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and his many loyal friends, but caused him to be highly
regarded in a large circle of acquaintances. Aside from
his business he was a man of many interests. He was
passionately fond of music and the stage, and always
felt himself fortunate to have lived in the days of Booth,
Barrett. McCullough, Clara Morris, and their contem-
poraries. From his mother's family, the Fullers, he
inherited a great love for fine horses, and preferred sit-
ting behind his little Kentucky bred pacer than driv-
ing an automobile. He enjoyed the reputation of being
the most genial and atifable man among his friends, in
his clubs, and in fraternal organizations, but one of his
strongest characteristics was his independence and his
extreme aversion to all sham and pretense wherever
and whenever it was met.

Mrs. Hopson, who survives him, was educated in the
grammar and high schools of Mayville and afterward
took a course in elocution. She was a member of the
Episcopal church, and later adopted the Christian Sci-
ence faith, now (1920) being first reader in the Chris-
tian Science church in Westfield. She was a lady of
culture and refinement, a lover of nature and art, and a
member of Patterson Chapter, Daughters of the Amer-
ican Revolution. Children of Harry Benjamin and Ade-
laide J. (Gleason) Hopson, all born in Mayville: i.
Lucy Marilla, of whom further. 2. Sarah Rowena, born
Aug. 22, 1S84, educated in the public schools of West-
field, Darlington Seminary, at West Chester, Pa., and
the Philadelphia School of Design; she married John
Calvin Powers, a business man of New York City, and
they reside in East Orange, N. J.: they are the parents
of one child, Mary Adelaide. 3. Maude Viola, bom
July 30, 1886, educated in Westfield schools, Vila Con-
vent School, of Erie, and Painesville College for
Women; lives at home. 4. Harold Sherman, born Oct.
26, 1892, educated in Westfield schools and the Col-
lege of Technology, of Troy, N. Y. 5. Harry Benja-
min, Jr., born Dec. 28, 1897, educated in public schools
and St. John's Academy at Manlius, N. Y. ; associated
with Doubleday, Hill & Company, of Pittsburgh; mar-
ried Margaret Belmont. 6. Charles Gleason, born May
29, 1900; attended Westfield schools, now a student in
the LT. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md.

(IX) Lucy Marilla Hopson was born March 2, 1882.
She is a graduate of Mayville High School and Buffalo
State Normal schools. She married Thomas W. Us-
borne, who was born in Westfield, N. Y., April 21, 1881,
son of William and Martha (Van Ness) Usborne. Mr.
Usborne attended the Westfield schools, and after grad-
uation from the high school entered the National Bank
of Westfield in the capacity of clerk. He rose to the
office of teller, and after twelve years resigned to accept
the cashiership of the National Bank of North East.
This responsible position he filled until 1912. He re-
signed in this year because of the death of his father-
in-law, and his appointment as executor and trustee of
the estate of Mr. Hopson. lie has faithfully adminis-
tered this estate to the present time, to the complete
satisfaction of those most intimately concerned, and has
labored diligently in their interest. Mr. Usborne has



given much time and study to the breeding of Guernsey
cattle, and is first vice-president of the Guernsey Cattle
Association of Western New York. He is active in
many circles in Westfield, and is president of the Cham-
ber of Commerce, where his progressive beliefs and
ideas have resulted in benefit to his city, and vice-presi-
dent of the Western New York Guernsey Cattle Club.
He is a member of the Episcopal church. Mr. Usborne
showed a special aptitude for music when quite young,
and during his early school life it was with difficulty
that he was not permitted from neglecting his studies
to practice on various band instruments. During his
later school period he took up the study of music in
a serious way on his own account, devoting much time
to the study of music, musicians and harmony, and later
settled down to playing his favorite instrument, the
slide trombone, which instrument he has played ever
since, professionally and otherwise. Much to his re-
gret his other duties do not permit of his devoting as
much time to music as he would like. Mrs. Usborne is
a member and ex-secretary of Patterson Chapter,
Daughters of the American Revolution, of Westfield,
and is a charter member of the Ladies' Library Society
of Westfield. She is interested in civic affairs and cur-
rent events, inherits a talent for elocution from her
mother, and is fond of genealogical research, having
contributed valuable material to the family records.

(The Shattuck Line).

(I) William Shattuck was born in England, 1621, and
died in Watertown, Mass., Aug. 14, 1672. He married,

1642, Susanne , who died in Watertown, Dec. 11,


(ID William (2) Shattuck, son of William (i) and
Susanne Shattuck, was born in Watertown, Mass., in
1653, and died Oct. 19, 1732. He married, 1678, Susanna
Randall, born in Watertown, Mass., died May 8, 1723,
daughter of Stephen Randall.

(in) Rev. Benjamin Shattuck, son of William (2)
and Susanna (Randall) Shattuck, was born in Water-
town, Mass., July 30, 1687, died in Littletown. Conn.
He graduated at Harvard, June 17, 1709. He engaged
to teach grammar school and taught until 1715. He
studied Divinity and was ordained, and became first
minister of Littletown, Conn., Dec. 25, 1717. He mar-
ried, 1709. Martha Sherman, born Sept. i, i68q, in Wa-
tertown, Mass., died in Littletown, Conn., daughter of
Joseph and Elizabeth (Winship) Sherman. Joseph
Shennan was a son of Captain John and Martha (Por-
ter) Sherman, the latter named a daughter of Rodger
and Grace (Colledge) Porter. Elizabeth (Winshiv.
Sherman was a daughter of Edward Winship, of Cam-

(I\') Timothy Shattuck, son of Rev. Benjamin and
Martha (Sherman) Shattuck, was born in Watertown.
Mass., 1715, died in 1775-76. He lived in Littletown and
Middletown, Conn. He married, in Wallingford, Conn.,
Nov. 5, 1740, Desire Hall, daughter of Nathaniel and
Elizabeth (Curtis) Hall.

(V) Martha Shattuck, daughter of Timothy and De-
sire (Hall) Shattuck, born in Middletown, Conn., April
15, 1746, married Lieutenant Linus Hopson. (See
Hopson IV.).

(The Norton Line).
The Norton family of Norwich, of whom the late
Henry B., Timothy P. and William T. Norton were the
founders, is one of the oldest families of Connecticut.
Thomas Norton, the founder of the family in New Eng-
land, was born in the County of Surrey, England, and
was descendant in the fourteenth generation from

(I) Le Sieur de Norville, who came to England with
William the Conqueror, and was his constable. He
married into the house of Valois.

(II) Sr. de Norville married into the house of Barr.

(III) Sr. de Norville married into the house of Dol-

(IV) Sr. de Norville married Auelina, daughter of
Neuil De Witt, of Raby.

(V) Sr. de Norville married Jorica, daughter of
Sieur Dumpre de Court.

(VI) Sr. de Norville, alias Norton, married the
daughter of Sir John Hadsooke.

(VII) Sr. de Norville, alias Norton, married the
daughter and co-heiress of Monseigneur Bassing-

(VIII) Sir John Norton, alias Norville, married the
daughter of the Lord Grey de Ruthyn.

(IX) John Norton, of Sharpenhow, in Bedfordshire,

(X) John Norton, of Sharpenhow, married a daugh-
ter of Mr. Danie. She married for her second husband
John Cowper.

(XI) Thomas Norton, of Sharpenhow, married
(first) Elizabeth Merry.

(XII) Richard Norton married Margery, daughter
of Wingar, of Sharpenhow.

(XIII) William Norton married (first) Margaret,
daughter of William Howes. Among his children was
Thomas, of Guilford, Conn.

(XIV) Thomas Norton married, in 1625, Grace
Wells, and with his wife and children came from Ock-
ley, Surrey, near Guilford, England, to Boston, Mass.,
1639. There he remained a short time, and while
there his wife gave the land on which the old South
Church was built. He joined Rev. Henry Whitfield's
company of the New Haven Colony, locating at Guil-
ford, where he spent the remainder of his life, and
where he died. He and his wife had four children:
Thomas, born about 1626, who settled in Saybrook,
Conn. ; John, of whom further ; Grace ; Mary, who mar-
ried Samuel Rockwell.

(X\') John Norton, son of Thomas and Grace
(Wells) Norton, born in England, came to the New
World with his parents and located at Guilford, Conn.,
where he spent the remainder of his life, and where he
died. He married (first) Hannah Stone, and (second)
Elizabeth Hubbard. Children: John, born Nov. 18,
1666, died Jan. 10, 1667: John, born May 29, 166S;
Samuel, born Oct. 4, 1672, married Abigail Ward,
Jan. 25, 1693; Thomas, of whom further; Hannah, born
Feb. 4, 1678, married Ebenezcr Stone, Jan. 16, 1702;
Jeruiah, married Simon Leete; Elijah; Benjamin;

(XVI) Thomas Norton, son of John Norton, was
born in Guilford, March 4, 1675, died in 1744. He
married. May 28, 1701, Rachel Starr, born 1681, at Guil-
ford, daughter of Comfort and Marah (Weld) Starr.



Rachel (.Starri Norton, died Sept. 30, 1755. Children:
Rachel, born May i;;, 1702: Thomas, of whom further;
Daniel, bom Jan. 17, 1707: Reuben, born April 6, 171 1;
Leah, bom .-Xpril .?, 1715: E\ in, born Xov. 8, 1718:
Timothy, born Feb. 3, 17.21.

iXX'IIt Thomas u) Norton, son of Thomas (i) and
Rachel (.Starr^l Norton, was born Oct. 4, 1704, died
Sept. 8, 176S. He married Bethiah , about 1724-

(XVIII') Thomas i^'* Norton, son of Thomas (.;')
and Bethiah Norton, married. May 29, 1761, Mercy
Tyler, bom in 1737. died in Branford, Oct. 21, 1824.
Children: Mattie, horn in Branford, Oct. 20, 1761;
Timothy, born in Branford, Dec. iS, 1762. died next
day: Thomas. Jr., married Sarah Potter, Nov. 16, 1789;
.\nna. married Philo Hopson. Dec. 11, 179-1, at Bran-
lord. (See Hopson V.).

(The Gleason Line).

The Gleason family herein traced was founded in
.\merica by Thomas Gleason, who was born in North
Hampton. England, in 1607. Thomas Gleason located at
Cambridge, Mass., and there died in 1686. He married
Susanna Page, born in England, who died in Boston,
Mass. They were the parents of nine children.

(II) William Gleason, the seventh child of Thomas
Gleason. was born in Cambridge, Mass., in 1655, died
there Jan. 14, 1690. With his brothers, Philip and Na-
thaniel, he was a soldier in King Philip's War. He
married, about 1678, Abigail Bartlett, born about 1651,
who was a widow, and she was the mother of his seven

(Ill I John Gleason, third son of William Gleason,
was born in Cambridge, Mass., in 1683. He moved to
Hartford county. Conn., settling on the Connecticut
river, in the town of Enfield, where he died prior to
.Aug. 23, 1717. He married, in Suffield, Hartford
county. Conn., Feb. 15. 1704, Hannah Woolworth, born
Feb. 10, 16S1, died in SufTield, in January, 1759. daughter
f.f Kicliard and Hannah (Higgins) Woolworth, of New-
b;iry. Mass. They were the parents of: John, of whom
further: Hannah, born Feb. 23, 1708; Mary, born Oct.
10, 1709: Elizabeth, born May 24, 1713.

(IV'> John (2) Gleason. only son of John (i) Glea-
son, was born in Enfield, Conn., Jan. 13, 1706, and there
made his home. He married, about 1726, Sarah Rob-
bins. The following children were all born in Enfield:
John, born June 25, 1727; Deborah, born Jan. 27, 1731,
F.phraim, lorn June 4, 1733; Hannah, born Jan. 24,
1733: Asa, born .April 4, 17.3H; Ariel, of whom further;
Hannah, born Dec. 24, 1747.

<\') .Ariel Gleason, son of John (2) Gleason, was
born in Enfield, Conn., Jan. 24, 1743, and there resided
all his life. He married, about 1774, and was the
father of Ariel, l>ioch ; Kiiius, of who:n further; and

(\'h Ruii!^ Glea-.on, son of Ariel Gleason, was born
in Enficl'l, Conn., about 1777. He followed the occupa-
tion of miller, made his home in several places in Con-
n-cfirut. and di'd in early manhood. He married, about
I/'/', Marian Granitcr, of .Suffield, Conn., born May 27,
177''', daughter of f'hineas and Elizabeth CHall)
Gransfer, her father a -oldi'-r of the Colonial army lor
more than four yeari d'lrin;; the Revolution, rlyinx in
the «crvicc. .She was a descendant of Launcrlot and

Joanna (,.\dams) Granger through Samuel and Esther
iHanchctt') Granger, and Jeremiah and Thankful
( Ilale"! Granger. Rutus Gleason was the father of
seven children.

(\'II) Rufus (2) Gleason, son of Rufus (i) Gleason,
was born .April 27, 1808, in Salisbury, Conn., and died
in Mayville, Chautauqua county, N. Y., March 24,
iSSq. He settled in Chautauqua county in 1837. He
married, in 1S29, Melissa Sherman, horn June 10, 1809,
daughter of Robert and Tirzah (Smith) Sherman. Her
father was a cavalry officer in the \\'ar of 1S12, and died
in Schoharie county, N. Y. Robert Sherman's widow
was born in Boston, Mass., her father serving through-
out the Rcvolutipn from Bunker Hill to the end of the
war. She moved to Mayville and made her home with
her daughter, Mrs. Rufus Gleason, at whose home she
died May 14. 1S63. Children of Rufus (2) Gleason:
.Albert, born in 1S31: Charles, of whom further; Wil-
liam Sherman, born July 8, 1837: Adelaide Adelia, bom
Jan. 25, 1841: Ellen, born Dec. 1$, 1844; Francis, born
Sept. 20, 1848.

(VIII) Charles Gleason, son of Rufus (2) Gleason,
was born in Montgomery county, N. Y., July i, 1833.
He resided in New York State for a time, later located
at Mantorville, Minn., and subsequently moved to Flor-
ida. He married at Mantorville, Minn., Oct. 11, 1858,
Lucy Ann Slocum, who was born at Linesville, Pa.,
Nov. 18, 1842, died in Westfield, N. Y., July 11, 1912,
daughter of George Washington Sherman and Rhoda
Carv Van Courtlandt (Mantor) Slocum. (See Slo-
cum' VII.).

(The Slocum I>ine).

The branch of the family of Slocum through which
connection is made with the Gleason family was founded
in Rhode Island by Anthony Slocum, who was born in
Somersetshire, England, in 1590.

(in The line continues through his son, Giles, who
was born in Somersetshire, England, in 1618, and died
in Portsmouth, R. I., in 1682. In 1655 he was a free-
man in Portsmouth. He and his wife were both mem-
liers of the Society of Friends. He married, in 1641,
Joanna Bailey, who was born in England in 1615, died
in Portsmouth, R. I., Aug. 3, 1679, daughter of John
P.ailcy. Giles and Joanna Slocum were the parents of
nine children.

(Ill) Eliczcr Slocum, son of Giles Slocum, was born
in Portsmouth, R. I., Oct. 25, 1664, died July 30, 1727.
The following is a tradition that has come down through
the family: There came to the Slocum homestead a
maiden named Elcphel Fitzgerald, daughter of the Earl
of Kildarc. An English army officer had fallen in love
v.'ith her sister and the couple eloped to America,
bringing with them Lady Elephel. Elephel became em-
ployed in the household of Giles Slocum, father of
F.liezer, and the son fell in love with the fair stranger.
The young people were chided (she doubtless being a
Romanist) and were forbidden to continue their court-
shi]). There arc stories of this Portsmouth courtship,
which have found their way down through more than
two centuries, which hint at the incarceration of the
m.iidcn in the smoke house. The youth scaled the roof
by nii'ht, crawled down the chinuicy, and rescued the
maiden. And so tliey were married and came to Dart-
mouth and lived hai)pily ever after. Children: Meri-



bah, born April 28, 16S9; Mary, born Aug. 22, 1691;
Eliezer, born Jan. 20, 1693-94; John, born Jan. 20,
1696-97; Benjamin, born Dec. 14, 1699; Joanna, born
July 15, 1702: Ebenezer, of whom further.

(IV) Ebenezer Slocura, seventh child of Eliezer Slo-
cum, was born in 1704, and resided in Newport, R. I.
He married, Feb. 4, 172S, Bathsheba Perry Harper
Hull, born in Jamestown, R. I., daughter of Tristram
and Elizabeth (Dyer) Hull, a descendant of Rev. Jo-
seph Hull and William Dyer, whose wife, Mary Dyer,
was hung on Boston Common for her religious belief,
June I, 1660. Ebenezer Slocum was the father of nine

(V) Samuel Slocum, fourth child of Ebenezer Slo-
cum. was born at Dartmouth. Bristol county, Mass.,
June 4, 1736. He located at Monkton, Vt., and there
died in 1S23. With his six brothers he was a soldier in
the Colonial army in the Revolution, having volunteered
from Tiverton, R. I. He married Ruth Hall, and they
were the parents of seven children. (See Hall IV.).

(VI) Samuel (2) Slocum, son of Samuel (i) Slocum,
was born at Newport, R. I., Nov. 15, 1785. He went to
Vermont with his parents and later in life journeyed
west to Nebraska, where his death occurred, having
also passed a period of time in Crawford, Pa. He
served in the American army in the second war with
Great Britain, and was in the action at Plattsburg. His
death occurred Nov. 3, 1865. He married, in Rhode
Island, in November, 181 1, Mary Gardiner Sherman,
born at Narragansett, Washington county, R. I., in
1791, daughter of Captain Henry (2) and Mary Eliza-
beth (Gardiner) Sherman. (See Sherman V.). They
were the parents of ten children, as follows: Henry
Gardiner, born Sept. 3, 1812; Samuel Elliot, born June
r, 1815: Elizabeth, born Oct. 2, 1816; George Wash-
ington Sherman, of whom further; Fitzgerald, born
Nov. IS, 1820; Ruth, born Feb. 27, 1822; Ann Robin-
son, born April 29, 1825; Lucy Dailey, born 1827:
Amanda Sherman, born Aug. 7, 1828; Manley Leanidas,
born Oct. 23, 1832.

(VII) Judge (jeorge Washington Slocum, son of
Samuel (2) Slocum, was born in Monkton, Addison
county, Vt., Aug. 7, 1818. In 1834 he went with his
parents to Crawford county, Pa., and there married,
Sept. 30, 1841, Rhoda Cary Van Courtlandt Mantor,
who was born in Albany county, N. Y., Dec. 12, 1820.
In 1S54 they went west to the southeastern part of Min-
nesota, locating at Mantorville, the county seat of
Dodge county. In 1855 Mr. Slocum was appointed on
its first board of commissioners by Willis A. Gorman,
territorial governor. He was elected justice of the
peace in Mantorville in 1858, holding that office for
more than twentj'-five years; was for several years
clerk of the Probate Court, and was elected judge of the
County Court for a four-year term. He was a man of
importance and standing in the community. He died
March 24. 1904, in \\'ashington. Pa., his wife's death
having occurred in Mantorville, June 25, 1865. They
were the parents of seven children, as follows: Lucy
Ann. married Charles Gleason. (See Gleason VIII.);
Frank Mantor, born in 1843; Emma Josephine; Mary
Minerva; .A.ugusta Eveline, born Sept. 29, 1850: Sam-
uel; Sara Lydia, born July 23, 1861.

(The Hall Line).

On the Sth day of the eighth month, 1638, the name
of William Hall was one of a list of fifty-nine persons
admitted inhabitants of an island on the coast of Rhode
Island, now called Aquidneck. In 1639, William Hall
was an inhabitant of Newport, R. I. On the 27th day
of the fifth month, 1644, a parcel of land in Portsmouth,
R. I., was granted to William Hall by the town. His
name was onthe list of freemen, Portsmouth, 1655. Wil-
liam Hall sold, on the 6th day of the seventh month,
1654, to Richard Sisson, of Portsmouth, 1-300 of an
island called Canonicut, and 1-300 of Dutch Island. Wil-
liam Hall was commissioner to the General Court from
Portsmouth, in 1654-56-60-63, and he was deputy from
Portsmouth to the General Assembly in 1665-66-67-68-
72-y2,. In 1673 he was appointed on a committee for the
purpose of treating with the Indians about drunkenness,
and to seriously council them, and to agree on some way
to prevent extreme excess of Indian drunkenness. Five
chiefs are named, among whom is the name of the famous
Philip of Mount Hope, called King Philip, with whom
the committee should treat.

James Usher, genealogist, of No. 9 ^Murray street.
New York City, says :

We have the trans-Atlantic trace of William Hall,
clerg-yman. He is believed to be the same William
Hall who was a writer in London, and continued the
"Fab you Chronical" begun by Sir Thomas Moore. .-Vnd
there is added authority to believe a connection existed
between William Hall and the Lord Chancellor's fam-
ily. ^Villiam Hall, of London, went out of record there
in 163S. the same year that William Hall began record
in Rhode Island. Thomas Clement, a connection of the
Mores, was an original founder of Portsmouth. R. I.,
and was a neighbor of William Hall, and the adminis-
trator of his estate.

William Hall made his will on the 20th day of the
eleventh month, 1673. The will was probated on the
19th day of the second month. 1676. He married Mary
. Children,: Zurill, William, Benjamin, Eliza-
beth, Rebecca, and Deliverance.

(II) Benjamin Hall, son of William and Mary Hall,
was born in Portsmouth, R. I. He was admitted free-
man of Portsmouth, April 30, 1678; was appointed jus-
tice. May 3, 1704, and 1709; was deputy to the Gen-
eral Assembly, May 6, 1701, and May 3, 1704, Feb. 25,
1706, and 1707, May, 1713, and 1714. He married, July
27, 1676, Frances Parker, daughter of George Parker,
of Portsmouth, R. I. Children: Mary, born April 3,
1678; William, born Aug. 19, 1680; Benjamin, of whom
further; George, born June 29, 1685; Nathaniel, born
June 20, 1689.

(III) Benjamin (2) Hall, son of Benjamin (i) and
Frances (Parker) Hall, was born June 17, 1682, in
Portsmouth, R. I. He married, in Portsmouth, R. I.,
April 18. 1716, Patience Corey, daughter of William
Corey, of Portsmouth, R. I. (Thildren: Martha, bom
March 27, 1717; Frances, born April 4, 1719; William,
born March 27, 1721; Patience, born April 6, 1723; Re-
becka, born Jan. 5, 1726; Benjamin, of whom further.

(IV) Benjamin (3) Hall, son of Benjamin (2) and
Patience (Corey) Hall, was born in Portsmouth, R. I..
May 21, 1729. He married, in Portsmouth, 1749, De-
liverance Cornell. (See Cornell). Children: George,
born Nov. 24, 1749; Parker, born June I", 1751; Pa-
tience, born April 5, 1753; William, born Nov. 24,



1,-54: Ri:th. married Samuel Slociim. son of Ebenezer
S'.ocum. April l", 1778. (See Slocum V.).

(.The Cornell Line).

Thomas Cornell, born in 1505, in Essex county, Eng-
land, died in it'55. He married Rebecca Briggs, born
in 1600, died Feb. S, 1673.

(,in Thomas (2^ Cornell, married , and died

in larj!.

(Iin Thomas (.3'! Cornell, born in 1657. died in 1714.
He married Susannah Lawton.

(,n'^ George Cornell, horn in 1676, died in 1752, at
Xewport. R. I. He married three wives. The second
wife. Deliverance (Clark') Cornell, was daughter of
Governor Walter Clark, of Rhode Island, and Han-
nah (Scottl Cornell, daughter of Jeremy Scott.

(Vl Richard Cornell, was born June 14, 1709. In
174; he was made freeman of Portsmouth. In 1740
he moved to East Greenwich and liought land two and
one-half miles east of the village. At close of eighteenth
ccntr.ry he bought two other parcels of land. He mar-
ried, at Xewport. Mary Martin, of Portsmouth, R. I.,
Dec. 10. 1730. Mary Martin was daughter of Joseph
and Mary Martin. Children: Philadelphia, born Sept.
22. 1731 : Deliverance, born June iS, 1733 (see Hall
IV."): Elizabeth, born Nov. 30, 1734; Joseph, born
.April 16. 1737; Mary, born May 17, 1739; Sarah, born
July 12. 1740; Abigail, born July 6, 1744: Ruth, born
Sept. 9. 1748.

(The Sherman Line).

This line of Sherman traces to the Hon. Philip Sher-
man, who was born in Dedham, England, Feb. 5, 1610,
and died in Portsmouth, R. I., in 1687. In 1634 he came
to N'ew England and settled first in Roxbury, Mass. At
the time of the .Ann Hutchinson troubles in Boston,
about l')37. he took the popular side, but as Governor
Winthrop finally prevailed, he removed with others of
the same opinion to Rhode Island. Here the company
met R:'gcr Williams, who advised them to purchase the
island of .'\quidneck from the Indians. This purchase
was completed March 24, 1638. a rcgidar government was
established July i, 1639, with Coddington as governor,
and Philip Sherman as secretary. He frequently held
ofSce in the colony afterward, and was consulted by those
in authority as a man of intelligence, wealth and indu-
imcc. The early record of the settlement, prepared Iiy
him, still remains in Portsmrjuth, and shows him to have
Ixen a very neat and careful penman, as well as a man of
C'iucation. .After his removal to Rhode Island he left
th<^ Congregational church and united with the Society
of Friends. lie is said to have been a devout but de-
t'Tm-ned man. He married Sarah ( )(l(\mK, dauglucr of
.\Ir«. John Porter.

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