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BOOK 589.61. R13 c. 1

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3998 RALFS (J.) The British Desmidie^. Drawings by o

Edward Jenner. Reeve, London. 1848.
Broivn calf, gilt top. 81^0. i vol.
Cover inserted.



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F.R.S., L.S. &c.


As your suggestion induced me to study the Microscopic
Alga with greater diligence, and as I have been mainly indebted to your
assistance and encouragement for the successful completion of the present
Monograph, I feel it a grateful duty to dedicate to you the collected
fruits of my investigations, and, sincerely thanking you for the kind
permission to associate them with a name so honourably distinguished
in Botanical Science^

fv, I am, dear Sir,



Your truly obliged,



Although this work has greatly exceeded the limits which
I originally contemplated, I am very far from thinking that
it has exhausted the subject. About one-third of the Des-
midiese which it describes have been discovered in this
country since the prospectus was issued ; a fact which may
well warrant the expectation that a rich harvest yet remains
to reward the dihgence of future labourers. In regard also
to the reproductive organs; whilst I have the pleasure of
noticing that the sporangia of fifty species are here^figured,
most of them for the first time, I would point out that those
of a much larger number are still unknown, and that every
spring and summer many are brought to light.

In compliance with the request of some of my Subscribers,
I have added a few foreign habitats, w^iich will give some
idea of the geographical distribution of the species. This I
am enabled to do through the kindness of M. de Brebisson
and Professor Bailey, who have furnished me with complete
lists of the species found by them. It must of course be
considered merely the first rude chart of their range, and I
earnestly deprecate any comparison of it with what Professor
Harvey has accomplished for the Marine Algee in his splen-
did ' Phycologia Britannica' : nevertheless enough is here
exhibited to show the cosmopolite character of these plants,
since not only has almost every British species been found at


Falaise by M. de Brebisson, but most of them have also
American habitats.

It has been mj' desire throughout to write impartially, and
I am not aware that I have, in a single instance, neglected
the claim of priority, or appropriated to myself the disco-
veries of others. Should any blemishes of this kind appear,
they will, I trust, be attributed to the circumstance that this
work has been composed at a distance from the metropolis,
and without access to many works which it would have been
desirable to consult. Amongst these I have more especially
to regret that I have not seen some valuable papers on the
Desmidiese by Ehrenberg, Corda, and Morren, which have
been published in various foreign periodicals.

In these pages the name appended to a species merely in-
dicates the author of the specific name, and has no reference
to its genus. This departure from the usual custom seems
to me to require no vindication ; for it is surely unjust that
the credit due to the discoverer or first describer of a plant
should be ascribed to one whose sole merit in regard to it
has been to transfer it from one genus to another. To those
who prefer the common method, the synonyms will afford
the requisite information.

I consider Merismopedia and Trochiscia to belong to the
Palmelleae, and have therefore omitted them, although Kiit-
zing and Meneghini include them in this family. I am also
unacquainted with any species of Sphcerastrum which can
rank with the Desmidiese.

Penium Digitus, and, except in a few cases which are pointed
out, the species of Closterium, Docidium and Micrasterias, are,
on account of their comparatively large size, magnified only
200 diameters, but all the others are magnified 400 diameters.


Mr. Jeniier and myself have used Mr. Ross's microscopes,
and I think it due to that skilful optician to state, that for
clearness of vision we have never seen them surpassed.

I have added, as an Appendix, a list of as many foreign
species as have come to my knowledge ; and, although I
fear that a few of Ehrenberg's may have been omitted, I have
some confidence that this work describes and figures a greater
number of species than have before been systematically
arranged. M. de Brebisson and Professor Bailey have kindly
permitted me to insert species which they have recently de-
tected, and which are now first published, and also to make
use of their drawings. The last plate has been reserved for
these drawings and for others which Professor Kiitzing has
presented me of species which he has described but not
figured. I have to regret that the large size of the Closteria
did not allow the introduction of figures of several interesting
foreign species.

The drawings of the British species, with very few ex-
ceptions, were made by Mr. Jenner ; but they have, in almost
every instance, been carefully re-examined by myself and
compared with the plants, and the engravings have been
executed under my own superintendence. From the com-
mencement of this undertaking Mr. Jenner's help has been
invaluable. Not only has he taken the greatest pains to
ensure the accuracy of the drawings and furnished me with
copious notes, but to his exertions I owe a very large pro-
portion of my Subscribers. Indeed I can truly say that he
has shown as great an interest in the work as if it were his
own, and exerted himself as much for me as he would have
done for himself.

To the kind recommendations of Mr. Bowerbank, who is


as distinguished for his indefatigable and successful micro-
scopic observations as for his constant readiness to encourage
his fellow-labourers in Natural History, I owe the patronage
of many of the eminent naturalists whose names adorn the
list of my Subscribers ; and, to render this Monograph more
complete and deserving of such support, he has taken the
trouble of measuring all the species. Tedious and uninviting
as the task must have been, these accurate measurements
will show how much his love of science has contributed to
enrich a work of which I regard them as one of the most
important features.

It gives me sincere pleasure to acknowledge how much I
am indebted to the kindness of M. de Brebisson, who has so
long studied these Algae, and who is deservedly esteemed
the highest authority on the subject. By his valuable aid
my nomenclature has been rendered far more perfect than it
could otherwise have been. He has most liberally supplied
me with specimens and drawings of almost every species ;
has copied, for my use, figures contained in works which I
had no opportunity of consulting, and has at all times readily
furnished me with such information as I required. To the
extent indeed of my obligations in these respects every page
of this work bears frequent but inadequate testimony.

Professors Kiitzing and Bailey have also afforded me
important assistance, by supplying me with drawings of
many species and by the communication of interesting

My friends, the Rev. M. J. Berkeley, Dr. Dickie, Mr.
Sidebotham, and Mr. Thwaites, have materially aided me in
the execution of this Monograph by sending me their obser-
vations and specimens. Dr. Williams of Swansea has obli-


gingly furnished me with copious translations from German

To no one are my obhgations greater than to Mr. Borrer :
by his advice and assistance the work has been freed from
many defects that would have impaired the utility which I
trust it may now possess. I gladly return my thanks also
to my valued friend the Rev. H. Penneck, who has afforded
me his assistance throughout its progress and in its careful
preparation for the press.

My thanks are due likewise to many other friends, for the
interest which they have taken in this publication, and for
their exertions to secure me from pecuniary risk ; especially
to Mrs. Griffiths, Miss Warren, Professor AUman, Mr. An-
drews, Professor Balfour, Mr. Coates, Mr. R. Q. Couch, Mr.
Dillwyn, Mr. P. Grant, Dr. Greville, Mr. Gutch, Mr. W.
Hanson, Professor Harvey, Rev. D. Landsborough, Mr. Mog-
gridge, Mr. Moore, Dr. Shapter, Mr. W. Thompson, Mr.
Topping, Mr. Tudor, and Mr. Williamson.

I have to apologize for the long delay in publishing. It
has been caused partly by ill health, but chiefly by the con-
tinual discovery of additional matter and my wish that no
labours on my part should be wanting. When however I
state that I have thus been enabled to add the descriptions
of a large proportion of the species and of one-half of the
sporangia, besides the Appendix of foreign species, and at
least ten plates, I may be permitted to hope that the Sub-
scribers will readily excuse a delay which has so materially
increased the extent of the work without increasing its


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Stent, William, Esq., Fittleworth, Sussex.

Sterry, Charles, Esq., Trinity Square, London.

Stokes, C, Esq., F.R.S., L.S., S.A. & G.S., Verulam Buildings, Gray's Inn.

Streeten, Robert J. N., M.D., F.L.S., Worcester.

Stuart, William, Esq., 8, Frederick Street, Gray's Inn Road, London.

Symonds, F., Esq., M.R.C.S., Oxford.

Taylor, Richard, Esq., F.L.S., S.A. & G.S., M.R.A.S., &c., Red Lion Court,
Fleet Street.

Tennant, James, Esq., F.G.S., &c., 149, Strand.

Thompson, W., Esq., President of Natural History Society of Belfast, &c.

Thwaites, G. H. K., Esq., M.B.S.L., Lecturer on Botany at the Bristol Me-
dical School.

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