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price fixed by the General Regulations ; nor upon credit, nor r- ceivt
a promissory note therefor in lieu of money, nor distribute its
funds among its members, nor introduce intoxicating liquors within
ita Lodge-room, or any room adjoining, nor countenance or permit
private or clandestine lecturing, nor meet for Masonic labors oa
tho Sabbath, or first day of the week.

§ 88. When a du'y is imposed, i's neglect or violation, without
excuse, shall be considered an offense against Masonic law.

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5 89. The style of this Grand Lodge shall be, " The Most Wor-
shipful Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of
Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York."

§ 90. This Grand Lodge shall be composed of the officers and
members mentioned in sections 2, 29 and 80 of this Constitution,
and all Past Grand officers of this Grand Lodge. A proxy must be
a Present or Past Master ; and the number of Lodges which he may
represent shall not exceed three.

I 91. Every officer and member of the Grand Lodge must be a
member of a Subordinate Lodge within the jurisdiction.

§ 92. The representatives often Lodges convened on due notice,

shall be indispensably necessary to open or transact business in the

Grand Lodge, except on occasions or ceremony , when the Grand

Master or his representative, wiih a sufficient number of brethren,

k being present, the Grand Lodge may be opened for the transaction

" of the business for which it is called.

S 93. The Grand Lodge shall be held annually in the city of New
York, on 1 he first Tuesday of June, at which meeting the Grand Offi-
cers shall be elected and installed; and all matters, affecting the
Craft generally in this jurisdiction, shall be considered and acted
upon. The Grand Master, or the Deputy Grand Master, shall be
chosen from4he said city, or within ten miles of the City Hall in
said city. When the Grand Master is chosen from the city, the
Deputy Grand Master shall be chosen from the country : and when
the Grand Master is chosen from the country, the Deputy Grand
Master shall be chosen from the city. The Grand Treasurer and
Grand Secretary shall be chosen from the city of New York, or
within ten miles of the City Hall of the city of New York. The
Senior and Junior Grand Wardens shall be chosen from some other

Krt of the State than the said city. Special Communications may
held at any other time, on the requisition of the Grand Master,
but no business of legislation shall be transacted, or change of the
Constitutions, Regulations or Rules of Government of the Grand
Lodge or of the Craft shall be made, except at the Annual June
Communication. Quarterly Communications are abolished.

% 94. Each Lodge shall be entitled to three rotes, if represented
by the Master and Wardens, or either of them, or by proxy, for anr
number of members up to fifty, and an additional vote for each ad-
ditional fifty members.

$ Q5j Each member of the Grand Lodge shall appear therein
with his proper jewel and clothing*

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§ 06. None but memberi of the Grand Lodge (past or present
Officers of other Grand Lodges excepted) shall be present at the
opening of the same, nor duiing an election.

§ 97. No brother shall be admitted into the Grand Lodge, bat*
the members thereof except by permission of the Grand Lodge.

§ 98. No brother, resident in the vicinity of a Lodge, and not a
member of some Lodge, shall be permitted to visit the Grand
Lodgo, except by special invitation.

§ 99. The clothing, jewels and insignia of the Grand Officers,
shall be such as have been adopted by usage and custom in this
Grand Lodge ; the jewels of the officers of Lodges to be of silver;
the color of their collars and aprons to be of white, trimmed with
blue, except as otherwise specially ordered or allowed by this Grand



$ 100. The revenue of this Grand Lodge shall be derived from
the following sources : —

1. For every Charter or Warrant — .... $50 00

2. For every Dispensation to form a new Lodge 40 00

3. And if a charter or warrant shall be afterward granted,

the additional sum of - - . - - - - - 10 00

4. For every Dispensation to confer the three degrees at

one meeting, (except in case of sea-faring men about

to sa ; l on distant voyage*.) — — 10 00

5. And every other Dispensation shall be witbout fers,

except for a Dispensation to confer the degrees in

less time than provided by the Constitution. a 6 00

6. For every Grand Lodge Dpi oma 2 00

7. For every Grand Lodge traveling certificate .. 60

■ 8. For every person initiated into a Lodge .. SO

. 9. For every E A. or F. C. from without the jurisdiction. 1 00

10. Every Lodge shall pay for each of ita members annu-

ally - — — 60

11. For the adjoining fee of every Master Mason...— . 60

12. For regis' ry fee of every adjoining member or Entered

Apprentice made ..*.. ....... ...... — 25

$ 101. Every Lodge shall be accountable for the dues of each of
its members embraced in its return, except such as are exempted
by section 50: and it shall b« lawful for a Lodge to make By-Laws,
exempting its Secretary, Chaplain and Tiler, from the payment of
dues, and in such case the Lodge shall be exempt from liability to
the Grand Lodge for their annual dues.

§ 102. The management of the permanent funds is vested in a
Board of Trustees, denominated the Trustees of the Permanent
Fund, consisting of the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Grand
Wardens and Grand Secretary, and all the invested funds of
the Grand Lodge shall be placed under the management and
stand in the names of the said Trustees, whose duty it shall be to
take the best measures for the security and increase of said funds,
and to invest, from time to time, as a majority may decide upon*

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all money which shall com© into the hands of the Grand Treasurer,
after paring salaries, representatives, and rent; and after leaving
in his hands, for charitable and contingent purpose*. Mich sum an
the Grand Lodge may, from time to time, direct. The said Trus-
tees shall deposit in the hands of the Grand Treasurer, i he secu-
rity and vouchers of the said invested funds, an I »>hall not have
the power to transfer, well, dispose of, or appropriate any part of
the invested fund without a vote of the Grand Lodge at the Annu-
al Communication.

• S 103. The accounts of the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer
■hall be examined, and the items compared with the vouchers

Suarierly, by a discreet committee of three members, appointed in
he manner provided for in section 65 of this Constitution.



S 104. In the computation of time relative to salaries of Grand
Officers, the year shall be considered ns commencing and termina-
ting on the first day of the Annual Communication of the Grand
Lodge, and such salaries be paid quarterly accordingly.

4 105. One representative from each Lodge shall be entitled to
receive his traveling expenses, at the rates established by the pro-
prietors of public conveyance, which he shall take in, coming
directly from bis Lodge to the place of meeting, and returning
thereto, as charged hy said proprietors at the time, and also three
.dollars for each day's attendance, and while traveling, not exceed-
ing two days in going and returning. And though be represent
more than one Lodge, he shall receive pay only for one Lodge ; nor
■hall he receive more than the aggregate dues of the Lodges he
sha'l represent.

§ 106. Grand Officers, residing out of the city of New York, shall
bo entitled to the like compensation, from the funds of the Grand

5 107. Absence of a Grand Officer, or Representative, before the
close of the communication, or from any cause except sickness of
or calamity to himself, or his family, shall forfeit all claim to
payment or compensation under the two next pieceding sections,



§ 108. There shall be annually elected by ballot a Master Mason,
of approved Masonic skill and learning, and a member in good
standing of some Subordinate Lodge in this jurisdiction, who shall
be styled "Grand Lecturer," and whose duty i' shall be to attend
the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge, and shall be a
member thereof, and thall. during the session, exhibit to the mem-
bers the standard of work, which is approved and determined by the
i Grand Lodge, for the practice of Lodges under its jurisdiction. It
shall also be his duty to impart said lectures to the Lodges or breth-
rep in this State, whenever he shall be invited so to do, and may re-

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oeive such compensation therefor as may be fixed by the O— d
Lodge before the election, and shall not be changed during his
continuance in office. He shall make nn annual report of the state
of proficiency of the Lodges he may visit.

5 109. The Grand Lecturer, as>oon as his work and lectures -hall
be approved by the Grand Lodge, shall appoint one competent as*
■ictant in each of the judicial districts of the State, of like qualifica-
tions and character, who shall adopt and practice hiB standard of
work, of lectures, and no others, and who shall hare the like power*
with hin self within their reBp»ctive districts, and not ont of it, un-
less specially directed by him in case of a vacancy in. another dia»
trict, and be subject to like duties, and receive such compensation
as shnll be determined by the Grand Lodge.

5 110. Every Lodge shall adopt and practice the standard of work
and l.ctures imparted by the Grand Lecturer or assistant Grand
Lecturers, and no other ; and any Lodge violating this provision
without express authority from this Grand Lodge, shall be subject
to forfeiture of their warrant

$ 111. Any Freemason, not duly authorized who shall impart
such work and lectures, shall be subject to expulsion ; but this shall
not apply to the Master or Wardens of a Lodge, or any Pr sent or
Past Master or competent brother invited by them to officiate in
any Lodge.



$ 112. Officers of Lodges In this jurisdiction shall be elected at
tha stated meeting of such Lodge next preceding the festival of 8t
John the Evangelist.

$ 113. Past Masters qualified to represent a Lodge in the Grand
Lodge, are such as shall have been duly elected and installed, and
shall have served one year in that office, and who are contributing
members of some Lodge subordinate to this jurisdiction.

§ 114. No Entered Apprentice or Fellow Graft, initialed or passed
in any Lodge within the United States, shall be passed or raised 1a
any Lodge under the jurisdiction of this Grand Lod£e, oth**r than
that in which he was initiated, unless he shall produce a recom-
mendation from the Lodge in which he was initiated or passed,
provided said Lodge continue in existence.

§ 115. All Freemasons who are acknowledged as such by any of
the Lodges in good standing, under the jurisdict ion of Grand Lodges
in correspondence with this Grand Lodge, may be admitted as
visiting brethren under the same restrictions as those of our owa

§ 116. No Lodge shall make a Mason (except one made for the
purpose of being a Tiler) for a less sum than fifteen dollars.

i 117 'there shall be no procession of Masons in the city sf
New York, without a Dispensation from the Grand Lodge, the
Grand Master, or his Deputy; nor in any oth«r part of thei-tats,
without such permission, or the permission of a regularly
tuted Lodge.

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I 118. The forms for registry and returns of the election of
officers and appointment of proxies, shall be prepared in compli-
ance with these General Regulations by the Grand Secretary,
and duplicate copies thereof furnished by him to each Lodge an-

§ 119. No Dispensation shall be granted to establish a Lodge out
of an incorporated city in this jurisdiction, in the same town or
Tillage in which a Lodge is already established; nor shall a war-
rant be issued to establish such Lodge without the vote of two-
thirds of the members present in Grand Lodge ; nor in such city
unless it contain at least ten thousand inhabitants.




4 120. It is the duty of the Grand Master to visit, annually, in
person, or by deputy, every Lodge in the cities of New York an-o

% ML ft is the duty of every Lodge, held in the cities of New
York, and Brooklyn, to make its returns to the Grand Lodge, half
yearly, and of the Secretary of every such Lodge to prepare such

$ 122 No Dispensation authorising a funeral procession in the
city of New York, except for a sojourner, shall be issued, unless re-
quested by the Master and Wardens of the Lodge to whom the de-
ceased member belonged.

§ 123. Any Lodge in the city of New York neglecting to make
returns and pay Its dues, on or before the first day of the Annual
June Communication, shall be thereby disqualified from voting in
the Grand Lodge.

$ 124. The Lodges and Masons in the City of Brooklyn, within
ten miles of New York City Hall, shall be subject to the same re-
gulation*, and entitled to the same privileges, as those in the City
of New York.

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S 125. No amendment to this Constitution shall be made, or ha**
any effect, until it shall have been proposed in Grand Lodge, at ill
Annual Communication in Jane, and been adopted by the Grand
Lodge at the same Communication, and then again adopted in like
manner by the Grand Lodge at the next succeeding annual June
Communication. But such amendment may also be made and have
effect, if, in addition to the adoption thereof, at on«* such Annual
Communication, it shall, during the next year succeeding, and be-
fore the next Annual June Communication thereafter, be adopted
by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Lodges within this
jurisdiction. If any such amendment be adopted, it shall be ap-
pended to the published proceedings at the end. under the caption,
•* Proposed Amendment* to the Constitution," and sent with the
printed proceedings to all the Lodges in the jurisdiction.

§ 126. No General Regulation shall be adopted inconsistent with
this Constitution, and all former written Constitutions are hereby
repealed, and all General Regulations heretofore made and adopted,
inconsistent with this Constitution, are hereby also repealed.

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As Amended at the Triennial Meeting, begun and held in the Oity
of Lexington, in the S*ate of Kentucky, on Tuesday, Sep-
tember 13th, 1853, and of the Order, 2383.



Section 1. There Bhall be a General Grand Chapter of
Royal Arch Masons, for the United States of America,
which shall be holden triennially, on the second Tues-
day in September, at such place as shall from time to
time be designated for that purpose, and at which time
the General Grand Officers shall be elected by ballot,
and installed, except the General Grand Chaplain, who
Bhall be appointed by the General Grand High Priest at .
the commencement of each convocation of the General
Grand Chapter.

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The General Grand Chapter, at any regular meeting,
may change the time for the next succeeding meeting ;
and if, in the opinion of the General Grand High Priest,
or, in case of his death or absence, of the senior General
Grand Officer, there shall be danger to life or health,
from sickness or other local cause, by any meeting being
held at the time appointed, he may change the time of
the particular meeting to some subsequent time. And in
the event of such change being made, he shall imme-
diately notify the General Grand Secretary thereof, who
shall forthwith notify the other officers and members in
such manner as he may deem best calculated to effect
the desired object.

Sec. 2. The General Grand Chapter shall have and
maintain jurisdiction over all State Grand Chapters, and
over Chapters in those States, Districts, Republics, or
Territories, which recognize this jurisdiction, and where
there is no Grand Chapter regularly established, agree-
ably td" the provisions of this Constitution : and shall
have authority to suspend the proceedings of such State
Grand Chapters, and such Chapters in States where
there is no Grand Chapter, as may knowingly violate
any of the provisions of this Constitution ; to settle all
difficulties which may arise; and to give such advice
and instruction as may seem most conducive to their
peace, and to the advancement of the great cause of
benevolence and virtue.

Sec. 3. The officers of the General Grand Chapter shall
consist of a General Grand High Priest, Deputy General
Grand High Priest, General Grand King, General Grand
Scribe, General Grand Treasurer, General Grand Secre-
tary. General Grand Chaplain, General Grand Captain
of the Ho?t, and General Grand Roval Arch Captain.
These, together with the first four officers of every State
Grand Chapter, under this jurisdiction, or the proxies o&
the first four General Grand Officers, and of the first
four officers of each State Grand Chapter aforesaid, shall
compose the General Grand Chapter : Provided, That any
Chapter under this jurisdiction, in any State, District, or
Territory, where there is no Grand Chapter duly estab-
lished, shall have a right to appear by its first three
officers, or any one or two of them ; which officers shall
collectively have one vote.

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Sec 4, On all questions to be decided by the Gen-
eral Grand Chapter, each State Grand Chapter shall
be entitled to four votes by its representative or re-

The General Grand Officers, when present, shall each
have one vote. And no General Grand Officer shall be
allowed to take a seat in the General Grand Chapter, as
the representative of any State Grand Chapter — nor
shall any member of the General Grand Chapter be per-
mitted to vote as proxy while the person giving the
proxy is present — nor shall any person be admitted
into the General Grand Chapter, as the representative of
more than one State Grand Chapter, at one and the same

See. 5. The General Grand High Priest, and Deputy
General Grand High Priest, shall have authority to call
a special meeting of the General Grand Chapter, when-
ever they may consider it expedient or necessary ; and
it shall be their duty so to do, when properly requested
by a majority of the State Grand Chapters, of which
four months' notice shall be given of the time and place
of meeting.

Sec. 6. The General Grand High Priest, Deputy Gene-
ral Grand High Priest, General Grand King, and Gene-
ral Grand Scribe, shall severally have power and
authority to grant Dispensations, for a limited length
of time, for new Royal Arch Chapters, and Lodges of the
appendant Orders, in any State, Country, Republic, or
Territory, in which there is not a Grand Chapter regu-
larly established, when, in their opinion, the good of the
Graft may require the same ; which term of time shall
in no case extend beyond the time of the next Triennial
Meeting of the General Grand Chapter. But no new
Chapter shall be established in any State, Country, Re-
public, or Territory, where there is a Chapter, within
a reasonable distance, under the jurisdiction of this
General Grand Chapter, without the approbation of the
Chapter nearest to the place where said new Chapter is
proposed to be located : and in all cases of such dis-
pensation, the officer who may grant the same, shall im-
mediately notify the General Grand Secretary thereof,
and make report of the same at the next Triennial

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Meeting of this General Grand Chapter, when the
General Grand Chapter may grant the said Chapter a

Sec, 7. The fees for instituting a new Royal Arch
Chapter, with Subordinate Degrees, shall be ninety dol-
lars, and no more ; and no credit shall be given fo,r Dis-
pensations or Charters, or for conferring the degrees, in
any Chapter or Lodge under this jurisdiction. And
every Chapter holden by Dispensation or Charter under
this jurisdiction, shall pay into the treasury of the
General Grand Chapter the sum of two dollars tor each
Companion therein exalted, until such time as a Grand
Chapter shall be regularly established in the State,
Country, Republic, or Territory, in which such subordi-
nate Chapter is located. The Secretary shall be paid by
the petitioners ten dollars for his services in furnishing
the Charter. The fees in the several States for confer-
ring the several degrees of Mark Master, Past Master,
Most Excellent Master, and Royal Arch Mason, shall not
be less than twenty dollars.

Sec 8. It shall be the duty of the General Grand High
Priest, Deputy General Grand High Priest, General
Grand King, and General Grand Scribe, to improve and
perfect themselves in the sublime Arts, and Work of
Mark Masters, Past Masters, Most Excellent Masters,
and Royal Arch Masons ; to make themselves masters of
the several Masonic Lectures, and ancient Charges ; to
consult with each other, and with the Grand and Deputy
Grand High Priests, Kings, and Scribes of the several
State Grand Chapters aforesaid, for the purpose of
adopting measures suitable and proper for diflusing a
knowledge of the said Lectures and Charges. And the
better to accomplish this laudable object, the aforesaid
officers are hereby severally authorized and empowered
to visit aud preside in any Chapter of Royal Arch Masons,
and Lodge of Most Excellent Master, Mark and Past
Master Masons, throughout the said States, and to give
such instructions and directions as the good of the Fra-
ternity may require ;' always adhering to the ancient
landmarks of the Order.

Sec. 9. The only degrees recognized by this General
Grand Chapter, to be conferred in Chapters under Ifc

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jurisdiction, are, Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excel-
lent Master, and Royal Arch Mason. And no Royal
Arch Mason, who shall have regularly received said de-
grees, shall be excluded from the rights of such, by
reason of his not being in possession of any other, so
called, degrees.

See. 10. In all cases of the absence of an officer from
any body of Masons, instituted or holden by virtue of
this Constitution, the officer next in rank shall occupy
his place 9 unless through courtesy, or for other reasons,
he shall decline in favor of a Past High Priest.

See. 11. In every Chapter and Lodge under this juris-
diction, all questions (except the admission of members
or candidates, which shall require a unanimous ballot)
shall be considered and determined in such way and
manner, as such Chapters and Lodges may, all circum-
stances considered, find most conducive to their harmony
and permanent prosperity : Provided, They do not in any
case interfere with, or infringe on, the regulations of the
General Grand Chapter.

See. 12. The General Grand Secretary of the General
Grand Chapter shall have and keep a seal, which shall
be affixed to all his communications.

Sec. 13. Should any casualty, at any time hereafter,
prevent the triennial election of officers, the several
officers shall retain their respective offices until success-
ors are duly elected and qualified.



See. 1. The State Grand Chapters shall severally con-
sist of a Grand High Priest, Deputy Grand High Priest,
Grand King, Grand Scribe, Grand Secretary, Grand
Treasurer, Grand Chaplain, Grand Captain of the Host ;
and likewise, of the High Priests, Kings and Scribes, for
the time being, of the several Chapters over which they
shall respectively preside, and of the Past Grand and
Deputy Grand High Priests, Kings and Scribes of the
said Grand Chapters ; and the said Grand Chapters shall


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have foil power and authority to eleet such other officers,
and to establish such rules and regulations, as they shall
from time to time consider necessary and proper:
Provided, Such regulations do not in any way interfere
with the provisions of this Constitution.

See. 2. The State Grand Chapters shall severally he
holden once in every year, and oftener if they may con-
sider it expedient or necessary, as such time and place

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