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Souvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year online

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Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 27 of 29)
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wounded, 1,769 missing. Confed. 1,500 killed and wounded. ., ,^ ^, ^

27 and 28. -Holly Springs, Miss. Uth Iowa, 11th U. S. Colored Artil., lOtn Mo. Cav.
" Union i killed, 2 woundsd. .. \n mu^a on

29 -Smlthfield, Va. 3d Div. Sixth Coi^s and Torbett's Cav. Umon 10 killed, 90

wounded. Confed. 200 kiUed and wounded. .-.-.u r^u-

31 -Block House, No. 5, Nashville and Chattanooga Raih-oad, Tenn. lloth Ohio.

Union 3 killed. Confed. 25 wounded. ^ -r. ■ , r^ ^^

31 and Sept 1 -Jonesboro', Ga. Fifteenth, Sixteenth Seventeenth and Davi^ Cavajjy

Cisions of Fourteenth Corps. Union 1,140 killed and wounded. Confed. 3,000

SlleTwound^ an^iingM^ Brigadiei-GeneralB Ander.on, Cmnmiags and

Patten killed.

wounded. Confed. 300 killed, wounded and captured.

1 to Oct 30 -In front of Petersburg. Army of the Potomac. Union 1<0 killed,
822 wounded, 812 missing. Confed. 1,000 miasmg.

2 —Fall of Atlanta, Ga. Twentieth Corps. Confed. 200 captured.

2 to 6.-Lovejoy Station, Ga. Fourth and Twenty-third Corps. Casualties not

S and 4 — Berrvville Va. Eighth and Nineteenth Corps and Torbett's Cav. Union
30 killed 182 wounded 100 missing. Confed, 25 killecl, 100 wounded, 70 missing
4 -GSvJlle Tenn 9th and 13th Tenn., and 10th Mich. Cav Union wounded.
Confed 10 d led, 60 wounded, 75 missing. Confed GeneralJohn JJorgan kiUed.
fi -SGarcv Ark Detachment 9th la. Cav. Union 2 kiUed, woundea.
lO.-Captm-e of Fort Hell, Va. 99th Pa., 20th Ind., 2d U. S. Sharpshooters. Union
20 wounded Confed. 90 prisoners. /-.*jiqi

13 -Lock's Ford, Va. Torbett's Cav. Union 2 kiUed, 18 wounded. Confed 181

16 -S^amore Church, Va. 1st D. C. and 13th Pa. Cav. Union 400 kiUed, wounded

and captured. Confed. 50 killed and wounded. , „j t^ r. tt, ,-^„ oa

16 and Ta-Fort Gibson, Ind. Ter. 79th U. S. Colored and 2d Kan. Cav. Umon 38

17^— Belchtr's^Mui' Va. Kautz's and Gregg's Cav. Union 25 wounded. .

i9 to 2I -Winchester and Fisher's Hill, Va Sixth, Eighth and 1st and 2d Dxvisioris
of the Nineteenth Coits. AveriU's and Torbett's Cav., MaDor-General Pl^d Sheri^
dan Union 693 killed, 4,033 wounded, 623 missing. Confed 3,2.D0kiUed and
wounded, 3,600 captured. Union Brigadier-Generals Russell and Mulligan killed
Tnd MclAtosh, Upton and Chapman wounded. Confed. Ma]or-General Rbodes
tnd Bri-adie '-Generals Gordon and Goodwin killed, and Fitz Hugh Lee, Terry,

23 -AX^rilI%S,"mrh'fnd 114th U. S. Colored, 3d Tenn. Cav., reinforced by
i8th Mich and 102d Ohio. Union 950 missing. Confed. 5 killed, 2o wounded.
— Rockport, Mo. 3d Mo. Militia Cav. Union 10 killed. r-_*^^ «

24.— Fayette, Mo. 9th Mo. Militia Cav. Union 3 kiUed, 5 wounded. Confed. 6

26^and'27''-PilorKnob or Ironton, Mo. 47th and 50th Mo. , 14th la , 2d and 3d Mo.

Cav , Battery H 2d Mo. Light Artil. Union 28 killed, 56 wounded, 100 missing.

Confed. 1,500 killed and wounded. , , -o • tt •-.,, 100 i-ni^ri o

27.— Centraiia, Mo. Three Go's 39th Mo. massacred by Price. Union 132 killed, 4

^MaSnna, Fla. 7th Vt., 82d U. S. Colored and 2d Maine Cav. Union 32
wounded. Confed. 81 missing. , , t-,. , ... i.u /-.

28 to 30 -New Market Heights or Laurel Hill, Va. Tentn and Eighteenth Corps
£md kautz's Cav. Uniln 400 killed, 2,029 wounded. Confed. 2.000 killed and

oq^Centreville T'enn. 2d Tenn. Mounted Infantry. Union 10 killed, 25 wounded

29 and 30.— Lees'burg and Harrison, Mo. 14th la., 2d Mo. Militia Cav., Battery H

30^and Oct.'f-P^plar Springs Church, Prebles Farm Va. 1st Div. Fifth Corps a^d
2d Div. Ninth Corps. Union 141 kiUed, 788 wounded, l,7o6 missing. Confed. 800
wounded, 100 missing. ^ , , ,,^/^ • _■

— Arthm-'s Swamp, Va. Gregg's Cav. Union 60 wounded, 100 mossing.

QQi;^ 2.— Waynesboro', Va, Portion of Custer's and Merritt's Car. " Union 50 killed and


OCT. 2.— haltville, Va. 11th and 13th Ky. Cav., 12th Ohio, 11th Mich., 5th and 6th U. R.
Colored Cav., 2(;th 30th, 35th, 3Tth, oDth, lOth and 45th Ky. Mounted Infantry.
Union 54 killed, 190 wounded, 104 missing. Coufed. IS killed, 71 wounded, 21 miss-
5. — Jackson, La. 23d Wis., 1st Tex. and 1st La. Cav., 2d and 4th Mass. Battery.
Union 4 killed, 10 wounded.

— ADatoona, Ga. 7th, 12th, 50th, 57th and 93d III, 39th la., 4th Minn., 18th
Wis. and 12th Wis. Battery. Union 142 killed, -^2 wounded, 212 missing. Confed.
231 killed, 500 wounded, 411 missing.

7. — New Market, Va. 3d Div. Custer's Cav. Union 56 missing.
7 to 11. — Jefferson City, California and Boonsville, Mo. (Price's Invasion), 1st, 4th
5th, 6th and 7th Mo. Militia Cav., 15th Mo. Cav., 17th 111. Cav., Battery H 2d
Mo. Light Artil.

7 and 13. — Darbytown Road, Va. Tenth Corps and Kautz's Cav. Union 105 killed,
502 wounded, 206 missing. Confed. 1,100 killed and wounded, 350 missing. Confed.
General Gregg killed.

9. — Tom's Brook, Fisher's Hill, or Strasburg, Va. Merritt's, Custer's and Torbett's
Cav. Union 9 killed, 67 wounded. Confed. 100 killed and wounded, 180 missing.

10. — East Point, Miss. 7th U. S. Colored. Union 16 killed, 20 wounded.

11. — Fort Donnelson, Tenn. Detachment 4th U. S. Colored Heavy Ai'til. Union 4
killed, 9 wounded. Confed. 3 killed, 23 wounded.

13. — Reconnoissauce to Strasbm-g, Va. Major-Genei-al Emory's and Crook's trosps.
Union 30 killed, 144 wounded, 40 missing.

13. — Dalton, Ga, Troops mider Colonel Johnson, 44th U. S. Colored. Union 400 miss-
— Buzzard Roost, Ga. One Co. 115th 111. Union 5 killed, 36 wounded, 60 missing.

15. — Glasgow, Mo. 43d Mo., and detachments of 17th 111., 9th Mo. Militia, 13th Mo.
Cav. , 62d U. S. Colored. Union 400 wounded and missing. Confed. 50 killed and

19. — Lexington, Mo. 5th, 11th, 15th and 16th Kan. Cav., 3d Wis. Cav. Casualties
not recoi'ded.

— Cedar Creek, Va. (Sheridan's Ride.) Sixth Corps, Eighth Corps and 1st and 2d
Divisions Nineteenth Corps, Merritt's, Custer's and Torbett's Cav. Union 588
killed, 3,516 wounded, 1,891 missing. Confed. 3,000 killed and wounded, 1,200 miss-
ing. Union Brigadier-Generals Bidwell and Thorl)urn killed, Major-Generals
Wright, Pdeketts and Grover, and Brigadier-Generals Ketchem, McKenzie, Pen-
rose, Hamlin, Devins, Duval and Lowell wounded. Confed. Major-General Bam-
seur killed and Battle and Conner wounded.

21 and 22. — Little Blue and Independence, Mo. Kansas Militia, 2d and 5th Mo. Mil-
itia, 2d Col. Cav., 5th, 7th, 11th, 15th and 16th Kan. Cav.,, 2d, 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th
and 9th Mo. Militia Cav. Casualties not recorded.

23. — Hurricane Creek, Miss. 1st la. and 9th Kan. Cav. Union 1 kiUed, 2 wounded.

26 to 29. —Decatur. Ala. 18th Mich., 102d Ohio, 6Sth Ind. and 14th U. S. Colored.
Union 10 killed, 45 wounded, 100 missing. Confed. 100 killed, 300 wounded.

27. — Hatchers's Run, Va. Gregg's Cav., 2d and 3d Divisions, Second Corps, Fifth and
Ninth Corps. Union 156 killed, 1,047 wounded, 699 missing. Confed. 200 killed, 600
wounded, 200 missing.

27 and 28. — Fair Oaks, Va. Tenth and Eighteenth Corps and Kautz's Cav. Union
120 killed, 783 wounded, 400 missing. Confed. 60 killed, 311 wounded, 80 missing.

28.— Destruction of the Rebel ram Albemarle, by Lieutenant Gushing and 13 marines.
Union 3 woimded, 11 capture.d.

— Morristown, Tenn. Genel-al GriUem's Cav. Union 8 killed, 42 wounded. Con-
fed. 240 missing.

28 and 30. — Newtonia, Mo. Colonel Blunt's Cav. in pursuit of Price. Confed. 250

29.— Beverly, W. Va. 8th Ohio Cav. Union 8 killed, 25 wounded, 13 missmg. Con-
fed. 17 killed, 27 wounded, 92 missing.
30. — Near BrownsvUle, Ark. 7th la. and 11th Mo. Cav. Union 2 killed.

NOV. 1 to 4.— Union Station, Tenn. 10th Mo. Cav. Union 2 killed, 2 wounded, 26 missing.
5.— Fort Sedgwick, or Fort Hill, Va. Second Corps. Union 5 killed, 10 wounded.

Confed. 15 killed, 35 wounded.
9.- Atlanta, Ga. 2d Div. Twentieth Corps. Confed. 20 killed and wounded.
12.— Newtown, Nineveh and Cedar Springs, Va. Men-itt's, Custer's and Powell's

Cav. Union 84 killed, 100 missing. Confed. 150 missing.
13.— Bull's Gap, Tenn. 8th, 9th and 13th Tenn. Cav. Union 5 killed, 36 wounded,

200 missing.
16.— Lovejoy Station and Bear Creek Station, Ga. Kilpatrick's Cav. Confed. 50

17.— Bermuda Hundred, Va. 209th Pa. Union 10 wounded, 120 missing. Coufed. 10

NOV. 18. — Myerstown, Va. Detachment 91st Ohio. Union 60 killed and wounded. Coa
fed. 10 killed and wounded.

20.— Macon, Ga. 10th Ohio Cav., 9th Pa. Cav., 92d HI. Mounted Infantry, 10th Wis.

22. — Griswoldville, Ga. Walcott's Brigade, 1st Div. Fifteenth Corps and 1st Bn>ade
3d Div. Cav. Union 10 killed, 53 wounded. Confed. 50 killed. 200 wounded, 400

— Rood's Hill, Va. Torbett's Cav. Union 18 killed, 52 wounded.
— Lawrenceburg, Campbellville and Lynnville, Tenn. Hatch's Cav. Union 75
killed and wounded. Confed. .50 killed and wounded.

26. — Saundersville, Ga. 3d Brigade 1st Div. Twentieth Corps. Union 100 missing.
Confed. 100 missing.

26 to 29. — Sylvan Grove, Waynesboro', Browne's Cross Roads. Kilpatrick's Cav.
Union 40 wounded. Confed. 600 killed and wounded.

29 and 30. — Spring Hill and Franklin, Tenn. Fourth and Twenty-third Corps and
Cav. Union 189 killed, 1,033 wounded, 1,104 missing. Confed. 1,7.50 killed, 3.800
wounded. 702 missing. Union Major-Generals Stanley and Bradley wounded. Con-
fed. Major-General Cleborne, Brigadier-Generals Adams, Williams, Strahl, Geist
and Cranberry killed, Major-General Brown and Brigadier-Generals Carter, Mani-
gault, Quarles, Cockerell and Scott wounded.

30.— Honey HiU or Grahamsville, S. C. 25th Ohio, 56th and 155th N. Y., 26th, 32d,
35th and 102d U. S. Colored, 54th and 55th Mass. Colored. Union 66 kiUed, 645

Dec. 1. — Stoney Creek Station, Weldon Railroad, Va. Gregg's Cav. Union 40 wounded.
Confed. 175 captured.

— Twelve miles from Yazoo City, Miss. Detachment of 2d Wis. Cav. Union 5
killed, 9 wounded, 25 missing.

1 to 14. — In front of Nashville, Tenn. Fourth, Twenty-thu-d and 1st and 2d Divi-
sions of Sixteenth Corps and Wilson's Cav. Union Ki killed, 100 wounded.

1 to 31. — In front of Petersburg. Army of the Potomac. Union 40 killed, 329
wounded .

2 and 3. — Block House No. 2, Mill Creek, Chattanooga, Tenn. Detachment 115th
Ohio, 44th and two Go's 14th U. S. Colored. Union 12 killed, 46 wounded, 57 missing.

3. — Thomas' Station, Ga. 92d 111., Mounted Infantry. I^nion 2 killed, 1 wounded.
4. — Block House No. 7, Tenn. General Milroy"s troops. Union 100 wounded. Con-
fed. 100 killed and wounded.

5 to 8.— Murfreesboro', Tenn. General Rosseau's troops. Union SO killed, 175
wounded. Confed. 197 missing.

6.— White Post, Va. Fifty men of 21st N. Y. Cav. Union 30 wounded.

6 to 9.— Deveaux's Neck, S. C. 56th and 15.5th N. Y., 25th and 107th Ohio, 26th, 33d,
34th and 102d U. S. Col., .54th and 5.5th Mass. Colored, 3d R. I. Artil. andU. S. Gun-
boats. Union 39 killed, 390 wounded, 200 missing. Confed. 400 killed and wounded.

7 to 9. — Eden Station, Ogeechee Ptiver, Ga. Fifteenth and 17th Corps right wing of
Sherman's Army.

7 to 11.— W^eldon's Railroad Expedition. Fifth Corps 3d Div. of 2d Corps and2dDiv.
Cav. Corps, Army of the Potomac. Union 100 wounded.

8 and 9. — Hatcher's Run, Va. 1st Div. Second Corps, 3d and 13th Pa. Cav., 6th Ohio
Cav. Union 125 killed and wounded.

8 to 28. — Raid to Gordonsville, Va. Merritt's and Custer's Cav. Union 43

10 to 21. — Siege of Savannah, Ga. Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Seventeenth and Twentieth

Corps of Sherman's Army. Union 200 wounded. Confed. 800 missing.
12 to 21. — Stoneman's Raid from Bean's Station, Tenn., to SaltviUe, va., including

Abingdon, Glade Springs and Marion. Union 20 killed, 123 wounded. Confed.

8 killed, 126 wounded, 500 missing.
13.— Fort McAllister. Ga. 2d Div. of Fifteenth Corps. Union 24 killed, 110 wounded.

Confed. 250 missing.
14. — Memphis, Tenn. 4th la. Cav. Union 3 killed, 6 wounded.
15 and 16. — NashviUe, Tenn. Fourth Corps, 1st and 3d Divisions Thirteenth Corps,

Twenty-third Corps Wilson's Cav. and detachments colored troops, convalescents.

Union 400 killed, 1,740 wounded. Confed. 4,462 missing.
17. — Franklin, Tenn. Wilson's Cav. Confed. 1,800 wounded and sick captured.
17 to 19.— Mitchell's Creek, Fla., and Pine Barren Creek, Ala. 82d and 97th U. S.

Colored. Union 9 killed, 53 wounded, 11 missing.
20.— Lacey's Springs. Custer's Cav. Union 2 killed, 2S wounded, 40 missing.
25.— Fort Fisher, N. C. Tenth Corps and North Atlantic Squadron. Union 8 killed,

38 wounded. Confed. 3 killed, 55 wounded, 280 prisoners.
28.— Egypt Station, Miss. 4th and 11th 111., 7th Ind., 4th and 10th Mo., 2d Wis., 2d

N. J.. 1st Miss, and 3d U. S. Colored Cav. Union 23 kiUed, 88 woimded. Confed.

500 captured. Confed. Brigadier-General Gholson killed.


JAN. 2.— Franklin, SIiss. 4th and 11th 111. Cav., 3d U. S. Colored Cav. Union 4 killed, 9
wounded. Conted. 20 killed, 30 wounded.
2d and 3d.— Nauvoo and Thornhiil. Ala. loth Pa. Cav., Detachments of 10th. 12th
and loth Ind. Cav. and M Tenn. Cav. Union 1 killed, 2 wounded. Confed Skilled,
2 wounded, 9.5 captured, and Hill's supply and pontoon train destro3^ed.
11.— Beverly, W. Va, 34th Ohio and 8th Ohio Cav. Union 5 kUled, 20 wounded, *
583 missing.

13 to 15. — Fort Fisher, N. C. Portions of Twenty- fourth and Twenty- Fifth-Corps and
Twenty-fifth Corps and Porter's Gunboats. Union 184 killed 749 wounded. Con-
fed. 400 kiUed and wounded, 2,083 captured.

14 to 16. — Pocataligo, S. C. Seventeenth Corps. Union 25 wounded.

16. — Explosion of the magazine at Fort Fisher, N. C. Union 25 killed, 06 wounded.

25 to Feb. 9. — Combahee River and River's Bridge, Salkahatchie, S. C. Fifteenth
and Seventeenth Corps. Union 138 killed and wounded.

FEB. 5 to 7. — Dabney's Mills, Hatcher's Run, Va. Fifth Corps and Ist Division Sixth

Corps and Gregg's Cav. Union 232 killed, 1,062 wounded, 186 missing. Confed.

1,200 killed and wounded. Union Brigadier-Generals Morrow, Smythe, Davis,
• Greg?. Ayras. Sickles and Gwyn wounded. Confed. General Pegi-am killed and

Son-ell womided.
8 to 14. — Williston, Blackville and Aiken, S. C. Kilpatrick's Cav. Confed. 240

killed and wounded, 100 missing.
10. — James Island, S. C. Major-General Gilmore's Command. Union 20 killed, 76

wounded. Confed. 20 killed, 70 wouniied.
11. — Sugar Loaf Battery, Fedei-al Point, N. C. Portions of Twenty-fourth and

Twenty-fifth Corps. Union 14 killed, 114 wounded.

15 to 17. — Congaree Creek and Columbia, S. C. Fifteenth Corps. Union 20 killed
and wounded.

18. — Ashby Gap, Va. Detachment 14th Penn. Cav. Union 6 killed, 19 wounded, 64

18 to 22. — Fort Anderson, Town Creek, and "Wilmington, N. C. Twenty-third and
Twenty fourth Corps, and Porter's Gunboats, Union 40 killed, 204 wounded.
Confed. 70 killed, 400 woimded, 375 missing.

22. — Douglas Landing, Pine Bluff, Ark. 13th lU. Cav. Union 40 wounded. Con-
fed. 26 wounded.

27 to March 2.5. — Sheridan's Raid in Virginia. 1st and 3d Divisions Cavalry Corps.
Union 35 kiUed and wounded. Confed. 1,667 prisoners.

MAR. 6.— Ohve Branch, La. 4th Wis. Cav. Union 3 killed, 2 wounded.

—Natural Bridge. Fla. 2d and 99th U. S. Colored. Union 22 killed, 46 wounded.
8 to 10. — Wilcox's Bridge. N. C. Palmer's, Carter's and Ruger's Divisions. LTnion
80 killed, 421 woimded, 600 missing. Confed. 1,500 killed, wounded and missing.
16. — Averysboro', N. C. Twentieth Corps and Kilpatrick's Cav. Union 77 killed,
477 wounded. Confed. 108 killed, .540 wounded, 217 missing.

19 to 21. — BentonviUe, N. C. Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Seventeenth and Twentieth
Corps, and Kilpatrick's Cav. Union 191 killed, 1,168 wounded, 287 missing. Con-
fed. 267 kUled, 1,200 wounded, l,62rj miasing.

20 to April 6. — Stoneman's Raid into Southwestern Va. and North Carolina. Pal-
mer's, Browns and Miller's Cavalry Brigades.

22 to April 24— "Wilson's Raid, Chickasaw, Ala., to Macon, Ga. Union 63 killed,
345 wounded, 63 mlsiing. Confed 22 killed, 38 wounded, 6.766 prisoners.

25. — Fort Steadman, in front of Petersburg, Va. 1st and 3d Divisions Ninth Corps.
Union 68 killed 337 woimded. 506 missing, Confed. 800 killed and wounded, 1,881
missing, assault of the Second and Sixth Corps. Union 103 killed, 864 wounded,
209 missing. Confed. 834 captured.

26 to April 9.— Siege of Mobile, Ala., including Spanish Fort and Port Blakely.
Thirteenth and Sixteenth Corps and U. S. Navy. Union 213 killed, 1,211
wounded. Confed. 500 killed and wounded, 2,952 missing and captured.

29.— Quaker Road. Va. "Warren's Fifth Corps and Griffin's 1st Division, Armv of the

Potomac. Union 55 killed, 306 wounded. Confed. 135 killed, 400 wounded, 100

31.— Boydton and "White Oak Roads, Va. Second and Fifth Corps. Union 177

killed, 1,134 wounded, 5.56 missing. Confed. 1,000 wounded, 235 missing.
— Dinwiddle C. H., Va. 1st, 2d and 3d Cavalry Divisions Army of the Potomac.

Union 67 killed, 354 wounded. Confed. 400 kiUed and wounded.

APRIL 1.— Five Forks, Va. 1st, 2d and 3cl Cavalry Divisions and Fifth Corps. Union 134
killed, 'iOO wounded. Coufed. 3,000 killed and wounded, .5,.500 captured.
2.— Fall of Petersburg, Va. Second, Sixth, Ninth and Twenty-fourth Corps.

Union 296 killed, 2,565 wounded, 500 missing. Confed. 3,000 prisoners.
3. — Namozin Church and Willicomack, Va. Custer's Cavalry. Union 10 killed, 85

3. — Fall of Richmond, Va. Confed. 6,000 prisoners, of whom 5,000 were sick and
5. — Amelia Springs, Va. Crook,s Cav. Union 20 killed^ 96 wounded.
6. — Sailor's Creek, Va. Second and Sixth Corps and Sheridan's Cav. Union 166
killed, 1,014 wounded. Confed. 1,000 kiUed and wounded, 6,000 prisoners.
— Iligh Bridge, Appomattox River, Va. Portion of Twenty-fourth Corp.s. Union
10 killeil, 31 wounded, 1,000 missing and captured.
7. — Farmville, Va. Second Corps. Union 655 killed and wounded.
8 and 9. — Appomattox C. H., Va. Twenty-fourth Corps, one Division of the
Twenty-fifth Corps and Sheridan's Cav. Union 200 killed and wounded. Confed.
500 killed.
9. — Lee surrendered to the Armies of the Potomac and James. Major-General U.

S. Grrant. Confed. 26,000 prisoners.
17. — Surrender of Mosby to Major General Hancock. Confed. 700 prisoners.
26. — Johnson surrendered to the Armies of the Tennessee, Georgia and Ohio ; Major-
General \Y. T. Sherman. Confed. 29,924 prisoners.
MAY 10. — Capture of Jefferson Davis at Irwinsville, Ga. 1st Wis. and 4th Mich. Cav.
Union 2 killed, 4 wouuded, caused by the pursuing parties flrmg into each other.
Tallahassee, Fla. Surrender of Sam Jones' Command to Detachment of Wilson's
Cav. ; Major-General McCook. Confed. 8,000 prisoners.
11. — Chalk Bluff, Ark. Sui-render of Jeff Thompson's Command to forces under

General Dodge. Confed. 7,4.54 urisoners.
13.— Palmetto Ranche, Tex. 34th Ind. 62d U. S. Colored and 2d Tex. Cav. Union

118 killed and wounded.
26. — Surrender of Kirby Smith to Major-General Canby's Command. Confed.
20,000 prisoners.

Note. — This list does not include all, or nearly all, of the encounters between forces of
combatants during the war, and many omissions will doubtless be noted ; but it was all we
could succeed in verifying up to the time of going to press, as far as the organizations
engaged are concerned and the result of the engagement.



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46th Pennsylvania Infantry, James A. Shipp, Shamokin, Pa.

49th Pennsylvania Infantry, Rev. I. Newton Ritter, 2026 North 21st street, Philadelphia, Pa.

53d Pennsylvania infantry, A. B. Mann, Condersport, Pa.

56th Pennsylvania Infantry, J. M. Stoever, Chester, Pa.

57th Pennsylvania Infantry, D. W. Gore, Cheshequin, Pa.

61st Pennsylvania Infantry, David Ginther, 506 Walnut street, Philadelphia, Pa.

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