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Imperial Conference of 'Teachers held in London,
England, 1912, by the Ontario Teachers' Ass'n.
Has written papers for Anglican Young People's
Ass'n on Wyclifie and His Times; Book of
Esther; The Flag of the Empire; reporter for
Woman's Auxiliary branch (Eglinton) of mis-
sionary meetings; read paper on the Ascension.
Mem. Daughters of the Empire; United Empire
Loyalist Ass'n, Canadian Historical Soc. Rec-
reations: Music, the Bible, study of children;
succeeded In banishing home work from the
public schools of Ontario. Anglican. Favors
woman suffrage.
JOHNSTON, Anna Harper (Mrs. J. Bradford

Johnston), Canonsburg, Pa,

Teacher of harmony; b. Mercer Co., Pa., May,
1863; dau. Robert J. and Elizabeth (Henderson)
Harper; ed. Pittsburgh schools; m. Canonsburg,
Pa., April, 1900, J. Bradford Johnston. Organ-
ized the Shakespeare Club, Music Circle for
Young Women, New Era Soc. of Central Pres-
byterian Church. Mem. Daughters of Am. Pio-
neers, Shakespeare Club of Canonsburg, New
Era Club of Pittsburgh, Art Com. of Fed. of
Women's Clubs of Pa. Presbyterian. Favors
woman suffrage.
JOHNSTON, Annie I'>llow8 (Mrs. William L.

Johnston), Pewee Valley, Ky.

Author; b. Evansville, Ind., May 15, 1863; dau.
-Mbion and Mary (Erskine) Fellows; ed. Indiana
public schools and State Univ. of Iowa; m. Oct.
11, 1888, William L. Johnston (died 1892). Books:
Little Colonel Stories (nine vols.); Mary Ware;
Mary Ware In Texas; Joel, a Boy of Galilee;
Asa Holmes; Travelers Five; Two Little Knights

of Kentucky; The Giant Scissors; Big Brother;
Ole Manning's Torment; Story of Dago; Auflt
Liza's Hero; Flip's Islands of Providence; Cicely
and Other Stories; Mildred's Inheritance; The
Jester's Sword; In the Desert of Waiting: Legend
of the Bleeding Heart; Keeping Tryst; The
Three Weavers; Mary Ware's Promised Land.
Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church. Favors
woman suffrage.

JOHNSTON, Caroline A. Dorsey (Mrs. Thomaa
Hamer Johnston), The Melrose, 1343 Clifton
St., Washington, D.C.

Born San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 2, 1860; dau.
Baker Johnson and Caroline A. (Jackson} Dor-
sey; ed. at home; m. Washington, D.C, July
22, 1884, Thomas Hamer Johnston. Episcopalian.
Pres. D.C. Nat. Soc. Chapter of Daughters of
Founders and Patriots of America, mem. D.A.R.
since 1895, founder of the Louise Adams Chap-
ter D.A.R. (was its regent five years); mem.
Vermont Soc. of Colonial Dames; mem. Con-
servation Com. Nat. Soc. D.A.R., and Conserva-
tion Com. of Daughters of Founders and Patriots
of America. Was chairman of the first D.A.R.
Child Labor Committee In Washington City.

JOHJ;STON, Klla Bond (Mrs. Melville F. John-
ston), 103 North 10th St., Richmond, Ind.
Director of Circuit art exhibits, h. Webster,
Ind., Nov. 19, 1860; dau. Simon H. and Susan
(Harris) Bond; ed. public schools of Wayne Co.,
Ind.; Earlham Coll., Richmond, Ind.; m. Rich-
mond, Ind., Nov. 14, 18S9, Melville F. Johnston,
M.D.; one son: Donald Bond Johnston. Teacher
in public schools of Wayne Co., and City of
Richmond, Ind., 1879-89; director of the Indiana
Circuit Exhibit, the Indiana Artists' Traveling
Exhibit, the Philadelphia Water Color Club Ex-
hibit; Exhibit of Prints in Colors. Lecturer on
art subjects. Interested In the promotion of art
interest In the Middle West by lecturing, send-
ing out exhibits and organizing art associations.
Pres. since 1897 of the Art Ass'n of Richmond,
Ind.; chairman since 1907 of A.rt Com. of Ind.
Federation of Clubs; chairman since Sept., 1912,
of Art Dep't of Gen. Federation of Clu'bs; mem.
1904-11 of Board of Directors of Am. Civic Ass'n;
mem. Social Center Ass'n, 1912. Articles pub-
lished in The Chautauquan, The Outlook. Mem.
Tuesday Aftermath of Richmond, Ind., 1889-
1911. Recreations: Change of work and travel.
Friend (born, but not now member). Favors
woman suffrage; mem. Franchise League, Rich-
mond, Ind.

JOHNSTON, Eva, University of Mo., Columbia,

Born Ashland, Mo., 1865; dau. J. T. M. and
Elizabeth (Martin) Johnston; ed. Univ. of Mo.,
A.M. '95; Berlin, Heidelberg, Gottlngen, Konlgs-
berg, Ph.D., 1905, studied three years in Ger-
many. Assistant prof, of Latin, Univ. of Mo.,
1901-12; associate prof. Latin and Dean of
Women, 1912—. Author: De Sermone Terentiano,
QuEBstiones duo, 1905; Gemination In Latin, 1906.
Baptist. Favors woman suffrage.
JOHNSTON, Julia Harriette, 1008 Hamilton St.,

Peoria, 111.

Writer; b. Salinevllle, O.; dau. Rev. Robert
Johnston, Presbyterian clergyman, and Jane G.
(Waters) Johnston; Infancy passed at Gettysburg,
Pa.; grad. Peoria (111.) High School. Hymn
writer, Sunday-school lesson writer. Extensive
writer for the Sunday-school publications of
David C. Cook Publishing Co., aa well as those
of the Presbyterian and other denominational
Sunday-school boards. Especially Interested in
missions and Sunday-school work with little
children; pres. Presbyterial Missionary Soc. of
Peoria Presbytery. Writer of over 400 hj-mns
and songs, which have been set to music.
Books: The School of the Master (poems); Bright
Threads (essays); Life of Adonlram Judson; The
Indian and Spanish Neighbors (missionary); Who
Was it?; Stories— Bible Guess Stories for Little
Children; Benedictions of the Bible and Margi-
nal Readings.
JOHNSrON, Lucy Brown (Mrs. William Agnew

Johnston), 1900 W. Sixth Av., Topeka, Kan.

Born Camden, Ohio, April 7, 1847; dau. Robert
H. and Margaret (Wright) Bronwn; ed. public



school, Camden, Ohio; Western Coll., Oxford,
Ohio; Chautauqua course, five years; m. Camden,
Ohio, Nov. 25, 1875, William A. Johnston; chil-
dren: John Jacob, Margaret Agnes. Interested
in all activities that lead to the betterment o£
home, community, women, children. Served two
years as pres. of State Fed. of Women's Clubs,
two years State Regent D.A.R. Has written
for newspapers and magazines. Mem. D.A.R.
(mother's father and grandfather soldiers in
Revolutionary War), Ladies of the G.A.R., West
Side Forestry Club, Good Government Club
(Topeka), District and State Fed. Recreations:
Reading, driving. Presbyterian. Favors woman
suffrage; pres. Kansas Equal Suffrage Ass'n, life
mem. of Am . Nat. Woman Suffrage Ass'n.
Visiting mem. State Board of Control, mem. of
State Traveling Library Commission.

JOHNSTON, Mary, Richmond, Va.

Author; b. Buchanan, Va., Nov. 21, 1870: dan.
John William and Elizabeth (Alexander) John-
ston; ed. at home and one winter at girls' school
in Atlanta, Ga. Interested in the woman move-
ment, economic readjustments and eugenics.
Vlce-pres. Equal Suffrage l..eague of Virginia.
Author: Prisoners of Hope; To Have and to
Hold; Audrey, Sir Mortimer; The Goddess of
Reason; Lewis Rand; The Long Roll; CeasJ-e
Firing. Mem. Nat. Inst of Social Sciences, Nat.
Municipal League, Am. Asf'n for Labor Legisla-
tion, Ckmsumers League. Am. Forestry Ass'n,
Virginia Nat. Soc.

JOHNSTON, Mary Beattie, Salem, N.Y.

Teacher; b. Salem, N.Y., Feb. 8. 18S4; dau.
John W. and Nellie (Beattie; Johnston; ed.
Salem Washington Acad.; Eardweli Prep. Acad.;
Bryn Mawr Coll.; State Normai Ccli , Albany,
N.Y., B.A. (mem. Psi Gamma). J'.^m. V/omen's
Christian Temperance Union, Salem Union
Grange,- Young Helpers' Missionary Soc., Chris-
tian Union. United Presbyterian.

JOHNSTON, Mary H. Stoddard (Mr.i. Robert

J. Johnston), Humboldt, Iowa,

Banker; b. Red V/ing, Minn., Feb. 28, :86S;
dau. James Gallup and Margaret (Barr) Stoddard;
ed. HumboWt public school. Fort Dodge High
School; m. Humboldt, la., June 28, 18.88. Robert
J. Johnston. Mem. Order of Colonial Governors,
Americans of Armorial Ancestry, Coloniai DaTrjer
Mayflower Ass'n; State treas. D.A.R.; State pres.
U.S Daughters of 1812, State pres. Iowa Daugh-
ters of the Revolution; mem. Ladies' of G.A.R ,
New England Women's Soc., Soc. for Preserva-
tion of Virginia Antiquities, Pocahontas Ass'n,
Maria Mitchell .Ass'n: S ate treas. of lov/a Fed.
of Women's Clubs. Re-creations: Raising cl: 'li-
ens, flowers, genealogy. Mem. Hum'boldt \v'o-
man's Club. Cashier of Humbolt State Bank.
Episcopalian. Against women suffrage.

JOHNSTON, Mary Virginia del CastiUo (Mrs. R.

LeGrand Johnston), The Kensington, 2501

Fourteenth St., Washington, D.C.

Portrait painter; b. in Cuba, Aug. 16, 1865
dau. Francisco and Marietta M. (Aldrich) del
Castillo; ed. St. Louis, Mo.; Westmoreland, N.H,
Washington, D.C; grad. from WaS'hington High
School; gold medalist Vernon Row Art School
pupil of Robert Henri, William R. Chase of N.Y
School of Art; m. Washington, D.C, 1886, R
Le Grand Johnston; children: Philip Devereux
del Castillo, Lionel Le Grand, Arturo Martin,
Charles Croxall, Francisco Carroll. Gold medal
for best painted portrait from life in Vernon
Row (or Rouzee) Art School ; mean, of portrait
class of Robert Henri; pwrtralts exhibited in ex-
hibitions of Soc. of Washington Artists. Mem.
of Maryland Government League, Bethesda, Md.;
Woman's Club for Social Uplift, Sophocles Cluh
of Washington, D.C; Soc. for Philosophical In-
quiry of Washington, D.C ; Stanton Suffrage
Club, Washington ; League ol American Pen
Women; mem. Board of Managers Nat. Equality
Fed. ; vicc-pres. of the PhUosopMcal Soc. Has
written art articles; haa had two pnbllahed In
N.Y. Art Interchange on What One Should See
iu a Painting and Impressionism in Art. Recrea-
tions: Rowing, walking, swlmmiag, mountain
climbing, skating. Favors woman suffrage.

JOHNSTON, S. Edna, 232 W. Walnut Lane,
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.
Principal: dau. W. L. D. and Rebecca (Moore)
Johnston: grad. Lindenwood School, Wilson Coll.
(Chambersburg, Pa.), '06, A.B. Editor of The
Proceedings of The American Soc. of Mechanical
Engineers (New York) ; principal of the Walnut
Lane School (Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa.).
Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Mem.
Consumers' League and College Settlement. Rec-
reation: Horseback riding.

JOHNSTONE, Mary Margaret Sewall, 1703 Jack-
son Boulevard, Chicago, III.

Physician; b. Newburyport, Mass., Dec. 18,
1870; dau. David and Margaret (Hodge) John-
stone; ed. Smith Coll., A.B. '94; Woman's Med.
School, Northwestern Univ., M.D. '99 (mem. Nu
Phi Sigma). Episcopalian. Favors woman suf-

JONAS, Anna Isabel, 91 West Commerce St.,
Bridgeton, N.J.

Geologist; b. Bridgeton, N.J., 18S1; dau. George
and Mary Hughes (Gilbert) Jonas; ed. Friends
Central School till 1900; Bryn Maivr Coll.. A.B.
'04; A.M. '05; Ph.D. '12. Author: Serpentines of
^Eastern Pennsylvania; The Gcciogy of the Avon-
dale District. Mem. Civic Club, Bridgeton, N.J. ;
Soc. for Prevention Cruelty to Animals; Alumnae
Ass'n of Bryn Mawr Cell. Recreations: Auto-
mobiling, termis, walking, horseback riding.

JONES, Alice. Home, Halifax, N.S., Can.; pres-
ent address. Bank of Montreal, 47 Thread-
needle St., London, England.
Author; b. Halifax, N.S. (coming of United
Emprire Loyalist stock, who left Mass. after the
Revolution and settled in Weymouth, X.S.);
dau. Hon. A. G. Jones (who w:-h.s many years
mem. of the Clanadian Parllaiaent for Halifax
and died Lieut. -Governor of Nova Scotia) and
Margaret Wiseman (Stairs) Jones; ed. in Hali-
fax and later studied langiiages in France and
Italy. Has traveled much in Europe, Egypt and
West Indies, and since 1910 has lived in Italy,
but hopes soon to return to Canada. Contributed
several serials to Toronto V/eek and other pub-
lications. Author (novels) : Bubbles We Buy,
1901; Gabriel Praed's Castle, 1902; Marcus Hol-
beach's Daughter, a Tale of the Gulf Shore,

JONES, Ajnanda Theodosia, Junction City, Kan.
Author, inventor; b. East Bloomfleld, N.Y.,
Oct. 19. 1835; dau. Henry and Mary Alma (Mott)
Jones; ed. public schools of N.Y. State, Acad.
of East Aurora, N.Y., and high school of Buf-
falo. Literary editor The Western Rural, rcitor
The Bright Side, 1858-69. Interested In philan-
thropic work, looking to th" reform of unhappy
women and the protection of girls; originated one
working woman's home. Inventions: Pure Food
Vacuum Preserving Processes, with needful ap-
paratus; Automatic Safety Oil-Burning System;
Jones' Master Valves; Ready-Opener Tin Can,
and others; six patents, others pending. Author
(verse): Ulah and Other Poems; Atlantis;
Poems of the Rebellion; A Prairie Idyl; Rubaiy&t
of Solomon and Other Poems. Prose: Children's
Stories: Fairy Arrows; The White Blackbird; A
Psychic Autobiography, 1908; A Daughter of Wall
Street (novel about to be published); Man and
Priest, a Story of Psychic Detection; Mother of
Pioneers. Recreation: Cultivation of flowers.
Favors woman suffrage. Republican.
JONES, Clara Eouise, 67 W. Central Av., Dela-
%vare, Ohio.

Craftsman, jeweler; b. Delaware, O., 1866;
can. Gen. J. S. and Louise (Campbell) Jones;
grad. VaS'Sar Coll., A.B. '87 (Phi Beta Kappa).
Teacher Ohio Wesleyan School of Music, Dela-
v.'are, 1891; preceptress East Greenwich (R.I.)
Acad.. 1S93; craftsman-jeweler since 1908. Fx-
'hibited at Art Inst.. Chicago, 1910; at Nat. Arts
Club, N.Y. City, 1911. Methodist. Mem. Tourist
Club, Delaware, O.

JONES, Delia A. (Mrs. W. D. Jonea). Worces-
ter, N.Y.

Born Cobhleskill, May 12, 1866; dau. Charles B.
p-.-iA Sarah J. rstevens) Felter; ed. schools at
Lhnira, N.Y.; m. Elmira, N.Y., Sept. 30, 1SS5,



Rev. W. D. Jones; children: David William,
Miriam Catharine, Naomi, Cecelia. Lecturer on
home economics for farmers' institutes of N.Y.
State Dep't of Agriculture; lecturer for granges;
State sup't dep't Sunday-school work for N.Y.
W.C.T.U. ; State lecturer for temperance in Sun-
day-schools. Author of many leaflets, programs,
responsive readings and pledges for temperance
workers; local correspondent for Rochester Dem-
ocrat and Chronicle five years. Presbyterian.
Mem. Irondequoit Chapter D.A.R., Woman's Re-
lief Corps, W.C.T.U., Woman's Home and For-
eign Missionary Soc, Webster Grange; Sup't of
Temperance N.Y. State Sunday School Ass'n.
Recreations: Reading, walking, studying nature
in the woods and on country roads. Charter
mem. Western N.Y. Fed. Women's Clubs; char-
ter mem. Mothers' Club of Buffalo; charter mem.
Discovery Club of Webster, N.Y.
JONES, Dymae J. DurUng (Mrs. B. T. Jones),

189 Water Av., Idaho Kails, Idaho.

Born Wadsworth, O. ; dau. James K. and
Lydla (Copley) Durling; ed. Wadsworth High
School; vocal music student, Buchtel Coll.; pupil
of Madame Swenson; m. Wadsworth, Jan. 8. 18S1,
B. F. Jones, M.D. (died 1904^, children: Florence
Lydia (deceased), Ross Durling, Carl Harrison.
Director of Public Library Board at Idaho Falls.
Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Repul>-
lican. Charter mem. and pres. thre« terms
Round Table Literary Club, Village Improve-
ment Soc. of Idaho Falls. Identified in club
work with Dlst. and State Federation of Idaho.
JONES, Edith Beatrice (Mrs. J. D. Jones), 1014

McMillan St., Walnut Hill, Cincinnati. Ohio.

Missionary and philanthropic worker; b.
Oshawa, Ont., Can.; dau. W. H. Gibbs (member
of Parliament in Canada); ed. public and high
schools and Besley House, Montreal; m. Dr. J. D.
Jones. Active In various branches of philan-
thropic and religious .work; for 13 years pres.
Glenn Industrial Home, Cincinnati; mem. Board
of Trustees of Woman's Home Missionary Soc.
of the Methodist Episcopal Church; sec. of Col-
ored Deaconesses' Bureau of M.E. Church. Mem.
Mpthodist Episcopal Church; Bible class teacher;
was a delegate to the World's Sunday-school
Convention at Jerusalem, 1904. Mem. and trus-
tee Cincinnati Woman's Club.
JONES, Eleanor D wight (Mrs. F. Robertson

Jones), 71 K. Eighty-seventh St., N.Y. City.

Born Cambridge, Mass., Nor. 14, 1880; dau.
William and Susan Coffin Boyd Cook; ed. Rad-
cliffe C!oll., Cambridge, Mass., A.B. '(KS; m.
Cambridge, 1905, F. Robertson Jones; childrec:
Eleanor Robertson, Katharine Robertson. Taught
English at Bryn Mawr Coll., 1303-06. Mem. «jid
active in work of the Municipal League of N.I.
City. Mem. Women's Political Union of N.Y.
City; favors woiman suffrage. Unitarian.
JONES, Eleanor Hooper, 4 5;; Beac<m ;r!t., Bos-
ton, Mass.

Bom Cambridge, Mass.; dau. Charles W. and
Mary L. (Morse) Jones; ed. Cambridge School
for Girls, MLss Winsor'a School, Boston; Bryn.
Mawr, A.B. '01. Mem. Board of Managers Bos-
ton Y.W.C A. House Com. College Club of
Boston. Interested in religious and philan-
thropic work. Episcopalian. Republican. Mem.
Ass'n Collegiate Alumna, Circolo Itallano dl
Boston, Y.W.C. A. (life mem.), Alumnje Asa'D of
Bryn Mawr College, College Club and Bryn
■Mawr Club (Boston). Recreations: Motoring,
swimming, tennis, baseball, traveling. Favors
woman suffrage.
JONES, Elizabeth Ann McKey (Mrs. Robert

Elam Jonesi, Crystal Springs. Miss.

Born Fayette, Jefferson County, Miss., Feb. »,
1850; dau. Hamden Jordan and Sarah Ann (Hill)
McKey; od. in literature and music by govem-; one term in college; m. Bentontou, Copiah
County, iiiiss.. Dr. Robert Elam Jones; children:
Rena, b. Aug. 30, 1876; Robert Hill, b. July 10,
1879; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 2, 1881; Clara b. Sept. 4,
1882; Eva, b. Aug. SO, 1889 (died Nor. i, 1889';
Elma, b. Nov. 3, 1891; Wyetb, b. July 1«. 1894.
Served an unexpired term and one full term as
pres. of Miss. Fed. of Women's Club."?. Haa
served as pres. of church societies. Floral Club,
Daughters of the Confederacy; regent of the

Copiah Chapter D.A.R. (State historian). Organ-
izer of the Crystal Springs Floral Club 18 years
ago (it being one of the pioneer clubs of the
.=!tate, social, literary, floral). Mem. Methodist
Episcopal Church, South. Mem. Daughters of
1812. Against woman suffrage. Recreations:
Reading, writing, entertaining, motoring, par-
ticipating in club and various social affairs.
JONES, Elizabeth Bartram (Mrs. Rufus M.

Jones), Haverford, Pa.

Bom Philadelphia, Aug. 15, 1871; dau. Joel and
Anna K. (Lowry) Cadbury; ed. Friends Select
School, Philadelphia; Miss Case and Miss Hal-
lowell's School, Philadelphia; Bryn Mawr Coll.
one year; m. Philadelphia, Mar. 11, 1902, Rufus
M. Jones; one daughter: Mary Hoxie Jones, b.
1904. Overseer in Haverford Meeting of Soc. of
Friends. Mem. 0>uncil of the Bryn Mawr Fed-
eration of Churches; Interested in tke social bet-
terment of the neighborhood. Mem. Bryn Mawr
Alumnse Ass'n, Haverford Needlework Guild,
Y.W.C.A. of Philadelphia.

JONES, Elizabeth Howard Blanton (Mrs. Eg-
bert Rufus Jones), Holly Springs, Miss.

Born Richmond, Va., Sept, 14, 1868; dau. Leigh
Miller and Clara Lydia (McConnell) BlantoA; ed.
private school. State Normal Coll., FarmvUle,
Va. (second honor); Peabody Normal Ck>ll.,
Nashville, Tenn. (degree L.I.), '88; m. Richmond,
Va., Sept. 10, 1889, Egbert Rufus Jones; children:
Egbert Reese, Clara Leigh, Howard Saliaferro,
Francis Crawford. Much interested in the pa-
triotic societies; has been chapter regent, State
vice-regent. State regent and vice-pres. general
in the Nat. Soc. D.A.R. ; honorary State regent
and a mem. of six important committees of the
Nat. Soc.; registrar of the Colonial Dames; vlce-
pres. of the Soc. for the Preservation of Historic
Buildings and Sites in Miss. Belongs to three
church societies and does much church work In
her tov/n; particularly interested in the boys of
the church and in engaging their affections for
church work while they are stHl in Sunday-
school Has bean much interested in the preser-
vation of historic sites and data; has written
many newspaper articles on the Natchez Trail
or Trace, and kindred subjects. Presbyterian.
Mem. of the United Daughters of the Confed-
eracy, Miss. Historical Soc. Recreations: Read-
ing, driving, riding, tennis, bridge, whist, society
and club work. Mem. Thursday Club of Holly
Springs, Bridge Club, Civic League, State Fed-
eration of Women's Clubs.
JONES, Eva Llnnette Socle (Mrs. Frank Oscar

Jones), 67 Oakland Terrace, Hartford, Conn.

Bora Worcester, Mass., May 17, 1873; dau.
George Henry and Ellen R. (Smyth) Soule; ed.
Stamford, Conn., High School (grad. with
honors); Wells Coll., A.B. '97; post grad. Yaie
Univ., receiving ceri,lflcate of completion of A.M.
work, 1902-03 (mem. Phoenix Literarum Societas,
Welts); m. Stamford, Conn., June 29, 1899, Frank
Oscar Jones; children; Philips Carey, 1904; Fran-
ces Linnette, 1906; Arthur Elwyn. 1907. Inter-
ested In church, missionary society, educatioiuU,
philanthropic and social work. Has written Tor
college publications: Cap and Gown, 1897, Wells
Cardinal 'annual) ; on the editorial board of the
Cardinal In 1897. Mem. D.A.R., Conn. Peace
Soc, 0)nn. Soc. for Social Hygiene; pres. the
Mothers' Neighborhood Circle. Mem. Hartford
Coll. Club, Glee Club, Equal Franchise League;
mem. of State Board Conn. Congress of Mothers.
Recreations: Tennis, music, dancing, swimming.
Cong:regatlonallst. Favors woman suffrage. Re-
JONES, Georgia H. Lloyd (Mrs. Richard Lloyd

Jones), Madison, Wis.

Teacher; b. Eau Claire, Wis., June 5, 1875;
dau. Henry H. and Florence (Slocum) Hayden;
ed. Univ. of Wis., B.L. '96 (Kappa Kappa
Gamma); m. Eau Claire, Wis., Apr. 30, 1907.
Richard Lloyd Jones; children; Richard Lloyd
Jr., b. Feb. 22, 1909; Jenkins Lloyd, 2d, b. Nov. 1,
1911. Teacher of literature Eau Clalro (Wis.)
High School three years; post-grad, student
Univ. of Chicago, and Univ. of Cal.; one year's
study in Germany. Charter mem. of N.Y. Brown-
ing Soc. ; mem. Madison Woman's Club. Uni-
tarian. Interested in early organlcatlon of Con-



sumers' League in Wis. Favors woman suffrage;
actively engaged in work of Dane Co. (Wis.) and
Wis. State Equal Suffrage Ass'ns; mem. Green-
wich (Conn.) Equal Suffrage Ass'n.
JONES, Grace Latimer, 1175 E. Broad St.,

Columbus, O.

School principal; b. Columbus, O., Apr. 3, 1879;
dau. George Dudley and B. Jane (Latimer)
Jones; ed. Columbus public schools and private
tutors; Bryn M»wr Coll., A.B. 1900; A.M. '02;
also a graduate student in philosophy at the Ohio
State Univ. Principal and half owner Columbus
School for Girls, 1904-12; teacher of English lit-
erature and Italian art. Mem. of various phil-
anthropic organizations. Favors woman suf-
frage; mem. Equal Suffrage League. Author of
occasional articles and stories in magazines;
two English grammars in pamphlet form: The
Columbus School for Girls' Elementary Gram-
mars; The Columbus School for Girls' Verb
Scheme. Pres. Columbus Branch of the Ass'n of
Coll. Alumnae. Recreation: Travel in Europe
(abroad 1905-07-08-10-11). Club: Present Day.
JONES, Grace McHardy, Asheville, N.C.

Librarian; b. Newberry, S.C; dau. Benson M.
and Lillie (Woodfin) Jones; grad. (salutatorian)
at St. Mary's School, Raleigh, N.C, '91. Former
teacher in Asheville High School; now librarian
of Pack Memorial Library, Asheville, N.C. Re-
gent of Edward Buncombe Chapter D.A.R. for
five years; pres. Book Club; mem. United Daugh-
ters of Confederacy; second vice-pres. N.C. Fed.
of Women's Clubs. Episcopalian.
JONES, Helen Beach (Mrs. Samuel M. Jones),

2439 Monroe St., Toledo, Ohio.

Born Toledo, Ohio, April 28, 1857; dau. William
A. and Harriet E. (Brigham) Beach; ed. Toledo
High School, musical education completed in
Cincinnati Coll. of music (organ), also pupil of
Clarence Eddy in Chicago; m. Toledo, Ohio, Aug.
24, 1892, Samuel M. Jones (called "Golden Rule
Mayor" of Toledo; died July 12, 1904); one son:
Mason Beach Jones, b. Oct. 3, 1897. Organist
two and one-half years of Market St. Presby-
terian Churob, Lima, Ohio; later organist of
Westminster I^resbyterian Church, Toledo, Ohio,
IB years. Served as musical director 22 years of
the Eurydice Club of Toledo, Ohio, a woman's
chorus which has been a power in the develop-
ment of appreciation for good music in that city
and is now one of the notable choruses of
America. Favors woman suffrage. Congrega-
tionalist. Mem. Ursula Wolcott Chapter, D.A.R. ;
second vice-pres. of Board of Directors of Toledo
Woman's Ass'n, organized for the erection of a
woman's building, which was opened in 1912 for
the advancement of matters of interest to women
of Toledo. Mem. Woman's Educational Club,
Toledo Sorosis Club, Golden Rule Mothers' Club.
Was in close touch with her husband's public
work during his four unique campaigns and his
service as Mayor, during which, because of his
standing always for the common people, the poor
and the oppressed, and his advocacy of the
Golden Rule in business and politics, he waa
called "Golden Rule" Jones.
JONES, Ida Irwin (Mrs. Arthur Bacon Jones),

981 Central Av^ Plaintield. NJ.

Bom Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 25, 1872; dau. Lewis
and Emma (Ridder) Irwin; ed. Pittsburgh private
school. Miss Oapen's School, Northampton, Mass. ;
Smith Coll.; m. Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 8, 1900,

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