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ed. Patapsco Female Inst., near Baltimore, Md.;
m. Lexington, Ky., June 17, 1879, Albert M.
Harrison; one son: James O. (now deceased).
Was pres. of Ky. Christian Woman's Board ol
Missions for 13 years. Now vice-pres. of Nat.
Christian Women's Board of Missions; honorary
pres. for life of Kentucky Federation of Women'a
Clubs; pres. of Woman's Club of Central Ky.;
trustee of Public Library. Has taken active
part in campaign in Ky. for school suffrage for
woman; served on Lexington Board of Educa-
tion as vice-pres. for 2% years. Mem. of Suf-
frage Ass'ns, etc. Author: Four Little Bridges
(bof)k for children); now editing a page in tha
-Christian Century, a weekly religious paper,
published in Chicago. Mem. Disciples of (Christ.
Democrat. Was Centennial Sec. for woman's
organization of her church in four years' cam-
paign, 1905-09, in celebration of 100th anniver-
sary of beginning of their religious movement
— women gave one-quarter of a million dollars
in ■'that time.

HAKBISON, Lillian Byrn (Mrs. J. H. Harri-
son), 5623 Reiger Av., Dallas, Tex.
Daughter Lucas Haynes and Jennie (Kendrick)
Byrn; ed. Beechcraft, Spring Hill, Tenn. ; special
course in anthropology, Univ. of Chicago; Mexi-
can archaeology under Dr. Leopoldo Batres, Museo
Nacional, Mexico City; research under Dr. Juan
Baez, Cuzco, Peru; m. Aug. 21, 1910, J. H. Har-
rison, of Harrisonburg, Va. Special writer for
Boston Times and Town and Country, N.Y. City;
literary editor Taylor-Trotwood Magazine, Nash-
ville, Tenn., 1905-08. Interested in and traveled
for the study of Am. anthropology and archseol-
ogy. Has written special articles and monographs
on Mitla (Mexico), Cuzco and Ollantaytambo
(Peru), Tiahuanaco (Bolivia), A Vocabulary for
Young Fathers. Mem. Pen Women's League,
Washington; Nat. Geographic Soc, Washington;
London Soc. of Historical Research, London.

HARRISON, Louise, 4256 Maryland Av., St.

Louis, Mo.

Born St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 11, 1875; dau. Edwin
and Laura (Sterne) Harrison; ed. Smith Coll.,
B.L. '98. Episcopalian. Mem. Wednesday Club.

HARRISON, Louise Thatcher (Mrs. Albert E.

Harrison), Alta, Iowa.

Born Brownsdale, Minn., Sept. 26, 1883; dau.
Isham Clarence and Ella (Ritter) Thatcher; ed.
high school, Pocahontas, Iowa; "Tobin Coll., Ft.
Dodge, Iowa; grad. Iowa State Teacher's Coll.,
Cedar Falls, Iowa; m. Pocahontas, Iowa, July 12,

1911, Albert E. Harrison, sup't of public schools,
Alta, Iowa; one son: Harlan Albert, b. Oct. 2,

1912. Teacher of English, Alta High School,
1910-11 Interested in and Identified with the
various religious, social and philanthropic ac-
tivities of the community. Presbyterian. Mem.
and organizing regent for D.A.R.; mem. Order
of Eastern Star. Recreation: Tennis. Mem. La
Coterie (Iowa) Fed. of Clubs.

HARRISON, Lucy Gray (Mrs. Matthew Bland
Harrison), Red Hill on the Staunton (P.O.,
Brookneal, Va.), Campbell Co., Va.
Born Charlotte Court House, Va. ; dau. Hon.

William Wirt and Lucy Gray (Marshall) Henry;

ed. at home and private schools; m. Richmond,

Va., October, 18S6, Matthew Bland Harrison;

one daughter: Louise Henry Harrison, b. 1888.

Mem. Colonial Dames of Virginia. Presbyterian.



HARRISON, Mary Lord (Mrs. Benjamin Harri-
son), 1214 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind.
Born Honesdale, Pa.; dau. Russell F. and
Elizabeth (Scott) Lord; ed. Mrs. Moffatt's School,
Princeton, N.J. ; Elmira Coll., N.Y. ; m. Scran-
ton, Pa., Oct. 22, 1881, Walter B. Dlmmick (died
1882); m. (2d) April 6, 1896, Benjamin Harrison
(twenty-third President of the United States);
one daughter: Elizabeth Harrison, b. 1897.

HARRISON, Mary Mlddlefon (Mrs. Nathaniel
Brodnax Harrison), 1902 Barnard St., Sa-
vannah, Ga.

Born Charleston, S.C., Feb. 17, 1860; dau.
William James and Mary Helen (McDonald) Mid-
dleton; ed. the Frances Scott School for Girls,
Charleston, S.C; m. Savannah, Ga., Dec. 24,
1888, Nathaniel Brodnax Harrison; children:
Dorothy, b. June 9, 1891; Edgar Battle, b. Jan.
26, 1894. One term (two years) pres. for Georgia
Woman's National Rivers and Harbors Congress;
State ofllcer Ga. Division United Daughters Con-
(tederacy; one term (two years) pres. Savannah
Chapter United Daughters Confederacy; four
years officer Savannah Chapter D.A.R. ; treas.
BartoTV Memorial Educational Fund for the Rahm
Gap Industrial School. Interested in the educa-
tional uplift of the white children of the moun-
tains of Georgia. Favors woman suffrage. Chris-
tian Scientist. Recreations: Farming, gardening.

HARRISON, Pearl Adele Landers (Mrs.

Timothy Harrison), 217 S. Lindsay St.,

Kokomo, Ind.

Born Indianapolis, Ind., Fel). 3, 1874; dau.
Franklin and Martha Eliz. (Turner) Landers;
grad. May Wright Sewall's Classical School for
Girls, Indianapolis, '93; student at Bryn Mawr
Coll., 1893-95; B.L. from Earlham Coll., 1900;
m. Indianapolis, Nov. 18, 1896, Timothy Harri-
son. Was for seven years State sec. of Chil-
dren's Work for the Woman's Board of Foreign
Missions of Congregational Church; has been for
two years State pres. Woman's Home Missionary
Union of Congregational Church; 10 years pri-
mary sup't and teacher of Kokomo Congrega-
tional Sunday-school; was six years leader of the
Junior Christian Endeavor of (Congregational
Church. Favors woman sulTrage. Mem. Sym-
posium Literary Club and Matinee Musical Club
of Kokomo; two years pres. of Kokomo Chau-
tauciua Students' League; mem. D.A.R. Has
been interested in the teaching of the mission
text-books and has planned for this work in
summer of 1913 at Ohautauquas on interde-
nominational lines.

HARRISON, Persia Jones (Mrs. James Harri-
son), 147 Cornelia Av., Kirkwood P.O., Mo.
Born Madison, Wis., Oct. 25, 1875; dau. Eugene
A. and Mary A. (Brooks) Jones; ed. Mary Inst.,
1893; Washington Univ., A.B. '97; m. St. Louis,
Mo., Nov. 26, 1903, James Harrison. Mem. Alum-
nae Ass'n of Mary Inst, and Washington Univ.
Favors woman suffrage; opposed to militant
methods. Roman Catholic. Mem. D.A.R., Con-
sumers' League. Recreations: Gardening, golf.
Mem. Wednesday Club.

HARRISON, Susie Frances (Mrs. John W. F.
Harrison), 21 Dunbar Road, Rosedale, To-
ronto, Ont., Can.

Writer; b. Toronto, Ont.; dau. John Byron
Riley; ed. in Toronto and Montreal, Can.; m.
1879, John W. F. Harrison, organist and choir-
master. Writer for the press from age _of 16,
chiefly under pen-names of "Gilbert King" and
"Seranus," of reviews, essays and short stories;
contributor to leading Canadian, English and
American magazines. Has made a special study
of the folk songs of the French Canadian habi-
tants, lecturing upon that theme and many liters
ary topics. Author: Crowded Out (short stories),
1S88; The Canadian Birthday Book, 1889; Pine,
Rose and Fleur-de-LIs, 1889; Down the River,
1891; The Forest of Bourg-Marie (novel), 1900;
also has written and composed the words and
music of several songs published in Canada and
Europe and an entire opera. Mem. Women's
Art Ass'n, Art Study Club of Toronto, Canadian
Soc. of Authors.

HARROLP, Helen Shaw (Mrs. Charles Cotton
Harrold), 550 Orange St., Macon, Ga.
Born Baltimore, Md., Oct. 2, 1878; dau. Will-
iam Checkley and Leonice Moulton (Stewart)
Shaw; ed. Goucher Coll., A.B. 1900 (mem. Delta
Gamma); m. Macon, Ga., Oot. 23, 1906, Dr.
Charles Cotton Harrold; one daughter: Helen
Shaw. Episcopalian. Favors woman suffrage.
HARRON, Julia Augusta Scofield (Mrs. Hal
S. Harron), Penn Tan, N.Y.
Librarian, bibliographer; b. Washington, D.C.;
grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '97; N.Y. State Ubrary
School, B.L.S. '07; m. Mar. 28, 1898, Hal S.
Harron. As^'t N.Y. State Library, 1904-09; ass't
to editor Am. Library Ass'n Booklist, Madison,
Wis. Writer of articles and annotated reading
lists for New York libraries and the A.L.A.
Booklist. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n.
HARSCH, Leila Katlierine Close (Mrs. Paul
Arthur Harsch), 14 Lincoln Apartments, To-
ledo, Ohio.

Born Bellevue, Ohio, Oct. 25, 1875; dau. Joseph
W. and Gertrude (Hannum) Close; ed. Bellevue
High School, Howard Sem., West Bridgewater,
Mass.; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '98; m. Bellevue,
Ohio, Oct. 28, 1903, Paul Arthur Harsch; chil-
dren: Joseph Close Harsch, Paul Arthur Harsch
Jr. Favors woman suffrage. Christian Scientist.
HART, Bertha Piatt (Mrs. Jay Hiscox Hart),
50 Buckingham St., Waterbury, Conn.; sum-
mer, Madison, Conn.

Born Waterbury, Conn., May, 1851; dau. Clark
Murray and Amelia (Lewis) Piatt; grad. Emma
Willard School, Troy. N.Y., '70; m. Waterbury,
May 20, 1873, Jay Hiscox Hart; children: Amy,
Bertha, Lewis, Alfred, Ruth, Dorothy, Howard.
Mem. Women's Benevolent Soc. of Congrega-
tional Church, Boys' Club, Waterbury Inst.,
Anti-Tuberculosis League, Children's Aid Soc,
Berea College, Visiting Nurse Ass'n. Congre-
gationalist. Mem. Emma Willard Ass"n, D.A.R.,
Waterbury Historical Soc., Waterbury Industrial
School, Waterbury Hospital Aid Soc, Waterbury
Indian Ass'n. Recreation: Gardening. Mem.
Waterbury Women's Club, Tuesday Club, York
Club (N.Y. City).
HART, Estelle May, New Britain, Conn.

Formerly teacher; b. New Britain, Ck)nn., July
8, 1865; dau. Philo Woodruff and Sarah (Avery)
Hart; ed. New Britain High School; State Nor-
mal School, New Britain, Conn. Critic teacher
in State Normal School, New Britain, 1895-99;
supervisor in training school. South Manchester,
Conn., 1902-06. Interested in the study of birds,
in the collection of antiques and study of Eng-
lish literature. Author of text-book for the
fourth grade in the Reading Around the World
Series. Contributor of articles on birds to the
Atlantic Monthly, the Outlook and local papers,
and short essays on a variety of subjects to
many magazines, the Atlantic, Scribner's, the
Outlook, Woman's Home Companion, etc.

HART, Laura B. Norrls (Mrs. Edward Hart),
St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, Tex.
Insurance manager; b. Placervllle, Cal., Dec.
29, 1855; dau. Ro'bert and Ann (Ray) Norrls; ed.
public schools and State Normal of Cal.
(teachers' life diploma and normal diploma);
m. Cal., Sept. 15, 1879, Edward Hart; children:
Evelyn, Adelyn, Maud, Mary, Thomas P., Teddy
(deceased). Served as grand matron of Eastern
Star of Texas, 1891-92; as grand sec, 1893-1901;
was elected most worthy grand of the General
Grand Chapter of Eastern Star, 1901-04; now
supreme lady-at-arms Ladies of the Maccabees
and State manager for Texas, Louisiana and New
Mexico. Favors woman suffrage. State chair-
man Ladles of the Maccabees of Texas; active
mem. of San Antcnio Equal Franchise Ass'n.
Presbyterian. Progressive in politics. Mem.
Ladies of Maccabees, Eastern Star, Pythean
Sisters, Texas Folk-Lore Soc. and Texas State
Soc. of Soc. Hygiene. Recreation: Walking.
HART, Louisa Helena, Vellore, North Arcot,
Madras Presidency, India,

Medical missionary; b. Shelburne, Nova Scotia,
June 6, 1870; dau. Rev. T. D. Hart (of United
Empire Loyalist stock) and Charlotte Jane (Dixon)



Hart, whose ancestors came from Yorkshire,
England, direct to Sackville, N.B.; ed. In schools
of Nova Scotia and Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y.
Infirmary, M.D. '94; special courses In surgery
In Johns Hopkins and Cornell Medical Schools.
Since 1895 medical missionary of the Reformed
(Dutch) Church in America to the Arcot Mission
In South India; for four years was associate
physician and surgeon, then for two years acting
chief of the Ranipe General Hospital, then took
her first furlough and since her return to India
has been associated with Dr. Ida Scudder in
charge of the Vellore Mission Hospital for
Women and Children; assisted in training
native women as nurses and has a large practice
all over that region; aided In the Government
work during the plague at Vellore, in recogni-
tion of which she was invested by the Governor
of Madras with the Kalser-i-Hind medal of the
second-class from King Edward, March, 1909.
Reared Methodist, but for years affiliated with
the Reformed (Dutch) Church In America.

HART, Phoebe Alder (Mrs. Horace Greeley
Hart), 374 Vanderbilt Av., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Bom London, Eng. ; dau. William David and
Mary Ann (Cox) Alder; ed. New Bedford, Mass.,
and grad. In N.Y. High School; m. July 21,
1875, Brooklyn, Horace Greeley Hart; children:
Charles Alder, Horace Irving, Ethel Alder.
Mem. of the Exec. Board of N.Y. Equal Suf-
frage League (Miss Mary G. Hay, pres.); also
mem. of the Equal Franchise League and the
10th Assembly Dist. suffrage organization. Epis-
copalian. Clubs: Century Theatre, Rainy Day,
Current Events, Mozart, Equal Suffrage League,
Equal Franchise League, Woman's Republican,
The Woman's Republican State Ass'n, IntHmat.
Pure Milk League, East Side Clinic, Forum.

HART, Rebecca Mitchell (Mrs. Walter Tillman
Hart), Edgewood, New Haven, Conn.
Born Edgewood, New Haven, Conn., Jan. 20,
1865; dau. Donald G. Mitchell (the distinguished
author, "Ik. Marvei") and Mary (Pringle)
Mitchell; ed. private schools in New Haven and
Yale Art School; m. Edgewood, New jiiven.
Conn., June 3, 1899, Walter Tillncan Hart; chil-
dren: Richard Philip 2d, Rebecca Motte, Maria
Tillman, Walter Tillman Jr., Donald Grant
Mitchell. Against woman suffrage. Protestant
Episcopal. Mem. New Haven Lawn Cluh.

HART, Sophie Chactal, Wellesley College, "Wel-

lesley, Mass.

Professor of English; b. Boston, Mass., 1868;
dau. Eugene and Anne (Hart) Hart; ed. Rad-
cllffe Coll., A.B.; Univ. of Mich., A.M. Prof.
English, Wellesley Coll. Trustee Women's Ed-
ucational and Industrial Union, Boston, and
mem. of Com. to Award its European Fellow-
ship of Woman's Education Ass'n, Boston. Has
spoken for suffrage at two public meetings In
Boston and one private meeting in Brooklyn,
N.Y. Author; Critical edition of Jane Shore
and The Fair Penitent, by Rowe, with an in-
troduction on The Renaissance of Shakespeare
In the Eighteenth Century (The Belles Lcttres
Series); Three Idylls of the King, by Tennyson,
edited with notes and critical introduction;
Carlyle's Essay on Burns and a selection of
Songs of Burns, edited with critical introduc-
tion and notes. Congregatlonalist. Mem. Twen-
tieth Century Club (Boston), Boston Authors'
Club; director Boston branch Coll. Alumnae

HARTMLAN, Helen Stahr (Mrs. Edwin Mltman
Hartman), Franklin and Marshall Acad.,
Lancaster, Pa.

Born Lancaster, Pa., May 13, 1873; dau. John
Summers and Francina E. (Andrews) Stahr; ed.
Wellesley Coll., B.A. '94; mem. Shakespeare Soc. ;
m. June 5, 1905, Edwin Mitman Hartman; chil-
dren: Frances Andrews, William Fulmer, Charles
Stahr. Before marriage taught in Mrs. Black-
wood's School, Lancaster, 1894-95; Lancaster High
School, 1895-98; private class, 1898-1900; Belle-
ville (N.J.) High School, 1900-01; Miss Stahr's
School (now Shippen School), Lancaster, princi-
pal. 1901-05. Mem. German Reformed Church.
Mem. Iris Club, Lancaster, Pa.

HARTRIDGE, Emelyn Bettersby, Oakwood,

Plainfleld, N.J.

Principal of private school; b. Country Place,
Beaulleu, Ga., 1871; dau. Colonel Alfred Lamar
and Julia Smythe (Wayne) Hartridge; ed. by
private tutors, boarding school, Vassar, A.B.,
and governess. Principal the Hartridge School,
Savannah, Ga., 1892-1903; the Hartridge School,
Plainfleld, N.J., from 1903—. Mem. Plainfleld
Com. on Housing. Favors woman suffrage.
Episcopalian. Mem. Head Mistresses' Ass'n, Vas-
sar College Aid Soc, N.J. Housing Ass'n, Con-
sumers' League of N.J., Child Welfare Ass'n,
Nat. Child Labor Com., Nat. Congress of
Mothers, Plainfleld Parent- Teachers' Ass'n.
Recreations: Driving, boating, swimming. Mem.
Plainfleld Country Club, Plainfleld Monday Af-
ternoon Club, Plainfleld College Club.

HARTS, Martha Hale (Mrs. William W. Harts),
2110 O St., N.W., Washington, D.C.
Bom Chicago, July 28, 1873; dau. Wm. Sllery
and Mary Scrauton (Browne) Hale; ad. Smith
Coll., B.S. '96. Courses in history and archae-
ology (Greek and Egyptian) at Univ. of Chicago,
'98; m. Oct. 27, 1898, Chicago, 111., Major William
W. Harts, C.E., U.S.A.; children: Mary Hale,
b. Dec. 8, 1899; Clement Bates Ellery, b. July
31, 1904; William W., Jr., b. Apr. 22, 1906. Con-
gregatlonalist. Mom. Alumnse Ass'n of Smi(,h
Coll. Recreations: Tennis, swimming, walk-
ing. Against woman suffrage.

HABTT, Jeesio Knight (Mrs. Rollin Lynch

Hartt), Ponkapoag, Mass.

Magazine writer; b. Rockland, Me., Dec. 14,
1874; dau. Frank C. and Jessie (Clark) Knight;
grad. Wellesley, B.A. '97; m. Rockland Me.,
Dec. 25, 1901, RolUn Lyncfh Hartt; one son:
John Francis. Contributor of stories In Scrib-
ner's, Ainslee's and other magazines. Mem.
Boston College Club, the Community Cluh of
Canton, Mass. Recreations: Reading, tramping
playing with bahies. Congregatlonalist.

HARTT, Mary Bronson, 96 Linden St., Allston


Born Ithaca, N.Y., Mar. 23, 1873; dau. Prof
Charles Pred. Hartt (of Cornell Univ.) and Lucy
C. Lynde; ed. Buffalo Sem., grad. 1890. Has
been free lancing since 1901, writing for Outlook
World's Work, Everybody's, Scribner's, Century,'
Woman's Home Companion, etc., also many un-
signed editorial essays and much work for Bos-
ton Transcript. Against woman suffrage.

HARTWELL. Mary Ann, Public Documents

Office, Washington, D.C.

Librarian; b. Becket, Mass., Mar. 14, 1871- duu
Rev. John and Mrs. Sarah Wetmore (s'outh-
mayd) Hartwell; ed. HlUhouse High School
New Haven, Conn, (valedictorian), '90- Smith
Coll., B.L. '94. Ass't Forbes Library North-
ampton, Mass., 1894-96; cataloguer. Public Doc-
uments Library, Washington, D.C. Nov
1896—. Compiler of Checklist of United States
Public Documents, 1789-1909; Vol. 1, Lists of
Congressional and Departmental Publications
issued by the Sup't of Documents, 1911 Con-
gregatlonalist. Member Alumnae Ass'n of Smith
Coll., Ass'n of Coll. Alumnse, Am. Library
Ass'n, Dist. of Columbia Library Asa'n Soc
of Mayflower Descendants, Nat. Qeog ' Soc '
Coll. Women's Club, and Smith Coll'. Club
(Washington, D.C). Favors woman suffrage.

HARTWELL, Maud Louise Ray, 90 Winter St
Norwood, Mass. ''

Writer; b. Franklin, Mass.; grad. Vassar Coll
A.B. 1900; m. Dec. 12, 1907, Dr. Arthur Spear
Hartwell. Assistant editor of the New York
Evangelist, 1901-02; contributor of poems to va-
rious magazines.

HARTWELL, Maude Appleton, 25S Norfolk St
Dorchester, Mass. '

Born Massachusetts; grad. Smith Coll., B L
'93; student of English, Radcliffe Coll., 1900-01;
Alliance Francaise, Paris, and Univ. of Grenoble'
France, summer of 1904. Teacher, Brookllne
(Mass.) High School, 1893-03; Dorchester (Mass)
High School since 1903.



HABVBY, Anne Catherine Roberta (Mrs.

Gardiner Harvey), 70 Baker St., Guelph, Ont.,


Organist and music teacher; b. Hamilton,
Ont., Dec. 25, 1849; dau. James C. and Marianne
(Wyatt) Qeddes; ed. at private schools and
under governess at home; never went to a pub-
lic school. Studied music under several mas-
ters, Trinity Coll., Toronto, Mus. Bac. 1899; m.
Toronto, Ont., 1884, Gardiner Harvey; children:
James Gardiner, George, John Richardson, Rob-
ert Geddes (died 1895), Marianne Isabella Ro-
berta. , Organist at St. George's Church, Guelph,
for 36 years. Composed an opera (Lra Terre
Bonne) and an oratorio (Salvator), both of
which have been performed in public succe3s>
fully a number of times. Interested in mis-
sionary work, especially among the foreigners
who have come to live among us. Originated a
mission among the foreigners In Guelph, which
has been very successful. Has been Sunday-
school teacher for many years. Against woman
suffrage. Composed a number of songs, an-
thems and compositions for piano; also niiscel-
laneous poems published at various times in
periodicals. Mem. Church of England. Conser-
vative. Hon. pres. of The Presto (musical club
of Guelph). Recreations: Composing music and
verse, walking, driving, boating.
HARTTB, EUza J. (Mrs. John Harvle), 177

Balmoral Av., Toronto, Can.

Philanthropiart: b. near Peterborough, Ont.,
1840; dau. Rev. Kennedy Creighton (Methodist
minister); ed. Ottawa and Methodist Ladies'
Coll., Dundas, Ont.; m. 1861, John Harvle. As-
sisted In founding Woman's Med. College, To-
ronto (treas. several years); Haven and Prison
(Jate Mission (pres. 17 years); pres. Ladies' Com.
of Hospital for Sick Children, 5 years; founded
Young Woman's Christian Guild for Working
Women, 1888 (pree. 16 years); since 1896 has been
inspector of neglected and dependent children for
Province of Ont. Was first cor. sec. Toronto
W.C.T.U. of U.S., Philadelphia; represented
Woman's Board of Missions at Detroit, Chicago
and Milwaukee; also delegate to Congress of
Women, Chicago, 1893. Presbyterian; first for-
eign sec. of Woman's Board of Missions, 1876-96;
was sent to visit Indian missions and schools by
this board, 1884. Liberal in politics.
HASBROUCK, Gcrtmde M., 117 State St., Bris-
tol. R.I.

Born S'hokan, N.T., April 10, 1876; dau. Cor-
nelius Jansen Hasbrouck, M.D., and Sarah
(Penoyar) Hasbrouck; ed. schools of N.T. City;
high school, Bristol, R.I.; Smith Coll., A.B. '99.
Sec. Bristol Congregational Club, 1899-01; sec.
Woman's Auxiliary Y.M.C.A., 1900-02; sec. 1300-
09, vice-pres. 1909-12, Bristol Auxiliary Woman's
Board Foreign Missions; sec. and treas. home
dep't Congregational Sunday-school, 1908-12;
chairman Programme Com. R.I. Smith College
Club, 1907-08; parish visitor Bristol Congrega-
tional Church, 1907-09; resident worker Neighbor-
hood House (social settlement), Denver, Colo.,
May-Sept., 1910; sup't primary dep't Bristol Con-
gregational Sunday-school, 1910 — . Mem. Bristol
Chapter D.A.R., Bristol Congregational Home
Missionary Soc., Bristol Congregational Club.
Recreation: Golf. Against woman suffrage.
HASBROUCK, Gertrude Shaw (Mrs. Ira D.

Hasbrouck), Washington, R.I.

Bom Providence, R.I., July 7, 1869; dau. Eddy
Mason and Clara C. (Mitchell) Shaw; ed. public
schools of Providence, R.I. ; m. Providence,
Sept. 4, 1900, Dr. Ira D. Hasbrouck. Mem. R.I.
Independence Chapter D.A.R. ; vlce-pres. R.I.
State Conference Charities and Corrections, State
Sunshine Soc, R.I. Woman's Club, Coventry
Woman's €lub; ex-pres. R.I. State Fed. of Wo-
men's Clubs; honorary mem. R.I. Sorosls. Uni-
tarian. Favors woman suffrage; associate mem.
College Equal Suffrage League.
HASRKLL, Jessica Josephine, Academy St.,

Hallowell, Me.

Teacher; b. Rockland, Me., Jan. 13, 1880; dau.
Charles E. and Emma L. (Sherman) Haskell; ed.
Wdlealey Coll., A.B. '02; Durant scholar; grad.
work at Columbia Univ., 1911-12. Ass't and
later ass't principal of Hallowell (Me.) High

School. Favors woman suffrage. Author of
articles on English teaching published in va-
rious magazines, among them articles on Car-
lyle and Stevenson In the Journal of Education.
Congregatioaalist. Mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alum-
na, D.A.R., Nat. Council of Teachers of English,
Maine Teachers' Ass'n. Recreations: Botany,
walking. Mem. Parnassus Club of Hallow^ell and
Augusta. A descendant through Desire (Doty)
Sherman of Edward Doty, passenger In the
Mayfiower and party to the famous Compact.
HASKELL, Margaret BeU (Mrs. Henry C. Hsys-

kell), 120 E. College St., Oberlln, O.

Born Rhinebeck, N.Y., July 19, 1841; dau.
Samuel Franklin and Minerva (Crowell) Bell;
ed. high school, Springfield, Mass.; m. South
Deerfield, Mass., Aug. 13, 1862, Henry C. Haskell;
children: Edward, Mary Minerva, Henry Joseph.
With husband went to Bulgaria in 1862, serving
there until 1872 as missionaries of tho Am.
Board; returned in 1872 and, because of filial
obligations, remained In U.S. until 1887, dnring
which time her husband held pastoratee in
Columbus, Amherst and Marietta; returped to
Bulgaria, 1887, and resumed missionary work
untU retirement, 1911. Congregationallst.
HASKKLL, Oreola WiUlams (Mrs. Robert H.

Haskell), 234 Linden Av., Brooklyn, N.T.

Writer and lecturer; b. Poultney, Vt, April 14,
1875; dau. Theodore and Martha (Rees) Williams;
grad. Girls' High School, Brooklyn, N.Y. (oIbsb
poet); Cornell Univ., Ph. B. (class poet) '97; m.
April 8, 1901, Robert H. Haskell; one daughter:
Grace Vivian Haskell. Before marriage taught in
public schools of Brooklyn. Has been auditor
and recording sec. of N.Y. City Fed. of Wo-
men's Clubs, now patroness of Brooklyn Sittlg
Christmas Tree Society. Favors woman suf-
frage; has been pres. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Club, Brooklyn; pres. People's Political Equality
League; pres. Kings Co. Political Equality
League; leader of 18th Assembly Dlst. of Wo-
man Suffrage Party; held ofBce also in Intcrur-
ban Woman Suffrage Council and various chair-
manships in State Nat. Suffrage organizations;
now writing and lecturing for the cause. Author
of three suffrage plays; contributor to Judge,

Online LibraryJohn W. LeonardWoman's who's who of America : a biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada, 1914-1915 → online text (page 108 of 293)