John Henry Newman.

Letters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English church, with a brief autobiography ; (Volume 2) online

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with Introduction, Analy sis, &c. Svo. ^

Monck's(W. 11. S.) Introduction to Logic.
Ciovvn Svo. ^s.

Roberts' (R. A.) Examples in the Analytic

Southey's(R.) Correspondence with Caroline
Bowles. Edited by E. Dowden. Svo. 14J.

Stubbs' (J. W.) Histoiy of the University
of Dublin, from its Foundation to the End
of the Eighteenth Century. Svo. 12s. 6d.

Thornhill's (W. J.) The ^neid of Virgil,
freely translated into English Blank
Verse. Crown Svo. "js. 6d.

Tyrrell's (R. Y.) Cicero's Correspondence.
Vols. I. II. and III. Svo. each 12s.

■ The Acharnians of Aristo-
phanes, translated into English Verse.
Crown Svo. ij-.

Webb's (T. E.) Goethe's Faust, Transla-
tion and Notes. Svo. 12s. 6d.

• The Veil of Isis : a Series

of Essays on Idealism. Svo. los. 6d.

Wilkins' (G.) The Growth of the Homeric
Poems. Svo. 6s.

EWALD (Heinrich)— Works by.

The Antiquities of Israel. Trans-
lated from the German by H. S. SoLLY,
M.A. Svo. 12s. 6d.

The History of Israel. Trans-
lated from the German. 8 vols. Svo.
Vols. I. and II. 24^. Vols. III. and
IV. 2is. Vol. V. iSj. Vol. VI. i6.f.
Vol. VII. 2JS. Vol. VIII. with Index
to the Complete Work. iSs,

FAR NELL. The Greek Lyric

Poets. Edited, with Introductions
and Notes, by G. S. Farnell, M.A.

FARRAR.— Language and Lan-
guages. A Revised Edition of C/taf-
tcrs on Language and Families of Speech.
By F. W. Farkar, D.D. Crown Svo. 65.

FIRTH.— Nation Making: a Story

of New Zealand Savageism and Civil-
isation. By J. C. FiRTii, Author of
'Luck' and 'Our Kin across the Sea.'
Crown Svo. 6s.

FITZWYGRAM.— Horses and

Stables. By Major-General Sir F.
FiTZWYGRAM, Bart. With 19 pages of |
Illustrations. Svo. 5^.

FORD.— The Theory and Prac-
tice of Archery. By the late Horace
Ford. New Edition, thoroughly Revised
and Re-written by W. Butt, M.A. With
a Preface by C. J. Longman, M.A.
F.S.A. Svo. \\s.

FOX.— The Early History of
Charles James Fox. By the

Right Hon. Sir G. O. Trevelyan, Bart.
Library Edition, Svo. \%s.
Cabinet Edition, or. Svo. 6s.

FRANCIS— A Book on Angling;

or. Treatise on the Art of Fishing in every
branch ; including full Illustrated List i
of Salmon Flies. By Francis Francis. I
Post Svo. Portrait and Plates, \^s,

FREEMAN.— The Historical Geo-
graphy of Europe. By e. a.

Freeman. With 65 Maps. 2 vols. Svo.
3 1 J-. 6d.

FROUDE (James A.)-Works by.
The History of England, from

the Fall of Wolsey to the Defeat of the
Spanish Armada. 12 vols, crown Svo.

£2. 2S.

Short Studies on Great Sub-
jects. Cabinet Edition, 4 vols, crown
Svo. 24J. Cheap Edition, 4 vols, crown
Svo. 3^. 6d. each.

Caesar : a Sketch. CroAvn Svo. y. dd.

The English in Ireland in the
Eighteenth Century. 3 vols.

crown Svo. \%s.

Oceana ; or, England and Her

Colonies, with 9 illustrations. Crown
Svo. zs. boards, 2s. 6d. cloth.


FROUDE (James A.)— Works by

— coittiiiiicd.

The English in the West Indies;

or, the I5ow of Ulysses. With 9
Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 2s. boards,
2s. 6(/. cloth.

The Two Chiefs of Dunboy;

an Irish Romance of the Last Century.
Crown 8vo. ds.

Thomas Carlyle, a History of his

Life. 1795 to iiij5. 2 vols, crown 8vo.
7^. 1834 to ibSi. 2 vols, crown Svo. "]$.

G A LLWEY. -Letters to Young

Shooters. (First Scries.) On llie
Choice and Cse of a Gun. By Sir RALril
Payne-Gallwky, Dart. With Illustra-
tions. Crown Svo. 7^. dd.

GARDINER (Samuel Rawson) —
Works by.
History of England, from the

Accession of James I. to the Outbreak
of the Civil War, 1603-1642. 10 vols.
crown Svo. price 6.f. each.

A History of the Great Civil

War, 1642-1649. (3 vols.) Vol. I.

1642-1644. With 24 Maps. Svo. 2\s.
{out of print). Vol. II. 1644-1647.
With 21 Maps. Svo. 2i,s.

The Student's History of Eng-
land. Illustrated under the superin-
tendence of Mr. St. John Mope,
Secretary to the Society of Antiijuaries.
Vol. I. with 173 Illustrations, crown 8vo.4.f.
The work will be published in Three
Volumes, and also in One \'olunic

G I BERNE— Works by.
Ralph Hardcastle's Will. By

Ai.Ms (ImikNi:. Wuh Fronlispiece.
Crown Svo. 5.(.

Nigel Browning. Crown Svo. 5^.

GOETHE. Faust A New Transla-
tion chiefly in Blank Verse ; with Intro-
duction and Notes. By James Adey
BiRus. Crown Svo. 6j.

Faust. The Second Part. A New
J'ranslation in Verse. By Jamks Adey
Birds. Crown Svo. 6j.

GREEN. The Works of Thomas
Hill Green. luiitcdhy k. l. Ni.i h.e-

siiip (3 vols.) Vols. I. and II. —
I'hilosophical Works. Svo. 16/. each.
Vol. III. — Miscellanies. With Index tc
the three Volumes and Memoir. Svo. lis.

GREEN (Thomas Hill)— Works of—


The Witness of God and Faith :

Two Lay Sermons
Fcp. Svo. 2S

By T. II. Green.

GREVILLE. — A Journal of the
Reigns of Kin^ George IV.
King William IV. and Queen
Victoria. By c. C. r. Greville.

Kdited byll. Reeve. Svols. Cr.Svo.6j.ea.

GREY.— Last Words to Girls. On

Life in School and after School. By
Mrs. W'lLLiAM Grey. Cr Svo. y. 6J.

GWILT. -An Encyclopaedia of

Architecture. By Joseph Gwilt,
F.S.A. Illustrated with more than 1,700
Engravings on Wood. Svo. 52J. 6J.

HAGGARD.— Life and its Author :

an Essay in Verse. By Ki.LA Ha(,garI).
With a Memoir by H. RiDER II.\ggard,
and Portrait. Fcp. Svo. t,s. 6J.

HAGGARD (H. Riden-Works by.

She. With 32 Illustrations by M.
Greifke.nhagen and C. II. M. Kerr.
Crown Svo. 3?. GJ.

Allan Quatermain.

lustrations by C. 11. M
Svo. 3c. 6<j'.

Maiwa's Revenge ;

of the Little Hand.
boards ; 2s. 6J. cloth.

Colonel Quaritch, V.C. A Novel.

Crown Svo. t^s. OJ.

Cleopatra : being an Account of the
I'.ill an 1 N'engeancc of Ilarmachis, the
Royal Egyptian. With 29 Full-page
Illustrations by M. Grei'Tenhagen and
R. Caton WooJville. Crown Svo. y. 6./.

Beatrice. A Novel. Cr. Svo. 6s.
HAGGARD and LANG.— The World's

Desire. IJyII. rider H.v.gard. and
Anukew Lanc. Crown Svo. 6s.

HARRISON. Myths of the Odys-
ssy in Art and Literature.

Ilbi>tratod with Outline Drawings. By
]\SE v.. HAIUUsON. Svo. lS.f.

HARRISON. The Contemporary
History of the French Revo-
lution, compiled from tlie 'Annual
Rcgi-tcr. ' By t. Baviord Harriscn,
Crown Svo. y. 6</.


With 31 II-
Kerr. Crown

or, the War

Crown Svo 2s.

Catalogue of Gexeral axd Sciextjfic Books

HARTE (Bret)-Works by.
In the Carquinez Woods. Fcp,

8vo. IJ-. boards; is. Gd. cloth.

On the Frontier. i6mo. is.
By Shore and Sedge. i6mo. i^.

HARTWIG (Dr.)— Works by.
The Sea and its LivingWonders.

With 12 riates and 303 Woodcuts. 8vo.
los. 6d.

The Tropical World. With 8 Plates,

and 172 Woodcuts, 8vo. los. 6d.

The Polar World. With 3 Maps,

8 Plates, and 85 Woodcuts. ' 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Subterranean World. With

3 Maps and So Woodcuts. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

The Aerial World. With Map,

8 Plates, and 60 W^oodcuts. 8vo. lOs. bd.

The following books are extracted from the
foregoing works by Dr. Hartwig : —

Heroes of the Arctic Regions.

With 19 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s,

Wonders of theTropicalForests.

With 40 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s.

Workers Under the Ground.

or, Mines and Mining. With 29 Illus-
trations. Crown Svo. 2s,

Marvels Over Our Heads. With

29 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s,

Marvels Under Our Feet. With

22 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s,

Dwellers in the Arctic Regions.

With 29 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

Winged Life in the Tropics.

With 55 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

With ^o Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

Wild Animals of the Tropics.

With 66 Illustrations. Ciown Svo. 3^-, 6d.

Sea Monsters and Sea Birds.

With 75 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d,

Denizens of the Deep. With

117 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

HAVELOCK.— Memoirs of Sir
Henry Havelock, K.C.B. By

John Clark MARSitMAN. Cr. Svo. ^s.6d.

H EARN.— The Government of

England ; its structure and its De-
veloiiment. Hy William Edward
IIearx. Svo. 16^.


E. A. Frkeman, D.C.L. and Rev.
William Hunt, M.A. With Maps and
Plans. Crown Svo, 31. 6d each.

Bristol. By Rev. W. Hunt.

Carlisle. By Rev. Mandell Creigh-


Cinque Ports. By INIontagu


Colchester. By Rev. E. L. Cutts.

Exeter. By E. A. Freeman.

London. By Rev. W. J. Loftie.

Oxford. By Rev. C. W. Boase.

Winchester. By Rev. G. W. Kit-
chin, D.D.

York. By Rev. James Raink.

New York. By Theodore Roose-

Boston (U.S.) By Hexrv Cabot

Lodge. yin i he press.

HODGSON (8 had wo rill H.)-Works

Time and Space : a ^Metaphysical

Essay. Svo. i6j.

The Theory of Practice : an

Ethical Enquiry. 2 vols. Svo. 245.

The Philosophy of Reflection :

2 vols. Svo. 215.

Outcast Essays and Verse

Translations. Essays : The Clenius
of De Quincey — De Quincey as Political
Economist — The Supernatural in English
Poetry ; with Note on the True Symbol
of Christian Union — English Verse.
Verse Translations : Nineteen Passages
from Lucretius, Horace, Homer, &c.
Crown Svo. Sj. bd.

HOW ITT.— Visits to Remarkable

PlaceS,01d Halls, Battle-Fields, Scenes
illustrative of Striking Passages in English
History and Poetry. By WiLLlAM
HowiTT. So Illustrations. Cr. Svo. 3^. bd.

HULLAH (John)-Works by.
Course of Lectures on the His-
tory of Modern Music. Svo.

Sj-. bd.

Course of Lectures on the Tran-
sition Period of Musical
History. Svo. lo^. bd.


HUM E.— The Philosophical Works

of David Hume. Edited by T. II.
Green and T. II Grose. 4 vols. 8vo.
$6s. Or separately, Essays, 2 vols. 28J.
Treatise of Human Nature. 2 vols. 28^.

HUTCHINSON (Horace)— Works by.
Cricketing Saws and Stories.

By IIORAci; IluiciiiNsoN. With
rectilinear Illustrations l^y tlie Author.
l6mo. is.

Some Great Golf Links. Edited

by Horace Hutchinson. With Illus-
This book is mainly a reprint of articles

that have recently appeared in the Saturiiay


HUTH.— The Marriage of Near

ICin, considered with respect to the Law
of Nations, the Result of Experience,
and the Teachings of Biolog)'. By
Alfred H. Huth. Royal 8vo. 21s.

INGELOW (Jean)— Works by.
Poetical Works. Vols. I. and II.

Fcp. 8vo. i2s. Vol. III. Fcp. Svo. 5^-.

Lyrical and Other Poems. Se-
lected from ll'.e Writings of
Ingei.ow. Fcp. Svo. 2s. dd. cloth plain ;
jf. cloth gilt.

Very Young and Quite Another

Story : Tw'i ^iorles. Cruwn Svo. ds. ^

JAMES. -The Long White Moun-
tain ; or, a Tourney in Manchuria, with
an Account of tlic History, Administra-
tion, and Religion of that Province. By
II. E.James. With Illustrations. 8V0.24J.

JAMESON (Mrs.) Works by.
Legends of the Saints and Mar-

• tyrs. With 19 Etchings and I S7 Wood-
cuts. 2 vols. Svo. 20s. net.

Legends of the Madonna, the

\ irgin Mary as repiesenled in Sacred
and Legcndaiy Art. Witli 27 Etchings
and 165 Woodcuts. I vol. Svo. \os. net.

Legends of the Monastic Orders.

With 1 1 Etchings and S8 Woodcuts.
I vol. Svo. \os. net.

History of Our Lord, His Types

and I'recuisors. Completed by Lady
Eastlake. With 31 Etchings and 281
Woodcuts. 2 vols. Svo. 205, net.

JEFFERIES.— Field and Hedge-
row : last Essays of Richard Jeffe-
ries. Crown Svo. 3^. 6if.

JENNINGS.— Ecclesia Anglicana.

A Ilistury of the Church of Christ in
England, from the Earliest to the Present
Times. By the Rev. Arthir Charles
Je.nmngs, M.A. Cruwn Svo. "js. 6d.

JESSOP (G. H.)— Works by.
Judge Lynch : a Tale of the Cali-
fornia \'ineyards. Crown Svo. ()s.

Gerald Ffrench's Friends. Cr.

Svo. ()S. A collection of Iriah-American
character stories.

JOHNSON. - The Patentee's

Manual; a Treatise on the Law and
Practice of Letters Patent. By J. Johnson
and J. II. Johnson, Svo. los. dJ.

JORDAN (William Leighton) -The
Standard of Value. By William
Lkighton Jordan. Svo. ds,

JUSTINIAN.- The Institutes ^of

Justinian ; Latin Te.xt, chiedy that of
Ilusclikc, with Engli.->h Introduction.
Translation, Notes, and Summary. By
TiiOM.vs C. Sandars, M.A. Svo. \%s.

KALISCH (M. M.)— Works by.

Bible Studies. Part I. The Pro-
phecies of Balaam. Svo. \os. bd. Part
II. The Book of Jonah. Svo iCf. 6^'.

Commentary on the Old Testa-
ment; with a New Translation. Vol.1.
Genesis, Svo. iS.f. or adapted for the
General Reader, \2s. Vul. ll. Exodus,
If^s. or adapted for the Reader,
\2s. Vol. HI. Leviticus, Part I. 15.?. or
adapted for the General Reader, 8j.
Vol. IV. Leviticus, Part II. 15/. or
adapted for tlie General Reader, 8j.

Hebrew Grammar. With E.xer-

cises. Part 1. Svo. 12... dd Key, 5.;.
Part II. 1 2 J. dd.

KANT (Immanuel) -Works by.

Critique of Practical Reason,
and other Works on the
Theory of Ethics. Translated

by T. K.Abbott, B.D. With Memoir.
Svo. \zs. dd.

Introduction to Logic, and his
Essay on the Mistaken Sub-
tilty of the Four Figures.

Translated by T. K. Alibolt. Notes by
S. T. Coleridge. Svo. ds.

Catalogue of Gexbral axd Sciextific Books

KENDALL (May) Works by.
From a Garrett. Crown 8vo. 6^,
Dreams to Sell ; Poems. Fcp.

8vo. 6^.

* Such is Life ' : a Novel Crown
8vo. 6s.

KILLICK. -Handbook to Mill's

System of Logic. By the Rev. a.
II. KiLLiCK, M.A. Crown 8vo. -^s. bd.

KNIGHT. — The Cruise of the

'Alerte': the Narrative of a Search
for Treasure on the Desert Island of
Trinidad. By E. Y. Knight, Author
of ' The Cruise of the " Falcon." ' With
2 Maps and 23 Illustrations. Crown 8vo.
101. 6(/.

LADD. — Elements of Physiolo-
gical Psychology: By George
T. Ladd. 8vo. 2\s.

LANG (Andrew)— Works by.
Custom and Myth: Studies of Early

Usage and Belief. With 15 Illustrations.
Crown Svo. 7^. dd.

Books and Bookmen. With 2

Coloured Plates and 17 Illustrations. Cr.
Svo. 6j. 6(/.

Grass of Parnassus. A Volume

of Selected Verses. Fcp. Svo. 6j.

Letters on Literature. Crown

8vo. 6s, bd.

Old Friends : Essays in Epistolary

Parody, bs. bd.

Ballads of Books. Edited by
Andrew Lang. Fcp. Svo. bs.

The Blue Fairy Book. Edited by

Andrew Lang. With 8 Plates and 130
Illustrations in the Text by II. J. Ford
and G. P. Jacomb Hood. Crown Svo. bs.

The Red Fairy Book. Edited by

Andrlw Lang. With 4 Plates and 96
Illustrations in the Text by II. J. Ford
and Lancelot Speed. Crown Svo. 6j-.

LAVIGERIE.— Cardinal Lavigerie
and the African Slave Trade.

I vol. Svo. I4J-.

LAYARD. — Poems. By Nixa F.

Lavard. Clown Svo. bs.

LECKY (W. E. H.) Works by.
History of England in the
Eighteenth Century. 8vo. Vols.

I. & II. 1700-1760. 36J. Vols, III.
&IV. 1 760-1 784. 36J. Vols. V. &VI.
1784-1793- 36^. Vols. VII. & VIII.
1793-1800. 36J.

The History of European Morals
from Augustus to Charle-
magne. 2 vols, crown Svo. \bs.

History of the Rise and Influ-
ence of the Spirit of Ra-
tionalism in Europe. 2 vols.

crown Svo. \bs.

1887, A Ramble in British

Columbia. By J. a. Lees and W. J.
CLUTTERBUCK. With Map and 75 Illus-
trations. Crown Svo. bs.

LEGER.-A History of Austro-

Hungary. From the Earliest Time
to the year 1S89. By Louis Leger.
Translated from the French by Mrs.
Birkkeck Hill. With a Preface by
E. A. Freeman, D.C.L. Crown Svo.
IOJ-. bd.

LEWES.— The History of Philo-
sophy, from Thales to Comte. By
George Henry Lewes. 2 vols. Svo.

LI DDELL— Memoirs of the Tenth

Royal Hussars : Historical and
Social. By Colonel Liddell. With
Portraits and Coloured Illustration.
I vol. Imperial Svo.

Light through the Crannies. —

Parables and Teachings from the other
Side. First Series. Cr. Svo. \s. swd. ;
\s. bd. cloth.

LLOYD.— The Science of Agri-
culture. By F. J. Lloyd. Svo. \2s,

LONGMAN (Frederick W.)— Works

Chess Openings. Fcp. Svo. 2s. 6d.

Frederick the Great and the
Seven Years' War. Fcp. Svo.

2s. bd.

Longman's Magazine. Published

Monthly. Price Sixpence.
Vols. 1-16, Svo. price 5^. each.



Longmans' New Atlas. Political

and I'hysical. For the Use of Schools
and Private Persons. Consisting of 40
Quarto and 16 Octavo Maps and Dia-
grams, and 16 Plates of Views. Edited
by Geo. G. Chisholm, M.A. 15,Sc.
Imp. 4to. or imp. 8vo. \2s. 6d.

LOUDON (J. 0.)- Works by.
Encyclopaedia of Gardening.

Witii 1,000 Woodcuts. 8vo. 2is.

Encyclopaedia of Agriculture ;

the Laying-out, Improvement, and
Management of Landed Property. With
1,100 Woodcuts. 8vo. 2\s.

Encyclopaedia of Plants; the

Specific Character, &c. of all Plants found
in Great Britain. With 12,000 Wood-
cuts. 8vo, 42J-.

LUBBOCK.— The Origin of Civil-
isation and the Primitive Condition
of Man. By Sir J. Lubbock, Bart.
M.P. With 5 Plates and 20 Illustrations
in the text. 8vo. lis.

LYALL.— The Autobiography of a

Slander. By Edna Lyall, Author
of ' Donovan,' lic. P"cp. 8vo. is. sewed.

LYDE.— An Introduction to Ancient

History: l)cing a Sketch of the History
of I'-gyjJt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and
Rome. With a Chapter on the Develop-
ment of the Roman Empire into the
Powers of Modern Europe. P.y LiONKl-
W. Lyue, ALA. With 3 Coloured
Maps. Crown 8vo. 3^.

MACAULAY (Lord). -Works of.

Complete Works of Lord Ma-

Library Edition, 8 vols. 8vo. £^. $s.
Cabinet Etiition, 16 vols, post 8vo. ^^4. l6s.

History of England from the
Accession of James the

Popular Edition, 2 vols, crown Svo. 5^.
Student's Edition, 2 vols, crown 8vo. I2s.
People's Edition, 4 vols, crown Svo. i6s.
Cabinet Edition, 8 vols, post Svo. 4&;.
Library Edition, 5 vols. Svo. ^4.

Critical and Historical Essays,
with Lays of Ancient Rome,

iu I Volume :

Popular Edition, crown Svo. 2s. 6d.
Authorised Edition, crown Svo. 2s, 6J. or
3.r. 6(/. gilt edges.



(Lord)— Works of

Critical and Historical Essays :

Student's Edition, i vol. crown Svo. ds.
People's Edition, 2 vols, crown Svo. %s,
Trevelyan Edition, 2 vols, crown Svo. 9^,
Cabinet Edition, 4 vols, post Svo. 24J.
Library Edition, 3 vols. Svo, 36^.

Essays which may be had separ-
ately price dd. each sewed, is. each cloth :

Addison and Walpole.
Frederick the Great.
Croker's Boswell's Johnson.
Ilallam's Constitutional History.
Warren Hastings. (3^/. sewed, 6(/. cloth.
The Earl of Chatham (Two Essays).
Ranke and Gladstone.
Milton and Machiavelli.
Lord Bacon.
Lord Clive.

Lord Byron, and The Comic Dramatists o\
the Restoration.

The Essay on Warren Hastings annotated
by S. Hales, is. dJ.

The Essay on Lord Clive annotated I-y
H. Coukthope Bowen, M.A. 2s. 6 J.

Speeches :

People's Edition, crown Svo. 3^. 6J.

Miscellaneous Writings :

People's Edition, I vol. crown Svo. 4^. 61/'.
Library Edition, 2 vols. Svo. 2is.

Lays of Ancient Rome, &c.

Illustrated by G. Scharf, fcp. 4to. los. 6./.
Bijou Edition,

iSnio. 2x. 6J. gilt top.
Popular Edition,

fcp. 4to. 6(/. sewed, is. cloth.
Illustrated by J. R. Weguclin, crown Svo.

3^. 6./. cloth extra, gilt edges.
Cabinet Edition, post 8vO. y. 6d.
Annotated Edit. fcp. Svo. is. sewed, ls.6J. cl.

Miscellaneous Writings and
Speeches :

Pojuilar edition, I vol. crown Svo. 2s. 6if.

.Student's Etlition, in i vol. crown Svo. 6s.

Cabinet Eilition, including Indian Penal
Code, Lays of Ancient Rome, and Mis-
cellaneous Poems, 4 vols, post Svo, 24J.

[Civifi/ii/ed on next fti^.

Catalogue op General axd Scientific Books


MACAULAY (Lord) -Works of—

Selections from the Writings
of Lord Macaulay. Edited, with

Occasional Notes, by the Right Hon. Sir
G. O. Trevelyan, Bart. Crown 8vo. 6s.

The Life and Letters of Lord

Macaulay. By the Right Hon. Sir

G. O. Trevelyan, Bart.
Popular Edition, i vol. crown 8vo. 2s. (>d.
Student's Edition, I vol. crown 8vo. ds.
Cabinet Edition, 2 vols, post Svo. \2s.
Library Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 36j-.

MACDONALD (Geo.)— Works by.
Unspoken Sermons. Three

Series. Crown 8vo. 3^'. bd. each.

The Miracles of Our Lord.

Crown Svo. 3J. dd.

A Book of Strife, in the Form*
of the Diary of an Old Soul :

Poems. i2mo. 6j.

MACFARREN -Lectures on Har-
mony. By Sir G. A. jNIacfarre.x.

tVlACKAIL.— Select Epigrams from
the Greek Anthology. Edited,

with a Revised Text, Introduction, Trans-
lation, and Notes, by J. W. Mackah.,
M.A. Fellow of Balliol College, O.xford.
Svo. l6.r.

MACLEOD (Henry D.)— Works by.
The Elements of Banking.

Crown Svo. 5.C.

The Theory and Practice of
Banking. Voi.i.8vo.i2.f. V0I.H. 145.

The Theory of Credit. Svo.

Vol. I. 7.. 6^/. ; Vol. H. Part I. 4^-. Q,d.

Mcculloch— The Dictionary of

Commerce and Commercial Navi-
gation of the late J. R. McCulloch.
8vo. with 1 1 Maps and 30 Charts, 63^-,

JV1ALME8BURY. — Memoirs of an
Ex- Minister. By the Earl of
Malmesbury. Crown 8vo. is, 6d.

PHILOSOPHY 0-^o,^y/nirse

Series) :

Logic. By Richard F. Clarke, S.J.

Crown Svo. ^s.

First Principles of Knowledge.

By John Rickaby, S.J. Crown Svo. 5^^.

Moral Philosophy (Ethics and

Natural Law). By Joseph Rick.

ai;y, S.J. Crown Svo, 5;-.

General Metaphysics. By John

Rickaby, S.J. Crown Svo. 5^.

Psychology. By Michael Maker,

S.J. Crown Svo. 6s. 6d.

Natural Theology. By Bernard

BOEDDER, S.J. Crown Svo. 6s. 6d.
^Nearly ready.

A Manual of Political Economy.

By C. S. Devas, E^q. M.A. Examiner
in Political Economy in the Royal Uni-
versity of Ireland. 6s. 6d. \_In preparation,

MARTI NEAU (James) -Works by.
Hours of Thought on Sacred

Things. Two Volumes of Sermons.
2 vols, crown Svo. "js. 6d. each.

Endeavours after the Christian

Life. Discourses. Crown Svo. "/s. 6d,

The Seat of Authority in Re-
ligion. Svo. I4j^.

Essays, Reviews and Addresses.

4 vols, crown Svo. "js. 6d. each.
I. Personal : Foli- HI. Theoloi;ical :

tical. i Philosophical.

II. Ecclesiastical : IV. Academical :
Historical. Religious.

[In course pf publication,

MASON.— The Steps of the Sun:

Daily Readings of Prose. Selected by
AcxES jMason. i6mo. 3^-. 6d.

Biographical Treasury. With

Supplement brought down to 1SS9, by
Rev. Jas. Wood. Fcp. Svo. 6s.

Treasury of Natural History;

or, Popular Dictionary of Zoologj'. Fcp.
Svo. with 900 Woodcuts, 6s.

Treasury of Geography, Physical,

Historical, Descriptive, and Political.
With 7 Maps and 16 Plates. Fcp. Svo. 6j




■ — continticJ.

Scientific and Literary Trea-
sury. Fcp. 8vo. 6i-.

Historical Treasury: Outlines of

Universal History, Separate Histories of
all Nations. Fcp. 8vo. 6.r.

Treasury of Knowledge and
Library of Reference. Comprising

an English Dictionary ami Grammar,
Universal Gazetteer, Classical Dictionary,
Chronology, Law Dictionary, &c, Fcp.
8vo. ds.

The Treasury of Bible Know-
ledge. ];y the Rev. J. AvRE, M.A.
With 5 Maps, 15 Plates, and 300 Wood-
cuts. Fcp. 8vo. 6j-.

The Treasury of Botany.

Edited by J. LiNni.EY, F.R.S. and
T. Moore, F.L.S. With 274 Woodcuts
and 20 Steel Plates. 2 vol.5, fcp. 8vo. \2s.

MAX MiJLLER (F.)- Works by.

Selected Essays on Language,
Mythology and Religion. 2 vols.

crown Svo. ibs.

Lectures on the Science of Lan-
guage. 2 vols, crown Svo. \Gs.

India, What can it Teach Us ?

A Course of Lectures delivered before the
University of Cambridge. Svo. I2J. dd.

Hibbert Lectures on the Origin
and Growth of Religion, as

illustrated by the Religions of India.
Crown Svo. "js, 6d.

Introduction to the Science of

Religion ; Four Lectures delivered at
the Royal Institution. Crown Svo. "js. 6J.

Natural Religion. The Gifford

Lectures, ilclivcred before the University
ofGlasi^cjw in iSSS. Crown Svo. lOs. 6d.

The Science of Thought. Svo.2ij.

Three Introductory Lectures on
the Science of Thought. Svo.

Biographies of Words, and the
Homeofthe Aryas. CrSvo. 7^.0,/

A Sanskrit Grammar for Be-
ginners. New and Abridged Edition.
By A. A. MacDonell. Crown Svo. 6.f.

MAY. — The Constitutional His-
tory of England since tlie Accession
of (Jcorge III. 1760-1870. EytheRight
Hon. SirTiiOMAS Erskine May, K.C.B.
3 vols, crown Svo. iS^r.

MEADE (L T.)- Works by.
The O'Donnells of Inchfawn.

With Frontispiece by A. CilA.->EMORE.
Crown Svo. ds.

Daddy's Boy. With Illustrations.

Crown Svo. 5.f.

Deb and the Duchess. With

Illustrations by M. E. Edwai; ns. Crown
Svo. 5.;.

House of Surprises. With Illus-
trations by EiJirii M. Scanm.i.i.. Crown
Svo. j.f. (id.

The Beresford Prize. \\\\\\ Il-
lustrations by M. E. Eov/Auns. Crown
Svo. 5.r.

MEATH (The Earl of)-Works by.
Social Arrows : Reprinted Articles

on various Social Subjects. Cr. Svo. ^s.

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