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The Scripture doctrine of original sin proposed to free and candid examination online

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Scripture -Do£trine




72> F R E E and Candid




E Parts.

JOHN "^TA TLOR. "'"■'J'fl.^^


Printed for the AUTHOR, by J.Wilson-,

at the Turk's-Head in Gracechurch-Jlrest ,




Warrant nothing of my
j^g> own in the following
Inquiries: I undertake
to make nothing good. At
prefent^ I fee nothing i?z
them that is falfe ; but that is no Proof
that every thi77g is true. / have made
the Revelation of God alone the Rule
of my yudgment^ not any Schemes or
Opinions of Men : But that I have
every where fully and infallibly de-
livered the Senfe of Revelation I
maiijtain not, I have honeflly en-
deavoured to fet Things in a jufl
Light ; but U7tder the Weak7iefs and
A 2 hiiper-


ImperfeStions of a Man, This I ad-
vertife you of that in reading you
may freely life your own yudgment
without any Regard to mine ; that
you may admit Iruth upon its own
Evidence ; arid that, if you are by a
hlind^ implicit Faith in what I fay^
led into a?ty Error ^ you yourfelf

may be accoimt able for it, 1 add a

hearty TVifljy That we may all fo
ferioufy^ clofely^ impartially^ peace-
ably^ and in the Spirit of Love ^ f^^^^^
the Scriptures^ that our Knowledge
of the Principles of Chrifiianity beiiig
jufl-i our Faith may be firong^ our
Hopefledfafi^ our Comfort folid^ and
that the Light of the glorious Gofpel
of Chrift, who is the Image of God,
fhiiiing into our Mi^jds^ may give us
a Conformity to the So?i of God iit all
Virtue^ in Meeknefs^ Humility^ and
brotherly Ki^idnefs^ that fo a7i E7t-
t ranee may be miitiflred unto us abu7t-'
dantly i?2to his everlafing King-
dom. Amen,



Scripture- Doctrine




Free and Candid Examination.

Wherein all thofe Places of Scripture, which do
exprefsly fpeak of the Confequences of the firjl
Traufgreffion^ are diftindly confidered, and (as
far as the Author was able) fully and familiarly
explained, that the meaneft Capacity may form
a true Judgment upon this important Article
ol Revelation.

Ac TS xvii. ir. Thefe were more noble than thofe In
Thcjfalonica^ in that they received the word zvith all
readinejs of inind^ and fearched the fcriptures daily^



PAGE 22. lin. 7. take anvay the Comma after Certainly.
P. 29. 1. 9. in the Note, for if arguing, read, as he is
arguing. P. 53. in the Note, 1. 9. rnjOli/^P- P. 59-1. 6.
in the Note, after I prefume cannot be, add, by any three
fingle Words. P. 74. 1. 7. >^/j. P. 78. 1. 27. put a Period
after Happinefs. 1. 29. put a Comma after Globe. 1. 32.
difpofe. P. no. 1. 20. gives. P. 133. 1. 10. Similiter
in, ijc. and 1. 27. Matrem enim, ^c. thofe two Sentences
fhould be in the Italick Charadler. 1, 24, Idololatrarum.
P. 135. 1. %. for fame Import, read like Import. P. 139.
1. 15. leading. P. 154. 1. zz. for muft that be, read m^
it be. P. 172. 1. 18, 19. refolving. P. 201. 1. 8. put a
Period after No. 1. 28. Er£2. P. 226. 1. 23. opened to us.
P. 232. 1. 5. For if by one mans, P. 248. 1. ig. In-


Scripture - Dodrine




Free and Candid Examination.

O U defire, my dear Friend,
to be fatisfied about the Article
o^ Origi?iaI Sin. As I am a
Minifter of the Gofpel, it is
my Duty to do all I can to
fet you right in a Matter re-
lating to the Principles of Religion ^ and there-
fore I will unfold to you theTn u th, fo flir as
I am able, plainly, fincerely, and without Re-
ferve ; in confidence that you, on youi; Part,

B' love

2 Tl:e Scriptiire-DoBrme of

love the Truth, and are difpofed to a di-
ligent and impartial Inquiry after it.

Above all things, Truth (hoiild engage
our moil- lerioiTs and upright Regards. We
ihould efteem it the higheft Point of Duty
to be always open to the Evidence which
difcovers Tr u t h 5 and always free and ready,
fetting afide every Biafs of Prejudice and tem-
poral Intereil, to embrace it, when difcover'd.
The Truth, as it cannot be wrong in it
felf, cannot lead us to any thing that is wrong.
The Truth is the Rule which God him-
felf follows, and which his almighty Power
will for ever vindicate. To fJjis end our blef-
fed Lord was horn^ and for this Caufe he
came into the IForld, that he might bear Wit-
nefs to the Truth, fohn xviii. 37. The
Truth is that glorious Sun, vv^hich directs
and iliulirates ail our Actions, rendering them
pleafmg to God, and comfortable to our-
feives ; nor can v/e be Sinners, or wretched,
but only juft fo £ir as we defpife or neglect
the Truth.

All Truth necefHiry to Salvation is re-
vealed in the Holy Scriptures j and the
Scriptures, not the Opinions of Men^
Y\ol o^ learned Men y no, not oi good Men, no,
not of many learned and good Men, are the
Rule of our Faith. Men of Knowledge and
Integrity may indeed be ufeful to us, as In-
I ' ilradors.

Part I. Original Sin examimd. 3

flrudors, to open the Senfe of God's Word :
But it is the Word and Revelation of God
alone upon which my Faith is to be founded.
And as for human Wifdom and Knowledge,
I ought to value it, in religious Matters, jull fo
much, and fo far only, as it fervcs to unfold
the Mind and Meaning of God in the Scri-
ptures J in the interpreting of vi^hich, we
ought not to admit any thing contradictory
to the common Senfe and Underfcanding of
Mankind. For the Scriptures can be no Rule
to us, if the Underftanding God hath given
us is not a Rule in judging of their Senfe,
and Meaning. Nothing ought to pafs for Di-
vine Revelation which is inconfiftent with
any of the known Perfe£lions of the Di-
vine Nature. DifBcult Places are to be ex-
plained by thofe that are eafy to be under-
ftood. We mufc not allow ourfelves \.o feign
any thing j but mufl attend to the true, fl:ri(5t
and proper Senfe of every Place, without
daring to add or diminifh by our ov/n Imagi-
nations : and whatever we find is plainly added,
or diminiflied, by human Interpretations or
Schemes, we ought peremptorily to rejed: as
dangerous Innovation. Lallly, we (liould not
content ourfelves with Scraps, and fingle Sen-
tences, which in Sound may feem to mean
one Thing, but really have, taken with v/hat
goes before, arid what follows after, a quite
different Signification. This is a very falla-
cious Way of proving Things from Scripture;
B 2 and.

j^ The Scripture-Dodirine of

and, for my own Part, I cannot fatisfy my
felf in grounding Articles of Faith upon it.

My Method (you muft judge whether it
be right) in fearching the Scriptures is, to
take the whole before me ; to find out all the
Places where any Point of Faith is fpoken of,
or feems to be fpoken of; to ftudy thofe
Places over fingly and feparately, judging from
what goes before and follows after, what is
the true Scope and Meaning of every Text ;
and then I compare them all together, and
from fuch a View of all that I can find in
the Word of God, I form my Sentiments
concerning the Point inquired after.

And truly I cannot fee v/hat any one can
pofiibly do more (excepting fervent Prayer to
the Father of Lights,) to fettle his Faith and
Confcience upon a true Scripture Bottom.

You want to be fatisfied about Original
Sin : that is, you would know. How far we,
the Pofterity of Adam, are involved in the
Confequences of his firft TranfgrefTion.

Come then, my dear Friend, let me lead
you by the Hand into the moft fruitful and
pleafant Garden of God, his Holy Word. I
have laid out a good deal of Study upon it,
and, with fome Care, have obferved the fe-
veral Plants which grow therein ; and, with


Part I. Original Sin examined.

Online LibraryJohn TaylorThe Scripture doctrine of original sin proposed to free and candid examination → online text (page 1 of 26)