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Club of Wauseon (pres. 1911-12).
M.-U>ErRA, Lucy, 1330 Nineteenth St., N.W.,

Washington, D.C.

Private school principal; b. Martinsburg,
W.Va.; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '96. Teacher
Forest Glen, Md., 1896-97; Friends School, Wash-
ington, D.C, 1S97-1906; principal Miss Madeira's
School, Washington, D.C, since 1906. Mem. Nat.
Child Labor Committee.
WADEEBA, Marie Louise Ireland (Mrs. Easton

E. Madeira), St. Petersburg, Fla.

Born N.Y. City; dau. John B. and Adelia Duane
(Pell) Ireland; m. N.Y. City, Dec. 22, 1898, Rev.
Easton E. Madeira; children: Dashiell Livingston,
Aston Floyd, Augustus Ireland. Mem. Colonial
Dames of America. Recreations: Fishing, riding,
music, motoring. Episcopalian.
MADISON, Lucy Foster (Mrs. Winfleld Scott

Madison), 430S Broadway, N.Y. City.

Writer; b. Kirksville, :.;o., April 8, 1865; dau.
Judge George W. Foster; grad. Louisiana (Mo.)
High School. The death of her father, mother
and brother placed the care of two younger sis-
ters upon her and she taught school first in
Louisiana, Mo., and later in Kansas City, Mo.,
antil her marriage; m. Kansas City, June 11,
L890, Winfleld Scott Madison. Began as writer
when a New York paper, in 1893, offered prizes
for short stories and she won second prize. Has
since written short stories for various magazines
and newspapers, besides filling Chautauqua en-
gagements in various Western assemblies. Au-
thor: A Maid of the First Century, 1899; A Maid
at King Alfred's Court, 1900; A Colonial Maid,
1902; A Daughter of the Union, 1903; In Doublet
and Hose, 1904; A Maid of Salem Town, 1904;
Peggy Owen, 1908; Peggy Owen, Patriot, 1910;
Peggy Owen at Yorktown, 1911. Mem. N.Y. His-
torical Society.
MAERTZ, Louise, 327 Elm St., Quincy, III.

Born Quincy, 111., 1837; dau. Charles Augustus
and Ottilia (Obert) Maertz; ed. in private schools
at home and by private teachers in Germany,
Switzerland and Italy. During the Civil War de-
voted herself to hospital work in Quincy, 1861-62;
Helena, 1862-63; Vicksburg, 1863; New Orleans,
1864; JeSerson Barracks, 1864-65. Has never ap-
plied for pension. After the war, worked for
contrabands and refugees uncil 1867; to Germany
and Italy for recuperation and study two years.
For many years sec. Blessing Hospital Manage-
ment, Quincy Humane Soc, Quincy Historical
Soc, and still mem. of boards. Inaugurated the
purchase of the Gov. Wood Mansion for a home
of the Historical Soc, and also of the placing of
monumental tablets of pioneers. Mem, Illinois
State Historical Society, American Humane
Ass'n, Peace Soc, Indian Rights Ass'n, Nat.
Geographic Soc, Y.W.C.A., W.C.T.U., Woman's
Relief Corps, St. Mary's Hospital Ass'n, 111.
Child Aid Soc. Was the first signer and sec.
of the Modern Progress Club, first suffrage
organization in Quincy, and mem. of its suc-
cessor. Equal Suffrage Ass'n. Author: New
Method for the Study of E>nglish Literature,
1879; also of a course of Study of Modern His-
tory and History of Art in Southwestern Europe
(unpublished). Christian Scientist. Early mem.
of the second literary society in the U.S., or-
ganized in 1866.
MAGEE, Bell Mhoon (Mrs. Frederick E. Magree),

Vernon Heights, Oakland. Cal.

Born Oakland, Cal., 1875; dau. Major John
Bell and Anna Bell (McKee) Mhoon; father w'as
major on Gen. Marmaduke's staff, C.S.A.; ed.
Oakland private schools and Oakland High
School; m. Oct. 11, 1899, Frederick E. Magee; one
Bon, John Mhoon Magee, b. 1904. Mem. of sev-
eral religious, social and philanthropic organi-
zations, as Ladies' Relief Soc, Baby Hospital,
Daughters of Confederacy, etc., country clubs,
and Town and Country Club, San Francisco.
Mem. I*rotestant Episcopal Church. Democrat.

MAGIE, Margaret McCosh (Mrs. David Magie).

Princeton, N.J.

Born Brechin, Scotland, June 21, 1852; dau.
James McCosh, LL.D., Ph.D., D.D., and Isabella
(Guthrie) McCosh; ed. Edinburgh, Scotland, and
Princeton, N.J. ; m. Princeton, N.J., Feb. 23,
1876, Dr. David Magie; children: David Jr.,
Ph.D.; James McCosh. Interested in various re-
ligious, social and philanthropic activities. Pres-
byterian. Recreation: Gardening. Mem. Present
Day Club of Princeton.
MAGKUCER, Belle Bums (Mrs. G. Lloyd Ma-

gruder), 2139 Wyoming Av., Washington, D.C.

Bom Fort Smith, Ark.; dau. William Wallace
and Priscilla R. (Atkinson) Burns; ed. in various
cities of the U.S.; m. Washington. D.C, Nov. 22,
1882, Dr. G. Lloyd Magruder; children: Lieut.
Lloyd Burns Magruder, U.S. Army; Pauline.
Mem. Washington Club, Chevy Chase Club, and
several others. Recreation: Music. Episcopalian.
MaGUIRE, Marie E. A., 27 Second PI., Brook-
lyn, N.Y.

Born Brooklyn, Nov. 10, 1891; dau. John and
M. A. (Clarke) MaGuire; ed. Adelphi Acad, and
Coll., Brooklyn. Interested in civil and religious
work. Opposed to woman suffrage. Catholic.
Recreations: Tennis and swimming. Clubs: Por-
tia Law, N.Y.; N.Y. Univ. Women's Law Class
Alumnse, Nat. League for Civic Education of
Women, Master School Music, Brooklyn; Urban
Club, Brooklyn.
MAHAJN". Frances Israel, Lebanon, Ind.

Born Thomtown, Ind., July 2, 1869; dau. Oliver
Perry and Malvina (Hoover) Mahan; ed. in pri-
vate" schools, in the Lebanon public schools and
in Xenia Coll., Xenia, 0. (mem. P.E.O.). Favors
woman suffrage. Mem. Methodist Episcopal
Church. Mem. Order of the Eastern Star, Civic
League. Clubs: The Bay View, the Art Needle
Circle, the Good Will, the Young Ladies' Em-
broidery. Favors woman suffrage.
MAHON, Rutli Ferguson (Mrs. John Mahon),

Langdon, N.Dak.

Born Kincardine, Ont. ; dau. James and Frances
(Hunt) Ferguson; ed. common schools of Canada,
Chautauqua course for eight years; Bay View
two years; Am. School of Home Economics,
Chicago, four years' course in domestic science;
studied fine art, taking four years' course "The
Fine Arts," prepared by the Nat. Art Soc, Chi-
cago; m. Pembina, N.Dak., April 18, 1882,
John Mahon; children: Cecil C, La Belle, Ruth
Marion, Frances Mercedes. Interested in Wom-
an's Guild and Woman's Foreign Missionary
Soc. Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian.
Democrat. Mem. State W.C.T.U.; chairman of
Temperance Com. of County Sunday-school Ass'n
(Cavalier Co.); sustaining mem. Y.W.C.A. of
Grand Forks, N.Dak.; mem. Am. Woman's
League. Recreations: Automobiling, riding,
driving, walking, travel. Charter mem. Lang-
don Woman's Club; mem. State Com. to Promote
Interest in Domestic Science and Art in N.Dak.
Fed. of Women's Clubs, delegate of N.Dak. Fed.
to World's Purity Congress, 1913.
jMAHONV, Emogene, care Mr. Walter B.

Mahony, Thatchcote, Scarborough-on-Hudson,


Teacher of dr.imatic reading and training; b.
Columbus, 0., Mar. 8, 1876; dau. Hon. Walter
Augustus and Ella Jeannette (Morgan) Mahony;
ed. Edna Chaffee Noble Training School, De-
troit; Rollins Coll. Prep.; Ohio State Univ. Prep.;
Capen School; Smith Coll., B.L. 1900; grad. work
Detroit Training School; Academie Neuchatel,
Switzerland; Am. School of Archaeology, Rome.
Reader for literary clubs, church societies, set-
tlements; dramatic trainer; instructor of gymnas-
tics and physical training in schools and settle-
ments; instructor industrial school; identified
with various philanthropic activities. Mem.
Emma Willard .\ss'n. Alliance Francaise, Ass'n
Collegiate Alumnpe, Peace Soc; director Capen
School Ass'n; former mem. Woman's University
Club, N.Y.; College Club, Boston. Congrega-
tionalist. Favors woman suffrage.
MAILLY, Bertha Howell (Mrs. William Mailly),

361 W. Twenty-seventh St.. N. Y. City.

Teacher and journalist; b. Chicago, 111., Feb. 2,
1869; dau. John C and Jeannette (Williamson)



Howell; grad. Cornell Univ., Ph.B. '94 (mem.
Alpha Phi, Phi Beta Kappa): m. Haverhill, Mass.,
May 15, 1903, William Mailly. Teacher in Chi-
cago high schools and in Milwaukee Normal
School; exec. sec. of Rand School of Social
Science. Writer in newspapers and magazines.
Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Nat. Woman's
Committee Socialist Party.
MAIN, Charlotte Emerson (Mrs. Herschel

Main), "The Wellington," Washington, D.C.

Born Westminster, Mass.; dau. William Saun-
ders and Elizabeth (IDmerson) Bradbury; ed.
Greenleaf Female Sem., Brooklyn, N.Y. ; m. (1st)
August, 1864; (2d) 1876, Herschel Main (U.S.
Navy); children: Mabel Frothlngham, Lawrence
Emerson, Russell Burton, Margaret EUizabeth.
Pres. Aid Ass'n for the Blind (to which most of
her time is given) and Industrial Home for the
Indigent Blind. Favors woman suffrage. Mem.
D.A.R., Daughters of Founders of Patriots,
Twentieth Century Club, Dis.t. Fed. of Women's
Clubs, U.S. Daughters of 1812, etc.
MAINE, Clara Horton (Mrs. Herbert E. Malne^,

89 Parade St., Providence, R.I.

Born Dover, N.H., 1858; dau. Alfred Z. and
Mary A. (Goodwin) Horton (family removed, 1864,
to Providence, where has since resided; ed. in
Providence public schools and by private instruc-
tors; special student at Women's Coll., Brown
Univ.; m. Pn^idence, R.I., 1879, Herbert E.
Maine; one child: Bertha Maine (deceased).
Pres. Y.W.C.A. ; vice-pres. Alliance Francaise
Groupe de Providc-nce; mem. Board of Directors
of Consumers' League of R.I.; delegate to local
Council of Women. Baptist. Mem. R.I. School
of Design, the Sprague House Ass'n of Provi-
dence, Providence Art Club, Handicraft Club of
Providence, R.I. Women's Club (mem. Board
Directors, 1901-04; vice-pres. 1904-05); R.I. Soc.
tor Collegiate Education of Women; R.I. Ass'n
Opposed to Woman Suffrage.

MAINE, Mary Talulah, Brantwood Hall, Law-
rence Park, Bronxvllle, N.Y.

Educator; b. North Stonington, Conn., Oct. 6,
1869; dau. E. W. and Catherine (Thompson)
Maine; grad. Wellesley Coll., A.B. (Zeta Alpha).
After graduating engaged, 1898-1906, in prepara-
tion of students for college. Established, 1906,
and principal of Brantwood Hall School for Girls
at Bronxville. N.Y. Baptist. Mem. D.A.R.
MAINUS, Polly (Mrs. John Tyler Malnus),

Posey, Owsley Co., Ky.

Born Clay Co., Ky. ; dau. Joseph G. and Nanty
Morgan; ed. in public school; m. Dec. 1, 1889,
John Tyler Malnus; children: William T., Lucy
G., Lummia M., Frank M., Arch G., Joseph H.,
Isaac S., Bessie K., John T. Malnus Jr. Donor
and founder of Ky. Model School; now pres. of
Helping Hand Club for Consumption and Hy-
giene. Interested in tuberculosis prevention.
Methodist. Republican.
MAXCHOW, Stella Wellington (Mrs. Frederick

E. Malchow), Wilder, Minn.

Born near Oskosh, Wis. ; dau. Samuel A. and
Lucelia (Cliae) Wellington; ed. St. Paul, Minn.,
through common and high schools; m.- Wahpeton,
N.Dak., Jan. 16, 1901, Frederick E. Malchow;
children: Althea Wellington, b. 1905; Samuel
Byron, b. 1909. Interested especially In foreign
missionary work, also International Sunshine
Soc. movement. Congregationalist Recreations:
Rifle shooting and lake sports. Specializes
along the lines of art; water colors and Irish
MALCOLMSON, Margaret Ewing (Mrs. Charles

T. Malcolmson), 923 Airdie PI., Chicago, III.

Born St. Louis, Mar. 17, 1878; dau. John Ca-
bell and Margaret (Ewing) Wilkinson; grad.
Mary Inst., St. Louis, '95; Smith Coll., B.L. '99
(mem. Alpha, local honor soc); m. St. Louis,
Nov. 22, 1905, Charles Tousley Malcolmson, M.E.,
R.E. ; one son: Charles T. Malcolmson Jr., b.
Aug. 16, 1906. Contributor of verse and stories
to periodicals. Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church,
South. Mem. Chicago Coll. Club.
MALEY, Anna Agues, 111 N. Market St., Chi-
cago, 111.

Speaker and organizer; b. Faxon, Sibley Co.,
Minn.; dau. John and Catherine (Graham) Maley;
ed. Minneapolis common and high schools; Minn.

State Univ , Minn. School of Business, Rand
School of Social Science, N.Y. Financial sec.
N.Y. Dally Call (Socialist) for one year; editor
of Everett Commonwealth (Socialist) one year.
Campaigned • for suffrage under the auspices of
the Nat. Socialist Party in S.Dak. and Wash-
ington when amendments were pending there.
Has been a contributor from time to time to
most of the Socialist papers of America. Recrea-
tions: Dancing, bicycling. Was candidate on
the Socialist ticket for Governor of Washington
State in 1912; polled 37,000 votes; was on the
platform every night between June 12 and No-
vember 4. Recreations: Walking, dancing, bi-
cycling, cards, theatre.

MALEY, Rose Anna Bird (Mrs. John Thomas
Maley), Cheyenne, Wyo.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction; b.
Stevens Point, Wis., 1884; dau. John Thomas and
Anna Mae (Potter) Bird; ed. in public schools of
Wyoming; grad. Cambria High School, State
Normal School and Univ. of Wyo., 1904; m.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. 18, 1912, John Thomas
Maley, attorney of Denver, Colo. Taught in the
rural and graded schools of Wyoming. Elected
County Sup't of Weston Co. for term 1908-10;
State Sup't of Public Instruction, 1910-14. Home-
eteaded under the old Homestead Act, living on
ranch five years and teaching schools within
riding distance. Favors woman suffrage. Catho-
lic. Democrat. Mem. Royal Neighbors of

MALONE, Maud, 231 W. Sixty-ninth St., N.Y.

Librarian; b. N.Y. City, 1877; dau. Edward and
Annie Loyola (Flynn) Malone; ed. private schools.
Agitator and free lance for woman suffrage.
Pres. Harlem Equal Rights League, N.Y. City;
started the suffragette movement In the U.S.-,
held the first street meeting In U.S. for woman
suffrage. Organized the first parade tor
woman suffrage in the U.S., 1908. Recreation:

MALLOKY, Helen Newberry Ladne (Mrs. James
Halsey Mallory), Shandon Annex, Columbia,

Born Detroit. Mich., Nov. 12, 1872; dau. Austin
Yates and Mary A. (Newberry) Ladue; ed. De-
troit High School; Vassar Coll., A.B. '95, A.M.
'96; m. Aug. 21, 1899, James Halsey Mallory Jr.;
children: Helen Ladue, Halsey Ladue, Ruth Aus-
tin. Favors woman suffrage. Protestant Epis-
copalian. Mem. D.A.R., Ass'n Collegiate Alum-
na, Alumnae Ass'n of Vassar Coll. Mem. Current
Literature Club of Columbia, S.C; S.C. Fed. of
Women's Clubs, College Club of S.C.
MALLORY, Leila Fish (Mrs. Henry Foster Mal-
lory), 5444 Ingleside Av., Chicago, 111.
Born Chicago, June 21, 1875; dau. Selden and
Carrie Theresa (Gaylord) Fish; grad. Univ. of
Chicago. Ph.B. '97 (mem. Idlers) ; m. Chicago,
1898, Henry Foster Mallory; children: Ruth Gay-
lord and Norman Harper. Favors woman suf-
frage. Baptist. Mem. Chicago Alumnae Club of
U. of C. ; Univ. Settlement League.
MALTBY, Edith Frances, 112 Elm St., North-
ampton, Mass.

Bom N.Y. City, Oct. 15, 1S74; dau. MarUn
Marshall and Louise (Bogardus) Maltby; grad.
Northampton High School; Smith Coll., B.A. '97.
Opposed to woman suffrage. Congregationalist.
Vice-pres. Hampshire County Branch of the
Woman's Board, director Hospital Aid Ass'n;
vice-pres. Woman's Missionary Soc; pres. New
Century Club (literary); mem. Clef Club (mu-

MALTBY, Margaret E., Barnard Coll., Columbia
Univ., N.Y. City.

College professor; b. Bristolville, Ohio, Dec. 10,
1860; dau. Edmund and Lydia J. (Brockway)
Maltby; grad. Oberlin Coll., A.B. '82, A.M. '91;
Mass. Inst. Technology, B.S. '91; Univ. of Got-
tingen, Germany, Ph.D. '95; private research
ass't to the president of the Pbysikallschtech-
nische Reichsanstalt, 1898-99; Clark Univ., 1899-
1900; fellow Mais. Inst, of Technology, 1893-95;
fellow Ass'n of Collegiate Alumna;, 1895-96. In-
structor dep't of physics, Wellesley Coll., 18S9-
93; associate prof. 1896-97; instructor Barnard
Coll.. dep't of chemistry, 1900-03; adjunct prof.



1303-13; associate prof., 1913—. Fellow of

A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. Physical Soc.

MAI>TBY, Virginia Minerva (Mrs. Truman H.

Maltby), Carmi, 111.

Born Madison Co., 111., Sept. 18, 1S49; dau.
Joshua and Susannah (Sanders) Vaughn; ed.
Visitation Convent, St. LfOuis, Mo. ; Monticello
Sem., Godfrey, III.; m. Jerseyville, 111., June 28,
1891, Truman H. Maltby; children: Ernest
Vaughn, Florence Mae, Nellie Emily. A worker
in the temperance cause and religious work.
Sup't of franchise in W.C.T.U., circulating peti-
tion for names of voters to be presented to the
Legislature. Missionary Baptist. Pres. Am.
Woman's League of White Co., 111.; pres. Home
Culture Circle, for maintenance of public library;
mem. Civic Club.
MA>rCHESTER, Margaret MacGregor (Mrs.

William Charles Manchester), 219 Vlnewood

Av., Detroit, Mich.

Born Bay City. Mich., Jan. 30, 1874; dau. Dun-
can Gregor and Martha (MacDonald) MacGregor;
ed. Univ. of Mich., Ph.B.; m. Bay City, Mich.,
Dec. 27, 1S98, William Charles Manchester; chil-
dren: Hugh Alexander, Mary Katherine, William
Charles Jr., Helen Margaret, Susan Rosannah,
Frances. Presbyterian. Clubs: College, Tuesday
Musical (associate mem.).
MAJVDL, Emma B. (Mrs. Bemhard Mandl), 4953

Grand Boulevard, Chicago, 111.

Born Pilsen, Austria, 1843; dau. Jonas and
Charlotte (Goldscheider) Adler; ed. in Pilsen;
m. Chicago, 1867, Bemhard Mandl; children:
Sidney, b. 1868; Etta Klein, b. 1870. Pres. Baron
Hirsch Woman's Club 14 years (now hon. pres.);
founder of Home for Jewish Friendless and
Working Girls; vlce-pres. of Home for Jewish
Orphans; founder and vice-pres. of Chicago-
Winfield Tuberculosis Sanitarium; founder of
Ruth Club for Working Girls and of Home Find-
ing Soc. for Children; first vice-pres. 111. Fed. of's Clubs, Second Dist. Favors woman suf-
frage. Jewish. Mem. Sarah Greenebaum Lodge,
Deborah Soc; founder Grandmothers' Music and
Reading Circle. Mem. of social clubs and of
Chicago Ass'n of Je'W'ish Women.
MANGUM, Clare Perkins (Mrs. Edward Man-

grum), 2304 Park St., Greenville, Tex.

Pianist; b. Greenville, Tex., 1885; dau. Judge
George S. and Mary (Gaines) Perkins; pupil of
Harold von Mickwitz, North Texas Coll.; South-
western Univ., honorary mem. Zeta Tau Alpha;
m. June 4, 1912, Edward Maiigum. Chairman of
Music Com. and Art Com., Third Dist., Texas
Fed. of Women's Clubs; mem. Music Com., State
Fed.; director and pres. St. Cecelia Choral Club,
Greenville, Tex. ; teacher of piano in South-
western Univ., Georgetown, Tex. Mem. Meth-
odist Episcopal Church, South. Pres. Standard
Club, Entre Nous Club. Organist and choir di-
rector of Kavanaugh Methodist Episcopal Church,
South. Director of May Musical Festival in
MANIERBE, Eleanor Mason (Mrs. Arthur

Manierre), 100 Bellevue PI., Chicago, III.

Born Chicago, 1SS4; dau. Henry B. and Fay
(Calhoun) Mason; grad. Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B.
'05; m. (ihicago, Dec. 22, 1906, Arthur Manierre.
Vice-pres. Practical Housekeeping Centre; also
actively Interested in the Psychopathic Inst.,
Juvenile Court, Hull House and the Public
School Art Board. Favors woman suffrage.
Mem. Equal Suffrage Ass'n, Bryn Mawr Alumnae
Ass'n. Recreations: Drawing, painting, billiards.
Menu BYiday Club, Bryn Mawr Club, Chestnut
Street Tennis Club.
MANN, Caroline Whallon Judd (Mrs. Charles

William Mann), Pasadena, Cal.

Born Port Henry, N.Y., Mar. 28, 1885; dau.
Charles S. and Mary Elizabetn (Whallon) Judd;
grad. Port Henry High School, '02; Cornell
Univ., A..B. '06 (mem. Aftermath Soc); m. Port
Henry, July 24, 1912, Charles William Mann.
Taught biology and Latin, Wolcotl High School.
1906-09; Port Henry High School, 1909-12. Inter-
ested in church work and Y.W.C.A., especially
that of extension dep't. Favors woman suffrage.
Presbyterian. Mem. Nat. Soc. D.A.R. Recrea-
tions: Walking, snoW'Shoeing.

MANN, Carrie Foote (Mrs. Arthur W. Mann),

Onawa, Monona Co., la.

Born Fort Atkinson, Wis. ; dau. Elisha L. and
Ellen C. (Slmonds) Foote; grad. public schools,
Fort Atkinson, Wis., 1883; m. Aug. 16, 1892, Ar-
thur W. Mann. Interested in library work,
which receives much of her attention. Works in
all departments of federated club work; active
in efforts for a better and more beautiful Onawa,
also in local church work and in missions. Con-
tributor to local papers. Now engaged in writing
a brief history of Onawa from its first settle-
ment for the benefit of school children and
young people of the town (in compliance with the
request of Nat. Soc. D.A.R. Mem. Disciples of
Christ. Regent Onawa Chapter D.A.R.; sec.
Civic Improvement League; pres. Onawa Chap-
ter P.E.O. ; mem. library board; pres. 15 yeara
Christian Aid Soc. ; chairman 11th Dist. la. Fed.
Women's Clubs. Recreations: Home and foreign
travel. Mem. and former pres. Onawa Art Club.
MANN, Cynthia Pease (Mrs. Samuel B. Mann),

730 Warm Springs Av., Boise, Idaho.

Teacher: b. Breckenridge Co., Ky., 1853; dau.
William Henry and Letitia (Dowell) Pease; ed.
Lawrence (Kan.) High School; grad. Albion State
Normal School, B.Pd. and M.Pd.; m. Lawrence,
Kan., Sept. 13, 1875, Samuel B. Mann. Taught
school since 1873; has been instructor in teach-
ers' county institutes for 21 years. Appointed
State Text-Book Commissioner, 1893. Nominated
for State Sup't of Public Instruction for Idaho
on Prohibition ticket, 1906, and County Sup't in
1908 by same party. Interested in philanthropies.
Favors woman suffrage. Made speeches and
wrote newspaper articles for equal suffrage. Pro-
hibitionist. Mem. Y.W.C.A., Woman's Relief
Corps, D.A.R., Columbian Club. Mem. Education
Council of Idaho State Teachers Ass'n, and
teacher of Children's Home Finding and Aid Soc;
mem. board and sec. Gave three acres ground
(worth $25,000) upon which the home is being
erected for society, in one of best residence dis-
tricts of Boise.
MANN, Emma (Mrs. James R. Mann), Chicago,

and The Highlands, Washington, D.C.

Born in Champaign, Illinois; daughter of Cur-
tis Fields and Nancy (Cox) Columbia; ed. Cham-
paign schools and Univ. of 111., A.B. ; m. Cham-
paign, 111., May 30, 1882, James R. Mann; one
son: James R. Mann Jr. Unitarian. Mem. Chi-
cago Woman's Club, Congressional Club of
MANN, Floris Janette Perkins (Mrs. W. S.

Mann), McRae, Ga.

Born Chesterfield, S.C, Oct., 1885; dau. Will-
iam James and Ida C. (Mulloy) Perkins; at 16
received diploma from Southern Normal Coll.,
Douglas, Ga. ; specialized in music, literature and
oratory, Brenan Coll., Gainesville, Ga., one year;
degree from Emerson Coll. of Oratory, Boston,
during the three years there specialized in music
in New England Conservatory (first pres. Dixie
Club, Boston); m. Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 15,
1909, Hon. W. S. Mann, of Georgia; children:
William S. Jr., b. July 14, 1910. Mem. Methodist
Home and Foreign Mission Soc Favors woman
suffrage. Amateur writer for home papers and
magazines. Episcopalian. Recreations: Sum-
mering in mountains, wintering in South Florida.
Pres. McRae Improvement Club and Literary
Club. Since marriage actively identified with
social service along civic. Intellectual and spir-
itual lines.
MANN, Kristine, 215 W. 100th St., N.T. City.

Teacher; grad. Smith Coll., A.B. '95; student
Harvard Summer School, 1898; Univ. of Berlin,
1899; student of philosophy and English, Univ. of
Mich., 1900-01, A.M. '01; Columbia Univ., 1905-06,
Cornell (medical), 1909-10. Ass't editor, 1896-98;
teacher of science, Dearborn-Morgan School,
Orange, N.J., 1898-99; teacher of English, Willard
School, Berlin, 1899-1900; ass't Univ. of Mich.,
1900-01; instructor Vassar Coll., 1901-05; Brearley
School, N.Y. City, 1907-09. Mem. Smith Coll.
Alumnae Ass'n.

MANX, Martha Elizabeth Toss (Mrs. Benja-
min Houston Mann), 2 Commonwealth Av.,

Boston, Mass.

Physician; b. Boston, Mass., March 9, 1848;



dau. Charles Meade and Martha Elizabeth
(Hatchman) Foss; grad. from high school, Bos-
ton; studied under private tutors and in Boston
Univ., M.D. 'So; m. Boston, Mass., Feb. 22, 1871,
Benjamin Houston Mann, M.D. (died 1881).
Practitioner of medicine from 1SS5; associate
prof, gynecology, Boston Univ. School of Medi-
cine. Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Inst, of
Homoeopathy, Mass. Homoeopathic Med. Soc.,
Boston Homoeopathic Med. Soc, Boston Surgical
and Gynecological Soc, Twentieth Century Medi-
cal Club.
MANN, Mary Adeline (Mrs. Walter Mann),

2007 Oakes Av., Everett, Wash.

Bom Woodbum, Iowa, Oct. 6, 1862; dau.
George P. and Sarah J. (Dotson) Turner; ed.
Tabor Coll., Iowa, teachers course; m. Water-
vllle, Wash., Sept. 13, 1893, Walter Mann. County
Bup't of schools of Lincoln Co., Wash., three
years; taught 12 years. Interested in Sunday-
school, Ladles' Work Circle, Missionary Soc.
Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Women's Legisla-
tlve Com. of Snohomi-sh Co., Wash. Presby-
terian. Prohibitionist. Mem. W.C.T.U., Mis-
sionary Social Union, Y.W.C.A. Recreations:
Bicycling, walking. Mean. Everett Woman's
MANN, Rowena Morse (Mrs. Newton Mann),

care of Third Unitarian Church, 3216 Monroe

St., Chicago, 111.

Minister; b, Ithaca, N.Y., June 16, 1870; dau.
Ben J. and Sarah (Fitchett) Morse; grad. State
Univ. of lawa, B.S.; Univ. of Chicago; Divinity

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