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ford's, III. i. 102. his [M*elace
to them, giving an account of
their author, ii. 192. notice of
his SuppUeaiion to the Queen
and PmUarnent for a learned
Mttd^ry^ 1.320.321. the thtrty-
four articles into ^icb it is
d^ested, ti. 278. drew up the
petition of sixteen articles
which Was preseitfted by the
boose of commons to the
house of lords for certain al-
terations in ecclesiastical mat-
ters, W. I. 362. his letters on
the aulifect to lord Bur^^y,
ib. bis death, A« L ik 151. his

writings, ^« an old acquaint*
«nce of archbisftiop Grindal,
G. 446. his oensure of arch-
foisliop PaAer, P. II. 529.

Sampson, Thomas, a priest, does
penance, M. III. i. 471.

Samwel, Francis, he and J. Bill
bought of the crown certain
chantry land at Dorchester^
M. II. ii. 403.

Sanchie, Balthazar, A. IV. 573.

Bancroft, William, archbishop of
Canterbury, €.1050. P. II.
250. 435. A. III. i. 565.

Sanctorius, Joannes Baptista, AH«
phan. episcopus, A. II. ii. 508.

Sanctorius, Julius Antonius, car-
dinal, his instrument conse-
crating O'Clier bishop of Maion,
A. II. 1.383.11.508.

Sanctorum Quatuor, cardinal,
employed by the pope in the
negotiations about Hen. VIII.*«
divorce, M. I. i. 143. 145. 148.
153. 156. ii. 74. 77. 82. 96.
102. refuses a present from
king Henry, i. 143.

Sanctuaries, bill brought into par-
liatiient against, but thrown
out, A. I. ii. 229.

Sanctuary allowed to one that
broke prison, M. III. ii. 17.

Sandbume, Nicholas, of Barke-
ham, has a license to beg in
consequence of a fire, M. II. ii:

Sanders, see Saunders,

Sanderson, — minister of Lynn,
impugned the Book of Com-
mon Prayer, P. II. 342.

Sanderson, — feHow of Christ's
college, Cambridge, A. II. ii.

Sanderson, Dr., A. IV. 94.

Sanderson, William, in a com-
mission ag£unst papists in Nor-
f<*,F.n.i37. .

Sandes, see Sandys.

SandHand, sir James, A. IV. 561.

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Sandon, rectory of> given by Ed-
ward VI. to sir J. Cheke, Ch.
66.M.II. u. 218.

Sandwich, — canon of Canter-
bury, C. 146. 147.

Sandwich, sir John, founded the
hospital of St. Bartholomew,
near Sandwich, P. I. 226.

Sandwich, Robert, G. 604. 436.

Sandwich, the founding of a free-
school there, P. I. 273. four
scholarships at the universities
given to it, 275.

Sandys, Sands, — P. I. *](>,

Sandys, Sandes, — one of the
committee appointed by the
house to wait on archbishop
Parker on matters of religion,
A. II. i. 96.

Sandys, Sandes, — a priest, exe-
cuted, A. III. i. 695.

Sandys, Bridget, A. III. ii. 65.

Sandys, Edward, married Susan
Mac Williams, Ch. 1 34.

Sandys, Edwin, C. 576. G. 467.
A. I. i. 194. 228. P. I. 49.
116. 177. (as bishop of Wor-
cester,) A. I. i. 545. ii. 142.
515. Ch. 180. P. I. 400. 477.
A. I. ii. 222. 543. 261. (as bi-
shop of London,) P. II. 66, 69.
III. 184. II. 113. 225. 226.
257. 268. G. 269. A. II. i. 394.
462. 478. G. 286. 2^7. (as
archbishop of York,) A, II. ii.
214. 278. 338. 673. 693. III.
i. 224. IV. 544. 607. born in
Lancashire, P.I. 125. his edu-
cation, A. III. ii. 65. Bland,
his schoolmaster, M. III. i.
356. intimately acquainted with
Bucer, P. I. 55. 56. a prebend
of Carlisle granted to him, M.
II. ii. 272. why he supported
lady Jane's pretensions to the
crown. III. i. 17. imprisoned
as her adherent, 24. displaced
from the headship of Cathe-
rine-hall, Cambridge, 80. an

exile for religion, temp, queen
Mary, C. 450. Ch. 95. resident
at Strasburgh, C. 513. M. III.
i. 232. attended Martyr*s di-
vinity lectures there, C. 5.13.
resident also at Frankfort, M.

III. i. 404. returns home, A. I.
i. 151. in a commission for re-
forming the Book of Common
Prayer, and other matters of
the church, G. 33. A. I. i. 122.
166. one of the Lent preach-
ers, 1558, G. 35. A. L i. 60.
his name misadded to those
concerned in the public dispu-
tation at Westminster, 129.

IV. 600. preaches at St. Paul's,
I. i. T98. 287. his encomium
of queen Elizabeth, 222. in a
list of persons to be preferr^,

229. one of the royal visitors
for the north, 245. preaches at
Aiddand, 246. one of those
that laboured against receiving
certain habits ai\d ceremonies
into, the church, 264. conse-
crated bishop of Worcester,

230. 232. P. I. 125. m. 282.
G. 49. takes the oath and does
homage, P. 1. 1 24. preaches at
court and at St. PauPs, A. I. i.
298. an eloquent man, i6. his
difference with archbishop Par-
ker, P. I. 156. his letter to
him. III. 41. in a commission
to visit the cathedral of Here-
ford, I. 205. has a commission
to visit his own diocese, ih, a
matter about bishop Downham
committed to him and certain
other bishops, 210. a Lent
preacher, 1561, A. I. i. 407.
one of the persons chiefly em-
ployed ia the reformation of
religion, G. 99. subscribes, His
a member of convocation, the
articles of 1562, A. I. i. 487.
his adyice to the convocation
concerning rites and ceremo-

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nies, 500. orders for bishops
and the clergy drawn up by
him, and submitted to the eon-
vocation, 506. sir J. Bourne
complains against him, ii. 15.
the charge, ib, his answers, 1 8.
Bourne is committed to the
Marshalsea, 37. his information
against the bishop for wronging
his see, 38. his submission to
him, 40. still vexatious to him,
42. one of the translators of
the Bishops* Bible, P. I. 415.
his letter on the subject, ib.
his letter to Bullinger, thank-
ing him for his Comment on
Daniel, A. I. ii. 221. 540. he
and archbishop Parker recom-
mend Cavallerius as professor
of Hebrew at Cambridge, 289.
552. his account of his diocese
of Worcester, 328. made bishop
of London, P. I. 549. II. 7. 25.
III. 293. G. 242. A. II. i. 37.
why selected, P. II. 7. chiefly
through Cecil, A. II. i. 37. his
unwillingness to change, ib. P.
II. 7. his letter of assent to
Cecil, A. II. i. 38. his primary
visitation, 40. his four articles
explanatory of the proposition
about submission to governors
in the articles of the Dutch
church in London, G. 195. he
and archbishop Parker recom-
mended Humphrey to write
bishop Jewel's life, P. II. 50.
358. present at the convoca-
tion of 1571* S'* signed the
book of Canons in that synod,
60. ordered to assist archbishop
Parker in the ecclesiastical com-
mission, 75. insisted too much
on his jurisdiction over the
Dutch church in London, 77.
his letter to Parkhurst, bishop
of Norwich, about Marlorate*s
Comment on St. Matthew be-
ing used in his diocese, 81 • his

concern upon the massacre of
Paris, 128. what portion of the
translation of the Bible$ ^S7^»
was allotted to him, 222. his
zeal against the mass- mongers
at the Portuguese ambassador*s,
A. II. i. 315. obligingly re-
ceives Gualter, and Zuinglius
the younger, 336. signs, as an
ecclesiastical commissioner, the
order to seize Cartwright, 419.
his account of seditious preach-
ers at St. PauFs Cross, and of
the favour Cartwright met with
in London, W. III. 32. Dering
restored to his lectureship at
St. Paul's by his means, P. II.
265. reproved' by the queen in
this business, 267. ordered to
displace him, 270. misreported
by Dering 'to lord Burghley,
271. his advice concerning the
city of London, 269. and arch-
bishop Parker's letter concern-
ing the church's danger from
false brethren, 280. he and
other bishops confer at Lam-
beth for the good of the church,
282. vindicates the bishops
from the clamour of seeking
■ their own wealthy 287. advises
for a national council, 288.
foully and falsely aspersed, 290.
desires to be vindicated by the
council or star-chamber, ib.
signed an order of the privy-
council to continue the pro-
phesyings in the diocese of
Norwich, 361. assisted at the
consecration of bishop Blethin,
42 1 . principal mourner at arch-
bishop Parker's funeral, 433.
434. the archbishop's bequest
to him. III. 335. assists at the
consecration of bishops Piers
and Merrick, G. 312. 313.
preaches a farewell sermon at
St. Paul's on his translation to
the see of York, A. IL ii. 42.

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bit Dfotntitioii oonoiniuig the
discBttrge of his duty, ib, his
encomiooD of hk successor Ayl-
mer, 44. Ay. 17. his reasons
for refusing to alienate Bi^iop-
thorp» A. U. ii. 45. eonfirmed
archbishop of York, G. 339.
Ay. 1 7. his dispute with bishop
Grindal about dilapidations, G.
a85» refers the matter to lord
Buighley» ib. his difference with
the ar^bishop about Battersea,
364. bishop Aylmer contends
with htm about the revenues
of the see of London, 47. Ay.
17. appeals to lord Burghley
against him, A. II. ii. 47. his
letter to that lord in his own
behalf» 48. he vindicates hkn-
selfy and reflects on Aylmer,
49. too severe in his language
against him. Ay. iS. termina-
tion of the dispute unknown,
ib* had recommended Aylmer
to the queen, and otherwise
served him, 18. 19. ill requited
by him, 19. ^sits the church
of Durham, A. II. ii. 106. bis
right of visiting disputed, 107.
continues the visitation of his
province, 164. what he did,
165. Pandered for this visita-
tion, 166. called the dean of
Durham's orders in question,
167. of which information was
made against him at court, 1 68.
his lett^ to lord BurgMey in
consequence, 6ao. d^erence
between him and the dean of
York, 169. in another oom-
missien to vLsit the church of
Durbam, ib. sends an account
of the visitation to the privy-
coundl, 170. his letter to the
earl c^ Shrewsbury about the
French match with the queen,
ts8. bishop Aylmer contends
ii4th*him about dilapidations,
245^ he writes to Walsingham

thereupon, 246. tibe suit de-
cided against Inm, Ay. 50, 74.
why a comroissioft was desired,

II. iL 247. his reasons for qua-
lifying the sentence against
him, 248. cKfi^ence between
him and the earl of Hunting-
don, and dean Hutton about
dean Whittingham, 169. 172.
250. 251. his suit for the re-
moval of dean Hutton, and
why, 252. sets forth the queen s
abilities and virtues in a ser-
mon, 255. promised no pre-
sentation before vacant, and
permitted no resignation, 257.
hn diligence against piqpists^
340. his letter of the commis-
sioners' proceedings, ib. writes
fAso of these things to the
queen, 341. another letter of
his to lord Burghley about pa-
pists, 342. enjoins prophecies,
or religious exercises, in his
province of York, G. 444. a
horrible scandal plotted against
him by sir R. Stapleton, A.

III. i. 142. because he had re-
fused a lease of Southwel,
which the queen had requested
for sir Robert, 143. his letter
to lord Burghley, stating the
reasons of his refusal, ib. an-
other, revealing sir R.*s yi^moj
towards him, 146. another^
thanking him for establishing
his innooency, 148. another,
requiring public punishment of
sir R. and his abettors, 151.
the judgment given in the star-
chamber in his behalf, 153.
the public confessions of sir R.
and others, at York, and his
answers, ii. 220. his letter in-
forming lord Buighley of their
mi^ehaviour at their confes-
sions, i. 154. sir R. is in con-
sequence fined, and committed
to the Tower, 157. writea to

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the bisho|i8 of his province
to eiert themselves with vigi*
bacy* 243* his letter to the
bishop of Chester, t& ii. 257.
why he succeeded not areh-
bishop Grindal in the see of
Cant^iMiry, W. I. 2. secocn-
mended Hooker for the mas-
tership of the Temple^ 344.
hb answer to the sixteen arti-
cles in the petition (drawn up
by Thomas Sampson, 561.)
from the house of commons to
the house of lords, for certain
alterations in ecdesiasticsd mat-
ters, 349. endeavours to reform
usury, practised in his diocese,
A, UI. i. 464. his letter to
lord Burghiey upcm it, 465.
his articles of accusation against
dean Hutton, 467. his letter
to lord Burghiey, justifying
himself against the accusations
of the dean of York, IV. 596.
preaches at Paul's Cross, III.
i. 475. his prayer at the end
of the sermon, upon the queen*s
escape from the conspiracy
against her, ib. U. 370. com-
plains of a commission against
concealments, i. 56S. his l^ter
to lord Burghiey about the
justices in his diocese, 670. ii.
463. his letter to the same to
prevent the ^ienation of South-
wd church from the see of
York, i. 678. seldom attended
the council of Uie north, and
why, 67'9. lord Burghiey s let-
ter to him in conseqpencei ih.
has a suit with the chapter of
Durham about bis ri^t of vi-
sitifl^ them* 68$. attempts
made to get his London house
from him, ii. 62. his letter
to lord Burghiey upon the sub-
ject, 63. dissensions between
Inm and BIatthew» dean of

Durham, ik hit death, 64. W.
I. 545* extract fipom his will,
A. UI. ii. 579. account of his
raonuosent, W« I. 545. the in«
scription. III. 115. his family
and posterity, A. III. ii. 65.
his character, F. III. 28s. hit
deserts towards the see of York,
W. I. 545. lord Burghiey his
great Mend, 546. what was
considered to be instrumental
to his death, tft. his testimony
in favour of the church of Eng-
land, 547. his descrtptioti of
the reformation, A. III. ii. 65.
his judgment of puritan prin-
ciples, W. I. 547. his descrip-k
tion of the family of love, A.
III. ii. 106. his notice of (Ussi-
mulation dispensed with by the
pope, 107.

6andys, sir Eflhvin, son of sir
Samuel, A. III. ii. 65.

Sandys', Elixabeth, an attendant
on princess EHaabeth in the
Tower, M. lU. i. 129. mar-
ried sir M. Barkley, ib,

Sandys, George, father of the
archbishop, A. III. ii.^5.

Sandys, George, son of the arch-
bishop, A. III. iL 65.

Sandys, Henry, heir of lord San-
dys, dies of the sweating sick-
ness, M. II. i. 494.

Sandys, Hester, daughter of the
archbishop, A. III. ii. 6$.

Sandys, Margaret, wife of Geotge,
daughter of ^^ Dixon, A. III.'
ii. 65.

Sandys, Miles, brother of the
archbbbop,. A. II. ii. 246. UI.
ii. 65. of Latymers, Bucks., i6.
clerk of the crown to queen
Elizabeth, ih. a magistrate in
Worcestershire, 458. wise, ho-
nest, and religious, ib, died,
160 1, 65.

Sandys, sir Miles, knight and be*

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ronet, son of tbe archbishop,
A. III. ii. 65. of Wilberton,
Cambridgeshire, ib. .

Sandys, sir Richard, present at
Edward VI.'s baptism, M. II.
i. 9.

Sandys, sir Samuel, son of the
archbishop, A. III. ii. 65. of
Ombersley, Worcestershire, ib,
married Mary Colpepper, ib.
his ofilspring, ib.

Sandys,' sir William, son of the
archbishop, A. III. ii. 65,.

Sandys, sir William, A. III. ii. 65.
proposed by cardinal Wolsey
as captain of the archers, to be
sent to the emperor, M. I. i.
79. the earl of Essex proposed
in his stead by Henry VIII.,
ib. (as lord Sandys,) lord cham-
berlain, and a privy counsellor,
565. present at Edward VI.'s
baptism.- II. i. 8. Edward VI.
visits him at Wotisfunt,* ii. 10.
a son of his executed for rob-
bery, III. i. 494.

Sandys^ lord, A. III. i. it.

Sandys, lady, . daughter of lord
Cobham, Q. Elizabeth speaks
to archbishop Whitgift about a
wrong done her by her hus-
band, W. II. 149. the arch-
bishop*s letter to lord Cobham
thereupon, ib.

Sandys, of St. Bees, coat of arms
of, A. I. ii. 35.

Sandyses, the, W. II. 313.

'Sanford, — an exile for religion
at Frankfort, temp. Q. Mary,
M.III. i. 231.

Santa Cruz, marquis of, A. IV.

Santon, — A. I. ii. 90.

Sapinton, manor of, Petham,
Kent, belonged to — Cran-
mer of Canterbury, C. 601.

Saraus^e, John de, A. I. i. 39.

Saravia, fladrian, P. III. 265. W.

II. 145. 159. m. 369. 373.
prebendary of Canterbury, no-
tice of, A. I. ii. 223. 224. IV.
603. Chamberlain endeavours
to retain him in Jersey on ac-
count of his usefulness, A. I.
ii. 224. his. own reasons for
staying there stated in a letter
to Cecil, 225. his letter to lord
Burghley, moving him to coun-
sel the queen to aid the Low
Countries^ III. i. 418. ii. 351.
published a work in defence of
episcopacy, I. ii. 224. W. II.
202. answered by Beza, A. I.
ii. 224. W. II. 207. to whom
he replies, ib. this defence re-
printed in Germany by A. Her-
troge, 209. his judgment of
Barret*s tenets respecting pre-
destination, &c. 241. III. 321.
Sarcerius, Erasmus, chaplain to
prince William of Nassau, M.

I. i. 525. his letter to Henry
VIII., ii. 404. his works pro-
hibited as heretical, temp. Q.
Mary, III. i. 418. notice of his
Common Places, A. II. ii. 147.
translated by Tavemer, 147. I.
1. 498.

Sarleboy, an Hebridean Scot, set-
tled in Ulster, S. 131. taken
prisoner by Shan O'Neal, ib.
released, ib, he and his party
kill Shan O'Neal in revenge,
ib. brought to terms by sir T.
Smith, 734.

Sarrat, — P. II. 434.

Sartor, Theodorus, A. I. ii. 272.

Sassie, M. de, otherwise called
the secretary Boucheter, one
of the French commissioners
for a treaty with England, M.

II. i. 299.

Saul, Arthur, fellow of Magdalen
college, Oxford, expelled by
bishop Gardiner, M. III. i. 82.
an exile for religion, C. 450.

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A. I. i. 491. resident at Ar-
gentine^ M. III. i. 232. sub-
scribed, as a member of the
convocation, the articles of
1562, A. I. i. 489. one that
signed a reque9t to the synod
concerning certain rites and
ceremonies, 502. votes for the
six articles altering certain rites
and ceremonies, 504. signed
the petition of the lower house
for discipline, 512. commis-
sioned by the bishop of Litch-
field and Coventry to visit his
diocese, ii. 188. the bishop's
instructions to him, ib. in a
commission to visit the diocese
of Gloucester, G. 315.

Saunders, — a rebel, sent to the
Tower, M. III. ii. 5.

Saunders, — P. II. 434.

Saunders, — A. III. i. 90.

Saunders, Besse, A. III. i. 90.

Saunders, sir Edward, (as lord
chief baron,) P. II. 139. A.
IV. 171. one of those recom-
mended by Cecil for the mas-
ter^p of the rolls, M. II. i.
524. contest between him, as
lord chief justice^ and the judge
of the admiralty, A. I. i. 46.
chief baron of the exchequer,
II. ii. 709.

Saunders, Erasmus, imprisoned
as a papist, A. II. ii. 660.

Saunders, Henry, a recusant, A.

Saunders, Hugh, tal^en up for

preaching against qu^ Mary,

M. UI. i. 77.
Saunders, Joan, imprisoned for

religion, temp, queen Mary, A.

I. i. 56. released, temp, queen

Elizabeth, ii.
Saunders, John, M. II. ii. 117.
Saunders, Laurence, M* HI. i.

185. preferred to the living of

Alhallows, Bread-street, Ix>n-

don, by archbishop Cranmer,


C. 420. 468. M. II. ii. 72. de-
prived for being married, C. 468.
bishop Gardiner's proceedings
against him, M. III. i. 146.
291. 331. C. 495. condemned
as an heretic, and delivered
over to the secular power, ih.
one of those who signed a con-
fession of faith, M. III. i. 223.
sent to Coventry to be burnt,


Saunders, Nicholas, A. I. i. 383.
ii. 146. 259. II. i. 360. P. II.
366. A. II. ii. 193. 194. 195.
356. III. 1. 191. ii. 78. 340.
341. Ay. 108. W. IL 177. IIL
309. his bad ch^-acter, M. II.
ii. 180. first gave out the story
that Edward VI. was cut out
of his mother's womb, 181. his
slanders against archbp. Cran-
mer, C. 95. 654. 659. 66i.
and bishop Latimer, M. II. ii.
190. and P. Martyr, C. 668.
makes an oration before queen
Mary's visitors at Oxford, M.
III. ii. 29. part of it, 472. an
assertion of his refuted, A. I.
i. 205. 215. wrote against
Jewel's Apology, 302, 428. no-
tice of his book on the Lord's
Supper, ii. 248. partly answered
byNowel, ih. II. ii. 710. P. I.
360. and fully by Dr. Fullf, A.
IL ii. 711. care taken for an-
swering his book de tnsihili Mo"
narchia, P. II. 1,72. answered
by Clerk, 177 — 181. and by
Ackworth, 181. I. 250. resi-
dent at Madrid, A. II. ii. SS^-
his death, 196. some account
of him, P. IL 168—172. III.
214. 217. his Rock of the
Church, apd Defence oflmageSt
answei^ Iqr Bn Fulk, A. U. ii.

Saunders, Ninian, in a comA^is-
sion for fortifying Jersey, M.
II. i. 465. ii. ;iPi.

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Saunders, Richard, a rebel, taken
prisoner at Scarborough castle,
M. 111. ii. 518. executed, 68.

Saunders, Richard^ A. 111. i. 90.

Saunders, Thomas, P. I. 119.

Savage — of Exeter college, Ox-
ford, popishly affected, A. II.
ii. 196.

Savage, — employed to assassi-
nate queen Elizabeth, A. 111.
i. 446. 605.

Savage, Elizabeth, married to —
Goldenstocks, M. 111. i. 173.

Savage, George, probably bastard
brother to bishop Boner, A. 1.
' i. 492. yet thoroughly sided
with the protestants in the con-
vocation of 1562, ib. signed
the articles there, 489. one
that signed a request to the
synod concerning certain rites
and ceremonies, 502. votes for
the six articles altering certain
rites and ceremonies, 504.
signed the petition of the lower
house for discipline, 512.

Savage, Helene, married to —
Hais of Litley, M. 111. i. 173.

Savage, sir John, knight of the
garter, and of Henry Vll.'s
privy-council, slain at BuUoign,
M. 111. i. 172. his o£&pring, ib.

Savage, sir John, son of the pre-
ceding, M. 111. i. 172. ii. 91.
dubbed a knight of the carpet
at Edward Vl/s coronation,
U. ii. 328. one of his council
in the marches of Wales, 161.

Savage, John, or George, base
brother of the preceding, M.
III. i. 172. parson of Danham,
Jjeicestershire, ib, his ofispring,
173. the supposed father of
bishop Boner, ib, 11. li.^^165.
A. I. i. 492. ii. 300.

'Savage, John, alias Wimsley, son
of the preceding, archdeacon
of London and Middlesex, and

parson of Tarporl^, Cheshire,
M. 111. i. 173.

Savage, John, imprisoned as a
papist, A. 11. ii. 661.

Savage, Margaret, married to Clay-
don of the Wall, Cheshire, M.

III. i. 173.

Savage, Randolph, of the Lodge,
Cheshire, M. 111. i. 173.

Savage, Thomas, M. III. i. 173.

Savage, sir Walter, dubbed a
knight of the carpet at Edward
VI. *8 coronation, M. II. ii.


Savage, family of, in the Ardes,
Ireland, S. 135.

Savemake, forest of, Wilts, re-
stored to the duke of Somer-
set, M. 11. i. 363.

Savery, Christopher, A. I. i. 65.

Savile, — G.. 242.

Savile, sir Henry, one of Edward
VI.*s council in the north, M.
n. ii. i6t.

Savile, Henry, fellow of Merton
college, Oxford, in a combina-
tion against archbishop Parker,
P. 1. 501. recommended by
lord Burghley for the head-
ship of Merton cdlege, Ox-
ford, and elected, W. I. 465.
his letter to lady Russel, pray-
ing her interest to procure him
the provostship of Eton, A. IV.
319. see SavyL

Savoy, Emanuel Philibert, duke
of, talked of for pope, M. II. i.
298. king Philip proposes a
match between him and princess
Elizabeth, Ul. i. 505. 517.

Savoy, duke of, one of the popish
confederacy^ against protestant-
ism, A; l.ii. 244. endeavours
to get possession of Geneva,
)G, 412. 414.. A. III. i. 127.

H. 201. i. 129. 231. 595.596.

IV. 23. held Marsailles in right
of his wife,, 110. son-in-law of
the king of Spain, 153. em*

Digitized by VjOOQIC



ployed by that king to invade
France, ib. 175, 216. 217.

Savoy, a grant made by Edward
VI. to the city of London,
touching a commission for vi-
siting the hospital, M. II. ii.
1 2 1 . 204. dean Goodman's let-
ter to Cecil about an exchange
of certain of its lands, A. I. li.
201. some account of the hos«
pital, G. 234. a commission to
visit it, 235. Thurland, the
master, deprived, and why,
ib. the abuses found by the
visitors, 236. two temporary
governors, 237. archbishop
GrindaPs letter about a new
master, 238. the old master
restored, 239. their petition to
lord Burghley to help them in
their miserable condition, and
that Mr. James might be ap-
pointed their master, A. IV.
581. relation of their condi-
tion, 1575, 582.

Savyl, William, A. IV. 464. 465,
466. see Savile.

Sawer, Christopher, M. III. ii.

Sawier, Thomas, C. 144.

Saxe, duke of, A. III. ii. 135.

Saxlingham, manor of, Norfolk,
given by Edward VI. to lord
Robert Dudley, M. II. ii. 237.

Saxon homily on the Paschal
Lamb, and two epistles of -^1-
fric, published with a preface,
by archbishop Parker, P. 1. 47 2.
473* ^^ genuineness vouched
by several of the bishops, 476.

Saxon MSS. of archbishop Par-
ker, some account of, P. II.
.505. the advantages of under-
standing Saxon, 513.

Saxony, John Frederick, duke of,
Cranmer sent ambassador to

. him by Henry VIII., C. 18. his
proposals to Henry VIII. in or-
der to a league, M. I. i. 234.

the king's answer, 349. ii. 239.
his answer to king Henry con-
cerning cert^n matters of ne-
gotiation, 395. his letter to
king Henry on his marriage
with Anne of Cleves, wherem
he censures the six articles of

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