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Massachusetts Light Aiiiillery, 14th Battery.



First Brigade. " Second Brigade,

Colonel Zbnas R. Bli83. Colonel Simon G. GbiffiM.

.S6th Massachusetts. Slnt Maine.

58th Massachusetts. 32d Maine.

7th Rhode Island. Bth New Hampshire. .

51st New York. 9th New Hampshire.

45th Pennsylvania. 11th New Hampshire.

48th Pennsylvania. 17th Vermont.

Massachusetts Light Artillery, 11th Battery.
New York Light Artillery, I9th Battery.


Brigadier-Gbnbbal ORLANDO B. WILLCOX.

First Brigade. Seco7id Brigade.

Colonel John E. Habtrahft. Colonel Benjamin C. Christ.

109th New York. 79th New York.

51st Pennsylvania. 50th Pennsylvania.

2d Michigan. 60th Ohio.

Sth Michigan. 1st Michigan Sharpshooters.

i7th Michigan. SOih Michigan.

37th Michigan.

Maine Light Artillery, 7th Battery.
New York Light Artillery, 34th Battery.

1 This corps was under the direct orders of Lieutenant- General U. S. Grant
until May 34, 1864, when assigned to the Army of the Potomac.



Bmoadibb-Geiiekai. EDWABD FBRHERO.

Secoiid Brigade.

Colonel Hesbt G. Thomas.

30th Connecticut (colored).

19th United States Colored Troops.

33d United States Colored Troops.

Flrsi Brigade.
Colonel Joshua K. Siofeied.
a7th United States Colored Troeps.
30th United States Colored Troops.
39th United States Colored Troops.
43d United States Colored Troops.

Vermont Iiight Artillery, 3d Battery. Pennsylvania Light Art'y, Battery D.

3d New Jersey. 13th Fennsylvania. 2d Ohio.

I^ovisional Brigade.
Colonel Elisha G. Marshaz.l.
24th New York Cavalry (dismounted).
14th New York Heavy Artillei-y.

Reserve Artillery.
1st E. I. Light Artillery, Battery D.
1st R. I. .Light Artillery, Battery H.
N. Y. Light Artillery, 27th Battery.
2d United States Artillery, Battery E.
3d United States Artillery, Battery G.
3d U. S. Art., Batteries L and M.

2d Pennsylvania Frov, Heavy Artillery.


Extract from Consolidated Morning Report of the Army of the Poto-
mac, April 30, 1864.

Peesest foe Duty, Equipped.







Provost Guard





Beserve Artillery— Infantry Guard.


Infantry — Second Corps







Infantry Fifth Corps



Total of Infantry











The grand aggr^ate of the above officers and enlisted men, 99,438, Excluding
englnecTE it l8 97,1*>3, which is 111 lesB than given by General Drum, the differ«
eiice between us being my omiGsion of 61 guardR and orderlies with General In-
galls and 60 cavalry with the Sixth Corps. There were :

Officers. Enlisted men.

On extra or daily duty 946 18,149

In arrest or confinement 80 861

Sick 199 4,377


^I teamfitere, ambulance and spring-wagon driverfi, hospital attendants, men
in the Quartermaster and Subsistence Departments, that is the whole personnel of
the Staff Deparcments and trains, was composed of ofilcers and enlisted men de-
tailed for " extra or daily duty " from the regiments forming the army. They
were not available for any other duty.

The artillery consisted of 49 batteries, having 374 field guns (130 13-poniider
Kapoleons. 148 l(l-pounder and 3-inch rifles, and 6 30-pounder Farrotts). There
were also 8 24-pounder coehoma.

Two hundred and seventy rounds of ammunition were carried for each gun.

There were 657 artillery carriages, including caissons, battery-wagons, and
forges, the horses for which numbered ti,339; be.-ides, there were 609 wagons
(ordinary army wagons) and 3.731 iinimals for transport of ammunition.

In the Annual Report of the Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War, dated
November a2, 1865, he states, on page 5, in a tabular statement of the numerical
strength of the several Military Departments and Armies, that " The augreuate
available force present for duSj/^ May 1, lb64," of the Army of the Potomac, the
Ninth Corps not included, was 130,384.

Upon an examination of the original tabular statement on the files of the Adju-
tant- Generars Office, prepared for Mr. Stanton, the figures of which are exactly
those presented by him in the Annual Report specified, I found that those figures
includi^d not only the officers and enlisted men of every branch of the service
*''■ present for auty^'' butaU those on *• extra or daily duty,'''* as well as all those
*' in arrest or cmifinement.''^

There is no column of ^^^ Aggregate available force present for duty ''Hn an j
return or morning report. The column *^ present for dnty equipped'*'' is intended
to give the number of enlisted men that form the fighting force of the army, to-
gether with those that may be made available for it, such as the Provost Guard,
but does not include those on extra or daily duty, who form no part whatever of
that force, and are not-available for it.

The foot-note shows that on April 30, 1864, there were about 19,000 officers and
enlisted men on extra or daily duty, and about 900 in arrest or confinement.

The tabular statement used by Mr. Stanton was prepared from the Return of
the Army of the'Potomac for April, 1864, between which and the consolidated
morning report of April 30, 1864, there is some discrepancy. The morning report
gives a better presentation of the condition of the army for that day than the
monthly report.

Upon ascertaining how Mr. Stanton's tabular statement was prepared, I ad-
dressed a letter to General Drum, Adjutant-General of the Army, asking him for
an official statement as to the classes of officers and enlisted men, and the number
of each that go to the making up the numbers given in the Report of the Secretary
of War. My letter and General Drum's reply are herewith.

WASHINGTON, December 1, 1881.
Bbiqadieb- General Richabd C. Druu,

Adjutant-General U. S. Army, Washington :
General — In the Annual Report of the Hon. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of
War, dated November 22, 1865, he states on page 5 that " The aggregate availa-
ble force present for duty May 1, 1864, was distributed as follows." Here follows
a tabular statement of the numerical strength of the several military departments
and armies, the second on the list being,

" Army of the Potomac 120,384 "

It is chiefly to the numbers given for the " available force present for duty "
with the Army of the Potomac that I desire to ask the attention of the Honorable
the Secretary of War,

Upon an examination of the original tabular statement on the files of the Adju-
tant-General's Office, prepared for Mr. Stanton, the figures of which are exactly
those presented by him in the Annual Report. I find that those figures Include not
only the officers and enlisted men of every branch of the service present for duty,
bat all those on extra or daily duty, as well as all those in arrest and confinement.

In this manner it appears that the number, on let of May, 1864, of officers and
enlisted men of the Army of the Potomac in the line of battle or available for it,
that is present for duty, according to the Tabular Statement, is about twenty
thousand greater than the actual number ; for the officers and enlisted men on

XII.— 18


extra or daily duty are not in the line of battle nor are they available for it. They
form the personnel of the trains. Neither are those in arrest or conAnement in or
available for the line of battle, though some of them mny be temporarily released
for it on the eve of a battle. In the present case they numbered 931.

The same kind of error will, I believe, be fonnd to exist in all the nnmbers of
the Table.

I understand that the Tabular Statement was prepared from the returns of the
armies and military departments for the month of April, and not from the Morn-
ing Reports of the 30th of April, usually called the Tri-monthly Reports, because
made every ten days. These Morning Reports give a better prer^entation of the
condition of the army than the Monthly Return, In the present case there is evi-
dently a large error in the Monthly Return for April of the Army of the Potomac
in the number of officers and enlisted men present for duty, and in those on extra
or daily duty, especially in the Second Corps.

On page 14 of the same Annual Report of the Secretary of War there is a tabu-
lar statement of " The aggregate available force present for duty on the 1st of
March,^' 1865, which contains an error of the same kind as that just pointed out in
the numbers given for the Army of the Potomac, by which its actual numerical
strength of present for duty is increased by 16,000. The same kind of error un-
doubtedly exists in the numbers given for the other armies and for the military

The object of this communication is to suggest whether the Tabular Statements
of the Secretary of War's Report of iJoveraber, It 65, cannot be officially examined .
and a statement made as to the classes of officers and enlisted men, and the num-
ber of each that go to making up the numbers given in the Report.
Very respectfnlly, your obedient servant,

Brig.-Oen.^ etc., etc., Retired, Maj.-Qen. Vols*

Headquarters of the Amurr,


Washington, December 83, 1881,
Genbeal a a. Htimpheeyb, U. S. A., Washington, D. C. :

G-ENEBAL — In reply to your communication of December 1. 1881, relative tothe
strength of the Army of the Potomac on the 1st of May, 1864, and the 1st of
March, 1865, as showri in the report of the Hon. Secretary of War, dated Novem-
ber 22, 1865, I have the honor to furnish the following information :

The strength of the Army of the Potomac on the 1st of May, 1864, as given by
the Hon. Secretary of War in his report of November 22, 1865, was obtained from
a tabular statement prepared in this office. In his report Mr. Stanton designates
the strength therein stated at 120,884. as "the aggre^te available force present
fur duty,^^ while the tabular statement made in the Adjutant-GeneraPB Office stales
it the " present available for duty.'*

In reporting the available or effective strength of the army, or any portion
thereof, it is the common practice to give either the " present for duty" or the
" present for duty equipped," preferably the latter when obtainable, which shows
the forc^-e available for conflict. But this custom seems not to have been observed
in the preparation of the statement upon which the Secretary of War based his
report. In calculating the number ** available for duty " as given therein, the
following classes of officers and men were included :

Present for duty 103,789

" on extra duty 16,629

" in arrest, suspension, or confinement 870

** in blank column (artillery reserve) 93

In computing the " available for duty " only the sick^ numbering 4,222, were ex-
cluded from the aggregate " present " (124,602), leaving 120,380, or four less than
given by Mr. Stanton. An examination of the records leads to the assumption that
this slight difference is a typ'tgraphical error in the Secretary's printed report.

The above figures were compiled from the regular monthly return of the Army
of the PytomfLC for April, ie64, but which was not made out until July 18, 1864.


Turning to the consolidated morning report, or tri-monthly return (aa it is more
generally known), for April 30, 1864, the following figures are obtained, viz.;

Totiil present for duty 102,869

On special, extra, or daily duty 19,095

Sick 4,576

In arrest or confinement 931

Aggregate present 127,471

Of the total present for duty there were equipped 97,373

The latter is understood to represent the "effective force," or number of oifl-
cers and men " available for line of battle," and was usually ascertained by de-
ducting from the "present for duty" all non-combatants, and those who from
lack of arms or other causes could not be placed in line of battle.

By comparing the numbers reported on the monthly return and those borne on
the tri-raonthly, both purporting to be for the same date (April 30), it is found
that a discrepancy of 920 exists in the " present for duty " alone, the monthly re-
turn showing that many more than the tri-mouthly. There are some other d&er-
ences between the two returns, but this oflBce has no means at command by which
to furnish any certain and satisfactory explanation of the matter. It is believed,
however, that in this particular case the tri-monthly return for April 30, 1864, and
which bears date of May 2, 1864, only two days after the date it represents, con-
tains the most reliable data.

In reference to Mr. Stanton's report of the strength of the Army of the Potomac
on the Ist of March, 1865, It may be stated that his figures were obtained from the
tri-monthly return for February 28, 1865, which furnishes the following :

Total present for duty 87,268

On special, extra, or daily duty 15,423

Sick 5,361

In arrest or confinement 683

Aggregate present 108,634

Deducting from this the sick (5,361), gives the 103,373 reported by the Hon.
Secretary of War as the " ag^egace available force present for duty."

This method of calculating the *' available for duty" appears to have been ap-
plied to all the commands of the Army mentioned on pages 5 and 14 of the Beport
of the Secretary of War, dated November S3, 1865.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

R. 0. DRrM,


Ohganization op the Akmy op Noetheen VniaiNU, Com-
manded BY Genebal Kobekt E. Lee, January 31, 1864.

Lieutenant-General R. S. EWELL Commanding.


Sitvs's Brigade. Pegram's Brigade.

Brig.-Gen. H. T. Hats. Brig.-Gen. JohnFbobau.

5tli Louisiana, Co]. Henry Porno. 13th Virginia, Col. J. B. Terriil.

ftth LouiBiana, Col. Wm. Monaghan. Slst Virginia, Col. J. S. Hoffman.

ith Looisiana, Col. D. B. Penn. 49th Virginia, Col. J. C. Gibson.

SthLouisiana, Lt.-Col. A. DeBIanc. 59(1 Virginia, Col. James H. Skinner.

9th Louisiana, Col. W. R. Peck, 6Sth Virginia, Col. P. H. Board.


OwdorCa Brigade.
Brig.-G«n. JoBH B. Gordon.
I'^h Georgia, GoL James M. Smith.
36th Georgia, Col. J. D. Matthews.
31st peth] Georgia, Col. E. N. Atlrinson.
3Slh [31st] Georgia, Col. C. A. Bvana.
60th Georgia, Col. W. H. Stiles.
61st Georgia, Col. J. H. Lamar.

Boke^s Brigade,
Brig. -Gen. B. F. Hoke.
6th N. Carolina, Col. B. P. Webb.
21st U. Carohna, Lt.-Col.W. S. Bankin.
B4th N. Carolina, Col. K. M. MurchisoD.
57th N. Carolina, Col. A. C. Qodmn,
1st N. G. Battalion, Capt. J. A. Cooper.



Stonetoaii Brigade, Jonet?8 Brigade,

Brig.-Gen. J. A. Walkek. Brig. -Gen, J. M. JoNRS.

Sd Virginia, Col. J. Q. A. Nadenbonsch. Slst Virginia, Col. W. A. \fitoher.

4th Virginia, Col. William Terry.
Bth Virginia, Col. J. H. S. Punk.
STtll Virginia, Lt.-Col. [C. L.] Haynes.
S3d Virginia, Col. F. W. M.Holliday.

SteuarPe Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. George H. Stettart.
10th Virginia, Col. E. T. H. Warren.
2Sd Virginia, Col. A. G. Taliaferro.
S7th Virginia, Col. T. V. Williams,
let N. Carolina, Col. J. A. McDowell.
3d N. Carolilia, CoL S. D. Thmston.

26th Virginia, Col. J. C. Higginbotham.
4ad Vrrginia, Colonel R. W. Withers.
44th Virginia, Col. Norvell Cobb.
4Sth Virginia, Col. R. H. Dunean.
60th Virginia, Col. A. S. Vanderventer.
Siafford^a Brigade,
Brig.-Gen. L. A. Stafford.

1st IiOnisiana, Col. W. B. Shivers.

2d liOuisiana, Col. J. M. Williams.

10th Lonisiana, Col. £. Waggaman.

14th liOnisiaua, Col. Z. Tork.

15th Lonisiana, Col. £. Pendleton.

Major-Geheral ROBERT E. RODES.

DaniePs Brigade.

Brig.-Gen. Junius Daniel.
82d N. Carolina, Col. E. 0. Brabble.
43d N. Carolina. Col. Thos, S. Kenan.
45th N. Carolina, Col. Sam'l H. Boyd.
53d N. Carolina, Col. Wm. A. Owens.
2d N. C. Batt, Maj. John M. Hancock.
Jiamaeur^e Brigade.

Brig. Gen. S. D. Ramseur.
2d N. Carolina, Col. W. R. Cox.
4th N. Carolina, Col. Bryan Grimes.
14th N. Carolina, Col. R. T. Bennett.
30th N. Carolina, Col. F. M. Parker.

Boies's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. George Doles.
4th Georgia, Col. Philip Cook,
lath (Georgia, Col. Kdwnrd Willis.
21st Georgia, Col. John T. Mercer.
44th Georgia, Col. William H. Peeblea

Battlers Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. C. A. Battle.
3d Alabama, Col. C. Forsryth.
5th Alabama, Col. J. M. HaU.
6th Alabama, Col. J. N. Lightfoot.
12th Alabama, Col. S. B. Pickens.
26th Alabama, Col. E. A. O'Neal.
Johiiatori's BHgade.
Brigadier -General R. D. Johnston.
Bth N. , Col. Thomas M. Garrett. 20th N. C, LLiont.] Col. Thomas P. Toon
l«th N. C, Col. H. B. Coleman. SSd N. C, Major C. C. Blacknall.


Lieutbhant-Genekai, a. p. HILL Commandino.


Majoe-Genebal R. H. ANDERSON.

Witax^s (lale) Brigade.
8th Alabama, Col. Y. L. Rovston.
9th Alabama, Col. J. H. King.
10th Alabama, Col. W. H. Forney.
11th Alabama, Ool. J. C. C Sanders.
14th Alabama, Ool. L. Pinckard.

Mahon^a Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. William Mahonb.
6th Virginia, Col. George T. Rogers,
lath Virginia, Col. D. A. Weisiger.
IBth Virginia, Col. Joseph [H.l Ham.
4lKt Virgini;i, Col. W. A. Porham.
61b5 Virginia, Col. V. D. Groner.


Posey's ^IcUe) Brigade. Wright's BrigaOe.

12th Mississippi, Ool. W. H. Taylor. Brig.-Gon. A. B. Wbiqht.

16th Mississippi, Col. S. B. Baiter. 3d Georgia, Col. B. J: Walker. '
19th Mississippi, Col. N. H. Harris. 224 Georgia, Col. [George H. Jones].
4lith Mississippi, Col. J. M. Jayne. , 4Sth Georgia, Ool. William Gibson.

2d Georgia Battalion, Maj. 0. J. MofBtt

Perry's Brigade.

Brigadier-General B. A. Phbbt.

2d Florida, Col. L. G. Pylea. Bth Florida, Col. T. B. Lamar.

8th Florida, Col. David Lang.

Davis's Brigade. KirklancCs Brigade.

Brig.-Gen. J. E. DAvia. Brig.-Gen. W. W. Kirklahd.

2d Mississippi, Col. J. M. Stone. 11th N. Carolina, Col. C. Leventhorpe.

11th Mississippi, Col. F. M. Green. 2t>th N. Carolina, Col. J. R. Lane.

42d Mississippi, Col. H. Moseley. 44th N. Carolina, Col. T. C. Singeltary,

65th N. Carolina, Col. J. K. Connally. 47th N. Carolina, Col. G. H. Faribault
62d N. Carolina, Col. J. £. Marshall.
Cooke's Brigade.
Brigadier-General J. R. Cooee.
15th North Carolina, Colonel William McRae.
27th North Carolina, Colonel John A. Gilmer [Jr.].
46th North Carolina, Colonel E. D. Hall.
48th ITorth Carolina, Colonel [S. H. Wallcup].

Majoe-Genebai. C. M. WILCOX.
ZOTi^s Brigade. McGowan'a Brigade,

Brig.-Gen. J. H. Lahe. Brig. Gen. S. MoGowah.

7th N. Carolina, Col. E. G. Haywood. 1st S. Carolina Maj. C. W. MoOreary.
18th N. Carolina, Col. J. D. Barry. 12th S. Carolina, Col. J. L. Miller.

28th N. Carolina, Col. S. D. Lowe. 13th S. Carolina, Col. B. T. Brookman.

83d N. Carolina, Col. 0. M. Avery. 14th S. Carolina, Col. Jos. N. Brown.

37th N. Carolina, Col. W. M. Barbour. Orr'B(lst) S. C. Uifles, Col. F. B. Harrison
Scales'a Brigade.
Brigadier-General A. M. Scales.
13th N. Carolina, Col. J. H. Hyman. 34th N. Carolina, Col. W. L. J. Low-

16th N. Carolina, Lt.-Col. W. A. Stowe. ranee.
S2d N. Carolina, Col. T. S. Galloway. 38th N. Carolina, Col. W, J. Hoke.


Majob-Genebai, J. B. B. STUART Commanding.


Majoe-Gbitebai. WADB HAMPTON Commahdisg.

Gordon's Brigade. young's Brigade.

Brig.-Gen. Jaiteb B. Gobdok. Brig.-Gen. P. M. B. TouKG.

Ist N. Carolina Cav., Col. W. H. Cheek. 1st S. Carolina Oav., Col. J. L. Black.

2d N. C. Cav., Col. [Wm. G.] Robinson.' 2d S. Carolina Cav., Col. T. J. Lipscomb.

4th N. C. Cav., Col. D. D. Ferebee. Cobb's Georgia Legion (Cav.), Col. G.

JthN. Carolina Cav., Col. [Lt.-Col. S. J. Wnght.

B. Bvana]. Phillips' Georgia Legion (Cav.), Lt.-Col.

W. W. Rich.
Jefl. Davis Legion (Cav.), Lt.-Col. J, F-


Rosner^s Brigade.

Brigadier-General T. L. ROSSER.

7th Virginia Cav., Col. H. H. Dnlaiiy. ISth Virginia Oav., Col. A. W. Harman.

11th ViiBlnia Cav., Col. O. B. Funsten. SBthBat'n, Va. Cav., Lt.-Ool. E.V. Whites

Major-Cenbeai. FITZHUGH LEE.
W, B. F. Zee's Brigade. Lomax's Brigade.

Brig.-Gen. J. R. Chambli-ss Com'd'g. Brig.-Gen. L. L. LOMAX,

9th Virginia Oav., Col. E. L. T. Beale. Bth Virginia Cav., Lt.-Col. H. Clay Pate.
10th Va. Cav., Col. J. Lucius Davis, 6th Virginia Cav., Col. Julien Harrison.
13th Va. Cav., Col. [J. C. Phillips]. IBth Va. Cav., Lt.-Col. John Critcher.

WickAam''8 Brigade.
Brigadier-General W. C. Wiokham.
Ist Virginia Cav., Col. R. W. Carter. 3d Virginia Cav., Col. T. H. Owen.
2d Virginia Cav., Col. T. T. Munfoid. 4th Virginia Cav., Lt.-Col. W. H. Payne,



iTTihoden's Brigade. Tfiomas's Brigade.

Brig.-Gen. J. D. Imboden. Brig. Gen. E. L. Thomas.

ead Va. Inf. (mt'd). Col. Geo. H. Smith. 14th Georgia, Col. R. W. Folsom.

18th Va. Cavalry, Col. G. W. Imboden. 35th Georgia, Col. B. H. Holt.

41st Va. Cav. Batt., Lieut.-Col. Robert 45th Georgia, Col. T. J. Simmons,

White. 49th Georgia, Col. S. T. Player.
Gilmor's Md. Cav. Batt., Major H. W.

McOIanahan's Battery, Capt. Mc-


Walker's Brigade. Archer's Srigade.

Brig.-Gen. H. H. WAl.KEa. Brig.-Gen. J. J. Aboher.

40th Virginia, Col. J. M. Brockenbrough. Ist Tennessee, Col. P. Tnmey.

47th Virginia, Col. R. M. Mayo. 7th Tennessee, [Col. John a! Fite].

65th Virginia, Col. [Wm. S.l Christian. 14th Tennessee, [Col. Wm. McComb].

22d Virginia Batt., Lt.-Col. E. P. Tayloe. 13th Alabama, .

Provost Guard. Scouts, O'uides, and Couriers.

Ist Virginia Batt., Major D. B. Bridg- S9th Virginia Cav. Batt., Major J. H.

ford. Richardson.

Ist Md. Cav., Lieut-Col. Ridgely Brown. 2d Md. Art., Capt, H. Griffln.
2d Md. Inf., Lieut.-Col. Jas. B. Herbert. Cooper's Va. Bat,, Capt, [B. L.] Cooper.

Bkig.-Genekal W. N. PENDLETON, Chief op Abtilleet.


Brioadieb-Generai. a. L. LONG, Chiep of Artillery.

Braxton's Battalion. Jones's Battalion.

Major C. M. Braxton, of Virginia. Lient.-Col. H. P. Jones, of Va.

Lee Battery (Va.), Capt. C. W. Statham. Maj, J. B. Bboceenbrouoh, of Va.

Ist Maryland Art., Capt. W. P. Dement. Charloltesville Art. (Va.), Capt. J. McD.

Chesapeake Art. (Md.), Lieut. W. S. Carrington.

Chew. _ Staunton Art. (Va.), Capt. A.W.Garber.

Alleghany Art. (Va.), Capt. J. C. Car- Courtney Art. (Va.), Capt. W. A Tott
penter. uer.



Ne^sofCa Battalion.
Lieut.-Col. W. Nelson and Major T. J.

Page, of Virginia.
Amherst Art. (Vft.). Oapt. T. J. Kirk-

Milledfte Art. (Ga.), Capt. John Mil-
Fluvanna Art. (Va.), Capt. John L.

Carter''a Bnttalion.
Lieut. -Colonel T. H. Cabteb, of

Morris Art. (Va.), Capt. E. C. Page.
Orange Art. (Va.), Capt. C. M. Fry.
King William Art. (Va.), Capt. "W. P.

Jeff. Davis Art.(Ala.), Capt.W. J. Reese.

Mrst Regiment Virginia Artillery.
Colonel J. T. Brown, of Virginia, and Major B. A. Hardaway, of Alabama.
Powhatan Artillery, Captain Willis J. Dance.
Sd Richmond Howitzers, Captain David Watson,
3d Richmond Howitzers, Capt. B. H. Smith, Jr.
Rockbridge Artillery, Captain Archie Grraham.
Salem Flying Artillery, Captain Charles B. Griffln.

Colonel R. L. WALKER, Chief of Abtillert.

Cutt8''8 Battalion.

Gamett's Battalion,

Lieut.-Col. A. S. Cutts and Major John Lieut.-Gol. J. J. Gabnett and Major C.

Lane, of Georgia.

Boss's Battery (Ga.), Capt. H. M. Ross.

PatterBon''s Battery (Ga.), Capt. G. M.

Irvine Artillery (Ga.), Capt. J. T. Wing-

JTcTntosh's Battalion.

Major D. G. McIntosh, of S. Carolina.

Johnson's Artillery (Va.), Captain M.

Hardaway Ai-t. (Ala.), Capt. W. B. Hurt.

Danville Art. (Va.), Capt. B. S. Rice.

2d Rockbridge Artillery (Va.), Capt. L,

Poague''a Battalion.
Major W. T. Poague. of Missouri.

Madison Art. (Miss.). Capt. Geo. Ward,

Albemarle Art. (Va.), Capt. J.W.Wyatt.

Brooke Battery (Va.), Capt. A. W. Utter-

Graham^s Bat. (Ala.), Capt. J. Graham.

BiOHARDSON, of Virginia.

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