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Mary*8 coronation, M. III. ii.

Weekston, 'Roger, and his wife»
A.m. ii. 603. 605. see fi^eke-

Weemes, — a Scotch gentleman,
servant to king James, A. III.
i. 310. 311.

Weidnerus, Wolfgang, diief pas-
tor at Wormes, A. 1. 1. 196.

Wekeston, Robert, monk of Gi-
radon, his immorality, M. I. i.
396. see Weekston,

Welbedc, Nottinghamshire, M. I.
ii. 406.

Welbeck, monastery of, had pos-
sessed the advowsons of What-
ton and Aslacton, C. 602.

Welchman, John, M. III. i.


Wddard, Arthur, A. III. i. 519.

Welden, — an indictment a-
gainst her on the »x articles,
C. 157.

Welden, — a puritan, his abuse
of bishop Aylmer, Ay. 39.

Welden, Edward, he and T. Wel-
den bought of the crown the
college at Shotesbroke, M. II.
ii. 405.

Welden, Thomas, M. III. ii. 53.
see the preceding. See WUdon,

Welford, Thomas, M. III. ii.

Welford, advowson of, Glouces-
tershire, part of the endow-
ment of the united see of Wor-
cester and Gloucester, M. II.
ii. s. 6.

Wellington, borough of, Somer-
set, taken in exchange by the
crown from the see of Bath
and Wells, M. II. ii. 13. 271.
granted to the duke of N<»rth-
umberland, 231.

Wells, — incumbent of Rye, no-
tice of, M. I. i. 499 — 501.

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Wells, — a bailiff of Oxford, C.
• 562. 563.

Wells, Gilbert, notice of his im-
prisonment as a papist, W. I.
528. 529.

Wells, John, bought of the crown
certain tenements in Falcot
and Toleshunt Knights, M.
II. ii. 405.

Wells, Richard, used the title of
lord Willoughby, A. IV. 588.

Wells, lord Robert, A. IV. 588.

Wells, borough and hundred of,
reverted upon the attainder of
the duke of Somerset to the
see of Wells, M. II. ii. 13.
271. the mansion house in the
city bought of the crown by
J. Ayle worth, and W. Lacye,
405. the town endeavour to
get a grant for a corporation,
A. II. i. 504. bishop Berkley*s
letter to lord Burghley against
it, ib, the town exclaim against
him, 506. he again writes to
that lord against it, ib.

Wells, deanery, an act for the
establishment of, M. II. i.

Wells, prebend of> M. II. i. 442.

Wellys, Thomas, prior of St. Gre-
gory's by Canterbury, C. 51.
and titular bishop of Sidon,
1043. 1045.

Wellys, Thomas, rector of Char-
tham, chaplain to archbishop
Warham, C. 1044.

Welman, — W. II. 2.

Welsborn, John, present at Ed-
ward VI.'s baptism, M. II.
i. 9.

Welsford, rectory of, granted by
the crown to the see of Ox-
ford, M. II. i. 1 20.

Welsh, an act of parliament,
1562, for translating the Bible
and other divine service into,
A. I. i. 462. a patent granted
for printing the Bible, Com-


mon Prayer, Homilies, and
other godly books in Welsh,
ii. 88.

Welsh, — a leader of the rebel-
liop in the west, 1549, M. U.
i. 281.

Welsh, — fellow of Corpus
Christi college, Oxford; im-
prisoned for nonconformity,
M. IL ii. 52.

Welsh, — curate of Little Wal-
dingfield, a nonconformist, P.
IL 341.

Welsh, — vicar of Blackbume,
A. II. ii. 548.

Welsh, John, deprived from the
church of Curry Malet, temp,
queen Mary, M. III. i. 353.

Welsh, John, made sergeant at
law, A. L i. 42.

Welsh, Nicholas^ M. III. ii. 398.

Wendelin, — printer at Stras-
burgh, a- morose man, and
strongly addicted to Luther s
opinion on the sacrament, G.

Wendesly, Richard, a civilian,
in the ecclesiastical commis-
sion, P. III. 184. IL 69. 160.
161. 275. seneschal to arch-
bishop Parker, III. 339. one
of his executors, ib,

Wendon, Nicholas, A. III. i. 275.
ii. 272. archdeacon of Suffolk,
and prebendary of Norwich,
notice of, P. L 492. HI. 159.
did not vote in the convoca-
tion of 1562, upon the six
articles altering certain rites
and ceremonies, A. I. i. 505.
a fugitive beyond sea, II. ii.

Wendy, Thomas, physician to
Edward VI., one of the royal
visitors for the university of
Cambridge, Ch. 40. G. 6. S.
37. C. 29Q. and of Eton col-
lege, 'M^ II. ii. 9. he and J.
Barton bought of the crown
A a

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Edmund's chantry in Barring-
ton, 403. physician to queen
ElizabeUi, A. I. i. 248. in a
commission to visit the univer-
sity of Cambridge, and Eton
college, ib. P. I. 86.

Went, — chancellor to archbp.
Sandys, A. III. i. 146.

Wentworth, — cofferer te queen
Mary, bis death and burial,
M. III. ii. 118.

Wentworth, Henry, third lord,
A. IV. 94. his letter to lord
Burghley, acquainting him of
his Other's death. III. i. 303.

Wentworth, sir John, dubbed a
knight of the carpet at Ed-
ward VI. 's coronation, M. II.
ii. 328.

Wentworth, Paul, W. II. 333.

Wentworth, Peter, A. IV. 332 —
336. one of the committee
i^pointed by the house of com-
mons to wait upon archbishop
Parker touching matters of re-
ligion, II. i. 96. his words to
the archbishop, 99. one of
those to whose consideration
a bill for rites and ceremonies
was referred, 185. P. II. 202.
one also of the committee for
impeaching Mary queen of
Scots, ib, substance of his un-
dutiful speech in parliament,
A. II. i. 1 86. 99. for which he
is sequestered the house, 186.
189. and imprisoned, P. II.
204. examined by a committee
of the house. A.. II. i. 190. re-
stored to his seat by the queen*s
favour, ib. sent to the Tower for
his too free speaking, IV. 335.
W. I. 488.

Wentworth, Thomas, first lord,
(as lord chamberlain,) C. 315.
his part at Edward VI.'s
baptism, M. II. u 7. Edward
VI. gives him the. manors of
. Stebunheath (Stepney) and

Hackney, 340. buried, 444.
converted Bale from popery,
P. I. 283.
Wentworth, Thomas, second lord,
son of the preceding, A. III. i.
489. ii. 577. 578. IV. 474.
one of the lord lieutenants for
Suffolk, M. n. i. 465. ii. 162.
202. in commissions to pro-
rogue parliament, 199. 200.
obtains lands from the see of
London, 268. in the commis-
sion to consider bishop Boner's
appeal against his trial. III. i.
38. one of queen Mary's privy-
council, ii. 160. laid aside in
the next reign, ib, an act
passed for assurance of cer-
tain lands of the see of Lon-
don to him and others, A. I. i.
93. 104. tried for the loss of
Calais, of which be had been
governor under queen Mary«
but acquitted, 38. 284. Daus's
translation of Builinger*s ser-
mons on the Revelations, de-
dicated to him, 383. in a com-
mission against papists in Nor-
folk, P. II. 137. his death, A.

III. i. 302. a great friend of
lord Burghley's, ib,

Wentworth, William, marries
Elizabeth Cecil, but dies with-
in the year, A. III. i. 86. 208.

IV. 474.

Wentworth, lady, attended queen
Mary in her triumphal passage
through the city, M. Ill: i. 54.

Wentworth, Mrs., wife of Peter,
A. IV. 335. 336.

Wentworths, the, A. I. i. 551.
II. ii. 499.

Wentworth, tithes of, Hereford-
shire, part of the endowment
of the united see of Worcester
and Gloucester, M. II. ii. 5.

Wesselus, his works prohibited
as heretical, temp. Henry VIII.,
M. I. i.' 254.

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West, a rebellion breaks out in
the west, M. II. i. 264. pro-
damation against the rebels,
266. the leaders, 281.
« West, ^-^ recanted under queen
Mary, C. 519. had been stew-
ard to bishop Ridley, and tries
to persuade him to recant, ib,
his death, 520.

West, — murdered by lord Da-
cre's sons, M. III. i. 490. ii.
107. was son and heir of sir
WUliano, ib.

West, — notice of his sermon
at Aldgate, G. 39. A. I. i. 200.
why had before the ecclesiasti-
cal commission, P. 1. 446. III.

West, — A. IV. 307.

West, John, curate of St. Mi-
chaeFs, Crooked-lane, G. 362.

West, Nicholas, bishop of Ely,
M. I. i. 108. A. II. ii. 589.
his new year*s gift to Henry
VIII., M. I. i. 211. goes to
hear Latimer preach. III. i.
369. sends for him, ib, his
words to him, ib. preaches a-
gainst him, 370. and forbids
him to preach, ib. 371. 372.

West, Robert, fellow of Trinity
coll^, Cambridge, W. III.

West, William, M. II. i. 522.

disinherited for designing to

kill his uncle, lord Delawanre,

291. restored in blood, A. I.

i. 468. created a baron by

queen Elizabeth, M. II. i. 291,

see Del-awarre.
West, sir William, M. IH. ii.

107. buried, 23.
Westacre, advowson of, Norfolk,

bought of the crown by E.

Spainy and J. Baspole, M. II.

iL 239.
Westborough, Westbury, manor

and park of, Somerset, reverted

to the see of Both and Welk

upon the duke of Somerset's
attainder, M. II. ii. 13. 271.
Westbroke, John, ordained, G.


Westbury, see Westborough.

Westby, — A. II. ii. 359.

Westby, John, A. I. ii. 257. 259.

Westby, Thomas, archdeacon of
York, present at the convo-
cation of 1540, M. I. i. 557.

Westcote, Sebastian, A. I. i. 250.
251. 253. G. S8. master of
the choristers at St. Paul's, A.
I. i. 251. excommunicated as
a papist by bishop Grindal, G.
113. the bishop's letter to the
earl of Leicester, who had in-
terceded for him, ib.

Westden, Marion, a gospeller,
M. I. i. 1x6. 121.

Westerfield, Richard, M. II. ii.

Westham, Essex, property there
bought of the crown by T.
Golding and W. Cely, M. II.
ii. 404.

West-hatch, manor of, Essex,
given by Edward VI. to sir
T. Wroth, M. n. i. 387.

Westinghunger, manor of, Kent,
given by Edward VI. to lord
Clinton, M. II. i. 361.

Westley, John, M. III. ii. 399.

Westminster, M. I. ii. 406. 407.

Westminster abbey, its new year's
gift to Henry VIII., M. I. i.
211. its altars demolished, A.
I. i. 400.

Westminster, abbot of, see W.
Benson and J. Feckenham.

Westminster, bishop of, see T.

Westminster, bishopric of, dis-
solved, M. II. i. 334. 338. its
property given to the see of
London, 339.

Westminster, collegiate church of,
an act for, M. II. i. 554. sta-
tutes drawn up for it by Dr.
A a 2

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Bill, P. I. 158. orders of its
government since the last erec-
tion, &c., A. II. ii. t2o. 613.
dean Goodman's letter con-
cerning them, 120. new sta-
tutes drawn up, and prepared
for the dignet, 121. the dean's
letter requesting their confir-
mation, ib. dean Goodman's
list of the names and places,
&c. of the prebendaries, III. i.
594. ii. 415. the order by the
statutes for their residence, &c.
410. dean Goodman's letter to
lord Bui^hley for the collie,
IV. 586. .

Westminster collegelibrary, books
given to, by lady Burghley, A.
III. ii. 128.

Westminster, deans of, see G.
Goodman, 1561 — 1601. L.
Andrews, • 1 60 1 — 1 605 .

Westminster, monastery of, the
manor of Paddington had be*
longed to it, M. II. i. 340.

Westminster-school: complaint of
Trinity collie, Cambridge, re-
specting elections from this
school, W.I. 26. 27. 2 8. III. 12.
the number of scholars elected
regulated, I. 28. dean Good-
man's petition for the ratifica-
tion of Dr. Bill's statutes. III.
15. case of Christ Church col-
lege, Oxford, refusing to elect
two Westminster scholars, A.

II- >• 554.

Westminster, Matthew of, edited
by archbishop Parker, P. II.
97' 380. 500.

Westmoreland, Charles, sixth earl
of, A. II. i. 261. 440. ii. 365.
III. i. 202. 203. 624. ii. 560.
586. IV. 207. 229. 280. 384.
consents to the bill for conse-
cration of bishops to be good,
from which he had dissented,
A. I. ii. 230. he and the earl
of Northumberland headed the

rebellion of the papists in tbe
north, A. I. iL 312. 383. III.
i. 385. ii. 340. their declara-
tions, I. ii. 313. 314. pro-
claimed traitor, 315. escaped
into Flanders, 344. 345. pen-
sioned by the king of Spain,
53. II. i. 494. ii. 468. his case
recommended to lord Burgh-
ley by Dr. Parry, 366. III. i.
372. and by G. More, W. II.
370. 372. his character taken
from a tract on the' rebellion,
A. I. ii. 337. III. i. 408. car-
dinal Allen gives him adifierent
character, IV. 604. his circum-
stances until his death, I. ii.
344. 345. IV. 230. 390. 391.
was the cause of the death of
one of his captains, I. ii. 345.

Westmoreland, Henry NeviUe,
fifth earl of, M. III. i. 559. ii.
installed a knight of the garter,
II. ii. 30. of a tainted life and
blemished manners, 74. his at-
tempts at robbery, 7 5 . pardoned
and rewarded, ib. a privy coun-
sellor, 160. 233. one of the
council in the north, 161. lord
lieutenant of the bishopric of
Durham, 163. in a commis-
sion for tbe debatable land be-
tween England and Scotland,
207. assists at queen Mary's
coronation. III. i. 57. he and
the bishop of Durham appoint-
ed to settle a difference between
lord Wharton and the gentle-
men of Northumberland, ii.
72. his letters to the earl of
Shrewsbury, 76. 77. has the
gout, 94.

Westoker, manor and advowson
of, taken in exchange by the
crown from the see of Bath
and Wells, M. II. ii. 13.

Weston, — imprisoned in queen

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Anne Bolens business, M. I.

>• 433.

Weston, — an harbourer of Cam-
pion, P. 11. 167.

Weston, — A. III. i. 135.

Weston, — alias Burges, a Jesuit,
pretends to the exorcising fa-
culty, A. III. i. 700. arch-
bishop Abbot's account of him,

Weston^ Edmund, archdeacon of
Lewes, subscribed, as a mem-
ber of the convocation, the ar-
ticles of 1562, A. I. i. 488.
votes for the six articles alter-
ing certain rites and -ceremo-
nies, 504. signed the petition
of the lower house for disci-
pline, 512.

Weston, Henry, an act for his
restitution, M. II. i. 210.

Weston, Hugh, C. 97. 367, M.
n. ii. 24. III. i. 31. 139. 185.
C. 460. 463. 541. 594. M.III.
i. 229. 331. 436. A. I. i. 116.
ii. 284. Ay. 146. was in fiavour
of priests' marriages, C. 222.
called the communion table an
oyster board, M. U. i. 355.
preaches, as dean of Westmin-
ster, at Paul's Cross, III. i. 32.
78. prolocutor to the lower
house of convocation, 65. C.
462. his speech, M. III. i. 68.
ii. 182. brought in a bill de-
claring the Catechism^ set forth
by convocation temp. Edward
VI., to be full of heresies, C.
423. sent, as moderator, by the
convocation in the disputation
against Cranmer, Ridley, and
Latimer, at Oxford, 479 — 489.
532. fo82, 1092. M. III. i. 182.
183. P. I. 466. hb argument
for burning men without law,
C. 501. made dean of Wind-
sor, M. III. i. 488. deprived
for his scandalous life, 1 74. ii.
22. C. 1052. his death and

burial, M. III. ii. 65. 119. A.

I. i. 41. 45. his character, M.

m. ii. 65.
Weston, John, canon of Christ

Church, Oxford, A. IV. 338.
Weston, sir Richard, his new

year's gift to Henry VIIL, M.

I. i. 212. present at Edward

VI.'s baptism, II. i. 9.
Weston, Richard, a magistrate in

Essex, a persecutor of the pro-

testants, M. III. i. 440. in a

commission against Lollards^

Weston, Richard, ordained, G.


Weston, Robert, a civilian, dean
of the arches, P. I. 109. 161.
210. 239. 250. A. I. i. 472.
ii. 98. P. I. 432. 443. II. i86.
has a commission to visit the
city and diocese of Litchfield
and Coventry, I. 152.

Weston, Robert, subscribed, as
a member of the convocation,
the articles of 1562, A. I. i.
489. did not vote upon the
six articles altering certain
rites and ceremonies, 505.
some particulars respecting
him, 493.

Weston, Thomas, merchant of
London, G. 338.

Weston, William, rector of St.
Michael's, Buntington, in a
commission to hear appeals a-
gainst certain deprivations,
temp, queen Mary, M. III. i.

Weston, parsonage of, Yorkshire,
given by Edward VI. to endow
his grammar school at Sed-
bergh, M. II. ii. 280.

Westphaling, Herbert, A. L ii.
148. P. II. 50. W. I. 446. in
commissions to visit the church
of Gloucester, P. I. 319. G.
315. canon of Christ Church,
Oxford, P. II. 6. mentioned

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for the see of Oxford^ ib. mar-
ried & daughter of bishop Bar-
low, 474. in a commissiod for
visiting the diocese of Oxford,
G. 318. notice of his Treatise
of Reformation of Religion, A.
lU. i. 225. nominated by the
council to confer with any pa-
pist, W. 1. 198. recommended
by archbishop Whitgift for the
deanery of Windsor, 337. the
cong^ d*^lire nominating him
to the see of Hereford, 466.
his consecration, 467. his let-
ter to lord Bui^hley about the
justices in his diocese, A. III.
i. 669. ii. 453. his letter to lord
Burgfaley about one brought
before him for seditious words,
IV. 21. Harbert, bishop of
Norwich, founded the priory
of Norwich in the time of Wil-
liam Rufiis, A. III. i. 490. ii.

Westphalus, Joachim, wrote a-

gainst Calvin, C. 507.
Westthorp, Rdph, sergeant at

arms, A. IV. 447. 448.
Westwel, — a puritan minister,

A. III. i. 691. ii. 478.
Westwel, site of the manor of,

Kent, passed from the see of

Canterbury to the crown, P. I.


Wetheral, — of Lincoln's Inn,
G. 236.

Wetherid, — P. H. 432.

Wetsteene, — professor at Basil,
writes against sir T. Smith's
mode of {U'onouncing Greek,
S. 26.

Wever, Bichard, his wretched end
after he had recanted from the
protestant religion, M. III. i.

Weylech, manor of, given in ex-
change by the crown to lord
Darcy, M. II. ii. 234.

Whaddou, the poor of, bishop

Cox's bequest to, A. III. i.


Whalley, — receiver for York-
shire, tried to persuade several
noblemen to make the duke of
Somerset protector again, M.
II. i. 390. imprisoned as an
adherent of the duke's, 497.
grossly wronged the king, as
receiver, II. ii. 44. surrenders
his office, and is fined, 45.

Whalley, Edmund, abbot of York,
his letter to cardinal Wofeey
to spare the priory of Rome-
burg, M. I. ii. 133.

Whalley, Richard, M. III. i. 277.

Whalley, William, presented to
the living of LandbesM^he, P.

I. 65. III. 21. A. IV. 613.
canon of Lincoln, ib.

Whalley, rectory of, Lancashire,
given by the crown in exchange
to the see of Canterbury, C.
403. 910. M. II. i. 119. P. I.
363. 364. had belonged to the
monasteiy of Whalley, ib.

Wharton, — employed by Crum-
wel as his visitor of religious
houses in Suffolk, M. I. i. 539.
a magistrate in Suffolk, III. i.


Wharton, — chaplain to arch-
bishop Sancroft, P. II. 250.

Wharton, Henry, C. pref. xvi. P.

II. 505. his observadons on
Strype's Memorials of Arch-
bishop Cranmer, C. 1039 —

Wharton, Jeffrey, doctor of de-
crees, bishop Tonstal's vicar-
general, M. I. i. 113. 132. 133.
P. L 5.

Wharton, Philip lord, S. 1 20. A.
II. i. 226. IV. 268.

Wharton, Thomas lord, C. 420.
M. III. i. 491. 492. ii. 75. 79.
82. 83. 521. 84. 88. 90. 534.
97. one of Edward VI.'s coun-
cil in the north, U. ii. 161. in

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a commission about the de-
batable land between England
and Scotland, 207. has a pa-
tent for an augmentation to
his arms, 235. was warden of
the west marches, 254. a sum
of money allowed him, ib. pre-
sent at bishop Hoper*s trial,
III. i. 286. and, at Dr. Taylor s,
290. the middle marches com-
mitted to him, 351. a feud be-
tween him and lord Dacres, ib»
keeper of the town and castle
of Berwick, 558. his deserts
as warden of the east imd mid-
dle marches, 560. a difference
between him and the gentle-
men of Northumberland, ii.
72. one of the noblemen ap-
pointed to attend queen Eliza-
beth upon her coming to Lon-
don> A. I. il 391. dissented in
parliament from the bill .for
uniformity, &,o. i. 87.

Wharton, sir Thomas, M. III. ii.
S3 ► 533' a chief officer in the
marches between Scotland and
England, i. 136. present at bi-
shop Hoper's trial, 286. of
queen Mary*s privy-council,
160. signed certain orders as
such, 414. 502. ii. 125. laid
aside in the next reign, 160.
allowed by queen Mary to have
thirty retainers, 162.

Wharton, William, his letter to
lord Burghley on the number
of papists in Yorkshire, A. II.
i. 271.

Wharton, lady, a papist, A. II. ii.
341. IV. 268.

Whatton, advowson of, Notting-
hamshire, bought of the crown
by abp. Cranmer, C. 602. had
belonged to the monastery of
Welbeck, ib. the manor now
in the possession of the noble
fiimily of Dorchester, t6. no-
tice of T. €ranmer*s monu-

ment in the parish church, ib,

Wheataker, Richard, vicar of Am-
breley, suspended for noncon-
formity, W. I. 255.

Wheeler, John, appointed child
of the leash, M. II. ii. 284.

Wheeler, Thomas, P. II. 432.

Wheelock, Abraham, Arabic pro-
fessor at Cambridge, P. IL 5 15.

Whetcomb, John, fellow of Mer-
ton collie, Oxford, in a con-
spiracy against abp. Parker, P.
I. 501.

Whettdiil, sir Richard, one of
Henry VUI.'s council at Tour-
nay, M. I. ii. 16.

Whiston, William, translated O-
chinus*s sermons, A. III. i. 287.

Whitacre, see Goodacre.

Whitaker, William, A. U. i. 149.
Ay. 34. A. III. i. 281. ii. 273.
i. 496. ii. 496. 115. W.I. 521.

A. m.ii.i2i.w.n.6.A.iy.

105. 324. fellow of Trinity
college, Cambridge, and regius
professor of* divinity at Cam-
bridge, II. ii. 213. thought
somewhat to favour puritan-
ism, W. I. 136. gave a solid
answer to Campion's Ten Rea-
sons, P. II. 165. his judgment
of Cartwright*s Second Reply
to Dr. Whitgift's Second An-
swer, W. I. 136. translated
into Latin Jewel's Defence of
his Apology, A. IL ii. 213.
made chancellor of St. Paul's,
391. endeavours for and against
his being made master of St.
John's college, Cambridge, A.
m. i. 386. 642. W. L 453.
recommended by the college,
A. III. i. 643. his application
to lord 'Burghley, 386. who
supports him, 389. W. I. 454.
elected with some difficulty, A.
in. i. 644. 714. W. L 458.
why supposed to be puritani-
A a4

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cally inclined, 454. takes the
degree of D. D., 459. his letter
to lord Burghley, with an ac-
count of the state of his col-
lege, A. III. i. 714. 715. one
of those who solicited Cart-
wright to answer the Rhe-
mists* translation of the scrip-
tures, W. I. 482. expels Eve-
rard Digby from his college,
and why, 516. 520. A. II. ii.
405. III. ii. 108 — 113. arch-
bishop Whitgift*s opinion of
this measure, W. I. 517. and
letter to the earl of Leicester,
who favoured Whitaker, 519.
notice of his Disputatio de Sa-
cra Scriptura^ 5fc. A. III. ii.
158. falsely charged with fa-
vouring puritanism in his col-
lege, W. II. 56. 57. his vindi-
cation of himself, 61. his letter
to lord Burghley in favour of
certain puritans. III. 265. con-
cerned in a controversy at
Cambridge with Dr. fiaro, re-
specting predesthiation, A. IV.
320. W. II. 227. favours Cal-
vin's explanation of it, 228.
his part in the university pro-
ceedings against Barret for a
sermon, 230. 235. 246. 248,
268. 273. his letter to archbi-
shop Whitgift on the subject,
III. 337. chiefly employed a-
gainst him^ II. 264. his ob-
servations on Barret's answers
to certain questions put to him
by order of the archbishop,
265. preaches upon the points
now in controversy, 278. de-
puted by the university to as-
sist in drawing up the Lam-
beth articles, 279. his death,
282. these articles called Whit-

. aker's doctrines, 283. archbi-
shop Whitgift's concern at his

. death, 315. the queen s esteem
for him, ib. see Wheataker.

Whitbroke, William, sub-dean of
St. Paul's, G. 87. 88. 91. A. I.
i..25o. 251.

Whitchurch, Edward, printer, no-
tice of his edition of the Bible,
1540, C. 83. 117. A. II. i. 324.
imprisoned for printing it, M.

I. i. 566. solicited Old to trans-
late Erasmus's Paraphrases on
certain of St. PauFs Epistles,

II. i. 47. printed two editions
of Erasmus's Entire Paraphrase
on the New Testament, 48.
552. also bishop Hoper s Ora-
tion against Purgatory, 309.
also Traheron's translation of
Vigon's work on surgery, 420.
excepted out of queen Mary's
pardon, C. 446.

White, — discloses a conspiracy
against queen Mary, in which
he was concerned, M. III. i.


White, — A. I. i. 379.

White, — G. 206.

White, — A. II. ii. 531. UL ii.

White, — A. III. ii. 231.

White, Dr., A. IV. 94.

White, Dor., a papist, A. III. i.

White, Henry, in the commis-
sion for valuing the benefices
in London, M. I. L 426.

White, Joanna, M. III. ii. 405.

White, John, M. III. i. 174. C.

465. (as bishop of Lincoln,)
48 1 . (as bishop of Winchester,)
M.m.ii.6o. A. Li.
ii. 263. an inmate of bishop
Gardiner's family, M. III. i.

466. warden of Winchester, C
334. called the communion-
table an oyster board, M. II. i.
355. chaplain to bishop Gar-
diner, 374. and one of the bi-
shop's witnesses at his trial, t6.
notice of his tract in verse
against P. Martyr, called Dta-

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cosiO'Martyrion, 423. preaches
at Paul's Cross, III. i. 32. 77.
79. consecrated bishop of Lin-
coln, 180. C. 459. writes a

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