John Henry Newman.

Letters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English church, with a brief autobiography ; (Volume 2) online

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Online LibraryJohn Henry NewmanLetters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English church, with a brief autobiography ; (Volume 2) → online text (page 47 of 47)
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the Well-being of Society. By David A.
Wells, LL.D. D.C.L. late United Sl.atcs
Special Commissioner of Revenue, &c.
Crown Svo. 10/. 6if,

W EN DT.— Papers on Maritime

Legislation, with a Translation of
the German Mercantile Laws relating to
Maritime Commerce. P>y Ernest Emil
Wendt, D.C.L. Royal Svo. £1. lis. 6d.

WEST.— Lectures on the Diseases
of Infancy and Childhood.
By Charles West, .M. I). 8vo. i%s.

WEYMAN.— The House of the

Wolf: a Romance. By Stanley J.
Weyman. Crown Svo. 6s.

WHATELY (E. Jane)— Works by.
English Synonyms. Edited by R.

Whately, D.D. Fcp. Svo. 31.

Life and Correspondence of
Richard Whately, D.D. late

Archbishop of Dublin. With Portrait.
Crown Svo. lO^. 6d.

WHATELY (Archbishop) - Works by.
Elements of Logic, Cr. Svo. 4^. 6^.
Elements of Rhetoric. Crown

Svo. 4.C 6d.

Lessons on Reasoning. Fcp. Svo.

IS. 6J.

Bacon's Essays, with Annotations.

Svo. los. 6J.

WILCOCKS.— The Sea Fisherman.

Comprising the Chief Methods of Hook
and Line" Fishing in the British and
other Seas, and Remarks on Nets, Boats,
and Boating. By J. C. WiLCOCKS.
Profusely Illustr.ited. Crown Svo. 6s.

WILLICH. — Popular Tables for

giving Information for ascertaining the
value of Lifehold, Leasehold, and Church
Property, the Public Funds, &c. By
Charles ^L Willich. Edited by
H. Bence Jones. Crown Svo. los. 6J.

WILLOUGHBY. East Africa and

its Big Game. The Narrative of a
Sporting Tri|> from Zanzibar to the
Borders of the Masai. By Capt. Sir
John C. Willoughiiv, 15art. Illus-
"tr.ated by G. D. Giles and Mrs. Gordon
Hake. Svc. 2\s..


Catalogue qf General a.vd Scibxtific Books.

WITT (Prof.)— Works by. iVans-

latcd by Francks Younghusijand.

The Trojan War. Crown 8vo. 2s.
Myths of Hellas; or, Greek Tales.

Crown Svo. 3^'. 6(/.

The Wanderings of Ulysses.

Crown 8vo. 3^. 6L

The Retreat of the Ten Thou-
sand ; being tlie Story of Xenophon's
'Anabasis.' With Illustrations.

WOLFF.- Rambles in the Black

Forest. By Henky W. Woi.iF.
Crown Svo. 7^. 6(1.

\NOQ)[) (Rev. J. G.)— Works by.

Homes Without Hands ; a De-
scription of the Habitations of Animals,
classed according to the Principle of Con-
struction. With 140 Illustrations. Svo.
io.f. 6(/.

Insects at Home ; a Popular

Account of British Insects, their Struc-
ture, Habits, and Transformations. With
700 Illustrations. Svo. los. 6J.

Insects Abroad; a Popular Account

of Foreign Insects, their Structure,
Habits, and Transformations. With
600 Illustrations. Svo. los. 6J.

Bible Animals ; a Description of

every Living Creature mentioned in the
Scriptures. With 112 Illustrations. Svo.
lOs. 6d.

Strange Dwellings ; a Description

of the Habitations of Animals, abridged
from 'Homes without Hands,' With
60 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 31. 6c/.

Out of Doors ; a Selection of

Original Articles on Practical Natural
History. With II Illustrations. Crown
Svo. 3^. 6(f,

Petland Revisited. With 33

Illustrations. Crown Svo. 35. 6d.

The following books are extracted from the
foregoing works by the Rev. J. G. Wood :

Social Habitations and Parasitic

Nests. With 18 Illustrations. Crown

Svo. 2S.

The Branch Builders. With 28

Illustrations. Crown Svo. 2s. 6J.

Wild Animals of the Bible.

With 29 Illustrations, Crown Svo. 3^. 6d.

WOOD (Rev. J. G.)— Works hy -com.
Domestic Animals of the Bible.

With 23 Illustrations. Crown Svo. 3^. 6d.

Bird-Life of the Bible. With 32

Ilhistratiuns. Crown Svo. y. 6d.

Wonderful Nests. With 30 Illus-
trations, Crown Svo. 3^. 6d.

Homes under the Ground. With

2S Illustrations. Crown Svo, 3J, 6d.

YOUATT (William)— Works by.

The Horse. Revised and enlarged.

Svo. Woodcuts, "js. 6d.

The Dog. Revised and enlarged.
Svo. Woodcuts. 6s,

YOUNGHUSBAND (Frances)-Works

The Story of our Lord, told
in Simple Language for

Children. With 25 illustrations on
Wood from Pictures by the Old Masters.
Crown Svo. 2s. 6d.

The Story of Genesis. Crown 8vo.

2s. 6d.

ZELLER (Dr. E.)-Works by.
History of Eclecticism in Greek

Philosophy. Translated by Sarah
F. Alleyne. Crown Svo. los. 6d.

The Stoics, Epicureans, and}

Sceptics. Translated by the Rev.
O.J, Reichel, M.A, Crown Svo, 15^.

Socrates and the Socratiol

Schools. Translated by the Rev, O
J. Reichel, M.A. Crown Svo, los. 6d\

Plato and the Older Academyj

Translated by Sarah F. Alleyne an(
Alfred Goodwix, B.A. Crown Svcj

The Pre-Socratic Schools: a Hisj

tory of Greek Philosophy from the Earlie [
Period to the time of Socrates, TranI
lated by Sa"rah ^. Alleyne, 2 volj
crown 8v>j. 30^,

. Cutliiies of the History <{
J Greek Philosophy. TransiatI

by S.\RAH F. Alleyne and Evel^I
Abbott. Crown Svo, 10s. 6d.

Spottiswoode & Co. Printers, New-street Square, London.

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Online LibraryJohn Henry NewmanLetters and correspondence of John Henry Newman during his life in the English church, with a brief autobiography ; (Volume 2) → online text (page 47 of 47)