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courts, 449. proclamation for
calling the parliament in 1603,
A. IV. 536. see Jets, and
Church of England,

Parliaments, of the Authority,
Form, and Manner of holding,
a tract said to be by sir T.
Smith, S. 165.

Parma, duke of, A. I. ii. 344. III.
i, 330. 382. ii.
550. 38. 78. 85. 138. IV. 13.
52.92. 175. 456. chosen go-
vernor of the Netherlands, II.
ii. 159. Roan taken by his
forces. III. i. 5. 6. ii. 164. Ant-
werp surrendered to him by


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treachery, i. 435. 436. ii. 364.
367. propounds a treaty be-
tween queen Elizabeth and the
king of Spain, 2. in show ra-
ther than reality, ib, 5. 6. be-
sieges Bergen, 25. beaten off
by the English garrison there,
ib. polled Flanders daily for
Italy's sake, IV. 380. slow in
his proceedings against France,
387. gave little countenance to
the armada against England,
382. 391.*

Fbrma, duchess of, governess of
the Low Countries^ A. I. ii.
1 20. 1 22* 204.11. ii. 398. forbid
English cloths to be brought
into the Low Countries, I. ii.

Pamel — one of the early gos-
pellers at Cambridge^ M. I. i.
568. P. L 12.

Parpalio, Vincentio, Pius IV.'s
nuncio, A. I. i. 340.

Parre, William, M* I. i. 404. see

Parreis, sir Philip, dubbed a knight
of the carpet at queen Mary*s
coronation, M. III. ii. 181,

Parret, — A. L i. 381.

Parret, Denis, a papist^ A. II. ii.

Parris,— A.ILi. 534-"-56S-573-

Parrival, see PerrivaL

Parrot, John, A. IL ii. 550. see

Parrot, sir Thomas, account of
his marriage with lady D. De-
vereux. Ay. 217. see Perrot,

Parry, — A. I. i. 228.

Parry, — M. III. i. 406.

Parry, — father of Dr. Parry,
some notice of, A. III. i, 365.
one of king Henry's guard, ib,
his wife, femily, estate, and
death, ib.

Parry, — nephew of Dr. Parry,
executed for murder, A. III. i.

Parry, Henry, in 9 commi^ion to
visit certain dioceses, A. I. u
248. 314.

Parry, sir Thomas, A. I. ii. 390.
(as coipptroUer,) i. 35 . had been
a servant to princess Elizabeth,
8. made by her, when queen,
comptroller of her household
and one of her privy council,
ib, II. ii. 707, what other pub-
lic offices he held, 708. 709.
dead in 1575, i. 575.

Parry, Dr. William, A. III. i.
113. 272. 382. 458. ii. 437.
600. IV. 64. has leave to tra-
vel abroad as a spy for queen
Elizabeth, II. ii. 279. returns
home, 280. goes privately a-
broad again, and is reconciled
to the Romish church, 280.
his protestation of loyalty, 365.
recommends some papists fu-
^tives. to lord Burghley, 366.
in. i. 371. his intelligence
from abroad, 114. 118. 272.
370. his treason discovered^
360. his speech at his execu-
tion, 362. his letter about his
family and quality, 364. a true
account set forth of what he
was, 366. tried to get the mas-
tership of St. Catharine's, 367.
went abroad on being pardon-
ed by the queen for a burglary>
369. some account of him
there, 369. 370. his debts, 375.
his confession, 380. ii. 337.

Parson, Clement, A. U. ii. 420.
see Person.

Parsonages to be impropriatecl
unto Cardinal college, Oxford,
M. I. ii. 130.

Parsons, George, A. IV. 207.

Parsons, Robert, a Jesuit, C. 668.
669. M. III. i. 278. ii. 129. A.
L i. 184. U. ii. 353. 360. G.
380. A. in. i. 54. ii. 78. 598.
IV. 54. 186. 383. 390. 505.
609. archbishop Abbot's refu*

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tation of his calumny against
Martyr and Bucer, M. II. i.
191. his slander of archbishop
Cranmer, C. 654. 659. 662.
charged Fox with spoiling re-
cords, A. I. i. 376. indicted
with Campion, P. II. 167. at-
tainted of treason, A. IV.
267. comes into England> W.
I. 180. his letter to cardinal
Allen about the success of his
secret mission into England, A.

III. i. 600. ii. 418. excited the
king of Spain's malice against
England, W. II. 367 — 369. a
chief writer and transactor on
the papists* side, A. III. ii. 76.

IV. 138. 139. 141. 144. 145. ^
148. 264. 266. 269. 271. 503.
set forth his Ward-word in an-
swer to sir F. Hastings*sWatch-
woird, P. II. 324. corrected, C.
ep. decL ii. M. III. i. 1 7. quoted,
C. pre/, xiii. see Persons.

Parton, Robert, a priest, notice
of, A. IV. 259.

Partridge, lady Jane, widow of sir
Miles, has a grant of the manor
of Kenne, Devon, for life, M.

n. L 542.

Partridge, sir Miles, M. II. i. 181.
a gambler, 180. committed to
the Tower as an adherent of
the duke of Somerset, 497. a
commission for this trial, ii.

247. warrant for his execution,

248. his property at Kew con-
ferred on sir J. Gates, i. 542.
ii. 225. his daughters restored
by act of parliament. III. i. 84.

Partridge, Robert, W. I. 473.

Parva Harveld, seeHarveld Parva.

Passenham, benefice of, its value,
A. I. i. 228.

Paston, dement, has a lease of
the prebend of Horton, Glou-
cestershire, M. II. ii. 270. a
magistrate in Norfolk, suspect-
ed, and reckoned backward in

religion, A. III. ih 460^

Ptoton, sir Thomas, M. II. i. 123.
his part at the funeral of Henry
VIII., ii. 301. bought of the
crown the chantry at Acton,
Suffolk, and the manoY of Bow-
erhal, Essex, 408.

Paston, sir William, bought of
the crown the free chapel in
Caster S.Trinity, Norfolk, M.
II. ii. 403. a magistrate in Nor-
folk, A. III. ii. 460. bishop
Freake*s notice of him^ ib,

Pastrana, duke of, A. IV. 382.

Patchet, Robert, M. III. i. 170.

Pate, Pates, Richard, (as bishop
of Worcester,) C. 481. A. I.
ii. 36. 38. his contest, as arch-
deacon of Lincoln, with bishop
Longland about synodals^ M.
L i. 445. ii. 275. present at
Edward VI .*s baptism, II. i. 9.
bishop of Worcester, ii. 67.
present at the council of Trent,
ib. attainted under Henry VIII.
for taking the bishopric of
Worcester from the pope, HI.
L 257. excepted out of the ge-
neral pardon of Edward VI.,
ib. II. ii. 67. an act passed for
repealing all attaints against
him, temp, queen Mary, IH. i.
257. restored to the see of
Worcester, ib* (as bishop of
Worcester,) concerned in the
trial of archbishop Cranmer,
C. 1072. 1093. 1094. 1096.
and of bishop Hoper, M. IH.
]. 290. in a commission against
heretics, 330. assisted at the
consecradon of abp. Pole, 473.
474. attends his mneral, A. I.
i. 53. present at queen Eliza-
beth's first parliament, 82. dis-
sented from the bill to restore
the first-fruits, tenths, &c. to
the crown, 83. frt>m /that re-
storing the supremacy to the
crown^ 84. 87. from that for

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I N D E X.

exchfti^ of bSdiops* lat»d$, 86.
Irom that for uniformity of
conimon prayer and service of
the chdrch, 87, 113. from that
for the patentees of the bishop
of Wiiichester s lands> 93. cer-
tain lands of his see alienated
96. summoned before the
queen, 206. confined in the
Tower, 211, 215. P.I. 177.
178. 2 79.. died in exile, A. III.
i. 94.

Patent of Henry VIII., turning
the cliurch of Norwich into a
dean and canons, M. I. L 504.
of Edward VI. grantii^ a
church to certain foreigners,
n. i. 376. of queen Mary al-
lowing cardinal Pole to use his
legantine power in England,
III. i. 248. cardinal Pole to
bold a synod, ii. 446^

Pates, Richard, lawyer, in a com-
mission for the diocefiffis in
Wales, A. I. i. 248.

Patmore, Thomas, a merdiant,
punished for dispa:sing Tin-
dal*8 New Testament, 0. 1 16.

Patmore, Thomas, parson of Had-
ham, Herts, a learned And
godly man, condemned to im-

, prisonment for life for per-
suading his curate to marry, C.
643. M. I. ii. .179.

Pfttney, manor of, Wilts, taken
in exchange by the crown from
the dean and chapter of Win-
chester, M. II. i. 119.

P^ton, Owen, A. IV. 270.

Patrick, Richard, W. L 592. IH.

Patrid^ Simon, (bishop of Ely,)
answered Bristows Motives
unto the Catholic Faith, r^b-
lished in his time as The
Touchstone of the New Gospel^
A. IL i. 499.

Patrons, eoc^iastical, their oon-
duct ill ^e reign of Edward

VI.,M.n.ii. 146.

Patslow, hundred of, Worcester-
shire, part of the endowment
Of the united see of Worcester
and Gloucester, M. U. ii. 5.

Patten, William, A. III. i. 744.
his account of the duke of So-
merset's expedition into Scot-
land, transcribed into Holin-
shed, M. II. ii. 1 80.

Pattison, -^ a priest, executed,
A. III. i. 695. IV. 481.

Paul in. pope, made a prisoner
by the emperor, M. I. i. 105.
a requisition made in his favour,
106. makes cardinid Wolsey
his vicar-general, 107. particu-
lars of an embassy to him,
about dissdving Henry VIII.'s
marriage with Catharine of Ar-
ragon> i3S-*-i64« 169. ii» 92.
112. the king begins to be
highly ofifended with him^ i.
165. a book published upon
his rejection of the king's ap-
peal, 225. books against him,
229. the king's book against
him, ib. the result of a delibe-
ration of the privy-council con-
cerning his authority, 331.
called Antichrist, 252. prod^
mations and acts s^nst him,
. 256. declared by tte conroca-
t;ion to have no jurisdiction in
England, 257. sends for Pole
to Rome, 458. makes him a
cardinal, 461* 477. envoys
tiie bishop of Verona to recon-
cile Henry VIII. to this ap-
pointment, 464. sent the car-
dinal as legate into t^e Lo^
Countries, 477. cKcomimmi-
cates Henry VIII., 511.

Paul IV., pope, deprives du-^nal
Pole of his legandne authority,
M. in. ii. 30. reason of his
displeasure, 16. king PhiUp's
and queen Mary's letter to him
in Pole*8 bdial^ 31. 474. and

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two firom tbe council, 3 1. 476.
480. Pole's letter to him, 34
-—.39. issue of tbe matter, 39.
grants an indulgence to an
Irish gentleman, S. 47.

Paul v., pope, A. IV. 504.

Paul, Father, A. I. i. 554. ii. 68.

P^ul, sir George, comptroller to
archbishop Whitgitt, W. I.
414. II. 418. 507. a date in
his Life of archbishop Whitgift
corrected, I. 18. referred to,
136. 157. quoted, P. I. pref.
xii. his praise of archbishop
Whitgift, G. 447.

Faulet, — son oi the marquis of
Winchester, A. IV* 488.

Paulet, sir Amias, A. III. i. 546.
sent on an embassy into France,
G. 3 2 3 . Mary queen of •Scots re-
moved from the earl of Shrews-
bury's custody to his, A. III. i.
358. his letter to lord Burg^
ley /or an assistant in the cus-
tody of her, 434. ii. 361. the
queen*s letter thanking him for
his safe custody of the Scottish
queen, i. 525. present at her
execution, 557. 559. has Wal-
singham's place, 696.

Paulei^ lord Chydiock, his part, as
man of arms, at Henry VIII .*s
funeral, M. II. ii. 308. governor
of Portsmouth, A. I. i. 32.

Paulet, sir George, brother to the
marquis of Winchester, goes
over sea with the English army,
M. III. ii. 10. married Mrs.
Lark, once a mistress to car-
dinal Wolsey, 117. buried^

Paulet, sir Henry, captain of Jer-
sey, M. II. i. 465. ii. 201.

Pajilet, sir Hugh, M. II. i. 381.
present at Edward VL's bap-
tism, 9. governor of Calais, C.
416. orders the Book of Com-
mon Prayer to be translated
into French, ih. 1035. appdnt-

ed vice^preudent of Wales, A.

I. i. 34» sent with the earl of
Warwick to Havre de Graces

Paulet, John, present at Edward
VI.'s baptism, M. II. L 9.

Paulet, lord, one of the mourners
at the celebration of the French
king's funeral, G. 38.

Paulet, Richard, his part «t Hen-
ry VIII.'s funeraJ, M. II. 11.

Paulet, lord Thomas, his contest
with iHshop Berkl^ about im-
prc^riating West Monktoa, A.

II. ii. 184. 623. 624. HI. i.

Paulet, William, (afterwards l^rd
marquis of Winchester, A. IV.
473.) made a knight of the bath
at queen Marys coronation,


Paulet, William, (afterwards
fourth nuu-quis of Winchester,)
married Lucy Cecil, daughter
of the earl of Exeter, A. IV.
473. see marquis of WmckeS'

P^let, lady, of Borly, a recusant,
A. III. ii. 597.

Paulet, lady, oi Hampshire, a re-
cusant, A. lU. ii. 597.

Paxton, — A. II. ii- 694.

Paydep, — A. IV. 179.

Payn, Andrew, appointed a com-
missary for tbe diocese of Lan-
daff, W. IL 67. see Paine.

Paynel, Nicholas, of Yorkshire,
elected fellow of Pembroke-
hall, Cambridge, M. I. i. 75.
public mathematical lecturer^
ib. a great scripture man, ib,

Paynel, Thomas, he and Mount
sent by Henry VIII. agents to
the German princes, M. I. i.
522. notice of his Pith and
most noble Sayings ofScripture^

IL i. 415. 1, i. 75-
Piqrton, sir John, a magistrate m

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Norfolk, and a fiivourer of reli-
gion, A. III. 11. 460.

Peace concluded between Eng-
land and France, 1549, M. U.
i. 301. 342. with Scotland,
1558, A. I. i. 3<^* and with
France, 37.

Peace^makers^ canons so called
by sir T. Smith, S. 178.

Peacock, — A. II. ii. 694.

Pead> Eleanor, has a license to
practise as midwife, A. I. ii.

Pead, Thomas, public notary, P.
II. 469. the office of the court
of audience granted to him
and archbishop Parker's sons
by the archbishop, ib.

Pearl far a Prmce, notice of this
tract, S. 76.

Peck, Thomas, mayor of Nor-
wich, P. II. 336. A. II. i. 433.

Peckham, sir Edmund, M. II. ii.
282. III. ii. 532. cofferer, II. i.
429. ii. 160. treasurer of the
mint, 246. stood up for queen
Mary in Bucks, III. i. 195.
present at the fiineral of Anne
of Cleves, ii. 11. and at the
celebration of that of the king
of Denmark, 15. a privy coun-
sellor, 160. laid aside in the
next reign, ib. his son Henry
executed as a traitor, i. 489.

Peckham, sir Geoi^, A. lU. L
375. a recusant, ii. 597.

Peckham, Henry, son of sir Ed-
mund, M. III. i. 489. sent to
the Tower for a plot against

. queen Mary, 472. executed,

Peckham, John, archbishop of
Canterbury, appoints a coadju-
tor to the bishop of Litch-
field and Coventry, P. III. 177.
when consecrated, 17^. other
of his archiepiscopal acts, ib,

Peckham> sir Robert, dubbed a

knight of the carpet at queen
Mary*s coronat]on> M. lU. ii.
181. a privy counsellor, 1^0.
laid aside in queen Elizabeth's
reign, ib,

Pecksal, lady, daughter of the
marquis of Winchester, and
wife of sir Richard PecksaU
dies, M. HI. ii. 118.

Peddar, John, A. I. L 228. 229.
an exile for religion, temp,
queen Mary, C. 450. A. I. i.
491. dean of Worcester, sub-
scribed, as a member of the
convocation, the articles of
1562, A. I. ]. 489. votes for
the six articles altering certain
rites and ceremonies, 504. sign-
ed the petition of the lower
house, for discipline, 512.

Pedder, Richard, ordained, G. 74.

Pede, — P. II. 153.

Pedro, don, general of the Span-
ish galleys, A. III. i. 664.

Peers> Richard, ordained, G. 72.
73. see Piers,

Peerson, — M. III. i. 174.

Peerson, Pierson, Andrew, P. I.
106. 258. 366. II. 294. 300.
G. 3 14. W. I. 596. fellow of
Bene*t collie, Cambridge, P.

I. 29. proctor of the university,

II. 460. chaplain to archbishop
Parker, 1. 98. read the service at
the archbishop*s consecration,
1 14. preaches at the consecra-
tion of certain bishops, 127. in
a commission to visit East-
bridge hospital, Canterbury,
202. archbishop Parkers al-
moner, 208. recommended by
him for the provostship of Eton,
ib. subscribed, as a member of
the convocation, the articles
of 1562, A. I. i. 490. votes
against the six articles altering
certain rites and ceremonies,
505. obtains a prebendary at
Canterbury through archbisl^op

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P^rker^ P. L 284, in a com-
mission to visit the city and
diocese of Canterbury, 562. a
portion of the translation of
the Bible of 1572, probably
assigned to hira, II. 222. pre-
sent at archbishop Parker's fu-
neral, 433. the archbishop's le-
gacy to him. III. 336. 343.
one of his executors, 339. 340.
much confided in by the archbi-
shop, II. 460. was the archbi-
shop*s commissary of facul-
ties, ib, his three parsonages,

Peerson, Rc^er, a priest, con-
cerned in the rebellion of Nor-
folk, iS49»M.n. i. 275.

Peerson, Walter, a monk of the
Charter-house, M. I. i. 429. see

Peeters, — A. III. i. 695. see

Peg, in a commission for the de-
tection of conjurers, S. 128.
A, II. i. 269.

Pegge, Thomas, ordained, G. 54.

Pekins, John, an exile for reli-
gion, temp, queen Mary, C.


Pelagius, C. jo2.

PdUiam, Edmund, a magistrate
in Sussex, A. IV. 402, very
backward in religion, ib.

Pelham, sir Nicholas, a magis-
trate in Sussex, A. I. i. 70.

Pelham, sir William^ A* HI* i*

Pelles, William, recommended for
a suiiragan bishop, C. loi.

Pellicanus, Conradus, A. II. i.
426. his works prohibited in
England as .heretical, temp.
Henry VIII., M. I. i. 254. a
minister at Zuric, hospitable
to the English exiles, temp,
queen Mary, III. i. 232^ con-
sidered it lawiiil to marry two
sisters successively, P. III. 55,

PelUng, John, of Lewis, Sussex,
ordained, M. II. i. 402.

Pemberton, sir Groddard, mar-
ried Susan M*^. Williams, wi-
dow of E. Sandys, Ch. 134.

Pemberton, Thomas, ordained,


Pembroke, earl of, see sir W. Her'
bert and H. lord Herbert,

Pembroke, (Anne Pftr,) countess
of, buried, M. II. i. 552.

Pembroke-hall, Cambridge, letter
of the fellows to bishop Grin-
dal on their election of Whit-
gift to be their master, and on
the departure of Dr. Hutton
from them, W. III. 6. license
of mortmain obtained for it by
archbishop Grindal, G. 240,
the archbishop*s benefaction
to the college, 427. 428. 462.
601. copy of the Compluten-
sian Bible bequeathed to it
by abp. Whitgift, W. II. 5 18.

Pemford, — destroyed himself,
A. II. ii. 580. 581.

Pen, — minor canon of St. Paul*s»
G. 88. P. I. 425.

Penance, archbishop Grindal 's
form of, proposed to the con-
vocation, G. 387. commutation
of, bishop Aylmer's advice con-
cerning. Ay. 70.

Pencavel, Peter, a priest, A. III.

ii^ 599-

Pencavel, Thomas, a priest^ A.
m. ii. 599.

Pence, see Three halfpence.

Pendleton, Dr., a great professor
of religion, temp. Edward VI.,
M. III. ii. 18. recants under
queen Mary, C. 519. he and
others try to persuade Moun-
tain to recant, M. III. i. 155.
shot at whilst preaching at St.
Paul's Cross, 213. preaches
there again, 321. applauded
for his sermon, ib. preaches at
t^ funeral of Mr. Lockei 504.

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I N D ^ X.

preaches a Spital sermon, which
had praise, li. 2« buried at St.
Stephen's, Walbrook, where he
was parson, i8.

Pendred, — A. II. ii. 142.

Pendred, William, he and J.
Hulson bought of the crown
Holme*s college in the parish
of St.Gregory, London^ M. II.
u. 407.

Penicha, taken by the English
fleet, A. III. ii. 45.

Penkrich, Staffi)rdshire, scite of
the collie there bought of the
crown by J. earl of Warwick,
R. Forset, and others, M. II.
ii. 407.

Penne, Mrs., S. 136.

Penny, Dr., a puritan, dealt
gently with, being peaceable, P.
1. 483. oni^e a preacher, af-
terwards a physician^ U. 241.
G. 269. 448. had a prebend
in St. Paul's, P. H. 241. W. I.
445. promoted Cartwright*i
doctrine and books, G. 269.

F^nny, device of, M. II. i. 488.
halfpenny, ih. its value. III. i.
41. penny and halfpenny of
kin^ James, A. IV. 543.

Penruddock, sir Geoi^, obtained
a lease of Broxburn parsonage
from bishop Grindal^ G. 257.
358. y

Penry, John, A. IV. 244. 246. a

• chief author of Martin MlEU*-
prelate,^^II. ii. 71. W. I. 13.
551. II. 42. notice of his book
to prove readers no ministers^
I- 565. brought before the ec-
clesiastical commission, A. \tf,
ii. 94. notice of his answer to
Bancroft's sermon on the di-
vine right of episcopacy, 9^
extracts from his Supplication
to Parliament, 148. and from
\m Jppellatton, ijo. evidence
against him in examinations
. coneeming Martin A!forprelate's

books, 102; 6o2(— 6oj. notice
of A D^hice of guch Pomts in
Dr. Some's last Treatise as
M, Penry hath dealt against,
153. specimen of some of his
books, W. II.' 43. his abt»e of
abp. Whitgift, 46 — 50. an-
swered Dr. Bancroft's sermon
upon trying the spirits, 48.
expressions taken out of his
books against England^he Ih-
shops, judges, &c., A. IV. 246.
observations upon his tracts and-
writings, 248. his contemptu-
ous and seditious speeches,
249. hanged for seditions writ*^
ings, W. II. 175. 176. his cha-
racter, 177. his petition to the
queen, 178. his declaration^
181. his letter to lord Burgh-
ley, 185. his protestadon, UI.
304. Bancroft active agamst
him, II. 386.

Penshurst, honour and park oi^
Kent, belonged to sirR. Fane,
M. II. i. 542. ii. 225. granted
to sir W. Sidney, i6. chantry
there bought of the crown by
sir G. Harper and R. Frye, ii.
40 j. see WaU.

Pensions : r^ulations respecting
pennons to stipendiary and
chantry priests, &o., M; IF; i.

153- 184-

Pensioners, English^ in Spain,
IS74, A. I. ii. 53. II. i. 494.
ii. 549-

Pentecost, alias Rowland, Tho-
mas, abbot of Abingdon, hfs
ne?w yeat*s gift to Henry VIII.,
M.Li. 211.

F^pingbury, Kent, diantry there,
bought of the crown by J. Re-
vei^ M. II. ii. 408.

P^)per, Elizadbeth, burnt as an
heretic, temp, queen Mary, M.
lU. ii. 471. signed a confes-
sion of Mth with her f^ow-
suflferers, t^.

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Ferambolations r^ltted by bi-
shop Grindal, G. 55;

Percy* Dr., preaclies a Lent ser-
moB before queeu Elizabeth,

P.m. 135.

Percy, sir Heory, A. I. i. 26. (as
earl of Northumberland,) A.
II. i. 440. III. ii. 381. takes
part in repelling an invasion
of the Scots into the En^sh
borders, M. III. ii. 8a. 83.
597. his letter to the earl of
Shrewsbury concerning the
success of the English, 520.
his activity in the marches
praised by queen Elizabeth,
A, I. i. 29. one of the royal
visitors for the north, 245.

• died in prison. III. ii. 495.

F^cy, John, incumbent of St.
Edmund's, Lombard*8treet, de-
prived by attainder, M. U. ii.

Pspcy, Thoma»> see swenth earl
of Northumberland,

Percys, the, A. I. ii. 338.

Feirez, Diego> postmaster of Lo-
gronno, his letter declaring the
Spanish armada to be victo-
rious, A. III. ii. 548.

Periam, sir William, justice, A.
HI. i. 529. chief baron, IV.
465. 466.

Peristerus, Wol^ang, a Prussian,

. the letter of the university of
Rostock recommending him to
Edward VI., M. II. ii. 48.

Perkin, Warbeok, S. 222.

Perkins, Dr., a civilian, in a com-
mission for suppressing books
published without authority,
W. II. 504.

P^kins, Humphrey, sub-dean of
Westminster, present at a con-
vocation, 1571, P. II. 52.

IVsrkins, William, fellow of Christ's
college, Cambridge, A. III. i.
649. 719. ii. 500. W. II. 6. of

the puritaoicd fiEiotion, 58. HI.
271. wrote a hock on the
Apostles' Creed,II.236. where-
in he denied the descent into
hell, ib, attempts to confute
Overal who preached that
Christ died for all, 305. see
Pern, Andrew, M. III. i, 365. P.
I. 178. W. m. II. A. I. ii.
376. W. I. 47. 51. 88. m.
27. I. 94. A. II. i. 459. ii.

538. w.m. 31.1. 140. p. II.

430. (as dean of Ely, Ay. 33.)
W. 1. 409. Ay. 67. A. III. i.
496. 686. 687*. ii. 477. i. 710.
712. 713. ii. 498. i. 721. ii.
80. 81. 1 19. 274. 446. W. IJI.
219. concerned in the disputa-
tion before the royal commis-
sioners at Cambridge, C. 290.
G. 7. one of Edward VI.'s six
chaplains, P. I. 349. M . II. i.
521. 524. ii. 269. C. 432. G.
10. certain articles of religion
submitted to the consideration
' of him and the other chaplains,
C. 391. has a pnebend of
Westminster, M. II. ii. 52.
273. incorporated at Oxford,
C. 576. inconstant in religion,
ib, A. I. i. 492. retaining the
mastership of Peter-house eol-
1^, and the deanery of Ely,
both under queen Mary and
queen Elizabeth^ P. I. 349.
vindicates himself in a disputa-
tion^ ib, Bueer maintains cer-
tain theological points against
him and others, C. 583. a
great friend to Whitgift, whilst
a fellow of that college, ii^ an
illness^ and in screening him
from the popish visitation, W. I.
8. 10. 12. Whit^ft's gratitude
to him in after-life, 9. decbded
against transubstantiation in
the convocationy temp, queen
Mftiy* Ay. 146. vice^ohancel-

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lor of Cambridge, 1560, P. L
1 70. subscribed, as a member
of tbe convocation, the arti-
cles of 1562, A. I. i. 490. votes
against the six articles altering
certain rites and ceremonies,
505. signed the petition of the
lower house for discipline, 5 12.
concerned in the theological
disputation before queen Eli-
zabeth at Cambridge, ii. 107.
gave the queen some offence
by pressing the church's power
of excommunicating too warm-
ly, ib. his letter to archbishop
Parker vindicating himself a-
gainst the charge of favouring
the Romish errors, P. I. 349.
an excellent preacher, but re-
moved from the list of Lent

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