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Souvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year online

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Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 22 of 29)
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27. — Shanghai, Mo. Mo. Home Guards.

29. — Camp Advance, Munson Hill, Va. 6yth Pa., through mistake, fire into the 71st
Pa. , killing 9 and wounding 25,

OCT. 3.— Greenbrier, VT. Va. 24th, 2.5th and 32d Ohio, 7th, 9th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 17th
Ind., Battery G 4th U. S. Artil., Battery A 1st Mich. ArtU. Union 8 kiUed, 32
wounded. Confed. 100 killed, 75 wounded.

4. — Alamosa, near Fort Craig, X. Mex. Mink's Cav. and U. S. Regulars. Confed.
11 killed, 30 wounded.

—Buffalo HiD, Ky. Union 20 killed. Confed. 50 killed.
5. — Chicamicomico, N. C. 20th Ind.

8. — Hillsboro, Ky. Home Guards. Union 3 killed, 2 wounded. Confed. 11 killed,
29 wounded.
9.— Santa Rosa, Fla. 6th N. Y., Co. A. 1st U. S. ArtU., Co. H 2d U. S. ArtU., Co.'s

G and E. 3d U. S. Infantry. Union 14 kUled, 29 wounded. Confed. 350 wounded.
12. — Cameron, Mo. James' Cav. Union 1 killed, 4 wounded. Gonfed. 8 wounded.
— Upton Hill, Ky. 39th Ind. Confed. 5 killed, 3 wounded.
— Bayles' Cross Roads, La. 79th N. Y. , Union 4 wounded.
13.— Beckwith Farm (12 miles from Birds' Point), Mo. Tuft's Gav. Union 2 killed, 5
wounded. Confed. 1 killed, 2 wounded.

— West Glaze, also called Shanghai, or Henrytown, or Monday's Hollow, Mo. 6th
and 10th Mo. Cav. Fremont's Battalion Cav. Confed. 62 killed.
15. — Big River Bridge, near Potosi, Mo. Forty men of the :38th 111. Union 1 killed, 6
wounded, 33 captured. Confed. 5 killed, 4 wounded.

—Lime Creek, or Linn, Mo. 13th lU. Infantry, 6th Mo. Cav. Confed. &3 killed, 40
16.— Bolivar Heights, Va. Parts of 26th Pa., 3d Wis., 13th Mass. Union 4 killed, 7
—Warsaw, Mo. Confed. 3 kiUed.

OCT. 17 to 21.— Fredericktowu and Irouton, Mo. 17th, 20th, 21st, 33d and 38th 111., 8th Wis.,
1st Ind. Cav., Co. A 1st Mo. Light Artil. Union 6 killed, 60 wounded. Confed.
200 wounded.

19.— Big Hurricane Creek, Mo. 18th Mo. Union 2 killed, 14 wounded. Confed. 14

21. — Ball's Bluff, also called Edward's Ferry, Harrison's Landing, Leesburg, Va.
loth, 20th Mass., 40th N. Y., 71st Pa., Battery B R. I. .A.rtil. Union 223 killed, 220
wounded. Confed. 36 killed, 2()4 wounded. -14.5 Union captured and missing. Union
Acting Brigadier-General E. D. Baker killed.

—Wildcat, Ky. 33d Ind., 14th and 17fch Ohio, 1st Ky. Cav. and 1st Ohio Bat-

22.— Buffalo Mills, Mo. Confed. 17 killed.

23.— West Liberty, Ky. 2d Ohio, 1st and Loughlin's Ohio Cav., 1st Ohio Artil.
Union 2 wounded. Confed. 10 killed, 5 wounded.

— Hodgeville, Ky. Detachment 0th Ind. Union 3 wounded. Confed. 3 killed, 5

25. — Zagonji's Charge, Springfield, Mo. Fremont's Body Guard and White's Prairie
Scouts. Union 18 killed, 37 wounded. Confed. 106 killed.

26.— Romneyor Mill Creek MiUs, W. Va. 4th and Sth Ohio, 7th W. Va., Md. Volun-
teers, 2d Regt. of Potomac Home Guards and Ringgold (Pa.) Cav. Union 2 killed,
15 wounded. Confed. 20 killed, 15 wounded, 50 captured.
— Saratoga, Ky. Uth 111. Union 4 wounded. Confed. 8 killed, 17 wounded.

27.— Plattsburg, Mo. Confed. 8 killed.

— Spring HUl, Mo. One Co. of 7th Mo. Cav. Union 5 wounded.

29. — Woodbury and Morgantown, Ky. 17th Ky., 3d Ky. Cav. Union 1 wounded.

NOV. 1. — Renick, Randolph Co., Mo. Union 14 wounded.

0. — Little Santa Fe, Mo. 4th Mo., Sth Kau. Cav., Kowald's Mo. Battery. Union 2
killed, 6 wounded.

7.— Belmont, Mo. 22d, 27th, 30th and 31st 111., 7th la., Battery B 1st 111. Artil., two
Go's 15th 111. Cav. Union 90 killed, 173 wounded, 2:35 missing. Confed. 261 killed,
427 wounded, 278 missing.

— Galveston Harbor, Tex. U. S. Frigate Santee burned the Ptoyal Yacht. Union
1 killed, 8 wounded. Confed. 3 wounded.

— Port Royal, S. C. Bombardment by U. S. Navy. Union 8 killed, 23 wounded.
Confed. 11 killed, 39 wounded.
9.— Piketown or Fry Mountain, Ky. 2d, 21st, 33d and 59th Ohio. 16th Ky. Union 4
killed, 20 wounded. Confed. 18 killed, 45 wounded, 200 captured.
10. — Guyandott. W. Va. Recruits of 9th W. Va. Union 7 killed, 20 wounded. Con-
fed. Skilled, 10 wounded.

— Gauley Bridge, W. Va. 11th Ohio, 2d Ky. Cav. Union 2 killed, 16 wounded.
— Taylor's Ford, Wantanga River, Tenn. Loyal Citizens. ,

11. — Little Blue, Mo. 110 men of 7th Kan. Cav. Union 7 killed, 9 wounded.
12. — Occoquau Creek, Va. Detachment 1st N. Y. Cav. Union 3 killed, 1 wounded.
17. — Cypress Bridge, Ky. Union 10 killed, 15 wounded.
18. — Palmvra, Mo. Detachment od Mo. Cav. Confed. 3 killed, 5 wounded.
19.— Wirt "C. H., W. Va. Detachment 1st W. Va. Cav. Confed. 1 killed, 5 wounded.
23. — Fort Pickens, Pensacola, Fla. Co's C and E 3d U. S. Infantry, Co's Gand I 6th
N. Y., Batteries A, F and L 1st U. S. Artil. and C, H and K 2d tj. S. ArtU. Union
5 killed, 7 wounded. Confed. 5 killed, 23 wounded.
24.— Lancaster, Mo. 21sb Mo. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded. Confed. 13 killed.

— Johnstown, Mo. Mo. Home Guard.
26. — Little Blue, Mo. 7th Kan. Cav. Union 1 killed, 1 wounded.
— Drainesville, Va. 1st Pa. Cav. Confed. 2 killed.
— Hunter's Mills, Va. 3d Pa. Cav.
29. — Black Walnut Creek, near SedaUa, Mo. 1st Mo. Cav. Union 15 wounded. Con-
fed. 17 killed.

DEC. 1. — Morristown, Tenn.

3. — ^isalem. Mo. Detachment 10 Mo. Cav. Union kUled, 10 wounded. Confed. 16
killed, 20 wounded.

— Vienna, Va. Detachment 3d Pa. Cav. Union aU captured. Confed. 1 killed.
4. — Anandale, Va. 30 men of 3d N. J. Union 1 killed. Confed. 7 killed.

— Dunksburg, Mo. Citizens repulse raiders. Confed. 7 killed, 10 wounded.
9. — Bushy Creek, Ark. Union Indians under Opotheyholo.
11. — Bertrand, Mo. 2d 111. Cav. Union 1 wounded.

— Dam No. X., Potomac, Va. 12th Ind.
12.— Bagdad, Ky. 6th Ky.
13. — Camp Allegheny or Buffalo Mountain, W. Va. 9th and 13th Ind., 25th and 32d

Ohio, 2d W. Va. Union 20 killed, 107 wounded. Confed. 20 killed, 96 wounded.
17. — Rowlett's Station, also called Munfordsville or Woodsonville, Ky. 32d Ind.
Union 10 killed, 22 wounded. Confed 33 killed, 50 wounded.

DEC. 18.— Milford, also called Shawnee Mound, or Blackwater, Mo. 2Tth Ohio, Sth, 18th,
22d and 24th Ind. , OOst Kan. , 1st la. Car. , Detachment U. S. Cav. , two Batteries of
1st Mo. Light Artil. Union 2 kUled, 8 wounded. Confed. l.oOO captured.

20.— Drainsville, Va. 1st. Oth, 9th, 10th and 12th Pa. Reserve Corps, 1st Pa. Artil. ^
1st Pa. Cav. Union 7 killed, 61 wounded. Confed. 43 kiUed, 143 wounded.

21. — Hudson. Mo. Detachment Tth Mo. Cav. Union .5 wounded. Confed. 10 killed.

22. — Newmarket Bridge, near Newport News, Va. 20th N. Y. Union 6 woimded.
Confed. 10 killed, 20 wounded.

24. — "VVadesburg, Ho. Mo. Home Guards. Union 2 wounded.

28. — Sacramento. Ky. 3d Ky. Cav. Union 1 killed, 8 wounded. Confed. 30 killed.
— Mt. Zion, ilo. Birge's Sharpshooters, od Mo. Cav. Union 5 killed, 63 wounded.
Confed. 25 killed, 150 wounded.


JAN. 1.— Port Royal, S. C. 3d Mich., 47th, 48th and 79th N. Y., 50th Pa. Union 1 killed,
10 wounded.

3.— Hunnewell, Mo. 4 Co's 10th Mo. Cav.
4. — Huntersville, Va. Detachments of 25th Ohio, 2 ^V^. Va. and 1st Ind. Cav. Union

1 wounded. Confed. 1 killed, 7 wounded.

— Bath, Va., also including skirmishes at Great Cacapon Bridge, Alpine Station

and Hancock. 39th 111. Union 2 killed, 2 wounded. Confed. 30 wounded.

— Calhoun, Mo. Union 10 wounded. Confed. 30 wounded.
7. — Blue Gap, near Roinney, Va. 4th, 5th, 7t!i and Sth Ohio, 14th Ind., 1st W, Va.

Cav. Confed. 15 killed.

— Jennies' Creek, Ky., also called Pamtsville. Four Co's 1st W. Va. Cav. Union

3 killed, 1 wounded. Confed. (i killed, 14 wounded.
8. — Charleston, Mo. 10th la. Union 8 killed, Ki wounded.

Dry Forks, Cheat River, W. Va. One Co. of 2d W. Va Cav. Union 6 wounded.

Confed killed.

^Silver Creek, Mo., also called Sugar Creek, and Roan's Tan Yard. Detachments

of 1st and 2d Mo. , 4th Ohio, 1st la. Cav. Union 5 killed, 6 wounded. Confed. 80

9. — Columbus, Mo. 7th Kan. Cav. Union 5 killed.
10.— Middle Creek and Prestonburg, Ky. 40th and 42d Ohio, 14th and 22d Ky. Union

2 killed, 25 woimded. Confed. 40 killed.

19 and 20 — Mills Springs, Ky., also called Logan's Cross Roads, Fishing Creek, Som-
erset and Beach Grove. 9th Ohio. 2(1 Minn., 4th Kj'., lOth Ind., 1st Ky. Cav. Union
:>8 killed, 194 woimded. Confed. 190 killed, 100 wounded. Confed. General F. K.
ZoUikoff er killed.

22.— -Knob Noster, Mo. 2d Mo. Cav. Union 1 killed.

29. — Occoquan Bridge, Va. Detachments of 37th N. Y. and 1st N. J. Cav. Union 1
killed, 4 wounded. Confed. 10 killed.

FEB. 1. — Bowling Green, Ky. One Co. of 2d Ind. Cav. Confed. 3 killed, 2 wounded.
2. — Morgan, Tenn.

6. — Fort Henry, Tenn. U. S. Gunboats Essex, Carondolet, St. Louis, Cincinnati,
Conestoga, Tyler and Lexington. Union 40 wounded. Confed. 5 killed, 1 1
8. — Linn Creek, Va. Detachment of Sth W. Va. Union 1 killed, 1 woimded. Confed.
8 killed, 7 wounded.

—Roanoke Island. N. C. 21st, 23d, 24th, 2.5th and 27th Mass., 10 Ct., 9th, .51st and
.53d N. Y., 9th N. J., 51 Pa., 4th and Sth R. I., U. S. Gunboats Southfield, Delaware,
Star and Stripes, Louisiana, Hetzel, Commodore Perry, Underwriter, Valley City,
Commodore Barney, Hunchback, Ceres, Putnam, Moree, Lockwood, J. N. Seymour,
Granite, Brinker, Whitehead, Shawseen, Picket, Poineer, Hussar, Vidette, Chas-
seur. Union 35 killed, 200 wounded. Confed. 10 killed, 39 wounded, 2,527 taken

10. — Elizabeth City, or Cobb's Point, N. C. U. S. Gunboats Delaware,' Underwriter,
Louisiana, Seymour, Hetzel, Shawseen, Valley City, Putnam, Commodore Perry,
Ceres, Morse. Whitehead and Bi-inker. Union 3 killed.

13.— Blooming Gap, Va. 8th Ohio, Tth W. V. , 1st W. Va. Cav. Union 2 kiUed, 5
wounded. Confed. 13 killed.

14.— Flat Lick Fords, Ky. 49th Ind., fith Ky Cav Confed. 4 kUled, 4 wounded.
— Marshfield, Mo. 6th Mo. and 3d 111. Cav.

14, 15and 10.- FortDonnelson, Tenn. 17th and 2.5th Ky.. 11th, 2.5th, 31st and 44th
Ind., 2d, 7th, 12th ami 14th la., 1st Neb., .5Sth and 76th 'Ohio, 8th and 13th Mo., Sth
Wis., 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 20th. 2Sth, 29th, 30th, 31st, 41st, 4.5th, 46th, 48th,
49th, 57th and 58th 111., Batteries B and D 1st 111. Artil., D and E 2d 111. Artil., four

Go's m. Cav., Birge's Sharpshoots and six gunboats. Union 446 killed, 1,735

wounded, 150 missing. Confed. 231 killed, 1,007 wounded, 13,839 prisoners. Union

Major-General John A. Logan wounded.
15. — Bowling G-reen, Ky. Occupied by General D. C. Buell's Army.
17.— Sugar Creek, or Pea Ridge, Mo. 1st and 0th Mo., 3d 111. Cav. Union 5 killed,

9 wounded.
18. — Independence Mo. 2d Ohio Cav. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded. Confed. 4 killed,

5 wounded.
21.— Fort Craig, or Valverde, N. Mex. 1st W. Mex. Cav., 2d Col. Cav., Detachments

of 1st, 2d and 5th N. Mex. and of 5th, 7th and 10th U. S. Infanti y, HaU's and Mc-

Rae's Batteries. Union 62 killed, 140 wounded. Confed. 150 wounded.
iM. — Mason's Xeck, Occoquan, Va. 37th N. Y. Union 2 killed, 1 wounded.
26.— Keytesville, Mo. 6th Mo, Cav. Union 3 killed, 1 wounded. Confed. 1 killed.

MAR. 1.— Sykestown, Mo. 7th El. Cav. and 10th 111. Infantry.

2. — Pittsburg Lauding, Tenn. 32d lU. and U. S. Gunboats Lexington and Tyler.

Union 5 killed, 5 wounded. Confed. 20 killed, 200 wounded.
3.— New Madi-id, Mo. 5tli la., 59th Ind., 39th and 63d Ohio, 2d Mich. Cav., 7th 111.

Cav. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded.
5. — Occoquan, Va. Detachment of 63d Pa. Union 2 killed, 2 wounded.
6, 7 and 8. — Pea Ridge, Ark., including engagements at BentonvUle, Leetown and

Elkhorn Tavern. 25th, 35th, 36th, o7th, 44th and 59th 111., 2d, 3d, 12th, 15th, 17th

24th and Phelps Mo., 8th, 18th and 22d Ind., 4th and 9th la., 3d la. Cav., 3d and

1.5th 111. Cav., 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th Mo. Cav., Batteries B and P 2d Mo. Liglit

Artil., 2d Ohio Battery, 1st Ind. Battery, Battery A 2d 111. Artil. Union 203 killed,

972 wounded, 174 missing. Confed. 1,100 killed, 2,.500 wounded, 1,600 missing

and captured. Union Brigadier- General Asboth and Acting Brigadier-General

Carr wounded. Confed. Brigadier-General B. McCuiloch and Acting Brigadier-
General James Mcintosh killed.
7. — Fox Creek, Mo. 4th Mo. Cav. Union 5 wounded.
8.— Near Nashville, Tenn. 1st Wis., 4th Ohio Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded.

Conted. 4 killed.

— Mississippi City, Miss. 26th Mass. ,

9. — Mountam Grove, Mo. 10th Mo. Cav. Union 10 killed, 2 wounded.

— Hampton Roads, Va. 20th Ind., 7th and 11th N. Y., U. S. Gunboats Monitor,

Minnesota, Congress and Cumberland. Union 261 killed, 108 wounded. Confed. 7

killed, 17 wounded.
10.— Burke's Station, Va. One Co. 1st N. Y. Cav. Union 1 killed. Confed. 3 killed,

5 wounded.

— Jacksboro', Big Creek Gap, Tenn. 2d Tenn. Union 2 wounded. Confed. 2

killed, 4 wounded.
11. — Paris, Tenn. Detachments of 5th la. and 1st Neb. Cav., Battery K 1st Mo. Artil.

Union 5 killed, 5 wounded. Confed. 10 wounded.
12. — Lexington, Mo. 1st la. Cav. Union 1 killed, 1 wounded. Confed. 9 killed 3


— Near Lebanon, Mo. Confed. 13 killed, 5 wounded.
13.— Nev*' Madrid, Mo. 10th and 16th 111., 27th, 39th, 43d and 63d Ohio, 3d Mich. Cav.,

1st U. S. Infantry, Bissell's Mo. Engineers. Union 50 wounded. Confed. 100

14.— Newberne, N. C. 51st N. Y., Sth, 10th and 11th Ct., 21st, 23d, 24th, 2.5th and 27th

Mass., 9th N. J., 51st Pa., 4th and 5th R. I. Union 91 killed, 466 wounded. Confed.

64 kiUled, 106 wounded, 413 captured.

— Pound Gap, or Sounding Gap, Tenn. Detachments of 22d Ky. , 40th and 42d

Ohio, and 1st Ohio Cav.
16. — Black Jack Forest, Tenn. Detachments of 4th 111. and Sth Ohio Cav. Union 4


— Acquia Creek Batteries, Va. U. S. Gunboats Yankee and Anacostra.
18. — Salem, or Spring River, Ark. Detachments of 6th Mo. and 3d la. Cav. Union 5

killed, 10 wounded. Conied. 100 killed, wounded and missing.
21. — Mosquito Inlet, Fla. U. S. Gunboats Penguin and Hemy Andrew. Union S

killed, 8 wounded.

22. — Independence, or Little Santa Fe, Mo. 2d Kan. Union 1 kUled, 2 wounded
Confed. 7 killed.

23. — Carthage, Mo. 6th Kan. Cav. Union 1 wounded.

— vr- — "



wounded, 24 missing. Confed. 80 killed, 342 wounded, 269 prisoners.
36.— Warrensburg, or Briar, Mo. Sixty men of 7tb Mo, Militia Cav. Union 7 killed,

22 wounded. Confed. 9 killed, 17 woimded.

MAR. 26 — Hummonsville, Mo. Co. B 8th Mo. Militia Cav. Union 5 womided. Conf ed. 15
26, 27 and 28.— Apache Canon or Glorietta, near Santa Fe, N. Mex. 1st and 2d Col.
Cav. Union '62 killed, 7.5 wounded, ob missing. Confed. 06 killed, 60 wounded, 93
27. — Strasburg, Va. Portion of Greneral Banks' command.
28. — Warrensburg, INIo. Ist 111. Cav. Union 3 killed, 1 wounded. Confed. 1.5 killed.

— Middleburg, Va. 28 Pa.
30.— Union City, Temi. 2d 111. Cav.

APRIL 2. —Putnam's Ferry, near Doniphan, Mo. 21st and .38th 111., .5th III. Cav., 16th Ohio
Battery and Colonel CarUn's Brigade. Confed. 3 killed.
— Thoroughfare Gap, Va. 2Sth Pa.
4. — Great Bethel, Va. Advance of 3d Corps Army of Potomac. Union 4 killed, 10

— Crump's Landing, or AdamsviUe, Tenn. 48th, 70th and 72(1 Ohio, 5th Ohio Cav.
Union 2 wounded. Confed. 20 wounded.
— Pass Christian, Miss. 9th Ct. and (ith Mass. Artil.

5 to May 3. — Seige of Yorktown, 2d, 3d and 4th Corps Army of Potomac.

6 and 7. — Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing, Tenn. Army of Western Tennessee, com-
manded by Major-Geueral U. S. Grant, as follows : Lst Div., Major-General J. A.
McClernand; 2d Div., Major-General C. F. Smith; .3d Div., Brigadier-General Lew
Wallace; 4th Div., Brigailier-General S. A. Hurlburt ; 5th Div., Brigadier-General
W. T. Sherman; 6th Div. , Brigadier-General B. M. Prentiss. Army of the Ohio
commanded by Major-General D. C. Buell, as follows : 2d Div. , Brigadier-General
A. M. D. Cook ; 4th Div., Brigadier-General W. Nelson ; 5th Div., Brigadier-Gen-
eral T. L. Crittenden, 21st Brigade of the 6th Div., Gunboats Tyler and Lexington.
Union 1,735 killed, 7,882 wounded, 3, '.•.)() captured. Confed. 1,728 killed, 8,012
wounded, 059 cajjtured. Union Brigadier-Generals W. T. Sherman and W. H. L.
Wallace woimded, and B. M. Prentiss captured. Confed. I\Iajor- General A. S.
Johnson, commander-in-chief, and Brigadier-General A. H. Gladden killed; Major-
General W. S. Cheatham and Brigadier-Generals C. Clark, B. R. Johnson and J. S.
Bowen wounded.

8. — Island No. 10, Tenn. Major-General Pope's command, and the Navy under Flag-
officer Foote. Confed. 17 killed, 3,000 prisoners.

— Near Corinth, Miss. 3d Brigade 5th Div. Army of Western Tenn. and 4th HI.
Cav. Confed. 15 killed, 25 wounded, 200 captm-ed.
9. — Owen's River, Cal. 2d Cal. Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded.
10.— Fort Pulaski, Ga. 6th and 7th Ct., 3d R. I., 46th and 48tli N. Y., 8th Maine, l.5th
U. S. Infantry, crew of U. S. S. Wabash. Union 1 killed. Confed. 4 wounded,
360 prisoners.
11. — Huntsville, Ala. Army of the Ohio, 3d Div. Confed. 200 prisoners.

— Yorktown, Va. 12th N. Y., 57th and 63d Pa. Union 2 killed, 8 wounded.
12.— Little Blue River, Mo. Confed. 5 killed.

— Monterey, Va. 75th Ohio, 1st W. Va. Cav. Union 3 wounded.
14. — Pollocksville, N. C. Confed. 7 wounded.

— Diamond Grove, Mo. 6th Kru. Cav. Union 1 wounded.
— Walkerville, Mo. 2(1 Mo. Militia Cav. Union 2 killled, 3 wounded.
— Montavallo, Mo. Two Co's 1st la. Cav. Union 2 killed, 6 woimded. Confed. 2
killed, 10 wounded.

— Fort Pillow, Tenn. Bombarded by U. S. Navy.
15. — Pechacho Pass, Ariz. 1st Cal. Cav. Union 3 killed, 3 wounded.

— Peralto, N. Mex.
16. — Savannah, Term. Confed. 5 killed, 65 wounded.

— White Marsh, or Wilmington Island, Ga. 8th Mich. Battery of R. I. Light
Artil. Union 10 killed, 35 wounded. Confed. 5 killed, 7 wounded.
Lee's Mills, Va. 3d, 4th and (ith Vt., Sd N. Y. Battery and Battery of 5th U. S.
Artil. Union 35 kUled, 129 woundeci. Confed. 20 killed, 75 wounded, 50 captured.
17. — Holly River, W. Va. Union 3 wounded, Confed. 2 killed.

18. — Falmouth, Va. 2d N. Y. Cav. Union 5 killed, 16 wounded. Confed. 19 cap-

— Edisto Island, S. C. 5.5th Pa., 3d N. H., U. S. S. Crusader. Union 3 wounded.
18 to 28. — Forts Jackson and St. Philip, and the capture of New Orleans, I^a. Com-
modore Farragut's fleet of war vessels and mortar boats, under Coiriniander D. D.
Porter. L nion 36 killed, 193 wounded. Confed. 185 killed, 197 wounded, 400 cap-
19.— Talbot's Ferry, Ark. 4th la. Cav. Union 1 killed. Confed. 3 killed.

—Camden, N. C, also called South Mills. 9th and .S9th N. Y., 21st Mass.. 51st Pa.,
6th N. H. Union 12 killed, 98 wounded. Confed. 6 killed, 19 wounded.
23. — Grass Lick, W. Va. 3d Md., Potomac Home Brigade. Union 3 killed.

APRIL 25. —Fort Mafon, N. C. IT. S. Gunboats Daylight, Georgia, Chippewa, the bark

Genisbdk and (xRneral Parkes' Division. Uniou 1 killed, 11 wounded. Confed. 7

killed, 18 woundeil, 450 captured.
26.— Turnback Creek, Mo. 5th Kan. Cav. Union 1 killed.

— Neosha, Mo. 1st Mo. Cav. Union 3 killed, 8 wounded. Confed. 30 wounded, 62


— In front of Yorktown, Va. Three Co's 1st Mass. Union 3 lulled, 16 wounded.

— Lick Creek, Miss. Troops under General A. J. Smith.

— Redoubt before Yorktown. Three Co's 1st Mass.
27.— Hortor.'s Mills, N. C. 103d N. Y. Union 1 killed, 6 wounded. Confed. 3

28. — Paint Rock Railroad Bridge. Twenty-two men of 10th Wis. Union 7 wounded.

— Cumberland Mountain, Tenn. 16th and 42d Ohio, 22d Ky.

— Montery, Tenn. 2d la. Cav. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded. Confed. 5 killed.
29.— Bridgport, Ala. 3d Div. Army of the Ohio. Confed. 72 killed and wounded, 350

30.— Siege of Corinth. Major-General H. W. HaUeck's Army.

MAY 1.— Clarke's Hollow, W. Va. Co. C 23d Ohio. Union 1 killed, 21 wounded.

3.— Farmington, Miss. 10th. 16th, 22d, 27th, 42d and 51st 111., 10th and 16th Mich.,
Yates' (111.) Sharpshooters, 2d Mich Cav., Battery C 1st 111. Artil. Union 2 kiUed,
12 wounded. Confed. 30 killed.
4. — Licking, Mo. 24th Mo. , 5th Mo. Militia Cav. Union 1 kiUed, 2 wounded.

• — Cheese Cake Church, Va. od Pa., 1st and 6th U. S. Cav.
5. — Lebanon, Tenn. 1st, 4th and .5th Ky. Cav., Detachment of 7th Pa. Union 6
killed, 25 wonnded. Confed. 66 prisoners.

— Lockringe Mills, or Dresden, Ky. 5th la. Cav. Union 4 kiUed, 16 wounded, 68

— Williamsburg, Va. 3d and 4th Corps, Army of the Potomac. Union 4.56 killed,
1,400 wounded, 372 missing. Confed. 1,000 killed, wounded and captured.
7.— West Point or Eltham's Landing, Va. 16th, 31st and 32d N. Y., 05th and 96th
Pa., 5th Maine, 1st Mass. Artil., Battery D 2d U. S. Artil. Union 49 killed, 104
wounded, 41 missing.

- — Somerville Heights, Va. 13th Ind. Union 2 killed, 7 wounded, 24 missing.
8.— McDowell, or Bull Pasture, Va. 2.5th, .32d, 7.5th and S2d Oliio, 3d W. Va., 1st W.
Va. Cav., 1st Ct. Cav., 1st Ind. Battery. Union 28 killed, 225 wounded. Confed.
100 killed, 200 wounded.

— Glendale, near Corinth, Miss. 7th HI. Cav. Union 1 killed, 4 wounded. Con-
fed. 30 killed and wounded.

9. — Elkton Station, near Athens, Ala. Co. E. 37th Ind. Union 5 killed,' 43 captured.
Confed. 13 kUled.

— Slatersville, or New Kent C. H., Va. 98th Pa., 2d R. I., 6th U. S. Cav. Union
4 killed, 3 wounded. Confed. 10 killed, 14 wounded.
— Farmington, Miss. Two Brigades Army of Mississippi.
10. — Fort Pillow, Tenn. U. S. Gunboats Cincinnati and Mound City. Union 3
wounded. Confed. 2 killed, 1 wounded.

—Norfolk, Va. 10th, 20th and 99th N. Y., 1st Del., 58 Pa., 20 Ind., 16th Mass.,
Battery D 4th U. S. Artil. and first N. Y. Mounted Rifles.
11. Blooaifleld, Mo. 1st Wis. Cav. Confed. 1 killed.

13. — Montery, Tenn. Part of Brigadier- General M. L. Smith's Brigade. Union 2
wounded. Confed. 3 killed, 3 wounded.

— Reedy Creek, W. Va. Brigadier- General B. F. Kelley's command.
— Rodgersville. Ala, 1st Wis., 3Sth Ind and Starkweather's Cav.
14.— Trenton Bridge, N. C. 17th, 25th and 27th Mass., Battery B 3d N. Y. Artil. and

two rroops 3d N. Y. Cav.
15. — Linden, Va. One Co. of 28th Pa. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded, 14 missing.

— Darling, James Rives, Va. U. S. Gunboats Galena, Port Royal, Naugatuck,
Monitor and Aristook. Union 12 killed, 14 wounded. Confed. 7 killed, 8 wounded.
— Chalk Bluff's, Mo. 1st Wis. Cav. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded.
— Butler, Bates Co., Mo. 1st la. Cav. Uniou 3 killed, 1 wounded.
15, 16 and 18.— Princeton, W. Va. General J. D. Cox's Division. Union 30 kiUed, 70

wounded. Confed. 2 killed, 14 wounded.
17. — Russell's house, in front of Corinth, Miss. Brigadier- General L. M. Smith's

Brigade. Union 10 killed, 31 wounded. Confed. 12 killed.
19. — Searcy Landing, Ark. Detachments of 3d and 17th 51o. and 4th Mo. Cav., Bat-
tery B. 1st Mo. Light Aa-til. Union 18 kUled, 27 wounded.. Confed. 150 killed,
wounded and missing.

— Clinton, N. C. Union 5 wounded. Confed. 9 killed.
21. — Phillip's Creek, Miss 2d Div. Army of Tennessee. Unioi i 3 wounded.
22. — Florida, Mo. Detachment 3d la. Cav. Union 2 woanded.

—Near New Berne, N. C. Co. I 17th Mass. Union 3 kille4, 8 wounded.

MAY 23.— Lewisburg, Va. 36th and 44th Ohio, 2d W. Va. Cav. Union 14 killed. 16
wounded. Confed. 40 killed, 66 wounded, 100 captured.

— Front Royal, Va. 1st Md. , Detachments of 20th Pa. , Captain Mape's Poineers,
5th N. Y. Cav. and. Ist Pa. Artil. Union 32 killed, 122 wounded, 7.50 missing.
— Buckton Station, Va. 3d Wis. , 2Tth Ind. Union 2 killed, 6 wounded. Confed.
12 killed.

—Ft. Craig, N. Mex. 3d IT. S. Cav. Union 3 wounded.
24. —New Bridge, Va. 4th Mich. Union 1 killed, 10 wounded. Confed. 60 killed and
wounded, 27 captured.

— Chickahominy, Va. Davidson's Brigade of 4th Corps. Union 2 killed, 4

— Middleton, Va. 46th Pa., 28th N. Y., 1st Maine and Va. Cav. Battery, N. Y.

—Newtown, Va. 28th N. Y., 2d Mass., 29th Pa., 27th Ind. and 3d Wis., 2 Batter-
ies Artil.

— New Bridge, Va. 4th Mich.

— Chickahominy. Va. Davidson's Brigade, 4th Corps.
25.— Winchester, Va. 2d Mass. , 29th and 46th Pa. , 27th Ind. , 3d Wis. , 28th N. Y. , 5th
Ct., Battery M 1st N. Y. Artil., 1st Vt. Cav., 1st Mich. Cav., 5th N. Y. Cav. Union
38 killed, loo wounded, 711 missing.
27.— Hanover C. H., Va. 12th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 2.'5th and 44th N. Y., 62d and 83d Pa.,
16th Mich., 9th and 22d Mass., 5th Mass. Artil., 2d Maine Artil., Battery F. 5th U. S.
Artil. , 1st U. S. Sharpshooters. Union 53 killed, '344 wounded. Confed. 200 killed
and wounded, 730 prisoners.

— Big Indian Creek, near Searcy Landing, Ark. , 1st Mo. Cav. Union 3 wounded.

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