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Souvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year online

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Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 11 of 29)
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York, Lieutenant-Colonel Max A. Thoman (killed). Captain William Mc-
Fadden ; Andrew's Massachusetts Sharpshooters (unattached). Captain Wil-
liam Plumer, Lieutenant Emerson L. Bicknell.

Third Division — Brigadier-General Alexander Hayes.

First Brigade — Colonel Samuel S. Carroll. 14th Indiana, Colonel John
Coons ; 4th Ohio, Colonel James H. Godman, Lieutenant-Colonel L. W.
Carpenter ; 8th Ohio, Colonel S. S. Carroll, Lieutenant-Colonel Franklin
Sawyer ; 7th West Virginia, Colonel Joseph Snyder, Lieutanant-Colonel
Jonathan H. Lockwood.

Second Brigade — Colonel Thomas A. Smyth (wounded), Lieutenant-
Colonel T. E. Pierce ; 14th Connecticut, Major Theodore G. Ellis ; 1st
Delaware, Colonel Thomas A. Smyth, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward P.
Harris, Captain M. B. Ellgood (killed). Captain Thomas B. Hizar, Lieu-
tenant William Smith (killed). Lieutenant John F. Dent ; 12th New Jer„
sey. Major John T. Hill ; 10th New York (National Zouaves Battalion),
Major George F. Hopper; 108th New York, Colonel Charles J. Powers,
Lieutenant-Colonel F. E. Pierce.

Tliird Brigade — Colonel George L. Willard (killed). Colonel Eliakim,
Sherrill (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel James M. Bull ; 39th New York (four
companies), Lieutenant-Colonel James G. Hughes, Major Hugo Hildebrandt ;
111th New York, Colonel Clinton D. McDougall (wounded), Lieutenant-
Colonel Isaac M. Lusk, Captain A. P. Seeley ; 125th New York, Colonel
George L. Willard (killed while commanding Brigade), Lieutenant-Colonel
Levin Crandall ; 126th New York, Colonel E. Sherrill (killed), Lieutenant-
Colonel J. M. Bull

Artillery Brigade — Captain J. G. Hazard. A, 1st Rhode Island, Lieu-
tenaut William A. Arnold ; B, 1st Ehode Island, Lieutenant T. Fred
Brown (wounded). Lieutenant Walter S. Perrin ; 1, 1st United States, Lieu-
tenant G. A. Woodruff (killed), Lieutenant Tully McCrea ; A, 4th United
States, Lieutenant A. H. Gushing (killed), Sergeant Frederick Fuger ; B,
1st New York Light, of the Eeserve Artillery, was transferred here during
July 3 ; Battery C, 4th United States, Lieutenant E. Thomas, was in the
line of the Second Corps on July 3. The losses in this Brigade were so large
that there were no officers to assume command at the close of the fight.
Cavalry Squadron.


Major-Geueral Daniel E. Sickles (wounded), Major-General David B.

First Division — Major-General D. B. Birney, Brigadier-General I. H.
H. Ward.

First Brigade — Brigadier-General Charles E. Graham (wounded and
captured). Colonel Andrew H. Tippin. 57th Pennsylvania, Colonel Peter
Sides, Lieutenant-Colonel William P. ]^eeper (wounded), Captain A. H.
Nelson ; 63 Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel John A. Danks ; G8th Penn-
sylvania, Colonel A. H. Tippin (all the field officers wounded). Captain
Milton H. Davis ; 105th Pennsylvania, Colonel Calvin A. Craig ; 114th
Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick K. Cavada (captured); men
under Captain Edward E. Bowen fell in line of 141st Pennsylvania; 14l8t
Pennsylvania, Colonel H. A. Madill. The 2d New Hampshire, 3d Maine,
7th New Jersey and 8th New Jersey formed part of General Graham's line
on July 2.

Second Brigade — Brigadier-General I, H. H. Ward, Colonel H. Berdau .
1st United States Sharpshooters, Colonel H. Berdau, Lieutenant-Colonel C.
Trapp ; 2d United States Sharpshooters, Major H. H. Stoughton ; 3d
Maine, Colonel M. B. Lakeman (captured), Lieutenant-Colonel W. C. L.
Taylor, Captain William C. Morgan ; 4th Maine, Colonel Elijah Walker
(killed). Major Ebenezer Witcomb (wounded). Captain Edwin Libby ; 20th
Indiana, Colonel John Wheeler (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel William C. L.
Taylor ; 99tli Pennsylvania, Major John W. Moore ; 8Gth New York, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Benjamin Higgins ; 124th New York, Colonel A. Van Horn
Ellis (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel Francis M. Cummings.

Third Brigade — Colonel Philip A. De Trobriand. 3d Michigan, Colonel
Byron E. Pierce (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel E. G. Pierce ; 5th Michigan,
Lieutenant-Colonel John Pulford (wounded). Major S. S. Matthews ; 40tlj

N"ew York, Colonel Thomas W. Egan ; I'i'th Maine, Lieutenant Colonel
Charles B. Merrill ; 110th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel David M-
Jones (wounded). Major Isaac Rogers.

Secojtd Divisio]^ — Brigadier-General Andrew A, Humphreys.

First Brigade — Brigadier-General Joseph B. Carr. 1st Massachusetts,
Colonel N. B. McLaughlin, Lieutenant-Colonel Clark B. Baldwin; 11th
Massachusetts, Lieutenant-Colonel Porter D. Trippe ; 16th Massachusetts,
Lieutenant-Colonel Waldo Merriam, Captain Matthew Donovan ; 26th
Pennsylvania, Major Robert L. Bodine, Captain George W. Tomlinson
(wounded), Captain Henry Goodfellow ; 11th New Jersey, Colonel Robert
McAllister (wounded). Major Philip J. Kearney (killed). Captain W. B.
Dunning, Lieutenant John Schoonover, Captain W. H. Lloyd, Captain
Samuel T. Sleeper ; Pennsylvania (not engaged), Lieutenant-Colonel
Milton Opp ; 12th New Hampshire, Captain J. P. Langley.

Second Brigade — Colonel William A. Brewster. 70th New York, 1st Ex-
3elsior), Major Daniel Mahen, Colonel J. Egbert Farnum ; 71st New York
(2d Excelsior), Colonel Henry L. Potter ; 72d New York (3d Excelsior),
Colonel John J. Austin, Lieutenant-Colonel John Leonard ; 73d New York
(4th Excelsior), Colonel William R. Brewster, Major M. W. Burns ; 74th
New York (5th Excelsior), Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Holt ; 120th New
York, Lieutenant-Colonel Cornelius D. Westbrook (wounded), Major J. R.
Tappen, Captain A. L. Lockwood.

Th ird Brigade — Colonel George C. Burling. 5th New Jersey, Colonel W.
J. Sewall (wounded). Captain Virgil M. Healey (wounded), Captain T, C.
Godfrey, Captain A, H. Woolsey ; 6th New Jersey, Colonel George C. Bur-
ling, Lieutenant-Colonel S. R. Gelkyson ; 7th New Jersey, Colonel L. R.
Francine (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Price, Major Frederick
Cooper ; 8tli New Jersey, Colonel John Ramsey (wounded). Captain John
G. Langton ; 115th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel John P. Dunne ; 2d
New Hampshire, Colonel Edward L. Bailey (wounded), Major Samuel
P. Sayles (wounded).

Artillery Brigade — Captain George E. Randolph (wounded). Captain A.
Judson Clark; E, 1st Rhode Island, Lieutenant John K. Bucklyn (wounded).
Lieutenant Benjamin Freeborn ; B, 1st New Jersey (Light), Captain A. J.
Clark, Lieutenant Robert Sims ; D, 1st New York, Captain George B.
Winslow ; K, 4th United States, Lieutenant F. W. Suley (wounded), Lieu-
tenant Robert James ; 4th New York, Captain James E. Smith.


Major-General George Sykes, commanding Provost Guard, D and E, 12th
New York, Henry W. Rider.

First Division — Brigadier-General James Barnes.

First Brigade — Colonel W. S. Tilton. 18th Massachusetts, Colonel
Joseph Hayes ; 22d Massachusetts, Colonel William S. Tilton, Lieutenant-
Colonel Thomas Sherwin, Jr.; 118th Pennsylvania, Colonel Charles M.
Prevost, Lieutenant-Colonel James Gwyn ; 1st Michigan, Colonel Ira C.
Abbott (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel W. A. Throop.

Second Brigade — Colonel J. B. Sweitzer. 9th Massachusetts, Colonel
Patrick E. Guiney ; 32d Massachusetts, Colonel George L. Prescott
(wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel Luther Stephenson (wounded). Major J.
Cushing Edwards; 4th Michigan, Colonel Harrison H. Jeffords (killed),
Lieutenant-Colonel George W. Lambard ; 62d Pennsylvania, Colonel J. B.
Sweitzer, Lieutenant-Colonel James C. Hull.

Third Brigade — Colonel Strong Vincent (killed), Colonel James C. Rice.
20th Maine, Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain ; 44th New York, Colonel
James C. Rice, Lieutenant-Colonel Freeman Connor ; 83d Pennsylvania,
Major William H. Lamont, Captain 0. E. Woodward ; 16th Michigan,
Lieutenant-Colonel N. E. Welch.

Second Division — Brigadier-General Romay B. Ayres.

First Brigade — Colonel Hannibal Day. 3d United States (6 companies).
Captain H. W. Freedly (wounded). Captain Richard G. Lay ; 4th United
States (4 companies). Captain J. W. Adams ; Gth United States (5 com-
panies), Captain Levi C. Bootes ; 12th United States (8 companies), Captain
Thomas S. Dunn ; 14th United States (8 companies) Major G. R. Ged-

Second Brigade — Colonel Sidney Burbank. 2d United States (6 com-
panies). Major A. T. Lee (wounded). Captain S. A. McKee ; 7th United
States (4 companies), C-aptain D. P. Hancock ; 10th United States (3 com-
panies). Captain William Clinton ; 11th United States (6 companies),
Major De L. Floyd-Jones; 17th United States (7 companies), Lieutenant-
Colonel J. Durrell Green.

Third Brigade — Brigadier- General S. H. Weed (killed). Colonel Kenner
Garrard. 140th New York, Colonel Patrick H. O'Rourke (killed). Lieu-
tenant Colonel Louis Ernst ; 146th New York, Colonel Kenner Garrard,
Lieutenant-Colonel David T. Jenkins ; 91st Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-
Colonel Joseph H. Sinex ; 155th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel John H.

Third Division— Brigadier-General S. Wiley Crawford. This Division
joined the Corps on June 28, leaving its Second Brigade in the Department
of Washington.

First Brigade — Colonel William McCandless. 1st Pennsylvania Rifles
(BucktaiL's), Colonel Charles J. Taylor (killed), Lieutenant- Colonel A. E.

Niles (wounded). Major William E. Hartshorne ; 1st Pennsylvania Reserves
(9 companies). Colonel William Cooper Talley ; 2d Pennsylvania Reserves,
Colonel William McCandless, Lieutenant-Colonel George A. Woodward ;
6th Pennsylvania Reserves, Colonel Wellington H. Ent.

Third Brigade — Colonel Joseph W. Fisher. 5th Pennsylvania Reserves,
Colonel J. W. Fisher, Lieutenant-Colonel George Dare ; 9th Pennsylvania
Reserves, Lieutenant-Colonel James McK. Snodgrass ; 10th Pennsylvania
Reserves, Colonel A. J. Warner ; 11th Pennsylvania Reserves, Colonel S.
M. Jackson ; 12th Pennsylvania Reserves, Colonel M. D. Hardin.

ArtiUery Brigade — Captain A. P. Martin. D, 5th United States, Lieu-
tenant Charles E. Hazlett (killed), Lieutenant B. F. Rittenhouse ; I, 5th
United States, Lieutenant Skalbone F. Watson, Lieutenant Charles C. Mac-
Connell ; C, 1st New York, Captain Albert Barnes ; L, 1st Ohio, Captain
Frank C. Gibbs ; C, 3d Massachusetts, Captain A. P. Martin, Lieutenant
Aaron F. Wolcott.


Major-General John Sedgwick, commanding Headquarters Guard, L, 1st
New Jersey Cavalry, and H, 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Captain William S.

First Division — Brigadier-General H. G. Wright. Provost Guard, 4th
New Jersey (3 companies). Captain William R. Maxwell.

First Brigade — Brigadier-General A. T. A. Torbert. 1st ^aw Jersey,
Lieutenant-Colonel William Henry, Jr. ; 2d New Jersey, Colonel Samuel L.
Buck ; Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Wiebecke ; 3d New Jersey, Colonel
Henry W. Brown, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward L. Campbell ; 15 New Jer-
sey, Colonel William H. Penrose.

Second Brigade — Brigadier-General J. J. Bartlett. 5th Maine, Colonel
Clark G. Edwards ; 121st New York, Colonel Emory Upton ; 95th Penn-
sylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Carrol ; 96th Pennsylvania, Major
William H. Lessig.

Third Brigade — Brigadier- General A. D. Russell. 6th Maine, Colonel
Hiram Burnham ; 49th Pennsylvania (4 companies). Colonel William H.
Irwin, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas M. Hulings ; 119th Pennsylvania,
Colonel P. C. Ellmaker ; 5th Wisconsin, Colonel Thomas S. Allen.

Second Division — Brigadier- General A. P. Hare.

Second Brigade — Colonel A. L. Grant. 2d Vermont, Colonel J. H.
Wallridge ; 3d Vermont, Colonel T. 0. Seaver ; 4th Vermont, Colonel E.
H. Stoughton ; 5th Vermont, Lieutenant-Colonel John R. Lewis j 6th Ver-
mont, Lieutenant-Colonel Elisha L. Barney,

TJiircl Brigade — Brigadier-General T. A. Neill. 7th Maine, (6 companies),
Lieutenant-Colonel Seldon Conner ; 33d New York, Captain Henry J.
GiiJord ; 43d New York (detachment), Colonel B. F. Baker, Lieutenant-
Colonel John Wilson ; 49th New York, Colonel D. D. Bidwell ; 77th New
York, Colonel J. B. McKean, Lieutenant-Colonel Winsor B. French ; 61st
Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel George F. Smith, Major George W.

Third Division — Major-General John Newton, Brigadier-General Frank

First Brigade — Brigadier-General Alexander Shaler. 65th New York,
Colonel J. E. Hamblin ; 67th New York, Colonel Nelson Cross ; 122d New
York, Colonel Silas Titus, Lieutenant-Colonel A. W. Dwight ; 23d Penn-
sylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel John F. Glenn ; 82d Pennsylvania, Colonel
Isaac A. Bassett.

Second Brigade — Colonel H. L. Eustus . 7th Massachusetts, Lieutenant-
Colonel Frank P. Harlow ; 10th Massachusetts, Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph
B. Parsons; 37th Massachusetts, Colonel Oliver Edwards; 2 1 Ehode
Island, Colonel Horatio Rogers.

Third Brigade — Brigadier-General F. Wheston, Colonel David J. Nevin.
62d New York, Colonel D. L. Nevin, Lieutenant-Colonel Theodore B.
Hamilton ; 93d Pennsylvania, Colonel James M . McCarter ; Major John I .
Nevin; 98th Pennsylvania, Major John B. Kohler ; 102d Pennsylvania
(not engaged). Colonel John W . Patterson ; 139th Pennsylvania, Colonel
Fred H. Collier, Lieutenant-Colonel William H. Moody.

Artillery Brigade — Colonel C. H. Tompkins. A, 1st Massachusetts,
Captain W . H . McCartney ; D, 2d United States, Lieutenant E . B . Wil-
liston ; G, 2d United States, Lieutenant John H . Butler ; F, 5th United
States, Lieutenant Leonard Martin ; C, 1st Rhode Island, Captain Richard
Waterman; G, 1st Rhode Island, Captain George W. Adams; 1st New
York, Captain Andrew Cowan ; 3d New York, Captain William A . Harn .


Major-General 0. 0. Howard, Major-General Carl Schurz (July 1).
After the death of General Reynolds, General Howard commanded all the
troops in the field until relieved by General Hancock. Headquarters
Guard, I and K, 1st Indiana Cavalry, Captain Abram Sharra ; I, 8th New
York Infantry, Lieutenant H. Foerster.

First Division— Brigadier-General Francis C. Barlow (wounded),
Brigadier-General Adelbert Ames.

First Brigade — Colonel Leopold Von Gilsa. 41st New York, Colonel
L. Yon Gilsa, Lieutenant-Colonel Detleo Yon Einsiedel ; 54th Xew York,
Colonel Eugene A. Kezley, Major Stephen Kovacs ; 68th New York,
Colonel Gotthilf Bourney de Ivernois ; 153d Pennsylvania, Colonel Charles
Glanz, Major John F. Frulaff.

Second Brigade — Brigadier-General Adelbert Ames, Colonel Andrew L.
Harris. 17th Connecticut, Lieutenant-Colonel Douglas Fowler (killed),
Major A. G. Brady ; 25th Ohio, Lieutenant- Colonel Jeremiah Williams
(captured). Lieutenant William Malaney (wounded), Lieutenant Israel
White ; 75th Ohio, Colonel Andrew L. Harris (wounded), Lieutenant-
Colonel Benjamin Morgan (wounded). Major Charles W. Friend ; 107th
Ohio, Colonel Seraphim Meyer, Captain John M. Lutz.

Second Division — Brigadier-General A. Yon Steinwehr.

First Brigade — Colonel Charles E. Coster. 27th Pennsylvania, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Lorenz Cantador ; 73d Pennsylvania, Captain Daniel F.
Kelly; 134th New York, Colonel Charles R. Coster, Lieutenant-Colonel
Allen H. Jackson ; 154th New York, Colonel Patrick H. Jones, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Daniel B. Allen.

Second Brigade — Colonel Orlando Smith. 33d Massachusetts, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Adin E. Underwood ; 136th New York, Colonel James
Wood, Jr. ; 55th Ohio, Colonel Charles B. Gambee ; 73d Ohio, Colonel
Orlando Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel Eichard Long.

Third Division — Major-General Carl Schurz, Brigadier-General Alex-
ander Schimmelpfennig (July 1).

First Brigade — Brigadier-General Alexander Schimmelpfennig (cap-
tured). Colonel George Von Amsburg. 45th New York, Colonel G. Yon
Amsburg, Lieutenant-Colonel Adolphus Dobke ; 157th New York, Colonel
Phihp P. Brown, Jr.; 74th Pennsylvania, Colonel Adolph Von Hartung
(captured), Lieutenant-Colonel Von Mitzel (captured), Captain Gustav
Schleiter, Captain Henry Krauseneck ; 61st Ohio, Colonel S. J. Mc-
Groarty ; 82d Illinois, Colonel J . Hecker ; Lieutenant-Colonel Edward S .

Second Brigade — Colonel Waldimir Kryzanowski. 58th New York,
Colonel W. Kryzanowski, Lieutenant-Colonel August Otto, Captain Emil
Koenig, Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick Gellman ; 119th New York, Colonel
John F. Lockman, Lieutenant-Colonel Edward F. Lloyd; 75th Pennsyl-
vania, Colonel Francis Mahler (Avounded), Major August Ledig ; 82 Ohio,
Colonel James S. Eobinson (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel D. Thomson;
26th Wisconsin, Colonel William H. Jacobs, Lieutenant-Colonel Hans
Boebel, Captain John W , Fuchs.

Artillery Brigade — Major Thomas W. Osborn, I, 1st New York, Cap-
tain M. Wiedrick ; I, 1st Ohio, Captain Hubert Dilger ; K, 1st Ohio, Cap-
tain Lewis Heckman ; G, 4th United States, Lieutenant Bayard Wilkeson
(killed), Lieutenant A. E. Bancroft; 13th New York, Lieutenant William


Brigadier-General Alpheus S. Williams, commanding ; General Henry W.
Slocum, during the battle, commanding the right wing of the Army.
Headquarder Guard, lOtli Maine Battalion, Captain John D. Beardsley.

First Division — Brigadier- General Thomas H. Euger.

First Brigade — Colonel Archibald L. McDougall. 5th Connecticut,
Colonel Warren W. Packer; 20th Connecticut, Lieutenant-Colonel Wil-
liam B. Wooster ; 123d New York, Colonel A. L. McDougall, Lieutenant-
Colonel James C. Rogers, Captain Adolphus H. Tanner; 145th New
York, Colonel E. L. Price ; 4Gth Pennsylvania, Colonel James L. Self-
ridge ; 3d Maryland, Colonel J. M. Sudsburg.

Second Brigade — (TJnassigned during a portion of the battle, when they
became this Brigade), Brigadier-General Henry K. Lockwood. 150th New
York, Colonel John H. Ketcham ; 1st Maryland (Potomac Home Brigade),
Colonel William P. Maulsby ; 1st Maryland (Eastern Shore), Colonel James
Wallace .

Third Brigade — Colonel Silas Colgrove. 2d Massachusetts, Colonftl
Charles E. Mudge (killed), Lieutenant-Colonel Charles F. Morse ; 107th
New York, Colonel Myron M. Crane ; 13th New Jersey, Colonel Ezra A.
Carman (wounded), Lieutenant-Colonel John E. Fesler ; 27th Indiana,
Colonel Silas Colgrove ; 3d Wisconsin, Colonel William Hawley, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Martin Flood.

Second Division — Brigadier- General John W. Geary.

First Brigade — Colonel Charles Candy. 28th Pennsylvania, Captain
John Flynn ; 147th Pennsylvania (8 companies), Lieutenant-Colonel Ario
Pardu, Jr.; 5th Ohio, Colonel John H. Patrick; 7th Ohio, Colonel Wil-
liam E. Creighton ; 29th Ohio, Captain W. F. Stevens (wounded). Captain
Edward Haves • 66tli Ohio, Colonel C. Candy, Lieutenant-Colonel Eugene

Second Brigade — Colonel George A. Cobham, Jr., Brigadier-General
Thomas L. Kane, Colonel George A. Cobham, Jr. 29th Pennsylvania,
Colonel William Eickards, Jr. ; 109th Pennsylvania, Captain Fred L. Gim-
ber ; 111th Pennsylvania, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas M. Walker, Colonel
George A. Cobham, Jr., Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas M. Walker.

^lird Brigade — Brigadier-General George S. Greene. OOth New York,
Colonel Abel Godard ; 78tli New York, Lieutenant-Colonel Herbert Von
Hammerstein ; 103d New York, Lieutenant-Colonel James C. Lane
(wounded). Captain Lewis E. Stigman ; 137th New York, Colonel David
Ireland ; 149tli New York, Colonel Henry A. Barnum, Lieutenant-Colonel
Charles B. Randall.

Artillery Brigade — Lieutenant Edward D. Muhlenberg. F, 4th United
States, Lieutenant E. D. Muhlenberg, Lieutenant S. T. Rugg ; K, 5th
United States, Lieutenant D. H. Kinsie ; M, 1st New York, Lieutenant
Charles E. Winegar ; Knapp^s Pennsylvania, Lieutenant Charles Atwell.


Major-General Alfred Pleasanton, commanding.

First Divisiojst, Brigadier-General John B.uford.

First Brigade — Colonel William Gamble. 8th New York, Colonel
Benjamin F. Davis, Lieutenant- Colonel William L. Markell ; Stli Illinois,
Colonel William Gamble, Lieutenant-Colonel D. R. Clendennin, Major
John L. Beveridge ; 12th Illinois (detachment, 4 companies); 3d Indiana
(detachment, 6 companies). Colonel George H. Chapman.

Second Brigade — Colonel Thomas C. Devin. 6th New York, Colonel
Thomas C. Devin, Lieutenant-Colonel William H. Crocker, Major William
E. Beardsley ; 9th New York, Colonel William Sackett ; 17th Pennsylvania,
Colonel J. H. Kellogg ; 3d Virginia (2 companies). Captain Seymour B.

Reserve Brigade — Brigadier-General Wisley Merritt. 1st United States,
Captain R. S. C. Lord ; 2d United States, Captain T. F. Rodenbough ;
5th United States, Captain J. W. Mason ; 6th United States, Major S. H.
Starr (wounded), Lieutenant Louis H. Carpenter, Lieutenant Nicholas
Nolan, Captain Ira W. Claliin ; 6th Pennsylvania, Major James H.

Second Division — Brigadier-General D. McM. Gregg. Headquarter
Guard, A, 1st Ohio, Captain Noah Jones.

First Brigade — Colonel J. B. Mcintosh. 1st New Jersey, Major M. H.
Beaumont ; 1st Pennsylvania, Colonel John P. Taylor ; 3d Pennsylvania,
Lieutenant-Colonel Edward S. Jones ; Pernell Legion (Maryland), A, Cap-
tain Robert E. Duvall ; 1st Maryland (11 companies), Lieutenant-Colonel
James M. Deems ; 1st Massachusetts (detached from Brigade at Head-
quarters, Sixth Corps), Lieutenant-Colonel Greely S. Curtis ; Section Bat-
tery, H, 3d Pennsylvania, Heavy Artillery (not engaged). Captain William
D. Rank.

Second Brigade — (Not engaged). Colonel Pennock Hoey. 2(i New York
(not engaged), Lieutenant-Colonel Otto Harhaus ; 4tli New York (not
engaged), Lieutenant-Colonel Augustus Pruyn ; 8th Pennsylvania (not
engaged), Captain William Corrie ; 6tli Ohio (10 companies, not engaged),
Major William Stedman.

Third Brigade — Colonel J. Irving Gregg. 1st Maine, Lieutenant-Colonel
Charles H. Smith ; 10th New York, Major M. Henry Avery ; 4tli Pennsyl-
vania, Lieutenant-Colonel William E. Doster ; 16th Pennsylvania, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel John K. Eobinson.

Third Division" — Brigadier-General Judson Kilpatrick. Headquarter
Guard, C, 1st Ohio, Captain Samuel N. Stanford.

First Brigade — Brigadier-General E. J. Farnsworth (killed), Colonel N.
P. Eichmond. 5th New York, Major John Hammond ; 18th Pennsylvania,
Lieutenant-Colonel William P. Briston ; 1st Vermont, Colonel E. D. Saw-
yer, Lieutenant-Colonel Addison W. Preston ; 1st West Virginia (10 com-
panies). Colonel N. P, Eichmond, Major Charles E. Capehart.

Second Brigade — Brigadier-General George A. Custer. 1st Michigan,
Colonel Charles H. Town; 5th Michigan, Colonel Eussell A. Alger; 6th
Michigan, Colonel George Gray j 7th Michigan (10 companies). Colonel
William D. Mann.


Fird, Brigade — Captain James M. Eobertson. B and L, 2d United States,
Lieutenjint Edward Heaton ; M, 2d United States, Lieutenant A. C. M.
Pennington ; E, 4th L^nited States, Lieutenant S. S . Elder ; 6th New
York, Lieutenant Joseph W. Martin ; 9th Michigan, Captain J. J. Daniels.

Second Brigade — Captain John C. Tidball. G and E, 1st United States,
Captain A. M. Eandol ; K, 1st United States, Captain William M. Graham ;
A, 2d United States, Lieutenant John H. Calef ; C, 3d United States,
Lieutenant W. D. Fuller.

Artillery Eesebve — Brigadier-General E. 0, Tyler (disabled) Captain
John M. Eobertson.

First Begular Brigade — Captain D. E. Eansom (wounded). H, 1st
United States, Lieutenant C. P. Eakin (wounded), Lieutenant Philip D.
Mason ; F and K, 3d United States, Lieutena7it J. G. Turnbull ; C, 4th
United States, Lieutenant Evan Thomas ; C, 5th United States, Lieu-
tenant G. V. Weir.

First Volunteer Brigade — Lieutenant-Colonel F, McGilvery. 15th New
York^ Captain Patrick Hart • C and F, Pennsylvania (Light), Captain

James Thompson ; 5 Massachusetts (10th New York Battery attached).
Captain C. A. Phillips ; 9th Massachusetts, Captain John Bigelow, Lieu-
tenant Eichard S. Milton.

Second Vohmteer Brigade — Captain E. D. Tafft. B, 1st Connecticut
(not engaged), Captain Albert F. Brooker ; M, 1st Connecticut (not
engaged). Captain Franklin A. Pratt ; 5th New York, Captain E. D.
Tafft ; 2d Connecticut, Lieutenant John W. sterling.

Tliird Volunteer Brigade — Captain James F. Huntington. F and G, 1st
Pennsylvania, Captain R,. B. Eicketts ; H, 1st Ohio, Captain James F.
Huntington, Lieutenant George W . Norton ; A, 1st New Hampshire, Cap-
tain F. M. Edgell ; C, 1st West Virginia, Captain Wallace Hill.

Fourth Volunteer Brigade — Captain E. H. Fitzhugh ; B, 1st New York,
Captain James McK. Eorty (killed). Lieutenant A. S. Sheldon, Lieutenant
Eobert E. Eogers. This Battery served in line with Artillery Brigade,
Second Corps, on July 3 . G, 1st New York, Captain Albert N. Ames ;
K, 1st New York (with Eleventh Battery attached). Captain Eobert H.
Fitzhugh ; A, 1st Maryland, Captain James H. Eigby ; A, 1st New Jersey,
Lieutenant Augustin N. Parsons ; 6th Maine, Lieutenant Edwin E. Dow.

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