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An alphabetical dictionary of coats of arms belonging to families in Great Britain and Ireland; forming an extensive ordinary of British armorials; upon an entirely new plan .. (Volume 2) online

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Online LibraryJohn W. (John Woody) PapworthAn alphabetical dictionary of coats of arms belonging to families in Great Britain and Ireland; forming an extensive ordinary of British armorials; upon an entirely new plan .. (Volume 2) → online text (page 1 of 116)
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Coats of 9lrms^tU^AK^ i

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VOL. n.

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All riiihts resh'veU

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Sa. a clock or. Company of Clockmakers.
CLOSET see Bar

Gu. a cloud as a chief nebuly az. and arg. with
thirteen rays alternately plain and wavy de-
scending palewise or. Lesune, 7/ar/.. il/S. il90.

Ou. a cl6u<l ppr. with nine rays alternately wavy
and plniu descending palewise or. Leeson,
qnarteiiug Stotesbnry, Hurl. MS. 1184. Eut
cluvca rays, Harl MS. 101)4.

Gu. a cloud as a chief nebuly arg. with seven rays
or. Leesois, quartering (Shottesbery, Harl.MS.
1188, in error for) Stottesbery 1187, 1553;
Sulgrave, co. Northampton. The chief or.
Stotesbhry, Sulgrave (in error).

Per chief arg. and gu. a cloud on the chief line
with rays ppr. Leeson, Baron Russborough
1756, Viscount 1700, Earl of Miltown 170:].
Leson, CO. Northampton. Lesone, WheatBeld,
and Soulgiave, co. Northampton.

Per chief txz. and gu. a cloud thi'oughout on the
bottom line of the chief arg. with seven rays
alternately wavy and plain descending palewise
or. ihoiuM.> Lysons, 1713, in church at Henip-
sted ; Bigland, Gloucestershire, ii, 07.

Az. (another, gu.) three clouds ppr. radiated in

base or each surmounted with a triple crown

or the cap gu. Company of Drapers.

CLUB see Staff

COCKATRICE see Monster COLOURS see Banner

COLUMN see Pillar COLUMBINE see Flower

Sa. a comb arg. on a lock of golden hair. Bloud.


Az. two combs in fess betw. a broken lance bar-
wise (another bendwise) or one piece in chief
the head to the dexter the other half bendwise
toward the dexter base point. Lombe.

Sa. two fifiTombs in pale arg. Bromle, V ;
Cotton iMS. Tiberius D 10.


(? Arg.) three (thatcher's rakes, V*) flaxeomhs
(? sa.). Bromle, V. Zakesley, V*.

Arg. three wool cards (working cards, V) sa. the
back pai ts outward. Laynne, V.

Sa. three combs in fess arg. Tunstall, Aga-
ooraho, Surrey.

Sa. three combs arg. Tunstall, Cotham,Munde-
ville, Auckland, Houghton, Long Newton, and
Sunderland, CO. Durham; Newcastle-on-Tyne;
Thurland, co. Lancaster; Ketteriggs, West-
moreland : and Cleasby, co. York. Cuthbert
TuNSTALr,. Bishop of London 15'2'2, Durham
1530-59. Sr. Thomas Tunstall, Kendall, V.
:\r. Thomas Tunstall, S; T ; X.

Sa. three wool combs arg. Bromley.

Sa. three currycombs arg. garnished or. Harmond,
Taynton, co. Oxford.

Sa. three combs or. Dunston, Kendal, West-
moreland. Tunstall, co. York. Cuthbert
_ TrNSTALL,Bishop of London 1522, Durhaml530.

Sa. three wool combs (working cards, V) the
teeth outwards or. Cardington, V.

Sa. three wool combs or the teeth arg. Bromley
or Brojilevgh.

COMET see Estoile

COMPASSES and in base

Arg. a pair of compasses extended and in base an
annulet sa. Hadley, V.


Az. three pair of compasses extended or pointed sa.

Per chev. crenelly or and sa. three pair of com-
passes extended counterchanged. Cartwright,
Ilarl. MS. 21^)1 Jo. 107 b.

3 CONES and in chief

Sa. three cones (i. e. sugarloaves) arg. in chief a
doctor's cap .... Sugar; Collinson, Somer-
set, iii, 401.

CONEY see Hare CONGER-EEL see Eel

CORONEL see Head of Spear

CORONET including Crown

(For Crowned Hearts see Heart)

.... a coronet .... Halsted, Essex.
... a ducal coronet entiled by two arrows in sal-
tire .... Town of SouTHWOLD, Suffolk.

Az. a coronet enfiled by (two, another) three
arrows in saltire or. Benedictine Monastery
at Bedericsworth Edmundestow or St.
Edmundsbury, Suffolk.

Gu. a royal crown or. M'Alpin, Scotland ; quar-
tering or a fir-tree growing out of a mount in
base vert, with arg. a dexter hand couped fess-
wise gu. holding a dagger in pale az. hilt and
pomel or, and or a lion ramp. gu. Macalpin,
Scotland; quartering or an oak-tree eradicated
vert, with arg. a dexter hand fesswise holding
a crosslet fitchy gu., and or a lion ramp. gu.

Gu. a coronet or ensigned by a demi-swan with-
out wings arg. from the mouth a scroll com-
passing the neck in form of a rein sa. Buckhill.

Or an imperial crown gu. PiOBINSon, co. Hertford.

Or a crown sa, garnished gold. Bellingham.

Per pale az. and arg. a ducal crown counter-
changed. Mundell, Scotland.

Per pale or and gu. the regalia sa. Mandeville,
Earl of Essex.

Arg. a coronet enfiled by a crosier. . . . Cistercian
Abbey at Beauliexi, co. Hants.

CORONET and in chief

on a Chief
Gu. a regal crown ppr. on a chief arg. a cross of

the first. Miijtary Soclety.
Per chev. sa. and arg. in base a (crown, some-
times a) ducal coronet .... inchief two (some-
times pierced) mullets silver. Augustinian
Priory of St. Gregory at Canterbury.
.'\z. a royal crown gold in chief a quarter gyronny
of eight or and sa. on the sinister side tliree
dexter hands couped fesswise each holding a
bunch of ari'ows ppr. Maconochie, Meadow-
bank, CO. Edinburgh ; originally Campbell, In-
verawe, co. Argyll.

CORONET and in base ....
Per chief az. and arg. an imperial crown ensign-
ing a thistle vert flowered gu. Sandilands,
Ililderstoun, Scotland.
.... an antique ducal coronet .... in base the
word ' Eye.' Seal of the Town of Eye, Suffolk.
.... a regal crown ensigned with a cherub's head
the wings expanded .... in base the word
' Defendamus.' Seal of the Town of Taunton.




CORONET betw. or within


Az. a naval crown within an orle of twelve anchors
or. Lendon ; granted 10 May 1658.

Or a mural crown gu. betw. two barrulets az. and
three wolf's heads erased sa. Seale, Mount
Boone, CO. Devon ; Baronetcy 1838.

Or a crown vallery gu. betw. three stags trippant
ppr. Rogers, Wrexham, co. Denbigh ; and
London, as quartered by Harrison.

Quarterly az. and gu. an imperial crown betw.
four lions ramp, in saltire (arg., another) or.
Habboed; Baronetcy 1745, Baron Sufiield
1786, quartering Morden.

Arg. a regal crown ppr. betw. two cocks in chief
and a lion's head erased in base gu. CocivBUKN,
Fulham ; quartering Vipount.

Arg. an imperial crown ensigning an ostrich
leather ppr. betw. three cocks gu. two and one.
CocRBUEN, quartering Vipount; as quartered
by Campbell.

Arg. a crown ppr. enfiled with a crosier in pale sa.
within a bordnresa.billety arg. Cistercian Abbey
at Beaulieu, CO. Hants. The bordure sa. be-
zanty. Abbey at BEVERLEY,co.York. Edrnondson.

Gu. a regal crown enfiled with a crosier in pale
or within a bordure sa. billetty of the second.
Cistercian Abbey at Beaulieu, co. Hants.

Quarterly arg. and gu. a coronet enfiled by a cro-
sier in pale .... within a bordure sa. bezanty.
Cistercian Abbey at Beuley or Beaulieu, co.


Or an imperial crown gu. supported by a sword
in pale az. hilted and pomelled of the first
betw. three crescents within a double tressure
ilory countertlory as the second. Seton, Ford-
ingbridge, co. Hants ; granted 1806 ; quarter-
ing arg. on a fess gu. three 5-foils of the first.
Seton, Barns, Scotland,

Az. a ducal coronet betw. three crosses croslet
fitchy or. Peaece, co. York. Peiese, Bedale,
CO. York.

Az. an imperial crown or betw. three stars arg.
within a double tressure flory counterfiory of
the second. Mueray, Baron Huntingdon and
Earl of Dysart 1643 and 1670.

Az. a prince's coronet betw. in chief two ostrich
feathers and in base a garb .... within a bor-
dure sa. bezanty. Borough of Evesham.

.... a crown supported on the point of a sword
erect .... betw. two flaunches .... each
charged with a faggot .... Company of

Go. an imperial crown within eight thistles in
orle or. (An augmentation to) Keith-FALCONER,
Baronies 1647, 1677, 1838; Eari of Kintore
1077; quartering Keith.

Heads (Beast) Leopard

Az. a mural crown betw. three leopard's faces
arg. Lyndon.

Sa. a mural coronet or betw. three leopard's heads
arg. Lyndon, Can'ickfergus, Ireland ; granted

CORONET betw. or within cont.

Heads cont. (Beast) Seal cont.
Az. a ducal coronet or betw. three seal's heads
• erased arg. Bueman, Stratford, co. Warwick.

Gu. a regal crown within a double tressure flory
counterfiory or. Eeskine, Cambo, co. Fife-;
Baronetcy 1821 ; quartering Erskine.
Gu. an imperial crown supported by a sword in
pale ppr. hilted and pomelled within a double
tressure flory counterflory or. ( Augmentation
to) Seton, Earl of Winton 1306-29.

CORONET betw, or within

and in chief....
.... a ducal coronet betw. in chief two mullets
and in base a crescent .... a canton ....
Mundell, Glasgow.
Az. a royal crown gold within a bordure gyronny
of eight or and sa. and in chief three dexter
hands couped fesswise each holding a bundle
of arrows ppr. Maconochie, Meadowbank,
CO. Edinburgh ; as chief of the name of Camp-
bell, Inverawe, co. Argyll.

CORONET betw. or within

and in base ....
Gu. an imperial crown within eight thistles in
orle or and in base a sword and sceptre saltire-
wise or. Keith-FALCoNER, Baronies 1647,
1677, 1838, Earl of Kintore 1677 ; quartering


Per fess arg. and gu. in chief a celestial crown
and glory in base out of a royal ■^rown or a
dexter arm surmounted by an escroU of the
first lettered ' Nantz' sa. holding a flaming
heart of the second. Beugo, quartering az.
on a rock a castle triple towered arg. masoned
sa. with a flag gu. in chief a royal crown or
and clouds of the second.

2 CORONETS and in base ....

Sa. in chief two coronets in base an annulet or
environing a crosier enwrapped by a snake
arg. Benedictine Abbey at Bahdney, co. Lin-

Az. in chief two ducal coronets in base a castle
triple towered or standing on waves in base ppr.
Company of Merchants, Exeter, 1586.

2 CORONETS betw. or within

and in base ....

Arg. two eastern crowns within a bordure engr.
gu. in base a sword bendwise across an oak-
tree out of a mount ppr. MACOiiEiiOK, Mid-
dlesex; Baronetcy ]8()6.


.... three crowns .... ( Seal of the) Freemasons
of the Grand Lodge of all England at York.

.... three crowns in pale .... Benedictine
Monastery at Athelney, co. Somerset; quar-
tering .... a cross formy througi:ont ....

Arg. three celestial crowns each ensigning a pas-
toral staff .... WORTHINGTON.

Arg. three ducal coronets az. Ceowner, V.
Arg. three ducal coronets gu. Dales or Dalles.




3 CORONETS cont.

Arg. three ducal coronets sa. garnished or.
BellinttHam. Billingham, V.

Az. three crowns or. King Arthur, Z, 277.
Benedictine Abbey at Bury Saint Edmunds,
Suffolk, U. Ynyr ap Cadvarek. Gwirid or
Gwvrde, Lord of Powys cc. 950 ; as quartered
by Mainwaring through Eyton. Convyn (or
Kynfin) H (Rdref, cc. 1();30, quartered by Eyton.
Inyk or Mymbyr, Lord of Hereford cc. 910.
St. EpiiuND. King Offa. Kingdom of Sweden.

Az. three! cii^wns or each pierced with two arrows
in saltire of the last. Benedictine Abbey (and
Town oi) Bedericsworth Edmundstow or
Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. Hugh de

Az. three crowns in pale or. Bleddin Ap Blettyns.
BEti Mawr, King of Britain cc. b.c. 80, as quar-
tered by Mainwaring through Eyton. Bowyn
or Bywyn cc. 800, filth in descent from Cadwail
Deirnluc, Prince of Powys, and ancestor of Tudor
Trevor. Severus ap Cadivor, cc. 950. Coele
GoDEBOc. Cadvarek ap Gwrgeneu cc. 900.
Town of Hull, co. York. Cynan Herdriffap
Gruff cr. 1100; quartered by Mainwaring
tlirough Eyton. CaradocapLLES-LLAWDDRAWCK,
a lineal descendant of Beli-Mawr.

Az. three luural crowns or. Luck.

Az. platy three ducal coronets or. Leigh, co.

Az. three crowns or in the centre a billet arg.
charged with a hurt for diff. Ley, co. Chester.

.... three crowns in pale .... Kingdom of
Ireland, C/iateers, Caledonia, i, 463.

Gu. three muial coronets arg. masoned sa.JouRD AN.

Gu. three coronets or. Gwyrid Kyhelyn Ap Iny'R.
Deanery and Bishopric of Ely (for St.
Ethelreda). Gwaeddgar or Gwathiawe cc.
809, and his son Gwrgenau or Gwrgeneu cc.
80O, sixth and seventh in descent from Cadwell
Deirnluc, Prince of Powys. Kingdom of
Ireland, or perhaps for Munster. (? Leek).
Saint Oswyn or Oswynde. Benedictine Abbey
at Tykemouth, Northumberland.

Gu. three crowns in pale or. King Arthur.
King SwEiN, Upton.

Gu. three coronets each enfiled by a key or. Ro-
bert Okfukd, Bishop of Ely 1303-10.

Gu. three (antique or) eastern crowns or. Grant,
That Ilk ; and Freuchie. Grant, Rothie-
murchus; quartering or a fess chequy az. and
arg. betw. three wolf's heads couped sa. and
Gordon, within a bordure wavy gold. Kingdom
of Munster ; Harl. MS. 4039.

Gu. three triple crowns or each issuing out of a
cloud shedding rays of the sun ppr. Company
of Drapers, London.

Or three crowns az. Ireland.

Or three ducal coronets gu. Priory of Augusti-
nian Canons at St. Osith's or Chich or
Chiche, Essex.

Sa. three mural crowns arg. Bootle.

Sa. throe crowns or. Lee, co. York.

Sa. three ducal coronets in pale or. Town of
Boston, co. Lincoln. Bishopric of Bristol.
Cityof BitisTOL. Abbey of S.Augustin at Bristol.

Vert three ducal coronets in fess or each
carrying n needle pendent arg. Company of
NEErrjijiiiKERs, London.

3 COEONETS and in chief. . . .

Gu. three ducal coronets or on a chief arg. as
many laui-el leaves vert. Baekenhead.

3 CORONETS and in chief.... cont.

Gu. three ducal coronets or on a chief of the last
as many (bay leaves, Birkenhead) laurel
leaves vert. Sir John Berkenhead, 1730.

3 CORONETS betw. or within


Az. three coronets or within a bordure arg. Lee,
Ladyhole, co. Derby ; tlie heiress m. Gresley.
Lee or Leigh, Abingdon, co. Berks; Leigh, co.
Chester; and co. Derby. Leghe, Adlington,
Harl. MS. 1404, fo. 12C. Leigh, Adhngton,
and Ilichmond, F; with in the centre a plate
for diff., V ; being the coat of Corona, Adling-
ton, whose heiress m. Legh. (Augmentation
1386 to) Robert de Vere, Marquis of Dublin
and Duke of Ireland ; Z, 178. Kingdom of
Ireland, Harl. BIS. 4032, fo. 42.

Gu. three eastern crov/ns or within a bordure
engr. arg. Grant.

Gu. three eastern crowns or within a bordure
chequy of the last and gu. Grant, Corrimony,
CO. Inverness. The bordure erm. Grant,
Monymusk, co. Aberdeen; Baronetcy 1705,
The bordure engr. or. Grant, Dalvey ; Baro-
netcy 1688.

Az. three coronets in pale or betw. four crosses
croslet fitchy arg. Burdon.

Az. three coronets or betw plates. Leigh,

CO. Chester.

3 CORONETS betw. or within

and in chief

Gu. three antique crowns or within a bordure
erm. on a canton arg. a demi-otter issuant from
a fess wavy sa. Grant, Preston Grange, Scot-
land. But the canton or a demi-otter ppr. Grant.
Gu. six crowns three two and one or. Clinton

or Cliton, the Saxon Earl of Winchester.
Gu. six ancient naval crowns or. Clyton, Fapon,

COTISE see Bendlet
Per pale dancetty (another indented) ai-g. (or
Harl. MS. 5179, 5848) and sa. on the sinister
side a coulter as the first. Steventon or
Stibenton, quartered by Fox, Harl. 3IS. 615,
1112, 1241, 1396, 1982, 1983, 1984, 6172 ; Add.
MS. 14314, 21017, 21022. But more like a
cutting tool, Harl. MS. OHO, fo. 14: Lansd.
MS. 255, fo. 5 ; Add. MS. 14314, fo. 75 ; 21025,
fo. 52-5. But no charse. Add. MS. 21021 , fo.l66.
COW see Ox
Az. three bouteroUs (,? blades of spades) or.
Becketon, F. Becueton. Becton,F*. Breeton.
Sa. three sword-chapes or. Adderton or Aderton,
CO. York.

CRAMP-IRON see Fleam

CRANE see Heron


.... a crescent enclosing a sixteen-pointed estoile

Town of Ilchester, co. Somerset.

Arg. a crescent az. Faringham Farneham or
Earn HAM, co. Stafford : Framham : Framsham,
CO. Warwick; and Sire Robert de Faknham, N,
CO. Stafford ; temp. Edward I, F,all quartering

az. a crescent arg.





Arg. a crescent gii. Boutvillen, Cumberland.
Deowell. Ddtton, quartering gu. a fret or.
Tatton, CO. Chester. Tattgn, Kenworthy,
and Withenshaw, co. Chester; and Taunton;
both quartering gu. a crescent arg.

Arg. a crescent sa. Tatton, quartering gu. a
crescent arg., over all a crescent for diff. coun-
terchanged 171(5. Taunton, co. Dorset, quar-
tering gu. a crescent or.

Arg. a crescent enclosing a cross crosletfitchy sa.
AcHANY, now Hannay, Sorbie, co. Galloway.

Arg. a crescent enclosing an estoile sa. Thorpe.

Az. a crescent arg. Luce. Lucie or Lucy, Ant-
werp ; and London, 1730.

Az. billety and a crescent arg. Donnar.

Az. a crescent enclosing a six-pointed estoile arg.
Holland, Harl. MS. 5863, fo. 127 b. Minshull,
Hampton, co. Chester ; co. Buckingham ; co.
Devon; Suffolk; and Portslade, Surrey. But
eight-pointed. Minshull.

Az. a crescent arg. enclosing an eight-pointed
estoile or. Moulson.

Az. a crescent arg. enclosing a sun or. Manelson,
CO. Lincoln.

Az. semy of estoiles and a crescent arg. (The
ancient coat of)BuRTON, Falde Hall, co. Stafford.

Az. a crescent or. Delabyme. Faenham, quar-
tering or a crescent az. Rider.

Az. a crescent enclosing an estoile or. Gaspae.
The estoile with eight points. Town of

or Lalynde. Earl of Northumberland, Harl.
MS. 1386.

Az. an increscent or. Balswill.

Az. billetty and a crescent or. Donemare, V.
John de Donmare, E. Donnard or Donnuer.

Barry wavy of six arg. and az. a crescent for ditf.
gu. Seaman. Seman, V. The crescent or.
Seaman, ColUnson, Somerset, iii, 17.

Bari'y wavy of six arg. and az. per bend counter-
changed a crescent erminois. Peaece after-
wards Seaman, London.

Barry of six arg. and gu. a crescent as the first.

Barry of six gu. and arg. in chief a crescent ....
Wetesham or Wetsham, Suffolk.

Barry wavy of seven arg. and az. a crescent gu.

Chequy or and az. a crescent gu. Crepinoes,
V*. Richard Ceepings, V. Richard de
Creppinges, E.

Erm. a crescent gu. Russell.

Gu. a crescent enclosing an estoile arg. Towke.

Gu. a crescent erm. Bourne.

Gu. a crescent or. Ottarburn. Otterborne, F.

Gu. an increscent or. Dastures. Descus.
Destunes, V; and Harl. MS. 1386.

Gu. a crescent or and a bend arg. Dunford.

Gu. a crescent enclosing an estoile or. Tonkes.

Gu. a crescent vair. Mericeobb, France.

Or a crescent az. Faenham. Keys, quartering
az. a crescent or. Lake, Welston, and Buck-
land, CO. Buckingham; co. Hertford ; and co.
Stafford ; quartering az. a crescent or.

Or a crescent gu. Sire Maheu de Basingbourne ;
quartering gu. a crescent or, O.

Or a crescent sa. Mohun.

Paly of six arg. and az. a crescent gu. Teimbley
or Trimi.ey.

Paly of eight sa. and urg. a crescent gu. Foy.


Per chev. arg. and gu. a crescent counterchanged.
Chapman, London; co. York; co. Worcester;
CO. Somerset ; and Killua Castle, co. West-,
meath, Baronetcy 1782.

Per chev. gu. and or a crescent counterchanged.
Bell, V.

Per pale gu. and sa. a crescent enclosin;:; an
eight-pointed estoile or. BouGHTi'.i.L,BoJ)ayn,
Cornwall; granted 1606.

Quarterly per pale indented arg. and gu. a cres-
cent counterchanged. Bartlet.

Quarterly arg. and gu. in the first quarter a des-
cent for diff. of the second. Tuar, Jdmislon,
CO. Wilts.

Quarterly arg. and sa. in the first quarter a cres-
cent gu. Drewell, CO. Buckingham. Sire
Johan Druel, iV^. Drull, F. Pervis.

Quarterly embattled arg. and sa. in the first
quarter a crescent of the second. Keel, Lon-
don. Kelley.

Quarterly arg. and sa. in the second quarter a
crescent for diff. of the first. Drewell.

Quarterly per fess dancetty or and gu. in the first
quarter a crescent for diff. of the second.

Quarterly per fess indented or and gu. in the first
quarter a crescent (? for diff.) of the second.

Quarterly or and vert in the first quarter a cres-
cent for diff. gu. Barnes, Surrey ; and Essex.

Sa. a crescent arg. Basham. Sr. Thomas
Belsham, F. Bulsham, F*. Gleyve, co.
Chester, F. Mott, Barningham Hall. Norfolk;
Braintree, Essex; and Kedington, Suffolk.

Sa. a crescent enclosing an eight-pointed estoile
arg. Densell. But a mullet. Densel.
Densell, CO. Devon, V. Denzell. The mullet
pierced. Dinsell.

Sa. a crescent or. Hovell, Hillington, Norfolk.
Sr. Hugh Hovell, Suffolk, temp. Edward I, V.

Vair a crescent gu. Blaen. Blarne.

Vairy or and az. a crescent gu. Dowbiggin.

CRESCENT and in chief


Arg. in chief , crescent and an annulet sa.
Bydall, Harl. MS. 2021, fo. 17.

Gu. a crescent and in cliief two battle-axes en-
dorsed or. Fernandes.

Or a crescent gu. in chief a boar pass. az.

Per chev. arg. and gu. in base a crescent of the

first in chief three demi-lions as the second.

Per chev. arg. and gu. in base a crescent or in

chief tliree leopards of the second. Cu.ipman.

Arg. in base a crescent gu. and in chief three

water bougets sa. Stockoe.
Per chev. arg. and gu. a crescent counterchanged

a canton of tlie second. Chapman-, ColUnson,

Somerset, iii, 345 ; co. Cambridge; and Stret-

ton, CO. Gloucester.
Per chev. gu. and arg. a ci-escent counterchanged

a canton erm. Chapman, W'st Haniimett.




CRESCENT and iu chief cont.

on a Canton
Arg. a cri'soent enclosing a sword in pale gu. on
a canton az. a saltire of the first. Halliday,
TuililjoL', Annandale ; the heiress m. Moncreili';
WhinnjTig, Annandale ; and Linton, co. De-
von ; Castlemains, and Chapmantown, co.
Kirkcudbright. And with achiet'crni. Halliday,
Leasowes, co. Salop ; and Scotland.

Az. in base a crescent and in chief a castle triple
towered or. Boileau, Norfolk ; formerly Baron
of Ca'-'!' nan and St. Croix, Languedoc ; Baro-
netcy July 1838.
Vert a crescent in the centre fess point for diff.
.... in chief three towers embattled arg.
M'GuARiE, Orniaig.
Arg. a crescent gu. and chief az. Durham, Pitt-

kerro\\,-and Largo, Scotland.
Gu. a cresfent arg. and chief az. Danderle or

on a Chief Crescents

Arg. a cre.-^L-ent su. un a chief gu. two crescents

or. l)ocTON, Docton, co. Devon ; and Whit-

leigh, Cornwall.
Gu. a crescent arg. on a chief az. two crescents of

the second. Damekle, V.
Vert fretty and a crescent arg. on a chief of the

second a cup betw. two wiverns vert. Lefkoy.
. . . .Estoiles
Arg. a crescent gu. on a chief az. three estoiles of

the lirst. Trotter, Prentouan, and Quicke-

wood, Scotland.


Arg. a crescent gu. on a chief az. three roses of

the first. Strachan, Brigton, Scotland.

Per chev. arg. and gu. a crescent counterchanged

on a chief of the second a unicorn's head

couped botw. two leopard's faces or. Chapman,

London; and co. Cambridge.
Gu. a crescent arg. on a chief or three goat's

heads erased sa. Maling.


Gu. a crescent or on a chief arg. two pierced

mullets of the first. .John ¥ecue,A. ,

Arg. a crescent gu. on a chief az. three mullets

of the first. Durham, Pittkerrow, and Largo,

Scotland. Trotter, Ballindean, co. Perth.
Arg. a crescent gu. on a chief az. three pierced

mullets of the first. Trotter, West Villa, co.

Lincoln ; Baronetcy 1821, quartering gu. a lion

ramp. arg. royally crowned and charged on the

shoulder with a crescent of the field all within

a bordure erra. Trotter, Horloii Place, Surrey.

TiiO'XTER, Dyrham Park, co. Hertford, a cadet

of Trotter, Edinburgh.
Gu. a crescent or on a chief arg. three six pointed

mullets of the first. Peche or Pechey.
Or a cresciiut gu. on a chief az. three mullets

arg. over all a bend engr. of the second.

Durham, Edinburgh.
Per saltire erm. and az. a crescent sa. on a chief

of the second three mullets arg. M'Crire.
Erm. a crescent enclosing a sword in pale gu.

ensigned with in chief a mural crown betw.

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