John Henry Newman.

Letters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English church, with a brief autobiography ; (Volume 2) online

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Prosperity or Pauperism ? Phy-
sical, Industrial, and Technical Training.
(Edited by the Earl of Meath). Svo. 5.?.

MELVILLE (G. J. Wliyte)-Novels

by. Crown Svo.

\s. 6d, each, cloth.
The Gladiators. I

The Interpreter.
Good for Nothing.
The Queen's Maries. |

is. each, boards ;

Ilolmby House.
Kate Coventry.
Digby Grand.
General Bounce.

MENDELSSOHN.— The Letters of
Felix Mendelssohn. Translated

by Lady Wallace. 2 vols. cr. Svo. los.

MERIVALE (The Very Rev. Chas.) -
Works by.

History of the Romans under

the Empire. Cabinet Edition, 8 vols,
crown Svo. 48.;.
Popular Edition, 8 vols, crown Svo. 3/. 6</.

The Fall of the Roman Republic :

a .Short Ili.^tory <>{ the Last Century of
the Comnionwe.allh. l2mo. "js. (>d.

General History of Rome from

l'-'- • 753 to a. 1 >. 476. Cr. Svo. -JS. 6/.
[Coi:(ittiitd on tux! /'a^i:


Catalogue of Gexeral axd Scientific Books

MERIVALE (The Very Rev. Chas.)—
Works by— ioiiiiniied.

The Roman Triumvirates. With

Maps. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6i/.

MILES. The Correspondence
of William Augustus Miles
on the French Revolution,

I789-1817. Edited by the Rev,
Charles PorifAM Mir.ES, M.A. F.L.S.
Honorary Canon of Durham, Membrc
de la Societe d'llistoire Diplomatique.
2 vols. 8vo. 32J-.

MILL— Analysis of the Pheno-
mena of the Human Mind.

By James Mill. 2 vols. 8vo. 28j-.

MILL (John Stuart)— Works by.
Principles of Political Economy.

Library Edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 30^.
People's Edition, i vol. crown 8vo. 5^.

A System of Logic. Cr. 8vo. ss.
On Liberty. Crown 8vo. is. 4/I.
On Representative Government.

Crown 8vo. 2s,

Utilitarianism. 8v6. $s.

Examination of Sir William
Hamilton's Philosophy. Svo.i6s.

Nature, the Utility of Religion,

and Theism. Three Essays. 8vo. 5^.

IMOLESWORTH (Mrs.)— Works by.

Marrying and Giving in Mar-
riage : a Novel. By Mrs. Moles-
worth. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6J.

Silverthorns. With Illustrations by
F. Noel Faxon. Crown 8vo. 5J.

The Palace in the Garden. With

Illustrations by Harriet M. Bennett.
Crown Svo. ^s.

The Third Miss St. Quentin.

Crown Svo. 6s.

Neighbours. With Illustrations by
M. Ellen Edwards. Crown Svo. 6s.

The Story of a Spring Morning,

&C. With Illustrations by M. Ellen
Edwards. Crown Svo. 5.C.

MOON (G. Washington)— Works by.
The King's English. Fcp. 8vo.

3s. 6d.

The Soul's Inquiries Answered
in the Words of Scripture.

A Year-Brjok of Scripture Texts.
Illustrated Edition. With Blank Diary and

13 Photograplis. Crown Svo. lOf. 6d.

cloth, gilt edges.
Pocket Edition. Royal 32mo. 2s. 6d.

Common Edition. Royal 32mo. %d. limp ;

\s. 6d. cloth.

The Soul's Desires Breathed to
God in the Words of Scrip-
ture I being Prayers, and a Treatise on
Prayer in the Language of the Bible.

Royal 32mo. 2r. 6d.

MOORE.— Dante and his Early

Biographers. By Edward Moore,
D.D. Principal of St. Edmund Hall,
Oxford. Crown Svo. 45. 6d.

MULH ALL.— History of Prices
since the Year 1850. By Michael

G. MuLHALL. Crown Svo. 6s.

MURDOCK.— The Reconstruction

of Europe : a Sketch of the Diplo-
matic and Military History of Con-
tinental Europe, from the Pvise to the
Fall of the Second French Empire. By
Henry Murdock. Crown Svo. 91.

MURRAY.— A Dangerous Cats-
paw: a Story. By David Christie
Murray and Henry Murray. Cr. Svo.
2s. 6d.


Darrie: a story. ByCuRlSTlEMuRRAY
and Henry Herman. Crown Svo. 2s.
boards ; 2s, 6d. cloth.

NANSEN. — The First Crossing of
Greenland. By Dr. fridtjof

Nansen. With 5 Maps, 12 Plates, and
150 Illustrations in the Text. 2 vols.
Svo. 36^.

NAPIER.— The Life of Sir Joseph
Napier, Bart. Ex-Lord Chan-
cellor of Ireland. By alex.

Charles Ewald, !• . S. A. With Portrait.
Svo. I5r.

NAPIER.— The Lectures, Essays,
and Letters of the Right Hon.
Sir Joseph Napier, Bart, late

Lord Chancellor of Ireland. Svo. \2s.6d.



NESBIT (E.) Works by.
Lays and Legends. Cr. 8vo. 5^.
Leaves of Life : Verses. Cr. 8vo. 5^.

NEWMAN. The Letters and Cor-
respondence of John Henry

Newman during his Life in the
English (."hurch. With a Ijricf Autobio-
graiihical Memoir. Arranged and Edited,
at Cardinal Newman's request, by Miss
Anne Mo/.ley, Editor of the ' Letters
of the Rev. J. B. Mozley, D.D.' With
Portraits, 2 vols. Svo. 30J. net.

NEWMAN (Cardinal) Works by.
Apologia pro Vita Sua. Cabinet

Edition, cr. Jivo. 6^. Cheap Kdiiion, 3J.6</.

Sermons to Mixed Congrega-
tions. Crown Svo. (ys.

Occasional Sermons. Crown Svo.

The Idea of a University defined
and illustrated. Crown Svo. 7^.

Historical Sketches. 3 vols.

crown Svo. ds. each.

The Arians of the Fourth Cen-
tury. ( abinct Edition, crown Svo. 6j.
Clieap lldition, crown Svo. y. iid.

Select Treatises of St. Athan-

asius in Controversy with the Arians.
I'rcely Translated. 2 vols. cr. Svo. 15,^.

Discussions and Arguments on

Various Subjects. Cabinet Edition,
crown Svo. ts. Cheap Edition, crown
Svo. 3i. C(/.

An Essay on the Development
of Christian Doctrine. Cabinet

Edition, crown Svo. 6x. Cheap Edition,
crown Svo. 35. dd.

Certain Difficulties felt by
Anglicans in Catholic Teach-
ing Considered. Vol. i, crown

Svo. "]$. GJ, ; Vol. 2, crown Svo. 5^. bJ.

The Via Media of the Anglican

Church, illustrated in Lectures, iVc.
2 vols, crown Svo. 6s, each."

Essays, Critical and Historical.

Cabinet Edition, 2 vols, crown Svo. 12s.
Cheap Edition, 2 vols, crown Svo. "js.

NEWMAN (Cardinal) -Works by—


Essays on Biblical and on Ec-
clesiastical Miracles. Cabinet
Edition, crown Svo. Gs. Cheap Edition,
crown Svo. ^s. 6J.

Tracts, i. Dissertatiunculce. 2. On
the Te.xt of the Seven Epistles of St.
Ignatius. 3. Doctrinal Causes of Arian-
isni. 4. Apollinarianisra. 5. .St. Cyril's
I'ormula. 6. Ordo de Tempore, 7.
Douay Version of Scripture. Cr(jwn Svo.

An Essay in Aid of a Grammar

of Assent. Cabinet Edition, crown

Svo. "js. 61/. Ciieap Edition, crown Svo.
3s. 6J.

Present Position of Catholics in

England. Crown Svo. yj. dd.

Callista : a Tale of the Third Cen-
tury. Cabinet Edition, crown Svo. 6s.

Cheap Eilition, crown Svo. ^s. 6d.

Loss and Gain : a Tale. Crown

Svo. Gs.

The Dream of Gerontius. i6mo.

Gd. sewed, \s. cloth.

Verses on Various Occasions.

Cabinet Edition, crown Svo. 6s. Cheap
Edition, crown Svo. 3J. 6d.
*^* For Cardinal Newman's other Works
see Messrs. Longman's^; Co.'s Catalogue
of Theological Works.

NORRIS.— Mrs. Fenton : a Sketch.

By W. E. NoKRis. Crown Svo. 6s.

NORTHCOTT-Lathes and Turn-

ing, Simple, Mechanical, and Orna-
mental. By W. IE NORTIICOTT. With
338 Illustrations. Svo. iSj.

O'BRIEN.— When we were Boys:

a Novel. J'.y Wii.i.iam 0'1;kif.n, .M.I'.
Cabinet Edition, crown Svo. Gs. Cheap
Edition, crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

OLIPHANT (Mrs.)— Novels by.
Madam. Cr. Svo. \s. bds. ; \s. GJ. cl.
In Trust. Cr- 8vo. u. bds. ; xs.dd. cl.
Lady Car : the Seciuel of a Life.

Cross n Svo. Zs, Gd.

OMAN.- A History of Greece from
the Earliest Times to the
Macedonian Conquest. By

C. W. C. UM.\N, M.A. E.S..\. Fellow
of All Souls College, and Lecturer at
New College, Oxford. With Maps and
Plans, Crown Svo. 4/. 6d.

Catalogue of General and Scientific Books

O'REILLY.- Hurstleigh Dene : a

Talc. By Mrs. O'Reilly. Illustrated
byM. Ellen Edwards. Crown 8vo. $s.

PAYN (James) -Novels by.
The Luck of the Darrells. Cr.

Svo. IS. lioards ; i.f. 6if. clotli.

Thicker than Water. Crown 8vo.

I^. boards ; is. 6d. cloth.

PERRING (Sir PHILIP)— Works by.
Hard Knots in Shakespeare.

8vo. 7^. 6d.

The 'Works and Days' of

Moses. Crown 8vo. 2,^. 6d.


Legend of the Lone IMountain. Ly C.
PHiLLirrs-WoLLEY, Author of ' Sport in
the Crimea and Caucasus '&c. With 13
Illustrations by H. G. ^YILLI^•K. Crow^n
8vo. Gs.

POLE.— The Theory of the Mo-
; dern Scientific Game of

Whist. Ey W. Pole, F.R.S. Fcp.
Svo. 2S. 6d.

POLLOCK. — The Seal of Fate:

a Novel. Ly W. H. Pollock and
Lady Pollock. Crown Svo.

PRENDERG AST.— Ireland, from the
Restoration to the Revolution,

1660-1690. By John p. Prendergast.
Svo. 5.-.

PRINSEP.— Virginie: a Tale of One
Hundred Years Ago. By Val Prinsep,
A.R.A. 3 vols, crown Svo. 25^. 6d.

PROCTOR (R. A.)— Works by.
Old and New Astronomy. 12

Parts, 2s. 6d. each. Supplementary Sec-
tion, IS. Complete in i vol. 4to. 36^.
[In course of publication.

The Orbs Around Us ; a Series of

Essays on the Moon and Planets, Meteors
and Comets. With Chart and Diagrams.
Crown Svo. 5^.

Other Worlds than Ours; The

Plurality of Worlds Studied under the
Light of Recent Scientific Researches.
With 14 Illustrations. Crown Svo, 5^-.

PROCTOR (R. A.)— Works hy-cont.
The Moon ; her Motions, Aspects,

Scenerj', and Physical Condition. With
Plates, Charts, Woodcuts, &c. Cr. Svo. 5^.

Universe of Stars ; Presenting

Researches into and New Views respect-
ing the Constitution of the Heavens.
With 22 Charts and 22 Diagrams. Svo.
lOi-. dd.

Larger Star Atlas for the Library,
in 12 Circular Maps, with Introduction
and 2 Index Pages. Folio, 155. or Maps
only, 1 2 J. 6i/.

The Student's Atlas. In Twelve

Circular Maps on a Uniform Projection
and one Scale. Svo. 51.

New star Atlas for the Library,
the School, and the Observatory, in 12
Circular Maps. Crown Svo. 5^.

Light Science for Leisure Hours;

Familiar Essays on Scientific Subjects.
3 vols, crown 8vo. 5j-. each.

Chance and Luck ; a Discussion of

the Laws of Luck, Coincidences, Wagers,
Lotteries, and the Fallacies of Gambling
&c. Crown Svo. 2J. boards ; 2J. 60'. cloth.

Studies of Venus-Transits. With

7 Diagrams and 10 Plates. Svo. 5^.

How to Play Whist : with the
Laws and Etiquette of Whist.

Crown Svo. 3^. dd.

Home Whist : an Easy Guide to
Correct Play. i6mo \s.

The Stars in their Seasons.

An Easy Guide to a Knowledge of the
Star Groups, in 12 Maps. Roy. Svo. 5^.

Star Primer. Showing the Starry
Sky Week by Week, in 24 Hourly Maps.
Crown 4to. 2s. (3d.

The Seasons Pictured in 48 Sun-
Views of the Earth, and 24 Zodiacal

Maps, <S;c. Demy 4to. '^s.

Strength and Happiness. With

9 Illustrations, Crown Svo. ^s.
Strength : How to get Strong and

keep Strong, with Chapters on Rowing
and Swimming, Fat, Age, and the
Waist. With 9 Illustrations. Crown
Svo. 2S.

Rough Ways Made Smooth.

Familiar Essays on Scientific Subjects.
Crown Svo. 5^.



PROCTOR (R. A.)— Works hy-co„t.
Our Place Among Infinities. A

Series of Essays contrasting our Little
Abode in Space and Time with the Infi-
nities Around us. Crown 8vo. 5^.

The Expanse of Heaven. Essays

on the Wonders of the Firmament. Crown
8vo. 5^.

The Great Pyramid, Observa-
tory, Tomb, and Temple.

With Illustrations. Crown 8vo. 5^.

Pleasant Ways in Science. Crown

8vo. 5^.

Myths and Marvels of Astro-
nomy. Crown Svo. 5^.

Nature Studies. By Grant Allen,
A. Wilson, T. Foster, E. Clodd, and
R. A. Proctor. Crown 8vo. ^s.

Leisure Readings. By E. Clodd,
A.Wilson, T. Foster, A. C. Ranyard,
and R. A. Proctor. Crown 8vo. 55.

PROTHERO.— The Pioneers and
Progress of English Farming.

By Rowland E. Prothero. Cr. 8vo. 5^.

PRYCE. The Ancient British

Church : an Historical Essay. By
John Pryce, M. A. Crown 8vo. 6s.

RANSOME. The Rise of Consti-
tutional Government in Eng-
land I being a Series of Twenty Lectures
on the IIi>tory of the English Constitution
delivered to a Popular Audience. By
Cyril Ransom f:, M.A. Crown 8vo. 6j.

RAWLINSON. -The History of

Phoenicia. By George Rawlin-
SON, I\LA. Canon of Canterburj', &c.
With numerous Illustrations. 8vo. 24J.

READER (Emily E.)— Works by.
Echoes of Thought : a Medley of

\'erse. Fcp. 8vo. 5^. cloth, gilt top.

The Ghost of Brankinshaw and

other Talcs. With 9 Illustrations. Fcp.
8vo. 2s. 61/. cloth extra, gill edges.

Voices from Flower-Land, in

Original Couplets. A Birthday-Book and
Language of Flowers. l6mo. is. 6d. limp
cloth ; 2s. 6i/. roan, gilt edges, or in vege-
table vellum, gilt top.

READER (Emily E.) -Works by—


Fairy Prince FoUow-my-Lead

or, the Magic Bracelet. Crown 8vo.
2s. 6d. gilt edges ; or 3^. 6.1. vegetable
vellum, gilt edges.


of Old Southwark, and their
Associations. By William Rendle,
F.R.C.S, and Philip Norman, F.S.A.
W'ith numerous Illustrations. R0y.Sv0.2Sj.

RIBOT. The Psychology of At-
tention. By Tii. Rii:OT. Crown
Svo. 3j.

RICH. A Dictionary of Roman
and Greek Antiquities, with

2,000 Woodcuts. By A. Rich. Cr. Svo.
'is. 6d.

RICHARDSON.- National Health.

Abridged from 'The Health of Nations.'
A Review of the Works of Sir Edwin
Chadwick, K.C.B. By Dr. B. W.
Richardson, Cro\rn, HfS. 6J.

RILEY.- Athos ; or, the Mountain
of the Monks. By Athelstan Riley,
M.A. F.R.G.S. With Map and 29
Illustrations. Svo, 2ij.

RIVERS (Thomas) -Works by.
The Orchard-House. With 25

Woodcuts. Crown Svo. 5j,

The Miniature Fruit Garden ;

or, the Culture of Pyramidal and Bush
Fruit Trees, With 32 Illustrations, Fcp,
Svo, 4^,

ROBERTS. Greek the Language
of Christ and His Apostles.

]5yALE.\ANDi:K KoiJEKis, D.D. Svu. iS.\

ROGET.-A History of the 'Old
Water-Colour ' Society (now

iho Royal .Society of Painters in Water-
Colours). With Biographical Notices of
its Older and all its Deceased Members
and Associates. Preceded by an Account
of English Water-Colour .\rt and .\rtists
in the Fightcenth Century. l'>y John
Lewis Roget, M.A. Banister-at-Law,
2 vols. ro)al Svo.

ROGET.- Thesaurus of English
Words and Phrases, classified

and Arran_L;cd su a^ to f.\cilitatc the Ex-
pression of Ideas, By Pkter M. Roget.
Crown Svo. los, 6</

Catalogue op General axd Scientific Books

RONALDS.— The Fly -Fisher's
Entomology. By Au-red Ronalds.
With 20 Cclourod Plates. 8vo. 14^.

ROSSETTI. A Shadow of Dante:

being an Essay towards studying Himself,
his World, and his Pilgrimage. By IMaria
Francesca Kossetti. With Illustra-
tions. Crown 8vo. loj. dd.

RUSSELL.— A Life of Lord John
Russell (Earl Russell, K.G.).

By Stencer Walpole. With 2 Por-
traits. 2 vols. 8vo. 365. Cabinet Edition,
2 vols, crown 8vo. \2s.

SEEBOHM (Frederick)- Works by.
The Oxford Reformers— John
Colet, Erasmus, and Thomas

More ; a History of their Fellow- Work.
8vo. 14J.

The Era of the Protestant

Revolution, with Map. Fcp. 8vo.
2s. 6d.

The English Village Commu-
nity Examined in its Relations to the
Manorial and Tribal Systems, &c, 13 Maps
and Plates. 8vo. i6s.

SEWELL.— Stories and Tales. By

Elizabeth M. Sewell. Crown 8vo.

is. 6d. each, cloth plain ; 2s. 6d. each,

cloth extra, gilt edges : —
Amy Herbert. i Laneton Parsonage.

The Earl's Daughter. I Ursula.
The Experience of Life. Gertrude.
A Glimpse of the World. Ivors.
Cleve Hall. Home Life.

Katharine Ashton. After Life.

Margaret Percival.

SHAKESPEARE.— Bowdler's Family
Shakespeare, i vol. Svo. with

36 Woodcuts, 1 45. or in 6 vols. fcp.
Svo. 2 If.

Outlines of the Life of Shake-
speare. By J. O. Halliwell-Phil-
LIPPS. 2 vols. Royal Svo. £1. is.

The Shakespeare Birthday

Book. By Mary F. Dunbar. 32mo.
IS. 6</. cloth. With Photographs, 32mo.
5^. Drawing-Room Edition, with Photo-
graphs, fcp. Svo. 10s. 6d.

Shakespeare's True Life. By

James Walter. With 500 Illustrations.
Imp. Svo. 2is,

SHORT.— Sketch of the History
of the Church of England

to the Revolution of 1688. By T. V.
Short, D.D. Crown Svo. 7^. 6d.


Crown Svo. 3^, ()d. each volume.

She : a History of Adventure. By
II. Rider Haggard. With 32 Illus-
trations. 3^. 6d.

Allan Quatermain. By II. Rider

Haggard. With 20 Illustrations, zs. 6d.

Colonel Quaritch, V.C. : a Tale

of Country Life. By H. Rider Haggard.
With Frontispiece and Vignette. 35. 6d.

Cleopatra. By H, Rider Haggard.

With 29 Full-page Illustrations. 3^. 6d.

Micah Clarke: His Statement.

A Tale of Monmouth's Rebellion. By
A. CoNAN Doyle. With Frontispiece
and Vignette. 2,s. ()d.

Petland Revisited. By the Rev.

T. G. Wood. With 33 Illustrations.
3.. 6d.

Strange Dwellings : a Description

of the Habitations of Animals. By the
Rev. J. G. Wood. With 60 Illustrations.
3^. 6d.

Out of Doors. Original Articles
on Practical Natural History. By the
Rev. J. G. Wood. With 'i i Illustra-
tions. 3^'. 6d.

Familiar History of Birds. By

the late Edward Stanley, D.D. Lord
Bishop of Norwich. Willi 160 \N'ood cuts.
3J-. 6d.

Eight Years in Ceylon. By Sir

S.W.Baker. With 6 Illustrations. 3^.6^/.

Rifle and Hound in Ceylon. By

Sir S. W. Baker. With 6 Illustrations.
3.C. 6d.

Memoirs of Major-General Sir
Henry Havelock. By John

Clark Marshmax. With Portrait,

Short Studies on Great Sub-
jects. By James A. Froude. 4 vols.
3^-. 6d. each,

Csesar : a Sketch. By James A.
Froude. 3^. 6d.

Thomas Carlyle : a History of his

Life. By J. A. Froude, M.A. 1795-
1835, 2 vols. 7J-. 1S34-1S81, 2 vols. Ts.





Story of Creation : a Plain account
of Kvolulinn. T.y Edward Clodd.

With 77 Illustrations. 3t. kJ.

Life of the Duke of Wellington.

By the Rev. (1. R. Gleig, M.A. W iih
Portrait. 3^. bJ.

History of the Romans under

the Empire. By the \'cry Rev.
Charles Mkkivale, D.C.L. Dean of
Ely. S vols. Each 3/. 6</.

Visits to Remarkable Places,

Old Halls, ]5atllefieUls, Scenes Illustra-
tive of Striking Passages in English
History and Poetry. By William
Hown I'. With 8c Illustrations. 3r. 61/.

Field and Hedgerow. Last Essays

of Richard Ji:i i i:rie.>. With Portrait.
3,,-. 6,/.

Apologia pro Vita Sua. By Car-
dinal Newman, y. 6d.

Callista : a Tale of the Third Cen-
tury. J;y Cardinal Newmax. 3/. 6J.

Essays, Critical and Historical.

By Cardinal Nkwman. 2 vuls. cruwn
^■,0. 7/.

An Essay on the Development
of Christian Doctrine. By Car-
dinal Newman. Crown Svo. 3^. 6a'.

The Arians of the Fourth

Century. By Cardinal Ni;\vman.
3^. 6d.

Verses on Various Occasions.

By Cardinal NEW.\r an. 3,-. 6,/.

Two Essays on Biblical and
Ecclesiastical Miracles. By

Cardinal Newman, y. 6<l.

Discussions and Arguments on
Various Subjects, p.y Cardinal

Nl.WM \\. 3r. (jJ.

An Essay in Aid of a Grammar

of Assent. I'.y Cardinal Newman.

3... 0,/,

Parochial and Plain Sermons.

By John IIenuv Newman, 1'..I). (Car-
dinal Newman), formerly Vicar of St.
Mary'>, Oxford. S vols. 3^. 6J. each.

SMITH (Gregory). - Fra Angelico,

and other Short Poems. By Gregory
Smith. Crown Svo. ^s. 6d.

SMITH (R. Bosworth).— Carthage
and the Carthagenians. By r.

BoswoRiH Smith, M.A. Maps, Plans,
<S:c. Crown Svo. 6s.

Sophocles. Translated into English
Wr.-c. By Robert Whitelaw, M.A.
Assistant-Master in Rugby School ; late
Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.
Crown Svo. Sj. 6J.

STANLEY. A Familiar History

of Birds, p.y E. Stanley, D.D.
With 160 Woodcuts. Crown Svo. 3^. 6J.

STEEL (J. H.) -Works by.
A Treatise on the Diseases of

the Dog ; being a Manual of Canine
Pathology. Especially adapted for the
Use of Veterinary Practitioners and
Students. 88 Illustrations. Svo. los. 6J.

A Treatise on the Diseases of

the Ox I being a Manual of Bovine
Pathology specially adapted for the use
of Veterinary Practitioners and Students.
2 Plates and 117 Woodcuts. Svo. 155-.

A Treatise on the Diseases of

the Sheep : being a Manual of Ovine
Patholugy. Especially adapted for the
use of Veterinary Practitioners and
Students. With Coloured Plate and 99

Woodcuts. Svo. 1 2 J.

STEPHEN. - Essays in Ecclesi-
astical Biography. By the Right
Hon. Sir J. Stei'IIEN. Cr. Svo. "js. 6d.

STEPHENS. A History of the
French Revolution. By li.

Morse Siei'Iikn^, Balliol College,
Oxford. 3 vols. Svo. Vol. I. \Ss. Ready.
]'oI. II. in the press.

STEVENSON (Robt. Louis) —Works

A Child's Garden of Verses.

Small fcp. Svo. 5^.

The Dynamiter. Fcp. Svo. \s. swd.

IJ-. 6./. cloth.

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and

Mr. Hyde. Pep. Svo. is. swd.;
\s. dd. cloth.

Catalogue of General and Scientific Books


Wrong Box. By Rohert Louis
Stevknson .iiul Lloyd Osbourne,
Crown 8vo. 5.r.

STOCK.— Deductive Logic. By

St. George Stock. Fcp. 8vo. y. 6d.

'STONEHENGE.'-The Dog in
Health and Disease. By

' Stoneiienge.' With 84 Wood En-
gravings. Square crown 8vo. "js. 6d.

STRONG and LOGEMAN.— Introduc-
tion to the Study of the His-
tory of Language. By Herbert
A. Strong, M.A. LL.D. Professor of
Latin, University College, Liverpool ;
and William S. Logeman, Newton
School, Rockferry, Birkenhead. 8vo.

SULLY (James)— Works by.
Outlines of Psychology, with

Special Reference to the Theory of Edu-
cation, 8vo. 12S. 6d.

The Teacher's Handbook of

Psychology, on the Basis of ' Out-
lines of Psychology.' Cr. 8vo. 6s, 6d,

Supernatural Religion ; an In-
quiry into the Reality of Divine Reve-
lation. 3 vols. 8vo. 36j'.

Reply (A) to Dr. Lightfoot's

Essays. By the Author of ' Super-
natural Religion.' I vol. Svo. 6^.

SWINBURNE. -Picture Logic; an

Attempt to Popularise the Science of
Reasoning. By A. J. Swinburne, B.A.
Post Svo. Ss.

SYMES.— Prelude to Modern

History : being a Brief Sketch of the
World's History from the Third to the
Ninth Century. By J. E. Svmes, M.A.
University College, Nottingham. With
5 Maps. Crown Svo. 2.c 6d.

TAYLOR.-A Student's Manual of
the History of India, from the

Earliest Period to the Present Time. By
Colonel Meadows Taylor, C.S.I. &c.
Crown Svo. 7^. 6d,

THOMPSON (D. Green leaf)— Works

The Problem of Evil: an Intro-
duction to the Practical Sciences. Svo.
ICC. 6d.

THOMPSON (D. Green leaf) -Works

by — contiiined.

A System of Psychology. 2 vols.

Svo. 36^.

The Religious Sentiments of
the Human Mind. 8vo. 75. dd.

Social Progress: an Essay. Svo.

Ts. 6d.

Three in Norway. By Two of

Them. With a Map and 59 Illustra-
tions. Cr. Svo. 2s, boards; 2s, 6d, cloth.

Times and Days : being Essays in

Romance and liistory. Fcp. Svo. 5^.

TOM SON. —The Bird Bride: a

Volume of Ballads and Sonnets. By
Graham R. Tomson. Fcp. Svo. 6s.

TOYN BEE.— Lectures on the In-
dustrial Revolution of the
iSth Century in England.

By the late Arnold Toyneee, Tutor
of Balliol College, Oxford. Together
with a Short Memoir by B. Jowett,
Master of Balliol College, Oxford.
Svo. lOJ. 6d,

TREVELYAN (Sir G.O.Bart.)- Works

The Life and Letters of Lord

Popular Edition, i vol. cr. 2,\'o,2s,6d.
Student's Edition, i vol. cr. Svo. 6s.
Cabinet Edition, 2 vols. or. Svo. 12s.
Library Edition, 2 vols. Svo. t,6s.

The Early History of Charles

James Fox. Libraiy Edition, Svo.
iSj. Cabinet Edition, crown Svo. 6s.

TROLLOPE (Anthony).— Novels by.
The Warden. Crown Svo. ix.boards;

IS, 6d. cloth.

Barchester Towers. Crown 8vo.

is. boards ; is, 6d. cloth.



VILLE.— On Artificial Manures,

their Chemical Selection and Scientific
Application to Agriculture. By Georges
ViLLE. Translated and edited by W.
Crookes. With 31 Plates. 8vo. 215.

VIRGIL. -Publi Vergili Maronis
Bucolica, Georgica, iEneis ;

the Works of Virgil, Latin Text, with
English Commentary and Index. By
B. H. Kennedy, D.D. Cr. 8vo. los.ed.

The iEneid of Virgil. Translated

into English Verse. By John Coning-
TON, M.A. Crown 8vo. 6j.

The Poems of Virgil. Translated
into Ejiglish Prose. By John Coning-
TON, M.A. Crown 8vo. 6s.

The Eclogues and Georgics of

Virgil. Translated from the Latin liy
J. W. Mackail, M.A. Fellow of Balliol
College, Oxford. Printed on Dutch
Hand-made Paper. Royal i6mo. J^.

Introductory to the Study of
English Constitutional His-
tory. By Resident iSIembers of the
University of Oxford. Edited by Henry
Offley Wakeman, M.A. Fellow of All
Souls College, and Arthur Hassall,
M.A. Student of Christ Church. Crown
Svo. 6s.

WALKER. The Correct Card; or

How to I'lay at Whist ; a Whist
Catechism. By Major A. Campdell-
Walker, F.R.G.S. Fcp. 8vo. 2s. 6ii.

WALPOLE. -History of England
from the Conclusion of the
Great War in 1815 to 1858.

By Spencer Walpole. Library Edition.

5 vols. Svo. £i^, los. Cabinet Edition.

6 vols, crown Svo. 6s. each.

WELLINGTON. Life of the Duke

of Wellington. By the Rev. C. R.
Gleig, M.A. Crown Svo. 3^. 6cf.

WELLS. — Recent Economic

Changes and their Eftccl on the Pro-
duction nnd Distribution of Wealth and

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