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try town of Kni, North Jutland, July 10, 1867,
the youngest of five sons of Anders and Sessel
(Jensen) Lund, of whom four are yet living.
His father was a farmer and is yet living in the
land of his birth. His mother died in Denmark
at the age of fifty-nine years.

His youth and early manhood were passed in
the country where he first saw the light. Leav-
ing school at the age of fourteen years he started
out in practical life. His original intention was
to learn the trade of a shoemaker, and for one
year he pursued this purpose. He found it, how-
ever, little suited to his tastes or his physical
constitution, and determined to become a watch-
maker and jeweler. He was accordingly appren-

ticed to this trade when sixteen years old, and
served a term of four years. For a little time he
worked as journeyman, but on reaching the age
of twenty-one years he resolved to emigrate.
This, as has already been said, was in 1891.

He spent a short time in Michigan, but soon
perceived that Chicago was a broader field and
held out brighter prospects for the future. For
three years after taking up his residence in
this city he was employed as a journeyman. At
the end of that period he found himself able,
through industry and prudent economy, to em-
bark in business for himself. His first store was
on Dearborn Street, where he succeeded so well
that in 1898 he removed to his present quarters,
No. 3820 State Street, where he conducts a well-
stocked establishment and does a paying business.

He was married in March, 1897, to Miss Nana



Albech, a lady who, like himself, claims Den-
mark as her fatherland. Their only child is a
son, Arthur C. A.

Mr. Lund is a member of the order of Walhalla

and of the Danish Brotherhood. In religious
faith he is a Lutheran. He has been three years
a naturalised citizen, and sustains the principles
of the Republican party.


RARL J. LINDHOLM is the eldest of the
four children of Ludwig Lindholm and
Maria Erickson, natives of Stockholm,
Sweden. His father is a metal worker and in-
strument maker, who has acquired some celebrity
for the accuracy of his workmanship, among his
patrons being architects of national fame. Both
parents are living, as are also all their progeny.
In his boyhood Karl J. Lindholm attended the
high schools of Stockholm, his course therein be-
ing supplemented by a training in some of the
best private schools of the Swedish capital. At
the age of fifteen years he was apprenticed for a
period of three years to the tailor's trade, and at
the expiration of that time took a clerical position
in a wholesale dry goods store. There he re-
mained two and one- half years, and in 1891 he
left Sweden for America, coming directly to

During the first year of his residence here he
worked at his trade, and then opened a Swedish
book store at No. 5718 Wentworth Avenue, add-
ing cigars and tobacco to his stock of literature.

The venture proved only moderately successful,
and at the end of two years he sold out his stock,
fixtures and good will to engage in the real estate
and insurance business at the corner of Halsted
and Fifty-ninth Streets. In this line of trade he
has continued since that time, although he has
changed his location to No. 5915 Halsted Street,
where he has had an office for the past three and
one-half years. In business circles he enjoys an
enviable reputation, and in private life is highly
esteemed .

In 1896 he led to the altar Elizabeth, daughter
of Axel M. and Anna Erickson. Mrs. Lindholm
is by birth and descent a Swede, although her
parents reside at No. 5951 Sangamon Street,

Mr. Lindholm is a member of King Oscar
Lodge No. 855, Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons; of John Erickson Lodge, No. 361, Inde-
pendent Order of Odd Fellows; and Court Tem-
ple, Independent Order of Foresters. In some
of these lodges he has held office, and in all he
takes deep interest.


(1 OHN JOAKIM MARTENS, a son of Charles
I Martens, was born July 10, 1859, in the old
Q) frame house on section 27, of Leyden Town-
ship, in which were rocked the cradles of so

many members of the Martens family. His early
life, in many respects, was not dissimilar from
that of his brothers and cousins. He attended
the public schools until he was eighteen years



old, and after taking a course of six months' in-
struction at Bryant & Stratton's Business Col-
lege, settled down to work upon his father's
farm. Upon the division of his father's estate he
received eighty acres. This he cultivated two
years, when he sold his land to L,ester Franklin,
retaining only about two acres, with the dwelling
standing thereon. The sale was made in 1890,
and in the succeeding spring (1891) he opened a
general store at Franklin Park. The venture did
not prove successful enough to meet his expecta-
tions, and in 1893 he closed his store and en-
gaged in the business of selling coal and wood,
which he has conducted from that time to the

He married Elizabeth Mary Schmitf, Decem-
ber 22, 1897. Mrs. Martens was born at Har-
lem, Cook County, April 19, 1879. The issue
of the marriage has been one son, born Septem-
ber 10, 1898, and named George Howard.

Mr. Martens was christened and reared in the

communion of the Lutheran Church, but for the
past twenty years has been a member of the First
Presbyterian Church of River Park. He af-
filiates with the Republican party, but is in no
sense an active party worker.

He is a man to whose nature ostentation is
positively repugnant. His tastes are domestic
and his habits methodical. His favorite recrea-
tion is hunting, of which he is devotedly fond and
at which he is usually very successful. During
the permitted seasons, when duty does not call
him to the performance of some required task, he
may usually be seen upon the prairie or in the
woods, with dog and gun, intent upon this pas-
time. He still lives in the old home, situated
scarcely a hundred yards from the rude cabin
built by his grandfather, where he and his
brothers and sisters first looked up into their
mother's eyes. His life is placid, but useful, and
his worth is most thoroughly appreciated by
those who know him best.


J I tlemen whose name appears at the head of
/ I this memoir, is one of those Danish-Ameri-
cans who do honor alike to the land of their
nativity and the country of their adoption. He
is a well known and prosperous blacksmith and
horseshoer, at No. 320 Twenty-sixth Street. He
was born May 27, 1858, at Bedsted, near Thisted,
Denmark, being the son of Neils Christen Ander-
sen, of that place, who followed the same trade.
The elder Andersen is yet living in the old coun-
try, at the age of seventy-two years, after a life
of honorable toil, and having passed through two
wars and served in the army fourteen years. He
is well known and highly esteemed. His wife,
whose maiden name was Sophia Petersen, and

who is yet treading life's pathway by his side,
bore him nine children. Two died in early child-
hood, and of the seven who grew to manhood
and womanhood, five live in America. Annie,
who came to this country eighteen years ago, is
the wife of A. D. Nielsen, and has her home in
Nebraska; Christ resides at West Pullman; Peter,
in Iowa; Maria is now Mrs. Peter Arnstensen, of
Racine, Wisconsin.

Anders Peter is the second in order of birth.
On leaving school he began to learn the trade of
a blacksmith from his father, for whom he worked
four years. He then served an apprenticeship of
three years to a shoemaker. For eight years he
was in business for himself, when he sold out
and emigrated to Canada, settling first at Toron-



to. There he lost the moderate accumulations
gathered through several years of hard work and
self denial, and, shaking the dust of the Domin-
ion from his feet, he came to Chicago, having
but fifty cents in his pocket on his arrival. His
first employment was in a coal yard on North
Water Street, shoveling coal from the dock into
the hold of vessels. After three months he
secured a place in a shoe factory, and two weeks
later a position as a carpenter in the Chicago &
Northwestern Railroad shops. He held this one
year, when he found more congenial work in the
machine shops of the Deeriug Harvester Com-
pany. He remained with that corporation nine
years, and in the year 1894 opened his present
establishment, to which reference has been al-
ready made.

Before leaving Denmark he was united in mar-
riage (in 1878) to Triene Hormiller, a native of
the same place as himself. Mr. and Mrs. Ander-
sen have been blessed with nine children, five of

whom are living: Sophia, Niels, John, Thomas
and Helen, all of whom were born before the
family came to America. Of the four children
who died, three were infants, and one daughter,
Catherine, lived to be fifteen years old. Niels is
in the employ of the Deering Harvester Com-
pany, and John works for A. F. Kern.

Mr. Andersen has been a good father, afford-
ing his children the best opportunities which his
means afforded and better than all else setting
before their eyes the example of an industrious,
honest life. Nor have they failed to appreciate
these advantages, and his pride in them is abun-
dantly justified.

He has a wide acquaintance and extensive
patronage among business men who know his
mechanical skill as well as his moral worth. For
two and a-half years has been a member of
Walhalla, and has held office in the order.
He is also a member of the Knights of Pythias
and of the Knights of the Maccabees.


Abrahams, Henry 285

Ackhoff, Henry 60

Adams, Dr. Charles 549

Adams, E. J 253?

Adsit, J. M 123

Alsip, W. H 283

Amick, Pleasant 493

Andersen, A. P 697

Andersen, A. P 746

Andersen, J. P 356

Andersen, John P 716

Andersen, N. C 678

Andresen, Peter 472

Anthony, Elliott 375

Apfel, Philip 34

Armour, P. D 295

Arnold, M. A 645

Axelson, Martin 717

Ayars, C. G 459


Bacon, N. B 215

Bagnall, William 56

Bailey, E. W 133

Baker, H. D 433

Barnard, G. W 258

Bassett, O. P 272

Bauer, Augustus 66

Beaubien, Alexander 392

Beecher, Jerome 509

Benson, C. G 468

Bernth, C. L 723

Bischler, Matthias 710

Boberg, C. M 642

Boesenberg, C. H 19

Boesenberg, G. A 11

Boesenberg, H. H 727

Bollmann, J. A 218

Borglum, J. F 13

Brach, Peter 42

Bradwell, J. B 134

Bradwell, Myra 135

Brennan, Patrick 359

Brown, F. A 613

Brown, N. J 202

Brown, Thomas. , : 671

Brust, Peter 651

Bryan, Alonzo 630

Bryan, C. P 293

Buck, F. M 309

Budde, Henry 550

Buhl, Peter 636

Bunck, E. C ..518

Burhans, Eugene 220

Burley, A. G 227

Burnside, A. W 205

Buschwah, Nicholas 289

Byford, Dr. H. T 494


Calkins, A. C 22

Camp, I. N 346

Capron, A. B 451

Carlson, J. G 593

Carman, W. H 67

Carrington, N. S 561

Carroll, Michael 353

Cary, J. W 131

Case, E. W 427

Castle, E. H 544

Castle, I,. D 327

Caton, J. D 115

Chamberlin, R. H 194

Chapin, Newton 305

Chavett, Franklin 325

Christensen, Anton 706

Christensen, Jacob 358

Christensen, John 477

Christensen, Niels 700

Clark, Jonathan 183

Clark, L. C 543

Clark, R. R 229

Clausen, C. J 693

Clausen, H. P 732

Clifford, J. 273

Cobb, S. B 143

Code, C. N 10

Colby, John 361

Colby, Martin 694

Cooley.C. A 554

Crawford, H. P 164

Crawford, John 292

Crawford, Peter 197

Custer, G. G 184

Cutler, A. J 279


Daniels, E. F 542

Danielsen, V. A 676

Darrow, A. H 367

Dearlove, George 291

Dearlove, G. M 536

DeKoker, John 618

Delsing.J. S 39

Derby, W. R 189

De Wolf, Calvin 385

Dickinson, John 100

Dieterle, Christian 602

Dillon, T. A 649

Dollinger, J. A 304

Dorsett, D. F 414

Drechsler, W. H 524

Driggs, George 209

Ducat, A. C 415

Dupee, C. B Ill

Dye, Nathan 276

Eberhart, J. F 151

Eisel, C. W 580

Esch, John 516

Evans, E. W 99

Farwell, M. A 623

Farwell, W. W 457

Patch, E. P 566

Fehn, John 37

Felton, C. H 489

Fenton, C. H 707

Feuton, W. J 667

Field, Marshall 303

Field, Sargent 64

Fieldse, Nels 615

Filkins, E. A 245



Fischer, W. G 637

Fitch, C. M 388

Fleming, Matthew 725

Foelsch, Albert 28

Fonda, Dr. D. B 103

Forsyth, Jacob 87

Franzen, C. A 502

Fraser, George 309

Frink, H. F 122

Frink, John 139

Fuller, M. W 127

Gaden, John 003

Gage, J. N 223

Gage, L. J 271

Galloway, A. J 531

Gardner, P. G 559

Gauss, E. F. L 172

Gebert, C. J. L 627

Gebert, F. C 631

Gebert, F. C. F 709

Gebert, G. F 682

Gebert, H.J. P 708

Gebert, J. C 665

Gilbert, John 605

Glatnbeck, John C99

Goode, Thomas 108

Gordon, W. D 221

Goudy, W. C 119

Goudy, W. J 247

Gough, R. S 299

Grady, C. W 1 .590

Gray, Prof. Elisha 79

Greenebaum, Henry 567

Grennan, James 589

Gross, Jacob 63

Gross, S. E 383

Gustafson, August C46


Haas, L. F 463

Hageman, F. C 378

Hahne, William 480

Hallett, R. C 114

Halsey, Rev. L. J .105

Hamilton, William 483

Hammett, Edward 300

Hann, E. H 21

Hann, H. H 14

Hann, H. F. J. P 520

Haun, L. D 362

Hannahs, J. M 85

Hannis, G. W 519

Hansen, Christ 705

Hansen, C. L, 715

Hansen, Edward 679

Hansen, F. W 578

Hansen, J. C 478

Hansen, J. E 357

Hansen, Martin 622

Hansen, Martin 735

Hansen, O. A 743

Harlev, John 513

Harrison, C. H 307

Harrison, C. H., Jr 563

Haskell, L. P 552

Hatch, A. F 294

Hawley, C. M 343

Haynes, N. S....' 397

Head, B. F 321

Heckler, William 629

Henderson, C. M 391

Hervey, Robert 237

Heslington, T. W 212

Heuck, August 214

Hill, R. S 173

Hinckley, S. T 239

Hockert, Axel 661

Hoffenblad, L. M 682

Hoffman, Mathias 557

Hoffmann, G. 1 614

Holden, C. C. P 419

Holdt, J. H 27

Holdt, J. P 725

Holdt, L. H 731

Hood, C.T 193

Hooker, S. G 688

Horslev, Peter 514

Hoxie, J. R 71

Hubbard, Dr. Theodore 275

Huey, C. P 491

Huntington, Alouzo 430

Huntington, Charles 389

Hurd, H. B 331

Hutchings, J. A 207

Hutchinson, C. G 234

Hutchinson, J. O 553

Hutchison, Francis 538


Ingraham, G. S.


Jacobs, F. 1 573

Jacobsen, Anton 467

James, R. L 407

Jenkins, John 208

Jensen, J. A 715

Jensen, Rasmuss 728

Jensen, Rasmus 737

Jenson, J. H 587

Jewett, E. A 348

Johansen, N. P 722

Johnke, Ernst 610

Johnsen, Andrew 658

Johnson, Capt. Christopher 93

Johnson, F. M 45

Johnson, J. F 59

Johnson, R. M 55

Johnson, W. T 15

Johnston, Shepherd 312

Jones, F. E. R 155

Jones, M. L 674

Jones, S. D 4!H)

Jones, S. J 159

Jones, W. H 311

Jorgensen, H. C 470

Jorgensen, M. C 721


Kallum, F. T. E 410

Kane, John 612

Kaustrup, P. A 689

Keeler, W. O 161

Keith, Edson 149

Keller, L. A 523

KelloggJ.B 323

Kelso, A. W 162

Kienzle, Frederick 717

Kimbell, M. N 528

Kinyon, Wayne 584

Kipley, Joseph 382

Kirchhoff, A. B 512

Kirchhoff, C. E 727

Kirchhoff, H. G 734

Kirchhoff, Henry 598

Kirchhoff, W. H 735

Knudsen, J. A 741

Knudsen, K. R 690

Kuutsen, Conrad 621

Kolze, Frederick 12

Kolze, H. D 23

Kosche, Frederick 588

Kotz, Bernard 633

Kotzenberg, Charles 647

Kozlowski, Candidus 195

Kristensen, Peder 686

Kroeck, Philip 58

Krueger, Frederick 466

Kuhl, John 669

Kummerow, F. M 675

Kussel, Philip 53

Lacey, E. S 461

Larimore, Prof. J. W 91

Larrabee.C. R 464

Larsen, A. J 473

Larsen, Charles 586

Larsen , Christian 635

Larsen, George 677


Larsen, Martin 707

Lawson, Peter 736

Leahy, J. J 166

Lengacher, Jacob 31

Leonard, Jacob 684

Lewis, Leslie 78

Lewis, T. E 297

Lieb, Hermann 575

Lindholta, K. J 745

Link, Ferdinand 263

Lochner, Michael 401

Long, E. C 537

Loveless, Bratnan 379

Loyce, Martin 521

Ludlam, Dr. Reuben 497

Lull, A. G 541

Lund, Jacob 744

Lundberg, Carl 721

Lunt, Orrington 503


Macauley, John 65

Mack, Rev. J. A 496

Magill, C. J 424

Mahon, D. C 412

Maltby.J. A 449

Manz, Jacob 259

Martens, Charles 691

Martens, C. H 606

Martens, H. C 594

Martens, H. G 30

Martens, H. W 520

Martens, J. J 745

Massey, H. H 501

Matthews, P. P 302

Mathis, J. M 217

Mathiesen, N. C 743

Maxson, O. T 328

McConnell, Hon. S. P 177

McCormick, C. H 167

McCormick, C. H., Jr 487

McUaniel, Alexander 188

McDole, L. A 620

McEldowney, John 484

McGrath, J. J 471

McKichan, Duncan 666

McLean, A. B 255

McMahon, Jaines 181

Meilstrtip, Emil 713

Melcher, S. H 351

Melzer, Adam 201

Merki, John, Jr 679

Merz, Gottlieb 349

Metzger, Adolph 591

Metzger, William 511

Millar, Alexander 683

Miller, B. C., M. D 83

Miller, W. H 475

Minard, F. V. H 409

Molbo, Clemen 714

Morris, John 284

Morrison, F. W 25

Mortensen, Peter 668

Muller, John 581


Naper, John 371

Nettstraeter, William 219

Neuberger, Hugo 260

Nichols, C. L 429

Nielsen, Albert 729

Nielsen, C. A 713

Nielsen, F. E 525

Nielsen, Jens 733

Nielsen, Niels 718

Nielsen, S. N 577

Nielsen, Theodore 703

Nielsen, Ole 738

Niemeyer, William 35

Noble, T. A 640

Novak, F. H 165

Nusser, Frederick 38


Olleudorff, Aaron 437

Olson, Gustave 729

Ornberg, C. A 632

Orr, A. C 399

Ortmayer, Andrew 317

Palmer, William 611

Pardridge, Edwin 431

Parmelee, E. D 548

Parsons, W. B 422

Paulsen, Anton 702

Paulsen, H. C 366

Pauly, H. G. F 660

Pearsons, J. A 112

Peck, F. W 339

Pedersen, J. M 680

Pendergast, James 582

Peters, Henry 681

Petersen, W. C. F 712

Petersen, H. S 730

Petersen, S. P 740

Petersen, Smith 364

Petrie, Philip 319

Peugeot, E. F 262

Phelps, O. B 140

Phelps, W. W L'llG

Pierce, Franklin 47

Piniiey, D. II 151

Piper, C. E 268

Polk, Wesley 562

Poulsen, Lars 724

Powell, G. N 109

Pratt, E. H 404

Price, Cornelius 400

Prindiville, John 129

Prosser, T. T 89

Pullman, George M 231

Ranney, O. D 527

Rasmussen, Alfred 711

Rasmussen, C. R 711

Rasmussen, L. S 607

Rasmussen, Ole 726

Rasmussen, Rasmus 672

Ray, W. A 405

Raymond, Rev. M 178

Rea, J. T 626

Redington, E. D 322

Reehoff, Edward 657

Rexford, Norman 481

Rexf ord, Stephen 250

Rice, J. H 98

Rich, J. W 583

Richelsen, A. C 517

Robertson, John 329

Robinson, H. M 125

Rofinot, P. F 659

Rofinot, V. F 709

Rogers, G. M 235

Rogers, J. G 147

Rogers, T. S 558

Rohde, Anton 616

Rollo, R. R 249

Rollo, W. E 146

Ruehl, P. G 619

Rumsey, J. S 314

Russell, Menzo 196

Russell, J. J 310

Russer, Henry 43

Sanger, J. Y 439

Sauer, Adam 617

Schaefer, Maternus 505

SchafFner, Isaac 49

Schmeltz, John 600

Schmidt, Karl 41

Schmidt, K. G 535

Schnitzius, Nicholas 61

Schroeder, George 579

Schroeder, W. S 515

Schroeder, William 701



Schulenlnirg, J. A. A 664

Schweinfurth, Frank 17

Scott, Willard 423

Selvig, O. F 720

Senger, August 673

Sexton, Stephen 254

Sexton, J. A 251

Shelhainer, C. E 643

Shortall, J. G 447

Shurtleff , Benjamin 101

Simon, Elizabeth 9

Singler, Nicholas 653

Sixt, Francis 204

Skafgaard, A. C 469

Skau, Andrew 733

Skinner, S. P 438

Smith, Amos 596

Smith, Dr. D. S 571

Smith, J.C.H 739

Smith, James 741

Snow, W. B 540

Snyder, J. F 411

Soderberg, C. F 656

Sohm, A 556

Sollitt, John 199

Sorensen, C. F 704

Sorensen, Rasmus 474

Spalding, Jesse 175

Spalding, W. A 381 .

Spaulding, S. G 243

Spofford, G. W 373

Spohrer, Andrew 44

Spooner, E. D 69

Staade, Carl 522

Stafford, J. F 341

Stanley, W. N 698

Steenbergen, Bastian 648

Steinmueller, Philipp 639

Steiner, August 641

Sterndorf , Christian 742

Stevens, J. V 191

Stewart, Gen. H. L 95

Stiles, C. H 408

St. John Everitte 485

Stone, F. L 723

Storms, J. L 40

Swain, E. D 479

Sweet, B. J 402

Sweet, J. A 426

Swett, Leonard 73

Symons, Alexander 51

Sytnons, J. S 62

Taft, O. C 628

.Taguey, Thomas .278

Taubert, Conrad 608

Taubert, E. L 705

Taylor, G. L 355

Teall, E. M 225

Telling, John 32

Tempel, Anton 52

Thalmann, Barnard 200

Theobald, Matthias 654

Thiele, Christian 564

Thomas, H. W 441

Thorsmark, Christian .731

Tiden, C. A 609

Tobey, J. D 187

Tobey, Wales 163

Toft, G. N 26

Toll, L. R 360

Tompkins, Rev. James 533

Topp, Johannes 738

Toppan, J. S 394

Trimingham, R. N 256

Turn, F. J. O 644

Turner, J. B 170

Tyler, W. 281


Ubellar, J. L 50

Unold, John 551

Vassmer, F. W 476

Veith, J. H 663

Voelker, Christoph 18

Voelker, William 363

Voltz, Louis 555


Wagenberger, J. L 597

Walter, Lorns 687

Warner, Francis 269

Warren, Daniel 418

Warren, J. M 337

Waterman, G. W 330

Webb, A. F 565

Weber, Henry 455

Webster, T. H 118

Weeks, H. K 685

Wehrhan, Frederick 354

Weimer, George 506

Welander, John 652

Welfelt, G. W 670

Wells, p. T 662

Wentworth, John 7

West, John 365

West, William 186

Wheeler, U. H 435

White, Dr. W. S 508

Wiedinger, B. M 156

Wilber, E. J 213

Wilken, August 29

Willard, C. W 655

Wilson, A. C 638

Wingate, Albert 488

Withrow, T. F 335

Wohler, Peter 222

Wolf, Heinrich 695

Wolff, J. F 719

Wood, G. A 634

Woodrich, Hans ..685

Young, J. P.


Zeis, A. R.




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