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Souvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year online

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Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 26 of 29)
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wounded. Confed. 50 killed and wounded.

12. — Pleasant Hill Landing, La. Seventeenth Corps and U. S. Gunboats Osage and
Lexington. Union 7 wounded. Confed. 200 killed and wounded.

13. — Moscow, Ark. 18th la., 6th Kan. Cav., 2d Ind. Battery. Union 5 killed, 17
wounded. Confed. 30 killed and wounded.

13 and 14. — Paintsville and Half -Mount, Ky. Ky. Vols. Union 4 wounded. Confed.
25 killed, 25 wounded.

14.— Smithfield, or Cherry Grove, Va. 9th N. J., 23d and 25th Mass., 118th N. Y.
Union 5 wounded. Confed. 6 wounded.

15. — Bristoe Station, Va. 13th Pa. Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded.

15 and 16. — Liberty P. O., and occupation of Camden, Ark. 29th la., 50th Ind., 9th
Wis. Union 255 killed and wounded.

17. — Decatur, Ala. 25th Wis. Union 2 wounded.

17 to 20.— Plymouth, N. C. 85th N. Y, 103d Pa., 16th Ct. and the Navy. Union 20
killed, 80 wounded, 1,.500 missing. Confed. 500 killed, wounded and missing. Lieut. -
Com. Flusser, U. S. N., kiUed.

18. — Poison Springs, eight miles from Camden, Ark. Forage train guarded by 18th
la., 79th U. S. Colored, 6th Kan. Cav. Union 113 killed, 88 -wounded, 68 missing.
— Boyken's Mills, S. C. 54th Mass., U. S. Colored. Union 2 killed, 18 wounded.

21. — Cotton Plant, Cache River, Ark. 8th Mo. Cav. Union 3 killed, 2 wounded.

21. — Red Bone, Miss. 2d Wis. Cav. Union 1 killed, 6 wounded.

22. — Near Tunica Bend, Red River, La. Three Co's 3d R. I. Cav. Union 2 killed, 17

23. — Nickajack Trace, Ga. Detachments of 92d lU. Union 5 killed, 9 wounded, 22
taken prisoners, 12 were shot down and 6 died from wounds.

23 and 24. — Moneti's Bluff, Crane River and Cloutersville, La. Portion of Thirteenth,
Seventeenth and Nineteenth Corps. Union 350 killed and wounded. Confed. 400
killed and wounded.

APRIL 25. —Mark's Mills, Ark. 36th la., 77 Ohio, 43d 111., 1st Ind. Cav., 7th Mo. Cav., Battery
E 2d Mo. Light Artil. Uniou 100 killed, 250 wounded, 100 missing. Confed. 110
killed, 22 wounded, 40 missing.

25 and 26. — Wautauga Bridge, Tenu. 10th Mich. Cav. Union 3 killed, 9 wounded.

26. — Moro Creek, Ark. 33d and 40th la., 5th Kan., 2d and 4th Mo., 1st la. Cav. Union

5 killed, 14 wounded.

28.— Princeton, Arlc 40th la., 4:M 111., 6th Kan. Cav., 3d 111. Battery. Casual-
ties not recorded.

30. — Jenkin's FeiTV, Saline River, Ark. 3d Div. of Seventh Corps. Union 200 killed,
9.5.5 wounded. Confed. 300 killed, 800 wounded.

MAY 1.— Jacksonville, Fla. 7th U. S. Colored. Union 1 killed.

1 to 8. — Hudnot's Plantation, and near Alexandria, La. Cavalry of Thirteenth and

Nineteenth Corps. Union 33 killed, S7 wouuded. Confed. 25 killed, 300 wounded.
2. — Gov. Moore's Plantation, La. Foraging Detachment of 83d Ohio and 3d R. I.

Cav. Union 2 killed, 10 wounded.
3.— Red Clay, Ga. l^t Div. of McCook's Cav. L^nion 10 killed and wounded.

— Richland, Ark. 2il Ark. Cav. Union 20 killed.
4. — Doubtful Canon, Ariz. Detachment of 5th Cav. and 1st Cal. Cav. Union 1 killed,

6 wounded. Confed. 10 killed, 20 wounded.

4 to 12. — Kautz's Cav. Raid from Suffolk, Wall's Bridge, Stoney Creek Station, Jar-
rett's Station, White's Bridge to Cit}^ Point, Va. 5th and lltli Pa. Cav., 3d I^. Y.
Cav., 1st D. C. Cav., 8th N. Y. Battery. Union 10 killed, wounded and missing.
Confed. 20 wounded, 50 prisoners.

4 to 13. — Yazoo City JExpedition, including Benton and Vaughn, Miss. 11th, 72d and
76th 111., 5th 111. Cav., id U. S. Colored Cav., 7th Ohio Battery. Union 5 killed, 20

5. — Ram Albemarle, Roanoke River, N. C. U. S. Gunboats Ceres, Commodore Hull,
Mattabesetl., Sa.'«acus, Seymour, Wyalusing, Miami and Whitehead. Union 5
killed, 26 wounded. Confed. 57 captured.

— Dunn's Bayou, Red River, La. 56th Ohio, on board U. S. Gunboat Signnl,
steamer Covington, and transport Warner. Union 35 killed, 65 wounded, 150 mi-s-

5 to 7. — Wildei'nees, Va. Army of the Potomac. Major-General George G. Meade,
Second Corps, Major-General Hancock ; Fiftn Corps, Major General Warren ;
Sixth Corps, Major-General Sedgwick; Ninth Corps, Major-General Burnside and
Sheridan's Cav. Union 5,597 killed, 21,463 wounded, 10.<')77 niissini;. Confed. 2.0(,MJ
killed. 6,000 wounded, 3.40b missing. Union Brigadier Generals Wadsworth, Hays
and Webb killed. Confed. Generals Jones and Pickett killed and Longstreet, Pe-
grana, Stafford, Hunter and Jennings wouuded.

5 to 9.— Rocky Face Ridge, Ga. . includin|f Tunnel Hill, Mill Creek Gap and Buz-
zard's Roost, Army of the Cumberland, Major-General Thomas; Army of the Ten-
nessee, Major-General McPherson; Army of the Mississippi, Major-General Sher-
man. Union 200 killed, 637 wounded. Confed. 600 killed and wounded.

6. — James River, near City Point, Va. U. S. Gunboat, Commodore Jones. Union
23 killed, 4S wounded.

6 and 7. — Pdchmond and Petersburg Railroad, near Chester Station, Va. Portion
of Tenth and Eighteenth Corps. Union 48 killed, 256 wounded. Confed. .50 killed,
200 wounded.

7. — Bayou La Mourie, La. Portion of Sixteenth Corps. Union 10 killed, 31

8. — Todd's Tavern, Va. 2d Div. Cav. Corps Army of the Potomac. Union 40 killed,

1.50 wounded. Confed. 30 killed, 1-50 wounded.

8 to 18.— Spottsylvania, Fredericksburg Pv,oad, Laurel HUl and Ny River, Va.
Army of the Potomac, Major-General Meade ; Second Corps, Major-Geueral Han-
cock ; Fifth Corps, JIajor-General Warreu ; Sixth Corjis, Major- General ^Vright ;
Ninth Corps, Major-General Burnside and Sheridan's CavalrJ^ Union 4,177
killed, 19,6S7 wounded, 2,577 missing. Confed. 1,000 killed, 5.000 wounded, 3,000
missing. Union Major-General Sedgwick and Brigadier- Generals Rice, Owens and
Stevenson killed, Brigadier-Generals Robertson, Bartlett, Morris and Baxter
wounded. Confed. Generals Daniels and Perrin killed, Hayes and Walker,
wounded, and Major-General Edward Johnson and Brigadier-General Stewart

9.— Varnell's Station, Ga. 1st Div. McCook's. Cav. Union 4 killed, 25 wounded.

9 and 10. — Swift Creek or Arrowrteld Church, Va. Tenth and Eighteenth Corps.
Union 90 killed, 400 wounded. Confed. 500 missing.

— Cloyd's Mountain and New River Bridge, Va. 12th, 23d, 34th and 36th Ohio, 9th
nth. 14th and 1.5th W. Va., 3d and 4th Pa. Reserves. Union 126 killed, 585 wounded.
Confed. 600 killed and wounded, 300 missing.

MAY 9 to 13. — Sheridan's Cav. Raid in Virginia, engagements Beaver Dam Station, South
Anna Bridge, Ashland and Yellow Tavern. Union 50 killed, 174 wounded, 200
missing. Confed. killed and wounded not recorded, 100 prisoners. Confed. Major-
Grenerals J. E. B. Stuart and J. B. Gordon wounded.
12 to 16.— Fort Darling, Drury's Bluff, Va. Tenth and Eighteenth Corps. Union 423
killed, 2,380 wounded, 210 missing. Confed. 400 killed, 2,000 wounded, 100 missing.

12 to 17. — Kautz's Raid on Petersburg and Lynchburg Railroad, Va. Union 6 killed,
28 wounded.

13 to 16.— Resaca, Ga. Fourth, Fourteenth, Twentieth and Cavalry Corps, Ai-my of
the Cumberland, Major-General Thomas ; Fifteenth and Sixteenth Corps Army of
the Tennessee, Major-General McPherson, and Twenty-third Corps Army of the
Ohio, Major-General Schofield. Union 600 killed, 2,147 wouudecl. Confed. 300
killed, 1,500 wounded 1,000 missing.. Confed. Brigadier-General Watklns killed.

15.— Mount Pleasant Landing, La. 67th U. S. Colored. Union 3 killed, 5 wounded.

— New Market, Va. Major-General Sigel's command. Union 120 killed, 560
wounded, 240 missing. Confed. 85 killed, 320 wounded.

— Tanner's Bridge, Ga. 2d Division Cavalry Army of the Camberland. Union 2
killed, 16 wounded.

16 to 30.— Bermuda Hundred, Va. Tenth and Eighteenth Corps Army of the James.
Union 200 killed, 1,000 wounded. Confed. 3,000 killed, wounded and missing.

17 and IS. — Adairsville and Calhoun, Ga. Fourth Corps. Major-General Howard.
Casualties not recorded.

18. — Rome and Kingston, Ga. 2d Div. of Fourteenth Corps and Cav. Army of the

Cumberland. Union 16 killed, 59 wounded.
— Bayou De Glaize, or Calhoun Station, La. Portions of Sixteenth, Seventeenth

and Cav. of Nineteenth Corps. Union 60 killed, 300 wounded. Confed. oUO killed

and wounded.
19 to 22. — Cassville, Ga. Twentieth Corps, Major-General Hooker. Union 10 killed,

46 wounded.
21. — Mount Pleasant, Miss. 4th Mo. Cav. Union 2 killed, 1 wounded.
23 to 27. — North Anna River, Jericho Ford or Taylor's Bridge, and Talopotomy

Creek, Va. Second, Fifth and Ninth Corps, Army of the Potomac, Major-General

Meade. Union 223 killed, 1,460 wounded, 290 missing. Confed. 2,000 killed and

24.— Holly Springs. Miss. 4th Mo. Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded.

—Wilson's Wharf. Va. 10th U. S. Colored, 1st D. C, Cavalry, Battery B U. S.

Colored Artil. Union 2 killed, 24 wounded. Confed. 20 killed, 100 wounded.
—Nashville, Tenn. 15th U. S. Colored. Union 4 killed, 8 wounded.

25 to June 4. — Dallas, Ga., also called New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills.
Fourth, Fourteenth, Twentieth and Cav. Corps Army of the Cumberland, Major-
General Thomas ; Twenty-third Corps, Major-General Schofield ; Fifteenth, Six-
teenth and Seventeenth Corps Army of the Tennessee, Major-General McPhei-son ;
Army of the Mississippi, Major-General Sherman. Union 2,400 killed, wounded
and missing. Confed. 3,000 killed, wounded and missing. Confed. Major-General
Walker killed.

25.— Ca.ssville Station, Ga. 1st and 11th Ky. Cav. Union 8 killed, 16 woimded. Con-
fed. 2 killed, 6 wounded.

26.— Torpedo explosion on Bechelor's Creek, N. C. 132d and 158th N. Y., 58th Pa.
Union 35 killed, 19 wounded.

26 to 29. — Decatur and Moulton, Ala. 1st, 3d and 4th Ohio Cav. , 2d Cav. Div. Union
48 killed and wounded. Confed. 60 killed and wounded.

27 and 28. — Hanoverton, Hawe's Shop and Salem Chiu-ch, Va. 1st and 2d Divisions
Cav. Corps, Major-General Sheridan. Union 25 killed, 119 wounded, 200 missing.
Confed. 475 killed, wounded and missing.

SO. — Hanover and Ashland, Va. Wilson's Cav. Union 26 killed, 130 wounded.
— Old Church, Va. Torbett's Cav. Union 16 killed, 74 wounded.

JUNE 1 to 12. — Cold Harbor, Va., including Gaines' Mills, Salem Church and Hawe's Shop.
Second, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth and Eighteenth Corps and Sheridan's Cav. Union
1,905 kiUed, 10,570 wounded, 2,456 missing. Confed. 1,200 killed and wounded, 500
missing. Union Brigadier-Generals Bi-ookes and Byrnes killed, and Tyler, Stan-
nard and Jol'.iisou woundeil. Confed. Brigadier-Generals Doles and Keitt killed,
and Kirkland, Finnegaii, Law and Lane wounded.

2. — Bermuda Hundred, Va. Tenth Corps. Union 25 kUled, 100 wounded. Confed.
100 killed and wounded.

3 to 6 —Panther Gap and Buffalo Gap, W. Va. Hayes' Brigade of 2d Div. Army of
W. Va. Union 25 killed and wounded. Confed. 25 killed and wounded,

5. — Piedmont, W. Va. Poi-tion of Army of West Virginia, commanded by Major-
General Hunter. Union 130 killed, 650 wounded. Confed. 460 killed, 1,450 wounded,
1,060 nussiog. Confed, General W. E. Jones killed,

JUNE 6.— Lake Chicot, Ark. Sixteenth Corps. Union 40 killed, 70 wounded. Confed.
100 killed and wotmded.
9.— Point of Rocks, Md, 2d U. S. Colored Cav. Union 2 killed.
— Mount. Sfcerline:, Ky. Burbridge's Cav. ^Union o5 killed, 150 wounded. Confed.
50 killed, 200 wounded, 250 captured.

9 to 30. — Kenesaw Mountain, Marietta or Big Shanty, Ga., including general assault
on the 2Tth Pijie M't, Golgotha, Gulp's House and Powder Springs. Fourth, Four-
teenth and Twentieth Corps, Army of the Cumberland, Major-General Thomas ;
Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Corps, Army of the Tennessee, Major-Gen-
eral McPherson; Twenty- third Corps, Major-Genei'al Schofield — Army of the Miss-
sissippi, Major-General W. T. Sherman. Union 1,370 killed, 6,500 wounded, 800
missing. Confed. 1,100 kUled and wounded, 3,500 missing. Union Brigadier-Gen-
erals Marker and McCook killed. Confed. Lieutenaut-General Leonidas Polk killed.

10. — Petersburg, Va. Portions of Tenth Corps and Kautz's Cav. Union 20 killed, 67

— Brice's Cross Roads, near Guntown, Miss. 81st, 95th, 108th, 113th, 114th, and
120th 111., 72d and 95th Ohio, 9th Minn., 93d Ind. , 5.5th and 59th U. S. Colored. Briga-
dier-General Grierson's Cav. , the 4th Mo., 2d N. J., 19th Pa., 7th and 9th lU., 7th
Ind., 3d and 4th la., and 10th Kan. Cav., 1st lU. and 6th Ind. Batteries, Battery F
2d U. S. Colored Artil. Union 223 killed, 394 wounded, 1,623 missing. Confed. 131
kiUed, 475 wounded.

— CjTithiana and Kellar's Bridge, Ky. 168th and 171st Ohio. Union 21 killed, 71
wounded, 980 captured by Morgan's Raiders.

10 and 11. — Lexington, Va. 2d Div. Army of W. Va. Union 6 killed, 18 wounded.
ll.^Cynthiana, Ky. Burbridge's Cav. Attack on Morgan's Raiders. Union 150

killed and wounded. Confed. 300 killed and wounded, 460 captured.

11 and 12. — Trevillian Station, Va. Sheridan's Cav. Union 85 killed, 490 wounded,
160 missing. Confed. 370 missing.

13. — White Oak Swamp Bridge, Va. Wilson's and Crawford's Cav. Union 50 kUled,
250 wounded.

14.— Lexington, Mo. Detachment 1st Mo. Cav. Union 8 killed, 1 wounded.

15. — Samaria Church, Malvern Hdl, Va. Wilson's Cav. Union 25 killed, 3 wounded.
Confed. 100 killed and wounded.

15 to 19. — Petersburg, Va. (commencement ot the siege that continued to its fall, April
2, l'*65). Tenth and Eighteenth Corps, Army of the James, Major-General B. F.
Butler : Second, Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Corps Army of the Potomac, Major-Gen-
George G. Meade. Union 1,298 killed, 7,474 wounded, 1,814 missing.

16. — Otter Creek, near Liberty Creek, Va. Hunter's Command in advance of the
Army of W. Va. Union 3 killed, 15 wounded.

17 and 18. — Lynchburg, Va. Sullivan's and Crook's Divisions and AveriU's and Duf-
fle's Cav., Army of the West Virginia. Union 100 killed, 500 wounded, 100 missing.
Confed. 200 killed and wounded.

19. — Capture of the Alabama, off Cherbourg, France, by U. S. Steamer Kearsage.
Union 3 wounded. Confed. 9 killed, 21 wounded, 70 captured.

20 to 30.— In front of Petersburg, Va. Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and Eighteenth Corps.
Union 112 killed, 506 wounded, 800 missing. Union Generals Chamberlain and
Egan wounded.

21. — Salem, Va. Averill's Cav. Union 6 killed, 10 wounded. Confed. 10 killed
and wounded.

— Naval engagement on the James River, near Dutch Gap. Casualties not
— Buford's Gap, Va. 23d Ohio. Union 15 killed.

22. — White River, Ark. Three Co.'s 12th Iowa, and U. S. Gunboat Lexington. L^nion
2 killed, 4 wounded. Confed. 2 killed, 3 wounded.

22 and 2o. — Weldon Railroad, Williams' Farm or Jerusalem Plank Road, Va.
Second, Sixth and 1st Division of Fifth Corps, Army of the Potomac. Union 604
killed, 2,494 wounded, 2,217 missing. Confed. 300 wounded, 200 missing.

22 to 30 — Wilson's Raid on the Weldon Railroad, Va. Kautz's and Wilson's Cav.
Union 92 killed, 317 wounded, 734 missing. Confed. 365 killed and wounded.

23 and 24. — Jones' Bridge and Samaria Church, Va. Tor belt's and Gregg's Cavalry
Divisions. Union 54 killed, 235 wounded, 300 missing. Confed. 250 killed and

25 to 29.— Clarendon, St. Charles River, Ark. 126th III. and 11th Mo., 9th Iowa and
3d Mich. Cav. , Battery D 2d Mo. Artil. Union 200 woimded. Confed. 200 woimded,
300 missing.

JULY 1 to 31. — In front of Petersburg, including Deep Bottom, New Market and Malvern
Hill, on the 27th, and mine explosion on the 30th. Second, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and
Eighteenth Corps. Union 898 killed, 4,000 wounded, 3,110 missing. Confed loss at
Deep Bottom 400 killed, 600 wounded, 200 missing.

JULY 2.— Pine Bluff, Ark. 64th U. S. Colored. Union 6 killed.

—Fort Johnson, James Island, S. C. Troops of Department of the South. Union
I'J killed, !>7 wounded, 135 missing.

2 to 5. — Nickajack Creek of Smyrna, Ga. Troops under co?nraand of Major- Greneral
Sherman. Union GO killed, 310 wounded. Coufed. 100 killed and wounded.

a— Leetown, Va.. 10th W. Va., 1st N. Y. Cav. Union 3 killed, 12 wounded.
Hammack's Mills, "VV. Va. 153d Ohio Nat 1 Guard. Union 3 killed, 7 wounded.

3 to 9.— Expedition from Vicksburg to Jackson, Miss. 1st Div. Seventeenth Corps.
Union 150 wounded. Confed. 2\)0 wounded.

4. — Vicksburg, Miss. 48th U. S. Colored. Union 1 killed, 7 wounded.

4 to 5. — Coleman's Plantation, near Port Gibson, Miss. 52d U. S. Colored. Union 6
killed, 18 wounded.

4 to 7. — Bolivar and Maryland Heights. Major-General Sigel's Reserve Division.
Union 20 killed, 80 wounded.

5.— Hagerstown, Md. 1st Md. Cav., Potomac Home Brigade. Union 2 killed, 6

5 to 7. — John's Island, S. C. Major-Goneral Foster's troop. Union 16 killed, 82
wounded. Confed. 20 killed, 80 wounded.

5 to 18. — Smith's Expedition, La Grange, Tenn. , to Tupelo, Miss. 1st and 3d Divisions
Sixteen Corps, one Brigade U. S. Colored Troops and Grierson's Cavalry. Union
85 killed, 567 wounded. Confed. 110 killed, 600 wounded.

6.— Little Blue, Mo. 2d Col. Cav. Union 8 killed, 1 wounded.

6 to 10. — Chattahoochee River, Ga. Army of the Ohio, Major-General Sohofield ;
Army of the Tennessee, Major General McPherson ; Army of the Cumberland,
Major-General Thomas — Army of the Mississippi, Major-General W. T. Sherman.
Union 80 killed, 450 wounded, 200 missing.

7. — Solomon's Gap and Middletou, Md. 8th 111. Cav., Potomac Home Brigade and
Alexander's Baltimore Battery. LTnion 5 killed, 20 wounded.
9. — Monocacy, Md. 1st and 2d Brigades of 3d Division Sixth Coi-ps and Detach-
ment of Eighth Corps. Union 90 killed, 579 wounded, 1,2(;0 missmg. Coufed. 400

11 to 22. — Rcsseau's Raid in Alabama and Georgia, including Ten Islands and Stone's
Ferry, Ala., and Auburn and Chewa Station, Ga. 8th Ind. , 5th Iowa, 9ch Ohio, 2d
Ky. and 4th Tenn. Cav., Battery E 1st Mich. Axtil. Union 3 killed, 30 wounded.
Confed. 95 killed and wounded.

12. — Fort Stevens, Washington, D. C. Twenty-second Coi-ps, 1st and 2d Division,
Sixth Corps, Marines, Home Guards, citizens and convalescents. Union 54 killed,
S19 wounded. Confed. 500 killed and wounded.

Lee's Mills, neai* Ream's Station, Va. 2d Division Gregg's Cav. Union 3 killed,
13 wounded. Confed. 25 killed and wounded.

14.— Farr's Mills, Ark. One Co. 4th Ark. Cav. Union 1 killed, 7 wounded. Confed.
4 killed, 6 wounded.

14 and 15. — Ozark, Mo. 14th Kan. Cav. Union 3 kiUed, 1 wounded.

16 and 17.— Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Miss. 72d and 76th 111., 53d U. S. Colored, 2d
Wis. Cav. Casualties not recorded.

17 and 18. — Snicker's Gap, and Island Foi*d, Va. Army of West Virginia, Major-
General Crook and i)Oition of Sixth Corps. Union 30 killed, 181 wounded, 100

18. — Ashby's Gap, Va. Duffle's Cav. Union 200 killed and wounded.

19 and 20. — Darksville, Stevenson's Depot and Winchester, Va. Averill's Cav.
Union 37 killed, 175 wounded. Confed. 300 wounded, 200 captured.

20. — Peach Tree Creek, Ga. Fourth, Fourteenth and Twentieth Corps, Major-Gen-
eral Geo. H. Thomas. Union 300 killed, 1,410 wounded. Confed. 1,113 killed, 2,500
wounded, 1,183 missing. Confed. Bi-igadier-Generals Featherstone, Long, Pettis,
and Stevens killed.

22. — Atlanta, Ga. (Hood's first sortie). Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Corps,
Major-General McPherson. Union 500 killed, 2^141 wounded, 1,000 missing.
Confed. 2,482 killed, 4,000 wounded, 2,017 missing. Union Major-General McPher-
son and Brigadier-General Greathouse killed.

22. — Decatur, Ga. 2d Brigade of 4th Division of Sixteenth Corps, Confed. Major-
General Walker killed.

23 and 24. — Kernstown and Winchester, Va. Portion of Army of West Virginia.
Union 1,200 killed and wounded. Coufed. 600 killed and wounded.

26.— Wallace's Ferry, Ark. 15th 111. Cav., 60th and 56th U. S. Colored Troops, Co. E
2d U. S. Colored Artil. Union 16 killed, 32 wounded. Confed. 150 wounded.

26 to 31. — Stoneman's Raid to Macon, Ga. Stoneman's and Garrard's Cav. Union
100 killed and wounded, 900 missing.

26 to 31.— McCook's Raid to Lovejoy Station, Ga. Ist Wis., 5th and 8th Iowa, 2d
and 8th Ind., 1st and 4th Tenn., and 4th Ky. Cavalry. Union 100 killed and
wQimded, 500 missing.

JULY 27. — Mazzard Prairie, Fort Smith, Ark. Two hundred men of 6th Kan. Cav. Union
12 killed, 17 wounded, 153 captured. Confed. 12 killed, 20 wounded.

28.— Atlanta, Ga. (second sortie, at Ezra Chaoel). Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seven-
teenth Corps, Major-General Howard. Union 100 killed, 600 wounded. Confed.
612 killed, 3,000 woimded, 1,000 missing.

38 to Sept. 22. — Siege of Atlanta, Ga. Army of the Military Division of the Missis-
sippi, Major-General W. T. Shermon. Casualties not recorded.

29. — Clear Springs, Md. 12th and 14th Penna. Cav. Confed. 17 killed and wounded.

30. — Lee's MiUs, Va. Davis' Cav. L'nion 2 killed, 11 wounded.
— Lebanon, Ky. One Co. 12th Ohio Cav. Confed. 6 killed.

AUG. 1 to 31.— In front of Petersburg, Va. Second, Fifth, Ninth and Eighteenth Corps

Union 87 killed. 484 wounded.
2. — Green Springs, W. Va. 153 Ohio. Union 1 killed, 5 wounded, 90 missing.

Confed. 5 killed, 22 wounded.
5.— Donaldson ville, La. 11th X. Y. Cav. Union 60 missing.
5 to 23.^Forts Gaines and Morgan, Mobile Harbor, Ala. Thirteenth Corps and

Admiral Farragufs Fleet of T\'ar Vessels. Union 75 killed, 100 drowned by sinking

of the Tecumseh, 170 wounded. Confed. 2,344 captured.
6. — Plaquemine, La. 4th "Wis. Cav., 14th R. I. Heavy ArtiL Union 2 killed.
7.— Moorefleld, Va. 14th leuna., 8th Ohio, 1st and 3d W. Va., and 1st N. Y. Cav-

Union 9 killed, 22 wounded. Confed. 100 killed and wounded, 4<X) missing.
7 to 14 — Tallahatchie River, Abbeville, O.xford and Hurricane Creek, Miss. Hatch's

Cav. and Mower's Command of Sixteenth Corps. Casualties n^t rer-oi-ded.
9. — Exnlosion of ammunition at City Point, Va. Union 70 killed, l-'JO wounded.
10 and 11.— Berry ville Pike, Sulphur Springs Bridge and White Post, \'a. Torbett's

Cav. U nion 34 killed, 90 wounded, 2<Xt missing.
13. — Near Snicker's Gap, Vn. 144th and 149th Ohio. Union 4 killed, 10 wounded,

200 missing. Confed. 2 killed, 3 wounded.
14. — Gravel HiU, Va. Gregg's Cav. Union 3 killed, 18 wounded.
14 to 16.— Dalton, Ga. 2d Mo. and 14th U. S. Colored.
14 to 18. — Strawberry Plains, Va. Second and Tenth Corps and Gregg's Cav.

Union 400 killed, 1,755 wounded, 1,400 missing. Confed. 1,(X)0 wounded.
15. — Fisher's HQl, near Strasburg, Va. Sixth and Eighth Corps and 1st Cav. Division

Army of the Potomac. Union 30 wounded.
16. — Crooked Run, Front Royal, Va. Merritt's Cav. Union 13 killed, 58 wounded.

Confed. ;30 killed, 150 wounded, 300 captured.
17. — Gainesville, Fla. 75th Ohio Mounted Infantry. Union 16 kiUed, 30 wounded

102 missing.

— "Winchester, Va. New Jersey Brigade of Sixth Corps and Wilson's Cav. Union

50 wounded, 250 missing.
IS, 19 and 21.— Six-mile House. TTeldon Railroad, Va. Fifth and Ninth Corps and

Kautz's and Gregg's Cav. Union 212 killed. 1,155 wounded, 3,170 missing. Confed.

2.000 wounded, 2.000 missing. Confed. Brigadier-Generals Saunders and Lamar

killed, and Claigman, Barton, Finnegan and Andei-son wounded.
18 to 22. — KUpatrick's Raid on the Atlanta Railroad. Union 400 wounded.
19.— Snicker's Gap, Pike, Va. Detachment of 5th Mich. Cav. Union 30 kUled, 3
wounded (all prisoners taken and the wounded were put to death by Mosby).

— Martinsburg, Va. Averill's Cav. Union 25 killed and wounded.
19.— Pine Bluff, Tenn. River, Tenn. Detachment of Co. B 83d 111. Mounted Infantry.

Union 8 killed and mutilated by guerrillas.
21. — Summit Point, BerryviUe and Flowing Springs, Va. Sixth Corps, and Merritt's

and Wilson's Cav. Union 600 killed and wounded. Confed. 400 killed and

—Memphis, Tenn. Detachment of 8th Iowa, lOSth and 113th III, 39th, 40th and

41st Wis., 61st U. S. Colored, 3d and 4th Iowa Cav., Battery G 1st Mo. Lt.

Artil. Union 30 killed, 100 wounded. Confed. 100 killed and wounded.
21 and 22.— CoUege or Oxford Hill, Miss. 4th Iowa, 11th and 21st Mo., 3d Iowa Cav.,

12th Mo. Cav. Confed. 15 killed.
23.— Abbeville, Miss. 10th Mo., 14th Iowa, 5th and 7th Minn. , 8th Wis. Union 20

wounded. Confed. 15 killed.
24.— Forth Smith, Ark. 11th U. S. Colored. Union 1 killed, 13 wounded.

—Jones' Hay Station and Ashley Station, Ark. 9th Iowa and 8th and nth Mo.

Cav. Union 5 killed, 41 wounded. Confed. <>0 wounded.
24 and 25.— Bermuda Hundred, Va. Tenth Corps. Umon 31 wounded. Confed. 61

24 to 27.— HaUtown, Va. Portion o£ Eighth Corps, Union 39 killed, 178 wounded.

Confed 130 killed and wounded.

-Ream's Station, vk. Second Corps and Gregg's Cav. Umon 12- killed, 54b

Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 26 of 29)