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Souvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year online

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Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 3 of 29)
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Secretary, will gather around the First Corps platform in Reynold's Grove. Comrade and
Captain Levi E Pond will then transfer the Monuments to the Governor of Wisconsin, Gen-
eral Jeremiah M. Rusk, who will formally accept them in the name of the State. The
Oration, by United States Senator John C. Spooner will follow. At its conclusion the
Memorial Stones will be presented to and accepted by the Battlefield Memorial Association.
Short addresses will be made by General Lucius Fairchild, General R. R. Dawes of Ohio,
Colonel W. W. Dudley of Indiana, and other prominent officers. Other exercises will
follow at each of the regimental stations. The following were appointed as the Commission
to erect the Monuments by Governor Rusk: 2d Regiment, General Lucius Fairchild, Madison ;
Captain Henry B. Harshaw, Oshkosh; Henry Sanford, Manitowoc. 3d Regiment, Colone^
G. W. Stevenson, Wiota; Colonel Warham Parks, Oconomowoc; Herman Buchner, Lancas_
ter. 5th Regiment, General T. S. Allen, Oshkosh; Captain Henry Curran, Stevens Point;
Frank E. Pease, Menominee. 6th Regiment, General E. M. Rogers, Viroqua; Captain J. H.
Marston, Appleton; Lieutenant H. J. Huntington, Green Bay. 7th Regiment, General H.
Richardson, Chippewa Falls; Captain L. E. Pond, Westfield; Captain M. C. Hobart, Fall
River; 20th Regiment, General F. C. Winkler, Major George P. Traemur, Captain William
Sleinmever, Milwaukee. Company G, Berdan's 1st Regiment, United States Sharpshoot-
ers, Sergeant J. S. Webster, Madison; J. K. Hawes, Baraboo; C. W. Baker, Soldiers' Grove.
Lieutenant H. J. Huntington was made Secretary of the Commission. It is expected that at
the regimental exercises Colonel H. B. Harshaw, 2d Regiment, will speak ; also Colonel G.
W. Stevenson, 3d Regiment; General T. S. Allen, 5th Regiment; Judge H. J. Huntington and
General R. R. Dawes, 6th Regiment; Alexander Hughes of Bismarck, D. T. ; General H. Rich-
ardson, 7th Regiment; General F. C. Winckler of the 2Cth Regiment, and Captain F. E. Mar-
ble of Company I, 1st Regiment of Sharpshooters. The excursion party from Wisconsin will
number 200, including all the State officials.

New Jersey always was a patriotic State, and this year she steps to the front again, in-
viting every soldier who fought at Gottystmrg, now residing in the State, to take a trip to
the scene of that great conflict at her expense. The dedication of all the Monuments to New
Jersey trooDS who pai'ticipatcd iu the battle will take place on June oO. Trains will leave
Pennsylvania Railroad depot at Jersey City on the morning of Friday, June 2U, at 9 o'clock,
stopping at the principal stations between Jersey City and Trenton, and at Philadelphia, and
running through to Gettysburg without change. Subsistence and quarters in tents will be
furnished at Gettysburg, by the Quartermai-;ter-General. The New Jersey trains returning
will leave Gettysburg. Saturday evening, June ?>0, but soldiers will be at libertv to return on
any regular tain within the limit of time expressed on their tickets. The Commission, com-
posed of Robert S. Green, Governor; William S. Stryker, Adjutant-General; Edward J. An-
derson, Comptroller-, James N. Duffy, Newark ; Gottfried Krueger, Newark ; William H.

Corbin, Elizabeth, thoroughly satisfied that it would be impossible to carry out the pro-
gramme incident to such a dedication as is proposed, on either July 2 or 3, the anniversary
of the battle, fixed upon a date prior to the anniversary for the dedication of the State Mon-
uments, and have named a day that will he specially appropriated to the soldiers of New
Jersey. The encampment will be pitched on the historic wheat field, and after a brief
sojourn in the tents on the morning of June 80, the procession will form at 9 a. M., and move
to the site of the Brigade Monument on the north slope of Little Round Top, where the dedi-
catory exercises will be held. The Oration will be delivered by the Governor, Hon. Robert
B. Green ; Colonel James N. Duffy, Chairman of the Monument Commission, will also make
an address. The procession will then move to the site of the Monuments erected to the 5th,

■^t^f^®'^#'4^:: ; '^"'';-t6jr;-y^;x|^|^^^v

6th, 7th, 8th (Hooker's Old Guard), 11th and 12th Regiments of Infantry and Battery A of
the Artillery; brief remarks by a surviving officer of each of the commands will be included
in the exercises. The formal programme was not completed in time for this publication.

96th Pennsylvania Infantry will dedicate their Monument on June 21. The President
of the Veteran Association is Samuel R. Russell, and the Secretary, John A. Schweer. This
command was composed of sturdy mniers from Schuykill, Dauphin, Berks, Luzerne and
Montgomery Counties. It was mustered in at Pottsville in 18(51. Rev. Dr. Powers of Potts-
ville, will open the exercises with prayer ; Colonel Henry Royer is the Orator of the occasion,
and the music will be furnished by the Grand Army Band and Choir of St. James Church,

76th New York Infantry will reach Gettysburg on the morning of June 30. At 10 a. m.
sharp the party will assemble around the base of the Monument. The old Drum Corps, or as
many as they can get there, will then beat the " Assembly," and after prayer, singing by a
Glee Club, and addresses by|Benjamin F. Taylor and A. P. Smith, the Monument will be
transferred to the Battlefield Memorial Association. Between 200 and MOO per.sons will be in
the party, which will leave Cortland, N. Y., on the 29th of June under the following officers:
President, Benjamin F. Taylor, Cortland; Vice-Presidents — Dr. William J. Burr, Newark
Valley; Charles H. Smith, Washington, D. C. ; Ira C. Potter, Utica; Secretary, A. P. Smith,
Cortland; Treasurer, William H. Myers, Cortland. Executive Committee — Major Aaron

Sager, David C. Beers, Norman G. Harmon, all of Cortland. This regiment mustered in at
Albany in January-, 1862, and was recruited from Albany, Otsego and Cortland Counties.
Its record is : Rappahannock Station, Warrcnton, Gainesville, Bull Run (1^^G2), South Moun-
tain, Antietam, Upperville, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg and Mine Run.


The Society of the First Corps will meet on the spot where General Reynolds fell
and will commence the celebration of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Battle of Gettys-,
burg on July 1 by interesting exercises in commemoration of their renowned chieftain. It was
intended to have commenced these exercises at 1 p. ii., but that being in the heat of the day
and too early for those who leave New York and Philadelphia by the first trains the exer-
cises will be deferred a little as an act of courtesy to intenaed participants. The arrange-
ments have been left entirely in the hands of the Historian of the Corps, Mr. J . H. Stine of
Washington, and he reports the following as the programme — except one Confederate
speaker, that may not be filled : Presiding Ofl^cer, Major E. P. Halstead ; Address of Wel-
come, Governor James A. Beaver of Pennsylvania ; Response, General Abner Doubleday ;
Addresses by War Governor A. G. Curtin of Pennsylvania, Austin Blair of Michigan, Fred-
erick Holbrooke of Vermont, S. J. Kirkwood of Iowa, J. Gregory Smith of Vermont, Fred-
erick Smythe of New Hampshire and William Sprague of Rhode Island. Addresses by
General John C. Robinson, General James Longstreet, General Lucius Fairchild, General J.
H. Stine, Historian First Corps, General James A. Hall, General Joseph Dickinson and Gen-
eral J. P. Rea, Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic. Music will en-
liven the proceedings at intervals. The officers of the Society of the First Corps are : E. P.
Halstead, President, Washington, D. C. ; Charles E. Coon, Vice-President, New York City ;
Charles E. Phelps, Vice-President, Baltimore, Md. : Patrick De Lacy, Vice-President, Scran-
ton, Pa. ; John A. Reynolds, Vice-President, Rochester, N. Y. ; Abram Merritt, Correspond-
ing Secretary, Nyack, N. Y. (deceased); James M. Andrews, Jr., Recording Secretary,
Saratoga, N. Y. ; Walter J. Gibson, Treasurer, Buffalo, N. Y. ; J. H. Stine, Historian, 323 C
Street, S. E., Washington, D. C.

54th New York Infantry will j^lant their old battle flag in the position occupied by
them on July 1, and the Color Sergeant who rescued it on that day will again bear it — Ser-
geant Will C. Smith. Seventy-five persons will constitute the party that will leave this city
to dedicate the Monument on Sunday, the first day of the Re-Union. The Committee of Ar-
rangements are Captain WiUlam Townsend, Chairman; Sergeant Will C. Smith, Secretary ;
Sergeant P. Bellburg, Treasurer. The veterans of the 54th will leave New York on June 30,
and among them will be the Theodore Koerner Liedertafel, which was organized September
17, 18G3, when the regiment was stationed on Folly Island, S. C. The living members of the
Liedertafel who will go to Gettysburg to dedicate the Monument are : Jacob Meinzer, Presi-
dent; Ludwig Meister, Vice-President; F. Prengkowitz, Corresponding Secretary ; C. Wan-
genstein, Treasurer; William Braumann, Musical Director; Fritz Angersbach, Adam Becker.
Charles Berger, John Doscher, August Durholz, Theodore Frost, Henry Heutschel, Martin
Hofer. Christian Hettenbach, Charles Hohle, Wilhelm Holzschuh, Adam Iselhardt, Adolph
Konig, Freidrich Loffler, Martin Mink, Richard Nicolai, Peter Oschman, Fritz Schafer,
George Schwim, George Stock, George Wack and Fritz Weimer. At the dedicatory services
the programme will be: Prayer; Singing, "Nachtlied der Krieger," by Wreide, Koerner
Liedertafel : Addresses by Colonel Bankson T. Morgan, Colonel George F. Hopper, Captain
W. Townsend, Captain Ed. Vv ertheimer and Samuel Minne& ; Original Poem, " TheMufHed
Drum," Colonel Samuel S. Wood, Jr. ; Singing, "Wachtfeur," by Kern, Koerner Liedertafel;
Penediction. The 54tb was raised i» J^ew York City, and was mustered in during October,

1861 ; it bears the following record : Cross Keys, Freeman's Ford, Bull Run (1863), Chancel-
lorsville, Waterloo Bridge, Cedar Mountain, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, Sulphur


SOth New York Infantry (Garibaldi Guards) intend to dedicate their Monument on Sun-
lay, July 1, some fifty of the survivors of the old command participating in the exercises.
The programme will include instrumental and vocal music and an oration by Captain Frank
M. Clark of New York City. The regiment, recruited in New .York City, was mustered in
May, ISGl, and fou";ht at Bull Run, Cross Keys, Gettysburg, North Anna, Bristow Station,
Po R,iver, Mine Run, Spottsylvauia, Wilaerness, Tolopotomy. Cold Harbor, Petersburg and
Deep Bottom. The officers of the Veterans' Association are A. E. Seifert, President ; John
H. Erben, Vice-President ; Charles Hoffmann, Treasurer; Richard Marschall, Secretary.

97th New Y''ork Infantry (Cuakliag Rifles) will dedicate their Monument on July 1, the
" Social Union" of its veterans taking charge of the exercises. The Company, over 200 strong,
will leave Utica on June 30. Had the lamented ex-Senator Conkling lived, after whom the
regiment was named, he would have been the Orator of the Day. Now, Mr. H. E. Turner of
Lowville will take his place. The officers of the "Social Union" are C. D. Fenton, President ; Dr.
George S. Little, Vice-President; Arch B. Snow, Secretary; John Peattie, Isaac Hull, C. D.
Collins, Executive Committee. The regiment was recruited in Oneida, Herkimer, Lewis,
Fulton and Hamilton Counties, and its battle roll incliided Cedar Mountain, Bull Run (1862),

€hantilly, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Wilderness,
Spottsylvania, North Anna, Tolopotomy, Bethesda Church. The order of exercises at the
dedication will bo prayer, Rev. J. V. Ferguson, late Chaplain of the regiment; Introductory
remarks by Dr. George S. Little, M. D., of Brooklyn, late Surgeon of the Regiment,
and now President of the Regimental Veterans; Reminiscences of the Battle, by Brevet-
Major Isaac Hall of Leyden, N. Y. ; Poem, Captain John E. Norcross, late United States
Volunteers, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Address, H. E. Turner, Esq., Lowville, N. Y. ; Benediction
by the Chaplain. Members of the Monument Committee : George S. Little, ex-officio ; Major
Isaac Hall, Chairman; Captains A. B. Snow, Secretary; G. M. Palmer, C. D. Fenton, Fi-ank
Favill. Sergeant W. B. Chambers, Captains J. V. Furgeson, C. D. Collins, Lieutenant;
John T. Comstock, John Peattie and R. B. Maxfield, Esq.

134th New York Infantry will take a party 400 strong from Schenectady to dedicate
their Monument on July 1. The Mayor and Common Council of that city and the Board of
County Supervisors will accompany the Veterans , the SOth Separate Company of the Na
tional Guard acting as escort. The addresses at the dedication will be made by Hon. H.
Low Barhyat and Hon. A. A. Yates. Charles Griffin is President of the Regimental Organ-
ization, A. G. McMullin of the Local Association, and Henry Y. Bradt is Secretary of both.
The regiment was recruited in Schoharie and Schenectady Counties, mustered in during Sep-
tember, 1803, and started for the front on the 25th of that month. Its battle record is Chancel-
lorsville, Gettysburg, Mission Ridge, Knoxville, Atlanta, Resaca, Dallas, Pine Knob, Lost Moun-
tain, Pine Tree Creek, Savannah and Goldsboro. The following history of the colors of this
regiment is furnished by a comrade : The colors of the 134th were presented at New York
City by Governor Horatio Seymour, in behalf of the State of New York, and were carried
by the regiment through all its skirmishes, battles and marches. At Gettysburg they were car-
ried by Sergeants Carroll and Seaman. Sergeant Seaman received a severe wound from a min-
nie ball in the right arm, and was unable to bring the regimental colors from the field. At this
critical moment Carroll seized both colors , and started for the Cemetery Heights, where the Corps
had retired and were taking position, but had not proceeded far before he received three
severe wounds, which laid him prostrate. The Confederates were close behind and bent upon
obtaining the colors, but they were foiled. A gallant officer seized the National colors and
bore them off, and Sergeant Carroll tore the State color from its staff, and wound it round
his body underneath his clothing, where he kept it for four days, during which time he was a
prisonor. and at the expiration of which he returned them to the regiment. For this act of
gallantry Sergeant Carroll received the thanks of the commanding General, and also the
thanks of the entire regiment. Both Color Sergeants being now disabled, new ones were ap-
pointed in the persons of Sergeants Bradt and Rosa. The last named was killed at the Battle
of Peach Tree Creek, Ga., and his place filled by Sergeant Mickle. At the Siege of Savannah,
Ga. , Sergeant Bradt was severely wounded, and Sergeant Dey was appointed to the vacancy.
By these Sergeants they were carried through the campaign of the Carolinas and in the grand
review at Washington, at which latter place they were cheered along the whola line of march.
They were brought to Albany and deposited in the Hall of Military Records, where they
remain as lasting mementos of the bravery and patriotism of the sons of Schenectady and

147th New York Infantry proposes to dedicate its Monument at the Railroad Cut, on
July 1 at 10 o'clock in the morning. This was the hour in which they were most busily
engaged in 1863, twenty- five years before. The dedication service will consist of the raading
of a " History of the Regiment During the Battle," by Surgeon A. S. Coe, and an Oration,
by General J. Volney Pierce of Walnut, Kan., formerly a Captain |in the 147th. About
seventy-five persons will participate in the services, among whom will be General J. Volney
Pierce, Surgeon A. S. Coe, Major N. A. Wright, Captain James McKinley, Captain A. R. Pen-
field, Walnut, Kan.; Amos AUport, Oswego; John S. Coe, Scriba ; Lieutenant P. J. Brown
(Capitol), Albany; Captain E. D. Parker, Auburn ; Lieutenant W. R. Potts, Williamstown;
Lieutenant J. F. Box, Burns Parkhurst, Elisha Burr, Pulaski ; H. H. Cole, Lacona ; Dr-
Crockett, Sandy Creek ; Colonel George Hugmuir, Captain* William GiUett, Syracuse, and
H. H. Lyman, Oswego, N. Y.

GREENE'S BRIGADE, Geary's Division, Slocum's Corps {2d Division 12th Corps) Aviil
have their Re-Union on Gulp's Hill, the extreme right of the line, at 11 a. m. on July 2, immedi-
ately after the dedication of the regimental Monuments. Major-General Henry W. Slocura
and Brigadier-General George S. Greene will speak, and poems, addresses and singing will
be interspersed in the exercises.

60th New York Infantry was organized in October, 1861, in St. Lawrence County, and
fought at Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Pea (Vine Creek,
Ringgold, Atlanta, Resaca, Mount Hope Church and Peach Tree Creek.

78th New York Infantry, recruited in Erie, Monroe, Steuben, Niagara and Oneida Coun-
ties, was organized in New York City in the fall of 1861, and served in the following battles :
Harper's Ferry, Chantilly, South IMountain, Antietam, Winchester, Chancellorsville, Gettys-
burg, Wauhatchie, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Pea Vine Creek, Ringgold, Mill Creek
Gap{Dalton), Resaca, Cassville, New Hope Church (Dallas), Pine Mountain, Gulp's Farm.
This regiment was consolidated with the 102d New York Infantry, Veteran Volunteers, in
July, 18C4, and the two regiments will join in the dedication of one Monument on July 2, at
10 A. M.

. /. ./•

102d New York Infantry, recruited in Brooklyn and New York City during the summer
and fall of 1861, was mustered into service in April, 1862, and fought at Harpers Ferry,
Cedar Mountain, Chantilly, South Mountain, Antietam, Winchester, Chancellorsville, Get-
tysburg, Wauhatchie, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Pea Vine Creek, Ringgold, Mill
€reek Gap (Dalton), Resaca, Cassville, New Hope Church (Dallas), Pine Mountain, Gulp's

Farm, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Savannah, Bentonsville and Gordonsville. At Gettysburg
Captain Lewis R. SStegman took command when Colonel James C. Lane was wounded. The
loss of the regiment during the engagement was 32 out of a total of 13.-). The joint Monument of
this and the TSth Regiment will be dedicated at ten o'clock on the morning of July 2. The
services will take place on Culp's Hill as follows : Delivery of Monument, by builder and de-
signers; Reception of Monument, by Committee of Regiments; Unveiling; Anthem, " Amer
ica;" Poem, Colonel Juan Lewis; Reading of the Official Reports of the two Regiments as
written immediately after the battle; Oration, Major-General Henry W. Slocum; Anthem,
" Star Spangled Banner;" Delivery of Monument to the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial As-
sociation ; Response.

137th Nev,' York Ticfantiiy mustered into service in September, ISd;:
1 urg and Lvtt ilouiilain.

Fought at Gettys-

Battery D, 1st New York Light Artillery, will dedicate its Monument on July 2
The Orator of the Day will be C'aptain Thomas W. Osborn of New York City, and the Poet, Mr.
G. S. Conger of Gouverneur, St. Lawrence County, N. Y. This battery was commanded by
Captain T. W. Osborn; when promoted Major, Captain George Winslow succeeded him.
Captain Winslow, who has answered the last "roll call,'' was wounded in the Wilderness,
and Lieutenant L. J. Richardson, now Superintendent of the Cortland Water Works, took
command, and though subsequently succeeded by Captain A. Matterson, on the promotion of
the latter Lieutenant Richardson was again the Battery Commander and held the position
until the war was over.

fiSD New York Infantry (Anderson Zouaves). Organized in the City of New Yoik in
18t)l, they first felt the enemy at Yorktown, and were subsequently engaged at "Williams-
burg, Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Antietam, Salem Heights, Fredericksburg, Marye's Heights,
Opequan, Cedar Creek, Gettysburg, Rappahannock Station, Fisher's Hill, Petersburg, "Wil-
derness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor and Fort Stevens. The survivors expect to dedicate
their Monument on July 2. The Committeemen are: Colonel T. B. Hamilton, Chairman; H.
"W. Lawrence, Secretaiy; Louis Hoer, Treasurer; Captain Edward Brown, George R. Patter-
son, Lyman Upson, Major "William Baker and James R. Evans. It is proiDosed that the
trip to Gettysburg shall take somewhat of a military character — the ex-members placing them-
selves as near as possible under command of their old line officers. Colonel T. B. Hamilton
having supreme control to leave New York on Sunday Night, July 1, and arriving at Gettys-
burg, if possible, to camp on the ground they occupied twenty-five years ago. The dedica-
tion of the Monument to take place on the afternaon of the 2d, when the order of exercises
will be as follows : Reveille, by Trumpeter; Roll Call (on the battlefield), by Acting-
Adjutant; Prayer, by Chaplain, Rev. Charles Travis; Unveiling of Monument, by Colone,
T, B. Hamilton; Poem, by H. "W. Lawrence; Oration, by Hon. Edward Browne; Short
Speeches, by Comrades of the Regiment; Benediction, by Chaplain; Tattoo, by Trumpeter;
Taps, by Trumpeter; " Farewell " (Lost Chord), by Trumpeter. "We expect the following
survivors of the regiment will participate in the excursion : Colonol T. B. Hamilton, Major
"William Baker, Captain "William Ackerman, Captain George Moser, Captain Jacob Duryee
Lieutenant Thomas Judge, Lieutenant "W. Stewart, George R. Patterson, "William Jones
Louis Heuer, "W. H. Foster, Charles Morse, James R. Evans, P. Sheilds, H. W. Lawrence,
Edward Browne, William Brady, W. Montgomery, F. Miner, James E. Gill, R. P. "Wheeler,
Daniel Skidmore, T. J. Wilson, Lyman Upson, George Howe, James Huested, William Van-
devoort, Andrew Monroe, Janes McDowell, John Perine, N. Bancroft, Daniel Ames, Ed-
ward Willis, T. G. Hall, Edward Tracy, W. Harnden, Joseph Wright, William Barnett, W.
A. Sharpe, P. McCune, William Dinan, James Boyle, James E. Moore, J. H. Brown, Wil-
liam Gunn, Daniel Mulligan, August Schaffer, Martin Bergen, Chris Daley, Charles Shef-
field, Martin Schenck, Peter Sherer, James A. White, George W. Faulkner, L. Gaffney,
George Kelly, William Lewis, Christopher Miller, Daniel Mullen, Robert Davis, Edward
Daley and Thomas Brady

64th New York Infantry will dedicate their Monument on July 2. The Veteran Associa
tion held a meeting in January last to raise a fund to pay the expenses of all the survivors of
the regiment, who might otherwise be imable to go, in order that every living member of the
old command should once more visit the scene of the ever memorable conflict. The officers
of the Association are : Surgeon George W. Barr, Chairman ; Rodney R. Crowley, Secretary.
Committee of Arrangements, O. H. Willard, R. R. Crowley, George W. Barr, W. W. Henry,
W. A. Day, Colonel WiUiam Glenny, F. C. Jones. This regiment was mustered in at Elmira
in December, 1861, from Alleghany, Cattaraugas, Chatauqua, Tioga and Tompkins Counties,
and was engaged at Yorktown, Fair Oaks, Gaines' Mill, Savage Station, Peach Orchard,
White Oak Swamp, Glendale, Malvern Hill, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville,
Gettysburg, Brandy Station, Mine Run, Wilderness, Po River, Spottsylvania, North Anna,
Tolopotomy, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Strawberry Plain, Deep Bottom and Reams.

5th New York Cavalry will dedicate their Monument on July 3. General Hammond,
Lieutenant-Colonel James A. Penfield, Major S. B. Ryder, Colonel A. H. White and Captain
C. M. Pease, who located the site last year, will all take part in the exercises. The regiment
was recruited in New York, Kings, Alleghany, Tioga, Wyoming, Essex and Greene Counties.
Mustered into service on Staten Island on October 1, 1S61, it participated in the battles at
BuU Run, Yorktown, Hanover C. H., Mechanicsville, Gaines' Mill, Peach Orchard, Savage
Station, White Oak Swamp, Glendale, Malvern Hill, Bull Run (1862), Antietam, Fredericks-
burg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. Among the survivors who will participate in the
services on the Battlefield will be: General John Hammond, Crown Point, N. Y. ; Colonel A
H. White, Detroit, Mich.; Lieutenant-Colonel James A. Penfield, Boston, Mass; Lieutenant-
Colonel E, J, Barker, Sergeant H. Underbill, Crown Point, N. Y. ; Lieutenant A. S. Thomp-

son, Rawson, N. Y. ; Captain Dickinson, Portsville, N. Y. ; Lieutenant E. D. Toller, Attica,
X Y. ; Captain W. D. T.r.cas, Des Moines, Iowa; Major S. L. Abbott, Lexington, Mississippi;
Majoi- A. H. Krone, Candor, N. Y. ; Lieutenant Mat Straiglit, Franklmville, N. Y. ; Captain
E. B. Geere, Owego, N. Y. ; Lieutenant D. B. Merriman, Eau Claire, Wis. ; Captain S. B

Online LibraryJohn TregaskisSouvenir of the re-union of the blue and the gray, on the battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, 3 and 4, 1888. How to get there, and what is to be done during the year → online text (page 3 of 29)