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Souvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year online

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Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 24 of 29)
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17. — Lexington, Ky. Detachment 3d and 4th Ohio Cav. Union 4 killed, 24 wounded,

350 missing.
18. — Haymarket, Va. Detachment 6th la. Cav. Union 1 killed, 6 wounded, 23 cap-
22. — Pocotaligo, or Yemasse, S. C. 47th, 55th and 76th Pa., 4Sth X. Y., 5th and 7th

Ct., 3d and 4th N. H., 3d R. I.. 1st N. Y. Engineers, 1st Mass. Cav.. Batteries D and

M 1st U. H. Artil. and E 3d U. S. Artil. Union 43 killed, 258 wounded. Confed.

14 killed, 102 wounded.
23. — Waverly, Tenn. S3d 111. Union 1 kiUed, 2 woimded. Confed. 40 killed and

24. — Grand Prarie, Mo. Two Battalions Mo. Militia Cav. Union 3 wounded. Con-
fed. 8 killed, 20 wounded.

— Blackwater, Va. 1st N. Y. Mounted Rifles, 39th 111., 62d Ohio and other troops

under General Terrj'.
27.— Pittman's Ferry, Mo. 23d la., 24th and 25th Wis., 1st Mo. Militia, 12th Mo.


— LabadieviUe, or Thebodeauxville, or Georgia Landing, La. 8th N. H., 12th and

loth Ct., 75th N. Y., 1st La. Cav. and 1st Me. Battery.
28.— Clarkson. Mo. Detachment 2d 111. Artil. Confed. 10 killed, 2 wounded.
31.— Aldie, Va. 1st N. J. Cav., 2d X. Y. Cav.
NOV. 1. — Philomont, Va. Pleasonton's Cav. Union 1 killed, 14 wounded. Confed. 5

killed, 10 wounded.
2 and 3. — Bloomfield and Union, London Co., Va. Pleasonton's Cav. Union 2 killed,

10 wounded. Confed. 3 killed, 15 wounded.
3. — Harrisonville, M,9. 5th and Gth Mo. Cav. Union 10 killed, 3 woimded. Conted.

6 killed, 20 wounded.

— Rawie's Mills and Little Creek, Williamstown, N. C. 24th and 44th Mass. and

9th N. J.

— Bayou Teche, Gunboats Kinsman, Estrella, St. Mary, Calhoun, Diana and 21st

5. — Barbee's Cross Roads and Chester Gap, Va. Pleasonton's Cav. Union 5 killed,

10 wounded. Confed. 36 killed.

-Nashville, Tenn. 16th and 51st 111., 69th Ohio, 14th Mich, 7Sth Pa., 5th Tenn.

Cav., 7th Pa. Cav. Union 26 wounded. Confed. 23 captured.
0.— Garrettsburg, Ky. Sth Ky. Cav. Confed. 17 killed, S5 wounded.
7.— Big Beaver Creek, Mo. 10th 111., two Go's Mo. Militia Cav. Union 300 cap-


— Marianna, or La Grange, Ark. 3d and 4th la., 9th 111. Cav. Union 3 killed, 20

wounded. Confed. 50 killed and wounded.
8.— Hudsonville, or Cold water. Miss. 7th Kan. Cav., 2d la. Cav. Confed. 16 killed,

1S5 captured.
17. -Gloucester, Va. 104th Pa. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded.
IM. - Rural Hills, Tenn. Sth Ky. Cav. Confed. 16 killed.
2K -Beaver Creek, Mo. 21st la. , 3d Mo. Cav. Union 6 kUled, 10 wounded. Confed.

5 killed, 20 wounded.
26.— «ummerviile, Miss. 7th 111. Cav. Confed. 28 captured.

28. — Cane Hill, Boston Mr untaii!, and Boonshoro', Ark. 1st Div. Army of the Fron-
tier. Union 4 i<illeii, 3(i wounded. Confed. 75 killed, 300 wounded.

— Hartwood Church, Va. 3d Pa. Cav. Union 4 killed, 9 wounded, 200 mis.sing.

DEC. 1.— Charleston and Berryville, Va. 3d Div. 12 Corps. Confed. .'> killed, 18 wounded.
5. — Cofff-eville, IMiss. L'Jt, 2d and 3d Cav. Brigades, Army of the Tennessee. Union
10 killed, 54 wounded. C-nfed. 7 killed, 4o wounded.
—Helena, Ark. 30th la. 29th Wis. Confed. 8 killed.
7.— Prairie Grove, or FayetteviUe, Ark. 1st, 2d and 3d Divisions Army of the Fron-
tier. Union KIT killed, 7'J8 wounded, 183 missing. Confed. SOOkiUed, 1,200 wounded
and missing.

— Hartsville, Tenn. lOfith and 108th Ohio. 104th 111., 2d Ind. Cav., 11 Kv. Cav.,
13th Ind. Battery. Union 55 killed, 1,800 captm-ed. Confed. 21 killed, 114

9.— Dobbin's Ferry, Tenn. 33d Ind., 51st Ohio, Sth and 21st Ky., 7th Ind. Battery.
Union 5 killed, 48 wounded.

12.— Little Bear Creek, Ala. 52d 111. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded. Confed. 11 killed,
30 wounded.

12 to 18.— Foster's expedition to Goldsboro', N. C. 1st, 2d and 3d Brigades of First
Division and Wessell's Brigade of Peck's Division, Dent of North Carolina. Union
90 killed, 487 wounded. Confed. 71 killed, 268 wounded. 400 missing.

13. — Fredericksburg, Va. Army of the Potomac, Major-Cenei-al Burnside ; Second
Corps, Major-General Couch; Ninth Corps, Major-General Yv'ilcox ; Bight Orrand
Div., Major-General Sumner ; First Corps, Major-General Reynolds ; Sixth Corps,
Major-General AV. F. Smith. Left Grand Div., Major-General Franklin; Fifth
Corps, Major-General Buttterfield ; Third Corps, Major-General Stoueinan. Centre
Grand Div., Major-General Hooker. Union 1,180 killed, 9,028 wounded, 2,145 miss-
ing. Confed. 579 kiUed, 3,870 wounded, 127 missing. Union Brigadier-Generals
Jackson and Bayard killed and Gibbons and Vinton wounded. Confed. Brigadier-
Generals T. Pl. R. Cobb kiUed and Maxey Gregg wounded.

14. — Kingston, N. C. 1st, 2d and 3d Brigade First Div. and Wessell's Brigade of
Peck's Division, Depart, of North Carolina. Union 40 killed, 120 wounded. Confed.
50 killed, 75 wounded, 400 missing.

18.— Lexington, Tenn. 11th 111. Cav., .5th Ohio Cav., 2d Tenn. Cav. Union 7 killed,

10 wounded, 124 missing. Confed. 7 killed. 28 wounded.
20.— Holly Springs, Miss. 2d 111. Cav. Union 1.000 captured.

— Trenton, Tenn. Detachments 122d 111. 7th Tenn. Cav. and convalescents. Union

1 killed, 2-50 prisoners. Conted. IT killed, 50 wounded.
21.— Davis' Mills, Miss. Six Co's 25th Ind. , two Co's 5th Ohio Cav. Union 3 wounded.

Confed. 23 kiUed, 50 wounded, 20 missing.
S4. — Middleburg, Miss. 115 men pf 12th Mich. Union 9 wounded. Confed. 9 kiUed,

11 wounded.

— Glasgow, Ky. Five Co's 3d Mich. Cav. Union 1 killed, 1 wounded. Confed. 3
killed, 3 wounded.

35. — Green Chapel, Ky. Detachment of 4th and Sth Ind. Cav. Union 1 killed. Con-
fed. 9 killed, 22 wounded.

26. — Bacon Creek, Ky. Detachment of 2d Mich. Cav. Union 23 wounded.

37. — Elizabethtown, Ky. 91st 111. , .500 men captured by Morgan.

—Dumfries, Va. Sth, 7th and 66th Ohio, 12th 111. Cav., 1st Md. Cav., 6th Me. Bat-
tery. Union 3 killed, 8 wounded. Confed. 25 killed, 40 wounded.

28.— Elk Fort, Tenn. 6th and 10th Ky. Cav. Confed. 30 killed, 176 wounded, 51

38 and 29. — Chickasaw Bayou, Vicksburg, Miss. Armj^ of Tennessee, Major-General
W. T. Sherman — Brigadier-Generals G. W. Morgan's, Frederick Steele's, M. L.
Smith's and A. J. Smith's divisions of the right wing. Union 191 killed, 982
wounded, 756 missing. Confed. 207 wounded. Union Major-General M. L. Smith

30. — Wautauga Bridge and Carter's Station, Tenn. 7th Ohio Cav., 9th Pa. Cav.
Union 1 killed, 2 wounded. Confed. 7 killed, 15 wounded, 273 missing.
— Jefferson, Tenn. Second Brigade 1st Division Thomas' Corps. Union 20 killed,
40 wounded. Confed. 15 killed, .50 wounded.

—Parker's Cross Roads, or Red Mound, Tenn. 18th, 106th, 119th and 122d III.,
2Tth, 39th and 63d Ohio, 50th Ind., 39th la., 7th Term., 7th Wis. Battery. Union 23
killed, 139 wounded, 58 missing. Confed. 50 killed, 150 woimded, 300 missing.

31 to Jan. 2. — Murfreesboro', or Stone River, Tenn. Army of the Cumberland, Major-
General Rosecrans. Right Wing, McCook's Corps ; Centre, Thomas' Corps ; Left
Wing, Crittenden's Corps. Union 1,533 killed, 7,245 wounded, 2,800 missing. Confed.
14,5f>0 killed, wounded and missing. Union IBrigadier-Geuerals Sill killed and Kirk
wounded. Confed. Brigadier-Generals Raines and Hanson killed, and Chalmers
and Davis wouuded.


Jan. 1.— (Galveston, Tex. Three Go's 42d Mass., XJ. S. Gunboats Westfield, Harriett Lane,
Ov\asco, Sachem, Clifton and Coryphaeus. Union 600 killed, wounded and missing.
Coiifed. 50 killed and wounded,
7 and 8. — Sprinfield, Mo. Mo. Militia, convalascents and citizens. Union 14 killed,
144 wounded. Confed. 40 kUled, 200 wounded and missing. Union Brigadier-Gen-
eral Brown wounded.

11. — Fort Hindman, Ark. Thirteenth Corps, MajorGeneral McClernand; Fifteenth
Corps, Major-General Sherman and gunboats Mississippi squadron. Union 129
killed, 831 wounded. Confed. 100 kiUed, 400 wounded, 5,000 prisoners.
— Hartsville, or Wood's Fork, Mo. 21st la., UOth 111., 3d la. Cav., od Mo. Cav.,
Battery L 2d Mo. Artil. Union 7 killed, M wounded. Confed. 300 killed and
wounded. Confed. Brigadier-General McDonald killed.

14.— Bayou Teche, La. 8th Vt., 16th and 75th N. Y., 12th Ct., 6th Mich., 21st Ind.,
1st La. Cav., 4th and 6th Mass. Battery, 1st Maine Battery and U. S. Gunboats
Calhoun, Diana, Kinsman and Estrella. L^nion 10 killed, 27 wounded. Confed. 15
killed. Union Commodore Buchanan killed. Confed. Gunboat Cotton destroyed.

24 — Woodbury, Tenn. Second Division C ritteudeu's Corps. Union 2 kiUed, 1
wounded. Confed. 35 killed, 100 missing.

30. — Deserted House, or Kelly's Store, near Suffolk, Va. Portion of Major-General
Peck's forces. Union 24 killed, SO wounded. Confed. 50 wounded.

31. — Rover, Tenn. 4th Ohio Cav. Confed. 12 kiUed, 12 wounded, 300 captured.

FEB. 3.— Fort Donnelson, or Cumberland Iron Works, Tenn. 83d 111., 2d lU. Artil., one

Battalion 5th la. Cav. Union 16 killed, GO wounded, 50 missing. Confed. 140 killed,

400 wounded, 130 missing.
14. — Brentville, Va. 1st Mich. Cav. Union 15 wounded.
16. — Near Romney, W. Va. Detachments 116th and 122d Ohio. Union 72 wounded

and captured..
21. — Prairie Station, Miss. 2d la. Cav. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded
24. — -Mississippi River below Vicksburg. U. S. Gunboat Indianola. Union 1 killed,

1 wounded. Confed. 35 killed.

MAR. 1.— Brady ville, Tenn. 3d and 4th Ohio Cav., 1st Tenn. Cav. Union 1 killed, 6

wounded. Confed. 5 killed, 25 wounded, 100 captured.
4.— Skeet, N. C. 3d N. Y. Cav. Union."! killed, 15 wounded. Confed. 28 wounded.
4 and 5. — Thompson's Station, also called Spriui^ Hill and UnionviUe, Tenn. 33d and

S5th Ind., 22d Wis.. 19th Mich., 124th Ohio, l^th Ohio Battery, 2d Mich. Cav., 9th

Pa. Cav., 4th Ky. Cav. Union 100 killed, MUO womuled, 1,306 captured. Confed.

1.50 killed. 450 wounded.
8— Fairfax C. H., Va. Brigadier-General Stoughton and 33 men capturedjby Mosby

in his midnight raid.
10.— Covington, Tenn. 6th and 7th 111. Cav. Confed. 25 killed.

13 to April 5. — Fort Pemberton. Miss. Thirteenth Corps, Bngadier-General Ross;
Seventeenth Corps, Brigadier-General Quimby, U. S. Gunboats Chillicothe and De-

Kalb. Casualties not recorded.
14.— Port Hudson, La. Major-General Banks' troops and Admii-alFarragut's fleet.

Union 65 wounded.
16 to 22.— Expedition up Steele's Bayou and Deer Creek, Miss. 2d Div. Fifteenth

Corps, Major-General Sherman, gunboat fleet, Admiral Porter. Casualties not

17.— Kelly's Ford, Va. 1st and 5th U. S. Regulars, 3d, 4th and 16th Pa , 1st R. I.,

6th Ohio, 4th N. Y. Cav.. 5th U. S. Battery. Union 9 killed, 35 wounded. Con-
fed. 11 killed, 88 wounded.
20.— Vaughfs Hill, near Milton, Tenn. 10.5th Ohio, 101st Ind., 80th and 123d 111., 1st

Tenn. Cav., 9th Ind. Battery. Union 7 killed, 48 wounded. Confed. 63 killed. 300

23.— Mt. Sterling, Ky. 10th Ky. Cav. Union 4 kiUed, 10 wounded. Confed. Skilled,

13 wounded.
24.— Danville, Ky. 18th and 22d Mich. , 1st Ky. Cav., 2d Tenn. Cav., 1st Ind. Bat-
— Ponchatoula, La. 127th and 16.5th N. Y., 9th Ct., 14th and 24th Maine, 6th

Mich. Union 6 wounded. Confed. 3 killed, 11 wounded.
25.— Brentwood, Tenn. Detachment 22d Wis. and 19th Mich. Union 1 kiUed, 4

wounded, 300 prisoders. Confed. 1 killed, 5 wounded.
—Franklin and Little Harpeth, Tenn. 4th and 6th Ky. Cav., 9th Pa. Cav., 2d

Mich. Cav. Union 4 killed, 19 wounded, 40 missing.
28 _pattersonville, La. Gunboat Diana, with Detachment of 12th Ct. and 106th

N. Y. on board. Union 4 killed, 14 wounded, 99 missing.
29. — Somerville, Tenn. 6th 111. Cav. Union 9 kUled, 29 wounded.

MAR, 30.— Button's Hill, or Somerset, Ky. 1st Kv. Cav.. 7th Ohio Cav., 44th and 45th
Ohio Mouuted. Union 10 killed, 25 wounded. Confed. 290 kilUed, wounded and

—Point Pleasant, W. Va. One Co. 13th W. Va. Union 1 killed, 3 wounded. Con-
fed. 20 killed, 25 wounded,
30 to April 4.— Washington and Rodman's Point, N. C. Major-G-eneral Foster's

APRIL 2 and 3.— Woodbury and Snow Hill, Term. 3d and 4th Ohio Cav. Union 1 killed,

8 wounded. C'ouled. 50 killed and wounded.
7.— Bombardment of Fort Sumter, S. C. South Atlantic squadron ; Keokuk, Wee-

hawken, Passaic, Rontauk, Patapsco, New Ironsides, Catskill, Nantucket and

Nahant. Union 2 killed, 20 wounded. Confed. 4 kiUed, 10 svounded.
10.— Franklin and Harpeth River, Tenn. 40th Ohio and portion of Granger's Cav.

Union 100 killed and wounded. Confed. 19 killed, 35 wounded, 83 missing.
— Antioch, Tenn. Detachment 10th Mich. Union 8 killed, 12 wounded.
12 to 14.— Irish Bend and Bisland, La., also called Indian Ridge and Centreville.

Nineteenth Corps, Grover's, Emory's and Weitzel's Divisions. Union 350 killed,

wounded and missing. Confed. 400 wounded, 200 missing and captured.
12 to May 4.— Seige of Suffolk, Va. Troops, Army of Virginia and Department of

North Carolina. Union 44 killed, 202 wounded. Confed. 500 killed and wounded,

400 captured.
15. — Dunbar's Plantation, La. 2d. Ill Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded.

17 to May 2. — Grierson's expedition from Le Grange, Tenn., to Baton Rouge, La. 6th
and 7th lU. Cav., 2d la. Cav. Confed. 100 killed and wounded. 500 prisoners.

18 and 19.— Hernando ^ud Coldwater, Miss. Portion of Siiteentn Corps, detachment
of Artil., 2d Brigade Cav. Div. Casualties not recorded.

20.— Patterson, Mo. 3d Mo. Militia Cav. Union 12 killed, 7 wounded, 41 missing.
24. — Tuscumbia, Ala. Sixteenth Corps, 2d Div., Major- General Dodge.

—White Water, Mo. 1st Wis. Cav. Union 2 killed, tt wounded.
26.— Cape Gii-ardeau, Mo. 32d la., 1st Wis. Cav., 2d Mo. Cav., Batteries D and L 1st

Mo. Light Artil. Union 6 killed, 6 wounded. Confed. 60 killed, 275 wounded and

27 to May 3. Streight's Raid, Tuscumbia, Ala., to Rome, Ga.. including .skirmishes
at Day's Gap, April 30. Black Warrior Creek, May 1st and Blount's Farm May 2d.

3d Ohio, 51fetand 7odInd , bOth lU., Mounted Infantry, twoCo's 1st Ala. Cav. Union

12 killed, 09 wounded, 1,40(3 missing and caj3tured.
27 to May 8. — Stoneman's Cavalrj^ Raid in \ irginia.
29.— Fairmont, W. Va. Detachments 106th N. Y., 6th W. Va. and Va. Militia. Union

1 killed, 6 wounded. Confed. 100 kiUed and wounded.

— Grand Gulf, Miss. Gunboat fleet. Union 26 killed, 54 wounded.
30. — Spottsylvania C. H., Va. 6th N. Y. Cav. Union 58 killed and wounded.
30 and May 1. — Chalk Bluff and St. Francois River, Mo. 2d Mo. Militia, 3d Mo. Cav.,

1st la. Cav. , Battery E 1st Mo. Light ArtU. Union 2 killed, 11 wounded.

MAY 1.— Port Gibson, Miss, (the first engagement in Grant's Campaign against Vicks-
burg). Thirteenth Corps, Major-General McClernand and 3d Div. Seventeenth
Corps, Major-General McPherson. Union 130 killed, 718 wounded. Confed. 1,150
killed and wounded, 500 missing. Confed. Brigadier-General Tracy killed.
1. — La Grange, Ark, 3d la. Cav. Union 3 killed, 9 wounded. 30 missing.
— Mouticello, Ky. 2d Tenn. Cav., 1st Ky. Cav., 2d and 7th Ohio Cav. , 45th Ohio
and 112th 111. Mounted Infantry.

1 to 4. — Chancellorsville, Va., including battles of Sixth Corps at Fredericksburg and
Salem Heights. Army of the Potomoc, Major-General Hooker; Fii-st Corps, Major-
General Reynolds , Second Corps, Major-General Couch ; Third Corps, Major-
General Sickles , Fifth Corps, Major-General Meade ; Sixth Corps, Major-General
Sedgwick; Eleventh Corps, Major-General Howard; Twelfth Corps, Major-General
Slocum. Union 1,512 killed, 9,518 wounded, 5.000 missing. Confed. 1,581 killed,
8,700 wounded, 2,000 missing. Union Major-General Berry and Brigadier- General
Whipple killed, Devan and Kirby wounded. Confed. Brigadier-General Paxton
killed, Lieutenant-General J. S. Jackson, Major-General A. P. Hill, Brigadier-Gen-
erals Hoke, Nichols, Ramseur, McGown, Heth and Pender wounded.
3.— Warrenton Junction, Va. 1st W. Va. Cav., 5th N. Y. Cav. Union 1 killed, 16
wounded. Confed. 15 wounded.

11. — Horseshoe Bend, Ky. Detachment Commanded by Colonel R. T. Jacobs. Union
10 kUled, 20 wounded, 40 missing. Confed. 100 killed, wounded and missing.

12. — Raymond, Miss. Seventeenth Corps, Major-General McPherson. Union 69
kiUed, oil wounded. Confed. 969 killed and wounded. Confed. General Telghmau

J3.— Hall's Ferrv. 2d 111. Cav. Confed. 12 killed.

MAY 14. — Jackson, Miss. Fifteenth Corps, Major-General Sherman ; Seventeenth Corps,
Major-General McPherson. Union 40 killed, 240 wounded. Confed. 450 killed and

If, — Champion HUls, Miss. Hovey's Div. Thirteenth Corps and Seventeenth Corps.
Union 4'M killed, 1,S42 wounded, 189 missing. Confed. 2,500 killed and wounded,
1,S00 missing.

17. — Big Black River, Miss. Carr's and Osterhaus's Division Thirteenth Corps.
Major-General McClernand. Union 29 killed, 242 wounded. Confed. 600 killed
and wounded, 2,500 captured.

IS to July 4. — Siege of Vicksburg. Thirteenth Corns, Fifteenth Corps and Seven-
teenth Corps, commanded by Major-General U. S. Grant, and gunboat fleet, com-
manded by Admiral Porter. Assault on Fort Hill on May 19th and general assault
on the 20th, in which Confed. Brigadier-General Green was killed. Three Divisions
of the Sixteenth Corps, and two Divisions of the Ninth Corps and Major-General
Herron's Division were then added to the besieging forces. Union .545 killed, 3,(iS8
woimded, 303 missing. Confed. 31,277 killed, wounded and prisoners.

20 to 28. — Clendenin's raid, below Fredericksburg, Va. 8th 111. Cav. Confed. 100

21.— Mifidleton, Tenn. 4th Mich.. .3d Ind., 7th Pa., 3d and 4th Ohio and 4th U. S.
Cav., 39th Ind. Mounted Infantry. Casualties not recorded.

25. — Near Helena, or Polk's Plantation, Ark. 3d la. and 5th Kan. Cav. Union 10
killed, 14 wounded.

27. — Lake Providence, La. 47th LT. S. Colored. Union 1 killed, 1 wounded.

27 to July 9.— Siege of Port Hudson, La. Union 500 kUled, 2,.500 wounded. Confed.
100 killed, 700 wounded, 6.408 prisoners. Union Brigadier- Generals W. T. Sher-
man and H. E. Paine wounded.

JUNE 4.— Franklin, Tenn. 85th Ind., 7th Ky. Cav., 4th and 6th Ky. Cav., 9th Pa. Cav.,

2 Mich. Cav. Union 25 killed and wounded. Confed. 200 killed and wounded.
5. — Franklin's Crossing, Rappahannock River, Va. 2()th N. J., 5th Vt., 15th and

50th N. Y. Engineers, supported bj' (ith CJorps. Union 6 killed, 35 wounded.
6 to 8.— Milliken's Bend, or Ashland, "Wis. 23d la. and three rogiments colored

troops. (No quarter shown.) Union 154 killed, 223 wounded, 115 missing. Confed.

125 killed, 400 woimded, 200 missing.
9.— Monticello and Rocky Gap, Ky. 2d and 7th Ohio Cav., 1st Ky. Cav., 45th Ohio

and 2d Tenn. Mounted Infantry. Union 4 killed, 26 wounded, Confed. 20 killed.

80 wounded.

—Beverly Ford and Brandy Station, Va. 2d, 3d and 7th Wis., 2d and 33d Mass.,

6th Maine, 86th and 104th N. Y.,, 2d, 5th and 6th U. S. Cav., 2d, 6th 8th, 9tb

and 10th N. Y. Cav, 1st. 6th and 17th Pa. Cav., 1st Md., 8th 111., 3d Ind., 1st N. J.. 1st

Cav. and 3d W. Va. Cav. Union 500 killed, wounded and missing. Confed. 700

killed, wounded and missing.
11.— Middleton, Va. 87th Pa., 13th Pa. Cav., Battery L, 5th U. S. Artil. Confed. 8

killed, 42 wounded.
13 and 15.— Winchester, Va. 2d, 67th and 87th Pa., 18th Ct., 12th W. Va., 110th,

116th, 122d and 123d Ohio, 3d, 5th and 6th Md., 12th and 13th Pa. Cav., 1st N. Y.

Cav., 1st and 3d W. Va. Cav., Batterv L, 5th U. S. Artil., 1st W. Va. Battery,

Baltimore Battery, one Co. 14th Mass. Heavy Artil. Union 3,000 killed, wounded

and missing. Confed. 850 killed, wounded and missing.
14.— Martinsburg, Va. 106th N. Y., 126th Ohio, W. Va. Battery. Union 200 missing.

Confed. 1 killed, 2 wounded.
16.— Triplett's Bridge, Ky. 15th Mich., 10th and 14th Ky. Cav., 7th and 9th Mich.
Cav., 11th Mich. Battery. Union 15 killed, 30 wounded.
17.— Aldie, Va. Kilpatrick's Cav. Union 24 killed, 41 wounded, 89 missing. Confed.

100 wounded.

— Westport, Mo. Two Go's 9th Kan. Union 14 killed, 6 wounded.

— Capture of Rebel Gunboat Atlanta by U. S. ironclad Weehawken. Confed. 1

killed, 17 wounded, 145 captured.
20.— Rocky Crossing, Miss. 5th Ohio Cav., 9th 111. Mounted Infantry. Union 7

killed, 28 wounded, 30 missing.
20 and 21— La Fourche Crossing, La. Detachments 22d Ct., 17(!th N. Y., 26th, 42d

47th Mass., 21st Ind. Union 8 killed, 40 wounded. Confed. 5:5 killed, 150 wounded.
21.— Upperville, Va. Pleasonton's Cavalry. Union 94 wounded. Confed. 20 killed,

100 wounded, 60 uussing.
22.— HiUs Plantation, Miss. Detachment of 4th la. Cav. Union 4 killed, 10 wounded,

28 missing. *'

23.— Brashear City, La. Detachments of 114th and 176th N. Y., 23d Ct., 42d Mass.,

21st Ind. Union 46 killed, 40 wounded, 300 missing. Confed. 3 kille.J, 18 wounded.
23 to 30.— Rosecran's Campaign. Murfreesboro' to Tullahoma, Tenn., including Mid-
dleton, Hoover's Gap, Beech Grove, Liberty Gap and Gray's Gap. Army of th©

Cumberland : Fourteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-first Corps, Gaanger's Reserve
Corps and Stanley's Cav. Union 85 killed, 462 wounded. Confed. 1,634 killed,
wounded and captured.
JUNE 28. — DonaldsonvilJe, La. 28th Maine and convalescents, assisted by gunboats. Con-
fed. 39 killed, 112 wounded, 150 missing.
29. — Westminster, Md. Detachment 1st Del. Cav. Union 2 jkilled, 7 wounded. Con-
fed 3 killed, 15 wounded.
30.— Hanover, Pa. Cav. Corps. Union 12 killed, 43 woimded. Confed. 75 woimded,
60 missijig,

JULY 1 to 3.— Gettysburg, Pa. Army of the Potomac, Major-Ceneral George G. Meade ;
First Corps, Major-GeneVal Reynolds ; Second Corps, Major-General Hancock ;
Third Corps, Major-General Sickles; Sixth Corps, Major-General Sedgwick;
Eleventh Corps, Major-General Howard ; Twelfth Corps, Major-General Slocum;
Cavalry Corps, Major-General Pleasonton. Union 2,834 kiUled, 13,709 wounded,
6,(543 missing. Confed. 3,500 killed, 14j50() wounded, 13,621 missing. Union Major-
General Reynolds, Brigadier-Generals Weed, Zookand Farnsworth killed, Maior-
Generals Sickles and Hancock, Brigadier-Generals Paul, Rowley, Gibbons and Bar-
low wounded. (General Lucius Fairchild, Commander-in-Chief Grand Army of
the Republic, lost his arm on the first day.) Confed. Major-General Pender, Briga-
dier-Generals Gurnett, Barksdale and Semmes killed, Maior-Generals Hood, Trim-
ble and Heth, Brigadier-Generals Kemper, Scales, Anderson, Hampton, Jones,
Jenkins, Pettigrew and Posey wounded.

1 to 26. — Morgan's raid into Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio finally captured at New
Lisbon, Ohio by Brigadier-General Shackleford's Cavalry. Union 22 killed, 80
wounded, 790 missing. Confed. 86 killed, 385 wounded, 3,000 captured.
4. — Helena, Ark. Major-General Prentiss' Division of Sixteenth Corps and Gunboat
Tyler. Union 57 kDled, 117 wounded, 32 missing. Confed. 173 kiUed, 687 wounded,
776 missing.
4 and 5. — Bolton and Birdsong Ferry, Miss. Major-General Sherman's forces. Con-
fed. 2,000 captured.
4 and 5. — Montery Gap and Smithsburg, Md., and Fairfield, Pa. Kilpatrick's Cav.

Union 30 killed and wounded. Confed. 30 killed and wounded, 100 prisoners.
5. — Lebanon, Ky. 20th Ky. Unien 9 kiUed, 15 wounded, 400 missing. Confed. 3
killed, 6 womided.
—.Quaker's Bridge, N. C. 17th, 23d and 27th Mass., 9th N. J., 81st and 158th N. Y.,
Belger's and Angel's Batteries.

— Hftgerstown and Williamsport, Md. Kilpatrick's Cav.
7 and 9.— luka, Miss. 10th Mo. and 7th Kan. Cav. Union 5 kUled, 3 wounded.
7 to 9. — Boonsboro, Md. Buford's and KUpalrick's Cavalry. Union 9 kllljd, 45

9 to 16. — Jackson, Miss., including engagements atRienzi, Bolton Depot, Canton and
Clinton. 9th, 13th, 15th and part of the 16th Corps. Union 100 killed, 800 wounded,
100 missing. Confed. 71 killed, 504 wounded, 704 missing.

20 to Sept. 6.— Siege of Fort Wagner, Morris Island, S. C. Troops Department of
the South, under command of Major-General Gilmore and U. S. Navy, under Ad-
miral Dalngreen. Union 1,757 killed, wounded and missing. Confed. 661 killed,
wounded and missing.

12.— Ashby Gap, Va. 2d Mass. Cav. Union 2 killed, 8 wounded.

13. — Yazoo City, Miss. Major-General Herron's Division and three gunboats. Con-
fed. 250 captured.

—Jackson, Tenn. 9th 111., 3d Mich. Cav.. 2d la. Cav. and 1st Tenn. Cav. Union 2
killed, 20 wounded. Confed. 38 killed, 150 wounded.

— Donaldsonville, La. Portions of Weitzel's and Grover's Divisions, Nineteenth
Corps. Union 450 killed, wounded and missing.

13 to 15. — Draft riots in New York City, iu which over 1,000 rioters were killed.

14. — Falling Waters, Md. 3d Cav. Division Army of the Potomac. Union 29 killed,
36 wounded. Confed. 125 killed and wounded, 1,500 prisoners. Confed. Major-
General Pettigrew killed.

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