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t^ n.a. V. f. of l?'i q.v.

^lif n.a. VI. f. of^ q.v.

tu^jllf n.a. vi. f» of ti^U q.v.

To perform the sacred rites at Mecca; also,
to cleanse. tSJj Two interpretations are given
of this vrord ; according to one it means filth,
and according to the other, the observance
of certain rites and ceremonies imposed upon
the Pilgrims at Mecca, among which were
cleansing the person, shaving, etc. Thus the
phrase *1^ ^y-^^ 22 v. 30 may mean, " Let
them put an end to their want of cleanliness,*'
or, "Let them complete the rites" above

J^^fisJ see d^. '


I'ju see ^^ .
^ ■ ; juJo see^^jcli.
^ Nature^ mud.-^^] IV. To establish firmly.
This verb is not found in the primitive form.
JfS V. f. of J\j q.v.

jjrJSjn.a. of^jq.v.
Miyj n.a. ii. f, of /•b q.v.

Jj aor. i. To /car. ^\ (2nd declonaion) comp.
form, Greatly fearing, mo^t pious, ^^ God-
fearing, devout. Theao wonh seem to owe
their derivation to tlio viii. f. of ^^^ q.v.
tlx? for ^. 2 pers. sing. aor. cond. of J,IS q.v.
j)^ n.a. ii. f. ofJlS q.v.
;j To lay prostrate (v.ith ace. of pers. and J).
^i: n.a. vi, f. of ^ q.v.


^Ii]j n.a. of^^q.v.

^^ V. f. of ^ q.v.

(JJli; fem. of diCJ J q.v.

17 aor. 0. To follow, rehearse, read, declare, medi-
tate (with ace. of thing and ^Sl of pers., also
with ace. and , J). Note. The \ called v-jJ \
^Uy 1 , or Alif of precaution, is sometimes found
added to the words yL and ^ , though pro-
perly only added to servile j to distinguish it
fromjawrf, D. S. Gr.T.l, p. 109. cL^QlS*
fem. plur. of Jl5 part. act. "Those who read."
ijlJ n.a. A reading.

\j^ see j^jJ.
J? aor. i. To be entire, complete, perfect, fulfilled
(with ^^ of pers.).— Ji IV. To complete
(with ace. and J< or c-^ of thing, also willi
ace. and ^Sl, ^\, or J of pers.) ; to perfect,
accomplish, fulfil, perform. a\aj n.a. Some-
thing complete, perfect;^lifl^ ^^y ^^
CUj 6 V. 155, " We gave Moses the Book, a
perfect Law," etc. ^ part. act. One who
makes perfect.

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JlJUj plur. of Jl^ # see jL^.

4jrjU/ vi. f. of v_c^ q.v.

^^j^ 2 pers. p}ur. aor. viii. f. of ^f;^ q«v.

^2^ V. !• of j-i-t q.v.

^Jo^J V. f. of I!' - " q.v.

^ '^ /• /• ^ ^
^^^i^J V, I. of ^t q.v.

Jua5 see jU .

J - 4J forj-i4Cj, seejtf.

^uJ VI. f. ofjJ q.v.

j^^llj vi. f. of l^^' q.v.

cJiIj vi. f. of cjj q.v.

yji^ n.a. vi. f. of jjiU q.v.

jJjjpJ n.a. ii. f. of J^ q.v.

^jt*k^ v. I. 01 (^/-Jij q.v.
J*ii5 n.a. ii. f. of Jii^ q.v.
^^ An oven (a n?orcf of foreign origin) ; it also

means a place whence waters gush forth.
Li7 see y^y

,jr^\y VI. I. of c5;^ q-V«

^\y vi. f.of^jq.v.

IjIj aor. 0. To repent towards God (witli ^J^;
to turn onc's-solf in a repentant manner; to
relent towpcJs men,— as God,— (with . Jx).


lS^ and ij J Eeperifanco. c-^l? part. act.
One who repents. cl^'jJ Very repentant, re-
lenting. tl>ll« A penitent conversion ; fJ!
t«j'I^ 13 V. 29, " Unto him must be my
conversion;" c-^l^* is hero put for ^t-<,

D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 459.

^ fir, . .s

^yysee^Jl. ^^

jl5 for JIj 7b ^^ round. ij\J A time,
rjji The. Pentateuch.

J,!;^ see ^jj .

J^y see ^j .

jufy n.a. u. f. of joj q.v.

jsy V. f. of jSjq.T.

Jyv.f.of Jj'q.v.

jjTjJJ see u^i *

^..^ V. r. of ^ q.v.
*^ A 6g; no verbal root.
il5 aor. i. To wander about distractedly (with ^).

kXw To be firm, steadfast, constant. ls-o15 part,
act. Remaining firmly fixed, firm, steadfast.
cLyJ Steadfast, fixing.— vi^^ H. To confirm,

■J v * *<

set fast, establish (with ace. and c->). e:.^-^
n.a. A confirmation, establishment. — Li^l IV.
To confirm ; to keep in bonds, 8 v. 30.

tj aor. 0. 7£> keep back, lose, perish, j^ Destruc-
tion, j^l^ part. pass. One who is lost.

^ To keep back, hinder. —l^ II. To make slothful.
• ^, * ^^

2 To collect, congregate. c-?CJ 4 v. 72, " In
bodies ; " accus. plur. of io the fem, of ^ for
^%P A company or body of men. Note. Many
nouns in the fem, sing, lose their third Radical
when it is s^ yOv ^\ where they take the
regular form of Plural this Radical is some-
times omitted, and sometimes retained ; see
D. S. Or. T. 1, p. 358.

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J aor. 0. TojloTV. ^ t-/ Pouring forth Rbundantly .
^A^ To he ^ZzV/5.— j^prl IV. To do tomdlung greats

make a great slaughter (with ^); slay in

great numbers (with ace. of pers.).
CJ) aor, !• To blanie.'-L.^Jj n.a. 11. f. Blame,
j^y 7b i^ 7w^/5/, as the earth after rain, ^^j for

vjp and 4jfjj, and with the article u^^ The

clJu 7& cfl2/5^ tojlow. ^\ji A serpent.

di5 aor.o. To perforate, penetrate^ sJdne. k— ^^li
part. act. Shining; v^liirisrlH 86 v. 3,
"The star of piercing brightness," by some
supposed to be Saturn, which is called l-^1^ 1 .

uJjJ aor. a. To find, catch, take, gain the mastery
over (with accus. of pers.).

JaJ To be heavy, grievous; to be a grievous
matter (with,^). ^J^ \ generally interpreted
to mean "men and genii," as at 55 v. 31,
dual of JiJ Baggage. Jl^l plur. of JlJ A
burden. J-iJ Heavy ; Plur. JUj . J^lLj
A weight.— JUJl IV. To grow heavy, oppress,
weigh down. Jil^ Fern, iili^ part. pass.
.Burdened; ZxH^ ^jJ J.^ 35 v. 19, "If a
burdened (soul) cry out;" the word ^jJj
being miderstood. — JjU^ for Jjli5 VI. To be
borne down heavily, incline heavily down-
wards (with ^^; For the employment of
those forms which take teschdeed on -the first
Badical, see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 220.

Jj To perish. iU A crowd, a number of people.

tion 1*15 and ^^ Two-thirls, D. S. Gr. T. 1,

p.415. JJUFem.liJlf Third. c.^l'lThrocby
three, in threes, or- three pa: ri; Ex.Xii^l ^y


* 35 V. 1, Having, two and


aor. 0. To take a third part of anything.
vlii and liJiJ Three (see !L^). jT,^ Thirty.
liJiJ One third part ; Dual ^uU and in conjunc-

threo and four pairs of wing3 ;" At 4 v. 3
may be rendered "By throes;" This word
is of the second declension, it answers to the
Latin T^r;22^ ; D.S. Gr. T. 1, p. 426.

IJ aor. 0. To tread. J There, in. that direction.
J Then (after an interval).

Jj^ Thamood, name of an ancient tribe of Pagan
Arabians, destroyed for their impiety. This
word in the Koran is always of the 2nd de-
clension; see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 405.

y^ To hear fruit. jAj Fruit, wealth, possessions.
ijAj A fruit; noun of unity or individuality;
see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 300. - ^''! IV. To bear

^ aor. 0. To take the eighth part, ^jaj A price.
^ One part out of eight. ^^ The eighth.
jjUj (for ^Cij) fern, and «tjUj masc. Eight ;
seeJiLs, see also ^^iL^, rt.^ . ^,y U5 Eighty.

^ aor. a. and i. To bend, fold, double. ...U
for j^U The second ; also part. act. Turning,
as /ilL Jjili 22 V. 9, "One who turns his side,"
or " A turner of his side," i.e. Proud. ^^Ui! *
masc. and ij<^\ fem., and in the oblique
cases ^^yi^\ and ^^^^\ Two. JLz Hit masc.
and ijJLe, lili| fem., and in the oblique cases
J^^\^ and i^Lc ^^J^\ Twelve ; These forms
which admit only the above inflexions are
considered as adverbial expressions; D. S^
Gr. T. 1, p. 420. ^Jl^ Jij twos, in pairs,
two and two; another form of this numeral

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(23 )


(bi!^ not fbuni ia tl- T^ciA::) '^ 'Tli; The. :
forms n-'C e'^/iivp.loi't to tlio Lntiu E'lrr: ; poo
<X?!L'. i.,'i', aiil with tho articlo ^^'li i A
nr-rito.2;lv:n cl'J; r to tlie wholi? KoiAn, or to
thooO pr.-.jr.£;c3 vrlilch arc frequently r-^pe:.teJ ;
some intci'prct it to m:an t];o first cli^pter,
a3 at 15 V. 87, ^^:'I1V J^.^ LVIJ lItCT " Y/o
have given thee seven (versos) of t!:030 which
ere to bo frequently rcpe:^teJ;" others in-
terpret it to mean the seven long ch-^ptors.
j^ll^ for ^^lL« without the nuunation (Sin^.
^J^^)f is one of those irre^^ular plurals which
nro c? tlio second doclonslon, with this pecu-
liarity, that in the nominative and genitive
they prcie^Te the tanween, as ^iL^, but reject
it in the accusative, as ^}i^^ ; ihe L\tter vrord
occurs tit 09 V. 24, where it may bo rendered
"double or repeated portions ;•" see D. S. Qr.
T. 1, pp. 410 and HI § 220. The rule as
given by the grammarian ilotarrezee is as
follows: Speaking of those irregular plurals
which are of the second declension he says,
" If the second of the two letters which follow
Alif quiescent happen to be a v/ it is sup-
pressed in the nom. and gen. and the tanween

•ouh t."iii\vc;:;L." For r.u eKplAna'-ic^ of the
pa.^op.-e at o9 v. 2i f:o LllLi, rt. 24.

Note. Other einicu] :ri I^ive obo h' ^n n.-


to ^IL^, ai Ji^, JS/.,


To make an CAception, r..3 ^,^:jwj 'Jj C3 v. 13,
"And they did not mr.':e en cric-^pfion" (by
saying iJlVAl ^[).

i^^\j aor. 0. To'rctur^i. c-^^lJ A reward. (^Jj
plur. of ilA* Taim :r.t. i'lL« A p'ace of resort.
Ju^LCAre\vard,recompen3'e. - c->y IL Torepay
(with double ace.).— 4 - bM IV. To reward
with, give as a recompense (with douhle ace).

jU aor. 0. To he stirred up (^as dii6t).^Jj\ IV. To
plough, break up the earth, excite, raise (as
dust, clouds, etc.).

^J aor. i. To abide in a place, jU for ^.U part.
act. A dweller, ^jy^ A dwelling, abode;
il^ ^J \ 12 V. 21, " Make his abode honour-
able;" see D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 113.

lI^ (no first form) To have connexion^ as a husband
and n'lfe, u^w A woman who has left her
husband after the first interview.

m^ Jibt, An idol, false deity.

>-'To bind, make fast. j\J^ Strong, powerful,
gigantic, having absolute power, proud, per-
verse. JllslfThe Mighty One, a name of the

j\p^ -aor. a. To low, supplicate God with groaning ' oij^ The Angel Gabriel
(with j1 ofpers.).
CJuIli- (2nd declension) Goliath.
\^^^ To cut off. s.^^.^ A well, cistern.

jl>- aor. i. and 0. To form, create. JI>- Plur.
jCcj- Amountain,and especially Mount Sinai.

Jj»r>" and iL:>- A crowd, multitude; ii-Jl
^Pfse V. 184, "The former generations;"
see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 268.
To he cowardly, ^j^ Cowardly; the temple,
side of the forehead.

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(^7 )

^C^ r.or. a. 'lo cirUcon tJijjor\::ciL iU^ plur.

of .L-^ A forehcid.
C.->- for U>- cor. a. r.nd i. To col!o:t or ^Mther

tribute, or C3 t-ibuto (wiili ^\ of p!:co).

t-,j;C^l Poet, licence for ^^:''j^') pin.-

C» ^ I -* ' 4

4LjI>- a cistern, see »^*>-, rt. ^ j:- ; see also

^ll^, rt. ^.— ^^^^ VIII. To choose (va:h

ace. and ,.^ or . Jj).
«i^ Tbc?/^^.— cXc^!^ VIII. To tear up, root

up (with ace. and jy (j^)«
l£>-.aor. i. nnd o. To He tvltk the Ireast on the

ff round, /A^ part. act. One lyin^ on his


li:^ aor. i. and o. To knccL ll/S- Fern. ii'\^
. •> • ^ ->' •

part. act. Kneeling ; The Plur. is j^l^j- for
^^, D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp. 103 and 3G2."
1^ To deny, refuse, reject (with •*-?).

IsrT aor. a. 7b /'/y/^^ a fre. mt^jst^ fem. Hell,

hell-fire, any fiercely burning fire.
j^ aor. i. 7b be of great rvealth or d'jnity, jl?-

■ S ^ S ^ p

Majesty, glory, J^J^ New. ja:^ plur. of

ij^ A track or way on a hill-side.

«^Jc>- Plur. cjljc>-l A sepulchre; no verbal

^Jc>- To he covered rvitk pustules, to fence in.
j\s>' Plur. Ji^- A wall. Ji>- 1 More fitting
or easier, compar. form (2nd declension),
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 403.

Jjk>- aor. i. and o. To trvist Jirmly. j !>- In a
contentious manner ; f ♦!>- J ^ clXJ '^^ t« 45
V. 58, " They only propounded this to thee in
the hope of a dispute." Jlj^ A dispute.—
J jI:>- III. To dispute (with c-> of means and
^ or ^ of subject) ; to dispute with (with

ace. of i rs.), sj aV-VJ C V- ^-^ ''T;.u
they Bnoiild di.^pt-i'e ^vlth you;" ^/J;:j'4-*'
7 V. C9, "^ ill yc dl:p::-o ^/iili n^c?" >J^'4-»
part, act, fcri. Ono v.lio J' ; i.cs.
j*.ju>- To hasten. jUv - A u:o!:en i^ioco; Ij^jo- la

J^iJLsr* UninL'rruptcd.

cjc>- 7b /vrp -icltloiitfcod, c:Ap:it?J\ cjv=- Plur.


Tiic t:an:<cl'aP.^■::a-tr(.o.

\jc>- aor. 0. 7b stand frm. l*^ A b'!rninc: corl
or firebrand.
>• aor. 0. To draw, dm '^ (v.itb ace. and , Jl).

^Jl>- 7b rcoinid, jj^.in, r,cqiii:'.j for on o's-i :"!:'. Jl/ -
plur. of - ^ A vronnd. ^^C-C. (Cud djoloa-
sion) plur. of Is^X^ E:?-3'3 of prev. — ^X^^
VIII. To endeavour to acquire : "^jJ^
(4;T;^Tlj:i^J:^T45v. 20, ''Thc32 vrho seek
to do evil."

Sj^- To tear ojf, j|^ coram. g3ud. noun cf
species, A locnst.

jj>- aor. 0. 7b ent ojf. jjs>^ Dry (ground) bare

c^ 7(? drink (ji'ater),^^^ V. To sip.

uJ^ aor. 0. 7b carry ojf the Tvliole of amjtJilng.
i-j^ A water-worn bank of earth.

^^^ aor. i. 7b comrsiit a crime, to drive one (into
sin, with ^\ of following verb). VJ^ A sin ;
I^ if No doubt! An adverbial expression,
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 521.— ^j^l IV. To be guilty
of sm. /♦yr; n.a. bm. j^^^ part. act. A



^y.^ aor. i. To flow, run, happen (with J, also with
15? or ^\ ). iijV:>- part. act. fem. Running,
a vessel ; The Ark, C9 v. 11 ; Plur. ^llrC-, and
with the article ijj^j^ I , for which by Poetic

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(C3 )

lic.:n,3 is c;;b3'itntcJ iC^Vl loLli in t' o no-
niimitiTO aii .1 gorativo c.v.v?, £:e note oo . p^u.*,
rt. j5; see abo D. S. Gr. T. 9, p; 497.
JJ;^ for ^f.'*' D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. Ill, Tbe
couioc of P. uMp, n-1 l>l'^-7:^ 11 V. 43, "During
L :• :cur-;" 1). S. Gr. T. 1, p. 118,
ij^r,>i\a. To tc.':<: apartofiiKytUrj. ^^ A part,
portion, indiviJfi^.lit;; At 43 v. 14 the word
\*j>- i.r by soino tdkea to mean "Danjliters."

^y^;- 2o-j:l:cS ever, and t^ To bo imp:itiont.
Ui^ Im .'.lieatly.

l^ Gor. 0. To suhdiie, and 4,.?^ nor. i. To satisfy, ic-
compen3eforgc0vlorevil, jivoP3arc-.varJ(\Yith
double ace. or wi'h ace. or cy oflbir: j for which
■ re.vard, etc. is £,'7cn); to givo an equivalent,
or make satisflict ion for (v;ith Ji or with double
ace). jl>- for c-?j^ p^' t. act. One who makes
satisfaction for another (with ^^). 3<|j^ Com-
pensation, satisfaction, equivalent, retribution,
reward. ^J=r Tribute, especially that exacted
from Jews and Christians.— 4^l:>- III. To

\ju^ aor. 0. To handle.^-jL^ . V, To inquire
curiously into (by handling, etc.).

jLuj>- To stick to the hochj (blood). juu:>- n.a. A
body; \11^ ^ 7 v. 146, " A calf in a bodUy
To have a large body. ^m*s>^ A body, Plur,
^ll^l ; ^llXt 63 V. 4, "Their Persons.** .

jjc>- aor. a. To place, put, impo3e> make, appoint,
constitute, ordain, attribute (with J of pers.
and ace. of thing or with double ace. also with
ace. and ^ , ^^Jlc, or j^) ; to hold, regard or
esteem, as at 29 v. 9 ; Used with ^\ of follow-
ing verb at 56 v. 81. J-^^ part. act. He
who places, etc.

V^ Toc-t C'::::n c-djc m ::-n:i the haul: (c 7:.'_r).

flJr Fro% a^ ^ILf ^ill 13 v. 13, "It
■ r - 3o!:ill:ofrct!-." * *
^JS- To scr:: vp c^ f::Ji. m a Icry^ d'oh,

^IIj*- plnr. of JlL^ A larj> ^liih, trcr.clior.
(^ ?or. 0. and i. To tr:-it /:.vjZ>.-. J'Jr YI. To

be rcmoTcd from (vilh ..^).


j^ aor. i. To be ghrLvJ. Jl;

>- aor. i. and o. To drag, ^^:.\'^.— Ll-^L•^-l IV.
To attack, a^.^ault (v.ith ^:). .

sLJl^ To put on a cL'IL-. cl-''i^ (Ond declen-
£:oa) plur. of c-?Li:>- A larje outer covering
worn by women.

jirp aor. i. To ?vound the.shin, scourge. JjOo^ n.a.
A ?ic'''nx\n^, blow with a rod. *xb>- Plur.
jjl>- Skins, hides.

^p^ To sit 2>. Eastern /as/Jon, in which respect
it differs from Joo. *^^Ls:« (2nd declension)
plur, of^^Ss^ A place of sitting or assembly.

^hf aor. 0. 7b i^ clear and manifest. *i^ Banish-
ment. — ^^^^11. To make manifest, reyeal;
^l^ lil j^^^Tj 91 V. 3, " By the day when
it reveals her (the Sun) in all her splendour."
— -Xs^ V. To appear in glory (with J).

aor. i. and o. To abound.


ms^ aor.i. ana o. lo aoouna. ms>^

^^ aor. a. To be refractory.

aor. 0. To congeal^ to he f.rm. ij-^l^^ part.
act. That which is firmly fixed.

w4^ aor. a. To collect, gather together, assemble,
xmite ; to have connexion with, marry (with
^\ as ,^^1 ^ \jMA^ Jj 4 V. 27, (It
is forbidden you) to take two sisters to wife,"
or "intermarry ; " to gather together— against,
with ace. and J ;~at, with ace. of pers. and

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(i:o )

J or Jl of time; it ia fil:o xmod v^llh ncc.
end J^ 03 at 6 V. S5, end vrilU ^!^ of por-
son3 ai:scniL:cl r.3 at 31 Y. 2 "J. jJ^
AnrJ3o:nbly,-vjV:iudo, a [; - ^.th:/.n3 tcj^aicr,
crov;d ; ^;.- .r/:;'i' 23 v. 73, '' Y/lio have am-^ed
(vr.;^Uli) more abund-mtly ; " Literal' j, " more
nbuadiint in ara2::'3ir.2 (wc:ilth); ^cJ\ (♦^y.
^C;ir3 V. 149, ''The day of the maetias of
the two ho:f3;" Jj^J ICL^ Cl^ 7o v. 17,
" Upon 113 d:Tolvc3 the collection (of it3 scat-
tered senbnccs), end the proper method of
reading it." L^U- part. cot. One who jjathers
tojother, etc. 2^^ A con-rc-ation, S3 ^^^
Jil^fThe day of the congregation, Friday.
^^.C Collected, assembled, all, an army ;
At 36 V. 32 ^;^t^ i3 used for \y^f see
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 540, r.ote : iX^ adverbuUly,
Altogether, wholly. ^^1 Plur.^^j^^ \ All,
The whole, ^r^^ place of meeting to-
gether. \r^ V^^^* P^^* Assembled.—
1^1 lY. To agree together, concert a plan
or design (with ^1 of following verb) ; to
agree upon (with ace.).— j-^c^^ VIII. To be
gathered together (with J) ; conspire (with
11). L^^ part. act. Gathered together.

J^ aor. 0. To collect, and J^ To be handsome.
J^ A camel. JU^ Grace, elegance;
JU^ \^/JjlQ V. C, " They are a credit to
you." Ji^ Becoming, decorous, honour-
able, gracious. ZUj^An aggregate, Bome-
thing complete, as a sentence; ^^y^^j <lU>-
25 V. 34, "As one complete and perfect whole."
iJlis^ plur. of jA^r A camel.

^ aor. i. To be covered; aor. o. To cover (with
1^), *^ collective noun, Genii, demons.

epirit^ 03 oppo3wd to men. Lu.^^- Plu.'. cjl:^'^
A ^:.rdon, ParaJi^.o. il>- A covering, cloak.
^1^ lladiic33, frenzy; \:z^i al^o in a ccllcc-
tivo 8cn3e, or ai plar. of ^^ Gciill ; eco D. S.
Gr. T. 1, p. £32. /I^T plur. of ^^r Any-
thing cove, od, a f.otu3. ^\^ A serpent,
genius, dc-on; ^l^ 1 15 v. 27, for ^.^rJl
"The Father of Devih;" or the p.irt for the
whole. Jinn or Genii. ^,1^^ r:irt. pr:3. Mad,
pc:3:.v:od of tha Devil.
Jj^ ror. i. and o. To turn aside, caiue to tufa
from or avoid (with aco. and ^1 Ic-t). . v - .-:.^^
Plur. il^JJr A side ; uJl^^^ "r^^-] ^ ^•
40, "The familiar friend;" ^ JiS^ U
JJif c^ 33 v. 57, ":^:hatIhhren-V:ctcd
(of my duty) tovvards God." '-7'"^ -^
stranger, coming from afar. One SMiTurin,^
from pollution; u^ ^ 23 v. 10, " From
afar off." lSjI>- A side, tract of country ;
^\^ J^ 17 V. 85, " Ee drew acide."—
\S^^ II. To cause to turn aside, roniove
away from (with double ace). — «— - ^^ V. To
turn away or withdraw one's-self from (with
accX-JJ^l VIII. To turn aside from,
avoid. s- ^ ,

J^ aor. a. i. and 0. To incline (with J). 'j-Ui>-

comm. gend. Plur. l^] A hand, wing, arm,

arm-pit ; ui^li>- u^^^j 1^ ^' ^^» " ^^^

behave with humility;" Literally, "Lower

thy wing." ^ll^r A crime.

xj>- Plur. JyJr An army, troops, forces, a host,

companions ; no verbal root.

IL^ aor. i. To decline; and i-J:^ aor. a. 2o
• ^^"^

deviate ifram the truth). cJi5>- n.a. A swerv-

ing from the right way.— t^Vrri^ part. act.

VI. f. Inclining to evil (with J).

Digitized by



( CO )

^Jj>- aor. i. To n^thrr {fruit).

L5^ ^^' O^

Fruit: aa ..^

I ,,:^55v. 51/'Tho n-uit


of tho t\ro t: .;J ill/' D. S. Cr. T. 1, p. HO.
^^^ Ff :3li (d-;tc3) ready gr,thorecl.
Jl^^ aor. a. 7b it? diligent. S^ n.a. A striving
Tvith lui^lit and main; The vrordj ^^^^ \'=>r
at 5 V. 53 and eiiovi'hsrc may bo tr:.n3latod
"Their most binding oatlia." J^-:^ Pov-'er,
ability; J^x.-^ ^i^..A-<:f 9 v. SO, "Taoy
find nothing (to give) but tlia fiuit of their
labour." — ^^^ III. To strive; contend ^vith,
£ght— especially r^r.iast the enemies of IslAin
— Ovitli a:c. of pei3. and ^f ^^^, as at 31 v. 14,
a!:o^7ilIl ^, s-?, or J). jL%- n.a. A con-
tending, striving, a goirg foiih to fl^'ht (in
the Holy V/ar). ^5^-5* p^^rt. act. One who
strives, one who goes forth to fight in the
cause of Islam.
^^ aor. a. To be manifest, publish abroad, speak
aloud (\Tith 4 - > of thing and J of pcrs.).
-4^ That which ia manifest, loud speaking,
open and public speaking. \^^ Openly,
publicly. Ij,^ Openly, visibly, manifestly.
— ]J^^ ^•^' ^^^* ^' ^^ public, openly.


aor. a. To rush on a wounded man rvith intent

to slay him. jC^ Paraphernalia, things
necessary for a journey.— -^^^ II. To fit out
with provisions or other necessaries (with ace.
of pera. and l-> of thing).
J[^ aor. a. To be ignorant. J^l>- part. act. One
who is 'ignorant. Oyc^ ^^^ ignorant and
foolish. i^\^ Ignorance, ^^^^r State of
ignorance, condition of the Pagan Arabs before
the time of Mohammad.


fern. Hell, Gehenna, from the Hebre\^

DJH K^ITheValley of Hinnom, where human

HLicri.^.jo v/cre male bj C:-: to N'jl.oh: V'ln
\>-v.rd en acjou'^^ of ilz fu.'ji;^;a or:;;In and
fc;ni:une g..n'!^r is of the second declension;
D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 404.

jpj- Air, The Firmament.

<— >^o^ see U^.


4^l;>- aor. 0. To split, cleave, cut out. ^^fr ^^
answer, see iv. f.— lI^^-I IV. To return an
answer, hence, to hearken to (with ace. of pera.
or thing). i - - -7^ p-rt. act. One who returns

an answer, as ^.^^*:^-7^^ 1*^ 37 v. 73, "And
verily we returned a gracious answer;"
Literally^ "And verily they who gave the
answer were gracious."— t-^Ud-jl X. To re-
spond (with J of pers. and ^1), to answer,
hearken to (with J. of pers. or l-^).

jI:>- aor. 0. To he good. SCj>- plur. of j|o^ Swift
coursers, do^ "El Judee," A name. of
Mount Ararat.

Jl>- aor. 0. To turn aside, J^ Near, one who is
near, a neighbour, ^j^^ part. act. One who
turns aside.— ^jU- III. To be a neighbour,
to dwell near (with ace. and ^^^-^J^ IV.
To protect, deliver— from punishment, etc. —
(with ace. of pers. and ^?^) ; ^2^ Jls^ /J 23
T. 90, "Neither is he protected of any;"
Literally t " Neither is it protected over him,"
or " is any protection (thrown) over him : " for
the use of Passive Verbs in an impersonal
manner see D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 129 ; see also
at \j>^ .— ^lsi« part. act. VI. f. Near to one
another.-^lsali^ X. To ask for protection.

jl>- aor. 0. Togo.-^^^ III. To pass on or over,

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by


Digitized by



( 31 )

to car.30 to izi3 ovci (v.itli uj of pers. and
ace. of tliins).— JjU^ VI. To puos by or over
(with ^).

iJ^^Jr ^^^- ^* T^ scarcb, explore.

cIp- ror. 0. To h'r^;^'or. ^^^ Hunger.

tJl>- rior. 0. 7b penetrate bhvanlly, to be hollow.
lS^^- The belly, the interior.

A^ cor. i. To come, come to, arrive at (with ace.
or with J, JV, ^^"^ or ^); with c^ it
nioaus to couio with, i.e. to bring; Liko^l
it mav somoiimea be rendered to do or commit
(an action),. as at IS v.- 70 ; Vass. ^^ some-

times v/rlttcn 5 rw for ^, .- •-, ?.:, ... "o! 'u


39 V. CO, " And the I'^OMhcti .-lirll be brou Jit."
iV(?.^j. In the r,bovc form of coa ;huj'Ion ihri
verb i3 iiuper^onal, likeTVy.'^vj er>t in Lr.tin ;
6ce D. S. Gr. T. 2, p. 1?9.~'I:^1 lY. To mr^:o
to come; hence, to lead or drive (vath ace. of
pcr3. and ^p.
j[>- aor. i. To cut out a garr.ient at the nech.

IS^ Plur. cl?4l>- The bosom of a s'tirt or


jI:^ for L^ aor. a. D. S. Gr. T. 1, p. 243, To hacc
a long and hea'ltijid ncch. ^Vr ^ r.cch.

\^^^ aor. i. To Icce. l1>^ Grain, corn. <up-
noun of unity. One grain. l«^^^ Love;
ZLjl2^. 172, "Out of love for him,"
i.e. "for God." . c^-^"^ comparative adjective
of the 2nd declension, D. S. Gr. T. 1, pp. 324
and 403, More beloved, more pleasing, pre-
ferable. ^1^1 and with the affixed pronoun
5j lLv.T, the hamza being changed into j with
damma in the middle of a word, D. S. Gr.
T. 1, p. 118, plur. of «4^ Beloved.
il^ Love.— (4-^ II. To render lovely
(with ace. of thing and J\^ of pers.).—
k1^\ IV. To love, will, desire, like (with
ace. or with^^i of following verb).— j.-_.^^i-:^ X.
To love, prefer (with ace. and ,^^).

^l^- aor. 0. To make beautiful, delight, make joyful.
jCil plur. of^ ^^j^ ^ (Jewish) Priest
or Doctor.

J^ aor. i. To restrain, hinder, shut up.

^ -^ aor. a. To be vain, fruitless, to perish (with
^ or^).— ll^l IV. To render vain; lau^pj

47 V. 34, aor. with j and ^ prefixed, " And
he shall make (their works) of no avail."

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