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to exercise care in regard to property, 2»»9
to consult his master's interests, 210
dismissal for immorality, 212
dismissal for insolence, 213
duty to possess skill, 214
dismissal for permanent sickness, 215
province of court and jury, 217
valid reason for discharge need not be given, 2 is
forfeiture of wages, 219, 638
earnings of servant, 220
authority to contract for master, 244

to pledge master's credit, 246
of, after quitting employment, 2}'.)
fellow, 304
selection of, 310
contributory negligence of, 325, 329


to claim for wages, 159

712 INDEX.


law of, 1 7


wages of seamen in, 156

master's duty in, ] 80

servant visiting sick relations, 206

permanent, 215

of apprentice, 260


person in charge of, G05


manufactures, frauds in, 343, 349, 353
weavers' tickets of work, 381

servant's duty to possess, 214


in England, 1


hiring of, 84, 85



of contracts of hiring, 197
apprenticeship, 638


agreements witli labourers, &c., exempt from, 121

upon indentures, 122, 550

agreements with seamen exempt from, 122


refusal to deliver up, 353
hire of, 383

STRIKES, 599, 6Q2, 616, 618


work on, 150,337
statutes as to, 337

SUPERINTENDENCE. See Employers' Liability Act, 665,


INDEX. 713

SUPERIOR. See Employers' Liability Act, cgt


for servants, 237

See also Employers and Workmen Act, G?>?>


servant when, (^2, 70


implied power to terminate contract of hiring, 1 l^s


of servants, 21



state of law before ;") Geo. lY. c. 95, 507

state of law after, 599

strikes, 599

threats, 600

how far in restraint of trade, 600

34 & 35 Vict. c. 31, 603

member of trade union not lial)le to criminal prosecution,

agreements not void, 603

excepted agreements, 603

registered trade unions, 605

registry of trade unions, 607

legal proceedings, 609

definitions — trade union, itc, 611

Acts repealed, 612

schedules, 613

Conspiracy and Protection of Property kcl. - {For full
index, see }). 614)

conspiracy and protection of property, 616

crime, definition of, 616

breach of contract of service in supplying of gas or water,

breach of contracts of service injurious to property or per-
son, 617

neglect of master to provide servant with food, 617

intimidation, 617

714 INDEX.

TRADE VmO^^— continued.

persistently following, hiding tools, watching, &c., G18

legal proceedings, G18

definitions, 619

saving as to sea service, 621

repeal of Acts, 621

application of Act, G23

39 & 40 Vict. c. 22—

trade unions to be within s. 28 of the Friendly
Societies Act, 1875 — 625

membership of minors, 627

dissolution of, 628

definition of, 629


contracts of hiring of, 113


person in charge of, 606
meaning of, 666n.

TRAMWAY, 6 6 On.


petit, 87


former legislation, 366

payment to l)e made in cuiTcnt coin, 367

artificers within the Act, 3G7n., 374, 377

contracts as to mode of expending wages, 368

no set-off or deduction in respect of goods supplied, 369

no action for goods supplied, 369

payment in bank notes permitted, 370

penalties, 371

proceedings under the Act, 371

trades excepted, 374

domestic servant and servant in husbandry not within the
Act, 375

employer supplying medicine, fuel, &c., or making deduc-
tion for rent, 376

what deductions permissible, 376

artificers within the Act, 277

INDEX. 715

TRUCK ACT— conimucd.

schedule of forms, 378

8&9 Vict. c. 128, 381

tickets of work to be delivered to silk weavers, ;]81

37 & 38 Vict. c. 48—383

stoppage of wages in hosiery luaimfacture, 383
full and entire amount of wages to be paid, 383
contracts for frame rents illegal, 383
artificers within the Act, 384


in bankruptcy, rights of to proceeds of personal labour,


contracts of hiring of, 115


contracts of hiring of, 117

USAGE, no, 109


apportionment of, xxxiii.

master's duty to pay, 142

implied duty to pay, 142, 140

left to employer's discretion, 147

remuneration for extra work, 150

wages and freight, 155, 555

of seamen in sickness, 150

forfeiture of seamen's wages, 158, 500

seamen's wages when recoverable, 100, 550

time of payment of wages, 100, 555

payment of wages of miners in public-houses, 100, 402, 442

payment of wages in winding-up companies, 101, IGG

effect of bankruptcy upon, 102

attachment of, 103, 55'J

claim for when barred, 104

presumption of payment, 104

insurance of, 105

forfeiture of on dismissal, 219, 038

payment in coin, 308

716 INDEX.

y^ AGES— contmned.

deductions from, 376

deductions from in liosiery manufacture, 383

payment of wages of coal miners, 402

of metalliferous miners, 442
allotment of seamen's, 55o
attachment of seamen's, 559

forfeiture of wages of persons within the Factory Acts,


servant's authority to give, 245


frauds in, 345


spoiling materials, 341



meaning of servant in, 35n.


payment of wages in, 161, 160

in coal mines, 396
in metalliferous mines, 440
in agricultural gangs, 405
in factories, 482. See Factory Act and ]\[ines.


spoiling materials, 341


frauds in, 310, 342, 343, 347, 349, 353


obligation to find, 130


within Employers and Workmen Act, 632n., 635
within Employers' Liability Act, 059, 072

INDEX. 717

WORKSHOP. Spc Factory Act.


manufactures, frauds in, 353


shipwrecked, wa^cs of seamen, 555


when necessary to contract of liiring, lOG, 107, 1 11


contracts not to be performed witliin a, 107



employment of in mmes (coal), 39 G
in mines (metalliferous), 440
in factories, 482
forfeiture of wages of, 638



3 A


Fovemher, 1882.





(And at 14, Bell Yard, Lincoln^s Inn).
Note. — All Utters to he addressed to Chancery Lane, not to Bell Yard.

Acts of Parliament. — Public and Local Acts from an
early date, may he had of the Publishers of this
Catalogue, %oho have also on sale the largest collection
of Private Acts, relating to Estates, Enclosures,
Railways, Roads, dx., d'c.

ACTION AT LAW.— Foul kes' Elementary View of the

Proceedings in an Action. — Founded on "Smith's

Action at Law." By W. D. I. FOULKES, Esq., Barrister-at-

Law. Second Edition. 12mo. 1879. 10s. 6d.

" A manual, bj- the stiuly cf which he (the student) may easily acquire a general

knowledge of the mode "f procedure in the various stages of an action in the several

divisions of the Higli Court. — La^o Times.

Prentice's Proceedings in an Action in the
Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exche-
quer Divisions of the High Court of Justice.
By SAMUEL PRENTICE, Esq., one of Her Majesty's Counsel.
Second Edition. Royal 12mo. 1880. 12«,

ADMIRALTY— Pritchard's Admiralty Digest.— Second
Edition. By R. A. PRITCHARD, D.C.L., Barri.'.ter-at-Law,
and W. T. PRITCHARD. With Notes of Cases from French
Maritime Law. By. ALGERNON JONES, Avocat a la Coor
Imperiale de Paris. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1865. '61.

Roscoe's Treatise on the Jurisdiction and
Practice of the Admiralty Division of the
High Court of Justice, and on Appeals there-
frorn, with a chapter on the Admiralty Juris-
diction of the Inferior and the Vice-Admiralty
Courts. With an Appendix containing Statutes, Rules as to
Fees and Costs, Forms, Precedents of Pleadings and Bills of Costs.
By EDWARD STANLEY ROSCOE, Esq., Barrister-at Law.
Second Edition. Revised and Enlarf,'ed. Demy 8vo. 1SS2. II. U.
" A clear digest of tlie law and practice of the Admiralty Courts."
" A coi.'.prehensive and useful manual of practice."- Solicitors' Journal.

ADVOCACY.— Harris' Hints on Advocacy. Conduct oi

erases Civil and Criminal. Classes of Witnesses and su'^'gestions for
Cross-Examiningthem, &c.,&c. By RICHARD HARRIS, Barrister-
at-Law, of the Middle Temple and Midland Circuit. Si::th Edition
(Further Revised and Enlarged.) Royal 12mo. 1882 7«. 6t/.

" Full of good sense and just observation. A very complete Manual of the Advo-
cate's art in Trial by Jury." — Solicitors' Journal.

" A Ixiok at once entertaining and really insti-uctive. . . Deserves to be carefully
read by the young barrister whose career is yet before 'hita."—Laic iJagatinc. Jlay, lSt>2,

[No. 25.] A


AGENCY. — Petgrave's Principal and Agent.— A Manual
of the Law of Principal and Agent. By E. C. PETGRAVE,
SoUcitor. 12mo. 1857. 7s. 6d.

Russell's Treatise on Mercantile Agency. — Second
Edition. 8vo. 1873. 14s.

AGRICULTURAL LAW.— Addison's Practical Guide to
the Agricultural Holdings (England) Act, 1875,
and Tre.atise thereon showing the Alterations in the Law, &c. Bv
ALBERT ADDISON, Solicitor. 12mo. 1876. Net,2s.6d.

Cooke"s Treatise on the Lav\' and Practice of
Agricultural Tenancies. — New edition, in great part
rewritten with especial reference to Unexhausted Improvements, with
Modern Forms and Precedents. By G. PRIOR GOLDNEY, f>f
the Western Circuit, and W. RUSSELL GRIFFITHS, LL.B.,
of the Midland Circuit, Barristers-at-Law. Demy Svo. 1882. II. Is.
"In its present form it will prove of gi-eat value to politicians, lawyers and agri-
culturalists." - Laic Times, June S, 1SS2.

' ' A book of great practical utility to landlords and tenant farmers, as well «s to
the legal profes.«ion." — Law Moficzine, May, 1SS2.

Dixon's Farin. — Vide "Farm."
ARBITRATION.— Russell's Treatise on the Povi^er and
Duty of an Arbitrator, and the Law of Sub-
missions and Av/ards ; with an Appendix of Forms,
and of the Statutes relating to Arbitration. By FRANCIS
RUSSELL, Esq., M.A.. Barrister-at-Law. Sixth Edition. By
the Author and HERBERT RUSSELL, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
Royal Svo. 1S82. (Just ready.) 36i'.

ARTICLED CLERKS.— Rubinstein and Ward's Articled
Clerks' Handbook. — Being a ConciBe »nd Practical Guide
to aU the Steps Necessary for Entering into Articles of Clerkship,
passing the Preliminary, Intermediate, Final, and Honours Exami-
nations, obtaining Adnaission and Certificate to Practise, with Notes
of Cases affecting Articled Clerks, Suggestions as to Mode of Read
ing and Books to be read diuing Articles, and an Appendix con-
taining the questions asked at the recent Preliminary, Intermediate,
Final, and Honours Examinations. Third Edition. By J. S.
RUBINSTEIN and S. WARD, Solicitors. 12mo. 1881. 4s.

'* No articled clerk should be without it." —Law Times.
•' We think it omits nothing which it ought to contain-." — Law Journal.
" Will serve as a simple and practical guide to all the steps necessary for entering
iuto .articles of clcriiship to solicitors, for passing the several examinations, and for
procuring admission on the Roll." — Laic Tunes.

ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION.— Palmer.— F«Ze " Conveyancing."
ATTORNEYS.— Cordery.—nV/c" Solicitors."

Pulling'S La\Ar of Attorneys, General and Special,

Attomeys-at-Law, Solicitors, Notaries, Proctors, Conveyancers,

Scriveners, Land Agents, House Agents, &c., and the Offices and

Appointments usually held by them, &c. By ALEXANDER

PULLING, Serjeant-at-Law. Third Edition. Svo. 1862. 18s.

Smith.— The Lawyer and his Profession.— A

Series of Letters to a Solicitor commencing Business. By J.

* ORTON SMITH. 12mo. 1860. 4;j.

ASSETS, ADMINISTRATION OF. — Eddis' Principles of

the Administration of Assets in Payment of

Debts. By ARTHUR SHELLY EDDIS, one of Her Majesty's

Counsel. Demy 8vo. 1 880. 6«.

'•The subject is (me of considerable importance, and we have no doubt tliat the

luthor'H treatment <4 it will imsist students and others in acquiring the elementary

j.rinciples of thi^ licad "f eiiuity jurisprudence. The cases are brought down to the

Ijresent time."— /."('• rii-ici. ,. j.

^'#* AU standard Law Works are Jceptin Stock, in law ccdfand other bxnd%ngs.


AVERAGE.— Hopkins' Hand-Book on Average.— Fourth

Edition. 8vo. {In preparation.)

Lo>Arndes' Law of General Average.— English and
Foreign. Fourth Edition. By IvICHAKD LOWNDES, Author
of "The Admiralty Law of CoUisionB at Sea," "The Law of Marine
Insurance." (//i preparntion.)

BALLOT.— FitzGerald's Ballot Act.— With an Introduction.
Forming a Guide to the Procedure at Parliamentary and Municipal
Elections. Second Edition. Enlarged, and containing the Municipal
Elections Act, 1875, and the Parliamentary Elections (lietuming
Officers) Act, 1875. By GERALD A. K. FITZGERALD, M. A., of
Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Fcap. 8vo. 1S76. 58. 6 d.
"A useful guide to all concerned in Parliamentary and Municipal Elections."— iowi

"We should strongly advise any person connected with elections, whether acting as

candidate, agent, or in any other capacity, to become possessed of this manual."

BANKING.— Walker's Treatise on Banking Law. In-

eluding the Crossed Checks Act, 1876, ^\ath dissertations thereon, also

references to some American Cases, and full Index. By J. DOUGLAS

WALKER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1877. 14s.

" Persons who are interested in banking law may be guided out of many a difficulty

by cousultiEg Mr. Walkei-'s volume."— iaio Times.

BANKRUPTCY.- Bedford's Final Examination Guide
to Bankruptcy. — Fourth Edition. (In preparation.)

Haynes. — Vide "Leading Cases."
Pitt- Lewis. — Vklc "County Courts."
Saiaman. — Vide "Liquidation by A.rrangement."
Scott's Costs in Bankruptcy.— Tick "Costs."
Smith's Manual of Bankruptcy.— A Manual relating
to Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Imprisonment for Debt ; comprising
the New Statute Law verbatim, in a consolidated and readable form.
With the Rules, a Copious Index, and a Supplement of Decisions
By JOSL\HW. SMITH, B.C.L.,Q.C. limo. 1873. Ids.

*,* The Supplement may be had separately, net^2s. 6d.
^A/illiams' Law^ and Practice m bankruptcy:
comprising the Bankruptcy Act, the Debtors Act, and the Bankruptcy
Repeal and Insolvent Court Act of 18G9, and the Rules and Forms
made under those Acts. Second Edition. By ROLAND VAUGHAN
Esq., assisted by Francis Hallett Habdcastle, Esq., Barristers-
at-Law. 8vo. 1876. H- 8«.

= ' It would be difficult to speak in tenas of undue praise of the present work."
BAR, GUIDE TO THE« — Shearv^^ood.-nvZc "Examination Guides."
BILLS OF EXCHANGE— Chalmers' Digest of the Law
of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, and
Cheques. By M. D. CHALMERS, of the Inner Temple, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. Demy8vo. 1881. 15«.

" In its present form this work contains a very complete digest of the subjects
to wliich it relates." — L«.ic Timcf. , , , ,

"As a handy book oi reference on a difficult and important branch of the law, it is
most valuable, and it is perfectly plain that no pains have been spared to rtnder it
complete in every resrect. The index is copious and well Bjr&nged."—S<Uurd<i!/ Revietc.

Chitty on Bills of Exchange and Promissory
Notes, with references to the law^ of Scotland,
France and America.— Eleventh Edition. By JOHN A.
RUSSELL, Esq., LL.B., one of Her Majesty's Counsel, and Judge
of County Courts. Demy 8vo. 1878. II. 8«,

Eddis' Rule of Ex parte Waring. By A. C. EDDIS.
B. A., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. Post 8vo. 1876. iVef, 2«.6d.

•»* All standai'd Law W<yrks are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

A 2


BILLS OF LADING.— Leggett's Treatise on the Law of

Bills of Lading ; comprising the various legal incidents
attaching to the Bill of Lading ; the legal effects of each of the
Clauses and Stipulations ; and the Ivights and Ijiabilities of Con-
signors, Consignees, Indorsees, and Vendees, under the Bill of
Lading. With an Appendix, containing Forms of Bills of Lading
chiefly used in the United Kingdom, Continental, ISIediterranean,
Trans- Atlantic, African, Asiatic, Colonial, West Indian, and other
important trades. By EUGENE LEGGETT, Solicitor and Notary
Public. Demy 8vo. 1880. 11. Is.

BILLS OF SALE — Fithian's Bills of Sale Acts, 1878 and
1 882. ^Vith an Introduction and Explanatory Notes showing the
changes made in the Law withKespect toBillsof Sale. ByEDWARD
WIJ^LIAM FITHIAN, of the ]\Iiddle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law (Draftsman of the Bill of 1S82). Koyal 12mo. 1882. 5*.

CARRIERS. — Browne on Carriers. — A T'-eatise on the Law of

Carriers of Goods and Passengers by Land and Water. With

References to the most recent American Decisions. By J. H.

B. BROWNE, Esq., Harristerat-Law. 8vo. 1873, 18s.


Daniell's Chancery Practice.— The Practice of the

Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice and on appeal

therefrom, being the Sixth Edition of Daniell's Chancery Practice,

with alterations and additions, and references to a companion

Volume of Forms. By L. ITELD, E. C. DUNN, and T. RIBTON,

•assisted by W. H. Upjoh:.', Barristers-at-Law. In 2 vols. Vol. I.

(u-ith Table of Cases and an Index), demy 8vo. 1882. 2/. 2s.

" Tliis new edition of the Standai'd Chancery Practice will be generally welcomed,

and we are glad that we can speak fiivoiu-aljly of the manner in which the editors

have acconiiilished their difficult task of deciding what parts of the old work should

be rejected, and of adapting the parts retained to the new practice. There is to be found,

in every p;irt of the book wc have examined, evidence of great care ; the cases are

not mcVcly jotted down, but analysed and considered, and no pains apjioar to have

been spared to render the information given both accurate and complete. This is

lu^h praise, but we think it is fully warranted by the result of our examination of

the work. . . . It is exactly what it professes to bo — a concise and careful digest

of the practice."— SoitciVo/s' Journal, .July 1, 1882.

" All the portions relating to the practice introduced by tlie Judicature Acta and
Rules are well done."— ioic Timei, April 1, 1882.

"The learned authors have spared no pains to make this new book of practice as
comprehensive in scope and as accurate in detail as that which so long enjoyed an
almost unicpie reputation as ' Daniell's l^ractico." Indeed if any fault is to be alleged
it would be that the work is perhaps somewhat too exhau.stive ; a fault, however,
which is on the right side in a book of practice, which is not intended to be read
through, but to servo as a mine of information for ready reference whenever the
practitioner may have occasion to seek fur guidance."— Za.v Maiiazine, Maj', 1882.
*** ^'^l- II- '* ''' the press, and ivill be }}abltshcd shortly.

Daniell's Forms and Precedents of Proceed-
ings in the Chancery Division of the High
Court of Justice and on Appeal therefrom;
with Dissertations and Notes, forming p. complete guide to the prac-
tice of the Chancery Divisicm of the High Court and of the Courts
of Appeal. Being the Third Edition of "Daniell's Chancery Forms."
By WILLIAM HENRY UPJOHN, Esq., of Gray's Inn, &c
Demy 8vo. 1879. 21. 2s

" Mr. Upjohn has restored the voltimc of Chancci-y Forms to the place it held before
the ri'cent changes, as a tiaistworthy and complete collection of precedents. It has
all the old merits ; nothing is omitted as too trivial or conunoujilace ; the solicitor's
clerk finds how to indorse a brief, and how, when iiocessary, to give notice of action ; the index to the forms is full and perspicuous."— SoikUort' Journal.

" It will be as useful a work to practitioners at Wcstmin.ster as it will be to thoso
in Lincoln's Inn."- -taic nnifi.
*,* Alt standard L(iw iVorks arc kept in Stock, in law ca/f and other hindingt.



Haynes' Chancery Practice. — The Practice of
the Chancery Division of the High Court of
Justice and on Appeal therefrom. — By JOHN F.
HAYKES, LL.D. Deaiy Svo. 1879. l/.5«.

Morgan's Chancery Acts and Orders.— The Statutes,
General Orders, and llules of Court relating to the Practice,
Pleading, and Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Judicature,
particularly with reference to the Chancery Division, and the
Actions assigned thereto. With copious Notes. Fifth Edition.
Adapted to the new Practice by GEOIIG]': OSBORNE ilORGAN,
M.P., one of Her Majesty's Counsel, and CHALONER W. CHUTE,
Barrister- at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1876. 1/. 10*.

" This editiun of Mr. Jlorgan's treatise must, wc believe, be the most popular with
the profession." — Lata Times.

Morgan and Vi/urtzburg's Chancery Costs.—

Vide "Costs."

Peel's Chancery Actions.— A Concise Treatise

on the Practice and jt-^rocedure in Chancery

Actions. — Second Edition. Including the Practice in Chambers.

By SYDNEY PEEL, of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-

Law. Demy 8vo. 1881. Ss. 6d.

" Mr. Peel's little work gives a very commendable sketch of the modem practice

of the Chancery l.'ivision. ... It contains some chapters upon rroccedings at

Chambers and on Further Consideration, which are likely to be valuiible from the

extreme paucity of all printed information upon these suljjects ; and it is enriched

with a very full list of ca.^cs bearing xipon the pi-actice of the Chancerj' Division,

giving references to all the Reports." — Law Journal.

" The book will give to the student a good general view of the effect on chancery
practice of the Judicature Acts and Orders." —Holiciton' Journal.


stanley's Chancery Practice. — The Statutes, Consoli-
dated and General Orders and Rules of Court relating to the Practice,
Pleading and Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery, of the County
Palatine of Lancaster. With Copious Notes of all practice cases to
the end of the year 1879, Time Table and Tables of Costs and Forms.
Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1880. 1/. 10s.

CIVIL LAW. — Bo^/vyer's Commentaries on the Modern
Civil Law.— Royal 8vo. 1848. 1S».

Bowyer's Introduction to the Study and Use
of the Civil Law.— Royal 8vo. 1874. 5t:

Cumin's Manual of Civil Law, containing a Transbtion
of, and Commentary on, the Fragments of the XII. Tables, and
the Institutes of Justinian ; the Te.\t of the Institutes of Gains and
Justinian arranged in parallel columns ; and the Text of the Frag-
ments of Ulpian, &c. By P. CUMIN, M.A., Barrister-at-Law.
Second Edition. Medium Svo. 1865. 18s

COLLISIONS.— Lowndes' Admiralty Law of Collisions
at Sea.— 8vo. 1867. 7s. 6rf.

Marsden on Maritime Collision.— A Treatise on the
Law of Collisions at Sea. With an Appendix containing Extracts
from the Merchant Shipping Acts, the International Regulations
(of 1863 and 1880) for preventing CoDisions at Sea; and local Rules
for the same purpose in force in the Thames, the Mersey, and else-
where. By REGINALD G. MARSDEN, Esq., Barrister-at-I-aw.
Demy Svo. 1880. 12s.

*^* All standard Law Wctrlaare kept in StocJc, in law coif and other lir.dinyi.


COLONIALLAW.— Clark's Summary of Colonial Law
and Practice of Appeals from the Plantations. 8vo. 1834. 1^. 4s.

Hadley's Commentaries on the Laws of Eng-
HADLEY, M.A, Barristersat-Law. 4 vols. 8vo. 1869. {Pub-
Jishcdat Zl. 3s.) Net, 11. Is.

COMMERCIAL LAW. —Goirand's French Code of Com-
merce and most usual Commercial Laws.
With a Theoretical and Practical Oommentary, and a Compendium
of the judicial organization and of the course of procedure before
the Tribunals of Commerce ; together with the text of the law ;
the most recent decisions of the Courts, and a glossary of French
judicial tei-ms. By LEOPOLD GOIRAND, Licencie en droit.
In 1 vol. (850 pp.). Demy 8vo. 1880. 2^. 2«.

Levi. — Vide "International Law."
COMMON LAW.— Archbold's Practice of the Queen's
Bench, Common Pleas and Exchequer Divi-
sions of the High Court of Justice in Actions,

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