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awccessful, whilst the completeness of the work has not been i»ipain-d." Z^iw Ti>n>\<.

Wigram'sThe Justices' Note Book.— By W. KNOX

WIGRAM, Esq., Bairister-at-Law, J.P. Middlesex. Second P^di-

tiou. With a copious Index. Royal 12mo. 1881. 12s. Gd.

" We have foiuid in it all the information which a Justice can require as to recent

legislation." — The Times.

" This is altogether a capital book. Mr. Wigram is a good lawyer and a good
justices' lawyer."— Z«w Journal.

" We Ciin thoroughly recommend the volume to magistr.ates."— inir l\itiet.
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LAND ACT.— 5ee "Settled E«tates."— Middleton.

LAND TAX.— Bourdin's Land Tax. — An Exposition of the
Land Tax ; its Assessment and Collection, with a statement of the
rights conferred by the Redemption Acts. By MARK A. BOUR-
DIN (late Registrar of Land Tax). Second Edition. 1870. is.

LANDLORD AND TENANT.— Woodfall's Law of Landlord
and Tenant. — With a fuU Collection ot Precedents and
Forms of Procedure. Containing also an Abstract of Leading Pro-
positions, and Tables of certain Customs of the Country. Twelfth
Edition. In which the Precedents of Leases have been revised and
enlarged, with the assistance of L. G. G. Robbins, Esq. By J. M.
LELY, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Editor of " Chitty's Statutes," &c.,
&c. Royal 8vo. 1S81. 1?. 18s.

" The editor has expended elaborate industry and systematic ability in making the

work as perfect as possible." — Solicitors' Jovrnal.

LANDS CLAUSES ACTS.— Jepson's Lands Clauses Con-
solidation Acts; with Decisions, Forms, & Table of Costs. By
ARTHUR JEPSON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1880. 18s.
" The work concludes with a number of forms and a remarkably good index."—

Law Times.
" As far as we have been able to discover, all the deci.sions have been stated, and

the effect of them correctly given."— iarc Journal.

" We have not obsei-ved any omissions of cases of importance, and the purport

of the decisions we have examined is fairly well stated. The costs under the Acts

are given, and the book contains a large number of foi-ms, which will be found

useinl."— Solicitors' Journal.

LAW, GUIDE 1 O.— A Guide to the Law: for General Use.
By a Barrister. Twenty-third Edition. Cro\vn 8vo. 1880. Net, 3s. 6rf.
" Within a marvellously small compass the author has condensed the main provi-
sions of the law of England, applicable to almost every transaction, matter, or thing

incidental to the relations between one individual and another."

LAW LIST.— Law List (The). — Comprising the Judges and OflBcers
of the different Courts of Justice, Counsel, Special Pleaders,
Draftsmen, Conveyancers, Solicitors, Notaries, &c., in England
and Wales ; the Circuits, Judges, Treasurers, Registrars, and High
Bailiffs of the County Courts ; Metropolitan and Stipendiary
Magistrates, Law and Public Ofl&cers in England and the Colonies,
Foreign Lawyers with their English Agents, Sheriffs, Under-Sheriffs,
and their Deputies, Clerks of the Peace, Town Clerks, Coroners, &c.,
&c., and Commissioners for taking Oaths, Conveyancers Practising
in England under Certificates obtained in Scotland. So far as
relates to Special Pleaders, Draftsmen, Conveyancers, Solicitors,
Proctors and Notaries. Compiled by WILLIAM HENRY
COUSINS, of the Inland Revenue Office Somerset House,
Registrar of Stamped Certificates, and of Joint Stock Companies,
and Published by the Authority of the Commissioners of Inland
Revenue. 1882, ^et, 10s. 6d.

LAW REPORTS. — A very large Stock of second-hand and new Reports.
Prices on application.

LAW STUDENT'S ANNUAL.— Shearwood.-Ficie "Examination


LEADING CASES.— Haynes' Student's Leading Cases.
Being some of the Principal Decisions of the Courts in Constitutional
Law, Common Law, Conveyancing and Equity, Probate, Divorce,
Bankruptcy, and Criminal Law. With Notes for the use of Students.
By JOHN'F. haynes, LL.D. Demy 8vo. 1878. 16s.

" Win prove of great utility, not only to Students, but Practitioners. The Notea are

clear, pointed and concise."— ia?o limes.
"We think that this hook win supply a want the book is singulju-ly weU

arranged for reference." — Law Journal.

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LEADING CASES.-Continutd. "

Shirley's Leading Cases made Easy. A Selection
of Leading Cases in the Common Law. By W. SHIRLJIY SHIR-
LEY, M.A., B.C.L., Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Secund Edition.

(In the press.)
" The selection is very large, though all are distinctly 'leading cases,' and tbc notes
are by no moans tlio least meritorious part of the work."— Xciic Jniimal.

"Mr. Shirley writes well and clearly, and evidently understands what he is writing
about." — Law Timet.

LEGACY DUTIES.- Vide " Ta.xes on Succession."
LEXICON. — Vide "Dictionary."

LIBEL AND SLANDER.-Odgers on Libel and Slander.—

A Digest of the Law of Libel and Slander, with the Evidence, Pro-
cedure and Practice, both in Civil and Criminal Cases, with
Precedents of Pleadings. With Appendix of Statute.s includino
the Newspaper Libel and Registration Act, 1881. By W. BLAKE
ODGERS, M. A, LL.D., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1881. 24«.
" We have rarely examined a work which shows so much industry.
. . So good is the book, which in its topical arrangement is vastly
superior to the general run of law books, that criticism of it is a compli-
ment rather than the reverse." — Law Journal.

"The excuse, if one bo needed, for another book on Libel and Slander, and that an
English one, may be found in tlio excellence of the author's work. A clear head and
a skilled h^\ud are to he seen thi-()\ighout. " — Extract from Preface to American reprint.

LIBRARIES AND MUSEUMS.— Chambers' Digest of the
Law relating to Public Libraries and
Museums and Literary and Scientific Insti-
tutions generally. Second Edition. By G. F, CHAM-
BERS, Barrister-at-Law. Imperial 8vo. 1879. 8s. Qd.
LICENSING.— LeIy and Foulkes' Licensing Acts,
1828, 1869, 1872, and 1874; Containing; the Law of the
Sale of Liquors by Retail and the Management of Licensed Houses ;
with Notes to the Acts, a Summary of the Law, and an Appendix
of Forms. Second Edition. By J. M. LELY and W. D. I.
FOULKES, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1874, 8«.
*' The notes are sensible and to the point, and give evidence both of care and know-
ledge of the subject." — Solicitors' Journal.

LIFE ASSURANCE.— Scratchley's Decisions in Life As-
surance Law^, collated alphabetically according to the point
involved ; with the Statutes. Revised Edition. By ARTHUR
SCRATCHLEY, M.A.. Barrister-at-Law. Demy Svo. 1878, 5s.

Treatise on Liquidation by Arrangement and
Composition with Creditors, under the Bank-
ruptcy Act, 1869 : comprising the Practice of the OtKce for
Registration of Arrangement Proceedings ; the Practice as to
Receivers, Injunctions, Meetings of Creditors, &c. ; all the Autho-
rised and Original Forms, Bills of Costs under Liquidation and
Composition ; Notes of Cases ; the Sections of the Bankruptcy and
Debtoi's' Acts ; and the Rules applicable to Liquidation and Com-
position; the Rules of 1871. With Index. By JOSEPH SEYMOUR
SALAMAN, Solicitor. Crown Svo. Re-issue. 10s.

LUNACY.— Elmer's Practice in Lunacy.— The Practice in
Lunacy under Commissions and Inquisitions, with Notes of Cases
and Recent Decisions, the Statutes and General Orders, Forms and
Costs of Proceedings in Lunacy, an Index and Schedule of Cases,
Sixth Edition. By JOSEPH ELMER, of the Office of the
Masters in Limacy, Svo, 1877 21».

*jj* All standa/rd Law WorJcs are kept in Stock, in law calf and other hindinrja.


MAGISTERIAL LAW.— Burn.— Virfe « Justice of the Peace."

Shirley's Elementary Treatise on Magisterial
Law, and on the Practice of Magistrates
Courts.— By W. SHIRLEY SHIRLEY, M.A., B.C.L., Esq.,
Ban-istcr-at-Law. Royal 12mo. ISSl. 6s. 6d.

"Wigram. — Vide "Justice of the Peace."
MAYOR'S COURT PRACTICE.— Candy's Mayor's Court
Practice.— The Jurisdiction, Process.Practice, and Mode of Plead-
ing in Ordinary Actions in the Mayor's Court, London (commonly called
the "Lord Maj-or's Court"). Founded on Brandon. By GEORGE
CANDY, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1879. 14s.

Women's Property Act, 1882, with an Introduction
and Critical and Explanatory Notes, together with the ISIarried
Women's Property Acts, 1870 and 1874, &c. By H. ARTHUR
SMITH, of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Author of
"The Principles of Equity." Royal 12mo. 1882. 5s.

MASTER AND SERVANT.— Macdonell's Law of Master
and Servant. Part I, Common Law. Part II, Statute Law.
By JOHN MACDONELL, M.A., Esq., Barrister-at-Law, of the
South Eastern Circuit. Demv Svo. {Xcarly ready).

MERCANTILE LAW.— Boyd.— Tide "Shipping."

Smith's Compendium of Mercantile Law. — Ninth
Edition. By G. M. DOWDESWELL, of the Inner Temple, Esq.,
one of Her Majesty's Counsel. Royal Svo. 1877. V. ISs.

Tudor's Selection of Leading Cases on Mercan-
tile and Maritime Law.— With Notes. By O.D.TUDOR,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. Royal Svo. 1868. IZ. 18s.
METROPOLIS BUILDING ACTS.-^A^oolrych's Metropoli-
tan Building Acts, together with such clauses of the Metro-
polis ^Management Acts as more particularly relate to the Building
Acts, with "Notes and Forms. Third Edition. By W. H. MAC-
NAMARA, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 12mo. 1882. 10s.

MINES.— Rogers' Law relating to Mines, Minerals,
and Quarries in Great Britain and Ireland;
with a Summary of the Laws of Foreign States, &c. Second
Edition Enlarged. By ARUNDEL ROGERS, Esq., Judge of
County Courts. Svo. 1876. 11. lis. 6ri.

"The volume will prove invaluable as a work of legal reference." — TJie Mining Journal.

MONEY SECURITIES.— Cavanagh's Law^ of Money Secu-
rities. — In Three Books. I. Personal Securities. II. Securities
on Property. III. Miscellaneous; with an Appendix of Statutes.
By C. CAVANAGH, B.A-, LL.B. (Lond.), of the Middle Temple,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law. In 1 vol. Demy 8vo. 1870. 21s.

" Au admirable synopsis of the whole law and practice with rcy'i'd to securities

of every sort." — Saturday Hevitw.

MORTGAGE.— Coote's Treatise on the La-w of Mort-
gage. — Fourth Edition. Thoroughly revised. By WILLIAM
WYLLYS ]MACKESON, Esq., one of Her Majesty's Counsel.
In 1 Vol. (1436 pp.) Royal Svo. 1880. 21. 2«.

"There oiin be no do\ibt that the work is most coni])rehcnsive in its scope and ex-
haustive in its treatment, and that it affords to the practitioner a mine of valuable
.and trustworthy information conveniently arranb'cd and clcai-ly expressed."— Zaw

"A complete, terse, and praptlcal treatise for tlie moilom law\-cr. " — Sohcilors Journal.

" Mr. JIackcsciu'.s manner is clear and practical, and in many ca.scs he supplicsu.sefiil
.summaries by way of rcLaiiitulati<in . . . The new edition will bo found a valu.'xbk-
addition to tlio library "f cvcrj- practi.sinj; lawyer."— Z,(uo Journal.
*^* AU standard Law Works are kept in /Stock, in law calf and other bindingi.



Law relating to Municipal Corporations, with
the Statutes in full, various Precedentn ; various Otticinl Documents;
Brief Notes of Leading Cases; Forming a completo Guide to the
New Act of 1882. By GEO. F. CHAMBERS, Barrister-at-Law.
Imperial 8vo. 1882. 12»

Lely's Law of Municipal Corporations.-Con-
tanung the Municipal Corporation Act, 1882, and the Enactments
incorporated therewith, with a Selection of Supplementary Enact-
ments, including therein the Electric Lighting Act, 1882, with Notes
thereon. By J. M. LELY, of the Inner Temple, Es.j., Barriater-
at-Law. Editor of " Chitty's Statutes," &c. Demy 8vo. 1882. 15«.
NAVY.— Thring's Criminal Law of the Navy, with an
Introductory Chapter on the Eariy State and Discipline of the Navy,
the Eules of Evidence, and an Appendi.x comprising the Naval
Discipline Act and Practical Forms. Second Edition. By
THEODORE THRING, of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law,
late Commissioner of Bankruptcy at Liverpool, and C. E. GIFFORD,
Assistant-Paymaster, Royal Na\'y. 12mo. 1877. 12s 6d

NEGLIGENCE — Smith's Treatise on the Law of
Negligence, with a Supplement containing "The Employers'
Liability Act, 1880," with an Introduction and Notes. By HORACE
SMITH, B.A., Esq., Basrister-at-Law, Recorder of Lincoln. Demy
8vo. 1880. iQg Q^

NISI PRIUS.— Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence
on the Trial of Actions at Nisi Prius.— Fourteenth
Edition. By .JOHN DAY, one of Her Majest/s Counsel, and
MAURICE POWELL, Barrister-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1879. 21.
NOTANDA.— Fide "Digests."

NOTARY.— Brooke's Treatise on the Office and Prac-

tice of a Notary of England.— With a full coUection of

Precedents. Fourth Edition. By LEONE LEVI, Esq., F.S.A.,

of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1876. 1?, 4$.

OATHS.— Braithwaite'sOaths in the SupremeCourts

of Judicature. — A Manual for the use of Commissioners to

Administer Oaths in the Supreme Courts of Judicature in England

and Ireland and of all other persons empowered to administer oaths

in aid of proceedings in courts of law. Part I. containing practical

information respecting their Appointment, Designation, Jurisdiction,

and Powers ; Part 11. comprising a collection of officially recognised

Forms of .Jurats and Oaths, with Explanatory Observations

Fourth Edition. By T. W. BRAITHWAITE, of the Central

Office. Fcap. 8vo. 1881. 4«. 6d.

" The vecoprnised guide of commissioners tf' administer oaths." — Solicitors' Journal.

PARISH LAW.— Steer's Parish Law ; being a Digest of the

Law relating to the Civil and Ecclesiastical Government of Parishes

and the Relief of the Poor. Fourth Edition. By W. H. MAC-

• NAMARA, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy Svo. 1881. 16«.

"An exceedingly useful compendium of P.arLsh Law." — I.tnr Timu.

PARTNERSHIP.— Pollock's Digest of the Law of Part-
nership. — Second Edition, with Appendix, containing an anno-
tated reprint of the Partnership Bill, 1880, as amended in Committee.
By FREDERICK POLLOCK, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Author of
" Principles of Contract atLawand in Equity.' Demy Svo. 18S0. S«. 6</.
"Of the execution of the work, we can speak in term.s of tl.c highest praiise. The
language is simple, concise, and clear; and the genenil propositjons luay boar com-
parison with those of Sir James Stephen."— jLaic ilagazint.

" llr. Pollock's work appears eminently satisfactory . . . the l>ook is praise-
worthy in dcsig-u, scholarly and complete in execution."— i'a/i'/iiTy Rtvieir.
*,* AU standard Law Works are kef t in Stock, in law caJf and other bindings.


PATENTS.— Hindmarch's Treatise on the Law rela-
ting to Patents.— 8vo. 1846. 1^. Is.
Johnson's Patentees' Manual; being a Treatise
on the Law and Practice of Letters Patent,
especially intended for the use of Patentees
and Inventors.— By JAMES JOHNSON, Barrister-at-Law,
and J. H. JOHNSON, Solicitor aud Patent Agent. Fourth Edition.
Thoroughly reviged and much enlarged. Demy Svo. 1879. 10s. 6d.
" A very excellent manual."— Zatr Times.

Thompson's Handbook of Patent Law of all
Countries.— Third Edition, revised. By WM. P. THOMPSON,
C.E. 12mo. 1878. Net, 2s. 6d.

PAWN. — Turner's Contract of Pawn, as it exists at.
Common Law, and as modified by the Factors' Acts, the Pawn-
brokers' Acts, and other Statutes. By FEANCIS TURNER, of
the Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. 8vo.
1882. (Nearly ready.) 12«.

Turner's Pawnbrokers' Act, 1872.— Full Explanatory
and other Notes, and the Summary Jurisdiction Act, 1879, applicable
to Proceedings under the Pawnbrokers' Act. By FRANCIS
TURNER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Third Edition. 1882.

{Just ready.) Net, 2s. 6rf.

PERSONAL PROPERTY.— Shearwood's Concise Abridg-
ment of the Law of Personal Property; showing
analytically its Branches and the Titles by which it is held. By
JOSEPH A. SHEARWOOD, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq., Barrister-at-
Law, Author of " Concise Abridgment of Law of Real Property,"
&c. Demy Svo. 1882. 5s. 6d.

. " Will be acceptable to many students, as giving them, in fact, a ready-made

note book." — Iniienuaur's Late Students' Journal, January, 188:2.

PLEADING. — Bullen and Leake's Precedents of
Pleadings, with Notes and Rules relating to Pleading.
Fourth Edition. Revised and adapted to the present Practice in
the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice. By
THOMAS J. BULLEN, Esq., of the Inner Temple, and CYRIL
DODD, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. In 2 parts.
Part I. (containing (1) Introductory Notes on Pleading; (2) Fonns
of Statements of Claun in Actions on Contracts and Torts, with
Notes relating thereto). Royal 12mo. 1882. 1^. 4s.

"Mr. Thum;us Bullen and Mr. Cyril Dodd havo done their work of adaptation

admii-ably." — Law Journal, Jan. 21, 1882.

POWERS. — Far^A^ell on Powers. — A Concise Treatise on

Powers. By GEORGE FARWELL, B.A., of Lincoln's Inn, Esq.,

Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1874. 1'. Is.

" We recommend Mr. Farwell's book as containing within a small compass what would

otherwise have to be sought out in the pages of hundreds of confusing reports."— TA* L<ur.

PROBATE.— Browne's Probate Practice : a Treatise on the
Principles and Practice of the Court of Probate, in Contentious and
Non-Contentioua Business. Revised, enlarged, and adapted to the
Practice of the High Court of .Justice in Probate business, with the
Statute of June, 1881. By L. D. POWLES, of the Inner Temple,
Barrister-at-Law. Including Practical Directions to Solicitors for
Proceedi.igs in the Registry. By T. W. H. OAKLEY, of the Prin-
cipal Registry, Somerset 8vo. 1881. 1/. 10s.
" This edition will tliu.s mipi)ly the i>ractitioncn! in both branches of the profession

with all the iuforniatiun that they may re<iuiro in connection witli the probate of

^ " In its present form this is undoubtedly the most complete work on the Pracdco

of the Court of Probate This is .strictly a practical book. No principle

..f law, statute or fona which could be of service to the practitioner in the I'robote

Division .ippwirs to liavc been (jinitted." — Tin: Jauc Tiiiit:.s. _

• * All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.


PUBLIC HEALTH.— Chambers' Digest of the Law re-
lating to Public Health and Local Govern-
ment. — With Notes of 12tJ0 leadinj,' Cases. VariouH ofHcial
documents ; precedents of By-laws and liegulationa. The Statiites
in full. A Table of Ofifences and Punishments, and a Copious
Index. Eighth Edition. Imperial 8vo. 1881. 1/. 14s.

Or, the above with the Law relating to Highways and Bridges. 21.

FitzGerald's Public Health and Rivers Pol-
lution Prevention Acts. — With Explanatory Introduc-
tion, Notes, Cases, and Index. By G. A. K. FITZGERALD,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1876. 1/. Ij.

PUBLIC MEETINGS.— Chambers' Handbook for Public
Meetings, including Hints as to the Summoning and Manage-
ment of them ; and as to the Duties of Chairmen, Clerks, Secretaries
and other Officials; Rules of Debate, &c., to which is added a Digest
of Reported Cases. By GEORGE ¥. CHAMBERS, Esq., Bar-
rister-at-Law. 12mo. 1878. Net, 28. 6d.

QUARTER SESSIONS.— Leeming & Cross's General and
Quarter Sessions of the Peace.— Their .Jurisdiction
and Practice in other than Criminal matters. Second Edition. By
HORATIO LLOYD, Esq., Recorder o( Chester, Judge of County
Court.s, and Deputy-Chairman of Quarter Sessions, and H. F.
THURLOW, Esq.," Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1876. 1/. Is.

Pritchard'sQuarterSessions.— The Jurisdiction, Practice

and Procedure of the Quarter Sessions in Criminal, CiWljand Appellate
Matters. By THOS. SIRRELL PRITCHAKD, of the Inner Temple,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Recorder of Wenlock. 8vo. 1875. 2/. 2$.

RAILWAYS.— Browne and Theobald's Law of Rail-
way Compan ies.— Being a Collection of the Acts .and Orders
relating to Railway Companies, with Notes of all the Cases dscided
thereon, and Appendix of Bye-Laws and Standing Orders of the
House of Commons. By J. H. BALFOUR BROWNE, of the
Middle Temple, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Registrar to the Railway
Commissioners, and H. S. THEOBALD, of the Inner Temple, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law, and Fellow of Wadham College, Oxford. Demy
Svo. 1881. 1/. 12s.

"Contains in a very concise form the whole law of railways." — The Timfs.

" A marvel of wide design .ind accurate and complete fiilfilment. . . A comi>lete
and valuable repository of all the learning as to railway matters." — Satunlai/ Review.

" As far as we have examined the volume the learned authors aecm to have pre-
sented the profession and the public with tlie most ample information to be found,
whether tliey want to know how to start a railway, how to frame its bye-laws, how
to work it, how to attack it for injury to pereon or property, or how to wir^ it up."
— Law Times.

"There can be no doubt that the book under review offers to the practitioner an
.Umost indispensable aid in all of railway law and its kindred topics. No less
than seventy-five Act.f, from the Carriers Act (1 William IV, c. OS), down t» tho
Employers' Liability Act, ixissed on the Tth September, ISSO, are set forth in chr<in<>.
logical order. Between tlie sections are intercalated notes — often lengthy, tlioiigli
concisely worded — setting forth the effect of all the decided cases to Novemljer,
1880. . . . The index, for which Mr. Montague Lush is responsible, is full and
well executed." — Law Magazine.

Lely's Railway and CanaL Traffic Act, 1873.—
And other Railway and Canal Statutes ; with the General Orders,
Forms, and Table of Fees. By J. M. LELY, Esq. Post 8 vo. 1873. 8*.

*4* All standard Law Woi-ka are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.


RATES AND RATING.— Castle's Practical Treatise on

the Law of Rating. By EDWARD JAMES CASTLE, of

the Inner Temple, Escj., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1879.

" Mr. C:i8tle's book is a correct, exhaustive, clear and concise view of the law." —

Law l^mcs.

Chambers' Law relating to Rates and Rating ;
with especial reference to the Powers and Duties of Kate-levying
Local Authorities, and their Officers. Being the Statutes in full
and brief Notes of 550 Cases. By G. F. CHAMBERS, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law. Imp. 8vo. 1878. Jialuced to 10s.

REAL B6T ATE. — Foster's Law of Joint Ownership
and Partition of Real Estate. By EDWARD JOHN
FOSTER, M.A., late of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. 8vo.
1S7S. 10«. 6d.

REAL PROPERTY.— Greenwood's Recent Real Pro-
perty Statutes, Comprising those passed during the years
1874-1877 inclusive. Consolidated with the Earlier Statutes thereby
Amended. With Copious Notes, and a Supplement containing the
Orders under the Settled Estates Act, 1878. By HARRY
GREENWOOD, M.A., Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1878. 10s.
" To students particularly this collection, with the careful notes and references to

previous legislation, will be of considerable value." — Law Timtt.

Leake's Elementary Digest of the Law of Pro-
perty in Land. — Containing : Introduction. Part I. The
Sources of the Law.— Part IL Estates in Land. By STEPHEN
MARTIN LEAKE, Barrister-at-Law. 8vo. 1874. 11. 2s.

*„* The above forais a complete Introduction to the Study of the Law of Real Property.
Shearwood'b Real Property. — A Concise Abridgment
of the Law of Real Property and an Introduction to Conveyancing.
Designed to facilitate the subject for Students preparing for
Examination (incorporating the changes effected by the Convey-
ancing Act). By JOSEPH A. SHEARWOOD, of Lincoln's Inn,
Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Second Edition. Demy 8vo. 1882. 7s. 6d.
"VTe heartily recommend the work to students for any examination on real pro-
perty and conveyancing, advising them to read it after a perusal of Cither works and
shortly before going in for the ex:imination." — Law Student's Jour-iial April 1, 1SS2.

" A very useful little work, particularly to students just before their examination."
— Gibson K Lnw Sotcs, May, lSS'.i.

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