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Souvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year online

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Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 23 of 29)
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Confed. 5 killed, 25 wounded.

— Osceola, Mo. 1st la. Cav. Union 3 kiUed, 2 woimded.
28. — WardensvUle, Va. 3d Md. , Potomac Home Brigade, 3d Ind. Cav. Confed. 2
killed, 3 wounded.

— Charlestown and Harper's Ferry. Brigadier-General R. Saxton's Command.
—Cache River Bridge, Ark. 9th lU. Cav.
28 and 29.— Sylamore, Ark. 10th Mo. and 3d la. Cav.
29.— Pocataligo, S. C. 50th Pa., 79tti N. Y., 8th Mich., 1st Mass. Cav. Union 2 killed,

9 wounded.
30.— Booneville, Miss. 2d la. Cav., 2d Mich. Cav. Confed. 2,000 prisoners.

— Front Royal, Va. 1st R. I. Cav. Union 5 killed, 8 wounded. Confed. 156 cap-
31._Neosha, Mo, 10th 111. Cav., 14th Mo. Cav. (Militia). Union 2 killed, 3 wounded.
— Near Washington, N. C. 3d N. Y. Cav. Union 1 wounded. Confed. 3 kiUed, 2
31 and June 1. — Seven Piaes and Fair Oaks, Va. 2d Corps, 3d Corps and 4th Corps
Army of the Potomac. Union 890 killed, 3,627 wounded, 1,222 missing. Confed.
2,800 killed, 3 897 wounded, 1,300 missing. Union Brigadier-Generals O. O. Howard,
Naglee and Wessells wounded. Confed. Brigadier-General Hatton killed, General
J. E. Johnson and Brigadier-General Rhodes wounded. Brigadier- General Petti-
grew captured.

JUNE 1 and 2.— Strasburg and Staunton Road, Va. 8th W. Va., 60th Ohio, IstN. J. Cav.,
1st Pa. Cav. Union 2 wounded.

— Legare's Point, S. C. 28th Mass. , 100th Pa. Union 5 wounded.
4. — Jasper, Sweden's Cove, Tenn. 79th Pa., .5th Ky. Cav., 7th Pa. Cav., 1st Ohio
Battery. Union 2 killed, 7 wounded. Confed 20 killed, 20 wounded.
— Blackland, Miss. 2d la. Cav^ 2d Mich. Cav. Union 5 killed.
— Fort Pillow or Fort Wright, Tenn. Mississippi Flotilla.
5.— Tranter's Creek, N. C. 24th Mass., Co. I 3d N. Y. Cav., Marine Artil. Union 7
killed, 11 wounded.

6.— Memphis, Tenn. U. S. Gunboats Benton, Louisville. Carondelet, Cairo and
St. Louis, and Rams Monai'ch and Queen of the West. Confed. 80 killed and
wounded, 100 captured.

— Harrisonburg, Va. 1st N. J. Cav., 1st Pa. Rifles, 60th Ohio, 8th W. Va. Union 63
missing. Confed. 17 killed, 50 wounded. Confed. General Ashby killed.
8.— Cross Keys, or Union Church, Va. 8th, 39th, 41st, 45th, 54th and 58th N. Y., 2d.
3d, 5th and "Sth W. Va., 25th, 32d, 5.5th, 60th. 72d, 7oth and 82d Ohio, 1st and 27th
Pa., 1st Ohio Battery. Union 125 killed, 500 wounded. Confed. 42 kiUed, 230
wounded. Confed. Brigadier- Generals Stewart and Elzey wounded.
9.— Port RepubUc, Va. 5th, 7th, 29th and 66th Ohio, 84th and 110th Pa., 7th Ind.,
1st W. Va. , Batteries E 4th U. S. and A and L 1st Ohio Artil. Union 67 killed, 361
wounded, 574 missing. Confed. 88 killed, 535 wounded, 34 missing.
—Baldwin, Miss. 2d la. and 2d Mich. Cav.
10.— James Island, S. C. Union 3 killed, 13 wounded. Confed, 17 killed, 80

JUNE ll^Montery, Owen Co.,Ey. Captain Blood's Mounted Provost Guards 13th Ind
Battery. Union 2 killed. Confed. 100 captured. ' » '

12.— Waddell's Farm, near Village Creek, Ark. Detachment of 9th 111. Cav Union 12
wounded. Confed. 28 killed and wounded.

13.— Old Church, Va. 5th U. S. Cav. Confed 1 killed.

—James Island, S. C. Union 3 killed, 19 wounded. Confed. 19 killed 6 wounded

14.— Tunstall Station, Va. Union 4 killed, 8 wounded. Bushwhackers Are into rail-
way train.

16.— SecessionviUe, or Fort Johnson, James Island, S. C. 46th, 47th and 79th N

17.— St. Charles, White River, Ark. 43d and 46tb Ind., U. S. Gunboats Lexington

Mound City, Conestoga and St. Louis. Union 105 killed, 30 wounded. Confed 15.^

killed, wounded and captured.

— VTarrensburg, Mo. 7th Mo. Cav. (Militia). Union 2 kiUed, 2 wounded.
— Smithville, Ark. Union 2 killed, 4 wounded. Confed. 4 wounded, 15 prisoners
18. — WiUiamsburg Road, Va. 16th Mass. Union 7 killed, 57 wounded'. Confed. .5

killed, 9 wounded.

— Cumberland Gap, Va., occupied by General George Morgan.
21.— Battle Creek, Tenn. 2d and 3od Ohio, 10th Wis., 24th 111., 4th Ohio Cav. 4th

Ky. Cav. and Edgarton's Batter}-. Union 4 killi d, 3 wounded. '

22.— Raceland, near Algiei's, La. 8th Va. Union 3 killed, 8 wounded.
23. — Raytown, Mo. 7th Mo. Cav. Union 1 killed, 1 wounded.
25.— Oak Grove, Va., also called King School Hou-se and The Orchards. Hooker's

and Kearney's Division of the Third Corps, Palmer's Brigade of the Fourth Corps

and part of Richardson's Division of the Second Corps. Union 51 killed, 401

wounded, 64 missing. Confed. 65 killed, 465 wounded, 11 missing.

— Germantown, Tenn. 66th Ohio. Union 10 killed.

— Little Red River, Ark. 4th la. Cav. Union 2 wounded.
26 to 29.— Vicksburg, Miss. U. S. Fleet, under command of Commodore Farragut.

No casualties recorded.
26 to July 1. — The Seven Days' Retreat. Array of the Potomac, Major-General

George B. McCTellan commanding, including engagements known as Mechanics-

viUe or Ellison's Mills on the 26th, Gaines' Mills or Cold Harbor and Chickahominy

_ -aly ...

Union — First Corps, Brigadier-General McCall's Div., 253 killed, 1,240 wounded
1,.581 missing ; Second Corps, Major-General E. V. Sumner, 187 killed, 1 076
wounded, 848 missing ; Thii-d Corps, Major-General Heintzleman, 189 killed', 1,'05]
wounded, 833 missing ; Fourth Corps, Major-General E. D. Keyes, 69 killed, '507
wounded, 201 missing ; Fifth Corps, Major-General Fitz John Porter, 620 killed.

r,709 wounded, 5,958 missing. (Major-General Sumner and Brigadier-Generals Mead,'
Brook and Burns, wounded.) '"' — ^-^ ^t^,-, , tt . ^.

wounded, 360 missing;

SO missing; Major-Gen( _

Major-General Hill's Div., 619 killed, 3,251 wounded; Major-General Jackson's Div! '
966 killed, 4,417 wounded, 63 missing; Major-General Holmes' Div., 2 killed, 55^
wounded; Major-General Stuart's Cav., 15 killed, 30 wounded, 60 missing ; Artil-
lery, Brigadier-General Pendleton, 10 killed, 34 wounded ; Total 2,820 killed, 14,-
011 wounded. 752 missing. Brigadier-Generals Griffith, killed, and Anderson,
Featherstone and Pender, wounded.

27. — Williams Bridge, Amite River, La. 21st Ind. Union 2 killed, 4 woimded Con-
fed. 4 killed.

—Village Creek, Ark. 9th 111. Cav. Union 2 killed, 30 wounded.
— Waddell's Farm, Ai-k. Detachment 3d la. Cav. Union 4 killed, 4 wounded.

29. — WiUis Church, Va. Cav. advance of Casey's Div., Fourth Corps. Confed. 2
killed, 15 wounded, 46 captured.

30. — Luray, Va. Detachment of Cavalry of Brigadier-General Crawford's Command.
Union 1 killed, 3 wounded.

JULYl. — Booneville, Miss. 2d la. Cav., 2 Mich. Cav. Union 45 killed and wounded. Con-
fed. 17 killed, 65 wounded.

— Morning Sun> Tenn. 57th Ohio. Union 4 woimded. Confed. 11 killed, 26
— Russelville, Tenn. 1st Ohio Cav., 2d Milford, Va., 1st Maine Cav,

JULY 3.— Haxals or Elvington Heights, Va. 14th Ind., Tth W. Va., 4th and 8th Ohid.
Union 8 killed, o2 wounded. Coufed. 100 killed and wounded.
4. — Grand Haze, Ark. loth lU. Cav.
5. — Springville, Va. 1st Maine Cav.
6. — Grand Prairie, near Abei deeu, Ark. 24th Ind. Union 1 killed, 31 wounded.

Confed. 84 killed and wounded.
7. — Bayou Cache, also called Cotton.Plant, Round Hill, Hill's Plantation and Bayou
de View. 11th Wis., 32d 111., 8th Ind., 1st Mo. Light Artil., 1st Ind. Cav., 5th and
i;Jth 111. Cav. Union 7 killed, 57 wounded. Confed. 110 killed, 200 wounded.
8. — Black River, Mo. 5th Kan. Cav. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded.

— Lot PpHch Farm, Mo. One Co. 1st la. Cav.
9. — Hainiiton, N. C. 9th N. Y., and Gunboats Perry, Ceres and Shawseen. L'nion
1 killed, 20 wounded.

— Aberdeen, Aik. 24th, 34th, 43d and 4()th Ind. Casualties not recorded.
— Tompkinsville, Ky. 3d Pa. Cav. Union 4 killed, (a wounded. Confed. 10 killed
and wounded.
10.— Scatterville, Ark. 1st TVis. Cav.
11. — Williamsburg, Va. Confed. 3 killed.

—Pleasant Hill^ Mo. 1st la. Cav., Mo. Militia. Union 10 killed, 19 wounded. Con-
fed. killed, 5 wounded.
—New Hope, Ky. 33d Ohio.
12. — Lebanon, Ky. 28th Ky., Lebanon Home Guards (Morgan's Raid). Union 2
killed, t)5 prisoners.

—Near Culpeper, Va. 1st Md., 1st Vt., 1st W. Va., 5th N. Y. Cav. Confed. 1
killed, 5 wounded.
13.— Murfreesboro', Tenn. 9th Mich., 3d Minn., 4th Ky. Cav.; 7th Pa. Cav., 1st Ky.
Battery. Union 33 killed, G2 wounded, 800 missing. Confed. 50 killed, 100

— Fairfax, Va. 1st Md. Cav.
14. — Ratesville, Ark. 4th la. Cav. Union 1 killed, 4 wounded.

15. — Attempt to destroy 4th Wis. , Gunboats Carondolet, Oueen of 'the West, Tyler
and Essex. Union 13 killed, 30 wounded. Confed. 5 killed, 9 wounded.
— Apache Pass, Ariz. 2d Cal. Cav. Union 1 wounded.

— Fayetteville, Ark. Detachment of Cavalry, undor command of Major W. H.
Miller. Confed. l.iO captured.

— Near Decatur, Tenn. Detachment of 1st Ohio Cavalry. Union 4 wounded.
17. — Cynthiana, Ky. ISth Ky., 7th Ky. Cav., Gynthiana, Newport, Cincinnati and
Bracken Co. Home Guards (Morgan's Raid). Union 17 killed, 34 wounded. Con-
ted. 8 killed, 29 wounded.
18.— Memphis, Mo. 2d Mo. Cav., 9th and 11th Mo. State Militia. Union 13 killed,

35 wounded. Confed. 23 killed.
20 to September 20. — Guerilla Campaign in Missouri. General Schofield's Command.
Union 77 killed, 15() wounded, 347 missing. Confed. 500 killed, 1,800 wounded, 500
20.— Turkey Island Bridge, Va. 8th Pa, Cav.

— Pittman's Feriy. Ark. 13th lU. Cav.
21.— Nashville, Tenn. 2d Ky.

23. — Florida, Mo. Two Co's 3d la. Cav. Union 23 wounded. Confed. 3 killed.
— Columbus, Mo. 7th Mo. Cav. Union 2 wounded.
— North Anna River, Va. 2d N. Y. and 3d Ind. Cav.
21.— Trinity, Ala. Co. E. 31st Ohio. Union 2 killed, 11 wounded. Confed. 13 killed,
30 wounded.

— Bott's Farm, near Florida, Mo. 3d la. Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded. "Confed.
1 killed, 13 wounded.

24 and 25. — Santa Fe, Mo. 3d la. Cav. Union 3 killed, 13 wounded.

25.— Courtland Bridge, Ala. Two Co's 10th Ky., two Co's 1st Ohio Cav. Union 100
— Orange C. H. , Va. General Gibson's i-econnaisance.

25 and 36. — Mountain Stoi-e and Big Piney, Mo. Three Co's 3d Mo. Cav., Battery L
2d Mo. Artil. Confed. 5 killed.

2G.— Young's Cross Roads, N. C. 9th N. J., 3d N. Y. Cav. Union 7 wounded. Con-
fed. 4 killed, 18 wounded.
— Patten, Mo. Mo. MiHtia.

— Greenville, Mo. 3d and 12th Mo. Militia Cav. Union 2 killed, 5 wounded.
27. — Brownisprings, Mo. 3d la. Cav.

28. — Bayou Barnard, Ind. Ter. 1st, 3d and 3d Kan. Indian Home Guards, 1st Kan.
Battery. No casualties recorded.

— Moore's Mills, Mo. 9th Mo., 3d la. Cav., 2d Mo. Cav., 3d Ind. Battery. Union
19 kUled, 31 wounded. Confed. 30 killed. 100 wounded.
29.- Bollinger's Mills, Mo. Two Co's 13th Mo. Confed. 10 killed.

— RusselviUe, Ky. 7th Ind., Russelville Home Guards. Union 1 wounded.

JULY 2t:).— Mount Sterling, Ky. 18th Ky. and Home Guards.

— Brownsville, Tenn. One Co. 15th 111. Cav. Union 4 killed, 6 wounded. Confed.
4 killed, 6 wounded.
SO.— Paris, Ky. 9th Pa. Cav. Confed. 27 killed, oO wounded. *^

31. — Coggin's Point, opposite Harrison's Landing, Va. U. .S. Gunboat Fleet. LTnion

10 killed, 15 wounded. Confed. 1 killed, 6 wounded.

AUG. 1.— Newark, Mo. Seventy-three men of 11th Mo. State Militia. Union 4 killed, 4

wounded, (iO captured. Confed. 7-] killed and wounded.
2. — Ozark, or Forsythe, Mo. 14th jlo. State Militia. Union 1 wounded. Confed. o

killed, 7 wounded.

—Orange C. H., Va. 5th N. Y. Cav., 1st Vt. Cav. Union 4 killed, 12 wounded.

Confed. 11 killed, .52 captured.

— Clear Creek, or Taberville, Mo. Four Co's 1st la. Cav. Union 5 killed, li

wounded. Confed. 11 killed.

— Coahomo Co., Miss. llLh Wis. Union 5 wounded.

— Austin, Miss. 8th Ind.
S. — Sycamore Church, near Petersburg Va. 3d Pa. Cav., 5th U. S. Cav. Union 2

wounded. Confed. (i wouiicU-d.

— Chariton Bridge, Mo. (Jth Mo. Cav. Union 2 wounded. Confed. 11 kiUed, 14


— Jonesboro', Ark. 1st "Wis. Cav. Union 4 lulled, 2 wounded, 21 missing.
Lannguelle Ferry, Ark. 1st Wis. Cav. Union 17 killed, 88 wounded.
4. — Sparta, Tenn. Detachments of 4th Ky. and 7th Ind Cav. Union 1 killed.

— White Oak Swamp Bridge, Va. 3d Pa. Cav. Confed. 10 wounded, 28 ca])-

5.— Baton Rouge, La. 14th Maine, 0th Mich., 7th Vt., 21st Ind., 30 Mass., 9th Ct.,

4th Wis., 2d, 4th and 6th Mass. Batteries. Union 82 killed, 255 wounded, 34 miss-
ing. Confed. 84 killed, 316 wounded, 78 missing. Union Brigadier-General Thomas

Williams killed.
5. — Malvern Hill, Va. Portion of Hooker's Div., Third Corps, and Richardson's

Div., Second Corps and Cavalry, Army of the Potomac. Union 3 killed, 11

wounded. Confed. 100 Captured.
6. — Moutavallo, or Chm'ch in the Woods, Mo. 3d Wis. Union 1 wounded, 3 miss-
— Beach Creek, W. Va. 4th W. Va. Union 3 killed, 8 wounded. Confed. 1 killed,

11 wounded.

KirksviUe, Mo. Mo. State Militia. Union 28 killed, 60 wounded. Confed. 128
killed, 200 wounded.
— Matapony, or Thornburg, Va. Detachment of King's Division. Union 1 killed,

12 wounded, 72 missing.

—Tazewell, Tenn. 16th and 42d Ohio, 14th and 22d Ky. , 4th Wis. Battery. Union

3 killed, 23 wounded, 50 missing. C^'Ufed. 9 killed, 40 wounded.
7.— Trenton, Tenn. 2d 111. Cav. Confed. 30 killed, 20 wounded.

— Fort Fillmore N. Mex. California troops under General Cauby.
8. — Panther Creek, Mo. 1st Mo. Militia Cav. Union 1 killed, 4 wounded.
9. — Stockton, Mo. Colonel McNeil's command of Mo. State Militia. Confed. 13

killed, 36 missing.

— Cedar Mountain, Va., also called Slaughter Mountain, Southwest Mountain,

Cedar Run and Mitchell's Station. Second Corps, Major-General Banks ; Third

Corps, Major-General McDowell. Army of ' Virginia, under command of Major-
General Pope. Union 450 killed, 660 wounded, 290 missing. Confed. 229 killed,

1,047 wounded,- 31 missing. Union Brigadier-Generals Augur, CarroU and Geary

wounded. Confed. Brigadier-General C. S. Winder killed.
10. — Nueces River, Tex. Texas Loyalists. Union 40 killed. Confed. 8 killed, 14

10 to 13. — Grand River, Lee's Ford, Chariton River, Walnut Creek, Compton Creek,

Switzler's Mills and YeUow Creek, Mo. 9th Mo. Militia. Union 100 killed and

11. — Independence, Mo. 7th Militia Cav. Union 14 killed, 18 wounded, 312 missing.

—Helena, Ark. 2d Wis. Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded.

— Wyoming C. H. , W. Va. Detachment of 37th Ohio. Union 2 killed.

— Kinderhook, Tenn. Detachments of 3d Ky. and 1st Tenn. Cav. Union 3 killed.

Confed. 7 killed.

— Taberville, Ark. 1 Mo. and 3d Wis. Cav.

—Salisbury, Tenn. 11th 111. Cav.

— Williamsport, Tenn. General Negley's command.
12— Galatin, Tenn. 2d Ind., 4th and 5th Ky., 1st Pa. Cav. Union 30 killed, 50

wounded, 200 captured. Confed. <> killed, 18 wounded.
13. — Galatin, Tenn. 13th and 69th Ohio, 11th Mich., di-ove the Confederates froni

the town with slight loss.

AUG. 13 — Clarendou, Ark. Brigadier-General Hovey's Div. of the loth Corps. Confed. 700

15. — Merriweather's Ferry, Term. One Co. 2d 111. Cav. Union 3 killed, (3 ■wounded.
Confed. 20 killed.

16. — Lone Jack, Mo. Mo. Militia Cav. Union 60 killed, 100 wounded. Confed. 110
killed and wounded.

18. — Capture of Rebel cteamer Fairplay, near MiUiken's Bend, La. 58th and 76th
Ohio. Confed. 40 prisoners.
— Redwood, Minn. One Co. of 5th Minn, massacred by Indians.

19.— Clarkville, Tenn. 71st Ohio. Union 200 captured.

—White Oak Ridge, near Hickman, Ky. 2d lU. Cav. Union 2 wounded. Confed.
4 killed.

20. — Brandy Station, Va. Cavalry of Army of Virginia Confed. 3 killed, 12

— Edgefield Junction, Tenn. Detachment of 50th Ind. Confed. S killed, IS

— Union Mills, Mo. 1st Mo. Cav., 13th 111. Cav. Union 4 killed, 3 wounded. Con-
fed. 1 killed.

20 and 22. — Fort Ridgely, Minn. Co's B and C 5th ilinn., and Bienville Rangers.

21. — Pinckney Island, fe" C. Union 3 killed, 3 wounded.
— Kelly sford, Va. Cav. Corps.

22. — Courtland, Tenn. 42d 111. L^nion 2 wounded. Confed. S killed.
—Crab Orchard, Ky. 9th Pa. Cav.

23.— Big Hill, Madison Co., Ky. 3d Tenn., 7th Ky. Cav. Union 10 killed, 40 wounded
and missing. Confed. 25 killed.
— Catlett's Station, Va. Purnell Legion, Md. and 1st Pa.

23 to 2.?. — Skirmishes on the Rappahannock at Waterloo Bridge, Lee Springs, Free-
man's Ford and Sulphur Springs, Va. Army of Virginia, under Majoi - General
Pope. Confed. 27 killed, 94 wounded. Union Brigadier- Genei-al Booieu killed.

24.— DaUas, Mo. 12th Mo. MiUtia Cav. LTnion 2 killed, 1 wounded.

24. — Coon Creek or Lamar, Mo. Union 2 killed, 22 wounded.

25 and 26. — Fort Donelson and Cumberland Iron Works, Tenn. 71st Ohio, 5th la
Cav. Union 31 killed and wounded. Confed. 30 killed and wounded.
— Bloorafield, ilo. 13th 111. Cav. Confed. 20 killed and wounded.

26. — Ilienzi and Kossuth, Miss. 2d la. Cav., 7th Kan. Cav. Union 5 killed, 12

27.— Bull Run Bridge, Va. 11th and 12th Ohio, 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th N. J. Union
Brigadier- General G. W. Taylor mortally wounded.

— Kettle Run, Va. Major-General Hooker's Div. of Third Corps. Union 300 killed
and wounded. Confed. 300 killed and wounded.

28. — Readyville, or Round HiU, Tenn. 10th Brigade Army of Ohio. Union 5

28 and 29. — Groveton and Gainesville, Va. First Corps, Major-General Sigel; Third
Corps, Major-General McDowell, Army of Virginia; Hooker's and Kearney's Divi-
sions of Third Corps and Reynold's Div. of Fir'^t Corps, Army of the Potomac;
Ninth Corps, Major-General Reno. Union 7,000 killed, wounded and mis.sing. Con-
7,000 killed, wounded and missing.

29.— Manchester, Tenn. Two Co's 10th Ohio, •ne Co. 9th Mich. Confed. 100 kiUed
and wounded.

30. — Second Battle of Bull Rim, or Manassas, Va. Same troops as engaged at Grove-
ton and Gainesville on the 28th and 2Uth, with the addition of Porter's Fifth Corps.
Union 800 killed, 4,000 womided, 3,000 missing. Confed. 700 killed, 3,000 wounded.
—Bolivar, Tenn. 20th and TSth Ohio, 2d and 11th 111. Cav., 9th Ind. Artil. Union
54 killed, 18 wounded, 64 missing. Confed. 100 killed and wounded.
— McMinnviUe, or Little Pond, Tenn. 26th Ohio, 17th and 58th Ind., 8th Ind. Bat-
tery. Confed. 1 killed, 20 wounded.

—Richmond, Ky. 12th, 16th, 55th, C6th, 69th and 71st Ind., 95th Ohio, 18th Ky.,
6th and 7th Ky., Cav., Batteries D and G Mich. ArtiL, Union 200 killed, 700
wounded, 4,000 missing. Confed. 250 killed, 500 wounded.

31. — Medon Station, Tenn. 4oth 111., 7th Mo. Union 3 killed, 13 wounded, 43 miss-
— Yates' Ford, Ky. 94th Ohio. Union 3 killed, 10 wounded.

SEPT. 1.— Britton'sLane, Tenn. 20th and SObh 111., 4th 111. Cav., Foster's (Ohio) Cav., Bat-
tery A 2d lU. ArtH. Union 5 killed, 51 wounded, 52 missing. Confed. 179 killed,
100 wounded.

— Chantiily, or Ox Hill, Va. McDowell's Corps, Army of Virginia. Hooker's and
Kearney's Divisions of Third Corps, Army of Potojuac, Reno's Corps. Union 1,300
killed, wounded and missing. Confed. S(l0 killed, wounded and missing. Union
Major-General Kearney and Brigadier-General Stevens killed.
2, — Vienna, Va. 1st Minn. Union 1 killed, 5 wounded,

SEPT. 2.— Plymouth, N. C. Co. P 9th N. Y., and 1st N. C.

3. — Slaughterville, Ky. Foster's (Ohio) Cav. Confed. 3 killed, 3 wounded, 35 cap-
6.— Washington, N. C. 34th Mass., 1st N. C, 3d N. Y. Cav. Union 8 kiUed, 36
wounded. Confed. 30 killed, 100 wounded.
— Beacon Bridge, \' a. 1st N. Y. Cav.
7.— Poolesvile, Md. 3 Ind. and 8th 111. Cav. Union 2 killed, 6 wounded. Confed.
3 killed, 6 wounded.

— Clarkesville or Rickett's Hill, Tenn. 11th lU., 13th Wis.. 71st Ohio, 5th la. Cav.
and two Batteries. No Casualties recorded.
9.— Columbia Tenn. 42d 111. Confed. 18 killed, 45 wounded.
— Des Allemands, La. 21st Ind., 4th Wis. Confed. 13 kiUed.
— Nolanville, Md. 3d Ind. and 8th 111. Cav.
— Williamsburg, Va. 5th Pa. Cav.

10.— Cold water, W. Va. 6th 111. Cav. Confed. 4 killed, 80 wounded.

— Fayetteville, W. Va. 34th and 3Tth Ohio, 4th W. Va. Union 13 killed. 80


—Sugar Loaf Mountain, Md. 6th U. S. Cav.

11.— Cotton Hill, W. Va. 34th and 37th Ohio and 4th W. Va,

11 to 13.— Bloomfield, Mo. Battery E and Mo. Artil., 13th 111., 1st Wis. Cav. and Mo.

12.— Charlestown, W. Va. 34th Ohio and 4th W. Va.

13 to 15.— Harper's Ferry, Va. 39th, 111th, 115th, 135th and 126th N. Y., 12th N. Y,
Militia, 32d, 00th and 87th Ohio, 9th Vt., 65th 111., loth Ind., 1st and 3d Md. Home
Brigade, 8th N. Y. Cav., 12th 111. Cav., 1st Md. Cav., four Batteries of Artil.
Union SO killed, 120 wounded, 11.583 missing and captured. Confed. 500 killed and

14.— Ponehelonta, La. 12th Maine, 26th Mass. and 13th Ct.

— Turner's and Crampton's Gap, South Mountain, Md. First Corps, Major-Gen-
eral Hooker ; SixtU Corps, Major-General Franklin ; Ninth Coi-ps Major-General
Reno. Union 443 killed, 1,806 wounded. Confed. 500 killed, 2,343 wounded, 1,500
captured. Union Major-General Reno killed. Confed. Brigadier- GeneralGarland

14tolG.— Mumfordsville, Ky. 18th U. S. Infantry, 2Sth and 33d Ky., 17th, 50th,
60th, 67th, 68th, 74th, 78th and 89th Ind., Conkle's Battery, 13th Ind. Ai-til. and
Louisville Provost Guard. Union 50 killed, 3,566 captured and missing. Confed.
714 killed and wounded.

15. — Boom^boro', Md. Cav. Army of Potomac.

17. — Durhamville, Tenn. Deta6hment of 52d Ind. Union 1 killed, 10 wounded. Con-
, fed. 8 killed, 10 wounded.

— Goose Creek a:nd Leesburg Road, Va. Reconnaisance Kilpatrick's Cav.
— Antietam, or Sharpsburg, Md. First Corps, Major-General Hooker ; Second
Corps, Major-General Sunmer ; Fifth Corps, Major-General Fitz-John Porter ;
Sixth Corps, Major-General Franklin ; Ninth Corps, Major-General Burnside ;
Twelfth Corps, Major-General Williams; Couch's Div., Fourth Corps; Pleasonton's
Div. of Cavalry. Union 3,010 killed, 9,416 wounded, 1,043 missing. Confed. 3,500
killed, 16,399 wounded, 6,000 missing. Union Brigadier-General Mansfield killed,
Major-Generals Hooker and Richaivlson and Brigadier-Generals Rodman, Weber,
Sedgwick, Hartsuff, Dana and Meagher wounded. Confed. Brigadier-Generals
Branch, Anderson and Starke killed, Major-General Anderson, Brigadier-Generals
Toombs, Lawton, Ripley, Rodes, Gregg, Armistead and Ransom wounded.

19 and 20. — luka. Miss. Stanley's and Hamilton's Divisions, Army of the Mississippi
imder Major-General Rosecrans. Union 144 killed, 598 wounded. Confed. 263
killed, 693 wounded, 561 captured. Confed. Brigadier-Generals Little killed and
Whitfield wounded.

20. — Blackford's Ford, Shepherdstown, Va. Fifth Corps, Griffith's and Barae's
Brigades. Union 93 killed, 131 wounded, 103 missing. Confed. 33 killed, 331
— Williamsport, Md. Couch's Div.

22.— Ashby's Gap, Va. 2d Pa. and 1st W. Va. Cav.

26. — Warrenton Junction, Va. Cavalry under Colonel McLean.

27.— Buffalo, W. Va. 34th Ohio.

28.— Blackwater, Va. 1st N. Y. Mounted Rifles.

30. — Newtonia, Mo. 1st Brigade Army of Kansas, 4th Brigade Mo. Militia Cav.
Union 50 killed, 80 wounded, 150 missing. Confed. 320 killed, 3S0 wounded.

OCT 1.— Floyd's Fork, Ky. 34th 111., 77th Pa., 4th Ind, Cav. No casualties recorded.

— Shepherdstown, Va. 8th lU., 7th Pa., 3d Ind. Cav., Pennington's Battery. Union
13 wounded. Confod. 60 killed.

OCT. 3 and 4. — Corinth, Miss. McKean's, t)avies', Hamilton's and Stanlej-'s Division,
Army of the Miss. Union .n.") killed, l,sl:3 woundeil, 2:'>2 missing. Confed. 1,433

killed, bfiiyz wounded, 2,24S missing. Union Brigadier-Generals Hackleman killed

and Oglesby wounded.

.5. — Metamora, on Big Hatchie River, Hurlbm't's and Ord's Divisions. Union

fjOO killed and wounded. Confed. 400 killed and wounded.

f). — Charleston, Va. 6th U. !S. Cav.

7. — La Vergne, Teim. Palmer's Brigade, Union Skilled, 9 wounded. Confed. SO killed

and wounded, 1T.5 missing.
8. — Perry ville, Ky. First Corps, Army of the Ohio, Major-General McCook, and

Tturd Corps, Brigadier General Gilbeit. Union 916 killed, 2,943 wounded, 489

ini.ssing. Confed. 2,500 killed, wounded and missing. Union Brigadier-Generals

J. S. Jackson and Terrill killed. Confed. Brigadier-Generals Cleburne, Wood and

Brown wounded.
— Lawrenceburg, or Dogwalk. Ky. 15th and 19th U. S. Infantry, 1st and 49th

Ohio, Battery H 5th U. S. Artil. and 9th Ky. Cav.
10. — Harrodsburg, Ky. Union troops, commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel Boyle, 9th

Ky. Cav. Confed. "^l.fXX) captured.
11. — La Grange, Ark. Detachment 4th la. Cav. Union 4 killed, 13 wounded.
— Cape Fear River, N. C. U. 8. Gunboat Maratanza.
Mouth of Monocacy, Md. 3d and 4th Me.
15. — Darnsville, Va. 7th Pa. Cav.

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