burv,

K.C.M.G.^andG. LacyHillier. Wi/h
19 Plates and 61 Woodcuts by Viscount
Bury and Joseph Penncll. Cr. Svo. 10^. dJ.

Athletics and Football. By

Montague Shearman. With 6 ful^
page Illustrations and 45 Woodcuts by
Stanley Berkeley, and from Photographs
byG. Mitchell. Cr. Svo, los. dd.

Boating. By W. B. Woodcate.

With 10 full-page Illustratiors and 39
Woodcuts in the Text. Cr. Svo. loj. dd.

Cricket. By A. G. Steel and the

Hon. R. II. Lyttelton. With 11 full-
page Illustrations and 52 Woodcuts in the
Text, by Lucien D.avis. Cr. Svo. \zs. <i,d.

Driving. BytheDuKEOFBEAuroRT.

With II Plates and 54 Woodcuts by J,
Sturgess and G. D. Giles. Cr. Svo. lOJ. (id.

Fencing,Boxing, and Wrestling.

By Waltlk II. Pollock, F. C. GrovJ':.
C. Prevost, E. B. Michelt., and
Walter Armstrong. With iS i'lates
and 24 Woodcuts. Crown Svo. \Qs. dd.

Golf. By Horace Hutchinson, the
Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P. Andkfav
Lang, Sir W. G. Simi'son, Bart &c.
With 19 Plates and 69 Woodcuts.
Crown Svo. \os. dd.

Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Rackets,
and Fives, r.y j. m. and c. c.

Heath cote, E.O.Pleydell-Bouverik,
and A. C. Ainger. With 12 Plate-, r.nd
67 Woodcuts, &c. Crown Svo. lO:. dd.

BAGEHOT (Walter)— Works by.
Biographical Studies. 8vo. i2j.
Economic Studies. Svo, icj. Gd.
Literary Studies. 2 vols. 8vo. 28J.

The Postulates of English Po-
litical Economy. Cr. Svo. zs. dd.

A Practical Plan for Assimi-
lating the English and Ameri-
can Money as a Step towards
a Universal Money, t r.Svo.-j.i:^.

BAGWELL. — Ireland under the

TudorS, with a Succinct Account ci
the Earlier History. By RICHARD BAfi-
WELL, M.A. (3 vols.) Vols. I. and II.
From the first invasion of the Northmen
to the year 1578. Svo. 22s. Vol. III.
157S-1603. S\->. iSs.

A 2

Catalogue of Cexeral and Scie.wific Books

BAIN (Alexander)"- Works by.
Mental and Moral Science.

Crown Svo. los. dd.

Sensesand the Intellect 8x0.15^-.
Emotions and the Will. Svo. 155.
Logic, Deductive and Inductive.

I'AKT I. Deduction, a,s. Part II. In-
duction, ds, 6d.

Practical Essays. Cr. Svo. 2s.
BAKER.-By the Western Sea:

a Summer Idyll. By James IJakek,
F.R.G.S. Author uf 'John AVestacott.'
Cr. Svo. 6s.

BAKER. — ' War with Crime ' :

being a Selection of Reprinted Papers
on Crime, Prison Discipline, &c. By
T. Barwick Ll. Baker. Svo. 12s. 6d.

BAKER (Sir 8. VV.)-Works by.
Eight Years in Ceylon, "\^'ith

6 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 3^. 6d.

The Rifle and the Hound in

Ceylon. With 6 illustrations. Crown
Svo. 3^. 6d.

BALL (The Rt. Hon. J. T.)— Works by.
The Reformed Church of Ireland

(1537-1SS9). Svo. "js. 6d.

Historical Review of the Legis-
lative Systems Operative in

Ireland, from the invasion of Ileniy the
Second to theUnion(ii72-iSoo). Svo. 6s.

BEAC0N8FIELD (The Earl of) —
Works by.

Novels and Tales. The Hugh-

enden Edition. With 2 Portraits and 1 1
Vignettes. 1 1 vols. Crown Svo. 42^.

Endymion. | Henrietta Temple.

Lothair. ' Contarini Fleming, &C.

Coningsby, I Alroy, Ixion, &c.

Tancred. Sybil. ! The Young Duke, &c.

Venetia. | Vivian Grey.

Novels and Tales. Cheap Edition.

complete in il vols. Crown Svo. is.
each, boards ; is, 6d, each, cloth.

BECKER (Professor)— Works by.

Gallus ; or, Roman Scenes in the
Time of Augustus. Post Svo. 7^-. 6d.

Charicles; or, Illustrations of the
Private Life of the Ancient Greeks.
Post Svo. 7^. 6d.

BELL (Mrs. Hugh).-Works by.
Will o' the Wisp: a Story.

Illustrated by E. L. SllLTE, Crown Svo.
3J-. 6d.

Chamber Comedies : a Collection

of Plays and Monologues for the Drawing
Room. Crown Svo. 6.f.

BLAKE. Tables for the Conver-
sion of 5 per Cent. Interest
from ,\r to 7 per Cent. By j.

Blake, of the London Joint Stock Bank,
Limited. Svo. 12s. 6d.

Book (The) of Wedding Days.

Arranged on the Plan of a Birthday Book.
W^ith 96 Illustrated Borders, Frontispiece,
and Title-page by Walter Crane ; and
Quotations for each Day. Compiled and
Arranged by K. E. J. Reid, May Ross,
and Mauel Bam field. 410. 21s.

BRAS8EY (Lady)— Works by.

A Voyage in the 'Sunbeam,' our
Home on the Ocean for
Eleven Months.

Library Edition. With 8 Maps and
Charts, and iiS Illustrations, Svo. 2 1 j.

Cabinet Edition. With Map and 66
Illustrations, crown Svo. 7^. 6d.

School Edition. With 37 Illustrations,
fcp. 2s. cloth, or 3.f. white parchment.

Popular Edition. With 60 Illustrations,
4to, 6d. sewed, is. cloth.

Sunshine and Storm in the East.

Library Edition. With 2 Maps and
114 Illustrations, Svo. 2ls.

Cabinet Edition. With 2 Maps and
114 Illustrations, crown Svo. Js. 6d.

Popular Edition. With 103 Illustra-
tions, 4to. 6d. se\ved, is. cloth.

In the Trades, the Tropics, and
the ' Roaring Forties.'

Cabinet Edition. With Map and 220
Illustrations, crown Svo. Js. 6d.

Popular Edition. With 1S3 Illustra-
tions, 4to. 6d. sewed, is. cloth.




Works by

The Last Voyage to India and
Australia in the ' Sunbeam.'

Wilh Charts and .Maps,anil 4c Illiistiaiions
in Monotone (20 full-page), and nearly 200
Illustrations in the Text from Drawings
by R. T. Pritchett. Svo. 2is.

Three Voyages in the 'Sun-
beam,' Popular Kdiiiun. With 346
Illustrations, 4to. 2s. bJ.

BRAY. The Philosophy of Ne-
cessity ; or, Law in Mind a-^ in Matter.
By Charles Biiay. Crown Svo. 5^.

BRIGHT.— A History of England.

Ey the Kcv. J. Fkanck r.Kir.iir, 1 ). D.

Master of University College, Oxford.

4 vols, crown Svo.
Period I. — Mediaeval ^^onarchy : The De-
parture of the Romans to Richard III.

From A.u. 449 to 14S5. 4^. 6r/.
Period II. — Personal Monarchy : Ilenr)-

VII. to James II. From i4S5to 16S8. 55.
Period III. — Constitutional Monarchy :

William and Mary to William IV. From

16S9 to 1837. Is. 6d.
Period I\'. — The CIrowth of Democracy :

Victoria. From 1S37 to iSSo. 6s.

BRYDEN. Kloof and Karroo:

Sport, Legend, and Natural History in
Cape Colony. By II. A.PuYDEN. With
17 Illustrations. Svo. los. 6J.

BUCKLE. History of Civilisa-
tion in England and France,
Spain and Scotland, r.y iif.nry

Thomas Buckle. 3 vols. cr. Svo. 24_f.

BUCKTON (Mrs. C. M.)- Works by.
Food and Home Cookery. With

1 1 Woodcuts. Crown Svo. 2s. 6J.

Health in the House. With 41

Woodcuts and Diagronis. Crown Svo. 2s.

BULL(Thomas)-Works by.

Hints to Mothers on the
Management of their Health

during the Period of Pregnancy. Fcp. Svo.
IJ-. M.

The Maternal Management of
Children in Health and Dis-
ease. Fcp. Svo. IS. 6,/'.

BUTLER (Samuel)— Works by.
Op. I. Erewhon. Cr. Svo. 5^.
Op. 2. The Fair Haven. A \\ork

in Defence of the Miraculous Element in
our Lord's Ministry. Cr. Svo. 7^^. 6(/.

Op. 3. Life and Habit. An Es.say

after a Completer View of Evolution.
Cr. Svo. 7'. 61/.

Op. 4. Evolution, Old and New.

Cr. Svo. I OS. GJ.

Op. 5. Unconscious Memory. Cr.

Svo. "js. O.i.

Op. 6. Alps and Sanctuaries of
Piedmont and the Canton

Ticino. illustrated. Pott 410. iot. Od.

Op. 7. Selections from Ops. i-6.

With Remarks on Mr. ('.. J. Ro.MANF.s'
' Mental Evolution in Animals.' Cr. 8vo.
7s. U.

Op. 8, Luck, or Cunning, as the
Main Means of Organic
Modification ? Cr. Svo. -js. 6,/.

Op. 9. ExVoto. An Account of the

."^acro Munte or New Jerusalem at Varallo-
Sesia. ic... 6./.

Holbein's 'La Danse.' A Note on

a Drawing called 'La Danse.' ^s.

CARLYLE. — Thomas Carlyle: a

History of his Life. P-yJ- A. J- I.OUDE.
1795-1S35, 2 vols, crown Svo. "js.
1 834- 1 SS I, 2 vols, crown Svo, "js.

CASE. — Physical Realism : being

an Analytical Philosophy from (he Physical
Objects of Science to the Physical Data
of Sense. By Thomas Casi^ M.A.
Fellow and Senior TutorC.C.C. Svo. ifj.

CHETWYND. Racing Remini-
scences and Experiences of

the Turf. I'.ySirC.EORC.ECHETWYNU,

Bart. i)\.'.

CHILD. - Church and State
under the Tudors. By Giip-kkk

\\. Chii 1', .M..\. i;\eter College, Oxford.
Svo. I5r.

CHISHOLM.— Handbook of Com-
mercial Geography. By c. v..

Chishoim, 1; Sc. With 29 Maps. Sva.


CHURCH.— Sir Richard Church,

CB. G.C.ri. Commander-in-Chief
of the Greeks in the War of Independence:
a Memoir. By S'lANi.KY Lamc-Foole,
Author of ' The Life of Viscount Strat-
ford dc Redcliffe.' With 2 Tlans. Svo. 5^-.

CLARK-KENNEDY. — Pictures in

Rhyme. Uy Arthur Clark-
Kennedy. Willi Ilhistrations by
Maurice Grf.iffeniiagen. Cr. Svo.

C LIVE. — Poems. By V. (Mrs.
Archer Clive), Author of 'Paul
Ferroll.' Inchiding the IX. Poems.
New Edition. Fcp, Svo, 6s.

CLODD.— The Story of Creation :

a Plain Account of Evolution. By
Edward Clodd. With 77 Illustrations.
Crown Svo. "Xs. 61/.

GLUTTERBUCK.— The Skipper in
Arctic Seas. By w'. j. Clutter-

UUCK, one of the Authors of ' Three in
Norway.' With 39 Illustrations. Cr. Svo.
los. 6d.

GOLENSO.— The Pentateuch and
Book of Joshua Critically Ex-
amined. By J. W. CoLEXso, D.D.
late Bishop of Natal. Crown Svo. 6^.

COLMORE. — A Living Epitaph.

By G. CoLMORE, Author of ' A Con- j
spiracy of Silence ' &c. Crown Svo. Gs. I


COMYN. — Atherstone Priory: a;

Tale. By L. N. Comyx. Cr. Svo. 2s. GJ. j

CONINGTON (John)— Works by. |
The iEneid of Virgil. Trans- |

lated into Englisli Verse. Crown Svo. 6j-. I

The Poems of Virgil. Translated

into English Prose. Crown Svo. ds.

CRAKE. — Historical Tales. By

A. I>. Crake, li.A. Author of 'History
of the Church under the Roman Empire,'
<S:c. &c. Crown Svo. 5 vols. 3^. 6rf. each.
Sold separately.

Edwy the Fair ; or, The First Chronicle of

Alfgar the Dane; or, The Second Chronicle
of yEscendune.

The Rival Heirs : Leing the Third and
Last Chronicle of ^scendune.

The House of Walderne. A Tale of the
Cloister and the Forest in the Days of
the Barons' Wars.

Brian Fitz-Count. A Story of Wallingford
Castle and Dorchester Abbey.

CRAKE.— History of the Church
under the Roman Empire,

A.D. 30-476. By the Rev. A. D.
Crake, B. A. late Vicar of Cholsey,
Berks. Crown Svo. 'js. 6d.

CREIGHTON.— History of the
Papacy During the Reforma-
tion. By the Rev. M. Creightox,M. A.
Svo. Vols. I. and II. 1378-I464, 32J. ;
Vols. III. and IV. 1464-151S, 2^s.

CRUMP (A.)— Works by.

A Short Enquiry into the Form-
ation of Political Opinion,

from the Reign of the Great Families to
the Advent of Democracy. Svo. "js. 6d.

An Investigation into the Causes
of the Great Fall in Prices

which took place coincidently with the
Demonetisation of Silver by Germany.
Svo. Gs.

CURZON. Russia in Central Asia
in 1889 and the Anglo-
Russian Question. By the Hon.
(Jeorge N. Curzox, M.P. Svo. 21s.

COX. — A General History of

Greece, from the Earliest Period to
the Death of Alexander the Great ; with
a sketch of the subsequent Historj'- to
the Present Time. By the Rev. Sir
G. W. Cux, Bart. M.A. With 1 1 Maps
and Plans. Crown Svo. 7^-. Cif.

DANTE. - La Commedia di Dante.

A New Text, carefully Revised with
the aid of the most recent Editions and
Collations. Small Svo. 6s.

*^* Fifty Copies (of which Forty-five
are for Sale) have been printed on
Japanese paper, £1. is, net.

PUBLISHED By Messrs. Longmans, Grbbn, &' Co.

DAVIDSON (W. L)-Works by.

The Logic of Definition Ex-
plained and Applied. Cr. Svo. 6s.

Leading and Important English
Words Explained and Ex-
emplified. Fcp. Svo. 3,f. 6(/.

DELAND (Mrs.)— Works by.
John Ward, Preacher : a Story,

Crown Svo. 2s. boards, 2/. dd. cloth,
Sidney : a Novel. Crown Svo, Gs.
The Old Garden, and other Verses.

I'cp. Svo. 5?.

Florida Days. With 12 Full-page

Plates (2 l-",tched and 4 in Colours), and
about 50 Illustrations in the Text, by
Louis K, Harlow. 8vo, 21s.

DE LA SAUSSAYE.— A Manual of
the Science of Religion. Ly

Trofessor Cii.\.N ri;rir. di: i.a,
Translated by iNIrs. Colyek FEROfssoN
{lice Max Muller). Revised by the

DE REDCLIFFE.— The Life of the
Right Hon. Stratford Can-
ning : Viscount Stratford De

Redcliffe. By Stanley Lane-Poole.

Cabinet Edition, abridged, with 3 Portraits,
I vol. crown Svo. "js. bd.

DE SALIS (Mrs.)— Works by.
Savouries h. la Mode. Fcp. Svo,

I J-. 61/, boards.

Entries a la Mode. Fcp, Svo.

1/. Ci/. board:;.

Soups and Dressed Fish a la

Mode. Fcp. Svo. i.r. 6</. boards.

Oysters a la Mode. Fcp. Svo.

is. 61/. boards.

Sweets and Supper Dishes a la

Mode. Fcp, Svo, i.f, 6./, boards.

Dressed Vegetables a la Mode.

l"cp. Svo. I.r. 6i/. board .

Dressed Game and Poultry a

la Mode. Fcp. Svo. \s. Gd. boar.]-.

Puddings and Pastry a la Mode.

l"cp. Svo. \s. 61/. buards.

Cakes and Confections a la

Mode. Fcp. Svo, is. Gd. boards.

DE SALIS (Mrs.)-Works by-<<,;//.
Tempting Dishes for Small

Incomes. Fcp. Svo. is. Gd.

Wrinkles and Notions for every

Household. r :ov,:i Svo. zs. Gd.

DE TOCQUEVILLE.— Democracy in

America. By Alexis de Tocque-
viLLE. Translated by Henry Reeve,
C.B. 2 vols, crown Svo. iGs.

DOWELL— A History of Taxa-
tion and Taxes in England

from the Earliest 1 inics to the Year 1SS5.
By Stepuem Dowell. (4 vols. Svo.)
Vols. L and H, The History of Ta.\ation,
2is. Vols, HL and IV. The History of
Taxes, 21s.

DOYLE (J. A.)— Works by.

The English in America : Vir-
ginia, Maryland, and the
Carolinas. Svo. is..-.

The English in America : The
Puritan Colonies, 2 vols, Svo.

DOYLE (A. Conan)— Works by.
Micah Clarke : his Statement as

made to his three Grandchildren, Joseph,
Gervas, and Reuben, during the hard
AVinter of 1734. With Frontispiece and
Vignette. Crown Svo. 3j. Gd.

The Captain of the Polestar;

and other Tale?

Cruv, n Svo. 6.",

Dublin University Press Series

(The) : a Series of Works undertaken
ijy the Provost and Senior Fellows of
Trinity College, Dublin.

Abbott's (T, K,) Codex Rescriptus Dublin-
I ensis of St, Matthew. 4to, 21s.

. Evangeliorum\'ersio Antc-

ensi). 2 vols, crown Svo, 2 1 J.

j Allman's (C, J.) Greek Geomctrj' from
j Thales to Euclid. Svo, los. Gd.

\ Burnside (W. S.) and Panton's (A. \\.)
I Theory of Equations. Svo. I2s, 6d.

\ Casey's (John) Sequel to Euclid's Elements,
I Crown Svo, 31, Gd.

-^— Analytical Geometry of the

Conic Sections. Crown Svo, Js. Gd.

Davies' (J. F.) Eumenides of /Eschylus.
With Metrical English Translation. Svo.

[ Coit^uucd oil new' t^^sc.

Catalogue of General and Scientific Books

Dublin University Press Series

( ine^ — coiiiinueJ,

Dublin Translations into Greek and Latin
Verse. Edited by R. Y. Tyrrell. 8vq,

Graves' (R. P.) Life of Sir William
Hamilton. 3 vols. 15^. each.

Griffin (R. W.) on Parabola, Ellipse, and
Hyperbola. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Ilobart's (W. K.) Medical Language of St.
Luke. 8vo. 16^.

Leslie's (T. E. Cliffe) Essays in Political
Economy. Svo. lbs. 6d.

Macalister's (A.) Zoology and Morphology
of Vertebrata. Svo. loj. 6d,

MacCullagh's (James) Mathematical and
other Tracts. Svo. 15^.

INLnguire's (T.) Parmenides of Plato, Text

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