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sunk ; calyx short, erect, basin small, ribbed ; flesh coarse,
breaking, juicy, sugary, pleasant ; second-rate. Early
autumn. Belgian.

Calebasse Grosse. Very large, obconic-oblong ; smooth,
shining, yellowish green; stalk stout, an inch long; flesh
rather coarse, half melting, tolerably good. Belgian.

Capiaumont. (Syn. Beurre de Capiaumont.) Size medium;
obconic-pyriform, quite acjute, approaching turbinate,
regular; skin smooth, yellow, with cinnamon red to the
sun, distinctly dotted, slightly russeted; calyx widely re-
flexed, not sunk ; stalk about an inch long, but varying ;


flesh white, buttery, melting, moderately juicy, sweet,
often astringent, about second-rate. Hardy and produc-
tive. Leaves folded, recurved. Ripens about mid-au-
tumn. Belgian.

Clara. Size, medium ; oval-pyriform ; clear yellow, with a
blush, dotted red ; stalk stout ; calyx and basin small ;
juicy, melting, somewhat acid; second or third-rate.
About mid-autumn. Shoots stout, dark brown. Belgian.

Comprette. Size, medium, or rather large ; obtuse-pyriform;
yellowish green, thickly dotted with brown ; stalk short,
stout, thickened at insertion ; basin shallow ; flesh but-
tery, melting, rich, good, often nearly first-rate. Middle
and late autumn. Belgian.

Countess of Lujiay. Size medium ; obovate-pyriform, some-
what obconic ; skin smooth, pale waxen yellow, with a
thin red cheek ; stalk about an inch and a half long, set
without depression on the rounded ..point of the neck,
which is slightly russeted;' basin very small", even; flesh
white, very juicy, melting, fine nearly or quite first-rate.

Dt'lices d* Hardenpont. Size medium ; obtuse-pyriform ;
pale yellow, dotted in the shade and russeted in the
sun ; stalk an inch long, obliquely set, cavity small ;
calyx small, closed, basin plaited, uneven ; flesh buttery,
melting, rich. Mid-autumn. Belgian.

Edwards' William. Medium in size, obtuse-pyriform; yel-
Icw, sunny side with red dots, flesh yellowish white, but-
tery and melting, good. Early autumn. Origin, New-

Figue. Medium or rather large, pyriform-pyramidal, regu-
lar, body rounding to the apex ; skin thin, green, partly
russeted at crown, often a dull red cheek, stalk an inch
long, stout, very fleshy at insertion, not sunk; basin none ;
flesh rather coarse, melting, juicy, rich, high-flavored.
Late autumn. This pear has been cultivated and proved
fine at Boston. There are some doubts of its identity
with the Figue of the London Horticultural Society.


Forelle. (Syn. Trout Pear.) Medium orrather large, pyri-
form, approaching oblong-obovate ; green, becoming clear
yellow, with a deep vermillion cheek, dots margined with
crimson; stalk an inch long, slender, cavity moderate;
basin rather abrupt and narrow ; flesh buttery and melt-
ing, second-rate. Late autumn. Shoots dark, purplish ;
leaves small, nearly flat. German. A pear of great
beauty, which has contributed to its reputation.

Harvard. Medium or rather large, oblong-pyriform ; skin
russety olive yellow, and with a reddish cheek; stalk
rather stout, sunk little or none, oblique ; basin narrow ;
flesh juicy, melting, tender; rots at the core if not house-
ripened. First of au:urnn. Very productive, growth vigo-
rous, fruit handsome, rendering it profitable for market,
although only second-rate in quality. Origin, Cambridge,

Jersey Gratioli. Size medium ; regularly formed ; pale
brown, somewhat rough, basin round, even ; flesh melt-
ing, rich. Growth erect, vigorous, buds hoary. New.

Lodge. Size medium, pyriform, neck small, narrow, very
acute, sometimes ribbed and irregular ; greenish brown,
much russeted ; stalk an inch and a fourth long, rather
stout and curved ; basin varying from very shallow to
deep and distinct ; flesh very juicy and melting, with a
rich, vinous, or sub-acid Brown Beurr flavor. Early and
mid-autumn. Origin, near Philadelphia, where it proves
first-rate, but farther north it does not stand so high.

Napoleon. Medium or rather large ; obconic-pyriform, ob-
tuse, variable ; green becoming pale yellowish-green ;
stalk an inch long, stout, slightly sunk ; basin rather
large ; flesh uncommonly juicy, melting, moderately rich,
good, sometimes astringent. From mid-autumn till win-
ter. Needs ripening in a warm room. Very productive,
thrifty, hardy. Shoots rather erect. Belgian. Best on
warm light soils.

Pailleau. Medium in size, pyriform-turbinate ; skin rough,
greenish yellow, partly russeted ; stalk about an inch
long,, very stout ; basin small ; flesh juicy, sweet, tolera-


bly good ; second-rate. Early autumn. Overbears. Bel-

Pitt's Prolific. (Syn. Pitt's Surpasse Marie.) Medium size,
oblong-pyriform, rather acute ; yellow, with a broad
brownish-red cheek ; stalk curved, fleshy at base ; flesh
juicy, hard, coarse ; third-rate. English.

Pope's Quaker. Size medium, oblong-pyriform, with smooth
yellow russet, juicy, melting, pleasant ; second or third
rate. Mid-autumn. Long Island, N. Y.

Queen Caroline. (Syn. Reine Caroline. ) Medium in size,
narrow-pyriform, greenish becoming yellow, with a red-
dish cheek ; stalk an inch long, curved, sunk little or
none ; flesh white, crisp, dry ; third-rate. Late autumn.

St. Ghislain. Size medium ; pyriform, neck narrow, acute,
tapering ; surface pale yellow, sometimes a faint blush ;
stalk an inch and a half long, curved with fleshy rings at
insertion ; basin very shallow ; flesh white, buttery, juicy,
with a fine flavor. 'Growth upright, vigorous, shoots light
brown. Somewhat variable in quality, from first to
second-rate. Belgian. Early autumn.

Styrian. Medium or rather large; obconic-pyriform ; sur-
face warm deep yellow, sometimes a bright red cheek,
with russet streaks or patches; stalk an inch and a haif
long, slender, often fleshy at insertion ; basin small, ir-
regular ; flesh slightly granular, crisp, often juicy an I
melting, second-rate, often nearly first-rate in flavor.. A
profuse bearer. Ripens mid-autumn. English.

Sullivan. Medium in size, oblong-pyriform, neck acute, ta-
pering ; greenish yello.v; stalk an inch and a half long,
stout ; flesh juicy, melting, second-rate. Early autumn.

Bilboa and Washington pears, of next class, approach this
class in outline.

Section III. Small.

Yat. Rather small, pyriform-turbinate, slightly com-
pressed ; densely russeied ; stalk an inch long, slender,


oblique, not sunk ; calyx small, basin shallow ; tender,
juicy, rather rich. Early autumn. Dutch. A third-rate
pear ; soon decays.

Section L Large Pears.

Beurre d'Amalis. (Syn. Beurre d'Amanlis.) Large, obo-
vatc, often slightly irregular, sometimes slightly pyriform,
with a short and narravv neck ; dull yellowish green, with
some russet, and a dull reddish cheek ; stalk an inch and
a quarter long, very slightly sunk ; basin shallow ; flesh
buttery, melting and juicy, and rather rich, with a second-
rate flavor. Early and mid-autumn. A good grower,
great bearer alternate years, and always perfects its fruit.
Growth spreading. Belgian.

BEURRE D'ANJOU. Rather large, obovate j approaching ob-
conic, obtuse, regular; surface greenish-yellow, a dull
red cheek to the sun, clouded with russet; stalk quite
short, or half an inch long, slightly sunk, cavity uneven ;
basin shallow, round smooth ; flesh yellowish white, fine-
grained, buttery, melting, with a high, rich, vinous, ex-
cellent flavor. Middle and late autumn. French.

Beurre Knox. Large, oblong-obovate, obconic, acute ; sur-
face pale green, with some thin russet ; stalk an inch
long; basin small, narrow; flesh tender, juicy, but not
high-flavored. Early mid-autumn. Flemish. Of little

Brown Beurre. (Syn. Beurre Gris, Gray Beurre, Beurre"
Rouge, Red Beurre, Beurre Isambert.^) Large, often only
medium; oblong-obovate, with a rounded taper to the stalk ;
skin yellowish green, russeted ; stalk an inch to an inch and
a half long, rather oblique, thickening into the fruit ; basin
rather shallow; flesh greenish white, very juicy, melting,
buttery, with a rich sub-acid or vinous flavor. Early mid-
autumn. Highly esteemed by those who prefer a vinous


flavor. Partially fails in many localities ; needs rich,
high cultivation. Wood short-jointed, flexuous, leaves

Capuciri. Rather large, oval, sometimes obtuse turbinate ;
surface greenish, becoming pale yellow; slightly russeted
at ends, reddened next the sun; stalk nearly an inch long,
cavity obtuse ; basin deep, narrow, irregular ; flesh green-
ish, juicy, crisp, rather rich; second-rate. Mid-autumn.

Chapman. Rather large, obovate, sometimes slightly pyri-
form, obtuse, largest at the middle, tapering each way ;
surface clear lemon yellow ; stalk nearly two inches long,
cavity shallow, wrinkled ; calyx erect, basin ribbed ; flesh
yellowish-white, very juicy, half breaking, rather acid ;
sometimes astringent ; second-rate. Pa.

Chancellor. Large, obovate, green ; stalk an inch long,
rather thick, cavity small, irregular ; calyx small, basin
contracted ; flesh melting, rich, very agreeable. Ripens
about mid-autumn. Origin, Germantown, Pa. New.

Copia. Large, broad-turbinate, acute ; yellow slightly rus-
seted ; stalk long, stout, fleshy at insertion ; calyx large,
basin slightly furrowed; flesh coarse, juicy, rather rich.
Mid-autumn. Origin, Philadelphia.

Dunmore. Large, oblong-obovate; surface greenish, with
dots of brownish red russet ; stalk an inch and a half long,
stout, fleshy at insertion, scarcely sunk in the obtuse and
rounded base ; calyx small, deep-set ; flesh buttery, melt-
ing, rich, good, but not first-rate. Early autumn. Eng-
lish, raised by Knight.

FLEMISH BEAUTY. (Syn. Belle de Flandres.^) Large, obo-
vate, often obscurely tapering to the crown, very obtuse ;
surface slightly rough, with some reddish brown russet on
pale yellow ground ; stalk an inch and a quarter long,
rather slender, cavity round, deep, narrow, often acumi-
nate, rim obtusely rounded ; basin small, round ; flesh
juicy, melting, often with a very rich, sweet, and excel-
lent flavor, but variable, and sometimes not high-flavored;
needs house-ripening. Shoots dark brown, growth vigo-


rous, tree productive, and fruit always fair and handsome.
Very valuable its chief and perhaps only deficiency is a
frequent want of a full, high, rich flavor. It must be
gathered while yet hard, and ripened within doors. The
Beurre Spence, so long the " Great Unknown " of pomo-
logists, is commonly believed to be no other than this

Great Citron of Bohemia. Large, oblong, yellow, spotted
and tinged with red next the sun ; stalk an inch lonr ;
flesh juicy, with a second or third-rate flavor.

Jalousie. Rather large, varying from roundish to obovate-
pyriform ; surface smooth, deep rich russet, with clear de-
fined, lighter dots ; stalk an inch and a quarter long, cavi-
ty and basin narrow and small, sometimes rather deep ;
flesh white, dry, and with poor flavor. Mid-autumn.
Shoots stout, olive. Handsome and worthless. French.

Shenks. Rather large, roundish-obovate, obscurely ribbed,
crown flattened ; light yellow, often a light red cheek ;
stalk one inch long ; basin deep ; flesh white, a little
gritty, tender, melting, sub-acid, second-rate. Needs
house-ripening. Mid-autumn. New-England.

Van Buren. Large, obovate, crown flattened ; surface clear
yellow, with an orange red blush, dots conspicuous; flesh
white, crisp, sweet, for baking only. Handsome. New-
Haven, Conn.

Van dssene. Rather large, obovate, slightly angular; crown
obtuse, sides rounded ; skin fair, smooth, dull yellow ;
stalk an inch and a qurater long, slender, curved, mode-
rately sunk ; calyx closed ; flesh white, rather coarse,
buttery, melting, rich. Belgian.

Onondaga, and Dutchess of Angouleme, of the preceding
class, approach this in form.

Section II. Medium in size.

Abbott. Medium in size, oblong-obovate, (like the Wash-
ington,) surface even, smooth, dark dull green, with a
reddish brown cheek changing to scarlet, stalk an inch


long; calyx small, closed ; melting, juicy, rich. Early
mid-autumn, Good and handsome. Providence, R. I.

Alpha. Medium, obovate, slightly oblong ; greenish yellow,
with red dots to the sun; stalk an inch long, slightly
sunk ; basin round ; flesh juicy, buttery, sweet, fine. Mid-
autumn. Belgian.

Ananas. Medium or large, obovate-obconic, dull or green-
ish yellow, stalk stout, short, fleshy at insertion, calyx
closed, basin narrow, angular ; melting, juicy, rich. Mid-
autumn. France. New. The Ananas d'Ete is distinct,
and requires farther investigation.

Ambrosia. Size medium, round-obovate, slightly flattened
at ends ; skin greenish-yellow, thickly dotted ; stalk
about an inch and a half long, cavity rather broad and
shallow ; calyx erect or closed, basin wide, plaited; flesh
slightly breaking, buttery, good Second-rate, often only
third-rate. Early in autumn. French.

um, obconic-obovate, sometimes remotely pyrifomi ; sur-
face pale yellowish-green, slightly russeted ; stalk an
inch and a quarter long, often fleshy, oblique ; cavity very
small and narrow ; calyx short ; basin smooth, sometimes
furrowed ; flesh very juicy, with a fine texture, melting,
rich, excellent. Very variable when well grown and
fully ripened, it has no superior and few equals, in its ex-
ceedingly rich, delicate, perfumed flavor but often of
poor quality. Early mid-autumn. Belgian. Growth
moderate, upright, shoots yellowish-gray.

Bdmo7it. Size medium ; roundish-obovate ; skin yellowish-
green, a faint reddish-brown cheek to the sun ; stalk two
inches long, slender curved ; flesh rather coarse, juicy,
sweet, second-rate first-rate for cooking. Mid-autumn.

Bergamotte Cadette. (Syn. Beauchamps, Beurr-3 Beau-
champs, Poire de Cadet.) Size medium ; round-obovate,
or round-oval ; surface greenish-yellow, often russeted,

* frequently tinged with reddish-brown to the sun ; stalk an
inch and a fourth long, scarcely sunk on the rounded base


calx erect or closed, basin very shallow ; flesh melting,
buttery, juicy, sweet, quite rich, slightly perfumed ; near-
ly first-rate. Late autumn. . Productive. French.

Beurr Colmar. (Syn. Beurre Colmar d'Automne.J Size
medium, oval-obovate, regular, smooth; skin greenish
yellow, often a blush ; stalk an inch long ; basin shallow,
narrow, irregular ; flesh white, crisp, becoming juicy and
melting, not rich.

Beurre Crapaud. Medium size, round-obovate, obtuse ; sur-
face smooth, yellow, with a red cheek; stalk short, cavi'y
shallow; basin broad, shallow; flesh fine-grained, melt-
ing, juicy, high-flavored, perfumed. Somewhat resem-
bles While Doyenne, but higher colored. Mid-autumn.
Shoots light yellow. New.

Beurre de Beaumont. Medium size, roundish-obovate or
roundish-turbinate ; skin yellowish green, thinly dotted
dark green, and a faint dull red cheek ; stalk an inch
long, very slightly sunk ; sometimes set under a lip ;
calyx short, basin shallow, smooth ; flesh buttery, melt-
ing, juicy, rich; nearly or quite first-rate. Early mid-
autumn. French. New.

Beurre Kenrick. Medium size, obconic-obovate, crown flat-
tened ; greenish yellow ; stalk an inch long ; flesh juicy,
sweet, buttery; second or third-rate. Early autumn.

Beurre Preble. Medium, sometimes rather large, oblong-
obovate, sometimes roundish-obovate, usually an acute,
slight neck ; skin greenish yellow ; stalk stout, an inch
long, cavity little or none ; basin small ; flesh melting,
buttery, sweet, rich, with high flavor, but varying to
second-rate. Late autumn. Origin, Maine.

Beurr Romain. Medium in size, obovate ; light yellowish
green ; stalk short, not sunk ; calyx prominent ; flesh
juicy, melting, of second-rate quality. Early mid-au-

Bezi de Montigny. Medium size, or rather large, obovate,
obtuse, sometimes remotely pyriform, regular; skin smooth


pale yellowish green ; stalk an inch long, stout, much
enlarged from the fruit ; calyx small, erect ; cavity and
basin small, smooth; flesh half-buttery, melting, juicy,
and quite sweet, perfumed good second-rate. Mid-
autumn. Resembles Urbaniste externally. French.

Bon Chretien Fondant e, or "Melting Bonchretien." Size
medium ; roundish, slightly oblong, rarely short-obovate,
obtuse ; surface dull green, partly russeted, numerously
dotted ; stalk an inch long, moderately or slightly sunk ;
basin small ; flesh yellowish white, core yellow and rather
gritty, melting, very juicy, rich, pleasant often nearly
first-rate, somewhat variable. Ripens about mid-autumn
or later. Leaves conspicuously folded and recurved.

Boucquia. Medium or rather large ; oval-obovate ; skin
pale yellow and pale red, partly russeted, stalk an inch
and a quarter long, fleshy at insertion ; calyx large, erect,
scarcely sunk; flesh juicy, melting, seconder third-rate.

Buffum. Size medium ; obovate, approaching oblong ; skin
yellow, with a broad, reddish brown cheek, somewhat
russeted ; stalk three-fourths to an inch long, stout ; cavi-
ty and basin moderate or small; flesh buttery, sweet,
good, not quite first-rate, slightly variable. Shoots strong,
reddish brown, very erect ; tree very productive. Valua-
ble for its fair fruit, and fine bearing qualities. Early
mid-autumn. Origin, Rho.le Island.

Cabot. Size medium, round-turbinate, slightly irregular,
crown full, obtuse ; stalk an inch long, set on the pointed
base without depression ; surface rough, russeted, bronze
yellow ; basin round, smooth ; flesh greenish white, break-
ing, somewhat melting, juicy, sub-acid, about second-rate.
Early mid-autumn. Tree vigorous, very productive. Ori-
gin, Salem, Mass.

Commodore. Size medium ; regular obovate, or obovate-
pyriform, with a short narrow neck ; surface yellow, with
a little red, thickly dotted, and with some russet ; stalk
an inch and a quarter long, scarcely depressed ; calyx
small, reflexed; basin very shallow; flesh juicy, melting,


buttery, sweet, with'a second-rate, sometimes nearly first
rate flavor. Late autumn. Belgian.

Gushing. Medium or rather large, obovate, somewhat ob
conic ; surface light greenish yellow, rarely a dull red
cheek ; stalk an inch long, cavity abrupt ; basin rathei
shallow ; flesh fine grained, buttery, melting, with a fine
flavor nearly first-rate. Ripens in the early part of au-
tumn. Shoots spreading. Very productive. Origin,
Hingham, Mass.

Dallas. Size medium ; obovate, slightly obconic-pyriform ;
dull yellow, often much russeted ; stalk an inch long,
not sunk ; basin round, slightly wrinkled ; segments 01
the calyx rounded, stiff; flesh fine-grained, melting, juicy,
good. Ripens late-autumn. Conn. *

De Loavain. Medium size, obovate-obconic, approaching
pyriform ; surface light yellow, faintly russeted, with
ruddy dots to the sun ; stalk an inch long, stout, oblique,
not sunk ; basin very narrow, shallow ; flesh ' buttery,
melting, rich, good. Ripens through mid-autumn. Bel-

DOYENNE BOUSSOCK. (Syn. Doyenne Boussouck Nouvelle.)
Large, thick obovate, obconic, sometimes slightly pyri-
form, slightly uneven ; surface bright lemon yellow when
ripe, partly russeted, sometimes a slight reddish cheek ;
stalk stout, about an inch long, varying, sometimes fleshy,
often oblique ; basin very shallow, even ; flesh buttery,
melting, very juicy, with a first-rate flavor, resembling
the White Doyenne, but not equal to it in quality. New.
The Gray Doyenne has been cultivated to some extent
under this name.

Duchesse de Mars. Size medium or rather small ; obovate,
slightly pyriform ; skin dull yellow, partly russeted ; stalk
an inch long, scarcely sunk on the rounded base ; calyx
closed, basin very small; flesh melting and juicy, rather
rich. Ripens late autumn. A second-rate fruit. French.

Dundas. Size medium ; short turbinate, sometimes obovate,
base flattened ; skin yellow, with a brilliant blush ; stalk
an inch long, stout, not sunk ; calyx small, basin wide,




deep and even ; flesh half-buttery, tender, melting, rich,
perfumed. Mid-autumn. A handsome Belgian variety,
of nearly first-rate quality.

Edward's Elizabeth. Medium in size or rather large ;
round ish-obovate, sometimes approaching obtuse pyri-
form, somewhat angular, smooth ; surface a beautiful,
clear, waxen, pale yellow ; stalk often planted in a fleshy
protuberance ; flesh buttery, slightly sub-acid, good. Mid-
autumn. Origin, New Haven, Conn.

Enfant Prodigue. Size medium, or rather small; obovate,
varying, base always narrow ; surface rough, slightly
uneven, tawny yellow, russeted ; stalk an inch and a
half long, scarcely sunk, or under a lip ; calyx closed,
crumpled, basin slight, narrow, furrowed ; very juicy,
sub-acid, rather rich. Very variable in form and quality.
Late autumn. Belgian.

Figue de Naples. (Syn. Fig pear of Naples.) Medium, or
rather large; oblong-obovate, sometimes slightly obovate-
pyriform, base very obtuse ; surface yellowish-brown,
with a faint reddish cheek ; stalk an inch long, fleshy at
insertion ; basin broad, shallow, smooth ; flesh buttery,
rich, but becoming dry instead of melting, unless kept
from the air, the skin being quite pervious to moisture.
Ripens late autumn. Hardy and productive.

Forme de Delices. Medium size, obovate, yellowish, rough,
much russeted ; stalk an inch long, cavity round, smooth ,
calyx large, projecting; flesh buttery, melting, somewhat
dry, of good flavor. Late autumn. Belgian. Shoots
stout, upright, yellowish-green.

Jones. Size medium or rather small, obovate, often pyri-
form ; surface rich yellow russet ; stalk an inch or an inch
and a fourth in length, variable in thickness, fleshy at in-
sertion, not sunk; basin shallow; flesh yellowish, melt-
ing, of fine flavor. Ripens late autumn. Origin, King-
sessing, near Philadelphia. New.

GOLDEN BETTRRE OF BILBOA. (Syn. Bilboa, Hooper's Bil
boa.) Rather large; obovate, slightly pyriform, rathei
obtuse, very regular ; surface smooth, fair, fine yellow,





russeted round the stalk ; dots small, distinct ; stalk an
inch and a quarter long, slightly sunk ; calyx small, erect,
basin shallow ; flesh fine-grained, very buttery, melting,
moderately rich sometimes a very obscure acid astrin-
gency. Ripens the first of autumn, and immediately fol-
lows the Bartlett. Its fair fruit, and productiveness, ren-
der it a very valuable pear, although, like the Flemish
Beauty, it is not of the highest flavor. Grows well on the
quince. A native of Bilboa, Spain.

GRAY DOYENNE. (Syn. Doyenne Gris, Gray Butter
Pear, Red Doyenne, Doyenne Rouge, St. Michael Dore.)
Size medium, obovate^ often approaching turbinate ; whole
surface a handsome smooth cinnamon russet ; stalk half
to three-fourths of an inch long, cavity quite narrow;
calyx small, closed; flesh with a very fine texture, very
buttery, melting, rich, perfumed, delicious, excellent.
Middle of autumn to winter. Shoots yellowish or gray-
ish brown, ascending. Fails on some localities.

Green Yair. (Syn. Green pear of Yair.) Medium size,
obovate, green, juicy, third-rate. Early autumn.

HEATHCOT. (Syn. Gore's Heathcot.) Medium size; obo-
vate, regular, base obtuse ; surface greenish yellow, part-
ly overspread with thin russet ; stalk an inch long rather
stout, cavity moderate or small ; calyx partly closed,
basin small ; flesh fine-grained, buttery, with a rich, per-
fumed, and excellent flavor sometimes hardly first-rate.
Early mid-autumn. Shoots upright, reddish brown. Very
productive and profitable. Origin, Waltham, Mass.

HenkeL Medium or rather large, round-obovate, remotely
pyriform, with a very short neck ; obtuse ; surface yel-
low, often a clear pale yellow, sometimes partly russeted ;
stalk an inch and a half long, slightly sunk ; basin small,
even ; flesh yellowish white, buttery, melting, juicy,
sprightly, fine, sometimes only second-rate. Belgian.

Hericart. Size medium, obovate, remotely pyriform, often
irregular, greenish yellow, with numerous confluent dots ;
stalk an inch and a quarter long, slightly sunk ; basin
small ; flesh melting, buttery, not rich, second or third-
rate. First of autumn. Belgian.


Hull. Medium size, obovate, rounded at base ; skin yel-
lowish green, some russeted ; stalk an inch and a half

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