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Council of Planning Librarians exchange bibliography

April 1973


A Selecfed Bibliography

John Robert Miller
Executive Director
St. Cloud Metropolitan Area Planning Commission

Mrs. Mary Vance, Editor
Post Office Box 229
Monticello, Illinois 61856


MAR 2 8 1973


COUNCIL OF PLAi^naMG LIBi^liiRIMS Exchange Bibliography #389

A Selected Bibliography


John Robert Miller

Executive Director

St . Cloud Metropolitan Area

Planning Commission

Morphology is usually defined as being the study of form and
structure. The physical morphology of urban places then is the
study of those physical elements fo\md in villages and cities,
e.g. buildings, streets, parks, etc. Hox-rever, as applied to urban
places morphological study has been both spatial and tenporal and
as a result urban morphologies usually address themselves to the
problem of "change". In this regard then the physical morphology
of urban places is defined as the study of their form and function
as well as their change in form and function over time.

The actual study of the physical morphology of urban places,
though, is similar to that social condition known as Victorian
sex. Many people have an interest in the subject but no one real-
ly -wishes to expound on it. For this reason then no large biblio-
graphy compiling studies, treatises, and learned dissertations
all of which enumerate general and universal theories of urban
morphology is possible.

Philosophers who address themselves to the social sciences
\TOuld probably agree that this shortcoming is simply a reflection
of the condition of the various interested disciplines. At the
present the vast majority of studies produced are concerned xd-th

2. CPL Exchange Eibliogr^hy ifj,%9

only one or at best a fev/ of the elements V7hich when combined to-
gether are responsible for the form and structure of urban places.
In this respect the study of urban morphology has been idiographic
as it has been concerned primarily \ individual phenomena. In
time, hoirever, it is probable that the urban morphology vrill \m-
dergo a metamorphosis and become what these same philosophers
would call a nomothetic study. In the future then we can e:qpect
more studies vrhich ■vd.ll address themselves to the overall problem
of ejqjlaining the general morphology of urban places. But as sug-
gested we must try at present to piece together the several stud-
ies made concerring individual elements to gain any real semblan-
ce of the form, function, and change of urban places.

In this regard studies are selected in the bibliography which
may be placed in one of five categories including 1) urban plan-
ning including specific planning studies, 2) general theories
(rare as they are) including those from human ecology', 3) speci-
fic physical entities found in the urban place h) social condi-
tions affecting perception of the environment and hence of the
urban place, and ilnally, 5) studies of all other phenomena which
play a role in determining a place's iccrphology.

In the bibliography an effort is made to present works which
are primarily concerned -with American urban places. Moreover the
great majority of the studLes cited are contenporary with the only
exceptions being the references to early human ecolcgisto and to
the early economists, a few European contributions are Included
but an effort has been made to choose only those that had a serinal

3. CPL Exchange Bibliography #389

effect on explaining the iimerican urban place. Individuals x-jish-
ing to examine city structure in other societies should begin
with a review of Sjoberg's The Pre-Industrial City which is cited
in the bibliography. Individuals Td.shing a more detailed biblio-
graphy of one of the five study areas should examine those refer-
ence found in the most contemporary works here presented.

The Selected K-bliography

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li. CFL ^change Bibliography #389

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6. CPL :]xchange ELbliogrsphy //389

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