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Chase Hurlbut), 97 Lincoln St.. Montclalr, N.J. gaiem fN.C.^ Coll, fo- Oirlii and Moraviaji

Bom Laurens, N.Y., Mar. 13, 1«75; dau. James school; m. Jan., 1869, Walter S. Huston; chil-

Taintor and Emma Jane (Brown) McCollom; ed. at'en: Walter S., Arthur C, Edward P. Mary

high school, Troy, Pa.; Wesleyan Acad. ; State (^j^ j^ infancy). Harry L., BertUa. Prior to

Normal School; Cornell Univ (Kappa Alpha marriage taught school, then (entered Viiislncas,

Theta): m. Troy, Pa., Feb. 23, 1899, Charles Chase established 1891, The Homo Alliance, ^ local

Hurlbut; children: Helen Proal, Jesse Lyman, newspaper devoted to the prohibition of the

Teacher for one yearln high school Wethersfield, nquor traffic and advwuto oi woman EuCmge.

Conn. Mem. Glen Ridge Congregational Church; joined Woodland V/.G.T.U. when organized by

Woman's Club of Glen Ridge. Favors woman jyjjgg Frances WiHard in 1883, have siuco been

suffrage. sup't of press dep't of the county and f>ditor a.Qd

HTJEIX, Esteile May (Mrs. John Chambers publisher of the Home Alliance since July, 1891.

Kuril), 22 Langdon Av., Watertown, Mass. Favors woman aufirage. Mem. Christian Churcih.

Author; b. New Bedford, Mass., July 25, 1853; Indi^pendent in politics. Recreatioas: Visiting,

dau. Charles W. and Sarah (Smith) Hurll; grad. reading. Was active in the campaign which won

Wellesley Coll., B.A., '82; M.A., '92 (mem. Zeta equal 3uffri?.go for California.

Alpha); m June 29, 1908 John Chambers Hurll jjUTCHIN, Mary, Middletown. Del.

^"^^^"■=,£^'^1,^^ n ^V' r^^t^ I^f^ i^Q^ Th« Teacher of pianl; b. Dover, Del., Feb. 13, W5;

^>'^!.^^7L^J'^'^ ?B^1^T?. R^ii if^^^H dau. Rev. Wmia/» Henry and Mary Elizabeth

f-T'?.}^ ^J^^^' ^^"^.;Jt P?intfn?^q^' (Reedy) Hutchin; grad. Tilton (N.H.) 3em.. '92.

t^i'. ^^''^ ^""r^^'^.^^ft^wn^kl iSQfi FnI.P^^ New England Conservatory of Music. Mem

Edited Mrs. Janieson s Art works 1896 Episco- Anti-Tuberculo3i,<-. Soc. ; greaUy inturesU^

pahan. Clubs: Boston Authors , Boston Welles- ^^ j^^^ j^^. ^^^^^ ^^^ children in State of

ley College. jjgj . g^jgj, j^ conservation of forests. Favurs

HUKSH, Catherine 8. McGuigan (Mrs. John J. -vyomajj. suffrage. Metn. Nat. Soc. Coloniul

Hursh), Box 113, Newville. Pa. Dames of America in the Siate of Del.: moro..

Bom Tamaqua, Pa., Mar. 14, 1856; dau. William Consumers' League of De!., New Century Olub

W. McGuigan, M.D., and Harriet Leech (Wil- of Middletown, Del. (ex-pres.).

son) McGuigan; ed. Tamaqua High School later „j,.|^pwv,„a Ti.^c,„ni« 43 6 Rose Bide d-^valand

by private tutor; m. Tamaqua, Pa., Nov. 1, HUrCMmh, .*<=i/uiie, 43b Kose Hiag.. Cl<*voiana,

k'o^rrM^^uil^-f'iofn^^rc^i.'iltfan^^'S; P>|cian; ^.Brooklyn NT. ;d.u Robe,. ^.

woods. Again^st 'woman suffrage Presbyterian ll%,^rc%..''m^ll. M^^^^J'p't "ff U^if^^f

MUSB/VND, Helena Eorgman (Mrs. Richard southern Ca3.. Renident physician. Children's

Wellington Husband), Hanover, N.H. Hospital, San Francisco; assistant physicijui.

Born Penn Yan, N-r., 1869; dau. Bernard and Cleveland State Hospital: aaaistant in Neurology,

Christina (Avercamp) Bergman; ed Vassar Coll., Western Reserve Medical Coll. Interested in

A.B.; Iceland Stanforl Jr. Univ., M.A. ; m 1901, ^^^g^i Betterment work. Favors woman suffrage.

Richard Wellington Husband; one son: Richard conereeationallst
B Teacher in Hals^ad School, Yonkers, N.Y.,

to 189S. Episcopalian. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. HUTCHINSON, Klarache Boydew (Mrs. M. F.

HUSSA, Cora Isabel Warburton (Mrs. Theodore HutchinBon), Fargo. N.Dak. t i ix

Frederic Hussa), 18 Epplrt St., East Orange, Dramatic reader; b Watertown, Jak., Julv 14

jj J 1882; dau. Charles S. ana Mano B. (Morgan)

Graduate Smith Coll., B.L. '94; m. June 26, Boyden; «i. Sparta (Wis 1 High School, '01; Beloit

1%1 Theodore Frederic Hussa; children: Rich- (Wis.) Coll., A.B. '06; Emerson ColL of Oratory.

ard' Warren, b. DeC. 3, 1812 (died Mar. 8, 1903); Boston '09 (mem. Kappa Gamma Chi - -Bmer8on

Althea, b. Feb. 8. 1904 (died June 12, 1909); School) ; m. Lisbon, N. Dak July 12, 1911, M. F.

Theodore Frederic Jr., b. July 30, 1909. Teachfer Hutchinson. Dramatic reader. Mem. Dramatic

of English and Latin in Bergen School for Girls, Section of Pine Arts (sec); mem. FortnighUy

Jersey City 1894-95, 1895-96; Englfsh and history Club. As dramatic reader has rendered ihsen,

in Wellesley School, Philadelphia, 1896-97; head Sheridan, Shakespeare, Dickens, Crawford, Bar-

of English dep't Miss Dana's School for Girls, rie and many others. Mem. Gotene and t^erman

Morristown N J 1897-1901. Metropolitan Societies- Recreations: Basketball,



music. Mem. Presbyterian Church, Fargo.
Farors ■wtunan suffrage.

HCTCHTNSON, Klizabeth Bartol Dewing: (Mrs.
Frederick Porter Hutchinson), 82 E. Fifty-
fifth St.. N.Y. Citv.

Author; b. N.Y. City, Nov. 26, 1886; dau.
Thomas Wllmer Dewing, N.A. (well-known
artist), and Maria Richards (Oakey) DcTving (also
an artist); grad. Brearley School, N.Y. City,
1903; m. N.Y. City, Oct. 16, 1912, Frederick Por-
ter Hutchinson. Author: Other People's Houses,
1909; A Big Horse to Ride, 1911. Mem. Soc. for
Ethical Culture.

HUTCHINSON, Minnie Boyer (Mrs. Bobert
Lee Hutchinson), 1509 Sixth Av., Huntington,

Bom Martlnsburg, W.Va., June 19, 1871; dau.
Frisby Daris and Cornelia (Butterworth) Boyer;
ed. Martlnsburg city schools; Marshall Coll.
(Huntington, W.Va.); m. Huntington, May 23,
1894, Rot>ert Lee Hutchinson; children: Helen
Ellse, b. Aug. 16, 1S97; Kathryn Bird, b. May 28,
1900. Taught for five years before marriage in
Huntington city schools; has been four years
pres. Woman's Club of Huntington; State chair-
mtn of civics of W.Va. Federation of Women's
Clubs; grad. of Chautauqua reading course and
five years pres. Chautauqua Reading Circle. Mem.
Baptist Churclj; teaches Bible class of ladies;
teaches a teacher training course for Sabbath-
school workers. Mem. Missionary Circle; Li-
brary Lecture Ass'n. Baptist. Favors woman

HUTCHINSON, Sarah Mears (Mrs. Daniel Lovett
Hutchinson), 1637 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Born Philadelphia; dau. George W. and Mary
Elizabeth. (Jones) Mears; ed. Miss Totten's and
Miss Anable's schools, Philadelphia; m. Phila-
delphia, Daniel Lovett Hutchinson Jr.; children:
DaJiiel JO., Reginald. Has translated three boodles
from German. Presbyterian. Republican. Rec-
reations: Tennis, bridge, Bwimmmg, dancing,
riding, driving. Mem. Acorn Club.
HUTCHINSON, Mabel Vernon Dixon (Mrs. J. G.
Hutchison), 147 E. Court St., Ottumwa, Iowa,
Club woman and business woman; b. OttumTra,
la. ; dau. J. W. and Sallie Ann (Vernon) Dixwi
(both from Quaker families) ; father served in
both houses of lawa. Legislature; ed. Wis. Univ.
(mem. Delta Gamma) ; m. Ottum-wa, Iowa, June
23, 1898, J. G. Hutchison (nov/ deceased); daug'h-
ter died at birth. Her husband, a lawyer and
State Senator, embarked twenty years before his
death in the wholesale grocery business, and
since his death che has been president and
active executive of J. G. Hutchinson & Co. Was
for twenty years active in Sunday school work
of Trinity Episcopal Church; started and for a
time led the tK>y choir; director Y.W.C.A. and
active mem. Ottumwa Hospital Ass'n. One of
founders of Ottumwa Woman's Club; was mem.
of the Tuesday Club, Tourist Club, and Art
Club. Treas. (1895-99) and pres. (1899-1901) Iowa
Fed. of Women's Clubs; now pres. Iowa Bx-
Presldents' Ass'n. Favors woman suSrage.
Episcopalian. Republican.

HUTT, Edith Palmer (Mrs. W. N. Hutt), Ra-
leigh, N.C.

Bom In Canada, 1879; dau. A. E. Palmer, M.D.,
and Mrs. Annie (Von Strohn) Palmer; ed. St.
(Catharines, Ont. , and Chicago, 111.; took domestic
science course at Lewis Inst, there; m. Detroit,
1906, W. N. Hutt (SUte horticulturist for N.C).
Chairman dep't of health, N.C. Federation
Women's Clubs; 1st vice-pres. Raleigh Woman's
Club; chairman school hygiene. Gen. Federation
Women's Clubs. Mem. N.C. Acad, of Science,
Asso. Clubs of Domestic Science and various
civic organizations. Recreation: Traveling.
Specially interested in the woman's branch of the
Farmers' Inst, (maintained by the State Govern-
ment), going to them usually in their churches,
schools or groves and giving demonstrations in
cooking and talks on everything that concerns
the welfare of the farm woman.
HYATT, Anna Van Kirk (Mrs. Louis Eugene
Hyatt), 2812 Thirteenth St., N.W., Washing-
ton, D.C.
Bora Itiaca, N.Y., Jan. 13, 1869; dau. Eron C.

and Henrietta (Purdy) Van Kirk; ed. Ithaca
High School; Wait's School; Cornell Univ.; m.
Sept. 25, 1889, Louis Eugene Hyatt; children:
Thelma V K., Kennet-h. Short story writer.
Unitarian. Mem. Woman's Alliance. Clnbst
Cornell Women, Short Story, The Netherlauders.

HTATT, Anna Vaughn, 126 E. 80th St.. N.T.


Sculptor; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1876; dau. Al-
phens and Audella (Beebe) Hyatt; ed. private
school, Cambridge, Mass., and Art Students'
League, N.Y. City; pupil of Henry H. Kltson,
H. A. McNeil and Gutzon Borglum. Specialty Is
animal sculpture in marble and bronze. Repre-
sented in most of the Important exhibitions since
189S, and now in permanent collection of small
bronzes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, N.Y.
City. Received honorable mention at the Paris
Salon, 1910, for her statue of Jeanne d'Arc.
Among her other notable works are her statue
of a lion, Dayton, C, and groups of horses, tigers
and goats at Metropolitan Museum. Mem. Nat.
Sculpture Soc., Circle Friends of the Medallion,
Federation of Arts. Favors woman suffrage.
HYDE, Anne Rhea Bachman (Mrs. Charles R.

Hyde), Chattanooga, Tenn.

Born New Providence Church, Tenn. ; dau.
Rev. J. W. and Evaline (Dulaney) Bachman;
ed. Chattanooga High School, Sayre College,
Lexington, Ky. (grad. with honors); m. Chatta-
nooga, Tenn., Jan. 29, 1889, Rev. Charles R.
Hyde; one son: John Bachman. Has been en-
gaged in church work in various cities, Interested
in American historical research and for years
has been one of a committee to collect lit-
erature for the Confederate Museum at Rich-
mond, Va. ; has spoken many times for mis-
sionary societies, unions and clubs on religious,
literary and historical subjects. Author: An
Historical Account of the Daughters of the Con-
federacy; also a few poems and letter* of travel.
Mem. Sayre Alumnae Soc., Va. Historical Soa,
D.A.R., Daughters of 1812, Daughters of Con-
federacy, Woman's Auxiliary of Arkansas His-
torical Commission, Confederate Memorial Lit-
erary Soc., Tenn. Woman's Press and Authors'
Club. Recreation. Collecting Americana, Pres-
HYDE, Annie Hayden (Mrs. Thomas W. Hyde),

the Vendome, Boston, Mass.; sum.nier address,

Bath, Me.

Born Bath, Me., July, 1841; dau. John and
Martha (Brown) Hayden; m. Bath, Me., 1866,
Gen. Thomas W. Hyde; children: John S., Ed-
ward W., Ethel, Arthur S., Eleanor Hayden
(Mrs. John C. Phillips), Madelyn. Mem. Brown-
ing Soc, Folk-Lore Soc, Bibliophile Soc, Audu-
bon Soc, Boston Drama League, Nat. Geo-
graphic Soc, Hampton Inst. Soc, Red Cross
Soc Recreations: Music, literature, art. Mem.
Musical Art Club (Boston), Fortnightly Club
(Bath, Me.). Episcopalian. Against woman

HYDE, Elisrabetb A., 1840 Summit PL, Washing-
ton, D.C.

Writer: b. Southport, England, July 31, 1876;
dau. John and Emily (Watson) Hyde; ed. public
schools of Chicago and Omaha and privately.
Interested in settlement work, playgrounds,
child welfare. Improvement of the ccwalc supple-
ment. Favors woman suffrage. Writer (under
pen-name of "E. A. Watson Hyde") of short
stories, poems, songs. Congregational 1st. Mem.
League of American Pen Women (pres. 1909-10);
Ass'n for the Advancement of Women. Actively
engaged in editorial and statistical work.
HYDE, Ida Henrietta, Lawrence, Kan.

Professor physiology; b. Davenport, la., Sept.
8, 1857; ed. Univ. of 111., 1881; Cornell A.B. '91;
Bryn Mawr '92; instructor In biology '93; fellow
'94; European fellow of the Ass'n Coll. Alumnae
'96; European research (Phebe Hunt Fellowship)
'96; student Woods' Hole '91; U.S. Fish Comm'n
investigator '92; research student Strassburg '93,
Heidelberg 1894-95; Naples Biological Station '96;
Bern '96; Harvard '97; Radcliffe '98; Univ. of
Chicago '08; Rush Medical 1909-11; Ph.D. Heidel-
berg '96; research Univ. of Liverpool '04. Mem.
staff of physiology, Woods Hole Marine Bio-



logical Laboratory, 1900-03; prof. Univ. of Kansas Art League. Mem. Country Club, Travis Club,

since 1899. Mem. Naples Table Ass'n for Labora- Woman's Club. Recreations: Study of her an-

tory Researcti. Interested in work of Boston cestry, D.A.R. work. Methodist. Favors woman

Educational Ass'n. Author: Outlines of Experi- sufirage; cbarter mem. of the Equal Franchise

mental Physiology; A Laboratory Guide in Phy- Soc
siology, and a Monograph (1912) on the Influence
of Science on the Development of Intellectual
Personality; also numerous papers on physio-
logical subjects, and more particularly on the
nervous, circulatory and respiratory system of

various animals in Zeitschrift fiir Biologle, Jour- lAMS, Xacy V. Dorsey. (Mrs. Franklin P. lams),

nal of Morphology, American Journal of Phy- Tyndall and Hnxley Sts., Pittsburgh, Pa.

siology and other publications. Mem. Am. Phy- Court stenographer; b. Oakland, Md., Nov. 13,

siological Soc, Sigma Xi, Am. Geog. Soc., Am. 1855; dau. James Francis and Charlotte (Hook)

Biol. Soc. Chairman Douglas Co. Com. on Dorsey; grad. Waynesburg Coll., Pa., B.A. ; m.

Health, Education of Women, under Am. Med. Franklin P. lams, Waynesburg, Pa., Aug. 12,

Ass'n, membership com. of the Ass'n Coll. 1877; children: Jay Donald, Jesse Dorsey. Active

Alumnae. Favors woman suffrage. in promoting Pittsburgh's civic and sociologlc

HYDE, Mary Rebecca, 269 Court St., Bingham- betterment, and in State and national work of

ton N T similar character, helping to draft and secure

Principal of Lady Jane English school ; b. passage and enforcement of numerous laws to

Coming; N.Y., 1857; dau. Henry Mygett and tbat end, including tenement-house regulation,

Jane Lucy (Priest) Hyde; grad. Albany Female giil^,!*^"^'"' t^°- favors woman suffrage. Mem.

Acad., Allegheny Coll. and Geneva, SwiUerland. Equal Franchise A^ n. Writes chiefly local ar-

Engaged in teaching since 1876. Pres. Lady Jane "cles along Unes of civic and polit cal improve-

Grey Literary Soc.; prea. Monday Afternoon ment. Mem. Nat Child I^bor Ass n; vice-pres.

Club, Binghamton, N.Y.; pres. Soc. of New Eng- A^?°"fed Ohanties of Pittsburgh; vice-pres.

land Women (Colony 13) ; lecturer on art, history. Child Labor Ass'n of Pa. ; board mem. State

literature, director In Susquehanna Valley House. Federation of Pa. Women, and of Pa (3onsumers'

Favors woman suffrage. Has written articles League (mem. local league); mem. Nat. Housing

for magazines. Episcopalian. RepuWican. Rec- Ass'n; vice-pr^. Pittsburgh Housmg Conference;

reationT European traVel. Mem. D.A.R., Bar- vice-pres Civ c Club of Allegheny Co (1 000

nard Club of N.Y.; many times delegate to the ^e^mbers) P^'A^^® S'"!?,' >.^'"^^ ^l"^^' .^S??.^^

Fed of Clubs and has spoken ohiefi/ on eduoa- Musical Club, Quarrel Club and others In Pitta-

Uonal subjects. burgh.

HYDE, Sara Gardner, Tale Univ. Library, New LDDINGS, Lola Lamont, 7 Sheffield Road, Win-
Haven, Conn. Chester, Mass.

Librarian; b. Palmyra, N.Y.; dau. Chauncey Born Baltimore, Md.; ed. in schools of Orange,

Thompson and Sarah J. (Hitchcock) Hyde; ed, N.J., and Vassar Coll., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa)

public sciiools of Ware. Mass.; Mt. Holyoke Coll., '89; student in Yale Univ. for five years. Writer

N.Y. State Library School, B.L.S. Cataloguer N.Y. of poems which have been published In various

State Library, 1901-03; cataloguer U.S. Geological magazines.

Survey Library, 1903-07; catalc^iie reviser Yale ide, Fannie Ogden (Mrs. Charles W. Ide), 43
Univ. Library, 1907—. Mem. New Haven Equal Remsen St., Brooklyn, N.T.
Fran<^se League. Author of a list of medical Author (pen name, "Ruth Ogden"); b. Brook-
serials in the Yale University Library. Con- iyii_ oeo., 1853; dau. Jonathan and Abigail (Mur-
gregationallst. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n, Conn, p^y) Ogdea; ed. private schools in Brooklyn; m.
Library Ass'n, Mt. Holyoke Alumnae Ass'a, N.Y. Brooklyn, Dec., 1875, Charles W. Ide (now de-
State Library ScOiool Ass'n. Recreation : Walking, ceased); one daughter: Alice Steele. Author ot
Favors woman suffrage. juvenile stories: A Loyal Little Red-Coat; His
HYDE, Winifred, 1039 C St., Lincoln, Neb. Little Royal Higheness; A Little Queen of Hearts;
Professor of philosophy; ed. Univ. of Neb., Courage; Little Homespun; Friendship; Tattine;
A.B. 1900, Phi Beta Kappa; Univ. of Denver; Loyal Hearts and True; The Good and Perfect
Bryn Mawr fellow, 1902-04; Cornell scholar of Gift; also contributor to magazines in prose and
philosophy, 1904-05; European fellow for Boston verse. Against woman suffrage.
Woman's Ass'n, 1905-06. Instructor Univ of jgi^ehABT, Fanny Chambers Gooeh, 1901
Neb., 1911-12; prof, of philosophy, Univ. ot Neb., -^Tiites Av., Austin, Tex.

1912-13. Interested in singing. Favors woman ^^thor; b. in Mississippi; dau. WUliam and
suffrage. Author: Bertrag fur Erkenntnistheorie p^^.^^^ (Magee) Chambers; resident of Texas
des Pragmatisnius. Methodist. Recreation: ^^^^ ^^^,^ childhood; ed. in Waco (Tex.) schools
Sports of all kinds. and in Baylor Female Coll., Independence, Tex.;
HYMAN, Lillian Phillips (Mrs. Mai Wyman), m. (1st) George W. Gooch, of Albemarle County,
Newboldt PI., Kew Gardens, No. Richmond Va. ; (2d) Austin, Tex., D. T. Iglehart. Author:
Hills, N.Y. Face to Face With the Mexicans; Christmas in
Bom Milwaukee, Wis., June 7, 1860; dau. Moses Old Mexico; The Boy Captive of the Texas Mier
Phillips Wheelcock, of Vt., and Nancy (Vlsburg) Expedition. Spent years In Mexico studying the
Wheelcock, of N.Y. .City; ed. private school and country and the people. Active In charities;
high school, Garrison, 111.; m. Cairo, 111., Mai one of the original founders of the Altenhelm,
Wyman. Identified with religious, social and home for aged women In Austin, and its presi-
philanthroplc activities. Interested in woman dent for five years. One of founders of Path-
suffrage Recreations: Painting, sewing. Mem. finder Literary Club; mem. and former vice-
Minerva Club, Illuminati Club, Century Theatre pres. American History Club (Austin); mem.
Club Domestic Science Club, N.Y. Federation Woman's Club, San Antonio. Episcopalian,
of Women's Clubs. Recreations: Music, social affairs. Favors woman
HYMAN, Sarah Minna Chalk (Mrs. Harry Hy- 3"^age.
man), 309 Magnolia Av., San Antonio, Tex. tKEBT, Mary Holmes (Mrs. George P. Ikert,
State Regent D.A.R. ; b. Elk Falls, Kan.; dau. cor. Jackson and Sixth Sts., E. Liverpool, Ohio.
Robert L. and Anna (Butcher) Chalk; ed. private Born Black Hawk, Pa.; dau. Robert Cooper
schools, Beaton Higti School, Companche, la.; m. and Euphemia (Boyce) Holmes; ed. Beaver (Pa.)
(1st) Belton, Texas, 1890, W. T. Scott; (2d) Fort Coll., Preparatory Dep't; Mt. Union (Ohio) Coll.,
Worth Texas Harry Hyman (LL.B. Columbian B.A. (first honors of Philosophical Dep't), later
Law School, Washington, D.C.); children: William M.A.; m. Alliance, Ohio, Feb. 5, 1880, Dr. George
Thomas Scott, Robert Chalk Scott, John Pinck- P. Ikert; children: Horace Holmes, Georgella,
ney Scott, Anna Rose Soott. Sunday-school Mary Rubiena, Olive Elizabeth, Jacob Jasper,
teacher; soc'y of Foreign Missionary Soc.; mem. Virgil Crocker, Geraldine Boyce. Teacher for
Colonial Dames, Daughters of the Signers of the ten years previous to marriage; for many years
DeclaraUon, Daughters of 1812, Daughters of the mem. Board of City Examiners for Teachers. Re-
Confederacy, State Regent of the D.A.R., Board sided in Washlngtan when Dr. Ikert was member
of Directors of Y.W.C.A., Free Clinic Y.M.C.A., of Congress. Served for years as mem. of Board



of Visitors to all county institutions; mere.
BoanJ of Directors Playground Ass'n; mem.
Finance Com. of Hospital Ass'n. Frequent con-
tributor to press, usually under a nom-de-plume;
has written several memoirs which have bc>en
published as booklets. Mem. Com. on Civics of
Ohio Fed. of Women's Clubs; mem. Monday
Literary Club (several terms pres.). Recreations:
"Trips to seashore, mountain or country; music.
Me&iodiat; active In Heme and Foreign Mis-
sionary Societies of M.E. Church; several years
pres. Steubenville Dls't Woman's Home Mission-
ary Soc; mem. W.C.T.U. ; vice-pres. Florence
Crittenton Circle. Favors woman suffrage.

ILLESCTON, Margturet (Mrs. Edward J.

Bowes), 169 W. Seventy-ninth St., N.Y. City.

Actress; b. Bloomlngton, 111., Mar. 22, 1881;
dau. I. H. and Mary Ellen Light; ed. III. Wes-
leyan Univ., Bloomlngton, and Conservatory In
Chicago; m. (1st) N.Y. City, Nov. 22, 1903, Daniel
Frohman; (2d) Nov. 14, 1S09, Edward J. Bowes,
of Tacoma, Wash. Made profeselonal dSbut In a
small part In The Pride of Jennico with James
K. Hackett In N.T. City, 1900, later playing the
leading woman's rOle in that play. Became a
member of Daniel Frohman's Stock Company at
Daly's Theatre, N.Y. City, 1902, and in the sum-
mer of that year was leading woman of the
Richmond (Va.) Stock Company; created the
leading rdle In The Japanese Nightingale In 1903,
and in March, 1904, played Henrlette in the all-
star cast revival of The Two Orphans; created
the part of Mrs. LeflBngwell In Augustus Thomas'
comedy, Mrs. Lefflingwell's Boots, November,
1905; played the leading woman's rOle In Chicago
In 'The Lion and the Mouse, 1906, and later In
the Liondon presentation of that play; appeared
at the Empire Theatre, N.Y. City, Sept. 3, 1896,
as Nina In His House in Order at its flrst
American production, and Sept. 9, 1897, was joint
star with Kyrle Bellew In The Thief at the
Lyceum Theatre, N.Y. City. Retired from stage,
1908-12, but returned In leading woman r61e in
Kindling, under the Frohman management. In
N.Y. City In the early part of 1913.

IMBBrE. Hattie SilUln*!) (Mrs. Addison Murray
Imbrie), 6409 Fifth Av., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Bom SheakleyvUle, Mercer Co., Pa.; dan.
James McPherson and Mary Louise (Dunn) Silll-
man ; ed. Pittsburgh College for Women ; m.
Allegheny City, Pa., Oct 2, 1885, Addison Murray
Imbrie; children: Addison Murray Imbrie Jr.,
b. Gept. 10, 1891 (died July 15, 1894) ; Boyd Vincent
Imbrie, b. Nov. 27, 1895. Episcopalian. Interested
in College Settlement work, KIngsley House,
Pittsburgh, Y.W.C.A. (contributing mem.): asso-
ciate mem. Pittsburgh Male Chorus; mem. Art
Soc., D.A.R. (life mem.); mem. Twentieth Cen-
tury Club. Against suffrage for women, but will
vote If It be granted.

INGAXLS, Anna L/onlsa 'Ohe«ebrongrh (Mrs. John
James Ingalls), 1040 Santa F6 St., Atchison,

Bom N.Y. City, April 9, 1843; dau. Ellsworth
and Anna Louisa (Addison) Ohesebrough; eighth
In descent from Gov. William Coddington of R.I.,
and seventh In descent from Gov. Peleg Sanford
of R. I.; came to Kan. in 1859 with father from
N.Y. City; mother of the present Lieut.-Gov. of
Kan. ; ed. by private tutors and. governesses,
finishing at Acad, of Visitation (Catholic), St.
Louis; m. Sept. 27, 18fi5, John Jajnee IngalJs, late
Senator from Kansas; eleven children: Ellsworth,
Ruth, Ethel, Ralph, Addison, Constance, Shef-
field, Marion, Muriel, Faith, Louisa. Against
woman suffrage. Protestant Episcopal. Pro-
gressive Republican. Mem. Kansas Soc. of Colo-
nial Dames, Ancestral Soc. of Rhode Island, and
of church societies. Recreation: Horseback rid-

INGALLS, Benlah Humphrey ScalT (Mrs. Mel-
ville Edgar Ingalls, Jr.), 512 Fifth Av., N.Y.

Bom N.Y. City; dau. James Ambrose and
Annie (Forman) Scaff; ed. In London and Paris;
m. Freehold, N.J., Sept 11, 1910, Melville Edgar
Ingalls Jr., a lawyer. Associated in the better-
ment of tenement house conditions. Mem.
BJplscopal Church. Recreations: Riding, golf.

Mem. Le Lyceum Soci6t6, Femmes ae rtance 4
New York.

INGALLS, Carrie Crane (Mrs. Frederick Clark
Ingalls). 145P Clay St., San Francisco, Cal.
Teacher; b. Newton Highlands, Mass., Aug. 8,
1874; dau. Moses G. and Emeline H. (Rogers)
Crane; ed. Newton schools, Univ. of Cal. (sum-
mer school), 1912; m. Newton Highlands, Mass.,
June 12, 1906, Frederick Clark Ingalls. Favors
woman suffrage. Author: Text-Book on Domestic
Art for High Schools, 19U-12. Unitarian. Pro-
gressive. Mem, Home Economics Soc., Civic
Council of Women. Recreation: Music,

IN0.4XL8, Eleanor Caldwell (Mrs. C. E. IngallB),

Washington, Kan.

Librarian; b.'D wight 111-. Sept 18, 1879; dau.
Frank and Mary Alice (Rea) Caldrwell; grad.

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